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How to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder via USB

How to connect an iPhone to a radio with an AUX cable?

Using the AUX cable. which has 3.5mm plugs on both sides. is the most obvious and easiest way to connect an iPhone. One plug is inserted into the 3.5 mm jack on the radio, the second into the headphone jack on the gadget. The “apple” device in this case acts as a sound source, and the car stereo system. as an amplifier.

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However, Apple does not mention this method on the official website, which means it does not approve of it. Connecting via an AUX cable does have a number of disadvantages:

    You cannot control the playlist using the buttons on the radio itself. The space in the car is littered with wires. The battery of the gadget is discharged while listening to music. IPhones of the 7th modification cannot be connected in this way. They do not have a 3.5 mm jack. headphones are connected to USB Type-C.

There are also advantages to connecting an iPhone to a radio tape recorder using AUX. Firstly, this method does not require deep tuning of the gadget or radio. just set the appropriate mode in the car stereo menu. Secondly, the user can listen not only to songs from his own music collection, but also to FM radio. if, of course, he installs some radio application on the iPhone.

Connecting to the O Car radio

Owners of iPhone 4 and 4S, deprived of the ability to use CarPlay, can resort to another curious method of connecting a “mobile phone” to a radio tape recorder. also wireless. The French company Oxygen Audio released the original O Car radio tape recorder back in 2010. The main feature of the radio is full integration with the iPhone.

The O Car device is equipped with a dock connector, with which it connects to the gadget. The smartphone is secured between two clamps. The holder can be left horizontal or turned vertically. The audio system is controlled from the touch screen of the “mobile phone”. Calls to the gadget are handled through a Bluetooth headset.

The advantages of using O Car are as follows:

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Connecting iPhone via Bluetooth

Connecting an “apple” gadget to a radio tape recorder via Bluetooth is a more complicated method than the two described above. However, if successful, the car enthusiast will be able to avoid using the wire.

You can connect iPhone to car stereo system via Bluetooth as follows:

Go to the “Settings” iPhone and find the section “Bluetooth”.

In the “Bluetooth” section, switch the slider of the same name to the active position.

Open the “Settings” menu on the radio and select the “Phone” option. After that, the radio will start searching for the Bluetooth signal of the mobile device.

Establish pairing. in the “Devices” block on the iPhone screen, select the model of the car radio and enter the password. The password is usually simple. 0000.

Wait until the connection is complete. it may take a couple of minutes. You will learn that the connection has been successfully established from the message that appears on the display of the radio.

The Bluetooth connection method has several disadvantages:

    Active Bluetooth drains the battery quickly. The data transfer rate is limited by the technical parameters of the mobile device and the bandwidth of the channel. The wireless data transfer protocol is not present in all radio tape recorders. although over time the number of radio tape recorders without Bluetooth is rapidly decreasing. By the way, it will be possible to solve the problem of the lack of Bluetooth by purchasing a special module that connects to the auxiliary connector of the radio. When pairing, the user may face the fact that the iPhone does not see the radio.

Problems when connecting an “apple” gadget with a car stereo system via Bluetooth are not uncommon. Apple’s website has a whole section dedicated to how to solve them. The problem can be caused, in particular, by an outdated version of iOS on the iPhone. A user who wants to connect a smartphone with a radio tape recorder wirelessly will have to update the “operating system” on his mobile device to the latest version.

How to connect iPhone to radio?

Not only drivers who are going on a long journey are thinking about how to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder. Many motorists cannot imagine even a short trip around the city without their favorite music. Fortunately, there are several ways to combine an iPhone and a modern radio tape recorder into an audio system.

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and more drivers are abandoning the idea of ​​storing USB flash drives with music in their cars. It is much easier to connect the iPhone to the radio tape recorder and listen to the songs loaded into its memory than to constantly look for where the tiny data carrier has disappeared.

There are a lot of ways to connect an “apple” device to a car stereo system. When choosing the most convenient method, the user is limited primarily by the technical characteristics of his car and the radio itself.

How to connect iPhone to car stereo via USB?

