How to clear cache on Lenovo tablet

How to delete history and cache

History. a list of visited sites in chronological order. This makes it possible, if necessary, to easily find and return to one of them.

Cache. storage for frequently accessed data. Clearing the cache will speed things up and may help update some information on the pages you visit.

To clean it, just open the browser, go to the “settings”, the “history” tab, select the cleaning period, check the boxes if you need to delete the cache, passwords, logins and click clear history.

Important! You can clear the application cache in the device settings in the “applications” menu or using third-party programs.

All the ways how to clean the tablet from unnecessary files

Many people are faced with a situation where a few months after purchasing a tablet, the speed of its operation drops. This indicates a lack of memory. Faced with such problems, it is worth thinking about how to clean the tablet so that it does not slow down.

Cleaning up garbage and unnecessary files

First, you need to see the amount of occupied memory (go to “Settings”, then “Memory” or “Storage”). After scanning, information will appear by category (apps, pictures, music, etc.).

If there is no more than a few tens of MB free, you should think about cleaning. Applications can be a lot, so you need to review installed programs and games, removing those that have not been used for a long time. When cleaning, search for unnecessary files in all categories.

The ways

You can clean the device on your own using built-in or third-party programs. If you do not take into account the cleaning of media files, then applications will better cope with this task.


Using the settings (to remove applications), file manager or computer (to remove other files). When cleaning, you need to carefully look at each folder.

If files with an unknown purpose are found in the process, it is better to leave them in order not to disrupt the device’s performance.

Freeing up internal memory

Not only applications can take up internal memory. Also, the device can save:

  • created photos and videos;
  • files attached in messengers;
  • recordings from a dictaphone;
  • objects received via Bluetooth or downloaded via the Internet.

When deleting or transferring files (to a flash drive, PC or cloud storage), it is recommended to pay attention to the following folders:

  • DCIM;
  • Download;
  • Media;
  • Movies;
  • Music;
  • Video.

Important! When you delete files from the tablet, they will be lost forever, since there is no recycle bin on the devices.

Special applications

Almost every Android device comes standard with cleaning software. However, it is not necessary to be limited only to them. There are enough paid and free programs that perform an alternative function.

  • CCleaner;
  • Clean master Lite;
  • Solo Cleaner;
  • History Eraser;
  • Power Clean;
  • Smart Booster.

How to clear cache memory on Android

Knowing how to clear the cache memory on Android is necessary in order to fix the malfunctioning application, as well as to speed up the smartphone.

Clear memory and speed up your phone

Clean Master is a great free app that has been tested for a long time. At the moment, maybe even the best of all those that have been invented for cleaning your phone. However, the previous cleaner updates and speeds up Android just as well. CM improves the performance of the phone, removes unnecessary files (cache) from the system, thereby increasing the amount of memory. Can easily find what clogs phone memory and clean up unwanted files.

Super Speed ​​Cleaner is cleaning garbage (one touch), accelerating work (stopping applications active in the background). Cooling center. processor (closing applications overheating the phone) saving battery power (auto-resetting processes that reduce battery power). Booster.

How to clean your phone from unnecessary files

And so that you can and where you need to clean on the phone, manually without resorting to special programs.

Free up browser and application cache. When the cache memory is full, the phone noticeably starts to dull and work slowly.

Clean up all unnecessary, read SMS, mms messages.

Delete applications that you do not use, and transfer the demanded ones if possible to the memory card, then save them to it.

Clean up photos, videos, music, everything that has become uninteresting and unnecessary in the phone, do not forget about such files.

However, not everyone will be able to do all this manually; we need appropriate programs that will do everything themselves. Pick and test, it’s free

How to Clear Android Phone Memory

Not only viruses can cause severe harm to the phone, but also excessive memory usage with unnecessary files. Unnecessary now, they were once in demand, after removing applications, not everything is demolished, the pre-installed elements remain. The cache (image keeper), if not cleaned, increases every time the browser is turned on.

If you do not clean your phone in time, the speed in games will noticeably decrease. Information about searching and working in the browser becomes available to everyone who can use your device.

