How to connect Samsung a 70 to a computer

Samsung Kies

And the thing is that the computer should only have the Samsung Kies program installed.

  • identify the phone by the system
  • make a backup copy of the phone book or whatever from the device
  • restore it all in case of erroneous deletion
  • easily and quickly edit contacts
  • check and install the latest firmware
  • download the mobile phone in full

Modern smartphones are powerful digital devices and, of course, they urgently need to be friends with a computer. let them communicate well.

Let’s already download the latest version of Samsung Kies via a direct link from the manufacturers website, see in pictures how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer and how to work in this easy and convenient program.

How to edit contacts in Samsung Kies

We get a complete list of the phone book. Pay attention to the tabs

Click on the contact and edit it in the window that appears on the right

After editing. be sure to click on the checkmark at the very top of the window (near the cross), otherwise the changes will not be saved.

You can also quickly find duplicate contacts and merge them with one click of the mouse. To do this, right-click on any contact tyts

Thus, we easily and quickly put things in order in the phone book. though it’s more convenient than poking at the smart screen?

With music, photos and videos, I think you will figure it out yourself. everything is also easy and simple there

You can listen directly or move audio files, for example.

Back up data from Samsung Kies

Another powerful advantage of the program is that you will never lose the numbers of friends and acquaintances, as well as any data and settings from your phone.

Having created a backup copy of them in the program, you will be able to sleep peacefully and if something happens. quickly and easily restore. For this we go to

Checkboxes indicate what we want to save

And the data is saved in a special archive from which it can then be restored without problems.

And here you can drag the data back and forth as much as you like

By the way, you can save contacts to a computer to transfer them to a new phone in case of changing the device

Another plus from using Samsung Kies is in paragraph

you can download toys and programs for free.

I. especially for those who do not want to “suffer” with the program, but prefer to use Windows Explorer. you can just close Kies and forget about it. The phone will now be visible in the explorer, like a regular flash drive.

You can also throw a small driver into the system even without installing the program, from the manufacturers and the smartphone is recognized by the system when connected.

This driver (15 MB) is cut from the above program

Samsung Kies will connect your phone to your computer

Today we will talk about how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer and what it will give us.

connect, samsung, computer

People buy smartphones from this manufacturer, run home, connect to a computer in order to pump their audio-video-photo files into them and they will face a wall of misunderstanding by the Windows operating system of this expensive device.

Where do you think they run to after that? On the Internet (and to me). I analyzed the frequency of requests for a month on this issue and received hundreds of thousands of them. I could not think that this is such a global problem. So today I decided to talk about her easy solution.

Download Samsung Kies

Name of the program (utility):Samsung Kies
Manufacturer (author):Samsung®
Status:Is free
Installer (archive) size:68.6 Mb
OS support:Windows XP, 7,8,10
Interface language:English Russian …
Security:No viruses
Similar programs:Samsung SideSync

The program is designed to support smartphones of the Galaxy lineup with the operating system BEFORE Android 4.3. If you have a Galaxy smartphone / tablet with Android 4.3 or higher, use Smart Switch.

Don’t be intimidated by the size of the program. it flies on a PC with the speed of a bullet, literally.

Where is it now without consent to the license?

The installation started and at the end its window disappeared. don’t touch anything, wait a minute

Go to the “Tools”. “Settings” menu and change the location of the service folder from the system drive to the data drive, for example “D”

We connect the smartphone to the computer using a cable


That’s it for today. now you know how to connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB tethering

When you connect your smartphone to a computer, a menu appears on the gadget’s desktop, in which you can select the connection mode. charging or transferring files. USB tethering options are hidden in the phone settings and are not set by default, so you have to find them manually.

As an example, we used a smartphone on Android 9 in the EMUI shell, but just in case, we gave the names of menu items in other versions of Android.

