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How To Connect Laptop To Wi-Fi Via Phone

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Wi-Fi wireless connection

Recently, the smartphone is increasingly used as a wireless access point to the global network. For a smartphone to become a Wi-Fi hotspot, just follow a few SIMple steps:

Entering a login and password to enter the global network is beneficial so that outsiders cannot use the service. If the connection is established correctly, you can configure the connection already on the laptop. To do this, just enter your username and password, after which access will be open. In order for this to happen, you need to make sure that the computer has a Wi-Fi module.

How to set up a laptop for mobile internet

It is not difficult to make settings to distribute the network through the phone to the laptop. First, you need to click on Search and select the control panel in the window that opens. Then follow a few steps:

Now, using the phone, you can log into the network, call from your laptop and use all the delights of the world wide web.

There are many applications that allow you to make calls from your computer to your phone and vice versa. If you do not know how to call from a laptop to a mobile phone via the Internet, you must have:

There are several popular applications using which you can make calls for free and without registration:

We use other programs and applications to connect the Internet

Before you distribute the Internet from your phone to a laptop, you need to understand that the smartphone in this mode is exposed to a heavy load, quickly discharges, and the battery heats up. If you plan to use your smartphone often, then you need to remove unnecessary programs and applications. For example, it can be:

It is better to use the browser used for the phone to log into social networks. Other applications will be useful:

Any program, application can be tested and SIMply removed if it does NOT fit. The less memory is loaded, the faster the Internet is distributed.

Connect iPhone via USB

Before connecting the internet from your phone to your laptop via a USB cable, you need to make sure you have the latest iTunes application. Connect with a cable. A message will appear stating that you trust this device, just agree.

USB cable

Connect your phone to a laptop via a USB cable. If your computer requires updating or installing drivers, you must complete this step. They are usually found on the phone. If it is not, follow a few steps:

Everything happens in a few seconds and the smartphone SIMply turns into a USB modem.

Connect the internet to your laptop using your android phone

A convenient function when there is a wired connection in the area where the user does not know how to transfer the Internet from the phone to the laptop. ISPs are NOT trying to pull the Internet to places where there are few potential users. These are small villages, dachas, deserted places.

Via bluetooth

A small mobile smartphone with android OS, with access to the World Wide Web, will assist in solving this issue.

Connect the Internet to a laptop by phone on IOS

Modern smartphones and laptops are equipped with programs that give hints at every step during connection or connection. If it’s not entirely clear how to connect an Internet on a laptop via a phone, you can use these tips.

Connect your laptop to the Internet via your windows phone smartphone

Another connectivity option. Before connecting a smartphone to a laptop to access the global network, it is necessary to configure the settings in the main menu, where there is a “general Internet” function. Thereafter:

What to do

1. Connect your TV to your phone using a USB cable.


2. Select the USB port on the TV as the Source.

3. If necessary, Confirm the connection mode on the phone.


4. The large screen will display the folder structure or list of files that the TV has scanned and recognized. What exactly you see will depend on the device model.


5. Use the remote to navigate and view.


7 ways to connect your phone to your TV

USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi. choose what you like best and watch content on the big screen.

What to do

  • Connect your smartphone and TV with a compatible cable. If you are using an adapter, insert it into the gadget and already to it Connect a regular HDMI cable from the TV.
  • Select the corresponding HDMI connector as the TV source.
  • The image will automatically appear on the TV. If this does not happen, open the smartphone settings and Change the screen resolution.

How to connect phone to TV via HDMI

Mac Time Youtube Channel

  • Suitable phone: Android smartphone, iPhone.
  • Which TV is Right: Any with HDMI.
  • What else you need: a phone-compatible HDMI cable or adapter.

This option allows you to use the TV as an external display while playing games, watching movies and surfing the Internet. The picture from the mobile device is mirrored, that is, everything that happens on the smartphone screen is displayed on the TV.

Depending on the phone connector, you will need an appropriate adapter or cable to connect. On the one hand, it will have an HDMI connector, and on the other, microUSB, Lightning or USB-C. In the mode of broadcasting the image, the device is quickly discharged, so usually adapters have a connector for charging.

Before purchasing a USB-C adapter, please make sure your smartphone supports output.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

  • Suitable phone: Android smartphone, regular mobile phone.
  • Which TV will work: Any with a USB port.
  • What else you need: USB cable.

The easiest way to connect, allowing you to use your mobile device as a flash drive. True, you can only reproduce the media files stored in the phone’s memory, photos and audio.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

  • Which phone is right for you: Android smartphone.
  • Suitable TV: Wi-Fi Direct.
  • What else is needed: nothing.

