How to check laptop battery for performance

How to check the battery status on a laptop

At home, you can use the following methods: visual inspection and measurement of a specific level of wear using built-in Windows tools or third-party programs.

Battery problems

Physical wear and tear is the main reason that occurs with the power supply. Their large mass is not designed for a cycle of more than 800 charges. This is about 2, less often 3 years. The property of losing about 15% of its capacity every year makes the battery a consumable item among laptop components. To prolong its life, it is recommended that you remove it when using a permanent power source, and also fully plant and charge it every few weeks.

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Among the malfunctions, one can also note:

  • Defect in one of the component components.
  • Short circuit.
  • Oxidation or damage to contacts.
  • Incorrect position when placed in the socket.
  • Incorrect driver installation.
  • Cable defect.

Battery Eater Pro

The program allows you to calculate the time of independent operation of a computer in a mode of increased load on each specific system, for example, CPU, RAM or HDD. Multithreading ensures that any of these can be used rhythmically. In addition to information about the power source, this add-on will tell you what processor, video card or memory is installed on the machine. Works with new or outdated laptops.

To measure the parameters, you need to run the utility with a fully charged battery and disconnected from the mains supply. This will be determined by the program itself and will go into check mode. Testing will continue until the system shuts down or reboots. During the next working session, you can find out the results in the saved event log.

check, laptop, battery, performance

Imtec battery mark

This is a program for checking laptop battery of minimum volume and functionality for owners of outdated models of portable computer equipment. It shows the current state of affairs with the battery. All information is displayed in one window, where you can select the test mode: full or fast. The program offers:

  • Battery test for voltage, power and other electrical parameters.
  • Display of graphs and numerical values ​​on the screen.
  • Formation of reports in the form of log files.
  • Adjust power settings by laptop model (Acer, HP, Asus, etc.). for maximum energy efficiency.

Information processing time is approximately 10 minutes.

Battery Bar Utility

A small assistant who monitors the remaining energy in the battery will be able to check the laptop battery for performance. It will also calculate the approximate battery life. All calculations are based on averaging charge retention rates. The program window is located in the notification bar. All parameters are calculated at the time of operation, when the AC mains is disconnected. If necessary, the window can be expanded to obtain maximum information about the nature of the power supply.

Like most of these utilities, Battery Bar estimates the remaining battery life and gives preliminary recommendations on how to replace it. In addition to the simple version, you can download online and install the Pro version, which will give you the chance to customize the appearance and update the product to the beta version. The Russian-language interface is simple and understandable to any user.

All about local area networks and network equipment

This is the plus of laptops: you can carry them with you and use them for a certain amount of time, regardless of whether there is an outlet nearby or not. Nevertheless, each owner of a “laptop” sooner or later faces a problem: the battery of the “laptop” keeps the charge less and less time. Does this indicate that the battery is wearing out? How to find out the current state of the battery?

Checking the status using software

Any measures to restore the work of the PC should be entrusted to professionals. But even with minimal knowledge, you can try to figure out the reasons yourself. There are many ways to do this. both using Windows tools and third-party helpers for testing a laptop.

Testing with a multimeter

In addition to online verification methods, there is a hardware method. It refers to the measurement of voltage and capacitance, as well as the use of test equipment for this.

However, several tests can be done on your own right at home. All you need is a multimeter. a device that can measure the magnitude of a constant voltage.

First, you should locate the rechargeable batteries under the plastic case of the laptop. Then disassemble them with a thin knife. It is necessary to insert it into the longitudinal seam and move the cover aside. The multimeter must be transferred to the “Direct current” cell and the voltage in the circuit must be determined sequentially. In a good scenario, it will be equal to the product of the number of batteries by 3.7: for example, in the presence of eight batteries, the voltage value should not fall below 29.6 V. If it is less, then a worn-out battery affects the rapid loss of charge.

  • Battery care is a free application that accurately detects battery performance and provides advanced information about its properties.
  • AIDA 64 conducts comprehensive analysis and disclosure of BIOS status. The application can be tested for a month for free.

