How to Disable Alarm on Samsung Phone

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How to Use Alarm on Samsung Phone: Where to Find, How to Enable and Set Up

The alarm clock on a Samsung phone is a standard utility preinstalled in the device along with the firmware. We will explain how to set an alarm, change the melody and sound volume. We will separately mention how to set up the sound of the time if the synthesizer began to speak English.

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How to Change Alarm Sound on Samsung

After a system update on the Samsung Galaxy A50, A51 or J2 Core, some of the settings are rolled back, because of which you will have to change the language of the system synthesizer in the smartphone. To find and configure it:

  • go to “Settings”. Scroll down the list and open “General Settings”;
  • select “Language and input”;
  • tap on “Convert text to speech”;
  • click on “Preferred Module” and install “TTS Samsung Module”;
  • returning to the previous menu, click on the gear next to “Preferred module”;
  • select “Install voice data” in the list;
  • a list of language packs appears. Find Russian among them and tap on it to start downloading to the device;
  • go back to the previous window. Install “Russian” with one click. Click on the gear next to the tongue to set a male or female voice;
  • now go back to your desktop and open the menu with alarm settings;
  • select the set signal and in the settings click on “Alarm sound”;
  • then click on “Ringtone”;
  • turn off and then turn on the “Sound time” function from below;
  • go back to the settings and click “Save”.

Why the alarm does not work

The reasons why the notification does not work are hidden in the overabundance of temporary files in the “Watch”. In this case, it is recommended:

  • open “Settings” and go to “Applications”;
  • expand Dispatcher or All Applications;
  • click on the ellipsis or “Options”, enable “Show system applications”;
  • in the list that appears, tap on “Clock”;
  • go to “Memory” or “Persistent storage”;
  • tap on “Clear data” and “Erase cache”.

Set a new alarm after surgery.

  • the notification did not work due to a firmware update;
  • the device has an application for cleaning files or an antivirus that blocks the work of the clock;
  • Normal or Super Power Saving Mode is enabled: it turns off unimportant processes to save battery;
  • the ringer volume on the smartphone is set to minimum. go to the melody selection item and unscrew the slider to the maximum.

It remains for the user to check each of these items manually. It is important to note that when the phone is switched off, the call will work.

Where is it located and how to set an alarm on Samsung

To set an alarm on Samsung, go to its settings in 2 ways:

  • tapping on the clock widget on the desktop;
  • by making a swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen and tapping on the “Clock” application.

A new window with a list of signals will open. The preset looks like this:

  • to turn on the bell, activate the toggle switch opposite the set time;
  • click on the illuminated dial to expand the settings menu;
  • in the block above, set the time when the bell should sound. Mark the days below for sound notification.

The next is a block of auxiliary add-ins, some of which are allowed to be disabled or changed:

  • “Alarm name”. enter the name of the alarm clock here;
  • Alarm clock sound”. determines the composition that will play when the alarm is activated. Go to “Ringtone” to change the melody, use the slider to change the volume level of the music;
  • “Vibration”. indicates whether the vibration motor will work at the time of the call. The vibration type can be changed in the same way as the audio composition;
  • “Pause”. here they set how often and how many times the notification will play.

When finished with the settings, tap on the “Save” button to return to the previous menu.

When you need to set more calls than 1, find “Clock” again and in the window that opens, tap on the “” icon. Then use the instructions described above.

Setting up an alarm clock on Samsung smartphones takes 1-2 minutes, as well as finding a solution if it does not work or if the language for sounding the time is changed.

beeps randomly. what triggers the beep?

Is the Samsung refrigerator buzzing? The alarm is constantly buzzing on the Samsung refrigerator. The refrigerator constantly beeps when no one is around. The beep / chime occurs randomly from the dispenser area. The refrigerator has a beep when the Flex Zone drawer is installed. What can trigger the alarm on a Samsung refrigerator? Samsung support is here

Alarms for Samsung refrigerators. these are “Door Alarm” and “High Temperature Alarm”. (If the refrigerator does not stop beeping randomly, press the ALARM BUTTON to the OFF or UNLIGHT position until you can fix the problem)

How to turn off a frozen Galaxy smartphone with a non-removable battery?