Several ways to clear the cache on Android

  • The easiest way to speed up your smartphone is to learn how to clear the RAM on Android: this can be done by returning to factory settings.
  • If you do not want to resort to drastic measures, how to clear the cache on Andriod. the question is currently irrelevant, since some space can be freed up by deleting unnecessary text messages. This can be done quickly by opening the special application “Delete Old Messages” (Google Play). With it you can select the time period to be deleted.
  • Also, a lot of space is taken up by photo, audio and video files. They can be removed from the SD card using the Astro File Manager app. this is another way to clear Android memory.
  • This tip is suitable for those who like to download an unthinkable number of applications, many of which are practically not used. They just need to learn how to clear the cache on their tablet. To do this, long press select the application and press “Remove”.
  • You can even more efficiently clear Android phone memory by directly clearing browser and application cache. Temporary files, which are created by all applications, clog up almost all memory for some users. For this it is very convenient to use the “Easy Cache Cleaner” utility. It will check all downloaded applications and indicate how many cached files you have. In the application menu, click “Clear All” or mark the files to be deleted.
  • How to clear the internal memory of Android if you cannot part with some applications? Move them to the memory card. To do this, download the application “Apps2SD” (Google Play), which will select suitable applications for transfer.
  • One of the ways to clear Android phone memory is by deleting browser history: you need to choose it depending on the type of browser you use constantly.

Exploring Android. How to clear the cache of applications and reset them to their original state.

Sometimes Android apps start to misbehave. Before downloading another Task Killer from the Market (and it’s best not to use application killers at all), try a couple of simpler things.

Go to the settings menu of your Android device, in it select the “Applications” section. “Application Management”, and select the desired program. You will see a window similar to what you see in the picture above.

First of all, try clearing the cache of the “malfunctioning” application. By doing this, you will delete all of its temporary files, which may be the cause of all the problems. Then stop the program (if it was running) and start it again. The program will continue to work with all the settings you made earlier.

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There is one more, more radical method of influencing the obstinate application. This is data cleansing. If you click on “Erase Data”, the application will return to the state it was in after it was installed on your device. The same thing happens when you uninstall and reinstall the application, only this method is much faster and easier.

So if you have any problems with the application, then try to clear the cache first, and if this does not help, you can go all-in and completely clear all application data and then configure it again.

Source: http: //www.4tablet-pc. net / hints-and-tips / 587-learning-Android-how-to-clear-your-cache-and-reset-the-application-to-their-original-state. html

Also, as an option.

On some phones, the command # is triggered. clearing the built-in memory, constantly increasing “system data” which can reach GB and more. That is, you dial # press the call, then “Delete dumpstate / logcat” Everything, after that the phone will be cleared of memory dumps that are not particularly needed by anyone and soon accumulated again ((

P. S. A modern phone has a huge internal memory, but this does not mean that you can slowly clog it until there is no free space. An impressive volume is more practical to use for short-term injection and at a convenient time to clear, move information to an external SD (flash) drive.

In any mobile phone, tablet, in addition to the obligatory antivirus, there must be a program with which you can always promptly clear the phone memory of unnecessary files.

Source: http: // www. vamvpomosh. ru / ochistit_pamyat_telefona. php

We clean the browser

To clear your browsing history, just go to the browser and open its settings. Here you should refer to the item “history” and click “clear”.

Important! You can clear the history on the tablet for a certain period or completely, in addition, in the additional submenus for clearing the history, you can choose what else to delete: saved passwords, images, recently viewed videos.

clear, cache, lenovo, tablet

To make the device work faster, you should get rid of all data, and not just delete information about recently opened files. After completing these steps, the browser will be completely clean, that is, to enter any site, you will have to re-enter your username and password, and this will also clear your search history. As you use the device, the owner’s requests are saved in the memory, and the next time you type text in the search bar, the device itself suggests similar words. After clearing, there will be no prompts for a while until the cache is filled again.

Software cleaning applications

Advice! Using cleaning apps can also help if the tablet restarts by itself.


The clipboard is where data is stored that has been copied by the user or cut for moving. In modern devices, it is cleared automatically, on older Samsung and LG tablets with Android 4.0 OS in the settings, it was accessible, which made it possible to force the buffer to be cleared.

How to clear memory

You can clear the cache using built-in system tools or using third-party systems. You can also clean it manually, but this will not completely clear the cache, rather, the user will be able to clear the tablet’s internal memory and browsing history, they also affect the device’s performance and the amount of free space. But the built-in software or third-party applications perform better cleaning and work directly with the cache.

Built-in tools

Any manufacturer on the Android operating system installs its own software on the device to clear the system cache, as well as individual applications.

