How to cancel your iCloud storage subscription

How to cancel a subscription

After connecting an Apple One subscription, it will appear in the settings in the “Subscriptions” section. You can always cancel your Apple One subscription entirely or select only specific services.

To unsubscribe go to Settings. Apple ID. Subscriptions. Next, choose to cancel Apple One or choose Custom Services. Subscription will be canceled on the same day.

All services by subscription

While a single subscription brings together all of Apple’s services, each can be used individually without having to subscribe to Apple One.

iCloud. cloud storage of your files (multimedia, documents)

  • How to free up space on iCloud.
  • ICloud backup.
  • Sharing folders on my iCloud.

Apple Music is a music entertainment service with millions of tracks by artists from all over the world and all genres. Daily collection of songs, thousands of playlists, lyrics and more.

  • Spotify vs Apple Music. Compare Services and Choose the Best.
  • How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription, What Happens to Downloaded Music.

Apple Fitness is the app for indoor and outdoor sports. New video workouts from fitness trainers to music are constantly added. In the “Fitness” application, you can track your performance during training

Apple Arcade. Access to over 100 games without ads or in-app purchases. The list is constantly being updated. Applies to all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV.

Apple TV series and movies Apple Originals.

Apple News gives access to foreign newspapers and magazines (not relevant for Russia).

Available tariff plans

There are 3 tariffs available, depending on the number of users and the set of connected services. For Russia, only the first two are relevant.

  • Individual subscription for 365 rubles / month Includes Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage).
  • Family subscription for 6 people for 525 rubles / month Includes Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage. Works on 6 different Apple IDs.
  • Premier subscription (not available in Russia) for 29.95 / month. Includes Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple Fitness, and 2 TB (2048 GB) iCloud storage. The subscription is available for 6 people at the same time, i.e. 6 different Apple IDs.

At the first connection, all users are given a free promotional period for 30 days. If you cancel it early, unused days will “burn out”.

How to subscribe to Apple One

Step 1. Go to Settings. Apple ID. Subscriptions.

Step 3. Choosing a tariff plan. You will be offered a choice of 2 tariff plans with icons of the included services. Tap on the tariff to find out more.

The purchased subscription will renew automatically until you cancel it.

Apple One Unified Subscription Available

A single subscription to all major Apple services (Apple Music, Apple TV, Arcade games, iCloud, fitness, etc.) called “Apple One” is available for connection.

Let me remind you that the user is offered 3 tariff plans (only two for Russia) with a certain set of services from Apple, including iCloud storage, for a monthly fee. Apple One subscription works on iPhone, Mac, and iPad running iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur or later.

How much money can you save

I actively use Apple subscription services, so I calculated for myself how much money you can really save if you issue an Apple One instead of several subscriptions to individual services.

  • Apple Music: 169 rubles / month individual subscription, 269 rubles / month family.
  • iCloud: for 50 GB I pay 59 rubles / month And so for each family member.
  • Apple Arcade: 199 rub / month.
  • Apple TV 199 rub. / Month.

As a result, we get 626 rubles / month

Apple One subscription with the same set of services costs 365 rubles / month or 525 rubles / month for a family, but you can use up to 6 devices there. As a result, for the year I save 3132 rubles or 261 rubles / month.

In terms of family, I generally keep quiet. Saving more than 5000 rubles per year, and if the family is large. up to 20,000 rubles. in year.

Possible problems

Immediately after the start of a single subscription (October 30, 2020), users began to complain that Apple One could not combine subscriptions of one user, but issued to different Apple IDs. Although previously Apple employee Chris Espinoza said there would be no problems.

If on one Apple ID I subscribe to music and purchased applications in the AppStore, then I use another Apple ID under iCloud. So, a single subscription CANNOT link my different Apple IDs into one tariff plan. So you have to choose which Apple ID to use with Apple One.

Apple confirms that it is not possible to combine two separate Apple IDs into one Apple One subscription.

Leave your impressions of Apple One in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to change your iCloud plan on iOS

First you need to go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

1) Go to the section Accounts and passwords.

2) Select your iCloud account.

3) Go to the Vault.