Most of you may face this problem if you have a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy A9, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy A5. Samsung Galaxy. A7, Samsung Galaxy E5, Samsung Galaxy E7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos, Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos, Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Samsung Galaxy Note5 with non-removable battery.

The most “popular” solution for Galaxy smartphones when they get stuck / frozen was to remove the batteries and reinstall after a few seconds, but this solution will not work on Galaxy smartphones that do not have a removable battery. So what do you need to do? Don’t worry, I found a simple solution for this problem, which is actually very effective too.

So how to turn off / on a frozen Samsung Galaxy smartphone with non-removable battery?

To turn off / turn off / turn off a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a non-removable battery in a frozen state, you need to simultaneously press and hold the “Volume Down” “Power” button for at least 8 seconds or until it receives a shutdown / shutdown. That’s it, your smartphone Galaxy will now shutdown / shutdown.

You can also use this method to switch Galaxy smartphone with non-removable battery stuck in Android boot loop.

Common queries for this tutorial

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  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy E7?
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  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A3 Duos?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A9?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A8?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note5?
  • How to Turn Off / On Frozen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ?
  • How to turn off / on / off a frozen Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a non-removable battery?
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Samsung Refrigerator Beeps Troubleshooting

Open the refrigerator doors to inspect them from the inside and make sure that nothing prevents them from closing completely.

If the temperature display is blinking but the refrigerator doors were not left open, there may be a cooling problem.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Troubleshooting a refrigerator that does not

Make sure the wiring has been properly routed to the top of the refrigerator door if this problem occurs after installation.

Make sure the alarm is coming from the refrigerator and not from another item in your kitchen.

The Samsung refrigerator beeps. Check

Is the temperature display flashing? The refrigerator is too warm and beeps to indicate high temperature. REDUCED TEMPERATURE or CHECK THAT THE REFRIGERATOR IS COOLING PROPERLY.

Is the alarm button lit? The refrigerator doors are found to be open. TURN OFF THE ALARM BUTTON TO SEE IF THE PIE TURNS OFF.

How to Disable Alarm on Samsung Phone

Setting an alarm is one of the most easy-to-use functions that allows you to inform the owner of a smartphone about important events in his life that occur daily or on certain days (getting up to work or school, time of taking medications, etc.). How to set an alarm on Samsung?

There are at least two options to get to the standard alarm clock settings on Samsung:

  • on the desktop, click on the clock widget;
  • start the “Clock” application in the list of installed programs.

The settings window will open, where we click on “” in the lower right part of the screen and set the necessary parameters:

  • alarm time (the most important point);
  • frequency (on weekdays, on weekends, on certain days, daily or once);
  • if necessary. the name of the alarm clock (for example: “take medicine”);
  • alarm sound (melody);
  • vibration (presence or absence of vibration);
  • sounding the time (a convenient function present in modern Samsung firmware, which allows you to sound the alarm time with your voice).

After setting the required parameters, click on the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can create an unlimited number of alarms that will go off at different times. A nice plus is that the alarm will go off even if the smartphone was turned off. It will automatically turn on (of course, if the mobile device is not completely discharged) and play the specified melody.

Does the alarm go off when the Samsung Xiaomi, ASUS phone is switched off? Yes and no. Why?

Some phones start the alarm when the phone is off, but most do not. iPhone does not support this functionality.

Is it possible to make the alarm ring even when the phone is turned off? It is possible, but not easy. At least you need ROOT rights.

I doubt that for the sake of such a function, someone will dare to dubious manipulations with their Android phone.

Using the appropriate changes and the application, you can turn your smartphone into a doctor, instrument, translator, financial advisor, and much more.

For those who are interested in whether the alarm will ring if the phone is turned off, then look in the settings to see if there is an option to turn on and off on a schedule.

