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How to cancel a boom iPhone subscription

Canceling your Apple Music subscription

Newly registered users receive free access to music content for three months when they provide their personal credit card details. After that, the service is automatically renewed if there is no chance to cancel it manually. over, this must be done at least one day before the expiration date. Apple Music gives you access to the company’s complete catalog of audio files, clips, playlists and more.

In order to remove the service, you need to perform several actions in the iPhone settings:

  • Go to the “iTunes Store and App Store” section, and then to the Apple ID.
  • Go to “Apple Music Subscription” in the appropriate section.
  • Move down the profile page and click “Unsubscribe”.
  • Confirm Action.


  • Open “iTunes” and go to your account settings as shown below:
    cancel, boom, iphone, subscription
  • Scroll down and in the “Settings” menu we find “Subscriptions”. Click “Manage”.
  • Click “Change”.
  • Click “Unsubscribe” and confirm the action.

After these manipulations, the work of paid services will automatically stop at the end of the paid period. In order to turn off your Apple Music subscription from your mobile operator, you need to refer to the latter.

How to turn off music subscriptions on iPhone

Apple has made it possible to access content in some programs and services only with paid subscriptions. This content includes AppleMusic, News, press, software and service content. Their feature is automatic renewal, that is, they are constantly being improved and changed. In some cases, this causes inconvenience to the user, then it becomes necessary to terminate their functionality. Consider today how to turn off iPhone music subscription.

How to unsubscribe from Yandex.Music on iPhone

Installing the Yandex.Music application provides an opportunity to use the service for free for one month. Further, automatic renewal is carried out, and the service becomes paid. Some users get trashed by their own carelessness. They think that the service will always be free, or it will turn off itself after the end of the free period. Imagine the amazement of the “iPhones” when a significant amount is debited from their account.

The Yandex.Music application did not provide settings for unsubscribing from mailings. This is not done to make life difficult for users. It is Apple policy to not embed third-party functionality into its designs.

To cancel a subscription in Yandex.Music, you need to go to the iPhone settings in the same way as described above, then. iTunes store, App Store, select Apple ID, then. view ID. After that, the user will be taken to the subscriptions section. The list contains “Yandex. Music ”, open it and select the option to cancel subscriptions. Confirm Action.

Apple is often criticized for its branded web products. However, the music service is considered to be successful. Nevertheless, if for some reason the service does not suit the client, he has the right to unsubscribe from Apple Music. This action is “no hassle” and takes a little time.

Remove paid iPhone subscription

To remove a paid iPhone subscription, follow these steps:

  • Go to the gadget settings;
  • There select your name and then tap on “iTunes Store and App Store”;
  • Click on your “Apple ID”. identifier at the top of the screen;
  • In the appeared me click on “View Apple ID”;
  • Then select “Subscriptions”;
  • In the list of subscriptions, select the required paid subscription;
  • Tap on “Unsubscribe”, or decide on its alternative (if available) option.
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    At the same time, remember that if you cancel a subscription to a paid program, its validity period will end at the end of the period you paid for earlier, and the money debited for the previous subscription periods will not be refunded.

    If you are charged for a subscription, and at the same time you did not find it in the list of existing subscriptions, then it is quite possible that the money is withdrawn from you not by Apple, but by an intermediary. This often happens in a situation where you subscribed to the specified non-free program from your provider, and not through “iTunes”. In this case, you should contact the developers or publishers of this program for help, for example, log in to the program developer’s website using the ID and password you created earlier to work with the specified program (they may differ from the Apple ID you are using)

    Also, to view your existing subscriptions, you can use the link provided

    How to cancel your iPhone subscription to a paid program

    Some users of Apple smartphones may find that funds are being withdrawn from their account for a paid subscription to any program that was launched by this user earlier. At the same time, the user himself does not know what are the conditions for canceling this subscription, and what needs to be done for this. This material is intended to help such users, below I will tell you in detail how to unsubscribe from a paid application on an iPhone, and what are the features of such cancellation.