The Battery Eater’s Advantage in Testing a Laptop Under Different Loads.

Autonomous work

Laptops can work autonomously for 3 to 13 hours. Over time, the performance decreases and the computer loses performance. This can lead to the fact that the device will not be able to work for more than three hours without a connected charger already a year after purchase.

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The deterioration of the battery is noticed by the rapid discharge of the computer, unexpected start-ups, shutdowns, reboots of the technical device. Modern laptops are designed for two years, but in fact they function for 3-4 years, with an average of 400-500 charge cycles.

Other Testing Methods

There are several more options that can be used on different models and different operating systems. For example, the BatteryInfoView application is used online and determines the technical condition of the battery. The disadvantage of the program is its inability to analyze a laptop that is on charge, but is not able to function autonomously. That is, if a gadget instantly turns off without a charger, it means that there is a possibility that the application will not be able to complete testing.

  • You need to go to the official website by typing Battery Information View in the search bar and download the program archive there.
  • Unpacking the archive and launching the BatteryInfoView.exe file.
  • A table with information about the laptop battery will appear in the window that opens. Find the line labeled Battery Wear Level or Battery Health.
  • There you can see the remaining battery level.
  • Close the window when finished.

The disadvantage of the application is the impossibility of a complete analysis of the computer the first time. The reason for the flaw is that an estimate based on the previously mentioned Design Capacity and Full ChargeCapacity passes without knowing the time to completely empty the battery.

The application divides one indicator by another and multiplies that figure by one hundred. This gives an average wear result. For a more complete and accurate analysis, the program should work from two to three cycles of the “life” of the laptop.

There is one more application. BatteryMark.Ru charge and state controller. The tester has greater capabilities compared to the previous one. To work with the program, download the archive with the program from the official website and run the file of the same name. A window with a graph image will appear in front of the user, on which data on battery use for a certain period of time will appear. You need to raise the charge to 100%, and then pull out the power cable.

Find “Start” in the bottom corner, click on it. The application will need 10 minutes to fill in the schedule data, but they may be inaccurate due to the fast check mode function, you can disable it in the “Options” tab.

Without this mode, the application will analyze the problem until the battery is completely discharged, and the graph will be plotted at the moment.

You can safely work for an hour and a half, and then you need to analyze the data. For example, if, when the charge drops by half and further lightning-fast discharge of the mini-computer lasted only for an hour and a half, it means that the battery is badly worn out. The more evenly the laptop is discharged throughout the entire time, the better its technical condition.

Testing Battery Performance on Mac

For convenience, you should configure the display of the charge as a percentage in order to see the exact level of the laptop’s charge. Then you should click on the Mac logo located in the upper left corner of the menu bar, and then select the first option. “About this Mac”. Select from the bottom tab “Overview” the line “System report”, a window will open.

These are various parameters of a laptop, but in order to check its performance, you should pay attention to the line about the number of recharges. Each model has different limits, if they are exceeded, the computer will stop working. The last action will be to press the “Power” button.
Clearly all the actions for the study of quality and testing can be seen in this

Battery Hardware Test

Hardware testing refers to measures to determine the technical condition of a device by measuring certain physical quantities (mainly voltage, capacitance and current) when using control and measuring equipment. Some simple tests can be done at home. To do this, you need an ordinary multimeter capable of measuring the magnitude of a constant voltage.

Let’s take the most common battery from Lenovo laptops as an example.

In the photo above, the contact pad is highlighted, from which further voltage tests will be carried out. A little higher. the area on the sticker is marked, which contains information about the nominal output voltage of the battery (in our case, 11.1 volts). This data will be useful in the future.

We used an inexpensive Chinese tester to carry out the required measurements:

Pay attention to the highlighted fragment of the photo. Small wires were screwed to the test leads of the multimeter. This was done in order to make it possible to take voltage samples from the narrow openings of the battery contact pad (the probes simply do not fit into them).