4) Here you will see the total storage as well as the available memory. By selecting Manage, you can see what is consuming the most free memory.

5) Return to the Storage screen and click Buy Space.

6) On this screen you will see your tariff plan and a list of available ones. You can also unsubscribe from your paid subscription.

7) Choose the subscription you like.

8) Click Buy in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, a confirmation of the purchase of a new tariff plan will appear.

9) To undo your actions in the process, click Back in the upper left corner of the screen.

cancel, your, icloud, storage, subscription

Change your iCloud storage plan

There will come a time when you want to change your iCloud plan. This can be done both via iOS and macOS.

When you create an iCloud account, you get 5GB of storage for free, where you can store copies of your data, including photos and documents. Depending on how many devices you have, that 5GB will fill up quickly. Apple also offers three paid subscriptions: 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB. You can also subscribe to 200GB or 2TB for the whole family.

How to change iCloud plan on Mac

1) Go to the Apple menu and select iCloud System Preferences.

2) Select Manage in the lower right corner of the window.

3) Select Buy more space in the upper right corner.

4) On the next screen, you will see your tariff plan and all available.

5) If you want to expand storage, select a subscription and click Next.

6) Enter your Apple ID password and click Buy.

7) To unsubscribe from a paid subscription, click Choose Free Plan, select a subscription, and then click Done.

About reducing storage space

If you decide to reduce your storage, this will only happen after the previously purchased subscription expires. If the data that was stored in iCloud no longer fits there, new files, photos and videos will not be uploaded to the storage, and there will also be no backups.

As you can see, changing your iCloud plan is very easy on any device.

How to use iCloud Keychain Access on Windows, including Chrome and Firefox

Sometimes it happens that Mac users need to use an operating system from the Windows family. Usually this has to be done due to the lack of certain applications for macOS. When moving from one platform to another, since they are very different from each other, certain inconveniences arise. Especially many of these are delivered by the “iCloud Keychain”, which stores all logins, passwords, bank details and other valuable data, transferred from one device to another under the same Apple ID account. When you start using Windows, you have to forget about such a useful and very convenient function, which works especially well in conjunction with Safari.

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After this kind of action, it will be possible to use logins, passwords, bank details and other data in Windows, if they are stored in the iCloud cloud storage. If the user already has a Chrome or Firefox web browser on their computer at the time of installing this software, a message will appear prompting you to install the iCloud Passwords extension for those Internet browsers so that the password bundle can be used with the software. It is possible that in the foreseeable future Apple will implement support for other browsers in its software. These may include, for example, Opera and Microsoft Edge, both of which have a large audience.

After successful setup, “iCloud Password Bundle” will start working fully without restrictions in Windows. The data stored on one device will then be immediately transferred to the other if both of them are connected to the Internet. This is really convenient, and there is one funny nuance here. Until now, users of the macOS operating system do not have the opportunity to use the “apple” bunch of passwords to store confidential information in browsers other than Safari. Considering that Apple has implemented such a feature in Microsoft’s OS, it is highly likely that soon it will allow using a bunch of passwords in other browsers on its own operating system on Mac computers, otherwise it’s just somehow unfair.

How to unlink a gadget from iCloud cloud storage

Smartphone owners have an Icloud account, and if the user no longer needs it, they will need to turn it off. To do this, you can use the phone settings. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • a section with settings opens on the cell phone, it is located on the screen of the gadget;
  • when a client uses a gadget of version 6 or 5S, you should click on your name, the function will be active only with the updated software;
  • if you are using iPhone version 4S or other older models, you will have to use the iCloud item;
  • further actions will not differ on cell phones of different models and versions of iOS;
  • a new section will open on the screen, the page should be scrolled to the end;
  • the button “Exit” is located at the bottom, it must be pressed;
  • then a pop-up window will appear on the display, in which the owner must write his password from the Apple ID account;
  • the smartphone will display information that all photos and other files will be deleted from the “Cloud” iCloud;
  • if it suits the owner, the consent button is pressed;
  • then click on the “Exit” item again;
  • you can delete a profile by erasing all contact information from the phone;
  • a notification will appear on the screen that all calendars and reminders will be erased from the smartphone;
  • to complete the unlink, you must re-enter the password for the account and agree to the deletion.
  • note
  • If the client does not want to lose his data from the smartphone, he should refuse to log out. After that, a backup copy of all parameters is created. Then you can repeat the exit. If the user does not agree with the deletion of all information from the smartphone, then it will not work to untie his iPhone from Aycloud for sale.