If not, then the best solution would be to turn on the flight mode at night. then no one will disturb you, the battery runs out less, and the alarm clock rings.

The solution is certainly not ideal, but acceptable. By the way, if the manufacturer has not provided such a function to wake you up, then do not even look for applications. you will not find.

Although interesting and unique, there are still applications, and below I will provide you with several original.

Alarm clock on Android phone WakeVoice

Although I doubt the vocal WakeVoice will ring when the phone is off, it recognizes the voice when you wake up and has a few custom things.

It turns off manually or by voice, starts reading the weather, daily news, personal horoscope, your favorite radio station and even an event planner. Brilliant, right?

Waking up for personal requests or news feed is definitely amazing, so try.

Alarm clock for Android phone Gentle Alarm

Does the Gentle Alarm go off when the phone is off? I doubt it, but there is no better way to wake up than to gradually wake up from natural sleep.

If you want a gentle sound, with many functions, settings and configuration options, then take a closer look at Gentle Alarm.

30 minutes before the sound becomes loud enough to wake up a light sleep. you will be relaxed to the main tone after 30 minutes.

The main signal can be quiet and relaxing sounds, your own sound list and even MP3 from your private collection.

Alarm clock for Android phone doubleTwist

We no longer need to use our bedside alarms. just install android apps.

I will not promise that the ones that I will provide will work when the phone is turned off, if it does not provide such an option.

Last week I was pulled out of deep sleep by an annoying sound that made me want to get rid of my phone, so I decided to check out several possible options.

The developers at doubleTwist are known for their music app, but they also have an impressive alarm clock.

It is simple and at the same time offers a few small tweaks. You can choose simple inspired designs and soothing colors.

It can be configured for periodically repeating signals with support for modes: time, sleep cycle, nap or sunrise (no, thanks, it’s too early).

You can choose the sound or blend you want, and with an adjustable fade option, so you won’t be harshly woken up when all you need is a cup of coffee.

Alarm clock for Android phone Puzzle Alarm Clock

I doubt whether the Puzzle Alarm Clock rings when the phone is off, but if you sleep deeply, where the usual sound or especially delicate one does not wake you up, try Puzzle Alarm Clock.

It won’t stop you until you solve some puzzles or use NFC to close it.

When this alarm is buzzing, you need to solve a (random) puzzle using math equations, matching memory cards, captcha codes, formulas and more.

You can set it so that you can solve one or a maximum of 5 in a row. It sounds terrible, but if you are a person who wakes up hard and the standard one does not work, this should definitely help you.

There is a real chance of throwing your phone on the TV before solving the 5 math equations, but to each his own.

These were just a few of the many options available for Android phones today. Success.

How to enable smart alarms on Android

Smart alarm can be turned on not only in the bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 1s, but also on Android.

To do this, you need to download the leep as Android app. Whether it will make your sleep healthier, I don’t know, but this is its key purpose.

The program will independently determine the phases of your sleep. In this case, the phone should be next to you on the bed.

Then, due to the accelerometer, the program will wake you up in the fast hay phase for more or less approximately the specified time.

Third way to turn on alarm clock on Android phone. programs

There are a lot of programs for Android to turn on the alarm clock. You just need to write this word in the Play market, and the system will immediately provide you with dozens of.

I will not advise which one to choose. they are free, and we have different tastes. I might like one, you might like the other, and the next visitor might like the third.

If you want. try a few, leave the one you like, and delete the rest.

proven ways to quickly turn on an alarm in an Android smartphone or tablet

There are several ways, on an Android phone, more precisely a smartphone or tablet, to turn on the alarm.

From the device itself Samsung Galaxy, fly, Lenovo, Xiaomi and so on, little depends, since the functionality is implemented in Android itself.

Therefore, how to turn on the alarm clock on an Android phone depends more on its version. the principle is the same.

NOTE: The descriptions below will be based on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 6.0.1, so the pictures may not match exactly with your device.