We begin to take measurements by placing the improvised tester probes in the openings of the contact pad. In our case, the first information was obtained when measuring the 1st and 3rd contacts (the first pair of contacts has the same poles. “” or “-“. it doesn’t matter).

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The multimeter displayed a value of 5.74 volts. However, this is not the voltage required to operate the laptop. The contacts that are simply being measured are used to supply power to the auxiliary devices of the laptop (for example, sensors).

Voltage measurements between the first and the 3rd, 4th and 5th pins led to the same results. approximately. When the probe was connected to pin 6, the picture changed:

The same result. about 10.3 V. was also highlighted when measuring the voltage between 1 and the rightmost contacts. Thus, the necessary contacts were found.

In the case of any electronics, there is an unspoken rule. certain physical quantities (voltage, resistance, capacitance, etc.) may differ from the manufacturer’s declared values ​​by 5% in any direction.

In our case, 5% of 11.1 V is 0.555 V. That is. the permissible lower voltage limit is 11.1. 0.555 = 10.54 volts.

Battery capacity

If you suspect a deterioration in work, if the option of going to a service center is not possible, there are ways to analyze the problem. Several applications are available that make it possible to increase the time of using the laptop without external power.

Battery status information

To find out, the first step is to open a command prompt. There you need to type powercfg / batteryreport, the system will start projecting information about battery wear. After that, you need to press Enter on the keyboard, open the saved document in the browser. It will automatically be saved in the file C: users username batteryreport. html.
Particular attention should be paid to:

  • on Design Capacity (capacity with a fully charged battery);
  • Full Charge Capacity
  • Cycle Count (number of charges).

How to take care of your battery

  • When constantly working with the gadget, you should remove the battery from the computer, leaving it to charge from the mains. You need to store it in a place with a temperature of less than 20 degrees and do not lower the charge below 60%. But often you should not get it and put it back, otherwise the contacts may be damaged.
  • It is not necessary to charge and discharge the equipment completely. Such actions were relevant only for old models.
  • Do not discharge the battery completely. Always plug in the charger whenever you are near a power outlet.
  • Arrange once a week to fully discharge and charge the battery.
  • Test battery performance periodically.

Improper use of your laptop can degrade battery performance. Over time, many laptops because of this turn into “desktop computers” that turn off in an instant if the charger cord is pulled out. These simple rules will help you avoid problems by extending battery life.

Sooner or later, the owners of mobile PCs. laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks, etc are faced with problems with the computer in offline mode (from the battery). This most often manifests itself in the form of rapid battery discharge. Also, situations with spontaneous shutdowns or reboots of the computer are not excluded. How to independently determine the technical condition of the battery? Does he need an urgent replacement or can he still work? Consider these questions.


Aida64 is an application that is designed to comprehensively test and obtain information about a desktop or laptop computer. There is information not only about components, but also about BIOS, software environment, installed applications. As part of this article, we are interested in that Aida64 has a Power tab with laptop battery test results.

Information about the laptop battery in the Aida64 program

Here you can find out the name of the battery, the original and current capacity, voltage, degree of wear. The program is paid, but on the developer’s website there is an opportunity to download a 30-day Trial version and evaluate its capabilities.

Battery bar

According to the developers, Battery Bar is an intelligent application for testing laptop batteries of all famous brands.

Laptop Battery Test Program Battery Bar

The application collects detailed statistics on battery usage and shows the time before shutting down the laptop operating in offline mode. The app is gradually learning and as the Battery Bar runs, it shows more and more accurate test data. During operation, the utility does not interfere and the data can always be viewed by hovering the cursor over the icon in the system tray.

The program has a paid Pro version, which opens up additional options for customizing the application.

Battery care

Quite a simple and easy-to-use utility for testing laptop battery. It loads the system a little and has a clear presentation of the data. If you click on the Battery Care icon and click on the “Advanced” tab, you will find detailed information about the battery.

