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Check Laptop Sound Online

How to check microphone sound online

You may need a web camera and microphone to communicate on social networks or via messengers, record your musical creativity or study on the Internet on a personal computer. The performance of the microphone can be checked in different ways. with special software or online. services.

Microphone check with online services

Such resources can be divided into several types:

Webcammic Test

The first category of test services includes WebCamMic Test.

Adobe Flash Player may require permission to access devices before starting to work.

The “Test Microphone” button starts a test in real time. The sounds that are read are processed and immediately output to the speakers.

Online Voice Recoder

One of the options for services with repetition of speech after recording is Online Voice Recoder.

The functionality is simple. Just press the red button and start speaking into the microphone.

After that the recording is listened to. And, if it meets the requirements, the audio can be downloaded in mp3 format.

This type of testing includes the Skype messaging program. The app has a technical contact Echo / Sound Test Service.

When performing the call function of such a contact, the system automatically records the call and plays it at the end of the connection.

The SpeechPad web resource allows speech to be recognized in multiple languages ​​and interpreted as text without punctuation. To do this, just press the “enable recording” button and start saying.

In the field “Recognition level” there will be a factor of sound processing quality.

The result can be obtained in txt format.

At the moment, there are many free services. Some of them have voice recorder functions or are designed to clear music from voice.

All services need permission to access devices (microphone, headphones or web-camera). Voice recognition quality is about the same on different sites.

How to check the microphone and WEB-camera on a laptop online test

It often happens that the microphone stops working. There can be many reasons, just a few of them: the microphone is physically disconnected from your personal computer, drivers are not installed or the microphone is disabled in the device manager, at the moment it is being used by another program, or is disabled in your operating system.How to test a microphone?

You need to check if the microphone is physically connected to the audio input, if it is a webcam microphone, then you need to check if it is connected well to the usb port.

The next step is to check the driver settings. Open the device manager, and check if the drivers for sound and webcam are well installed.

Often the microphone does not work in specific programs such as Skype, incorrect settings are a prerequisite. To do this, you need to go to the application settings, most of these programs have established modules for testing the microphone. In addition, there you can make additional settings if necessary.

In addition, there are now a lot of online services to check microphones, many of them ask for access to your devices, so their use should be done at your own peril and risk.
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Webcammic Test

One of the best and simplest services for checking a webcam and its microphone online. Intuitively simple structure of the site and a minimum of buttons. everything in order to use the site to bring the desired result.
Go to WebcamMic Test service

After going to the site, click the main button in the center of the “Check webcam” window.

Allowing the service to use the webcam at the time of its use, for this click “Allow” in the window that appears.

If, after permission to use the device, an image from the webcam appears, then it is working properly.

Instead of a black background, there should be an image from your webcam.

A simple service for checking the functionality of a webcam and microphone. It allows you to check both video and audio signal from your device. Additionally, Webcamtest, while displaying an image from a webcam, shows in the upper left corner of the window the number of frames per second at which the video is played.

Go to the site near the inscription “Click to enable the plug-in” Adobe Flash Player “click anywhere in the window.

The site will ask you for permission to use the Flash Player plugin. Allow this action by clicking the “Allow” button in the window that appears in the upper left corner.

Then the site will invite permission to use your webcam. Click on the “Allow” button to continue.

Confirm this for Flash Player by clicking on the “Allow” button that appears.

And now, when the site and the player received permission from you to check the camera, the image from the device should appear along with the value of the number of frames per second.

Toolster. a site for testing not only a webcam, but also other useful operations with computer devices. However, he also copes with our task well. During the verification process, you will find out if the video signal and the microphone of the webcam are correct.

Similarly to the previous method, click on the window in the center of the screen to start using the Flash player.

In the window that appears, allowing the site to launch Flash Player. click “Allow”.

Site invite permission to use the camera, I authorize using the appropriate button.

Do the same with the Flash player. I also allow it to be used.

A window will appear with the image taken from the webcam. If there are video and audio signals, the inscription “Your webcam works fine” will appear at the bottom, and the crosses will be replaced with green checkmarks near the “Video” and “Sound” parameters.

Online Mic Test

The site is mainly aimed at testing your computer’s microphone, but has a built-in webcam test function. At the same time, He does not ask for permission to use the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, but immediately starts by analyzing the work of the webcam.
Go to Online Mic Test service
Immediately after going to the site, a window appears asking for permission to use the webcam. Allow, I clicked on the appropriate button.

A small window will appear in the lower right corner with the image captured from the camera. If this is not the case, then the device is not working correctly. The value in the picture window shows the exact number of frames at a given time.

I allow access to the camera again and get the result of the check.

By the way, in each description of the service there are Detailed instructions for checking the webcam, answers to frequently asked questions and tips for solving problems.

Possible problems when checking the WEB-camera.

If you DO NOT see the application and / or it does not load for you, then check if Adobe Flash Player is installed in your browser, which is required for the checker to work correctly.

If you allowed access to the device, but at the same time one or both signals are received, then the problems may be as follows:

The WEB-camera is not connected, or it is NOT connected correctly. Check the connection or try plugging the camera into a different USB port.
The required drivers are not installed or damaged. In general, such a problem is rare, but nevertheless we advise you to check the availability and relevance of drivers in the settings of your operating system (for Windows. “Device Manager” or through the control panel).

Flash app is testing another device. It often happens that another device is connected to the computer, or there are drivers that can be quoted as a multimedia device. In THESE cases, the camera test program may make a mistake and cannot select the device that is needed by default. To fix this problem, right-click on the application and go to “Options”:

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Then, on the microphone and camera tabs, check the correctness of the selected components

If another device is selected, then open the drop-down list Click on the correct name, then click the “Close” button and reload the page

How does the camera test online?

Camera testing is straightforward. Since Flash technology allows working with multimedia devices, it provides special algorithms for checking the presence of a signal. As a matter of fact, these algorithms are used when checking your WEB-camera on this page.

When you allow the flash drive to access your WEB-camera, it immediately begins to receive and analyze visual and audio information in streaming mode from your computer. If one or both signals are received or are received, but the screen is dark and / or the sound scale does NOT respond, then the result of the WEB-camera diagnostics is displayed on the screen. This report describes what exactly is present / absent and gives a verdict. If everything is in order, then you will see green check marks.On what devices you can check the WEB-camera online?

You can conduct online diagnostics of your WEB-camera on any device that supports Flash technology. Usually, this page is visited to check a WEB-camera on a PC or laptop. Although, Android devices with a flash player installed can also run tests using our service. Apple products (iPhone and iPad) are unfortunately not supported.Why do I need to check a WEB-camera?

Often, when buying a new multimedia device, you need to check how the WEB-camera works and whether it works at all. The same applies to the need to check the microphone on the WEB-camera. And here a little cognitive dissonance arises, because in most cases this simple operation turns into a problem, because K. It is rather difficult to check the camera without a direct call to someone on Skype and other messengers. But, you must agree, it is foolish to bother friends with a request to confirm the presence and quality of the signal. This is where our free online service for checking WEB-cameras comes in. You don’t need to install anything and dig into the settings: just go and check.

Also, the need to check the WEB-camera arises when reinstalling the device to a new computer or to another port. The fact is that the exact definition of the device does not always occur and most often it does not work correctly. In THESE cases, our online diagnostic service will be an indispensable tool for debugging and configuring a video device.

Why the microphone on the headphones does not work and how to check it

Computer peripherals have a huge number of modern gadgets, which allow you to play, listen to music and communicate without leaving your home. These devices include headphones, microphones, and headsets. Which are “2 in 1” products. Due to the large selection of different models of accessories, many users are often faced with a fake or simply incomprehensible gadgets to use. The most common problem is that a computer or laptop does not see the microphone from the headphones, although the “ears” themselves reproduce sound tracks well.

Before blaming the manufacturer for defective products, you should make sure that the headset is really not working. The easiest way to carry out such a check is to use the online service.

Reasons for a non-working microphone

There can be many reasons why the microphone may NOT work, ranging from the most trivial. For example, if before turning on the microphone on the headphones, you did NOT move the corresponding slider on the device itself. The fact is that now many models of headsets have begun to do Not only with a volume control, but also with a button responsible for the operation of the microphone.

It is also quite possible that:

How to test the microphone on a Windows 10 laptop

First of all, check the microphone settings, to do this, take the following steps one by one:

  • Find the loudspeaker icon in the tray;
  • Right click on the icon and select the term “Recorders”;
  • Make sure that there is a check mark in a green circle next to the microphone image in the window that opens;
  • Double-click the microphone with the left mouse button;
  • Go to the levels tab;
  • Make sure that the top slider is set to the maximum value, and there is NOT a red circle next to the speaker icon;
  • If you have made any changes, do not forget to save the settings by clicking OK.

If everything is in order, then you can go directly to testing the microphone, for this do the following:

  • Click the “Start” button;
  • Select the term “Options”
  • Go to the “Privacy” category;
  • In the left menu, click on the “Microphone” line;
  • On the right side of the window, allow applications to use the microphone;
  • Scroll down the page and allow Voice Recorder to use your microphone and then close the window;
  • Click on the “Windows Search” icon next to the “Start” button;
  • Enter the phrase “Voice Recorder” and then select the corresponding application icon;
  • After starting the program, click on the microphone icon and say something;
  • Stop the recording and then listen to it.

Checking headphones and microphone online

Before you get into the “jungle” of the PC, it is worth checking the headphones online, using any free service. The best and simplest of these is the WebcamMic Test resource.

Got to the main page of the site, you can check for free any communication and playback devices connected to your computer or laptop. Here, not only the headphone is checked online, but also the webcams, as well as the microphone.

To test your recorder, you just need to call “Test Microphone” in the upper right part of the screen. After that, you need to press the green button in the center of the window and start speaking. If you see sound fluctuations, it means that the device is working correctly and the problem lies in the settings of your PC.

Checking the microphone on a laptop

In this article you will find the answer to the question of how to test a microphone on a laptop, as well as learn how to configure it yourself for work.

Missing drivers

If you have configured the headphones. But after that you only hear silence, then most likely the problem lies in incorrectly installed or missing sound card drivers.

To check this “theory” you need to go to “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Device Manager”. In the window that opens, find the line “Sound, game and video devices” and double-click on this inscription with the left mouse button to get the expanded list. If you did NOT find your video card in this list or it appears as an unknown device, then you need to download the drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard installed on your computer or laptop.

Check microphone on laptop online

Microphone not properly connected to PC

If, after checking the headphones, you notice that there is sound in them, but the microphone does not work, then perhaps you just connected it to the wrong connector. If we are talking about a headset with one plug or about USB devices, then it’s hard to go wrong. But, in the case of “ears” which are equipped with two plugs, you can get confused.

The microphone, as well as headphones, are always connected to the sound card in the corresponding jacks. “Ears” must be plugged into the green connector, and the microphone. into the pink “plug”. Typically, this color combination works on all laptop computers.

Helpful! If you connect a headset to a laptop, then there will be no such prompts, but next to each connector you will find a small icon representing a microphone or headphones.

On the computer

To check the microphone, you do not necessarily need Internet access, you can evaluate the device using standard Windows tools. Use the built-in Sound Recorder from the Start Menu, which is now called Voice Recorder on Windows 10. Saying a few words in it and listen to the resulting audio recording.

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You can also find out if the microphone is working from its system settings. In Control Panel go to the Hardware and Sound category, open the options. Available devices are displayed in the “Recording” tab. A green scale with divisions indicates their normal state. Open the additional properties with a right click, on the second tab enable the “Listen from this device” option. Now the sound will be directly output to speakers or headphones, and you can check the sound without recording.


A simple online microphone test is implemented on the MicTest website. The service runs on Flash, it analyzes the incoming voice and evaluates the device’s performance. How to test a microphone on a laptop or PC via MicTest: allow the browser to access the sound and start singing or speaking. The service will display an estimate of the volume and sound intensity.

If the resource reports “Sound comments”, check the field below the indicator. the correct device should be selected there. PC with embedded sound, move the volume slider to maximum so that even a quiet microphone can pick up at least something.

Online Voice Recorder

Microphone online on Online Voice Recorder is not just a test, but a whole voice recorder with functions for cutting recording and adjusting volume settings. How to check if the recording is working: follow the link and click on the green button from the triangle. Say a few words out loud and stop recording by clicking on the square. Now start listening if your sounds are repeated in headphones or speakers. the microphone on the computer is working properly.

Do not forget to select the correct sound device in the parameters by clicking the “Change” button before recording. If you are NOT sure you have done this correctly, click on “Record again ”and change the default settings.


Skype also has a built-in online microphone testing service. You need to call the Sound Test contact. the service is free and automatic, you don’t have to talk to the operator. Start speaking, then listen to the recording. The test will help evaluate Not only the operation of the device, but also the Skype settings. you will understand how the interlocutor hears you.


Online microphone test at WebcamMicTest will not take much time. Repeat steps to check:

  • Follow the link and click “Test Microphone”.
  • Allow Access the device so that the service can output sound.

If successful, you will see a graph of the sound volume change on the screen, otherwise. an error message.

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Speech Pad

An interesting resource Speech Pad is a speech recognition service. On it, you can not only test your microphone online, but also translate your voice into text. To use the resource correctly, you need the Google Chrome browser. Turn on the recording and saying a couple of phrases, if there is sound on the computer, the said text will appear in the resulting field.

Checking the microphone in the browser online

By Anastasia Aug 29 2017

If you are unable to record sound on your computer, an online microphone test will help. To use the service, you do not have to download and install new programs, just follow the link in your browser and say a few words. We figure out how to check a microphone on a computer using online resources and without an Internet connection.

Online Microphone

Online Microphone will help you quickly check the operation of the microphone. Registration No need, open the resource, activate access to sound and record your voice. If during recording, the indicator shows green waves, lights flicker in the picture. your device is working normally.

The right slider is for adjusting the volume sensitivity. Use it if there is sound, but it is weak. A quiet sound with crackling and rustling is a sign of poor quality or old microphone operation.

We figured out how you can test the microphone right now. Use standard Windows utilities or online services. The latter have broader capabilities, helping Not only to find out the operability of the equipment, but also to immediately record an audio file.

Microphone check

Personal computers can be equipped with an integrated microphone or have a special socket for its connection. Smartphones Tablet computers and laptops Equipped with a built-in sensitive device, and the stationary desktop is NOT equipped with an internal sound receiver, but has one or two jacks for connecting an external device. Laptops also have an additional audio input. In some cases, sound recording devices may malfunction. They may be NOT configured or configured incorrectly. Therefore, a computer user should know how to check a microphone on a computer.

Microphone test online

The following program for testing the microphone is launched by the link “MicTest”. The check itself is performed without registration and free of charge. The analysis of the incoming sound signal is carried out by the “Flash” application, which can be blocked by the computer browser. To pass the test correctly, you need permission to open this application. The procedure is performed in the browser settings. If the sound receiving system does not work or works poorly, the test application will display a corresponding message. The micro test is carried out in the following steps:

  • The audio tester will ask for permission to access. This is the Mayor of Security provided by “AdobeFlashPlauer”. In order to perform testing, you need to click the “Allow” button.
  • Then you can pronounce several sentences, which will be used to check the sound quality.
  • After permission to perform verification, the system starts continuous analysis of the text fragment. In this case, the sound volume will be displayed on the graph in real time.
  • If there is an inscription “Sound comments” in the window, then there may be several reasons. First of all, you need to make sure that the correct microphone is selected. This can be determined from the list at the bottom of the table. A different audio channel is selected if necessary. The next prerequisite may be too low a value for volume or sensitivity. The signal level can be increased using the slider on the left side of the window.

If these measures do NOT help, it may mean that the audio device is NOT connected to the computer or is malfunctioning. In some cases, reinstalling the drivers can help check the microphone on the PC. You can perform an online microphone test with listening on any personal computer that supports “Adobe Flash Player”. The installed operating system does not matter. Checking the microphone operation in the network is carried out on the OS “Windows”, “MacOS” or “Linux”.

Microphone test on PC

Microphone sound check on personal computers can be done in several ways. How to check if the microphone is working can be done using the installed operating system. On laptops, depending on the model, the integrated instrument is located on the left side of the top panel under the keyboard. It is indicated by a standard pictogram. Secondly, for gadget manufacturers, it is installed on the lid, next to the WEB-camera. The small hole is usually NOT marked. In order to test the performance of the device and the sound quality, you need to do the following:

  • Find the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Open the context menu and select the “Recorders” item.
  • In the window that appears, all devices for recording are shown.
  • There should be a green check mark next to the device icon.
  • If it is not there, you need to open the context menu of the device and activate the sound with the “Enable” button.
  • Then open the “Properties” item in the context menu.
  • In the column “Additional functions” open the column “Levels”.
  • Use the “Microphone” knob to set the value 40-50
  • Set the “Gain” knob to 10 dB.

In additional functions, you need to select the “Listen” column and put a tick in the “Listen from this device” column. This allows you to check the microphone operation, sound level and sound quality. To save battery power, you can turn off the channel and record sound when switching to autonomous power. This is done in the Power Management column.

Check the microphone in headphones online

You can test the operation of the microphone using any Internet service. The main thing is to correctly connect the headset to your personal computer and select it as the active device. The device is turned on in the “Recorders” window. The default channel enable is selected. In this case, a green check mark appears next to the icon. To pass the microphone test on headphones, you need to pronounce arbitrary text, while the sound will be clearly heard in the headset. You can check the headset with a microphone online using the service. The application has a Russian-language interface, but the sequence of actions is very simple and the entire check is performed using four commands.

  • Open the service “”
  • Allow application access to microphone by clicking “Allow”
  • Start audio recording by clicking “Startrecording”
  • Pronounce any text
  • Click “Replay” and listen to the recorded fragment
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This service allows you to test the microphone with listening on headphones. Headsets of any type and from different manufacturers are suitable for testing. The most common mistake when testing a headset is plugging the plugs into the wrong sockets. In this case, the earphone and microphone WILL NOT work.

A convenient service for checking the operation of your microphone on your computer is “Skype”. It allows you to check the performance of the microphone and the built-in or external WEB-camera. In the main window of the program, in the upper left corner there is an icon in the form of three dots. After clicking it, a menu opens where you need to select the “Settings” item. To check the quality of the microphone, the “Sound and video” column opens.

There is a switch in the settings window for communication devices, which allows you to adjust the sound in manual or automatic mode. Under the “Microphone” label there is a level indicator in the form of blue dots, which move horizontally. The higher the signal level, the more the dots move to the right. If an additional audio channel is connected to a computer or laptop, then for a correct test of the performance of a microphone paired with a WEB camera, it must be selected as the default device. There must be a green check mark next to the icon in the sound settings, otherwise the system will not see this sound channel.

When checking the microphone on a computer online, you can contact any subscriber via Skype for an objective assessment of the quality of the channel. If it turns out that the volume of the signal is too weak, it can always be increased by monitoring the level together with communication partners. It happens that the sensitivity of the device, on the contrary, is too high and the subscriber hears a voice with strong distortion. In this case, the level needs to be lowered. This method is suitable for testing the microphone on a phone or smartphone.

Microphone testing online

Service “Online Voice Recorder” for setting up an online microphone is a multifunctional voice recorder that allows you to record, edit and cut a sound fragment. In the application, you can control the modes through the buttons “Record”, “pause”, “Stop”. The service is safe to use, since the recorded fragment is NOT transmitted to the server, but remains in the browser. “OnlineVoiceRecorder” allows you to check the microphone on a laptop or PC online, adjust the volume and reduce the reverberation (echo) of the sound signal.

Microphone test site

You can check whether the microphone is working or not in the “Online Microphone” service. This is a simple program for testing the microphone on a computer. It differs from other similar applications by an understandable interface and a good picture.

After the site is opened in a browser, a window will appear on the computer screen with all the necessary attributes for testing the microphone online. The system immediately requests permission to use the audio device. You need to click the “Allow” button. Since the quality of the microphone is checked with the introduction of the plug-in “Adobe Flash Player”, it must be enabled. Plugin management is carried out in the settings of a particular browser. On the left side of the window there is a red tramline for enabling the recording mode. It should be pressed for the process. After pressing the button, the recording mode is activated. A four-digit timer indicates the duration of the recording of the sound fragment. The sound indicator displays a waveform of the signal. In the right part of the window there is a vertical recording level control, which during the online microphone test allows you to adjust the sound level. After pressing the button a second time, the recording of the fragment stops and the following window appears on the screen.

Here you can listen to the recorded fragment. To do this, click the icon in the form of a triangle. The window indicates the time of the recorded fragment and its volume in kilobytes. If you press the “Download” button, the sound file will be saved in the “Downloads” folder. The Online Microphone service is considered one of the most convenient for checking and setting up a microphone online. If you use NOT a built-in device, but an external device of good quality, with the help of this program you can record Not only voice, but also various musical instruments. For the recording to be of high quality, you need to avoid possible reverberation, otherwise the reflected wave will create an overlay effect.

Online microphone check

You can check the microphone using various Internet services. The following applications are available on the network, which allow you to check the micro and get recommendations for improving the sound quality:

  • Webcam MicTest
  • Mic Test
  • Online Voice Recorder
  • Skype
  • Online Microphone
  • Voice recorder online

In order to use these services, you need to make sure that the audio channel is activated and the system “sees” it. An online microphone test includes recording a sound fragment and its subsequent playback. Based on the results of listening, users can check the microphone on the computer, adjust the volume and sensitivity of the device. The algorithm of operation of all applications for checking the sound of a microphone online is approximately the same.

To check the microphone, you need to type in the search engine “Webcam MicTest” or follow the corresponding link on the website “Check the microphone online”. In the window that opens, the “Check” button is pressed. The system may invite permission to access the device to be granted. Then you can pronounce arbitrary text. The signal level curve on the screen will move vertically depending on the level setting.

Microphone check test

You can use a simple app to test your microphone online. To do this, type “Dictaphone online” in the address bar. The program allows you to test the microphone on a Windows computer. After clicking the external device icon, recording starts. Pressing a second time stops the process. The duration is indicated by a timer. Using the control buttons, the recorded fragment can be “rewound” a little back or set to the beginning. If necessary, the sound file can be edited and saved in downloads.

If the system does not see it when checking the microphone on the computer, first you need to check if the device is turned on in the sound settings. The selected device is marked with a green check mark. An integrated device rarely fails. When connecting an external sound device, there may be a poor contact in the connector, an error in the connection, or a break in the connecting wire.

In camera check

An online camera tester is a good tool for testing a camera and getting technical information about it. Of course, it allows you to find out if the camera is working correctly, but it does a lot of tests, and for this reason it is a little slow.

For those who just need to know if the camera is functional, I have developed a rudimentary webcam test. It’s fast, easy and free. This check allows you to test your webcam online to make sure it is working properly. This test only provides a few details in the camera (more precisely, the camera name and default resolution).