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How to connect m4 bracelet to iPhone

How to turn on and use the Smart bracelet M4

The M4 tracker is a popular copy of the successful counterpart of “Mi Band 4” from Xioami. Its price is modest 10-15 dollars. Therefore, many people did not skimp on that kind of money, and bought this device for themselves, their relatives and friends. Having bought it, a beginner may face difficulties. Below we will analyze how to activate and use the Chinese Smart Bracelet M4.

Pairing the M4 bracelet with your phone

To connect the M4 Smart bracelet to the phone, we need to install a specialized application on your phone that serves to work with the bracelet. Usually, a link to it in the form of a QR code is placed in the instructions that come with the bracelet.

This application is FitPro (Android, iOS). Applications “WearFit”, “Yoho Sport”, “LeFun Health” and others can also be used.

  • Turn on location determination (GPS) and Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Install the FitPro application on your phone;
  • Run the application, and grant it the requested permissions;

Grant the app the required permissions

  • Click in the upper left on “register”;
  • Enter your registration details (e-mail and password twice). Then click on “REGISTER” below and you will be registered in the system;
  • After returning to the main screen, enter in the appropriate fields your e-mail and password under which you were registered in the system just above. Click on “Login”;
  • In the request that appears, click on “Open”;
  • In the list of access notification applications that opens, move the FITPRO slider to the extreme right position (when prompted, click on Allow);
  • To search for the M4 bracelet, click on the “Install” button at the bottom left;
  • Then click on the scrolling line “Link devices to get more options”;
  • In the screen that opens, click on the square on the top right, and then click on “Allow”;
  • Point your phone camera at the QR code. which is available on the M4 tracker.
  • After recognizing the QR code, the bracelet will be connected.

    Instructions on how to use Smart tracker M4

    When syncing with the phone for the first time, the bracelet will automatically receive the date and time data and display it on the screen.

    To use the bracelet, there is a multifunctional button under the screen. A short press switches the M4 to the next option, a long press allows you to select the option displayed on the screen.

    After turning on the bracelet in the “FitPro” program, the latter allows you to monitor the parameters of the body and daily activity. And also start measuring heart rate and blood pressure, perform other relevant tasks provided by the capabilities of the tracker.

    For example, to measure blood pressure, you need to click on the heart on the main screen of the bracelet. After entering the measurement screen, tap on the “START MEASUREMENT” button, after which you will receive the corresponding results.

    What the Chinese fitness tracker M4 can do

    The functionality of the M4 bracelet is stated as follows:

    • Date and time display;
    • Stopwatch;
    • Alarm clock;
    • Conclusion of the number of steps taken and the distance traveled;
    • Calories burned monitoring (mathematical calculation);
    • Heart rate monitor (nominally, really does not turn on);
    • Blood oxygen measurement (nominally, not working);
    • Sleep duration control;
    • Message and call notification (social networks are declared in M4, but not supported);
    • Finding a phone (sending a signal to the phone to find it).

    Some of the declared functions are available only on paper, and in fact are not included. This is due to the fact that such a cheap device a priori could not fit all the necessary sensors for use. Craftsmen who disassembled the M4 bracelet can only find dummies of sensors without the declared functionality.

    How to turn on Smart Watch

    To turn on the M4 smart bracelet, you will need to hold down the multifunctional button for a few seconds. located under the screen. Before turning on the device, make sure it is charged.

    Charging the M4 wristband

    You will need to charge your device before using it. The charging option differs depending on the configuration in which you came across the M4 bracelet. with or without a charging cable.

    If there is no charging cable in the bracelet package, the bracelet is turned on to charge directly to the USB port of the charger (PC, tablet, etc.). It is enough to remove the Smart bracelet clip from the strap and connect it to the USB connector. It will take approximately 1-2 hours to charge before use.

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    If a charging cable was included with your M4, then it will be necessary to remove the bracelet clip from the strap and connect it to the corresponding connector of the charging cable.

    The other end of the cable connects to the USB connector.