Battery information in Battery Care

There is the name of the battery, the declared capacity, current condition, wear, etc. The program is completely free and is regularly updated by the developers.

Overview of laptop battery test programs

A laptop primarily attracts us with its mobility and compactness. For all other characteristics, in most cases it loses to a desktop computer. The mobility of the laptop is provided by the battery, and when it wears out and fails, the laptop is tightly riveted to the outlet. In modern laptops, lithium-type batteries are installed, which last 3-4 years. Their average resource is 400-500 charge-discharge cycles. As the laptop wears out, it will run less and less offline. After all, the battery can’t last an hour. Then you decide to replace the battery. The question arises, is it possible to somehow find out the degree of wear of a laptop battery? Yes, there are programs that allow you to test your laptop’s battery. This review will focus on just such utilities.

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How to Check Your Laptop’s Battery Health in Windows 10?

Testing the laptop battery using additional software

If for some reason you failed to check the battery performance using the command line, you can use special software. There are many programs on the network that allow you to test the laptop battery. The most popular is the AIDA 64 application.

Battery testing with AIDA 64 is done as follows:

  • Download and install the utility on a laptop.
  • Connect the charger and fully charge the battery.
  • Disconnect the charger and launch AIDA 64 from the desktop. It may take some time to load the application, as it needs to check the laptop parameters.
  • In the left part of the main program window, go to the Power supply tab. On the right side of the screen, the battery parameters will be highlighted, by which you can judge how it works and what wear it has.

After performing a laptop battery test, you can draw conclusions about its suitability. it will continue to be used as an autonomous power source or it is better to replace it with a new one.

Other applications

There are some more programs that belong to the group of optimizers. It is recommended to use them with caution. All such tunings and optimizations often bring negative results.

Checking laptop battery health

Not many users are aware that incorrect battery operation can cause a considerable number of problems related to the operation of the computer itself. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the condition of the battery. If your PC battery does not charge, first check the power cable and drivers, and only then go to the battery. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to check the laptop battery for performance. Let’s figure it out. Go!

What are the main causes of laptop battery problems? There are quite a few of them. The most common is trivial wear and tear. The battery does not last forever and has a service life (usually 2-3 years) and after its expiration it does not work as well. So do not forget about this circumstance. After all, if you have an old laptop, the time to replace the battery is probably long overdue. The battery is a consumable that can be replaced without any problems.

There are a few rules that will help you get the most out of your battery life. First, remove the battery when the laptop is plugged in. Very often people use laptops as a stationary device without removing the battery, which shortens its service life. The second rule is that it is recommended to fully discharge / charge the battery at least once every couple of weeks, and preferably every week. Otherwise, problems can begin much earlier than the specified date.

Other reasons for poor battery performance:

If for some reason you do not want to contact the master or the service center, you can carry out an independent diagnosis of the laptop battery. To do this, you need to download and install a special utility called BatteryCare. With its help, you can see all the basic information on the operation and the current state of the battery. BatteryCare also offers the user tips and tricks to improve battery performance and reduce power consumption. In general, the program is very useful, while completely free. So be sure to download.

Another great utility that offers similar capabilities is Battery Optimizer. Among the advantages and features, we can highlight the fact that Battery Optimizer allows you to increase the battery life of the laptop by making changes to the work of some services. In this case, the program itself tells all this to the user. In addition, here you will find extensive and detailed information on the operation of the battery.

You can also do without using programs. All you need is a multimeter. Switch it to constant current mode and connect it to the battery after disassembling it. Before disassembling the battery, be sure to completely discharge it. To open the battery, insert a knife into the longitudinal seam of the case and slide the covers apart. Then check the voltage in the circuit with a multimeter. The display should show a value equal to the number of batteries multiplied by 3.7. If the voltage of an individual cell is less than 3.7, then this indicates that it is time to replace it.

Now you know how to test your laptop battery for performance. Write in the comments if this article was useful for you, share your own experience with other users, and ask any questions of interest on the topic considered.