The second way to enable the alarm clock on Samsung is a widget

The second way is with a widget. Android has a built-in alarm clock widget.

To bring it to the desktop, press on it with your finger in any free place and hold your finger a little. Then click on widgets.

Now press and hold your finger on the alarm clock widget for a while.

It will appear on your desktop very soon. You just have to click on the line: “Click here to create an alarm clock”.

Then everything is as described in the first section.

How to Enable Alarm Clock on Android Samsung. Standard Option

There are several options. The easiest one is to open the “Menu” (all programs. the icon of nine black dots on a white background) and click on the clock icon.

Now (if the “Alarm” option is selected), at the top right, click on “Add”

Now we set the clock and click “Save” at the top. For example, I set it to 6 o’clock in the morning.

You can also set which days, alarm type, volume, melody, pause duration and increasing volume.

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How to turn on the alarm on the switched off phone

Not at all, but on many androids, turning on the alarm when the phone is off will not work.

In many devices, when turned off, only the clock works, like a laptop.

The only thing you can do is put your smartphone or tablet in “offline mode”.

On Fly IQ 441, Meizu MX2 lenovo a820, Huawei Honor 3, Xiaomi mi2 it works when the phone is off, but in yours I don’t know, but if there is a scheduled on / off function, it should work.

In general, the possibilities that Android offers its users are great. We can turn the device into an advanced calculator, translator, doctor, financial advisor, navigator and much more, but some of the functions that you know from the oldest phone are unfortunately not available.

The vast majority of Android phones will not wake up alarms if turned off. This is completely normal behavior, but sad news for those who like to turn off their phone at night.

Those that turn on, in fact, are not turned off, more precisely, as if by half, in reality they remain in standby mode.

It is technically possible to work around this problem, but it takes a lot of effort. a much simpler solution, as I mentioned above, is to use offline mode.

In airplane mode, you will not receive any message to your smartphone or tablet if they are turned off (even an assertive friend will not reach you), and the device will wake you up at the appointed time. Success.

Why is this feature needed

.gif “/ The Talkback program was created as a special feature for people with impaired or no vision. It makes it a little easier to work with the phone and sounds almost all the actions of the owner. This function is convenient for those who previously worked only with computers, because the control becomes similar on the click of the mouse.

One-touch keys and typing using the keyboard are voiced. The program also notifies about incoming calls, and when you shake it, it can start reading out all the information that the screen displays.

If you hold your finger on one of the letters for a few seconds, then the talkback will first pronounce the letter itself, and then the word that begins with it. This option helps to better understand certain sounds by ear for error-free message typing. Among other devices, talkback is useful with audio cues, which provide background information on certain objects on the phone. It is also possible to execute commands with gestures and synthesize human speech into text.

Shutdown procedure

Below is the most common algorithm suitable for most device versions:

  • Double-click to enter the main menu;
  • Find the settings icon and activate it with a double click;
  • Scroll the list (holding the screen with two fingers) to the “System” section;
  • Open “Accessibility” by double click and find the section “Services”;
  • Open the talkback subsection, there you will see a short description and an on / off button (located in the upper right corner of the screen);
  • Double-click the toggle switch to the off position to disable the function;
  • In the appeared window “Stop talkback service?” press the “ok” button by quickly touching it twice.

How to disable talkback on an Android device

.gif “/ Sometimes, out of curiosity, novice users of the Android operating system decide to try out what the talkback function is or activate it quite by accident. As a result of unusual changes in the use of a smartphone or tablet, it is often extremely problematic to return to the previous functionality. Breeders, as a rule, do not attach a detailed description this opportunity, leaving everything to the intuitive mastering by the owner of the technical device.

In order not to waste several hours or even days on fruitless struggle with your device, first familiarize yourself with the features of the talkback program. Knowing its location and setting details for your Android model, you can easily return to your usual settings.

