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How to Transfer All Data from Old Galaxy to New

There were times when “moving” from one phone to another, and as a result, transferring all data from the first to the second was another challenge. Years passed and the developers of mobile software did not stand still, but developed special applications that allow transferring data in just a few simple movements, without spending a single nerve cell. So various brands, including Samsung, have developed and released their data transfer software called Smart Switch, which is designed to make life much easier for users and help them in the simplest way possible to transfer all their data from an old smartphone to a new one, without losing a single one. photos or contact.

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How to switch from an old Galaxy smartphone to a new one using Smart Switch

  • If for some reason Smart Switch is not on your device, you need to download it before proceeding.
  • Open the Smart Switch app on both phones and tap Send Data or Receive Data on the respective device.
  • Press “By Cable” or “By Wireless” on the transmitting device to select the data transfer method.
    • Wirelessly, the phones will connect automatically when they detect each other, and then start sending and receiving data wirelessly.
    • If you choose the “By cable” option, you will need to connect both phones directly to each other using a USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cable with the OTG adapter installed that comes with the phone.
  • On the old phone, select what you want to send to the new phone; including messages, apps, photos, your home screen settings and more.
  • After selecting the data you want to send, the phone will tell you how large the data transfer will be and how long it will take.
    • If you are going to transfer several gigabytes of data, then it is better to do it through a cable to speed up the process.
    • When transferring more than 5 GB of data wirelessly, be prepared for it to take at least 30 minutes.
  • Click “Submit” and allow data transfer. For the best (and fastest) result, leave both phones alone for the duration of the transfer.
  • Smart Switch is not a comprehensive backup and restore program that will directly copy everything to a new phone, but it is a good way to fill in the many gaps left by the underlying backup and restore system connected to your Google account. Don’t expect Smart Switch to transfer all the data from your individual app or copy every bit of information, but it will do a lot of small and subtle things that you will appreciate later when you just use your new smartphone, instead of confusedly poking around in the settings.

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    Transfer Files to Samsung via USB Cable

    Although it is generally not recommended to use a USB cable to transfer data from one Samsung phone to another, you can use it to copy your photos and videos from your old phone.

    • Connect your old Samsung Galaxy to PC via USB cable;
    • Go to “My Computer” and click on the name of your mobile device;
    • Open the SD card or internal memory of the phone, which contains the desired photos, videos or VCF;
    • You can find photos and videos in the “DCIM” folder or see VCFs (contacts) in the storage folder;

    Transfer any data you need to Samsung via Bluetooth

    Transferring data using Bluetooth is not the fastest and most efficient method of transferring data. But if there is no stable Wi-Fi connection nearby, Bluetooth transfer can be the panacea you need.

    • Turn on Bluetooth function on both Samsung devices;
    • Connect the old and new gadgets using a password to establish a connection;
    • On the source Samsung device, select the target file, such as contact, picture, video, note and others;
    • Click on the “Share” button and select Bluetooth;
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    Samsung Data Transfer software to transfer data from phone to phone

    A convenient tool that allows you to transfer files from one smartphone to another is the “Samsung Data Transfer” program. It allows you to transfer data, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and applications. It supports both data exchange between Android devices, and between Android and iOS, and essentially iOS devices.

    Let’s see how you can transfer information from Samsung to Samsung using this program:

      Install “Samsung Data Transfer” software (Windows, Mac) on your PC;

    After completing the copy procedure, the marked data will be transferred to Samsung.

    SHAREit. free data transfer app

    “SHAREit”. it is a free application designed to transfer files between Android phones. To transfer data from Samsung device to Samsung device, make sure the sending and receiving phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

    To transfer something from Samsung to Samsung follow these steps:

    • Install “SHAREit” on both gadgets;
    • On your old phone, tap on “Send”;
    • Select the items you want to transfer. Then click on “Submit” again;
    • On a new Samsung phone, tap on “Receive”;
    • Complete the file transfer process.

    How to Transfer Data from Samsung Phone to Samsung

    Many of us are stalwarts of Samsung phones. High-quality, durable, functional. they serve us faithfully, delighting us with their merits for many years. But there comes a time when our device becomes obsolete, and we decide to buy the next gadget. After purchasing a smartphone, we are faced with the need to transfer data from an old device to a new one, which seems to be a grueling and time-consuming process. But not everything is so scary! Below we will analyze how to quickly copy all data from the old Samsung to the new Samsung. And also what tools will help us with this.

    Smart Switch. help to transport files from one Samsung to another

    Smart Switch application. It is a free app to transfer photo, audio and other files from old Samsung to new Samsung. In addition to supporting Samsung devices, the functionality of the program allows you to transfer files from other phones based on the OS, Android, iOS and Blackberry. The application supports transferring contacts, call logs, messages, applications, images, video, audio, documents, phone settings, home screen.

    To transfer information using this software, do the following:

    • Download and install the Smart Switch app on both devices;
    • Launch the application on your old phone, and select the “Wireless” data transfer method (using Wi-Fi);

    Among the methods listed above, allowing you to transfer the necessary data from one Samsung to another Samsung, the first three methods are most effective. The last two methods have low efficiency and are more time consuming. Therefore, we recommend methods using external applications and programs.