There are also situations when a buyer purchased an iPhone, and the previous owner forgot to unlink the account from the cloud service. In this case, you can disable it if the user has a password to access the system. Otherwise, you will have to contact the seller again to get the profile access code.

Disconnection is also possible in the customer support service. But you can go there with a gadget bought from your hands only if you have a receipt. In technical support, a specialist will help you unlink your account and then create a new profile for the owner. It is impossible to bypass protection in other ways.

How to unlink iPhone from iCloud

If the owner of the gadget decides to sell his smartphone, he needs to untie the iPhone from iCloud. You also need to cancel the synchronization of the gadget with other devices and programs. The user will need information about what cloud storage is and how to sign out of iCloud account on their own.

What is iCloud Cloud and how to use it

It’s worth starting with what cloud storage is. Modern users call it “The Cloud”. Such a repository is a collection of several servers working online. On such a server, the client can save the created backups from his phone.

The “cloud” can be created by a specific company. If the client uses the storage, then he transfers information from the gadget to third parties. But the owners of the smartphone sign an agreement that all parameters will be inviolable and protected. Still, there are situations when a customer needs to turn off iCloud storage on their iPhone. It is worth learning more about how to do this.

Is it possible to unbind via a stationary PC

If a user wants to know how to log out of their iPhone account, then this can be done through a computer. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • to turn off the profile, you need to open the website on your computer;
  • a form for filling in with personal data will appear on the screen;
  • the owner must specify the parameters for authorization in the account, Apple ID data is used;
  • the password from the system is written in the next line;
  • when you are logged in, you should find the “Find iPhone” section on the page;
  • now you should find the subsection “All devices” on the screen, it is located at the top of the screen;
  • a list of those devices that have been linked to the profile will be displayed on the computer;
  • the owner must choose the one that needs to be untied;
  • when the smartphone is in an inactive position, just click on the “Remove from Find iPhone” button.
  • Interesting information
  • If the gadget is online, the “Online” icon is located next to it. In this case, the owner selects the “Erase iPhone” option. Further, the deletion must be confirmed. To complete the procedure, select the item “Remove from profile”.

What difficulties can arise when unlinking a profile from iCloud

If the user learned how to unlink iPhone from iCloud while turning off the profile, he may face some problems. Most often, the client simply forgets the password for his Apple ID account. This leads to the fact that it is impossible to disconnect the account from the “Cloud”. You can solve the problem, for this you will need to perform password recovery through the mailbox or security questions.

When an error appears on the screen during the unlink operation, the owner should check the Internet connection. If the network is malfunctioning, you will not be able to disconnect the account from the cloud storage. Additionally, it is recommended to find out if technical work is being carried out on the company’s servers. If the work is in progress, you will have to wait until they finish, and then repeat the unlinking operation.

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Disconnecting the gadget from the iCloud cloud storage may be required if the owner wants to sell his smartphone. The procedure is performed through the phone settings. If this is not available, the owner can use a stationary PC.

Remove iCloud and iTunes Match subscription

Paid subscriptions to iCloud services and iTunes Match do not follow the standard algorithm, although these services are provided by Apple. Often, users accidentally activate a paid subscription that provides additional storage space for photos or other files on a cloud service online. If you want to opt out of providing additional storage space in iCloud:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “iCloud” section.
  • Specify the path to the iCloud storage.
  • Click Change Current Plan.
  • Choose the appropriate service setting.

The operation to cancel a paid subscription on a personal computer is performed in a similar way, with a noticeable difference only in some of the settings. On a Mac, launch System Preferences and click the iCloud icon, and on a Windows operating system, launch iCloud and configure the Storage option.

Termination of your iTunes Match subscription is as follows:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your Apple ID.
  • Find the iTunes section in the cloud.
  • Specify “Disable Automatic Updates”.