Turn off with one touch

If you did not have the instant on / off talkback function enabled by default, then you can do it in one action in the following ways:

  • Press the power button without removing your finger until you hear a characteristic sound alert or you feel vibration. Then press two fingers to the screen, holding for about 4-5 seconds. A beep will tell you when talkback has been disabled.
  • Press and hold both fingers on the two phone volume buttons (usually located on the edge of the device) until you hear a beep.

Now you can either disable an unwanted function or enable it in the same instant way at any time convenient for you.

How management has changed

Like the standard clicks of a computer mouse, first of all, the user needs to select the desired object on the monitor. with one touch. Interaction with it begins with a double quick click.

To scroll through the menu list, the browser page up or down, or to scroll left or right in the menu, you need to drag the screen to the desired direction by touching it with two fingers. The screen will not respond to a single touch!

Removing the screen lock also happens according to this principle: press the pads of two fingers to the base of the screen and, without releasing, gently pull up. You may need to enter a password to unlock. A similar method is to double-click on the unlock button at the bottom of the screen, in the very center. In doing so, sometimes you need to follow the voice instructions.

What to do if you have a different model

Different versions of Android have different types of menus, which is why the path to disable this service may differ. If your version is Android 4.0 or earlier, then you will need to install the special Accessibility Preferences application. Only then will the standard path and the TalkBack Preferences menu be available. It is he who will allow you to disable this special feature.

For Samsung Android devices with a user interface called TouchWiz, there is a slightly different menu sequence. First, you need to look into the settings and find “My device” there. From there, following the standard scheme, go into accessibility, where you can turn off “Talkback”. This path is located in Android 4.3 and older.

How to turn off notifications on Samsung lock screen

Depending on the operating system, the mechanism for configuring alarms and turning them off may differ. Consider instructions for different versions of Android.

How to turn off silent notifications on Samsung

Information about the message can appear on a locked phone, while immediately with a description of the content. In this case, you can turn off notifications completely, or simply display the content inside them. This will protect your data from being read by third parties, but at the same time you can always find out that you have received a new letter or SMS.

To configure this mode, open the smartphone settings, go to the “Lock screen” and select “Notifications”.

In the list of options, find the line “Hide content” and activate the switch next to it. If you want to hide the name of the application and leave only the icon, select “Only notification icons”.

If you need to disable pop-up push notifications completely, remove the switch next to the “Enabled” item. Also, notifications can be removed in the “Lock Screen” settings section in the “Notifications” item.

Samsung Galaxy S6. How to turn alarm on/off

Android 5

If your phone supports the old Android platform, the shutdown mechanism will be slightly different from the previous options.

  • Hold your finger on the notification that appears for a few seconds.
  • In the context menu that appears, tap on the “i”.
  • Remove the checkpoint from the item “Show notifications”.
  • If the checkbox is inactive, you will not be able to uncheck it, and you will not be able to disable signals from this utility.
  • If you can disable it, click “Yes”.
  • Save changes.

How to turn off app notifications on a Samsung phone

In the Android operating system, the notification option is activated by default. For SMS and messages from various applications, a pop-up window appears on the screen, accompanied by a sound signal. Not always notifications can be useful, sometimes they can just annoy with their number and intrusiveness. Today we will discuss how to turn off notifications on a Samsung phone.

Android 9

In the latest generation of Android OS, the notification setting system has become more flexible. You can turn off signals either completely or separately for each program, including the system one.

To disable, repeat the following steps:

  • When the next message appears, swipe down on the desktop. Hold the message box for a few seconds.
  • A lever will appear in the message field with permission for notification. Make it inactive.
  • Save changes.

Done! Now notifications from this service will be disabled.

If you need to remove notifications before they appear, go to the smartphone settings, select “Applications”. In the list of programs, find the required one, scroll down the card to the parameters. In the “Notifications” section, click “Deny” and save the settings.

To make sure the beep is coming from your Samsung refrigerator and not another device

Press the buttons on the display panel to see if the beep is different to make sure it is not from somewhere else.