All modern radios are equipped with USB ports. The connection diagram is simple: the USB cable plug must be inserted into the corresponding connector of the stereo system, and the plug on the other side (Lightning, 30-Pin or Type-C). into the mobile device.

With such a connection, a close relationship is established between the head unit and the smartphone, making it possible to control the gadget both using the buttons on the radio tape recorder and through the remote keyboard located on the steering wheel.

The method of connecting the iPhone via USB has another advantage. while the player is running, the gadget is also recharged.

There is only one drawback of connecting via USB. the presence of extra wires in the cabin.

What is CarPlay and how to use it?

CarPlay is a communication solution offered by Apple to motorists. The main task of CarPlay is to enable the driver to safely use the mobile device while driving. As soon as the device connects to CarPlay, the iOS interface is broadcast to the car’s built-in infotainment system and appears on the display located on the dashboard.

The motorist can get directions in the navigator, write and send messages, receive calls, and also manage music playlists without distracting from the road. for example, using voice control Siri.

There are 3 methods to connect iPhone to CarPlay:

If the first two methods are obvious, then the third one needs more detailed consideration. The pairing method described above will not work. the user needs to act a little differently:

Activate Bluetooth pairing mode in the car.

On your mobile device, follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “CarPlay”. “Available Cars”.

Choose your own from the list of available cars. This will initiate the process of connecting iPhone to CarPlay.

The way to connect to CarPlay via Bluetooth may differ slightly depending on the iOS version of the mobile device!

Unfortunately, not every Apple device owner is able to use CarPlay yet. The list of cars that support this feature is limited and only includes premium cars. Mercedes and Volvo were the first to integrate CarPlay into their cars. There are currently 49 car manufacturers working with this feature. A full list of CarPlay-enabled vehicles can be found here.

Also, not every iPhone is suitable for working with CarPlay. You need a 5th or newer gadget with iOS version higher than 7.1. Apple tablet cannot be connected to CarPlay.

What to do if external devices cannot be connected to the audio system?

To connect an iPhone to a standard car audio system, which initially does not have an interface for connecting external data carriers, you can use an FM transmitter. This device is capable of streaming mp3 files in the FM radio wave.

How to set up listening to music through an FM transmitter?

Plug the transmitter cable with 3.5mm jack into your mobile device.

Connect the FM transmitter itself to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Set the transmitter to a radio frequency.

Activate radio mode on the audio system and select the same frequency.

Play a song on iPhone. If the connection is successful, you will hear the song in the speakers of your audio system.

The method of connecting an iPhone to a radio tape recorder via an FM transmitter cannot be called reliable. In urban areas, it will be problematic to use this device due to the fact that the air is already overcrowded. there are not many free frequencies. Therefore, the FM transmitter should be considered as a temporary solution. for the period while the driver is saving money for a modern audio system.

A little information about the possibilities of combining a car and a smartphone

The commonwealth of smartphones and cars is quite natural and began with primitive phone holders and carpets that fix the device. Today, the salons of modern cars, even budget class, are equipped taking into account the use of smartphones. If your car is not equipped with a standard connection device, there are several ways to connect your iPhone. Connection can be made:

  • Through the radio. This option, depending on the connection method, makes it possible to listen to music available on the communicator or from the Internet. The radio tape recorder in this case acts as an amplifier. Or, conversely, use the car radio as a large screen for iPhone.
  • Use an iPhone instead of a radio. If the car is not equipped with a car radio, then the smartphone can be used to listen to music instead.
  • Connection to the diagnostic socket. This functionality is primarily interesting not for those who like to travel to music, but for those who are interested in the state of their car. If the machine is equipped with a DLC-connector (Data Link Connector). a diagnostic connector used for computer diagnostics in service centers, a smartphone, tablet or laptop can be connected through it. This makes it possible to receive information about the state of the car on your iPhon or other device.
  • Integrated smartphone use in the car. So far, such a connection is only possible in luxury cars equipped with a connector where the device is simply inserted, without additional connectors and wires. There are also models of radio tape recorders that have a connector for a smartphone on the front panel. In fact, a similar device built into the console is a connector for an iPhon, remaining completely useless in the absence of the smartphone itself. The ability to integrate the iPhone does not give the owner any special unusual functions. the same set is available as when connecting via USB or Bluetooth. But on the other hand, such a device looks, of course, very cool, although it costs decently.
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CarSmartphone = Friendship

A smartphone integrated into the car allows you not only to answer a call or make a call yourself, but also to use any information recorded in the phone’s memory, play music, and use voice control to send SMS.