A wireless connection in which a mobile device and a compatible TV are connected directly via Wi-Fi without the need for a router. TV in this case acts as an access point to which the smartphone is connected. And you can transfer media files to the big screen using the standard Send menu.

What to do

  • Open the network settings on the TV and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings → Wireless networks → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After scanning for available devices, select your TV.
  • Use the “Send” menu on your smartphone to transfer photos and audio to TV.

How to connect your phone to a TV via DLNA

  • Which phone is right for you: Android smartphone.
  • Which TV is Right: Any DLNA-enabled TV.
  • What else is needed: nothing.

This time the connection is made through a router. In this case, the TV can connect to the home network with a cable, and the smartphone can be connected via Wi-Fi.

DLNA capabilities allow you to view media files from your mobile device on a large screen.

Without network access

Sometimes, when the connection indicator shows that the phone is connected to the wi-fi, it still does not work to access the Internet, the pages DO NOT load.

In this case, it makes sense to look in the network settings for the notification “Without network access”, which often appears in such cases.

In this case, you can try to solve the problem in two ways. Often this error occurs due to the fault of the router.

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Most likely, from whatever device you tried to connect to this network at this moment, from a laptop or tablet, the result would be the same.

  • The SIMplest solution is to try turning the router off and on again. Let it cool down for about 10 minutes and try to connect again. It is likely that the problem will be fixed.
    In addition, this notification may appear if the Internet is not paid for at home. This problem is also quite solvable.
  • If the Internet is paid for, the Wi-Fi router was turned off and on again, but you still cannot access the Internet, then the problem is most likely from the operator, and then you should call customer support.
    Sometimes this will have to be done even if it is not possible to access the Internet only from the phone, although this can be done from other devices.

Obtaining an IP address.

Another common problem arises during the very process of connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi router. The connection process stops when the phone tries to get IP addresses.

The notice “Obtaining an IP address.” may appear near the network name at times. Of course, you cannot go online, since the phone is NOT connected to it.

  • The problem is not solved as easily as the previous one. However, the first step is the same. Turn the router off and on again after 10 minutes. If after that it was not possible to connect, go to the second step.
  • NOT the most convenient way is to register a static IP address on the device. You actually prescribe the parameters of the network to which you connect at home.
    However, when using this method, there will be problems with accessing the Internet through other networks. In order to do this, you will have to erase the IP address and change its type.

You can register a static address as follows:

  • When you click on the name of the Wi-Fi network, an item with the name “Advanced settings”, “Additional settings” or the like will appear in the window that opens;
  • Check the box next to this item;
  • After that, in the “IP Settings” or “IP Settings” section Change the type of network protocol (DHCP) to static and write down IP.

Change the protocol type from static to automatic again before trying to connect to the internet via another network.

The main problems: Why the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi

There are many reasons why the phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Mobile phones are able to provide us with Internet access wherever we are.

However, sometimes it turns out that the phone has stopped connecting to non-Wi-Fi networks.

  • Without network access
  • Obtaining an IP address.
  • Authentication error
  • Saving, WPA \ WPA2 protection

In most cases, the smartphone tells us what the problem is, displaying typical notifications on the screen.

Saving, WPA \ WPA2 protection

This problem is one of the most common reasons why the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi. It’s worth starting with the traditional overload of the router. However, in this case it rarely helps.

You need to make changes to the router settings. To do this, open the settings page in any browser.

Make sure the Region you set is correct or change it if necessary. If the problem is in encryption, then you need to repeat the same steps as if the authentication failed.

Set parameters that will make the process of connecting to the network as easy as possible.

Some problems with connecting to Wi-Fi can be fixed by SIMply deleting the old connection and finding this network on a new one.

In addition, you can try restarting your phone, as connection problems are often caused by a minor failure of the device’s internal settings.

This is especially true if the phone stopped connecting suddenly.

Often the 3G network interferes with the connection to the router.

All actions described in the article should be performed only if you are an experienced user.

Otherwise, it is better to contact the operator’s customer service for help, since by your mistake you can cause more serious problems in the system.

Authentication error

Common reason why you can’t connect to the internet.

This is the notification that the phone gives after trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network at home, In fact, it means that the network did NOT recognize your device as suitable for Wi-Fi reception.

The most common reason why this happens is because the network password is incorrect. Check it carefully and try going online again. If you are sure that the password is correct, proceed to the next step.

  • A familiar advice. Try turning the router off and on again after a few minutes. This is a universal recommendation that even customer support operators give.
  • A more difficult way is to try making changes to the router settings. To do this, go to the page of its settings through the browser.

Select the following information in the router settings. WPA-PSK version, encryption. AES. Enter password.

On most routers, this should be only numbers, no more than 8 pieces. Set the WPA \ WPA 2 protection mode to personal.

These options make connecting to Wi-Fi as easy as possible. However, such actions are necessary only when nothing else has helped.

And besides, there is reason to believe that there are compatibility problems, for example, the type of encryption used by the router and the phone.

How to connect ANDROID to Wi-Fi / WHY THE PHONE DOESN’T connect to the network?

The main problems: Why the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi

How to manually configure Wi-Fi on Android if the router connection is hidden

As with the first method, first we need to enable the adapter. But the methods listed above do not suit us for this. Changing the strategy: first go to “Settings”. And then we act depending on the version of the phone. We find the item “Wi-Fi” and open its menu. We turn on the adapter. If you have an earlier model, then find the item “Wireless networks” and select “Set up Wi-Fi”. We translate the adapter into the on position.

Next, we proceed to the manual search for available connections: you will be presented with a list of access points that were found automatically. If you are connecting to a hidden network, click “Add Wi-Fi”:

Enter the exact name of the hidden access point (SSID) and go to security, as in the illustration below:

After that, saving the changes.

IMPORTANT! The entered name must match the name specified in the router.

How to connect Android to Wi-Fi

Many people think that setting up an Iphone is really NOT an easy task. Few would argue with this statement. But about Android, many believe that these are easy-to-use smartphones, which even a child can figure out. However, in fact, when trying to configure Wi-Fi, there may be some difficulties here.

In general, the popularity of Android is growing every day. Probably, there is no longer a person who would not have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system in the arsenal of home appliances. Even the smallest children today actively use these gadgets instead of the usual toys, dolls, cars, etc. But at the same time, few people know how to properly configure Wi-Fi.

It is worth connecting a smartphone once and in the future the smartphone will independently connect to Wi-Fi. But it’s not uncommon to observe situations when you need to manually configure Android.

For a visual illustration, we will use the LG G4 smartphone with the Android 5.1 operating system. However, the model doesn’t matter, Android smartphones are almost the same.

Before you start configuring Android, you need to install Wi-Fi, turned on the adapter. The adapter is turned on in two ways:

  • Through the toolbar.
  • Through device parameters.

The first method is very convenient: swipe your finger across the screen (from top to bottom) and see the toolbar, as in the figure:

How To Connect Laptop To Wi-Fi Via Phone

We are looking for a Wi-Fi button with a corresponding icon. Click on it and thus activate the Wi-Fi model.

After that, the system starts searching for available wireless networks and the following list appears on the screen:

Select the one you need and connect. If it is password protected, enter a combination of characters and click “Connect”. The whole process is automated and does NOT take much time.

Another question is if the connection is hidden in the router parameters or the DHCP function is disabled. Then you need to configure Android manually.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Iphone

IMPORTANT! Before setting up your phone, first check if you are within the range of a particular wireless Wi-Fi connection. You can use your home Wi-Fi, or you can connect your Iphone to free networks, for example, in cafes or shopping centers.

  • Go to the home screen and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the term “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  • Then the search for available Wi-Fi will automatically start.
  • Choose a name and connect.

This method is suitable for connecting to unsecured routers, for example, in public places.

If you connect to a secure Wi-Fi, then the sequence will be slightly different:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the term “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  • After automatic search for Wi-Fi, select the desired access point.
  • Enter the password and click “Connect”.

If you cannot connect your phone to Wi-Fi in this way, then you are entering the wrong password. To find out the correct one, Contact your Wi-Fi administrator.

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DO NOT FORGET! To connect your phone to a secure Wi-Fi, you need to know the password, next to such connections the “lock” icon is displayed.

There are also situations when you need to connect your phone to a hidden access point that is NOT displayed in the general list. To connect a smartphone, you need to know the exact name of the Wi-Fi:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the term “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  • Click “Other” and enter the exact name.
  • Click “Security”.
  • After that, you need to select the type of protection, as shown in the illustration below.
  • We return to the item “Other network” and enter the password.
  • Click “Connect”.

Wi-fi connection on phones and smartphones. Most common problems when trying to connect an IOS phone to Wi-Fi

It often happens that it seems that they did the right thing and followed the instructions, but nevertheless it is impossible to connect the phone with the IOS operating system to Wi-Fi. DO NOT despair and think that the saying “Technique in the hands of a monkey is a piece of iron” about you. Most likely, it’s not a technical glitch.

If you cannot connect your phone to Wi-Fi, do the following:

  • Check the router connection. And also make sure you are in range.
  • Check that the Wi-Fi option is enabled on your smartphone. Go to “Settings”, then to “Wi-Fi”. If there is a blue check mark next to the desired name, it means that the connection in the phone is complete and problems are observed in the router.
  • If you want to connect your phone to Wi-Fi at home, then check if the cables are connected correctly and if the router is configured correctly.
  • Reboot your IOS phone and reconfigure it.
  • Reboot the router and reconfigure it too.

If all else fails, try the following:

  • If you are trying to connect a smartphone in a public place, contact an employee of the establishment and ask him to set up Wi-Fi.
  • Check the connection on second devices, for example, a laptop, or ask others if the Internet works in them. If the second devices also have connections, then there is a problem with the Internet provider. Contact your internet provider.
  • Try to connect to another location or to a second Wi-Fi. If attempts are unsuccessful, elect to a service center to check your Iphone.
  • Update the firmware version of the router and check that your smartphone is in the list of supported devices.

How to manually set up Wi-Fi on Android. If DHCP function is disabled

In order to add a new connection to a router that has disabled the DHCP function, put a tick in the “Connect additional parameters” line. Next, you will be able to independently enter the IP address, proxy server and other information. To enter an IP address and other information, select Static for IP Settings. We fill in the lines that appear with data in the router and start “Save” or “Ok”.

As you can see, special professional knowledge and skills are NOT required, the process is SIMple and straightforward. If you follow the instructions provided and do everything correctly, you will be able to set up your Android or Iphone in a matter of minutes. We hope this article helped you.

Connecting the printer via Wi-Fi without entering the SSID password

  • If you have a printer without an LCD display, then on the panel you need to press the button marked Wi-Fi
  • The printer will then start scanning and trying to connect to the wireless network. At this time, a message appears on the LCD displaying to press the WPS button on the router (router). On a printer without an LCD display, the indicator above Wi-Fi will SIMply blink.
  • Next, we should find on our router and press the WPS button (on some routers it is written as OSS). Pressing this button, we make it clear to the router that the printer, which is “knocking” on the network door. The device is not alien and we consent to this connection. WPS button. This is usually a small inconspicuous button on the back or side of the router case. For example, we gave a photo of the popular TP Link model.
  • If we pressed the correct button and the operation was successful. The printer will confirm this with a green light. If the Wi-Fi indicator is green and NOT flashing. Can print.

Connecting the printer via Wi-Fi. Instructions

You bought a printer and with the joy that wireless technologies have finally reached your small office, hurry to print the first photo or page of text that is called “over the air”, NOT tying yourself with the heavy burden of wires. But the trouble is: I never had to deal with wireless printer interfaces before. My heart sanks in anticipation of the first high-quality photo from the sea, and a dumb question with no answer pulsates in my head: how to connect a printer via Wi-Fi? Instructions from the printer manufacturer, on the one hand, tell everything in detail and in detail, but on the other hand, these explanations often DO NOT dispel the fog of ignorance. Especially if the instruction is printed in an unfamiliar language.

In fact, there is nothing complicated. We went through it ourselves. Let’s share with you. We apologize in advance to advanced users and professionals in system administration. This article is unlikely to be useful to you, because We will deliberately make it SIMplified for the understanding of most users who DO NOT have regular close contact with digital technology.

Connecting the Printer via Wi-Fi Using the SSID Password

Perhaps the easiest way to connect your typing assistant with a wireless Wi-Fi network. This is to authorize the device on the network by entering the SSID password. This is the password you usually enter for the first time, in order to connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to your home or office network. Let’s consider the sequence of our actions using the example of connecting an Epson printer.

Please note: in order to connect the printer in this way, it must be equipped with an LCD display.

  • Go to the printer settings (icon with a key and a screwdriver)
  • Select the item “Wi-Fi Settings”
  • We go to the menu “Wi-Fi connection setup”
  • Go to the “Wireless Network Setup Wizard”
  • After that we select our network from the list of found ones. We hope you have NOT forgotten the name of your network? Forgot ?? Then look in your laptop or smartphone to which network they are connected, and then select the same name in the list on the printer screen.
  • After you have chosen your network. You will be prompted to enter the SSID password using the printer keys. If you have forgotten your password or it is too long. We recommend that you go to the second method of setting up your network. Without entering a password.
  • Once you have entered the correct password. The Wi-Fi icon on the printer panel will glow green. This does not mean that everything is lost. On the contrary. You can congratulate yourself: you figured out how to connect Epson via Wi-Fi with a password.
  • After establishing the connection and provided that your computer is connected to the same network and the necessary driver is installed on it, your PC and printer should “see” each other and you can print wirelessly at your pleasure.

Initial data. What should we have

  • Electricity (logical)
  • Wi-Fi router, popularly called a router (the same box, usually with an antenna, looking up or down, connected to an outlet and to the Internet using an Ethernet network cable)
  • A printing device that supports a Wi-Fi wireless connection (as a rule, the printer or packaging should have one of these icons:
  • A computer, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet) connected to a wireless network. This connection point is NOT required, but it is necessary to fully test printing on a printer without wires. Before connecting, we recommend installing the necessary printing device drivers from the disk or downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website. If your smartphone and tablet support AirPrint, then you do NOT need to install drivers.

Setting up a Wi-Fi printer without LCD display

Do you have any questions? Something does not work? Write to us in the comments under the article and we will be happy to advise you on how to connect a printer via Wi-Fi.

Your Setevichok. How to connect an iOS phone to a Wi-Fi modem?

1. To set up a connection to a Wi-Fi access point on iOS, you first need to go to the main menu and select the “Settings” subsection there.

2. Next select “General”. “Net”. “Wi Fi”.

3. Set the touch slider to “ON” to search for available Wi-Fi hotspots.

4. From the list of networks, select your home network and enter the Authentication data.

If everything is specified correctly, in the future your phone will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

How to connect your phone to a router via Wi-Fi?

Of course, the mobile Internet is a pretty useful technology that allows you to connect to the World Wide Web almost anywhere in the world. But for home use, 4G communication standard is far from always convenient and profitable, especially if the subscriber has a high-quality modern router installed.

And in this article we will analyze how to connect a phone to a router, and how home Wi-Fi Internet is more profitable than a “classic” mobile connection.

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At the same time, we will immediately “get rid” of several common misconceptions:

  • – firstly, almost any modern phone can be connected to a Wi-Fi network: the success of this operation in no way Does not depend from the manufacturer of the gadget (whether it is Samsung, Nokia, fly, LG or a SIMple Alcatel) or its appearance (“classic” push-button phone or a modern sensor)
  • – secondly, the connection of “mobile” Wi-Fi Also does not depend on the Internet provider: if a Wi-Fi access point exists, then you can connect to it. And who provides this resource: Rostelecom, mts, byfly or a millionaire neighbor. it doesn’t matter.
  • – and finally, the operating system installed on cell phones (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) only affects the way the LAN connection is configured.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Android phone?

Connecting Android devices is almost the same for all models of cell phones and smartphones: the differences are NOT significant.

1. To connect Wi-Fi, you first need to unlock the device and go to the main menu.

2. Next, in the list of icons, look for “Settings” (the icon usually looks like a gear, or a panel with horizontal sliders) and go to the OS settings.

3. In this window, the main setup menu will appear in front of you: here (usually the first item) Wi-Fi settings are located. go to the Wi-Fi submenu.

(For “older” versions of Android, you first need to go to “Wireless networks” and select “Wi Fi Settings” there)

4. In the settings window:

  • – if the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled, the networks available for connection will be displayed;
  • – if the Wi-Fi module is off, the system will prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi and view available network connections. You can connect the adapter with a slider (usually, in the upper right corner. see the picture).

5. Select the network you need from the list, and in the dialog box that appears, write the password to access this network.

If you entered the password incorrectly and the connection to the wireless network did not happen. click on this network again and in the dialog box that appears, indicate “Forget”, after which you must enter the required Authentication data again.

So which phone can be connected to the router via Wi-Fi?

Correct answer: a phone, the hardware of which includes a special Wi-Fi module.

The presence of such is indicated by the inscription Wi-Fi on the packaging of the device or the corresponding mention in the user manual.

Why Wi-Fi Internet on your phone is better than 4G connection?

  • – Benefit: why pay extra for mobile traffic when there is a “free” home Internet?
  • – “Unlimited”: with a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, you do not have to “count” the spent megabytes.
  • – “Independence” from cellular operators: in the absence of a mobile signal, you can safely use the Internet (on some devices, even with no SIM card).
  • – Battery saving: Wi-Fi application is less power consuming than working on LTE or 3G networks, therefore, when working with Wi-Fi, the battery drains more slowly.