Leave the refrigerator door open for 3 minutes to hear if the beep matches the refrigerator signal.

Unplug the power to the refrigerator to check if the beep continues when the refrigerator is turned off.

Solved: How to change alarm sound

Look down where the alarm sounds.

Click on the beep that leads to.

How to turn alarm on and off Samsung Galaxy S9

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My advice comes from the fact that I am a UK Samsung phone owner. I have nothing to do with Samsung. Current phone

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G _256Gb Model: SM-N986B / DS._ Samsung One Ui 2.5 / Android 10.

View solution in original post

How to turn off the alarm on Samsung Galaxy.

Hey! Today I will show you how to turn off the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very easily and quickly turn off the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone if you no longer need it. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Clock icon and tap on it.

Further, on this page, at the top, go to the Alarm tab. A list of all created alarms will be displayed here. Opposite the on time, click on the switch to turn it off.

All is ready. This is how quickly and easily you can turn off the alarm on your Samsung phone.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

What to check if your Samsung refrigerator beeps continuously

The beep sounds at a random time without even touching the refrigerator. Power off or unplug your Samsung refrigerator to try to reset the beep problem.

Was the door removed when you received the refrigerator? The wiring harness at the top of the door is partially connected and this could cause an accidental beep. Locate the harness at the top of the door and make sure it is fully connected and not showing any damage.

The icemaker display switches from water to crushed ice to ice cubes and therefore beeps. Try resetting your icemaker to fix this problem.

The display panel shows the temperature and cyclically changes the ice settings. Check this by checking the wire harness for a partial connection on the display control board.

HYPNE SWITCH (on some models) may fail and cause DOOR OPENING ERROR and may emit a beep, replace HYPNE SWITCH if malfunction is found.

The flexible drawer beeps when the temperature changesReset the drawer by flipping the switch from OFF to ON. You can now change the temperature and turn off the beepRemove the plastic film

Samsung Fridge Beeps Quick Fix

DOOR ALARM. Door Alarm beeps when the door is not fully closed or remains open for about 3 minutes. DOOR SIGNALING SWITCHES THE SIGNAL WHEN THE DOOR IS CLOSED. CLOSE DOOR

HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM. The High Temperature Alarm beeps and the temperature display blinks when the refrigerator detects a sudden rise in temperature. THE HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM IS DISCONNECTED WHEN THE TEMPERATURE REDUCES TO NORMAL. SET TEMP.

Press the ALARM BUTTON. OFF. or UNLIT. until you fix the problem

The Samsung refrigerator beeps. Check

Is the temperature display flashing? The refrigerator is too warm and beeps to indicate high temperature. REDUCED TEMPERATURE or CHECK THAT THE REFRIGERATOR IS COOLING PROPERLY

Is the alarm button lit? The refrigerator doors are found to be open. TURN OFF THE ALARM BUTTON TO SEE IF THE PIE TURNS OFF

Samsung Refrigerator Beeps Troubleshooting

Open the refrigerator doors to inspect them from the inside and make sure that nothing prevents them from closing completely.

If the temperature display is blinking but the refrigerator doors were not left open, there may be a cooling problem.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Troubleshooting a refrigerator that does not

Make sure the wiring has been properly routed to the top of the refrigerator door if this problem occurs after installation.

Make sure the alarm is coming from the refrigerator and not from another item in your kitchen.

Solved by Galaxy S7 Edge. How to turn off the alarm. Samsung Community

I just would like to figure out how to turn off the alarm on my S7 Edge. Regardless of whether I select or deselect the day for the alarm and hit Save, it shows how much time is left before the alarm goes off. I use the alarm on my phone and get up at 04:30. I don’t want the alarm to go off on my weekend. EXAMPLE: Monday morning, the alarm goes off, I turn off the alarm. I get up. I go into the alarm, uncheck the Monday box, then select Tuesday and click Save. then he says that the alarm is set to 23 hours 45 minutes (this is the time when I want to get up the next morning. so now that’s good). On Tuesday morning the alarm goes off, I turn off the alarm. I get up. I go into this alarm, deselect Tuesday, and click Save because Wednesday is not working and the alarm is not needed). Then I click “Save”. Note that there are no days for the selected alarm. I get a message that the alarm is set to 23 hours 45 minutes (even if no day is selected).