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB. If this is a new device, wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Open your smartphone settings. In the section “Wireless networks” (“Network”) find the item “Modem mode” (“Modem and access point”).
  • Activate USB tethering. A new network with Internet access will appear on the computer.

How to use your smartphone as a modem

Any modern smartphone that has access to the Internet can become its source and distribute the network over Wi-Fi or over a wire. As a rule, gadgets already have suitable drivers for turning into an access point, and you only need to find the necessary parameters in the settings of your phone.

Important: when using mobile internet, don’t forget about traffic. If you often connect your gadget as a modem, switch to a tariff that offers a large package of gigabytes. The quality and reliability of communication will also depend on the speed of the Internet and the location of your provider’s towers.

How to use a Samsung phone as a modem

To distribute the Internet, Samsung gadgets can use the Smart Switch (Kies) program. Install it on your smartphone and connect it to your PC. New hardware from Samsung appears on the PC monitor in Windows Device Manager.

Next, in the smartphone settings, select the “Connections” tab. “Modem and access point”. “USB modem”.

samsung a30 a40 a60 a70 how to connect with computer and transfer fils

After activating the mobile modem, a notification will appear on the computer that the Internet is available.

We use the phone as a modem for a computer or laptop

To always have access to the network, you just need to learn how to distribute the Internet from your phone. We tell you how to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone and connect the phone as a USB modem.

Have you arrived at the dacha and want to watch a movie on your laptop, but there is no wired Internet? Or maybe your home ISP is having a problem and your PC still needs network access? There is a very simple way out. to use a smartphone as a modem for a computer via USB or Wi-Fi.

How to share Wi-Fi from a smartphone

Another way to use your phone as a modem is to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi. In this article, we described in detail how to create a hotspot on an Android smartphone. Everything is very simple. on most models, it is enough to open the menu curtain and select the “Access Point” item.

  • To configure Wi-Fi, go to the access point settings. for this, tap on the function icon and hold it.
  • Set the network name and password, and, if necessary, the type of encryption.
  • We also recommend setting a traffic limit that can be used when your smartphone is connected to the network. We remind you that this is a mobile (and often limited and expensive) Internet.
  • In addition, the maximum number of possible connected devices should be set so that the network is not overloaded.

Important: in modem or access point mode, the smartphone is discharged faster. Put the gadget on charge or connect it to the power bank while distributing the Internet.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Computer via USB?

Users often need to transfer photos from a smartphone to a computer / laptop or vice versa. The transfer process itself is very simple, although there are some nuances here, which we, of course, will discuss in this article. All you need is the Samsung smartphone itself, a USB cable (with which you also charge your device), as well as a computer or laptop.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to PC?

Take the USB cable. preferably the one that came with your smartphone.

Connect it to a PC or laptop with one side.

Now unlock your smartphone screen. this is extremely important. You should see the following message:

Select “Allow”. to provide access to the file system of the smartphone.

If the message does not appear, open the quick access menu (“curtain”) and tap on the line “USB for file transfer”.

Select “File Transfer” if the menu is active.

Or, as an option, disconnect the cable from the device and reconnect, a menu should appear on the desktop.

Now open “My Computer” on your PC or laptop and select the connected device.

Next, you will see the internal memory and a memory card, if any.

Now open the drive where the photos are saved. usually the internal memory, but sometimes the images are saved on the memory card. the Samsung firmware supports this. In our case, we are talking about internal memory.

Tap on the DCIM. Digital Camera Images folder.

Select images for transfer, you can several at once, then click on the right mouse button and in the menu that appears, click on the “Copy” button (or “Cut”, if necessary).

Select a folder on a computer or laptop disk, right-click, click on the line “Paste”.

Images will be copied or transferred. Transfer time depends on the number of photos, their size, system speed, etc.

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What to do if Samsung Galaxy is not recognized by the computer?

Usually, when you connect a smartphone to a computer, it detects it and installs all the necessary drives. After a few seconds, the device is recognized. However, this is not always the case. There are times when the computer sees a device but cannot recognize it. As a result, you cannot transfer files either there or back.

