Factory Reset Asus Laptop

The third way to reset the BIOS in a laptop to factory settings by entering it

In this method, you need to enter the BIOS and find the “Load BIOS Default” term in the settings. This will restore the default or factory settings.

You will have to confirm your choice with the “Enter” key, and sometimes the settings with the “F10”.

To enter the BIOS, you need to press the “Del”, “Esc” or “F2” key immediately at startup, although other options are also possible.

Please note that newer versions of laptops may NOT have a text screen, but a graphical one. But in general, the scheme is general.

Next, select the desired menu item. usually it is called “Set BIOS Default” or “Use Default Settings”.

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Select it and click “Enter”, and then I confirm my decision. press “Yes”. In principle, both how to enter the BIOS, and how to reset it. all this is also in the documentation for the laptop.

As mentioned above, often the BIOS reset on a laptop must also be confirmed by saving. that is, select the menu item. “Save Exit”, save everything, and then reboot.

Reset Acer laptop to factory settings

To restore Acer to factory settings, turn it off and then turn it back on by holding down the Alt key and pressing the F10 key about once every half second.

The system will ask you to enter a password. The default password is 000000 (six zeros). Select Factory Reset from the menu offered.

Alternatively, your Acer laptop can be reset to factory settings using the Acer eRecovery Management utility.

The second way to reset the BIOS in a laptop is with a jumper

The second way is to reset by a jumper that is close to the aforementioned battery.

The jumper is described as “CLEAR CMOS”, “CLR CMOS” or “RESET BIOS” depending on the motherboard installed in the computer. The appearance of the jumper also depends on the laptop model.

By default, it Closes two contacts. the first and the second. To reset the BIOS, you need to close the second and third pins, wait a few seconds and move everything back to its original position.

If you do not have a jumper, you can use a regular screwdriver holding it in this position for several to tens of seconds (the longer, the better).

Reset HP laptop to factory default settings

To return to factory defaults in HP, Turn off the laptop and disconnect everything connected to it.

Press the F11 key while starting the laptop and hold until it appears, HP Recovery Software. Recovery Manager.

Select “System Restore”. You will be prompted to save the data you need, you can do this.

After completing the recovery process, you receive HP with Windows preinstalled, all HP drivers and software will be installed.

Reset Asus Laptop to Factory Defaults

To do this, immediately after starting the PC, press the F2 key to get into the BIOS settings.

Next, use the arrow keys to go to the “Boot” tab, select “Boot Booster” and put “Disabled”, then save the changes and exit. The laptop will automatically restart.

In Some Asus, to return to factory default, turn it on and press F9 key, you should see a boot screen.

The recovery program will prepare the necessary files and you will be prompted to restore the factory settings. All your data will be deleted.

The recovery process will then be done automatically, without user intervention. The laptop will restart several times during the recovery process.

The first way to reset BIOS settings in a laptop is to remove the battery

There is a small battery on the laptop motherboard that powers the CMOS chip. When it is discharged after several years, the laptop does not remember the date, forgets the settings and, in some cases, refuses to work at all.

If you pull it out, you can instantly reset the BIOS, just unplug the power cord and pull out the battery.

Then unscrew the case cover, then carefully move the small mounting bracket with a match or a toothpick and the battery will pop out of the slot.

Typically a 3-volt lithium battery labeled CR2032 (costs about 5).

WARNING: In CMOS notebooks, the battery is sometimes soldered. In this case, it is better not to touch it, but use the following method.

If your laptop is modern, then you may not need to unscrew anything. Turn the laptop upside down and look at the comments for the inscription “CMOS”.

If there is, then there should be a hole nearby. Put a paperclip or something in it and hold it for about ten seconds.

3 proven ways to reset BIOS on any laptop

In general, if you need to reset the BIOS settings in a laptop, little depends on the name. in almost all of them. For example:

  • Asus (ASUS), x550c, k50c, h81m k, k551l, x552cl.
  • Lenovo (Lenovo) 10160, v570c, c260, g580, g50, g570, b590.
  • HP pavilion, 620, g6 1210sr, 4510, compaq nx6325, MSI z77a g43.
  • Samsung (Samsung) np355v5c, np350v5c, rc530.
  • Acer aspire (Acer) v5 471, v3 771g, v3 571g, 5742g, 8951.
  • Dns (dns) 0170703, dell, packard bell, sony vaio, vgn ns31er.
  • Toshiba satellite (good) a60, prestigio 141a03 shell, MSI h110m pro vh.

The difference may be in the manufacturer of the BIOS, if you need to reset to factory defaults from the manufacturer.

In the same way, it is completely independent of the version of Windows: windows 7, Windows 10, windows 8 or xp are the prerogative of the BIOS itself.

Below we will consider several options for what you will do, including by laptop model.

Factory Reset Samsung Laptop

In Samsung, to restore to factory settings, you can run the Samsung Recovery Solution utility if you have NOT removed it.

Press the F4 key to start restoring Samsung factory settings. Then follow these steps:

Checkpoint “Restore”. Select “Restore Full”

Select a restore point to restore your computer to factory state. You will be prompted to restart the laptop. answer “Yes”, then follow the instructions.

Factory reset Toshiba laptop

To restore factory settings in Toshiba, do this: press and hold the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard (numeric keypad on the right).

Turn on your laptop. Release the 0 (zero) button when it starts to sound. Then a program will appear that will allow you to restore the laptop to factory settings. You just follow the instructions and follow the directions.

Of course, the written recommendations are far from ideal (you can additionally ask in the comments. I always answer).

Fully detailed with all pictures, can only be described for one specific model.

In this post I wanted to describe the options for all models. How did you decide.

However, if something is not clear. write in the comments and I will give you a detailed answer. Success.

System Tools

If you have reinstalled the OS and cleaned the HDD on the laptop, you can resort to using the system recovery tool. This will allow Windows to roll back to a stable state using restore points.

Restoring factory settings on an ASUS laptop

ASUS Notebook allows you to roll back all settings to their original state, but only under certain conditions. In this article, we will talk about restoring factory settings.

RECOVERY utility

Regardless of the operating system installed by default, each ASUS laptop has a special “Recovery” section that stores files for emergency system recovery. This section can be used to restore factory settings, but only in cases where OS reinstallation and hard disk formatting were NOT performed on the device.

Enabling the utility

    Follow the instructions to open the BIOS of your laptop and go to the “Main” page.

Using the utility

    Restart the laptop and while it boots up in the appearance of the Windows logo press the “F9”.

From the opened list, it should be named according to the “Return to original state” block.

Confirm your consent to delete user files.

  • Click on the button “Only the disk where Windows is installed”.
  • Now select the option “Just delete my files”.
  • At the last step, you need to press the button “Reset” or “Reset”.

    The entire subsequent process is carried out in automatic mode, requiring you to only make Some changes to the settings.

    The main disadvantage of this method is the complete removal of any user files from the local disk on which Windows is installed.

    It is also important to roll back the BIOS to its original state. In this process, we told in a separate article on our website.

    Restoring settings on an ASUS laptop

    There are two ways to reset all settings on ASUS laptops depending on the changes you made.

    The considered methods of rolling back a laptop to factory settings should be enough to restore the operating system and the device as a whole. You can also contact us in the comments if you encountered any difficulties.

    How to Factory Reset a Samsung Laptop

    In order to restore this laptop to the factory state, you need to use the Recovery Solution utility that is located in Windows itself. If this utility is available, then restart your computer and press F4, the recovery utility will start.

    • Select the item Restore.
    • Next, the Complete Restore item
    • Selecting a restore point Computer Initial Status.
    • A message appears about Reboot, click “Yes”
    • Follow the system prompts.

    After completing the work, you will need to restart the laptop again in order to activate the recovery made by the program.