Canceling your iTunes subscription

Termination of further use of certain services is also available in iTunes. Try this alternative solution to the problem with paid subscriptions:

  • Launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your password or tap Touch ID for identification.
  • Find the “Settings” section on the account information page.
  • Click on the Manage link next to Subscriptions.
  • Find the subscription you want to remove and select “Change” next to it.

As with the previous method, you can change the terms of service or unsubscribe entirely. And again, in the latter case, the service will expire at the end of the paid period.

What is a “paid subscription

There are certain applications and services in the App Store that provide access to their content or its hidden parts by subscription. Unlike the one-time purchase of various electronic products, the subscription is renewed automatically after certain periods. usually once a month. These renewable subscriptions include:

  • Apple News.
  • e-books, movie services;
  • Apple Music and Yandex.Music;
  • entertainment Internet services (Netflix, Spotify and others);
  • photo editors, etc.

Such products remain free for one month, and then automatically renew for the same period. In addition, various applications, especially games, offer users useful services and opportunities, for example, purchase in-game currency, expand the list of available functions, remove pop-up ads, etc. If you do not cancel your paid iPhone subscription in time, you will not be able to avoid the next financial costs.

Canceling a paid app subscription

The main difficulty for iPhone owners arises with the search for the function to delete unnecessary subscriptions, since it is not in sight: the creators of the smartphone clearly wanted to confuse the unlucky user so that he changed his mind and kept the application on the smartphone as long as possible. But there is nothing complicated here. To find out iPhone subscriptions, follow the algorithm:

  • Go to settings, click on your account and go to the iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Go to your Apple ID at the top of the menu.
  • Select View. Enter your Apple ID and password or use Touch ID to log in.
  • Click on the link “Subscriptions”.
  • Select the subscription you want to unsubscribe from.

You can either completely cancel a paid iPhone subscription or make changes to the current mode of using a particular application or service. If canceled, the paid subscription will expire at the end of the free trial or paid period.

Removing other paid subscriptions

If the money for the subscription continues to be withdrawn from your account, but it is not displayed in the settings, this means that you have issued it directly with the mobile operator. In this case, in order to cancel a paid subscription for iPhone, you need to contact Support or use your personal account via an Internet browser on a computer or smartphone.

Carefully study the list of connected services and subscriptions and find out if there are paid ones among them. Check the available options and, if necessary, disable unnecessary services. Usually, each operator also provides the ability to disable subscriptions and services through special USSD or SMS commands. In addition, you can always visit the nearest operator’s office to solve any problems.

If you suspect that you have become a victim of scammers, for example, you have accidentally installed a suspicious application or connected an unwanted SPAM subscription, you can try to return the debited money. To do this, write a letter to Support Apple (in English) on the company’s official website or submit a similar request to your mobile provider.

How To Cancel Your iCloud Plan

What Happens to Data When Canceling an iCloud Subscription

When you cancel your iCloud storage, Apple reduces your account to 5GB. If iCloud has more than 5GB of data, Apple usually doesn’t delete it for another 30 days.

iCloud and all related services stop working until you reduce your usage to less than 5GB or buy more storage again. If you don’t do this within 30 days, Apple will start deleting your iCloud data.

There is no way to restore it after this happens.

Apple offers a wide variety of iCloud storage options. Image courtesy of Apple

If you’re willing to cut your usage down to 5GB or less, you can cancel your paid storage subscription and still use iCloud for free.

Cancel iCloud storage from Windows PC:

  • Open iCloud for Windows.
  • Click Storage Change Storage Plan Downgrade Options.
  • Select the “5 GB Free Storage” option and click “Finish”.
  • Confirm your details and click Done.

Check out iCloud storage on Mac:

  • Open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences Apple ID, then click iCloud in the sidebar.
  • The bottom of the window displays a graph of total storage and usage.
  • Click Manage to see how much space each service or application takes up.

Find your iCloud usage in System Preferences on Mac.

Reduce your iCloud storage usage

You should now have an idea of ​​what data needs to be removed from iCloud to reduce usage to 5GB. Delete this extra data before canceling your iCloud storage subscription if you can’t restore it later.

Follow these steps to safely reduce your iCloud storage usage.