    Features of Paid iPhone Subscription

    In quite a few cases, a person uses a paid subscription in the iPhone by accident, without reading the corresponding notification when installing (launching) any program. Usually, this notification informs about the initially free period of using the product, with the subsequent automatic activation of the already paid functionality.

    Having found a withdrawal from his account, the user rushes to delete the paid program, which just should not be done. Mechanical removal of the program does not affect the continuation of the paid subscription in any way, and at the end of the next calendar period, the next payment will be debited from the user account again.

    Among the auto-renewing paid subscriptions for iPhone, the following are worth highlighting:

    How do you get rid of these and similar subscriptions to a paid program? Let’s figure it out.

    What to do if you are unable to view your subscription

    If, for some reason, you cannot view the subscription on your iPhone, then the following factors may be to blame:

    • When you use Family Sharing, the Sharing Organizer does not manage the subscriptions of other family members;
    • You signed in with a different Apple ID when you signed up.

    If you still cannot access the problematic subscription, it is recommended to contact Apple support, for help in this matter.

    To cancel a paid subscription to any software on the iPhone, you must use the step-by-step algorithm described by me just above. If you can’t opt ​​out of a paid subscription, and the tips listed in this article are not effective, we recommend that you contact Apple technical support for assistance and assistance in this matter.

    How to cancel your iPhone subscription

    Paid access to advanced features is one of the most popular monetization principles in the App Store. There is no need for developers to maintain two versions at the same time. The basic functionality of the program is available to users free of charge, and the advanced functions are available by subscription. Since new apps are constantly being released, over time, a previously made purchase can become irrelevant. The user can choose another, better suited to his tasks, or a cheaper option. In order not to uselessly spend money, you need to know how to cancel a subscription to a paid program on an iPhone.

    As you can see, it is quite easy to opt out of paid use of advanced software features on the iPhone. This can be done in any program from which the transition to managing account settings opens.

    Apple Music

    Many iPhone owners listen to music using Apple Music’s proprietary streaming service. The company provides its users with a trial period for a period of three months, after which it is expected to switch to one of the paid options.

    • You can check the current state of the service directly in the application of the same name. We open the personalized area “For you”. Click on the stylized user icon.
    • Once in the parameter block, we go down to the bottom of the screen. The item marked in the screenshot will take us to the advanced access control menu discussed above.
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    Cancellation of the use of the service paid for in the App Store can be done from any computer on which iTunes is installed.

    • We open the program in the control area by selecting the “Store” tab. In the right part of the window, we find the item “Account”.
    • We enter your Apple ID confirming the right to use it with a password.
    • We go down to the very end of the parameter list. In the “Settings” block, we see an item marked with a frame with the number of paid services used in the accounting. Opposite it, an arrow indicates a hyperlink to the control section.
    • The menu is almost identical to the one reviewed on iOS. Opposite each application there is a link labeled “Change”.

    How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone

    • Having chosen a program that is no longer relevant for us, we press the button indicated in the screenshot.

    Cancellation of subscription

    App Store policies allow the user to unsubscribe from any previously purchased subscription. At the same time, unlike a one-time purchase, no refunds are made for the paid period. For example, you purchased monthly access on the 1st, and on the 15th you decided that there was no need to use the advanced functionality of the installed software. By canceling it, you will still use the full version until the end of the month.

    Underwater rocks

    There are a number of reasons why you should abandon the Boom service. After a month of using the service, the player automatically charges the monthly payment without asking for permission.

    The service works poorly and differs from the work of, the catch is that the tracks disappear.

    It is impossible not to notice that there is no such possibility as to find the whole album. First you need to find a track from the album, only then you can access the whole album.

    How to properly cancel Boom VK subscription on iPhone

    In this article, you will learn a simple way to disable the Boom VK service on the iPhone. It allows you to access the audio player. Using VOOM you can download your favorite songs and listen to it with no ads.

    How to cancel your iPhone subscription

    • You will need to enter the phone settings.
    • Go to iTunes.
    • Go to App Store.
    • Go to Apple ID section.
    • In Apple ID, find the section where to undo the option.