    How to Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop

    • First you need to disable the built-in Boot Booster feature that makes your laptop boot up faster. This is done in the BIOS. To do this, turn on the device, press F2 at the start of the boot, get into the BIOS, find where this function is disabled. Go to the Boot tab and there we look for the Boot Booster item, press Enter on it and select Disabled. On the last tab, select Save changes and exit. The laptop will save the settings and restart. After booting, turn off the laptop again.
    • Turn on your device and then press the F9 key. A loading screen will appear.
    • The factory settings program will prepare the data for recovery, after which a message will appear stating whether you really want to recover the data. Don’t forget that everything from the disk will be deleted!
    • Further, DO NOT touch anything, the recovery process is automatic. The computer will restart several times during recovery.
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    Restoring laptop and computer to factory settings

    Factory settings on a laptop may be required in a variety of cases. For example, your computer is heavily clogged with various programs, or errors often occur, the computer is very slow and nothing helps. Also, using a reset, you can get rid of the locked Windows problem.

    All of these problems can be solved by resetting the laptop to factory settings. Let’s get started.

    By the way, I would like to say that there are times when it is impossible to come to the factory settings. The fact is that some users who have bought a laptop, immediately, or after a while, reinstall Windows, which came with the laptop. Hidden partition is often removed to allow recovery to the hard drive.

    It also happens that by calling the wizard for computers, he reinstalls Windows, then, most often, the same thing happens. the recovery partition is deleted. So it’s better to do it all yourself.

    If this happens, you will most likely have to look for a data recovery disc, you can try downloading the image online. The best option, of course, would be to reinstall the system.

    We will move on to those cases where it is possible to bring the laptop to the factory state.

    But this will delete all data from the C drive, Windows will be reinstalled and the key will not be required to enter. After reinstalling and starting the system, the installation of drivers and other components will begin.

    How to factory reset your Acer laptop

    To do this on an Acer laptop, you need to do the following:

    • Turn on the laptop and, while holding Alt, press F10 several times, the system should ask for a password.
    • If you have NOT restored anything before, then the standard password is six zeros (000000).
    • In the window that appears, select Factory reset (reset to factory settings).

    By the way, a return to factory settings can be done in the Windows operating system itself. To do this, you need to find the eRecovery Management utility on your computer, go to the Recovery tab and reset the settings.

    Restoring factory settings on an HP laptop

    So, to carry out this operation on an HP laptop, you need:

    • Turn on the laptop and press the F11 key, the Recovery Manager will appear.
    • Select the item System Recovery (System Recovery).
    • If you are prompted to save the necessary data, saving.
    • The data recovery process will begin, also DO NOT touch anything, the process is automatic and the computer. The computer may restart several times.

    How to Factory Reset a Toshiba Laptop

    To restore a laptop, you will have to carry out how many manipulations:

    • Press the 0 key in the keyboard and hold.
    • Turn on the laptop.
    • I release the 0 key when the computer starts to face.

    The second option to enter on this laptop, if the first did NOT work:

    • I turn off the laptop, then press F12.
    • Do not release your finger from the F12 key, turn on the laptop.
    • Wait for the corresponding window to appear.

    The recovery utility will start, just follow its instructions, it is not so difficult there.

    I hope this article helped you in solving your problems, if you have any questions, ask in the comments.

    Factory reset value asus laptop?

    Working on a laptop gives you flexibility and mobility. Because it is subject to frequent changes, manufacturers must be confident that their systems can withstand nearly every risk, including spills, transport and pushing. However, laptops are still prone to wear and tear, both internally and externally. Laptop errors can include hard drive failure, system crash, insufficient memory, and virus infection.

    In addition to temporary delays in the work of your computer and loss of performance, there is also the problem of the costs of fixing errors, do not speak already in the call of technical support. For fatal laptop bugs in some cases, you may need to ship your laptop back to the manufacturer for repair.