Cars of the latest releases are already starting to be equipped with smartphones from Apple, and the proprietary Drive Kit plus for the iPhon application will allow account holders with social networks to keep abreast of the latest events and news without taking their hands off the wheel.

Special applications for Apple from renowned car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes allow you to use your smartphone as an on-board computer, displaying information on the status and location of the car on the smartphone screen. If you are not the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz A-Class or Peugeot 208, in which the devices are already integrated, do not despair: iPhon can be connected in the car via USB or Bluetooth.

How to connect a smartphone to a car radio

If you have a desire to connect your communicator to the radio, then you can do this in several ways:

How to connect iPhone to car radio

Modern telephones are not just a means of communication, but also 3-4 different functions that make it easier and more enjoyable for a car enthusiast.

If you don’t have a radio

If your car is not equipped with a speaker system, the iPhone can be used as a speaker replacement. The most cost effective way to solve this problem is to use an FM transmitter. Connection through the transmitter is carried out through the cigarette lighter. True, you have to come to terms with a rather bad sound and constant interference. You can partially get rid of the interference by turning off the antenna in the car, or using special software.

Apple car apps allow you to use your smartphone connected via a transmitter with voice control.

How to connect iPhone to Android radio?

  • Connect USB Lightning to IPhone.
  • Connect USB Lightning to CarPlay adapter.
  • Connect the Car Play adapter to the Head Unit using a USB cable.
  • Launch ZBOX application.
  • Unblock your IPhone.
  • Wait for the end of synchronization.

How to turn off CarPlay on iPhone?

Click on the car listed in CarPlay and select Forget This Car. If you’ve used CarPlay in any vehicle, you’ll see these vehicles listed here. Click on the one on which you want to disable CarPlay.

How to enable CarPlay on iPhone?

  • If your car supports CarPlay using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to the car’s USB port.
  • If your car supports wireless CarPlay, press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel to start CarPlay setup.

How to play music from phone in car?

To play music, just connect the cable to the smartphone and to the radio output, and then select “Data transfer” in the phone settings in the “USB connection” item, after which the radio tape recorder will be able to read all music files. In this case, the management of music files will be carried out only from the radio.

How to connect iPhone to car via Bluetooth?

Pairing your device with a Bluetooth accessory

  • On your device, go to the Bluetooth Settings menu and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Put the accessory in discoverable mode and wait for it to appear on the device’s screen.
  • To pair, tap the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

How to enable Yandex Navigator in Apple CarPlay?

Google Maps and Yandex. Navigator appeared in CarPlay with the arrival of iOS 12

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Basic tab;
  • Select CarPlay;
  • Choose a car;

How to connect devices via USB

One of the most common options is considered to be a USB connection. Its presence provides access to information located on a standard computer flash card.

But the USB connector can also be used to connect a smartphone using a special cable. There is a connector on one end that allows you to connect to the phone, while on the other there is a USB plug. Integration of mobile devices with simple radio tape recorders is impossible, and therefore the latter are used in this case only as an ordinary flash drive.

To play music, just connect the cable to the smartphone connector and the radio input. Then you need to select the “USB connection” item in the gadget settings and activate the “Data transfer” mode. This will allow the radio to read all files containing music. Now you can listen to your favorite songs without any problems. In this case, the listening modes are controlled from the radio.

On more expensive radio tape recorders, integration with a gadget is possible, which makes it possible to control music modes from any of the tandem participants. In addition, applications installed on the smartphone can be launched, for example, some special player. But in this case, the car radio acts as an ordinary amplifier.