    What is Boom Player

    Boom” is the official music service of the social network with millions of performers, various tracks.

    There is one way to get this option for free. To do this, you just need to have a megaphone SIM card. The formalized tariff is included as well. VOOM is provided free of charge, which will allow subscribers to save 149 rubles. monthly.

    Today, about 1 million 200 thousand people pay for the service, 318 thousand people use the trial version. The application was launched in 2016. Many bugs, bugs and shortcomings have already been fixed. It is now run by the Group’s partner, United Media Agency (UMA). Previously it was called Music.

    Classmate users can use this application, not yielding to users. There is an opportunity to use the operation for free if you are a member of unlimited music in the Group’s neighbors. “.

    Read the article about ways to unsubscribe in the AppStore on iPhone.

    • VOOM uses “left” data, songs are always blocked.
    • There are pluses, the player is official, which means you can’t lose money.
    • The application has a function. the ability to cache.
    • The ability to find the entire album is completely absent.
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    The Boom player is a good or useful substitute for other free players. Using it and spending money on a subscription, a person does not receive anything.

    Find out how to unsubscribe from the BUM application from

    We cancel any subscription in the AppStore in two working ways

    Paid content distributed by subscription is not news on the iOS operating system. the same Apple Music discloses musical gifts for 169 rubles per month, and cloud storage expands 5 GB of free space. for 59 (the subscription fee for these services is adjusted depending on the selected conditions and changes at a lower or higher cost).

    Some applications from the App Store are paid in the same way (developers always tell about distribution conditions in advance, no one immediately withdraws money), and until the subscription is suspended. But where can I find an item with editing current subscriptions? And how can I cancel my subscription in the AppStore? About everything. in the instructions!

    How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone or iPad (2018)

    Canceling a subscription from a device

    The procedure is straightforward and rooted in the current parameters of the personal Apple ID account:

    • Open the section with “Settings”;
    • At the top of the menu that appears, select the item with individual profile data (in older versions of iOS, those that were before 11, you must go to the App Store settings!);

    Next. select the item “iTunes and App Store”;

    At the top, find the information about the Apple ID connected to the device, then click and expand the drop-down menu;

    From the proposed actions, you need to select the item “View Apple ID” and log in. If you have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner or Face ID technology, the necessary data is picked up and substituted automatically. In other cases, you will have to fill in the text fields about the login and password;

    After going to the settings of the iTunes and App Store section, it will remain to find the “Subscriptions” item, and then. deactivate those services that have not been used for a long time or have no benefit.;

  • The list that appears always displays all the relevant information about the account, you can immediately change the tariffs of the connected subscriptions, if such a choice is available. The same Apple Music offers to pay for all the “music of the world” for 75 rubles for students and schoolchildren, or 1690 for a whole year, receiving savings of 300 rubles;
  • Button. “Unsubscribe” deactivates the service.
  • Cancel using iTunes

      Open the media player, at the top of the menu, call the item “Account” and click “View”;

    Log in to the network using your existing Apple ID account;

  • Scroll the appeared interface to the “Settings” section;
  • The last step is to click on “Subscriptions” and select “Manage”;
  • As in the case of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the developers offer to either deactivate the service, or change the tariff;
  • Changes are accepted immediately, the subscription will expire depending on the last payment date.
  • If the subscriptions are not visible, but the money is still withdrawn, then it is worth checking the following:

    How To Cancel UNWANTED iPhone and iPad App Subscriptions. STOP PAYING Every Month.

    • Is the correct Apple ID selected? Perhaps the device was previously used under a different account (for example, to use American services or early access to applications). Better to double check these possibilities by experimenting with personal data;
    • Are family subscriptions valid? If other participants have weighed the payment on the organizer, then you should refer to the corresponding section in the iOS settings;
    • It is possible that some of the subscription-related transactions are not conducted through Apple, but through third-party systems. For more information, contact Apple Support 24/7. Operators have long understood the Russian language and will certainly help in solving the problems that have arisen.

    By the way, you can directly contact the consultants from Russia at the number: 8-800-555-67-34.

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