    Specificity of Smart bracelet M4

    The developers of the fitness tracker declared the following technical characteristics of the device:

    Parameters: Explanation:
    Model name: Smart bracelet М4.
    Display: 0.96 TFT.
    Control: One touch button.
    Water resistance level: IP 67 (in fact, we do not recommend testing it with water).
    Work time: 5-10 days (actually. up to 2 days).
    Standby time: 30-45 days (actually. up to 5 days).
    Communication: Bluetooth 4.0.
    Charging method: Rechargeable clip.
    OS support: Android 4.4, iOS. 8.5 and higher.

    In general, the device has modest technical characteristics, and withstands about 2 days of battery life.

    What is Mi Band?

    Xiaomi Mi Band. a miniature device resembling a stylish electronic watch, enclosed in a soft, silicone case-strap.

    The device can do the following things:

    • measure your heart rate;
    • count the number of steps taken and calories burned;
    • take into account the total distance that was covered on foot;
    • analyze the sleep process of its owner;
    • report missed calls, messages and other events on the phone through notifications;
    • unlock connected smartphone or tablet.

    The bracelet is able to work from one charge up to 20 days at operating temperatures from 20 to 70 degrees.

    The body of the device capsule is made of polycarbonate and has an IP 67 protection class, which allows it to be used not only in dry weather, but also in extreme conditions.

    Fitness bracelet works with Apple phones and tablets running iOS 7 or higher.

    The bracelet is available in several colors:

    And if the standard color scheme does not suit you, our old friends from the Middle Kingdom can provide straps in literally all colors and shades of the rainbow.

    What problems can arise when trying to bind a Chinese gadget

    Among the most common are the following:

    • the device is not detected by the smartphone. The problem is sometimes solved by restarting or flashing;
    • the device is connected, but disconnected during operation;
    • the gadget consumes the charge too quickly when connected to a smartphone;
    • after connecting the bracelet does not work correctly.

    Some fakes cannot be connected to the phone at all. The bottom line is that the cheapest models, although sold on various Chinese sites under the guise of fitness bracelets, are, in fact, a simple electronic watch with slightly advanced functionality. They even lack heart rate sensors. They show the time, sometimes they count steps, very roughly indicate the number of calories burned, but no more.

    The best way to avoid problems is to purchase proven trackers. You can find an inexpensive option from a well-known manufacturer and, as a result, save more than buying an unknown device with dubious functionality.

    Sync with Apple Health

    Mi Band allows you to synchronize data transferred to your smartphone, not only with the Mi Fit app and branded cloud storage, but also with the Apple Health service.

    To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    • Launch Mi Fit app.
    • Open the “Notifications” tab.
    • In the category “Services” choose “Health” or “Health”.
    • Start sync.

    The application can also independently simplify access to the service after the first setup.

    At what distance should the gadget see the cell

    The fitness bracelet was originally designed to work in conjunction with a smartphone. So, its functionality is expanding many times. But for stable operation, the device must be kept in close proximity to the phone.

    connect, bracelet, iphone

    Since the bracelet has a small size, when designing it, the working space is saved as much as possible. This leads to the need to use the most compact parts, often with reduced power. Therefore, the Bluetooth transmitter is used rather weak.

    These two phones can be connected at a fairly large distance, sometimes 10 meters or more, but the tracker should be close enough to the smartphone.

    On average, a distance of up to a couple of meters is allowed, sometimes a little more, but it all depends on the specific device.

    How to connect a fitness bracelet to iPhone

    A fitness bracelet is a device that provides control of a number of body parameters, as well as increases the convenience of communication when playing sports and leading an active lifestyle.

    It can be used for various purposes, the most common are heart rate control, distance traveled, time and much more.

    You can increase the functionality of the gadget by connecting it to a smartphone. Most of the devices support communication with phones based on Android, as well as iOS.

    The bracelet will receive additional features previously unavailable.

    On Android

    Most often, bracelets are used in conjunction with phones running on the Android operating system. Smartphones from different manufacturers are equipped with it, for example, Samsung, Huawei, and so on.