  • To clear the entire cache, the user needs to enter the system settings and find the item “memory”.
  • Having opened it, the system will calculate how much free space is left on the device.
  • There is also a “cleanup” item, by clicking on it, the system will detect all unnecessary files and offer to delete them. By default, the system selects the data generated by the applications. But here the user files will be displayed, you can view them and check the unnecessary ones, then click on the “delete” button.

To clear the cache of an individual application, go to the settings menu of the “application” and, one by one opening those that need to be cleaned, click on the button “clear cache”. Depending on the brand, the names of the menu items may differ, this is affected by the manufacturer’s firmware, but the names will generally be similar, so it’s easy to figure it out.

Important! Clearing the application cache is possible only for the software that was installed directly by the user.

How to clear the cache on a tablet

Most people who use mobile technology or computers may have heard the word “cache” and that it should be cleaned. However, most often they have no idea what is hidden behind this word, and what it is for. In the material below we will tell you what a cache is and how to clean it on a tablet.

Manual cleaning

In order to clean the memory manually, you can use a file manager or connect the device to a PC so that it is identified as an external memory. Regardless of the method, the user’s task is to delete all unnecessary music, photos, videos and other files, for example, downloaded documents or books.

Important! You need to carefully go through the folders of instant messengers, since they store data about voice messages, uploaded videos, photos and music. It is most convenient to do this with a PC, sequentially looking into each folder and deleting what is not needed. If there are doubts about the purpose of the file, then it is better to leave it intact so as not to disrupt the device’s performance.

Why do you need to clear the cache

Any application on a tablet takes up some space. For its work, the device uses free storage and, in order to increase performance, creates files that optimize the work. A simple example. the gallery cache with images has a preview version of all photos or pictures. When the user opens the gallery, he sees small images and then opens the file he needs. If the gallery did not have a cache, then each photo would be just a file, and you would have to search for the desired one at random. And the opening of one picture would take some time. The question is quite logical. why clean the cache on the tablet, if it is useful?

The fact is that over time, the cache data grows and takes up a lot of space. For each individual application, the amount of data required is small, but all the files together have an impressive size, which over time can grow to several gigabytes. Every Android owner has come across a situation where, after a few months of using, there is less and less free memory space, although nothing has been installed. If this happens, then it’s time to clean the tablet.

Important! Clearing the cache is a useful action in itself, but in the process unsaved data of the running software can be deleted. For this reason, stop all running programs before cleaning the tablet.

Closing background programs

Quite a lot of RAM is consumed by programs running in the background. It is not difficult to solve this problem, since special utilities will again help to clear the phone’s memory to save the battery charge.

One of the most popular battery saving tools. It is useful in that it closes background programs that load the RAM and thereby slow down the mobile device.

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An application with the same function. conserving battery power by closing unnecessary background programs. Has a simple and pleasant widget on which cleaning will be started by clicking on the silver circle with arrows.

However, these utilities do not close all unnecessary background processes, and if they do, then temporarily. There are completely unnecessary pre-installed services like. Gmail, navigators and others. But you cannot delete or disable them. To do this, you need to get super-administrator rights, or root rights. But you shouldn’t get off the ground and run to get them. Because through carelessness or unknowingly, you can demolish important files that are responsible for the normal operation of the operating system, after which there will only be a flashing or rollback of the system. Therefore, you need to be careful with this.

Many people are familiar with the situation when when buying a tablet it works perfectly, there are no brakes or freezes, all games start perfectly, and after some time the performance disappears somewhere. Launched programs start to slow down, freeze or close altogether, a large number of errors appear, and, in general, the device is not happy with its smooth operation. The tablet may start up slowly, the battery drains faster, and websites load more slowly. This usually means that the device requires cleaning, removing unnecessary software and clearing memory.

Why is there not enough memory?

Memory on the phone and tablet, as well as on a computer, is divided into 2 types: for storing data and operational. Do not confuse them, since they are different types and they perform different tasks.

Random access memory is temporary memory that stores temporary data and commands. If the device is disconnected, then this information will be deleted. Also, the amount of simultaneously processed data depends on the RAM, or, in a simple way, speed. Each user must have noticed that the phone sometimes starts to think for a long time and freezes. This means that the RAM is overloaded, and it is not enough for normal operation. To avoid this, you need to clear the RAM. This will make Android work better.

The reasons for the lack of RAM are as follows:

  • many heavy applications are open;
  • a large number of unnecessary temporary files have accumulated;
  • programs that run in the background.