    The system does not start

    If your device refuses to go to the desktop, you can restore the OS using a special disk or a bootable USB flash drive.

    In the case when you purchased a device with an already installed system, it will be easiest to use special buttons to reset to factory settings. Which ones. it is better to find out on the official website of the manufacturer.

    Otherwise, you should use a portable device with the appropriate distribution. Now we perform some steps:

    • Connect a disk or flash drive.
    • Restarting.
    • Specify the boot from the desired location through the BIOS. This is done in the “Boot” menu. Save and exit.
    • Next, it will start from the specified device. Boot into the recovery environment.
    • We are interested in the item “Troubleshooting”. After that, “Returning the computer to its original state”.
    • Indicate whether to save data or not.
    • Select the required OS and start the process.

    How to reset Windows 10 to factory settings

    Along with other operating systems, 10 sometimes malfunctions. If the number of errors goes off scale, and the PC starts to function slowly, it makes sense to return everything to the original settings. It is not at all necessary for this purpose to put the system anew, you only need to resort to a special method of recovery.

    info on factory reset asus laptop

    Can’t Reset Windows 8.1 Asus to Factory Settings?

    This is very frustrating!

    Someone please help. Please help!

    My asus laptop reboots to factory settings. Any way to get my files back?

    I closed my laptop last. Any ideas on what I can do or what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future? All my files show the win 7 license agreements. I have an Asus laptop running 7 home premium.

    When I turned it on today, these are your eggs in one basket. ”There is a backup in the golden rule. To its original factory setting. So, finally, you should have learned the valuable lesson that “everything and programs are gone.” Apparently it rebooted at night and it refreshed its windows.

    How to factory reset an asus k50!

    There seems to be a variety of louis

    Models Marked “K50”, http://www.Notebookcheck.Net/Asus-K50-Series.19560.0.html. How can you reset your owner / user manual? Thanks to!

    What returns the asus k50 to factory settings?

    Unable to factory reset on my asus eee netbook 901

    If you click too late, It won’t work. For certain models in the 901 range only. Some BIOS functions such as “Boot Booster” are applied

    I need to reset my asus 7 laptop windows to factory reset

    This option removes all partitions from your factory reset hard drive on asus laptop. This option removes all partitions from your hard drive and creates a new system partition as drive “C”. Windows recovery for all HD with two partitions. Quoted from http: //support.Asus.com/Troubleshoo. Select the language you want at boot time. 2.

    Partition options: repair Windows and create two new partitions “C” (25%) and “D” (75%). 6. Press [Enter] to select restore and click Next.4. Follow the onscreen instructions for the wizard messages and click Next. 5. This option only deletes the first partition and allows you to keep other partitions, completing the recovery process. Mike

    How are you performing an operation in which you are performing a factory reset. Click ru.Fileerrors.com

    Errors and possible solutions

    Sometimes, after trying to reset Win 10 to its original state, a problem message may appear. This usually indicates corrupted files needed by the process. Most likely, only a clean installation of the operating system will help.

    In addition, the machine often asks you to insert a portable recovery device. The solution is simple. giving the hardware what it wants by creating the Corresponding Component on another computer.

    In addition, there is an option to register your own image, although for this the operating system should work:

    • Downloading the Win 10 image.
    • We mount it. Go to the Sources folder and copy the install.Wim file. Create a “ResetRecoveryImage” directory on any partition other than the system one, and insert an element located in RAM here.
    • Using the command line, we use the command: “reagent / setosimage / path I: \ ResetRecoveryImage / index 1.

    After that, you can again try to run the system reset to the original version.

    Well, as you can see, there are several options for returning the system to health. And at the same time, it is not necessary to enter the license key anywhere.

    I hope at least one of the above methods will help you solve the problem.

    From a running OS

    In general, the whole process has become easier in comparison with previous versions of Microsoft products. This is due to the fact that a new way of storing the tool is used to perform THESE tasks.

