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How to check the tablet when buying it hand-held

Battery check

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This is critical, as replacing the battery can be expensive. The drive is designed for ≈ for 1000 cycles, then its autonomy begins to drop noticeably.

To check the MacBook battery, you need to carry out the following actions.

  • Go to the Apple menu in the corner of the screen.
  • Go to About This Mac.
  • Click on the “Overview” menu.
  • Select “System Report”.
  • Go to “Hardware” → “Power supply”.
  • Find the “Number of recharge cycles”, which will indicate the real state of the battery.

Or you can use the CoconutBattery program: you can find out more about it in the table below.


Before buying a Mac, you should check that there are no dead spots on your trackpad. He must respond to movements and gestures. You should also carefully check the “touch”: it is felt on the entire surface, with the exception of a narrow strip 1 cm from the top edge.


Before you test the MacBook keyboard, you should start a text editor. This is necessary to see how hard you should press the key before the letter appears. All buttons on the computer should respond easily and softly.

How to check a MacBook when buying: 8 parameters

Apple is the benchmark for quality. A MacBook released in 2015 can match the performance of a Windows laptop from 2020. However, you should check your MacBook for key parameters before buying. Below you can learn about Honor, how it is done thoroughly, with an accuracy that can be envied.

Serial number check

Any technique has its own code, which will confirm the authenticity of the device. He informs:

  • about the manufacturer;
  • about the country for which the laptop was released;
  • about the day of the assembly;
  • about modification.

You can check the serial number on a Macbook (any model. Air, Pro and Classic) in the following ways:

To check the originality of the MacBook, you should carry out the following actions.

  • Go to the Apple website “”.
  • Enter serial number.
  • Get key information about the device.

Important: You should also check the operation of all interfaces (from Thunderbolt USB-C to Wi-Fi) and the charging port. Many people forget to test them, which is why they can get a defective model.

Binding to iCloud and admin password

A brand new laptop must be without iCloud, otherwise the account owner can lock the PC at any time and download all the information from there. Reputable stores sell only new or factory-remanufactured MacBooks that will not have similar problems.

But if when buying “from hand” it is clear that the laptop is tied to someone else’s “cloud”. you should refuse to buy. Also ask the seller for all the documents on the device. Let him show him how he gets in and out of iCloud. Thus, this will serve as proof that the laptop is his property.

Checking for iCloud is done in three steps.

  • Open laptop menu.
  • Go to system settings.
  • Go to the iCloud tab.

The laptop should be sold “clean” without additional external settings. You can change the admin password as follows:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Enter “System Preferences”.
  • Select “Users and Groups”.
  • Click on the “lock” and change the name, avatar and passwords.

Mac General

To be sure of your purchase, you should download a few programs to a flash drive and check your MacBook. The main programs are summarized in the table below.

How to check a lens upon purchase for defects?

for equipment are constantly growing and the cost of cameras and their components is high, so it is important not to make a mistake when choosing. There are some important tips and tests on how to check your lens upon purchase so that you end up with beautiful shots.

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Lens check

  • It is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with how the lens should look, down to the smallest details, since if you do not know, you may not notice the absence of an important element. Compare the list of parts shown on the documents with the availability of the parts.
  • Check the seals, levers, locks, and focus rings to rotate easily and smoothly.
  • The device uses lenses on which the quality of the images depends. It is important to check that they are not scratched or otherwise damaged.
  • Another tip on how to check the lens upon purchase. if possible, attach it to your camera and take a few shots to appreciate the zoom, aperture, auto and manual focus, and so on.

How to check the lens for back-front focus?

To carry out the check, the following instructions must be followed:

  • Turn on the camera and set the ISO not too high. Checking the lens for the backing front is carried out in the autofocus mode. You also need to choose a shooting mode, M or A will do.
  • Mount the camera on a tripod and place the target below on a flat surface. Use the bar at the top of the target as a focus marker.
  • Turn on spot focus mode and aim the lens at the center point of the target. After that, set the maximum open aperture on the camera.
  • It is necessary to balance the exposure so that the image is not too dark or too light. Focus on the target using the cross section. Take a picture.
  • In the next step, set the average aperture value, for example, 5.6. Equalize the metering values ​​and focus in the previously indicated areas. Take another photo.
  • Check the pictures and focus should be where it was pointed.