How to Safely Sync iPhone to Car via Bluetooth

Most modern cars can connect to your iPhone, making your driving more enjoyable, you can use it to play music, listen to TV broadcasts, get traffic information and more.

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This article will be a handy guide for you to get some knowledge about. how to sync iPhone with car bluetooth. now let’s check it out!

Keep these steps in mind and you can use your iPhone hands-free. There is certain hardware that allows you to sync your iPhone with your car radio.

Use CarPlay on your iPhone

CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your car, so you can focus on the road. By connecting your iPhone to CarPlay, you can get step-by-step instructions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music, and more.

With iOS 13, the CarPlay Dashboard simplifies the road ahead. The new dashboard gives you a single place to keep track of maps, sound controls, and Siri suggestions that provide easy access to things like your calendar events. You can even use the control panel to control HomeKit accessories like door openers.

Make sure your country or region supports CarPlay and your car supports CarPlay. If you are not sure if your car supports CarPlay, check with your car manufacturer.

How to connect a smartphone to a car radio

If you have a desire to connect your communicator to the radio, you can do this in several ways:

How to Connect iPhone Bluetooth to Car

Today car stereos are fully Bluetooth compatible.This is a guide on how to connect iPhone to car Bluetooth. Users will find answers to questions like how to connect iPhone to car stereo or how to connect iPhone Bluetooth to car. People do not need to learn about this special knowledge. All users need is a Bluetooth-enabled stereo and iPhone. This guide will also cover how to connect iPhone to car aux. So all users who are wondering how to connect iPhone to car should read this guide. It is also a complete guide for all built-in stereos with Bluetooth technology.

Use iPhone Music Player via USB w/ Car Stereo (NoAccSplash iPhone Jailbreak Tweak)

How to connect a smartphone to a radio tape recorder

First of all, you need to check the support of the USB connection by the radio. To do this, inspect the device from all sides, and find the connector with the signature “USB”. If there are no labels above the ports, then you can visually find the required entrance. See what the USB plug looks like and try to find a similar connector on the player’s panel.
The most popular USB receivers:

  • Pioneer 4018;
  • Suzuki Grand Vitara;
  • SP-4004;
  • Alpine CDE-131R;
  • Pioneer 7621;

After that, you should download your favorite songs to your smartphone. Please note that the recorded music must be in MP3 format. Then connect one end of the cable to the phone and the other to the radio.
A notification about the connection with the player should appear on the phone screen. Open the top notification curtain and go to the “USB Debugging” or “Connection Method” section. Tab names vary by smartphone model and Android version. Here click on “File Transfer”.

This function allows the radio tape recorder to play the tunes available on the phone, and it does not matter where they are located. on the SD card or in the internal memory.

How to connect a phone to a radio tape recorder via USB

Modern radio tape recorders allow you to listen to music not only from CDs, but also from smartphones. The most convenient way to connect your phone to the player is to use a USB cable. This accessory comes with all smartphones and is most often used for charging. This type of connection will allow not only listening to music, but also talking on the phone without being distracted from driving.

How to play music

Immediately after connecting, the radio will start the FM radio. do not pay attention. The way songs are managed depends on the year the player was manufactured. On old radio tape recorders, this can only be done using the built-in buttons. And already on more recent models, you can listen to songs directly from your smartphone.

Just launch the built-in Music app and select the ringtone you want. Within a few seconds, the selected song will play from the radio.

As you can see, the cable method works great, but it has one huge drawback. the cord constantly gets in the way while driving. It is best to record musical compositions on a regular USB flash drive and insert it into the radio tape recorder. Of course, you cannot control the player from your smartphone here, but you can improve driving safety. You can also install a navigator on your phone, and listen to directions from the car speakers. Another way How to connect a phone via Bluetooth to a radio tape recorder
Thus, after reading this material, you can easily connect your smartphone to the radio. It is worth noting that when connecting the phone via a USB cable, you can select the charging function, then the device will gradually charge the battery.

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