    It should be noted right away that in most cases, users will not even need to additionally connect a USB flash drive or disk.

    So, the simplest way can be called the process when the operating system starts. If so, the whole system recovery process on the computer will take just a few steps:

    • We go to “Start” and “Settings”. You can also get to the desired menu by clicking “WinI”.
    • Next, go to Update and Security. We are interested in the item “Recovery”.
    • Now we go to the section “Return the computer to its original.”. We select the button “Start”. If an error suddenly appears, see the next section of the article.
    • We will see a request to save or delete personal files. Indicate the appropriate option. In the case of the latter option, the system will offer a simple erasure of paths to documents or a complete disk cleanup.
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    Important! If you give your device to a second person, and do not want someone to see the data, it is better to choose the second method. True, it takes noticeably longer.

    When we see the inscription in the window “Everything is ready to return this computer.”, click “Reset”.

  • After that, the process will start. As a result, pure Windows 10 will appear on an ASUS laptop or any other laptop.
  • When you select the “Save personal data” checkbox, you can find a folder with the ending “.Old” on the system image, which will contain the files from the previous operating system.

    Reasons for factory reset asus laptop?

    While laptops can be error prone, there are also quick fixes for most of THESE ailments. If your laptop is experiencing slow hard drive processes such as slow file transfers or program load times, your solution is yours. Disk Defragmenter. Upgrade your RAM if your computer needs more memory and has poor performance when using multiple applications. If there are excessive pop-ups, your computer may be infected with a virus.

    Run a free virus scan or install an anti-spyware program. When your hard drive fails and makes loud clicks when accessing data from the hard drive, replace your hard drive or use an online backup site.

    Refresh Windows Tool

    After the release of update 1607, a new item appeared in the recovery options. reinstalling Windows 10 using the Refresh Windows Tool application. In this case, the files that are already on the device are saved. The utility makes it possible to perform a reset when the first option for some reason cannot be carried out. To do this, you need to make some movements:

    • Again we go to the recovery menu. We need to select ” options.”. Click “Find out how to get started.”.
    • A page will open, at the bottom of which we mark “Download the tool now”. After the utility is downloaded to the computer, run it.
    • You will be asked to read the license agreement, I confirm.
    • Next, choose what to do with the data. save or delete. Then the process will start, which will take place in automatic mode.

    The duration of the procedure directly depends on the parameters of the device, the chosen method and the amount of data.

    As a result, users will receive a completely reinstalled x64 or x32 operating system. depending on the operating system used earlier.

    After starting the desktop, it is recommended to perform “Clean up system files”. To do this, press “WinR” and enter “cleanmgr”. Press “Enter” and select the appropriate button. Sometimes it helps to free up to 20 GB of space on the hard drive.

    Restoring your smartphone to work

    Sometimes returning to the original state also helps when using Windows Mobile. This is usually necessary when the phone freezes or stops performing its functions correctly.

    Important! Remember that during the procedure, all data on the phone will be deleted.

    The reset looks like this:

    • We go to “Settings”.
    • We are interested in “Device Information”.
    • Now we select “Reset settings”.

    If the mobile device refuses to perform any actions, it is necessary to perform an authoritative recovery:

    • Hold down the power buttons and volume up simultaneously for 15 seconds.
    • As soon as the vibration starts, you must press the volume down and hold until an exclamation mark appears on the display.
    • Next, one by one, click on adding volume, decreasing, power and again decreasing.

    This will result in a complete reset. All data will be deleted.

    It is worth noting that everything is carried out exactly the same on the tablet.

    What is a Windows factory reset

    Let’s start with the fact that the factory settings are the PC configuration, which is installed initially and is the main one for this unit of equipment. All changes that were made by the user during use “knock” the factory settings and the computer is considered NOT new. Resetting to the settings “out of the box”. transition to the original state, ie. Getting rid of user settings in general, and in some cases, even from files and other data that were left after him.