How to check lens sharpness?

There is a very simple test that you can do at home. It is necessary to hang a newspaper on the wall and illuminate it from both sides with lamps.

  • Checking the lens for sharpness begins with the full opening of the aperture. Focus the camera on the newspaper in manual or automatic mode.
  • Please note that the plane of the matrix (back of the device) should be parallel to the newspaper.
  • Test all apertures using fast shutter speeds.
  • To check, you need to download the captured images to a computer and view them at 100% magnification. Notice how the sharpness decreases towards the edge, especially when the aperture is fully open. If the reduction is almost imperceptible, then the lens is sharp.

How to check the operation of the lens stabilizer upon purchase?

When purchasing a camera that has already been used, it is advisable to check the stabilizer. If you do it statically, then you need to put an object on the table and focus on it. It is necessary to make sure that there are no self-oscillations at different aperture exposures. If you are interested in how to check the lens stabilizer in dynamics, then you need to take the device in your hands and shoot when the lens moves and the image should appear with a delay.

How to check the lens when buying hand-held?

Before you give money for this important part of a DSLR, it is imperative to check, since the risk of fraud is high.

  • Inspection of a lens prior to purchase should begin with a visual inspection. Pay special attention to lenses using a flashlight. External abrasions of the case. a reason to bargain.
  • Many dishonest people try to sell equipment that has suffered a serious breakdown, and the repairs carried out do not guarantee long-term operation. To make sure that the lens was returned for repair, you need to inspect the screws, which should not be scratched. If the splines on the screws are bent or torn off, then this may indicate repair by an unqualified person.
  • Check the mechanics of the lens: rotate the adjusting rings, press the buttons and levers.
  • The next step in the instructions on how to properly check the lens upon purchase involves testing it in operation. Put on the lens, and it should be firmly fixed on the camera, without strong backlash. Take multiple shots of a near and far subject in Infinity focus mode.
  • Check the operation of the flash, so the chosen subject should be equally lit at any distance. This test is important for lenses that report the focusing distance to the camera.
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There are many more texts aimed at checking the lens and the most important are presented below.

How to check a lens by serial number?

Unfortunately, counterfeiting of technology is a widespread phenomenon in our time. Many users are interested in how to check the lens by the serial number of “Nikon” or other cameras. Unfortunately, using this value, one cannot be sure of the “legality” of the technique, since it is assigned after assembly and before sale. The only solution, how to check the lens upon purchase, is to find a branded warranty card with a hologram.

Disable Find My iPhone

When buying a tablet hand-held, it is important to make sure that the Find iPhone feature is disabled on the device. The fact is that if it is activated, the device can be blocked remotely, and it will be impossible to reset it to the factory state so that the new owner can use it. Sometimes fraudsters sell a genuine device, but leave the function on, after which they remotely lock the tablet and demand an additional unlock fee from the new owner. In order not to get into such a situation, you need to check with the seller if the function is enabled, and if so, then ask to disable it.

This can be done from a laptop or directly from a device, but since the new buyer has an iPad in his hands, it would be logical to do it from him. There are two options for disabling: through the settings or in the application itself.

  • To disconnect through the settings, you need to go to the device settings, find the iCloud item, enter it and switch the slider opposite “find iPhone” to an inactive state, it should turn gray. To save this action, the device will ask the user to log into the iCloud account, and then a message will be sent to the linked mail that the function is disabled.
  • The second way is to enter the “Find iPhone” application, if the account is used on several devices, then they will all be listed. Find the device you are looking for and press the “delete” button. Now the device can be safely reset to zero and delete the old user account.

How to identify a fake

In this case, checking the iPad begins with inspecting its appearance. The assembly of Apple devices of the highest quality, if somewhere there are roughnesses, oblique connections or buttons of a strange shape, then this is a fake.