It would seem like a small on / off slide switch is needed. but no. Anyone.

How to set an alarm

We found out where the alarm clock is in the Samsung phone, now we need to activate the function. After switching to “Clock”, a screen will appear, you will need to move the slider to the position at which the strip will turn blue.

Activation completed. To set the time, you need to tap on the numbers and set the indicators in the window that opens:

  • response time;
  • days. you can choose only weekdays or weekends, several days a week or just one;
  • come up with a name. the signal can be configured to induce the owner to perform certain actions. The name will help you immediately remember what needs to be done;
  • adjust the signal. the standard offers several loud invigorating melodies;
  • off time. the interval after which the signal will stop sounding without user intervention. The functionality is wide, the installation of a third-party application is not required. Unless the user wants to install a more colorful or animated widget;
  • set the duplication of digital indicators by voice. This is a convenient function for those who find it very difficult to understand what time it is early in the morning while half asleep. Of course, the option is intended primarily for people with vision problems.

Important: the installation process must be completed by saving the changes.

The utility allows you to create several reminders, each of which has its own settings and settings. Adding a new one occurs by clicking the item “”.

Where is the alarm clock?

On the main screen of the smartphone there are clock numbers, it can be either analog or digital widget. To go to the reminder, you need to tap on the image.

  • swipe up from the bottom of the screen, a screen with program icons will appear;
  • select “Clock”.

The manufacturer has simplified the user’s transition to reminders, since this function is one of the most popular among smartphone owners.

How to set an alarm on a Samsung smartphone

Samsung’s alarm clock serves a variety of functions. It can be called a reminder. The reminder is already contained in the standard programs of the gadget and does not require additional download steps. The functionality is wide, but a number of users note the poor interface, lack of animation and bright colors. If the owner of the Samsung Galaxy has a desire, then for Android you can download any similar utility. Choose through the Play market.

How to set an alarm on a Samsung phone

Modern smartphones are a complex of communications, cameras, games, payment utilities and many useful applications. One of them is a sound reminder. It will help you get up on time, remind you to take your medication, or go to an appointment early. The Samsung alarm clock is not a separate application, but is included in the “Clock”. It is more convenient. several useful functions are collected in one place. Let’s find out: how to activate the function, where it is located in the Android smartphone, how to set the desired melody and set the volume.

How to turn off Samsung alarm

To turn off the reminder function, it is enough to follow the sequence of actions that the user went through when turned on:

  • go to the “Clock” application;
  • select the reminder item that you plan to disable;
  • put the slider in inactive mode (gray bar).

Deactivation does not delete the reminder, it puts it in standby mode. To delete. tap on the item and select from the list the item that offers to delete the settings irrevocably.

How to set an alarm ringtone

A melody that should wake up can be bright and invigorating. Some of them are so not perceived by the ear that it is simply impossible to wake up to their sound. To do this, Android provides the ability to personalize the ringtone. The owner can choose the Samsung alarm melody for himself. Algorithm:

  • go to the program according to the scheme described above;
  • tap the reminder for which you need to set a ringtone;
  • tap the item “Sound”;
  • in the melody selection window, find a suitable one from the proposed options, set a custom one. For sound, you can adjust the smoothness and volume;
  • save configured parameters.

The alarm clock in a Samsung smartphone is a standard option located in the Clock application. The set of functions is wide. There is a possibility of scoring time parameters by voice, setting sound melodies, smoothness and time of switching off, repetitions. It is possible to create several positions with different settings at the same time. If the appearance and functionality of the user utility is not satisfactory, you can install a third-party widget for Android. The Play market offers a large selection of reminders.