Let’s take a closer look at how to connect the Internet on your phone through a router on the main mobile OS.

How you can connect Wi-Fi on your Windows Phone.

Connecting such phones is almost identical to setting up Wi-Fi on Android devices.

The only difference here is the visual design of the menu interface.

Find in the menu “Settings”, then go to the submenu “Wi-Fi” and select here the network you are interested in.

If necessary, enter the password to connect to Wi Fi. the phone is ready to work in the home network.

Management and self-maintenance

The modern world is literally saturated with high-speed Internet. Home PCs are connected to fiber-optic networks, and Wi-Fi zones are ubiquitous outside the home. However, sometimes situations arise when the user is left without an Internet connection at the right time, even in a familiar environment. For example, there may be problems on the side of the provider or on a long trip you cannot find a wireless Internet point. In such cases, you can connect to the Internet via your mobile phone. The main condition for this is that a mobile phone or smartphone must be equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi Internet modules.

You can connect the Internet to a PC using a cell phone in 3 main ways:

  • Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Set your phone as a usb modem
  • Create connection on PC via phone

We will analyze in detail each of THESE methods.

Phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

The easiest way to connect your computer to the Internet using a mobile gadget is to revert your mobile phone to a wireless access point. We will tell you how to do it using a smartphone on Android sixth version.

Open the settings, click on “” and select “Modem mode”. Next, you need to select the “Wi-Fi access point” item. After you turn on the access point, the name of this point and the password to enter will appear. You can also set up a WPS connection for secure Internet access. The system will ask you to choose one of two connection modes: by pressing a button or via a PIN code.

Here you can see the number of connected or blocked users.

The last step is to set up a wireless network in your PC settings. If everything is done correctly, start the mobile Internet on your device, and the computer will see the phone as an access point. All that remains is to enter the password and you can work.

Please note that there are two significant drawbacks to connecting a computer via an access point on a phone:

  • Hotspot puts a heavy load on your battery, so your Android phone runs out of power pretty quickly.
  • The computer must be equipped with a Wi-Fi module. Therefore, this method is suitable, for the most part, for laptops.

The second method by which you can connect a computer to the Internet is more complicated, but it is suitable for both a stationary PC and a laptop, and does NOT require a Wi-Fi module. Let’s analyze this method step by step:

Need to connect phone to computer with usb cable.

The computer will inform you that the necessary drivers have been installed, and a window will appear on the phone screen with a choice of usb connection. Click “Cancel”.

In the phone settings, you need to select the “” item, then click “Modem mode”. Here you need to click on the button that will turn on the usb modem.

The computer will start installing the required drivers. You will need to allow the connection to the modem, which turned into a telephone and indicate the type of connection. After that, the Internet on the computer will be connected.

As a rule, the modem driver is installed in the memory of the smartphone itself. Sometimes such software may be included on the disc bundled with the device. We also draw the attention of those who use a computer with an operating system older than Windows 7. To connect the Internet via a cell phone in this way, all the necessary drivers will have to be downloaded and installed independently.

Lesson 9: How to connect the Internet to a computer via a mobile phone. Create new PC connection for phone

You can access the Internet from your computer through your phone by creating a new connection. This method also consists of several steps:

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. As described above, the system itself will install all the necessary drivers from the gadget’s memory.

Next, you need to create a new Internet connection. Open “Control Panel” on your computer, then select “Internet and Network” and click on “Network and Sharing Center”. Here you need to select the term “Setting up a new network connection”. After that, the Dialog box “Establish a network connection” should appear. Here you need to click on the term “Phone connection settings”, and then on the “Next” button.

The system will now ask for your username and password to the service provider and the number to dial. Typically 9 # or 99 #.

If everything is done correctly, all that remains is to press the “Connect” button, after which the computer will gain access to the Internet via a mobile phone. If you managed to do everything correctly, then the PC will connect to the Internet.

There are also a couple of disadvantages to this method:

  • The quality and speed of connection depends on the service provider
  • If the owner of the phone uses a non-fixed tariff, connecting through a new hotspot can quickly empty the mobile account.

One way or another, all three ways by which you can connect your computer to the Internet using your phone are designed to fully work on the Internet. It remains for you to make sure that the smartphone is charged and that there are enough funds in the account.

You can also watch a tutorial on connecting a computer to the Internet.

The last lesson of the second step of our tutorial will be devoted to how to set up parental controls on a smartphone. Do not miss!