The next point is that Apple has always used its own connectors for charging and syncing. In older models, this is a wide option, in modern models, the so-called Lighting, a narrow connector, similar to microUSB, but with the ability to insert the plug either side. Apple has never had any USB or microUSB, if something like that is in a device that is given for little money or simply sold by hand, then this device is clearly not licensed.

Important! Pay attention to the SIM card slot. Apple only supports one SIM, and if the user finds a slot for two SIM-cards or a memory card, then this is a clear sign of a fake. In this case, you can no longer inspect the equipment and do not check it by IMEI. The device is guaranteed not to pass the check.

If a visual inspection showed that everything is in order, you should not stop there. Ahead is verification of iPad by serial number or by name, which gives a 100% guarantee of its authenticity.

Serial number

To check the iPad by serial number, the user needs to go to the manufacturer’s official website at the link In a special line, you must enter the serial number of the device. it is written on the lid, on the back of the device or, if the tablet supports the SIM card, on the tray, it will have to be removed. Entering the serial number on the official website allows you not only to check the iPad for authenticity, but also to obtain information about the warranty: whether it is valid or not, whether the device has already been repaired, and how many days are left until the end of the warranty. If the serial number of the iPad has not passed the verification, then the device is not licensed.

It is best to enter the serial number on the site directly from the device, since often scammers use boxes from real tablets and put counterfeit products in them. An inattentive user may not pay attention to the fact that the serial number on the device and the box is different and enter the version from the box, which is real.

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It is important to know that it is very easy to punch an iPad by serial number, and this is the most reliable way to establish its authenticity. Currently, the serial number of the iPad cannot be faked.

Best iPads According to Buyers

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Don’t buy broken devices

Broken devices can also be offered for ridiculous amounts. For example, with a broken screen or a broken camera. Or just “stopped turning on”. The author of the ad, as a rule, says that he does not want to bother with repairs, he has already bought a new phone, and you will repair it at any service center for a couple of thousand and will use it for your pleasure. This is likely to happen. But it may be different: the device will fail completely, it will be recognized as non-repairable, or the repair will cost a pretty penny. Unless you’re a smartphone repair specialist, avoid these options. And in general, the current super-thin non-separable smartphones are poorly suited for repair: fix one, then the other will break.

Announcement of the sale of a broken smartphone. It is better to skip this option.

How to choose a reliable ad

Potential fraudsters can be really “rejected” already at the stage of searching for options.

Do not consider offers without photos and descriptions

If you have one or two standard photos from Google and the signature “all the details on the phone” is not an option. A self-respecting seller will spend five minutes and take a photo of the smartphone from different sides, and also write about all the important points. when it was purchased, is there a guarantee, are there any defects in appearance and other problems, what is the reason for the sale. However, not everyone is good at the epistolary genre. If you have any questions. call or write to the advertiser.

An ad that looks credible

What are the pros and cons of buying used devices

Cons. you do not know how you used the device, if it has any problems. And you won’t be able to check if the seller is telling the truth.


Your goal is to make sure the device is not damaged. Examine it from all sides, pay attention to scratches, dents, ask the seller about their origin. Often, smartphones are replaced with broken screens and low-quality Chinese counterparts are installed. Not everyone is able to tell the difference by eye, but it’s real. It is best to take a closer look at the original before buying in order to be able to compare.

Twist the device in your hand, squeeze the case. Pay attention if there are creaks, backlashes. Press all keys. Take a closer look at the bolts. you can see if they were touched with a screwdriver.

Examine your smartphone carefully for damage

Determining moisture ingress is difficult, but some models, for example iPhone, have special indicators. Keep in mind though: the latest generation models are water resistant.

What to check

Dial # on any phone to find out its unique number. If the seller still has the box, then check the IMEI with the data on it. This will make sure that the packaging is from the tube that they want to sell you. However, fraudsters can sell stolen phones by sticking printed stickers on the “left” boxes.

IMEI is indicated on the box from the device


Connect the charger and headphones, check if everything works fine, if the connectors are loose. If an outlet is not available at the meeting point, an external battery will help. Install SIM cards and memory card. Make sure they are identified.