    It is recommended that you reset only when it is really necessary. Please note that if you have previously reinstalled Windows either by yourself or with the help of computer system wizards, you may NOT be able to go to factory settings. The whole point is that if you reinstall incorrectly (stupidly from one disc on which a pirated copy of Windows is written), a special recovery partition disappears on the Hard Disk, in which a copy of the installation version is stored.

    This indicates that it will simply not be possible to go to the factory settings. you will need the same distribution kit, which was used initially, and not any other (even if the Windows versions are the same). Otherwise, you will NOT return the computer to its original form (programmatically) in any way. Therefore, treat reinstalling Windows more judiciously and seriously. if you use the services of wizards, ask them to reinstall Windows so that the recovery partition is not affected. If, nevertheless, the recovery partition has been deleted. all you can do is install any convenient version of Windows using the clean installation method (with the removal of all data) and at least somehow, but create the appearance of a reset to the factory settings.

    How to reset Windows 8 | 8.1 to factory settings

    In the case of Windows 8, things are more favorable. The system interface provides for the use of the built-in factory reset program directly from the “Control Panel”, as well as from the “additional boot options”. Let’s look at this in more detail to improve understanding.

    • In this version of Windows, the usual “Control Panel” is there, but you can go an easier way to enter the desired menu. You just need to swipe the screen from top to bottom. This can be done both from the regular interface and from the Metro panel;
    • Select “Options”, and then “Change computer settings”:
    • If you have version 8. select “General”, if 8.1. “Update and recovery”. We have the second option, so we select the Corresponding item. Then everything happens the same way in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1;
    • We select the item “Recovery” and we get three ways to restore the state of the system;
    • The first option is a recovery without deleting files, i.e. Depending on which restore point will be selected. This is not a return to factory settings, so we discard this option. The second point is to completely delete all user files, accounts on the computer, etc. The system will be reinstalled from the hidden partition if it is not removed. Otherwise, you will need the distribution kit of the version of Windows that was installed initially. otherwise you will not be able to go to the same factory settings. The third option is a combination of the first two and additional ones, which in this case are NOT relevant.
    • Click “Start” under the second option and go through all the stages with the “Recovery Wizard” gradually. After that, the computer will restart and return to its original state. The process is NOT fast, but is next to the PC at this time will be needed (not always. when the system is reinstalled, you can move away).

    How to reset Windows 7 to factory settings

    Unfortunately, the “seven” Plasma has a quick reset to factory settings, which is an obstacle to returning the computer to its original form without using additional knowledge. If your task is to return your computer to its original state, you can use the following options:

    • Due to “Troubleshoot computer problems” in “Advanced Boot Options”;
    • Using your distribution kit, which came with a PC or laptop.

    If you are more inclined to the second option, then you just need to boot from the distribution and select system restore there. Then everything will happen along the knurled.

    In the case of the first option, you need to get to the menu “Additional download options”. For most computers (laptops), this can be done with the F8 key, which must be pressed immediately after the computer starts booting (without exiting standby or hibernation). When it is downloaded, you need to select “Troubleshoot computer problems”.

    Next, you will go to the “System Recovery Options” window. It contains some features that can actually be used to boot the system as a whole. Among them, either a built-in reset or a proprietary one will be hidden. In this case, for example, we have the option to restore the factory settings of a Toshiba laptop.

    You will need to go to this item and follow the prompt of the built-in utility so that you can restore the factory settings. Please note that all files on the Hard Drive that you used / saved will be permanently deleted.

    How to reset Windows 10 to factory settings

    The top ten retains the same recovery functionality as in Windows 8, but to get there, you need to go a slightly different path.

    • To do this, go to “Start” and click “Options”;
    • In the parameters, select “Update and Security”:
    • Among the expanded list of items (in different versions of Windows 10, it may look different), we find the item “Recovery” and click it:
    • The recovery tools menu items have become the second, but we only need one: “Reset the computer to its original state”;
    • After clicking the “Start” button, you will be presented with two options:
      a) Just delete files from PC (without reinstalling the system);
      b) Completely reinstall the system and delete files. real factory reset.
      You just choose what you need and then you will need to wait until the end of the process to return to the standard settings.

