Can Instagram be installed on a laptop

Installing the Play Store using the BlueStacks emulator

Next, you will find detailed instructions for installing the Market for beginners. But before proceeding with the installation, you need to download the Blustax emulator from our website. Thanks to the emulator, mobile games and programs can be easily launched on Windows 10. 7. So, open the installation file.

The installation process starts. In the window that appears, specify the path for the virtual smartphone / tablet application emulator (drive C by default), accept the license agreement and agree to the installation. Also, make sure that there is enough space on the hard drive. at least a few gigabytes. Most games from popular publishers have significant volume.

The next step is to select the language of the Android OS. The best option is to leave it as is, but if you want to use content from Google Play in a different region, select the appropriate country. For example, some applications and games from the US Play Store may not be available in Russia and vice versa. A similar situation is observed in the AppStore.

Now you need to add a Google Account or create a new account. It is better to use an active “account” of one of your mobile devices. The fact is that your account stores program data, game progress and other information. Enter it if, for example, you want to continue playing the game you like on a personal computer or save authorization on a social network.

After confirming the login to your Google account, we complete the one-time setup. You can start downloading apps on Android. To do this, use the built-in game center or go to the Play Market program along the path indicated in the screenshot. For the emulator to work correctly, it doesn’t matter how applications get into the operating system.

Now it’s time to launch the Play Store. As you can see, the functionality of the application is identical to that of a mobile phone. You will get access to a huge number of useful programs and toys. The most popular of them are in special sections.

Thanks to convenient navigation and simple controls, downloading applications becomes an easy task. It is enough to enter the name of the required program in the search bar and install the application by pressing a single button. They also offer to download music, books and films, but this type of content is mostly paid.

How to install Play Store on a laptop via Nox? The easy way.

Nox App Player is considered one of the fastest, most functional and undemanding Android emulators with Play Store on a computer or laptop. Installation takes a couple of minutes. To start launching and configuring, take care of the presence of several gigabytes of free hard disk space and remember your mail and password on Google. Next, download and run the installation file. If you wish, you can select a different folder for installation, for example, if there is not enough space on the C drive.

Wait until the installation of the emulator is complete and start it by pressing the “Start” button.

You will be greeted by the main window of the program. Here you can familiarize yourself with the key controls or go further to quickly start installing applications from the Play Market on your laptop for free.

Google Play requires authorization through a new or existing account. If an account has already been entered on your mobile device and you remember the login and password, enter it, then the data of applications and games is synchronized between the laptop and the smartphone / tablet. Don’t have an account? It doesn’t matter, we register, enter our data, agree to the terms.

For laptop

  • nice design;
  • simple intuitive interface;
  • built-in editor for photos and videos;
  • the ability to correspond with other users and create group conversations;
  • universality. Instagram can be used as an ordinary means of publishing interesting life moments, or as a tool to promote your own business and popularize;
  • interesting features “my story” and “live stream”.

Discover a world of features to help you stay connected with the people who matter to you.

Download Instagram, create an account, share your photos and videos.

We offer absolutely free download Instagram for a laptop, which allows you to post photos on your personal page and share highlights from your life. This social network has gained great popularity, which is one of the reasons why more and more users want to download the program to their phone, laptop or computer.

It should be noted that the application was originally created for smartphones. But not so long ago, a version appeared that allows you to use Instagram on the Windows 10 operating system. If an earlier version is installed on your laptop, you should use the Android emulator.

Option 2. client installation

Go to the RuInsta website and install the client. With the help of the program, you can process photos, put different filters, view news, post new photos, chat with friends, comment on publications. To do this, go through a few steps:

  • Install the client on your laptop. Use the hints that appear on the monitor.
  • Go through the registration procedure, and if you are already registered, then enter your username and password.

Thanks to the client, you can enjoy all the functionality of the social network on your laptop. Popular channels are at the bottom, fascinating pages are on the right, and news feed is at the top.

Option 4. online services

The last option is the simplest. In order to view photos of friends and follow the news, you do not need to download any application or enter your username and password. The application works over public IP. It is very convenient and time-saving. You just use the Webstagram service, which is a popular online resource.