If at the moment you are faced with this problem, then here’s what you need to do:

Unplug the cable from your phone, restart your phone and computer

Maybe nothing else is needed. Glitches happen more often than you think, and a simple reboot fixes most. We are trying to help not only your phone, but also your computer, since we do not know exactly where the failure occurred. So unplug the cable and restart your computer with your phone to refresh your RAM and get rid of any possible problems.

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After restarting your devices, reconnect your phone and check if it is recognized this time. You may need to reinstall the drivers again and you will have to wait before you know if the device has been recognized. If not, then maybe it’s the drivers.

Why can’t my computer see my Samsung Galaxy via USB?

If your computer does not see the Samsung Galaxy when connected with the included USB cable, then you will have to troubleshoot problems in the computer itself. If you know that other computers can see the phone, the problem may be in the USB port.

If this is not the problem, then the problem may be with the cable or the port for charging the phone has become loose. With all of this in mind, here are a few steps to help fix this issue:

Drivers for connecting Samsung to a computer via USB

First, in order to recognize a smartphone like the Galaxy S, the computer needs all the necessary drivers. Usually, when a device is connected to a computer, it immediately finds it, but if the correct drivers are not installed, this may not happen.

Drivers are special programs that help you communicate between your phone and your computer. Most often they can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. If the computer does not recognize your Galaxy S7, immediately go to the Samsung website and download the drivers. Here is the link to the Galaxy S7 / Edge support page. Mac owners will have to install Android File Transfer in order for your Mac to communicate with your phone.

There is an alternative: you can simply download Smart Switch and install the program on your computer, thus making file sharing easier. It comes with all the necessary drivers, so after installation you can rest assured that your computer will recognize your device, and file sharing will cease to be a problem.

Transferring media files

Transferring media files using Samsung Kies software is done through the main menu of this application. So, for example, if you need to transfer pictures to a PC, then you need to select the “Photos” section, and you will immediately see all the photos that are on your device. If you need to replenish the smartphone gallery with pictures from a computer, then you will need to find the necessary ones, and then left-click. A context menu will appear, where you will need to select the “Send to Samsung” item. To work with other media files, select the appropriate sections in Samsung Kies.

Samsung Smart Switch

In addition to Kies3, you can use Smart Switch to connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer. It is designed to quickly transfer data between smartphones.

Download the installer and run it.

The program interface is as simple as possible. The home screen displays the currently connected smartphone, as well as the backup, data recovery, and Outlook sync buttons.

Clicking on a smartphone model opens detailed information about it. You can see the version of the installed operating system, phone number, etc.

When recovering data from a computer, Smart Switch also prompts you to select the types of data to be recovered. This is suitable for those who do not want to immediately return all photos or desktop settings or menus to their phone.

You can see the “” button next to the closing cross. It contains such additional program functions as emergency smartphone recovery, reinstalling the device driver, program settings and “About”.

Emergency recovery is a useful feature for those who are not satisfied with the work of the smartphone. By resetting the settings, you can get rid of the slowdowns and lags of the operating system.

Reset phone settings if problem persists after installing KIES or Smart Switch

The second step is aimed at solving the problem with the drivers, but if this does not help, you need to back up all files and information and reset the settings to a working state.

Read more: How to factory reset Samsung?

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Press and hold the Home, Volume Up and Power buttons
  • When Samsung Galaxy appears on the screen, release Power, but continue to hold the two remaining.
  • When the Android logo appears, release all buttons and wait 30-60 seconds.
  • Use the Sound Down button to toggle between options and select ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Press “Power” to confirm.
  • Then select ‘Yes. delete all user data’ with “Volume Down” and confirm with “Power”.
  • Wait until the end of the process. Then select ‘Reboot system now’ and click “Power”.
  • The phone will take a little longer to reboot than usual.

If after this the problem is not solved, the help of a specialist is required. I hope this tutorial will help you one way or another. If you feel you need more help, please contact us.

Connecting Samsung Galaxy to a Computer If you just take and “stupidly” connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer, you will see an inscription notifying you that no drivers have been found. It is clear that this situation does not suit us. So to synchronize Samsung Galaxy with a computer, we will do the following: 1. Connect the USB cable to the computer to the phone. On the top / left of the screen we see the USB icon. Further to us in the hidden top menu. 2. Pull with your finger to open the curtain. We click on the inscription that appears here “Select files to copy” 3. In the window that appears with a green Android, we confirm our desire to connect a USB-drive to the computer, which is our phone / smartphone. Click “Connect” 4. We confirm once again that we know that some applications will be unavailable at the time of connection. We press “Yes”. 5. An orange Android icon appears. Your smartphone is connected to the PC. Open folders. Download and upload files in both directions. Another way to connect. Via the “Settings” menu. “gem”, but the output is the same: 1. Turn on the smartphone screen and go to “Settings”. My settings icon is displayed on the main screen (see photo). 2. Further, already in the settings, select “Wireless networks”. Take your time to plug in the USB cable right away. 3. USB facilities. Select the USB cable connection mode 4. Removable USB storage. Connect the drive to PC Click. To use the removable storage, connect the USB cable. Now we connect the cable from the computer to the phone. (Here you may need to repeat the operation several times. because sometimes it “dulls”. 5. USB connected 6. Connect USB storage Yes. 7. All Samsung Galaxy connection to the computer has occurred. 8. Move the necessary files back and forth, create folders as many How to connect to a PC Samsung S6 read further. At the very first connection to a PC, S6 may be mistakenly recognized by the operating system as a USB device. We do not need this, so we do the following: 1. First of all, in settings, uncheck the “USB debugging” 2. Connect your Galaxy S6 to the computer (via the factory cable) 3. Allow “Use as data storage.” After the steps taken, the computer will see the phone as a regular USB flash drive. Now you can freely exchange information with your PC in both directions. See an example from Xiaomi on Android 6.0.1. How to connect it to a PC. Despite the growth of technology, the development of intellectual abilities of devices, the principle is always is about the same. Logically, you can always come to the correct sequential decision. How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Good luck! Yours sincerely, Alex Smith

How to connect Samsung to computer? It is easy to cope with this task; it is enough to spend a couple of minutes on the whole procedure. Let’s look at ways to connect a mobile device to a PC, provide help and instructions to users.

Through the program

Additionally, you can download the Samsung Kies program to your computer. It provides Samsung smartphone owners with additional options. Install the application, connect your phone via cable to PC.

The program will automatically detect the device. Once connected, you can use all the features of the application, including backing up through it.

How to connect Samsung to computer via USB cable?

Why you may need to connect a smartphone to a PC?

  • Galaxy data needs to be backed up.
  • Need to transfer files between devices.
  • You want to use your phone as a flash drive.
  • Perform manual firmware update.

Important! Smartphone drivers may be required for the laptop to see your device. You can download them on a PC from the official Samsung website, initially specifying the phone model.

  • Take the cord, connect the device to the USB port through it.
  • The icon should appear in the panel on the device. Expand it, tap on the corresponding notification.
  • Click on the item to connect as USB storage.
  • Confirm Action.

You can perform the same operation via the phone menu:

  • Open the settings.
  • Select the section “Wireless networks”.
  • Find the item “USB Tools”.
  • Click on “Connect drive to PC”.
  • Then click on “Connect USB storage” and confirm.

Possible problems

When you connect a smartphone, the computer does not see it? There may be several reasons:

  • Additional drivers are required to connect the phone.
  • You are a poppy-breeder. To connect, you need to download an additional program on Mac. Android File Transfer.
  • Cable problems. Try using a different cord.
  • Port problems. Try to connect to a different connector on the PC.

Connecting a smartphone to a computer via Wi-Fi

Connecting a smartphone to a PC via Wi-Fi can be done via a third-party app. One suitable program is AirDroid. It is as easy as possible to use it:

Important! To connect via Wi-Fi, both devices must be connected to the same modem. Through the wireless network, you can exchange files at high speed, transfer information quickly.

How to connect Samsung to a computer. step by step instructions

How to connect Samsung to computer? It is easy to cope with this task; it is enough to spend a couple of minutes on the whole procedure. Let’s look at ways to connect a mobile device to a PC, provide help and instructions to users.

Connecting a smartphone to a PC and transferring information is very easy. But on a Mac, this will require a special application, since the operating system does not support “alien” devices on Android.

Additional software allows you to transfer files up to 4 GB, this limitation can cause problems for users. To move significant amounts of information, you can use cloud storage, although the whole procedure will take a lot of time due to long synchronization.

What is Samsung DeX

This technology allows you to switch between multiple devices and create a workspace. They are controlled using a touch screen on a phone or tablet, or a computer mouse and keyboard. A special docking station or a special adapter (for older models) is used to synchronize devices. For versions above S9, no additional devices are needed. the mode is turned on simply on the phone screen, in a pre-installed application.

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Samsung dex allows you to use mobile apps on the big screen, create and show presentations, use instant messengers, and even play mobile games. Some applications are optimized for use in this mode.

What to do

First of all, check that the cable connection is secure. Try disconnecting and reconnecting one of the gadgets. Check if the connector is working properly by connecting other devices. If the connectors and cables are working, it looks like your device does not support this option. If the option was declared by the manufacturer for your model, contact the service center.

How to connect and turn on Samsung DeX

If you own one of the mobile devices of a well-known Korean manufacturer, it is helpful for you to know how to enable Samsung DeX. This unique service first appeared on mobile phones above the S8 series. It allows you to sync your workspace between your phone and your computer monitor. Read more about this technology in our material.

Samsung DeX does not work

In rare cases, an error may occur when trying to activate the function. Depending on the cause of the problem, there are different ways to fix them.

How to connect Samsung DeX

The service is connected in several ways. Unfortunately, there is no wireless option yet, but there are several devices that allow you to connect.

We connect to a laptop or computer

In this way, you can connect not only a TV, but also a laptop and a stationary computer.

After connecting, a window appears on the screen of a laptop or computer that looks like the Windows operating system. Here will be located icons of mobile applications that can be opened and used just like on a mobile.

How to enable Samsung DeX

The function is automatically activated when two devices are synchronized. If both devices support this service, after connecting you will immediately see the workspace on both screens.

Connecting with a USB cable

To connect successfully, you need to download the Galaxy Tab utility. Next, you need to open the menu and find the “Settings” section in it. Here we are looking for the item “Wireless and network settings”. Select “USB Settings”, then the line “Mass Storage”.

After all these manipulations, connect the tablet to the PC. To fully display the files and applications of the tablet on a computer, you need a proprietary Kies application. It also helps transfer files to PC.


Infection of the system with viruses can negatively affect the operation of its individual components, including drivers. If malware is detected, it is recommended to diagnose the PC with an anti-virus program. After checking and treating, restart the PC and try to reconnect the device.

Connecting Android Samsung Tablet to Computer

There are several connection options. They differ in the type of connector to which the cable is connected, or in the wireless connection technology. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.

Why does my phone not connect via USB

If your PC does not see the connected device, the problem may lie not only in it, but also in the cable itself, and in the PC.

Samsung Kies

Kies is a proprietary application used to synchronize devices connected to Samsung devices. In fact, this is a file sharing service that allows you to simultaneously view files and work with them. You can work with this utility both by wire and wirelessly.

How to connect Samsung tablet to computer

How to connect Samsung tablet to computer? The question may arise at the moment when you decide to transfer data from a portable device to a stationary device, charge the tablet or use any software systems that require connection to your PC. Our material will help you connect to a computer or laptop in several ways.

No drivers

If you do not have the drivers installed at all (for example, after reinstalling the operating system), you will need to download and activate them. Otherwise, the tablet will simply charge, without the ability to share files.

Manual configuration for all models (Philips, Samsung, Xiaomi)

To get started, go to any drive and create a folder. For example, “Video”, it will store all films, amateur home videos. But in fact, it doesn’t matter, you can upload any media information there. You can also download films from the Internet there.

  • Right click on this folder and select “Properties”;
  • Go to the “Access” tab and click “Share”;
  • There will be a small arrow next to the add button, click on it and select “All” (That is, all network users). And click “Add”. A new rule will be added at the bottom. Click “Sharing”.
  • Now you will see an icon that the folder is now networked. In order to check whether a folder has been added, you need to go to “Network” in the same window on the left. Then go to your computer and you will see our “Videos” folder.
  • Click once on the network connection in the lower right corner and go to the control center.
  • Select the third item in the left column to change.
  • If you have Windows 10, you will also need to click on the arrow next to the “All networks” section. On Windows 7 and 8, you get to where you need to go.
  • View to have access to shared folders open on the network.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and disable password protection.
  • That’s it. now we go to our TV and turn it on. You need to go to the settings. Each TV company has its own name for the connection to the DLNA server (in our case, this is our computer and the “Video” folder):
  • LG. Smart Share;
  • Sony. Sony Bravia;
  • Samsung. AllShare.
  • But sometimes this section can be called directly as DLNA. As soon as you go there, you will see the name of your computer. We go there and see our video folder.

We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the formats supported by your TV in advance. You can find out about them in the documentation. You need to understand that Smart TV supports all formats of video, pictures and music. So, if you do not see some files or they are crossed out, this means that the TV set cannot read them.

The computer does not see the TV or vice versa

There are several steps to solve this problem:

  • Go to the network settings of the TV and check that it is connected to your home network;
  • Reboot your router and TV;
  • Repeat all the instructions above. you may have forgotten to do something;

Setup via Windows Media Player

  • Start the player. To do this, click “Start”, so as not to scour the wilds of Windows, enter the name “Player” in the search bar. Run the application.
  • Look in the left window: “Music”, “Video” and “Image” and there are the sections you need. I will show with an example of a video. right-click on this section and select “Manage video library”.
  • Now you will see all the shared movie folders. by default. I, on the other hand, created a folder on the “D” drive in advance, where I store films and series. To add this folder, you need to click “Add” and select it.
  • Hurrah! Now it has been added. But that’s not all. click on the “Stream” button and select “Advanced streaming options” from the drop-down menu. On the top ten and eight, the section will be called “Enable streaming media”. Will be located at the very bottom. you can’t go wrong.
  • Now let’s name the server name (The one that will be displayed on the TV), by default it is the name of the computer. And just below, select our TV, which should already be connected to the network. Opposite it, click the “Allowed” checkbox and click “Next”. Then again “Next”.
  • The PC will issue a password. It is better to write it down. as you will need it to connect your computer to the TV. It is not a fact that it will be requested, but it is better to write it down on a piece of paper or take a picture on your phone. Please note that there are both upper and lower case letters here. this is important.
  • We go to the TV, turn it on and look for any mention of DLNA and multimedia server in the settings. Once you are there, you will see the name of your PC. Perhaps, when connecting, you will need a password, which I mentioned earlier.

This company has a licensed program with which you can safely configure the server on your PC.

  • Download and install the program from the office. site.
  • After starting, go to the parameters and turn on the server if it was turned off;
  • Go to “My Shared Files”, click on the folder with the plus sign and select any folder with videos or photos.
  • After that, you will see all the movies in this folder.

The program is very convenient. In this case, you can immediately connect to the TV. You can start movies directly from here.

How to connect a TV to a computer via Wi-Fi?

I recently bought myself a large TV with a Smart TV system. And then the question immediately arose. how to connect your computer to the TV via home WI-FI. In antediluvian times, they used an HDMI wire. but this is wildly inconvenient. As it turned out later, there are a lot of ways and each has its own pros and cons. But I’ll highlight one. DLNA.

DLNA or in English Digital Living Network Alliance is a certain kind of standards that help to stream multimedia files (photos, videos, music) over a network between devices through a router. That is, you downloaded a movie, put it in a folder, shared it (made it visible on the network to other devices) and now you can watch this movie on TV. For this we need:

  • A router with a configured Wi-Fi network;
  • The TV and computer must be connected to this wireless network. If you do not know how to connect a TV set, you can read my article on this matter here. Everything is clearly stated there.
  • The wide screen must have a built-in Wi-Fi module. To check this, just go to the settings. Then go to the section related to the network and see if there are wireless network settings.

So. we have a wireless network and a connected computer and TV. Now there are three options for setting up a DLNA server:

  • Using the program;
  • Through the built-in player;
  • Manual setting.

HELP! Dear readers, write your questions and describe the difficulties you encountered in the comments. and I will try to help you. Good luck with the settings!

TV as a wireless monitor

A year ago, all computers and laptops that had an Intel processor had Miracast or WiDi technology. It allowed you to display your computer screen on any TV over Wi-Fi. But the company completely stopped supporting this technology and removed the program from the official website. It is not yet clear why this happened. And not all TVs support this standard. But on old operating systems Windows 7 and on some eights, you can synchronize PC and Smart TV. To broadcast your desktop you need:

  • Press the Windows button and P at the same time.
  • Don’t click anything on PC yet. Turn on your TV and go to settings. Go to the network section and see if there is a Miracast or WiDi section. Or something similar. Go to this application.
  • On the PC, select “Duplicate” or “Connect to a wireless display”.
  • We allow access on TV and enjoy the stream.
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How to Connect Samsung Phone to Computer?

Today, a mobile phone is the most essential tool for the life of a modern person. And mobile phones and smartphones of the Samsung brand are at the top of the popularity rating. It is not surprising that many users ask the same question (including on my blog): “how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer

To be honest, I have a phone of the same brand (though already quite old by modern standards). In this article, we will look at how to connect a Samsung phone to a PC and what it will give us.

What will give us the connection of the phone to the PC

Ability to backup all contacts (from SIM card from phone memory).

For a long time I had all the phones (including those for work). they were all in one phone. Needless to say, what happens if you drop your phone or it doesn’t turn on just at the right moment? Therefore, backup is the first thing I recommend you do when you connect your phone to your PC.

Exchange your phone with a computer files: music, videos, photos, etc.

Editing any contacts, files, etc.

How to connect your Samsung phone to a PC

To connect your Samsung phone to your computer, you need:
1. USB cable (usually comes with the phone);
2.Samsung Kies program (you can download it on the official website).

Installing Samsung Kies is no different than installing any other software. The only thing is to choose the correct codec (see screenshot below).

Choosing a codec when installing Samsung Kies.

After the installation is complete, you can immediately create a shortcut on the desktop to quickly launch the program and launch it.

Then you can connect your phone to a USB port on your computer. Samsung Kies will automatically start connecting to the phone (takes about 10-30 seconds).

How to back up all contacts from phone to computer?

After launching Samsung Kies in Lite mode. just go to the data backup and restore section. Next, click on the button “select all items” and then on “backup”.

Within a few seconds, all contacts will be copied. See screenshot below.

In general, the menu is quite convenient and intuitive. You just need to select, for example, the “photos” section and you will immediately see all the photos that are on your phone. See screenshot below.

In the program, you can rename files, delete some, copy some to your computer.

By the way, Samsung Kies will automatically check your phone firmware version and check if there is a newer version. If so, she will offer to update it.