Memory for storing data is designed to store information. Physically, it is presented as the internal memory of the phone or as external. on a flash card. The reason for the lack of such is trivial: too much information on the media (not necessarily necessary).

How to clear internal and external phone storage?

The answer to this question is very simple: just delete unnecessary files, pictures, videos, music, etc. But before you clear the internal memory of “Android”, you need to find these files. A file manager, for example ES Explorer or Total Commander, will help us with this. We go in, select files, delete. If there is no such program, then you must download it, since it will definitely not be superfluous. The easiest way to download from the Play Market.

If the location of unnecessary data is unknown, and such a problem as clearing the internal memory of “Android” has not gone anywhere, then you can use a specialized program, for example, CCleaner. We turn it on, click “Analysis” and wait for the results, after which we delete all unnecessary.

It will also be correct to move all unimportant applications from the phone memory to the memory card. Go to the loaded application settings, click on the options and sort by size. Next, select the desired application, click “Move to SD card”.

Cleaning programs

There are a great many programs that are designed to cope with such issues as clearing the memory of an Android tablet or smartphone, optimizing the device and speeding up its operation. As elsewhere, there are favorites, here, too, there are the most effective utilities.

A popular and very common program that can easily clean up junk files, cache and data from internal memory. In addition, it has very useful functions such as speeding up games, cooling the processor, finding viruses and spyware and many others.

The application already known to us. In addition to cleaning, it has the following useful functions: deleting SMS and call logs, applications, optimization and unloading of RAM. Very easy to use.

If the previous options did not help in this matter, there is still a way out. The Cleaner. Boost Clean is a great answer to the frequently asked question of how to clean up Android internal storage. It will clean cache, unnecessary junk, clear RAM and increase the speed of the device without any problems. In addition, it can be used to uninstall applications, clear entries in contacts and SMS.

We clean the RAM

A problem like clearing the phone’s memory is much more serious than clearing space on a flash drive, since the RAM is responsible for the speed of the system, which means for the normal operation of the device as a whole. Therefore, you need to clean it much more often. This can be done in several ways:

  • First of all, you need a specialized program, at least the same CCleaner. The order is the same: start, click “Analysis”, after “Cleanup”, but do not mark the data from the memory card. This program removes cache and temporary files that interfere with normal operation.
  • Go to the application settings, all, sort by size. Then we select the application, click “Erase data” and “Clear cache”. You should not clean everything in a row, since after that not only temporary files are deleted, but also saved passwords, saves in games, etc.
  • Close unnecessary running programs. We press the house, after which a list of previously launched and running programs appears. With a slight movement of your finger to the side, we close those that are not needed.

How to clean memory on a Lenovo tablet

What to do if the phone starts to slow down and freeze? How to clear the internal memory of “Android” and unload the RAM? Such questions are very relevant, because now many have a phone or tablet on “Android”. But there is a way out, and it is below.

What programs clog up the tablet

Lack of memory is the most common reason for which the device starts to work poorly.

Various instant messengers, social networks, email clients, and many others leave a lot of unnecessary on the tablet, forcing it to slow down over time. To prevent this, it is necessary to regularly clear the memory from the garbage of such applications.

Garbage includes already unnecessary data stored in the cache. The software creates this data and stores it in the device’s memory so that it can be accessed faster next time. Often this data is not deleted when the program is closed, but accumulates in the main memory of the device, thus slowing down its operation. Trash is also the history of browsers and search queries. And after uninstalling the software, residual files may remain on the tablet, which are also unnecessary. For the gadget to work correctly, this data must be deleted in a timely manner.

There are several ways how you can clean the tablet from such debris.

Common ways to clean your tablet

One of the most common tablet cleaning methods is the manual method. Users often optimize their devices in this way.

First you need to clear the messenger folders. Gadget owners usually use at least one messenger, more often more. All incoming photos, videos, and other files remain on the device and clog up its memory. Periodically, these files need to be deleted from the device.

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After that, you can clear the application cache. To do this, you need to go to the settings, find the application manager (in different devices it is called differently). Select the required program from the list, open information about it and clear the cache.

Also, if possible, it is better to move some programs to a memory card. So the internal memory of the device will remain free for longer and the device will work faster.