    The connection procedure is as follows:

    • a special application is installed on the smartphone. Each bracelet manufacturer will have its own program, for example, MS 1020 uses the Yoho Sports app, Intelligence Health Bracelet M2, like Ydy KX103 can work with Droi Health, Lefun links to Lefun Health;
    • registration is made in the application. Most often, this can be done directly from the program, but in some cases the procedure is difficult. For example, when using Xiaomi Mi Band, it is better to register in the Mi Fit program through the site, since the application will require a Chinese phone number, and the site allows you to carry out the procedure using any email;
    • authorization is performed using the received username and password;
    • the main menu is entered. Most often, the first time you log in, you will be prompted to connect the device. If such a warning appears, you must select it, if not, then you need to go to the appropriate section;
    • a search is made for available devices. In this case, the Bluetooth connection must be enabled on the smartphone and bracelet;
    • in the window that appears, the desired device is selected, and the connection to it is carried out.
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    Important! If you cannot connect the bracelet in this way, you need to connect directly. Most often, you need to enter a special serial number for this. You can find it in the bracelet settings or documentation for it.


    It should be borne in mind that the bracelet is attached to the hand. Accordingly, the number of steps is calculated based on the waving of the arms while walking. The device tracks its movements in space using an accelerometer. Therefore, deviations in the counting of steps are possible with banal gestures, during a conversation, with active waves of hands.

    However, the resulting error in this case is small and does not lead to serious deviations from real indicators.

    connect, bracelet, iphone

    Important! When exercising on the treadmill, keep your hands on the handrails at rest. Accordingly, the number of steps will not be counted.

    How to connect a gadget to a phone

    Before connecting the fitness bracelet to the phone, you need to determine the technical feasibility of such a connection. Most of the devices allow you to pair your gadget with any modern smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, but some exceptions are possible, for example, some bracelets are not connected in iOS (but this is more an exception than a rule).

    You can find out the exact order using the instructions for use. The required version of the smartphone operating system will be indicated in the documents for the bracelet.

    Connection is made using the following procedure:

    • installation of the corresponding application on the phone. You can use a proprietary program released specifically for a specific model of “smart watches”. If the manufacturer is a well-known brand, then such an application is probably available. You can also download the universal version from third-party developers, there are many options, both paid and free;
    • launching the application, checking its performance;
    • turn on the Bluetooth connection. If you do not enable it, then synchronization will be impossible;
    • registration in the application. If it was done earlier, then you need to authorize by entering your username and password;
    • search for a device through applications. For the first time, you need to place the gadget in close proximity to the phone and search for it and connect it;
    • initial setup. You need to set the date, time, basic parameters proposed by the program.

    After that, the bracelet will be ready for use. If you have any connection problems, you can try to use another program, restart the device, or contact the service center to check the gadget.

    M4 fitness bracelet review

    Let’s start with the appearance of the bracelet and its configuration. The gadget comes in a cardboard box, inside of which there are a charger, a silicone strap, instructions and the capsule of the bracelet itself. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer did not bother to translate the instructions for the M4 fitness bracelet into Russian, it is available only in Chinese and English. To learn how to set up your Smart bracelet, read the review below.

    Now let’s move on to the characteristics of the M4 fitness bracelet:

    • Android version not lower than 4.4, iOs not lower than 8.5.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 support.
    • 0.96 inch TFT display.
    • Battery Li-Ion, 90 mAh.
    • Expected battery life at least 240 hours.
    • Vibration.
    • Water resistance level iP67.
    • Charging time 2 hours.
    • Displacement sensor.
    • Strap material: silicone.
    • Capsule weight 8.5 g.
    • Capsule weight with strap 20 g.

    The manufacturer announced the following features:

    • Measuring heart rate.
    • Sleep duration and quality monitoring.
    • Real-time blood pressure and blood oxygen measurement.
    • Notification of incoming messages and calls.
    • Remote camera.
    • Find and unlock your phone.
    • Clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, calendar.
    • Track the number of steps taken.
    • Activity reminder.

    The bracelet does not have a touch screen, control is carried out by pressing a button located at the bottom of the display. Short press. go to the next menu item, hold. confirm the selected action.

    Android app for M4

    As mentioned above, the proprietary application for the M4 fitness bracelet is FitPro. Here you can enter data on your gender, age, height, weight in your personal account, and the program will calculate your BMI and percentage of body fat. Also here you can find sleep data (total duration and time spent in each phase); measure pulse and blood pressure; enter data on consumed calories; observe the number of steps taken. You can also use the FitPro app as a habit tracker. just set yourself a few goals that you would like to achieve every day, and the program will motivate you every day with its reminders.

    Connection and setup instructions

    The M4 fitness bracelet must be connected to the phone, otherwise you simply will not be able to fully use it. To do this, download and install the FitPro app from PlayMarket or AppStore. You can also do this by scanning the QR code from the instructions that came with the bracelet. When the application is downloaded, you should open it and go through a simple registration procedure. Do not forget to agree with all the permissions that the program will ask for when you first start it. Then click the Install button on the bottom menu bar. A window will open where you need to select the “Find” item, then scan the QR code that appears on the watch screen again. Now the fitness bracelet M4 is completely ready to use.

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    The difference between M4 and M3

    Installing Mi Fit

    The QR code contains a link to the Mi Fit app. You need to download and install it on your phone.

    • Open “App Store”.
    • Write Mi Fit or Mi Band.
    • Open by clicking on the icon labeled Mi Fit.
    • Download.
    • Click “Open”.

    After installing Mi Fit on the phone, you will need to open it and step by step follow the steps described below.

    Calorie counter

    Don’t be under any illusion about the accuracy of your lost calorie data. The fact is that this indicator is calculated on the basis of several indicators: weight, height, age, number of steps, distance traveled, heart rate monitor data.

    However, you can use this data to get approximate information on calorie consumption.

    Features of Mi Band 2

    Working with Mi Band on iPhone has some nuances, which will be described below.

    Connection process

    The device connects to your iPhone according to the following instructions:

    • We go to the App Store and find the Mi Fit application there. Install it on your iPhone.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • Launch the installed Mi Fit application. The first launch is accompanied by the requirement to enter an existing Mi-account or create a new one. We register an account on the server. Fortunately, the procedure does not take much time, since you only need to enter the mail address and phone number.
  • We are waiting for messages with a registration confirmation code and restart the application.
  • We log in using the previously entered username and password.
  • We indicate your nickname in the application, gender, height and weight, date of birth and target daily number of steps.
  • In the application window, select the device with which you want to sync your smartphone. In our case, select the topmost item “Mi Band”.

  • We are waiting for the iPhone to detect the Mi Band and establish a connection with it.
  • On demand, we press the button on the bracelet, thus confirming the synchronization of the devices.
  • After successful synchronization, the application may prompt you to update the firmware of the fitness bracelet.
  • Important! There is often a situation when the iPhone cannot find the Mi Band the first time. In this case, it is recommended to disable and re-enable Bluetooth.

    A Mi-account is created to store statistical data on activity, regardless of the device used. That is, you can use your iPhone in conjunction with the Mi Band, then turn off the latter, bind to a new device and just continue to collect statistical information, continue the route you started, etc.

    Also, to receive heart rate data, you need to install the Mi HR application on your phone. It monitors your heart rate in real time, but it drains your battery. Therefore, it is recommended to use this function not on an ongoing basis, but only when necessary, while running, for example.

    Heart rate monitor

    As mentioned above, the heart rate meter does not work continuously and requires a separate activation via the Mi HR app. After starting the application, you need to wait a few more seconds until the first data is received by the bracelet and transferred to the application.

    In addition, for the heart rate monitor to work correctly, you need to adjust the strap of the bracelet so that it fits snugly against your wrist. Only in this case the accuracy of the received information about the state of the heart rate is ensured.

    how to connect m4 band to iphone with lefun app in Hindi || m4 band connect to iphone and android

    When the strap is loosened, the bracelet may transmit incorrect data and underestimate the real heart rate.

    The photo below shows the appearance of the heart rate sensor.

    connect, bracelet, iphone

    Getting accurate measurements is possible only at rest, without waving the hand on which the Mi Band is attached.


    How to connect Mi Band 2 to iPhone

    Mi Fit is the official program that works with the bracelet. The process of synchronization with the gadget takes place, and the application displays all its data. It is possible to customize the functioning of the bracelet using the program at your discretion. There are two ways to download and install it.

    Mi band 5 and iPhone

    Xiaomi company produces budget fitness bracelets that are popular not only among Android device users. But iPhone owners sometimes do not know how to properly configure such a gadget, because it is supposedly designed for Android. In this article, you will find a detailed guide on how to use Xiaomi Mi Band 5 on iOS. We will discuss compatibility, connectivity and basic functionality.

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