Find out about your current iCloud storage usage

Take a moment to find out how much iCloud storage you have and what you are using it for at the moment. You can do it from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Windows PC.

Make a note of how much data you need to delete in order to use less than 5 GB. Then look at the specific apps or services that are taking up the most storage space and determine what you need to get rid of that target.

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How to cancel your iCloud storage subscription?

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How to cancel your Google Drive Storage subscription from iPhone, Mac or Windows PC

Google Drive. it is one of the safest and most convenient file storage and synchronization services. But if you no longer want to use it for any personal reasons, you can unsubscribe from your Google Drive storage.

But there are a few things you should consider before canceling your Google storage subscription plan. First of all, purchases under the storage plan are non-refundable. And therefore, the amount of storage you purchased will remain yours for the duration of the subscription even after the plan is canceled.

How to cancel your Google Drive storage subscription

First of all, open any web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to //

Now you need to sign in to the Google account for which you purchased the storage.

Next, you should see your account in the left field.

Step Then click Cancel Plan.

Be sure to review the changes in the repository that will occur after the plan is terminated, and then click “Cancel plan”.

You will now receive a confirmation email to cancel your subscription. At the beginning of the next month of your plan, your Google Drive storage plan will be downgraded to free storage for Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail.

Of the several file storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, which one do you prefer the most and why? Throw in your views in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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How to free up space on iCloud

Photos and backups take up most of the space

Disable iCloud partition sync

Plus, you can view and manage your iCloud data through a browser on your computer. To do this, just visit the website and register under your Apple ID in the system.

How to check the remaining storage in iCloud

Check the remaining space in iCloud: “Settings” → Apple ID (your first and last name) → iCloud → top line “Storage”. The storage is presented in the form of a color chart, sorted by content type.

How to clear iCloud storage if it is full

Many Apple device owners are facing a critical shortage of free space in iCloud. Because of this, the iPhone may constantly pop up alerts “iCloud storage full” or “Backup failed”. Find out why your iCloud keeps filling up with data and how to properly free up space in its storage.

Why iCloud memory runs out

By default, every new iCloud user is given 5 GB of free Apple cloud storage. By modern standards, this volume is not very large, plus everything, such a storage is clogged up quite quickly.

Most of the dedicated cloud is occupied by the necessary files (notes, contacts, photos or media files), but there is a large percentage of data that is generated by creating backups in iCloud.

Plus, most of the files in this storage are duplicated. This happens due to the fact that in addition to downloading the main files, there are duplicates of them contained in the backup copy (in compressed form). That is why it is worth distinguishing between the options “Create a backup in iCloud” and “Sync to iCloud”.

Backups are eating up iCloud space

Such saving of duplicates is performed automatically and is controlled by the backup settings (more on this below). Not every user is able to keep track of these subtleties and therefore often faces a critical lack of memory in iCloud.

Disable iCloud backup

As we said above, in order to save space in the cloud, you must turn off the creation of future backups to iCloud. This can be done completely or selectively:

To turn off backups completely, go to: “Settings” → Apple ID (your first and last name) → “iCloud” → “Back up to iCloud”. Deactivate the slider next to the option “Backup to iCloud”.

cancel, your, icloud, storage, subscription

Disable iCloud backup

The optimal solution for most users would be to selectively prohibit backing up media library data. This is done like this:

  • Go to “Settings” → Apple ID (your first and last name) → “iCloud” → “Manage storage” → “Backups” → [your device].
  • A list will be loaded, in which you need to disable the slider opposite the “Photos” item in the media library and other heavy applications (optional).

Disable program backups

How to increase iCloud storage

You can change the tariff plan and increase the amount of cloud storage through the settings in your apple device. This is done like this:

How To Cancel iCloud Storage Plan

    Go to “Settings” → Apple ID (your first and last name) → “iCloud” → “Manage storage” → “Expand”.

It is advisable to turn off the synchronization of application data in iCloud Drive. If you do not use the application files in iOS. disable this option through “Settings” → Apple ID (your first and last name) → “iCloud” → “iCloud Drive”.

Finally, we recommend a video tutorial on fully setting up and cleaning up the iCloud storage: