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Connecting Graphics Tablet To Phone

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Setting for stable performance

First of all, you should install the drivers on your personal computer, which are included in the kit. Please note that they are suitable for legacy Windows and Mac OS series. After that, Install standard applications for work. If you are waiting for something from Photoshop, you should immediately disappoint, they are not. Includes Corel Developer Products.

I was very surprised by the meager set of adjustable parameters, in principle, they can be counted on one hand. Function assignments for touch keys, changing the orientation of the working surface and pen sensitivity.

It is worth noting that at first the pen works quite roughly, but after several permutations in the settings, everything becomes perfect.


The dimensions of the graphic device in question are 33.9×20.5×0.85 millimeters, of which the working surface for interaction is 10×6.25 millimeters. The resolution of the working area is 4000 lines per inch, do not look at the amateur class of the device. this is a very good indicator.

Touch sensitivity recognizes up to 2048 levels, 200 pps baud rate, and maximum pen motion detection height of 10 millimeters.

Connections with external devices via a full-size USB port, the weight of the tablet is 512 grams, for a beginner and a novice artist within acceptable values. There are 8 customizable keys on the surface. In principle, a very good tablet, a large surface for interaction and an acceptable price for the average user.


The buyer of a graphic device will NOT be pleased with its economical package:

  • User manual
  • Graphic device
  • Pen
  • Electronic pen stand
  • Battery for pen
  • Two additional tips and a tool for changing them
  • Driver disk
  • Computer application suite

And this is all explained by the budget line of this computer device.

Outer outline

The body is made of black plastic, the placement of the touch keys and other elements of the gadget is thought out, the designers approached with all seriousness. Very slim, and most importantly. ergonomic, suitable for both left-handers and right-handers.

The pen is cordless, but you will have to periodically change the internal battery. Unfortunately, the creators did not think about its design and ergonomics. It feels like you are holding some kind of pipe. There are two keys on the body, can be used as a mouse.

Disassembling the handle is very simple. unscrewed, removed the old battery, inserted a new one, and screwed everything back.

Pen stand

In the best tradition, the handle stand is made in the form of a cone, which makes it more stable, so it is unlikely to overturn or accidentally fall.

Handpiece attachment

The image above shows the nib changer on an electronic pen.

Budget device from Genius

Such a specific product as a graphics tablet is not necessary for everyone, and you should not immediately run and buy the first graphics device you like, because you just wanted to. Such a product was released for designers, computer artists, to make it easier for them to communicate in programs for creating graphic projects. After all, everyone, at least once enters Paint, found that it is not very convenient to draw with a mouse.

So, using the example of the Genius EasyPen F610E gadget, we will touch on the topic of how to connect a graphics tablet on android to facilitate the creation of fine arts using a computer.

Android connection

In case you have a regular tablet, it can also be used as a graphics tablet, for this you need:

  • Install the standard editor for Linux. GIMP
  • Tablet application. XorgTablet
  • Driver for your tablet for Linux

This combination of application packages will allow you to connect a regular Android tablet to your computer and use its graphical surface. However, not all tablets support this function, for some the screen is simply not designed for such work.

A little advice

Sometimes users of tablets on OS Android have a problem: how to unlock the graphic key of the tablet if they have forgotten it.

Japanese Graphics Tablet

Founded in Japan in 1983, Wacom is at the forefront of the pen tablet markets. All thanks to the patented technology of energy transmission using electromagnetic induction.

The goal of the company is the realization of harmonious interaction between a person and a personal computer. Therefore, a graphic tablet from Wacom has become one of the fundamental tools for every artist.

Wacom logo

Using graphic tablets (for beginners)

Drawing or other operations that can be done with the tablet are based on the correct use of the pen (stylus). So, before using a graphic tablet: take a pen like a regular pencil, brush or pen. Function Keys Must Beat Conveniently Placed Under Your Fingers.

Before using the graphics tablet, you need to do eye-hand coordination exercises:

  • We launch any graphics editor. Select the most standard Line tool and draw a grid with square cells. cell size 20-25 mm. Initially, we use the mouse for drawing.
  • Select the “Pencil” tool in the graphics editor and draw a thick dot at each intersection of the grid lines with the pen on the graphics tablet.
  • We repeat step 2, but only draw a cross (X) at each intersection.
  • When the two previous points are done, it clears the screen and starts drawing something.

The tablet itself has a handy Touch Ring and a set of custom buttons that you can assign, for example:

  • Brush selection
  • Color selection
  • Switch between tools

Wacom Standard Pen for IntuosPro

For the convenience of the user, the tablet software includes a special display function. Heads-Up-Display, which allows you to quickly reconfigure the tablet, and not be interrupted from work. The tablet has a built-in Wi-Fi interface that allows you to use the tablet at a distance of 10 meters from the workplace.

The Cintiq combines IntuosPro tablet technology, but lets you get work done right on your tablet’s interactive display. Depending on the size, the graphic tablet weighs from 1.2 kg to 29 kg. The smallest tablet in this family is 13 inches, but even it is not equipped with a battery, the tablets are powered via the network.

This requires:

  • GIMP graphics editor
  • XorgTablet Tablet App
  • Tablet drivers (Linux only)

The graphical editor is installed by default in the Ubuntu assembly on Linux OS. The XorgTablet application can be downloaded from the link http://sourceforge.Net/projects/xorgtablet/files/XorgTablet/.

Driver link:

To use an Android tablet, you just need to install the application on it (2), install drivers on the PC (3) and work as on a regular graphics tablet.

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But there is one feature, not all tablets are able to detect the level of pressure on the screen. To be completely similar to a graphics tablet, you must choose a tablet with an active digitizer and digital pen. For example, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with a Wacom digitizer.

All the company’s products are divided into three groups:

  • Designer tablets
  • Office and home tablets
  • Business tablets

Design tablets are the most sought-after group in the graphics technology market. Therefore, Wacom has released a dedicated professional line. the IntuosPro graphic tablet and the Cintiq interactive pen display.

IntuosPro graphic tablets

The Wacom Grip Pen, which comes with the tablet, has a sensitive tip. 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, recognizes the minimum pressure of 1 gram. Built-in pen position sensor allows tilt angle detection up to 60 degrees.

So, to get to the settings for a Wacom pen tablet, you need to:

  • Go to the “Start” menu
  • Open the “All Programs” menu
  • Select “Wacom Tablet” folder
  • Launches Wacom Tablet Properties

Your pen tablet automatically adds settings to the settings for any pen you use. you just need to bring it up to the tablet. Each pen has its own personal settings.

Graphics Tablet Settings Panel

connecting, graphics, tablet, phone

In the settings window there is an item “Application”. It serves to define the tablet settings for each individual program. To add a program to the list, press the key.

Customizing Wacom Tablets

Before setting up your graphics tablet, you need to check the drivers for your device. So, Bring the tablet pen to the upper right corner of the tablet and press there with the stylus. the cursor on the PC screen should move there. Then move the pen to the lower left corner of the tablet and press down there. If the cursor has moved, the drivers are installed, otherwise reinstall or reinstall them from the disk or from the official website of the manufacturer, according to the tablet model.

If the drivers are installed correctly, proceed to disabling TabletPC services. To do this, go to the “Start” menu and write “services.Msc” in the search bar.

Opening system services

In the opened services, we are looking for the “Tablet PC Input Service”.

Double-click on it with the mouse and first stop the service. click “Stop”, and then disable it. select the “Disable” startup type. Reboot PC.

Stopping and disabling the service

All basic preparations are completed, but before using a graphic tablet, you need to customize it for yourself.

Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and other devices with S Pen as a graphics tablet

The most interesting in the context of the topic under consideration are the Galaxy Note smartphones and Samsung tablets that support the pressure-sensitive S-Pen and are equipped with a Wacom digitizer. We can take advantage of all these advantages and transform a mobile device into an almost complete graphic tablet:

  • Download the VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen) application on your phone or tablet, available for free on the Play Store: (there is also a paid version without ads).
  • Download and install the VirtualTablet Server program on your computer, available at
  • Start VirtualTablet Server on the computer after installation. If you plan to connect via Bluetooth, then when prompted by the program, allow the search, in my example I connect via Wi-Fi (the computer and smartphone must be connected to the same network). Wait until the Status field in the program reads Ready. Please note that it must not be blocked by a firewall.
  • After starting the server, launch the VirtualTablet application on your phone or tablet, and then select the connection type: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB (for the last point, you will need to enable USB debugging on Android).
  • When using a Wi-Fi connection, if both devices are connected to the same network, you will see a list of servers in the application (or you can manually enter the IP address). Select the required server and click the “Connect” button in the application.

Done, the virtual graphics tablet on your mobile device is launched and can be used in graphics programs.

For example, paint in Photoshop using all the additional features of the brushes, and if Windows Ink Workspace functions become available on your computer (the icon usually appears automatically in the notification area), you can also conveniently use the free Microsoft Fresh Paint application (available in the Windows 10 store).

If necessary, you can change the pressure and travel sensitivity of the pen in VirtualTablet Server on your computer. Also, pay attention to the following point: if your computer uses more than one monitor, the graphics tablet will only work for the monitor number 1 in Windows.

How to use Android as a graphics tablet for your computer

Among other interesting options for using an Android phone or tablet, one can single out the use of a mobile device as a graphics tablet for drawing on a computer, this will be discussed in this material. See Also: Unusual Ways to Use Android.

This feature is most interesting for Samsung Galaxy Note phones and other devices with support for a pressure-sensitive pen. But, if you wish, you can take advantage of such opportunities on second Android devices: the only thing is that drawing accuracy on a regular touch screen will NOT be too good.

A pen-free Android graphics tablet

If your Android device does not support pen input, you can still use it to draw on your computer, but with your finger. Unfortunately, in this case, the accuracy will be insufficient, and the pen may “jump” due to the way that capacitive touch screens work.

This can be done using the VirtualTablet application already described above, but you will need to go to the application settings on the phone and in the “Input Mode” item will install “Finger Touch / Capacitive stylus”.

I recommend using this particular application, but there are other similar utilities in the Play Store:

  • Graphics Tablet. supports the same capabilities as VirtualTablet (pen and finger input, pressure) and also requires a driver to be installed on the computer. Connection only via Wi-Fi. But I couldn’t find the driver, but there is information about it on the Official page.
  • Wi-Fi Drawing Tablet. no pen or pressure support, a kind of mouse emulator using your phone or tablet. The link to the server application for the computer is in the description of the application in the Play Store.
  • Tablet Stylus. paid, not tested, but the video on the Official page is very similar to the previous version, except that it supports USB connection. The link to the server application is at the end of the application description in the Play Store.

Can Huion Graphics Tablet Connect to Phone?

How to connect huion graphics tablet to android phone? To connect a graphics tablet to a smartphone, you need to find a suitable cable, then connect and enable the search for equipment ready for synchronization, select a tablet in the list.

How to connect a Wacom graphics tablet to your phone?

To connect your Wacom Intuos device to Android, you need a special adapter called a USB OTG connector. Connect your tablet to your computer and update the Wacom Intuos driver using the Wacom Desktop Center software.

How do I connect my graphics tablet to my phone? How to connect a graphics tablet to a computer?

If the graphics tablet is wired, it connects to the PC via a USB cable. As a rule, in tablets, cables are removable. at one end there is a standard USB on the other (which is inserted into the tablet) micro USB. There are models in which the cable is built-in, for example, Parblo A609.

Can I use my phone as a graphics tablet?

So can a regular tablet be used as a graphics tablet? Sure! To create beautiful visual content on a non-graphics tablet, it is enough to carry out an easy software upgrade. Everything you need: tablet, internet connection and stylus.

How to set up Internet sharing from phone to tablet?

In order to share the mobile Internet of your smartphone and convert it to a small wireless access point, do the following:

  • Open the Settings of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the Wireless & networks category and open .
  • Open the Modem Mode item and activate the Wi-Fi Hotspot.
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How to customize your Wacom graphics tablet?

Setting pen functions

  • Open Wacom Tablet Properties.
  • If you see a Deadline Tool, select your pen.
  • Select the Pen tab.
  • For each of the pen buttons, choose an option from the drop-down menu next to the pen image.

Can I use my tablet as a mobile phone?

over, not all Tablet PCs have a SIM card slot. In other words, not every tablet has a built-in modem for using mobile networks. But still it is quite possible to use a tablet as a phone.

Do I need to turn off the graphics tablet?

The tablet does NOT need to be disconnected at all. It is not in danger of overheating or a failure in programs because it will NOT be turned off at night. The tablet is sufficiently in sleep mode, both on charging and during rest.

Connecting a wireless keyboard to an Android phone

A Bluetooth enabled input device can also be connected to your Android phone, making it more convenient and easier to set up. For testing, I used a wireless Bluetooth keyboard Oklick 840C.

It easily connects to any device. Has a convenient layout for its small size (you can carry it with you everywhere).

What You Should Do:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on keyboard and smartphone.
  • Select the keyboard from the list of all Bluetooth devices and press “Synchronize”. After that, it will appear in the list of previously connected devices.
  • To connect to a smartphone or tablet, select a keyboard from the list and click on it.
  • A window with a connection code will appear. Directly on the input device, we type six digits of the code and the Enter key.
  • The keyboard will connect, the window will disappear, you can start typing information.

Connect PC keyboard to Android via Wi-Fi

Using the Android application, you can connect the PC keyboard to your smartphone via Wi-Fi wireless connection and transfer the entered information on the keyboard from the computer to the phone. This option is probably good when you need to type a lot of information on your phone.

The Wi-Fi Keyboard app is perfect for this. Which syncs both devices and transfers the text with the embedding of the browser window. After installing the app, you must select it as the main input method on your smartphone.

  • Go to the main “Settings” → “System” and select the section “Language and input”.
  • To select, click on the subsection “Virtual keyboard”, and further “Keyboard control” “.
  • Here, put the switch on Wi-Fi Keyboard.
  • Click on the function again “Current keyboard” and confirm Wi-Fi Keyboard.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • After rebooting, launch Wi-Fi Keyboard, and you see several http // addresses.

Choose one of several addresses and write in the address bar of the browser on your computer.

The browser at this address will open the web interface for syncing the Wi-Fi keyboard.

  • The connection status in the window should contain an inscription in green in the synchronization state. connected. You can also switch the text input mode to keyboard or game mode.
  • We open any application, browser, messenger, documents and you can type text on the external physical keyboard of the computer, and on the phone it will appear in the specified location.

How to connect and configure a physical keyboard on Android devices

You use touch typing on your phone every day for small messages. But this still gives some inconvenience and limits the possibilities compared to typing using a physical keyboard for a PC. How about connecting it to Android?

Successful connection of a full-size input device will provide new opportunities, allow you to quickly type voluminous texts, work with office documents and more, directly on the phone.

Below we will consider all possible ways to connect keyboard to a smartphone and tablet.

Connecting keyboard via USB cable to Android device

To connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone, you need a USB OTG adapter, provided that your smartphone supports a USB OTG adapter.

If you bought an Android device recently, it is most likely ready to support the use of a USB OTG adapter.

However, if you are unsure or do not know if your device supports this function, you can easily check it using the OTG Checker app.

Once launched, it will automatically scan and determine the required OTG interface support for the software.

With OTG adapter Proceed as follows:

  • Connect the input device to the USB connector of the adapter, and the smartphone to the micro-USB connector.
  • External keyboard will automatically connect in the same way as it connects to a computer.
  • Open the desired application and try to enter information on the keyboard, the words will start to appear. Everything works.

After a successful connection, you can use all the standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Ctrl V and others) for convenient work with documents and texts.

In custody

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard, connecting to your Android device is pretty straightforward. But connecting via Wi-Fi is a good option, which will help you save on purchasing a keyboard.

Similar methods can be used to connect a mouse if it supports Bluetooth connection.

Let us know which method you chose and which worked better for you in the comments section below.

Ways to connect phone and tablet

Consider wireless technology.

How to connect a phone to a tablet

Mobile devices have already become a part of our daily life. Each successfully fulfills its tasks, but if a few are “brought together”, then their capabilities will undoubtedly increase. Today we’ll tell you how to sync your tablet and smartphone. This is the ability to transfer data between them, distribute the Internet, control one device from the screen of another. Since devices based on Android OS implement data transfer at a high level, let’s talk about them. There are several ways to “make friends” two mobile devices. wireless, using a cable.


To transfer files from one mobile device to another, Bluetooth technology is often used, which is present in almost any modern gadget. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Make sure this technology is available on both devices. Versions compatible.
  • Activate the Bluetooth module on both devices.
  • On the one from which you want to transfer files, enable device search. Highlight the list.
  • Find the second device, click it, the most activate.
  • Find the file you want to transfer. Open the window, select the item “Send via Bluetooth”, select the recipient.
  • To allow data transfer, give permission. click “OK”.

The main disadvantage of such a connection is its low speed. Transferring “heavy” files can take quite a long time. Therefore, for such cases, we recommend using Cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex. Disk). After placing the files there, access is possible from all devices with the Internet.

In addition, through this technology it is possible to create a VPN connection.

  • To do this, we find, download the BlueVPN program.
  • Launch, open the list of devices, find a smartphone.
  • We click on it, we make the connection.

You can make your smartphone and tablet friends with the introduction of Wi-Fi, but this will NOT be a file transfer, as it was with a Bluetooth connection. Here it will be the reception and distribution of the Internet from one to another.

  • Modem mode is activated in the dispenser.
  • The host starts a search for valid Wi-Fi networks.
  • After detecting the network, it is activated by pressing. If necessary, enter the password specified in the settings of the dispenser.

Using this protocol, you can also connect your handheld to the Internet via a “Friendly” smartphone. To do this, he must maintain a connection with a 3G, 4G network, and this is embedded in almost any modern device.

  • Mobile gadget settings. go to “Wireless networks”. section “”
  • Activate the “Modem Mode”, switch the “Access Point” switch to the “On” position
  • That’s it, an access point has been created on the smartphone. It is possible to connect to it from any device that supports the protocol. In the parameters. the name of the network, the password for access, the encryption method. information in the settings.
  • On the PDA, we start the search for available networks, find, connect. Enter the password if necessary.
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Additional features

The user can display the image on the tablet screen from the phone. Another interesting function that opens up when the tablet and the phone are “friends” is the ability to transform the latter into a remote control or a joystick (gamepad). After that, you sit comfortably in a chair, launches a toy or broadcast of an interesting match on a tablet, adjust the volume, performing actions. controls it using a mobile phone. What needs to be done for this?

The free Tablet Remote utility will help you. Its main advantage is that it does NOT require the Internet, cable meters and other devices to control it. It is enough just to have a Bluetooth module.

  • Follow the steps described in the paragraph “Ways to connect your phone and tablet”. Bluetooth.
  • On both devices Install the utility, run it.
  • The menu opens. We go to the section “Setup” (“Settings”). Check. both options should NOT be active. If so, then the smartphone is already a remote keyboard.
  • Move on to the next tab “Connection”. We start the search for active devices. Check that the phone is turned on, otherwise the tablet will be able to detect it and, accordingly, make a connection.
  • After finding the device, click on it to establish a connection. This is done only the first time, then the process will be automatic.

Software conversion

Areas of tasks where the tablet feels great. The broadest: from surfing the Internet to performing office tasks. But, as far as graphics are concerned, it’s not all that simple. So can a regular tablet be used as a graphics tablet? Sure! To create beautiful visual content on a non-graphics tablet, it is enough to carry out an easy software upgrade. All you need is a tablet, an internet connection, and a stylus. For iOS and Android, the Global Network has its own programs.

What makes a graphics tablet different from a regular one?

First of all, it is worth remembering the direct purpose of a regular tablet:

It is used to search for information on the Internet;

For watching movies;

For work in office programs.

A graphics tablet is needed in order to create graphic drawings in Special programs, for example CorelDraw. These tablets replace the artist’s canvas, brush and palette and help create digital drawings.

In order to make a graphics tablet from an iPad, you can install:. Budget iPad with stylus

Much to our user happiness, the “apple” company is still engaged in the development of a new budget iPad, which supports working with a stylus, and also has a wide “graphic” functionality.

Combining the power of the system with rich multimedia capabilities, it allows you to create work projects and use hundreds of design applications in the App Store. The work area, which is a 9.7-inch Multi-Touch screen with LED backlighting with 2048 and 1536 resolutions, gives a picture that looks very vivid, realistic and incredibly detailed. Powerful system stuffing easily handles complex game graphics and plays 4K video without any problems.

However, the main feature of the budget iPad. Apple Pencil support that takes your creativity to a whole new level. The stylus is sensitive to pressure, so you can effortlessly change the thickness of lines, add special effects, just like when manipulating a real pencil. Sign, paint with watercolors, edit notes, do video editing. All this can be done on the new Apple iPad 2018!

Of course, there are other tablet options for working with graphics on TopGoods, but the iPad is best adapted to the needs of artists and other creative people.

Do I need additional gadgets for graphic tablets?

Some accessories like a mouse and stylus are definitely needed. Actually, with their help, you can realize the ideas of creativity. Using the touchpad and gestures, it is almost impossible to recreate precise lines, shapes and adjust the drawing in the process.

Can I use a regular tablet as a graphics?

Many of us have repeatedly asked the question: “How to make a graphic from an ordinary tablet?” After all, every self-respecting modern digital artist, or even just a beginner, wants to have such a thing in his arsenal. The trouble is that NOT everyone can afford it, or maybe they just don’t want to spend. Therefore, everyone who has an Android or iPad is looking for all sorts of solutions to this problem. What kind? Let’s figure it out.

Android Apps

The list of Android applications is much more diverse. In the public domain on the Play Market, you can find applications for creating very high-quality pictures. Their functionality is similar to Sketchbook Ink:

Papersimple. Lossless vector graphics program during scaling.

Skedio. Another interesting tool for engaging in the atmosphere of creativity, which is more suitable for beginners.

Artrage. A more serious tool for creating art-quality works in raster graphics. Those who have experience in painting with oils, pastels, watercolors and other techniques will appreciate the beauty of imitation of real paints.

Types of additional gadgets for graphic tablets

The easiest way to work in graphics programs on a tablet is with a mouse and stylus. Even better if a stylus with extra nibs. There are other useful “things” with which the creative process becomes more convenient and easy:

Replaceable stylus nibs. Constant touching of the pen to the working surface of the tablet will inevitably lead to stitching, deformation of the tool, which makes it inconvenient to work with it, therefore it is better to change them from time to time. One more thing: these “nozzles” “scratch” the surface in different ways, so if you successfully select the tip option for each individual task, you can achieve very interesting design effects.

Replaceable smooth surface. Provides less friction to the nib than a standard pad, allowing the nib to wear less and last longer.

Graphics tablet glove. Prevents unwanted palm contact with the tablet screen or paper. The element is NOT required, but it has a very beneficial effect on the comfort of the creative process, since with a glove it is not necessary to constantly hold your hand in weight so as NOT to touch the touchpad. Available with one or two closed fingers, in different color variations.

Tablet stand. Another handy tool that allows you to hold the gadget at an angle convenient for you and at an optimal height. As a rule, the base of the device is rubberized, which ensures reliable adhesion of the structure and the tablet to the table surface. This accessory is also useful for other tasks, for example, installing a graphics tablet vertically to watch your favorite movie.

On the Ukrainian market, including on the TopGoods website, there are accessories for graphic tablets of different price categories.

Xorgtablet for Android

This application will allow you to use a regular tablet as a graphic one. With this application you can connect to your PC and use the GIMP editor. However, it is worth hoping that this will completely replace a graphics tablet, since it is worth remembering that a regular PC will NOT be able to recognize with what force you press the display, and this will significantly affect the quality of work, and your nerves too. The only option “rescue” in this situation may be a digitizer integrated into your tablet, which works in tandem with a so-called pen. With this app you will be able to connect via USB cable or Wi-Fi.

One of the disadvantages of this work is the fact that the mouse stops responding in the editor. In addition, the drivers for this application only exist for the Linux operating system.