If the tablet starts to slow down after installing a certain program, then it is worth starting the cleaning from this particular application. To do this, you need to go to the application manager, find this recently installed program in it and clear all its data. In the same list, you can immediately find unnecessary programs that have not been used for a long time and immediately delete them, thereby additionally clearing the memory. This is necessary due to the fact that many programs enter their data into RAM even when they are not using them. And the more RAM is occupied, the more the device will slow down.

It is also worthwhile to clear the history and cache of the browser in a timely manner, you can do this in the settings of the browser itself.

Removing trash and media

This is the most effective way to completely wipe your device, including deleting your data. First you need to save what will be deleted. There are great cloud solutions, including free ones, such as Google Photos for media and Google Drive for other files.

It is required to unload all files there, and then delete the unloaded from the phone’s memory. But that is not all.
Now follows:

  • Open file manager (explorer).
  • In it open the internal memory.
  • Select the folder with the name of the messenger. For example, the “Telegram” folder.
  • 4 folders with voice messages, pictures, videos and documents will be displayed. Open each of them one by one, select all contents and delete.

No need to worry about losing important files, as before that everything you need was saved in the cloud and no longer takes up space on your tablet.

How to clean your tablet from debris

There are several ways to clear the device’s memory, regardless of its type (internal storage or RAM).

How to delete history and cache

Browser history has a negligible effect on the memory occupied, but to completely clear it, you also need to delete it.

  • in Google Chrome go to the menu, click on the “History” item and tap on the inscription “Clear history”;
  • in Mozilla Firefox open the menu, go to “Options” and select the inscription “Delete my data”;
  • in Yandex Browser, select the symbol with three dots, go to “Settings”, open the “Privacy” tab and select “Clear data”.

Also, browsers and most applications have a cache. The memory cache stores temporary files that are needed to quickly load something.

For example, these are data for authorization in a social network and images of frequently visited groups. The application cache is cleared either using the program or manually.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open the section “All applications” (“Applications”).
  • Select the program whose cache you want to delete.
  • Click on the inscription “Clear” or “Clear cache”.

It is recommended to delete the cache of social networks, messengers and browsers.

Tablet cleaning programs

The principle of operation of such software is the same, but the best options can be distinguished.

  • CCleaner.
    A simple and convenient tool. There is a possibility of deep and superficial removal. The paid version allows you to set an automatic schedule for cleaning and removes the display of ads.
  • Clean master.
    In addition to cleaning, the software blocks advertising notifications and banners. There is a paid version with antivirus and proxy server.
  • App Cache Cleaner. A very simple option to free up space.

It is recommended to try each of the applications in turn, choosing the one you like.

Standard methods

Standard methods for soft cleaning.

What apps are clogging up the tablet

The first thing that comes to mind in order to clear the memory in the tablet is to free up space. In fact, any application, even a system one, clogs up the device, because it takes up read-only memory, and during background work, also RAM.

Therefore, before you understand how to clean the tablet, you need to determine if the problem is in the internal or RAM.

Permanent memory is used to store data. Data includes apps, photos, videos, audio, games, and more. The rest of the internal memory does not affect the speed of the tablet. Enough that there is at least 1 GB of free space, and the remaining 127 GB or 15 GB is occupied, it does not matter.

But speaking about how to clear the internal memory, I recommend looking at the list of installed applications and games, removing unnecessary ones. Most of all, messengers clog up the device, since all messages, voice messages, videos, etc., are saved in the device’s memory. For a year of active communication there can accumulate up to ten gigabytes.

Now about the RAM. Paradoxically, there are applications for RAM that really clog the device. These are programs that run in the background and consume the power of your tablet.

Working in the background takes up space in the RAM, which causes brakes and freezes, and the power goes to constant synchronization and the search for new notifications, messages, calls and the like. The category of such applications includes social networks, instant messengers and navigators.

How to clean your tablet so it doesn’t slow down

Due to file junk and the usual lack of memory, your tablet computer can become slow and even freeze. In order for the device to start working faster and stop slowing down, you need to know how to clean the tablet from unnecessary files and debris.

The very process of how to clean the tablet so as not to slow down is quite simple and includes several methods, but it is also important to understand why such a blockage occurs and how often the tablet needs to be cleaned. This and additional details are discussed below.

Disable automatic software updates

  • Open Play Market.
  • Then swipe from left to right to open the side menu.
  • In it open “Settings“.
  • In the item “Auto update” select “Never”.

Important! After that, all programs on the device will stop updating automatically, so it is worth monitoring the updates of the applications in use once a week.