To see if there is a new firmware. just follow the link (in the menu on the left, above) with your phone model. In my case, it is “GT-C6712”.

In general, if the phone works fine and it suits you, I do not recommend performing the firmware. It is quite possible that you will lose some of the data, the phone may start working “differently” (I don’t know. for the better or for the worse). At least. make a backup before such updates (see above in the article).

That’s all for today. Hope you can easily connect your Samsung phone to your PC.

Why the computer does not see the phone when connected via USB

If the user checked the ports and wires for damage, but did not find anything, then it is worth looking for the reason in the phone. You need to enable the “USB storage” function on it. If even after this the PC does not display the smartphone, then the problem may be hidden in unconfigured or uninstalled drivers.

Also, if the phone does not connect to the computer, the power to the ports may be turned off. To check this, you need to open the PC control panel, then open the “Power supply” section. It is located in the Hardware and Sound tab. You need to open the power settings and find the option “temporarily disable the port”. If the feature is enabled, this needs to be changed by disabling it.

To check if the device drivers are working as expected, you need to go to Device Manager. There, find the “portable devices” tab. It should contain all devices connected to this PC.

If the smartphone is not there, although it is connected to the laptop, then you should reinstall the driver. First you need to delete the existing one, and then download the new one. Or just remove it, and then connect the device to the PC so that the system will install the drivers by itself.

Programs for synchronizing smartphone and computer via USB

Such applications provide a person with ease of use of gadgets, since they can copy changed data from one device to another. With them, you can exchange files, as well as move files from your computer to your phone.

For your information! Some programs even allow you to view information on the state of the smartphone’s memory, battery charge and signal level on a PC.

Selecting a mode for connecting Android 9 and Samsung Android via USB to PC

To connect Android version 9.0 to your computer, you need to connect the cable. Then you need to select the desired mode. In order to use a smartphone as a removable medium, you need to select the “MTP” type. By selecting it, the user will be able to transfer files to the phone, delete them from there and format the memory.

Important! If you need to transfer those files that the MTP mode does not support, then you can select the “PTP” type.

How to properly connect your Android phone to your computer via USB

To connect a smartphone to a PC correctly, you need to decide on the purpose of the connection. That is, to understand why it took such an action.

Modem function

Many users are interested in how to connect a phone to a computer via an Android USB cable so that the mobile device acts as a modem. This is possible only when the smartphone has an option to access the Internet, it is possible to enable distribution of the Internet to other devices, and there is also an option to distribute traffic on the SIM card used by the subscriber.

To share the Internet on a PC, you need to do the following:

  • Connect the drive to the PC.
  • Open “Settings”. “Wireless networks”. “”.
  • Open modem mode, press “USB-modem”. “Enable”.

On the laptop, open the “network” option. Open the “Wi-Fi” tab, where to find your device and click “connect“. Thus, the question of how to enable data transfer to Android via USB has been resolved.

Important! If you need to charge your phone using a laptop, you need to connect Android to the PC with a cable. Configure the smartphone as a USB drive, after which the mobile device will start charging.

To transfer files

One of the options is to open files stored in the phone memory from your computer or move them between devices. To complete this task, you need to wire both devices, then open the notification panel on your smartphone.

Connecting your phone to a laptop via USB

It should display a notification that the USB cable is connected. You need to click on the message to configure the connection. A small menu will open where you can choose how the device will be used. For example, to transfer files or view images.

USB configuration on Android

Any Android has a function to switch to developer mode. In this mode, the user has much more options available. In the developer options, you can find the configuration section. Many are wondering what USB configuration on Android is. In simple words, this function configures the smartphone so that when connected, it works in a certain way.

Important! Android may not connect to the computer due to sync issues. You can solve them by installing additional programs on your smartphone.

How to connect phone to computer via Android USB cable

The question of how to connect Android to a computer arises from Android users for a reason. It’s not enough to connect a USB cable to both devices. It is necessary to perform a number of actions for the work process to be successful.

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