    We use an SD card

    If your old Android has an SD card, you would still most likely move it to the new one, right? At the same time, you can take the opportunity to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

    The principle is the same: open Settings, select Import / Export contacts and click on the Export button, but select the memory card as the storage location. Then we move our SD card to the new phone and import it as described above.

    Contacts will be saved to the SD card in a special vCard format (.vcf). You can usually find them in the root directory of your memory card.

    Exported Android contacts in vCard format

    How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android?

    Have you just bought a new Android smartphone with improved operating system, design and performance? Before using it, you need to configure it: let’s start by transferring contacts from old Android.

    Be sure to transfer data from your old one before enjoying the latest games, apps and features on your new Android. This article will show you several ways to transfer phonebook from Android to Android.

    We use a Google account

    Every Android user has a Google account and can use it to sync contacts between devices. To do this, on old Android go to Settings, select Google Accounts and then your Google Account.

    Synchronization settings will open. Set the Contacts switch to the On position (it is usually on by default). Then tap Options Sync to sync your device with your Google account.

    Samsung Smart Switch 2020. Transfer ALL Your Data, FAST!

    Now on your new device, sign in with the same Google account. After a while, contacts from the old Android will appear in your phone book. It should be noted that only those contacts that are stored in the device memory are synchronized.

    Synchronizing contacts with your Google account

    We use Bluetooth

    Another method does not require any manual manipulation of changing cards. Contacts from Android to Android can be transferred via Bluetooth. For this method to work, all contacts must be stored in the memory of your old phone.

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    Turn on both Android devices and establish a Bluetooth connection between them. To do this, you need to enable the Visibility to other devices option in the wireless network settings of both phones.

    Then, on the old device, go to Contacts, select Share Options. Select all contacts and select Bluetooth as the transmission channel. We initiate the transfer of data between the old and the new smartphone (if necessary, enter the password) and wait for it to end.

    Sending contacts via Bluetooth

    We use a SIM card

    The easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to Android is manually. Copy the contacts of your old Android phone to the SIM card: go to Contacts on your phone, tap Options Settings, select Import / Export Contacts and tap on the Export button. Select the SIM card as the export destination.

    Transferring contacts using a SIM card

    Remove the SIM card from the old phone and insert it into the new phone. Now import contacts from old Android phone to new Android: go to Contacts and select Settings Import / Export Contacts Import. Select SIM card as import source. Contacts will be downloaded to the device.

    Please note that the memory capacity of the SIM card is not large. On average, it stores 100-200 numbers. If you have a larger phone book, use the methods described below.

    Upgrade to Samsung galaxy S20 series. How to get the right/Fair exchange value of old Samsung phone

    We use the application

    Finally, another method to transfer contacts between Android devices is to use third-party programs designed specifically for this. There are a lot of them, both mobile and desktop.

    For example, among mobile applications, we can recommend Transfer Contacts, which can transfer contacts to Android not only from Android, but also from iPhone, BlackBerry, as well as from Nokia, LG or any old phone that has Bluetooth. The app is shareware, but the paid version costs a penny.

    Transfer Contacts transfers contacts from any phone with Bluetooth

    As an example of a PC program, we can mention, for example, the free Syncios iOS Android Manager Free application. This software can not only transfer your contact list from Android to Android (as well as iOS), but also transfer photos, text messages, call log, calendar, music, videos, apps.

    Syncios for Android has fewer functions than for iOS, but can transfer contacts

    Connecting a wired monopod to a Samsung smartphone.

    Connect the selfistik monopod wire through the 3.5mm headphone jack to your smartphone or tablet. If the “Headset” icon appears on the top panel of the phone, near the battery level of the phone, then you have successfully connected the monopod to Samsung. Launch the Selfishop camera program, go to “Settings” (upper right corner of the screen), select “Monopod Connection Assistant”.

    • The first step is in the “Monopod Connection Assistant”. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. You have already connected the monopod to Samsung.
    • Second step. Press the button on the monopod. The button code appears on the screen. For example: code 88 or another code. It’s good, the monopod is successfully connected to the Samsung smartphone.
    • Step three. Settings are saved. Congratulations! Take photos with Selfishop camera.

    Compatible or not compatible?

    We collect statistics on the compatibility of Samsung phones with monopods. selfie sticks. At the moment we have statistics on 410 models of Samsung smartphones.

    Shooting by pressing the volume button.

    Unfortunately, not all Samsung smartphone models recognize a monopod (selfie stick) in a standard camera. In the camera settings, look for “Shooting by pressing the volume button”, if you have such an item, then you are lucky and there is a chance that a standard camera will shoot from a monopod. If not, then install a third-party program that can do this. For example, our program “Selfishop Camera” which can recognize any monopods.

    So, you have a Samsung phone and you bought a monopod. Install the Selfishop camera program on your smartphone. The monopod may not work in the standard Samsung Camera software.

    Connecting Bluetooth Selfistik Monopod to Samsung Smartphone.

    Connecting a monopod with a Bluetooth button to the phone (Selfie Pro. Yunteng 1288, Selfie Mix. Z07-1, Selfie King. Dispho, Selfie Hit. Selftimer, Selfie Star. KJStar) Samsung smartphone. The good news is that bluetooth connectivity usually isn’t a problem. Problems arise if the monopod is broken.

    So, you have a monopod with a Bluetooth button. Bluetooth buttons are built into the handle of the monopod and separate remote buttons. Selfie buttons are battery operated so they can be tested immediately upon receipt. The remote control with a built-in Bluetooth button needs to be charged for 30-50 minutes before use.

    We proceed directly to the connection. First, turn on the power of the bluetooth button on the remote control or on the monopod with the on / off switch (Selfie Mix, Selfie Pro, Selfie Star), or by long pressing the power button (Selfie Hit, Selfie King). Depends on the model. After turning on the power, the indicator light will light up and in a second it will start blinking. If the lamp does not light up, the monopod is discharged or broken. Call the seller and try to exchange it.

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    Bluetooth button is on, indicator is flashing. Now activate bluetooth on your phone, in the bluetooth settings, start “Search for devices”. The phone will search for a monopod for a few seconds. When the monopod name appears on the Samsung smartphone phone screen:

    • Selfie Mix. AB Shuter, Aple Mler;
    • Selfie Hit. Icanany Selfie,
    • Selfie Star. KJStar;
    • Selfie King. Winnersun;
    • Selfie Pro. Yunteng;

    click on the name of the monopod. The word “Pairing” will appear under the name of the monopod. Then start the Selfishop camera program, press the capture button and take a picture. Congratulations on your first successful shot! Use monopods! As a rule, Bluetooth monopods send standard codes: 66, 24, 25. And our program is configured for them. But if your monopod sends other codes, then in the program settings you can set your codes.

    What to do if the wired monopod is not connected.

    Return the wired monopod to the seller, and exchange it for a selfie stick with a bluetooth button or a remote button. Selfistik Monopod with Bluetooth connection should connect without problems. If it is impossible to return and exchange the monopod, do not worry! Buy a separate Bluetooth remote button from us and you will have a full-fledged monopod. Only the cord will be superfluous, but this is nothing! Selfishop is always happy to help!

    How to connect a monopod to a Samsung smartphone or tablet

    Monopod. a new gadget that allows you to take safe selfies, joint family photos and interesting photos and videos that cannot be taken with your hands. It is very convenient when traveling, because takes up little space. The advantages of a monopod are obvious and indisputable, so you need to be careful about buying a selfie stick for your Samsung smartphone or tablet. And, despite the seeming simplicity, you need to learn how to use the monopod.

    Participation rules

    In addition to the aforementioned replacement conditions, customers, visitors to telecom stores, need to know the following nuances:

    A complete list of rules and requirements for participants is indicated on the official website of the program.

    How to exchange an old phone for a new one in Megafon?

    Those wishing to change an old smartphone to a modern device will have to do the following:

    The first point is required, since not all existing points of sale accept outdated gadgets.

    Promotion period

    The described offer did not appear yesterday, the telephone company has been offering customers to make profitable purchases for almost a year now. The promotion started in mid-December 2017 and has not stopped until now.

    Megaphone. exchange of an old phone for a new one

    But each promotion has its own characteristics, terms and conditions that must be followed. People who decide to take advantage of the discount should familiarize themselves in advance with all the most important nuances and details regarding participation in the telephone operator’s program. You should not ignore the reasons that convinced the cellular company to agree to such conditions, because, given the solid cost of modern smartphones, visitors will be entitled to a significant price reduction, which can hardly be called profitable for communication salons.

    Products participating in the promotion

    Special consideration should be given to devices that can be used to participate in the Megafon campaign “Exchange a phone for a new one”. Depending on the condition of the device, the phone company has divided smartphones into 5 categories:

    • in great condition;
    • in working order;
    • broken, but with an excellent body;
    • broken, with a working body;
    • marriage.

    All devices that fall into the category of “marriage” are not accepted, regardless of the cost.

    When evaluating a gadget and assigning it to one of the categories, the manager studies:

    • display status;
    • scuffs and scratches on the case;
    • button operation.
    • Lg.
    • Samsung.
    • Apple.
    • Sony.

    Additional Information

    Separate attention should be paid to the criteria for refusal in the exchange, under which the visitor will not receive privileges. The device must:

    • have the correct IMEI (the information on the case must match the real information);
    • start up and respond to the owner’s actions (via the display, since damage to the buttons is allowed);
    • not linked to an account.

    Sometimes large chips and scratches on the display lead to refusal. Screen health is important for several Samsung models.

    The program does not provide for other restrictions and important requirements, but if you have any doubts and if you want to get additional information, you should call the company’s contact center. Support operators will definitely clarify and clarify all incomprehensible points and nuances.