    The debate about which is better than Windows 10 or Windows 7 does NOT subside. This phenomenon is NOT random. Microsoft developers claim that nothing is better than Windows 10, and experienced users say the opposite, they say the system is more reliable than Windows 7 now.

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    Sometimes, when installing programs or applications, a message appears on the computer screen stating that error 5 Windows 10 has occurred. This means that the user is denied access. This happens if there are several accounts in the system.

    For a long time, we have not had large reviews on our site, let alone such global ones, which are associated with updating / reinstalling the operating system. This is a concise but very helpful overview of how to upgrade to Windows.

    Factory reset Windows

    Computers love “cleanliness”, both on the hard drive and dust-free on the hardware. If the second question can be dealt with easier. just to clean, then with the first it is not so easy. The main problem of novice users is the desire to install more “useful” programs and the inability to properly use the computer’s disk space, which entails malfunctions in its operation. When the situation is at its peak, users have no choice but to reset Windows to factory settings. Our article will describe in detail how to restore the system to the “out of the box” view for different versions, starting with Windows 7.

    3 comments on “Factory reset Windows”

    I have tried this more than once, but I want to install Win7 back, and I constantly have some kind of errors, although before reinstalling from the disk went fine

    What to do if sound disappears from music and video in Windows 10, but applications have

    My fault is 10, I did everything and for several hours already everything stopped at:
    Installing Windows 65%
    Do not turn on the computer. It may take some time.
    Restart the computer several times.

    Windows 7 System Restore

    In this version of the OS, you must first create a disk with an image of the system that you will be recovering. To do this, the optical drive in the laptop must be working. To make such a disc, you need to insert an empty disc into the drive. Click the “Start” button and in the search bar type “Create”, and then the appropriate option in the list of found. The process Takes very little time. just as much as the occasion needs to write data to the dummy.

    Windows 7 recovery algorithm

    • Insert DVD with image into optical drive.
    • Reboot laptop.
    • Press the F12 button to call the Boot menu.
    • Select boot from optical drive.
    • Confirm the readiness to restore the system, clicked the “OK” button.
    • Agree to overwrite the hard drive, clicked “OK”.
    • If there are several disks, insert them into the drive one by one when the corresponding notifications appear.
    • Press the “OK” button after the notification that the system restore was successful.

    Process Takes an average of 30 minutes. After restarting the laptop, ASUS Preload Wizard will launch. a system recovery wizard. What to do next:

    • Select Russian language and click “Next”.
    • Set the switch to the “Restore the operating system to the first partition” position.
    • Press “Next” a couple of times, then “Finish”.
    • After the restoration is complete, click “OK”.

    Then you can restart your laptop. ASUS Recovery prepares your computer for first use. Then everything is configured in the same way as when starting the newly installed OS: the interface language is selected, the username is entered, the password, date and time are set.

    How to Reset ASUS Laptop to Factory Settings

    It is recommended to pre-save important data that is stored on the C: drive, including the contents of the desktop (if you store there, for example, working documents). The “risk group” includes photos and videos from the folders of all computer users, downloads, directories created by applications, as well as saves from computer games.

    In the latter case, a lot depends on what year the game was released: the older ones store saves in the directory with the saved game in the Saves folder, while the new ones record the save and configuration files in the documents of each user.

    How to factory reset an asus laptop. What is the Recovery program used for?

    ASUS Recovery is a branded utilities from a Taiwanese component manufacturer that is software-embedded into the firmware of laptops of this brand. The backups that are created with this program help restore system data, including partially damaged.

    The utility will help you reset your laptop to ASUS factory settings if important files are damaged in case of lags, malware actions or after incorrect user attempts. Reconfigure the OS to increase its performance. This is not the only tool of this kind, but it is extremely convenient. Utilities similar in purpose are available in the arsenal of other brands that produce laptops.

    The main thing to remember is that such software is “sharpened” for a specific brand, so a program like HP or Toshiba is not suitable for resetting Windows on an ASUS laptop. Similarly, the advisability of using ASUS Recovery when using a laptop of another brand is doubtful: it may be that it will not work to zero the OS.

    Create a system restore point

    Owners of ASUS notebooks can create a Windows restore point. its image, when everything you need is already configured and working. After recording the rollback point to disk when using Recovery, you will be able to choose what exactly needs to be restored. “clean” Windows or configured and efficient. The latter option is preferable in that in case of damage to system files, you do not need to perform additional manipulations after recovery, as well as install previously used applications.

    After launching ASUS Recovery in Windows, select the System Protection option in the graphical interface and click the Create button. Additional settings are set using the Advanced button. The checkpoint creation process will take some time. Upon completion, a corresponding notification will appear. Now, when you restore Windows from this point, you will save user data on the laptop and you will not have to re-configure everything.

    If the device boots normally

    In this case, everything is done exactly the same as if Windows is damaged. The difference is that in this case, you can restore your personal files if you select the appropriate option. How exactly to do this will be discussed below.

    If Windows does not boot

    In case of partial or complete damage to system files or partitions, Windows may NOT boot and require some action from the user. Unlike laptops of some brands, ASUS rarely has a separate button to launch the operating system recovery utility. However, there is a function key F9 with which you can invoke the standard troubleshooting menu.

    Recovering your ASUS laptop using recovery is pretty easy if you do it right. After entering the reset menu, highlight the recovery period marked with EMS Enabled and press the Enter key. If you press the F8 key, you can select additional recovery options, but this is usually not required.

    A warning will follow to delete all user files. It is recommended to save them even before starting the operating system recovery procedure. It is imperative to restore the OS to the first partition. exactly the one where Windows was originally installed.

    Therefore, you need to select the item “Restore Windows to the first partition”, set the Corresponding checkbox, and click the “Next” button. The system recovery process will begin, which takes place in automatic mode. During the recovery of the laptop, you will need to reboot several times. This is normal and should not be a concern for the laptop owner.

    As a result, you will get a “clean” OS. exactly the same as immediately after installation. Then you can adjust its operating parameters according to your own preferences, connect to the Internet, install applications: everything is the same as when installing Windows “From scratch”.

    System Restore on Windows 10

    The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • Press the “Start” button.
    • Select “Settings”.
    • Named “Update and Security”.
    • Select Recovery. “Restore this PC”.
    • Click the button “Start” or Get started.
    • From all options further select “Restore factory settings”. Restore factory settings.
    • Next “Only the disk where Windows is installed”.
    • If you need to restore user data, select the item “Move files and clean up disk”, otherwise “Just delete files”.

    Everything is ready to restore Windows 10. It remains to click the “Restore” button and wait for the procedure to finish.

    When restoring a pirated copy of Windows, the operating system may display the message “Recovery disc required”. In this case, you need to use the installation disc with the exact assembly that was on your laptop. Please note that an error may occur during the recovery process and it will be impossible to recover data.

    In case of physical damage to the hard drive, you need to contact the ASUS service center for data recovery. Data from a non-working hard disk has to be restored in a special laboratory. completely sterile and sealed. This insures against the ingress of microscopic dust particles on the surface of the magnetic disk, its demagnetization and data loss.

    It is extremely difficult to correctly recover information in artisanal conditions. it is impossible to achieve sterile conditions and a complete absence of dust at home or in a workshop.

    Reset on Asus Laptop. How to Restore Factory Settings

    System Restore on an ASUS laptop in some cases helps restore Windows performance in case of accidental damage to system files. This instruction will describe how to do this for a novice user, what it will give, what you should pay attention to during the recovery process.