The official Instagram website should also be included in this category. The problem is that you will not be able to use all the features of the application in such cases. The user can only watch the news and stories. That is, it is impossible to exhibit, process photos.

Option 3. paid software

If you have money, buy a paid app. Wingram is considered popular, but besides it there are others: Instametrogram, Instapik, etc. The first application is really popular. The developers offer a free seven-day trial. That is, you can use the application for a week for free. You will be pleasantly pleased with the beautiful and user-friendly interface.

instagram, installed, laptop

How to download Instagram for laptop?

This is not difficult. Just follow the link and download the file to your device. After that, open it up and walk through the simple installation process. It is worth noting that there are several installation options, which we will look at in more detail below.

Option 1. installing BlueStacks

This emulator is very popular. It allows you to use almost all the features of the application on a laptop or computer. Thanks to him, the device environment adapts to different system requirements of the program. It installs on your hard drive. Then you need to go through authorization in the Play Store. You will be given access to applications. In order to install Instagram, enter the name in the search box and install the application.

Should you download Instagram to your laptop??

If you want to keep up with the times, keep up with others, if you like to share photos and news from life, then be sure to download Instagram for your laptop. The application allows you to follow the life of your favorite show business stars, actors, singers and others. We suggest you follow the link and download the file right now!

Checked! No viruses or other threats detected.

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How to download install Instagram on a computer laptop phone Android iPhone

Instagram is a well-known free application for sharing videos and photos. Initially, this software was installed only on a mobile phone and distributed through Google Play or the App Store.

But with the development of Instagram towards a social network, it became necessary to install the application on a personal computer. How to do this and consider in our article.

Attention! The full version can be installed on a computer only if you have a licensed version of Windows 10

The application itself takes up very little space on the hard disk and does not affect the performance of the system in any way. Any modern PC has enough resources both for installing software and for storing a significant array of media files.

Usually, users install Instagram on a computer to facilitate the process of writing detailed comments on posts and to save a large number of photo and video files on a PC.

Even if the user has not switched to a new version of Windows, he can use the social network using the official website of the application

When you first launch the application from the site, you need to go through authorization. This can be done in two ways:

enter username and password for the account; Login to instagram
login with login with

How to install Instagram in laptop || Download Instagram For PC 2020

The interface of the computer version is similar to the mobile one, but their functionality is different. When entering through the site, the user has the ability to:

comment on posts and put likes;
view the feed that opens immediately after downloading in the same way as in the mobile version;
change your personal profile data;
save your favorite photos using the right mouse button or in other ways;
subscribe to interested users, cancel subscriptions, send to the ban.

The Internet version restricts the user to add new publications, create stories and use Direct. The limitations are clear by the number of icons on the main page.

Although, you can download and install a version that runs on a computer from the Instagram website. But there is no way to upload snapshots from disk.

Among the possibilities offered on the Internet, we will focus on the Android emulator. BlueStacks /
In the “Applications” section, select the “Social” subsection and click Instagram

Clicking the “Download Instagram on PC” button will automatically download. After that, run the emulator installation file.

Further operations require only pressing the “Next” button. At the last stage, you will be asked to sign in to the application through your Google account.

You must provide an email address or phone number associated with your account.

When you click the “Next” button, a form appears for specifying the password to your Google account.

And the last stage of pre-configuration. specify a name for your BlueStacks profile.

The emulator itself will start, in which you can set the parameters of geolocation, language and others. After that, the application will ask you to specify your Google account again.

Further actions are related to the permission of the terms of use of the software and the choice of various actions. When the installation is complete, you need to go to the Play Store to search for the Instagram application in the same way as on a mobile device.

After installing Instagram, you will be prompted to register. If you are not registered yet, then you need to select the “I do not have an account” mode and perform the necessary operations. But that is not the subject of this article. Therefore, we are considering the option when you already have an Instagram account.

Login is possible through your account on. via phone or email.

If you already have a. choose this option by specifying the parameters of your account.

If you do not use this social network, then indicate your phone number or email address.
The last item will be a message about positive authorization, in the case when you have correctly indicated the information.

Installed in this way, Instagram will work on a computer in the same way as on a mobile device.

When solving the problem of whether it is possible to install Instagram on a computer, you should pay attention to other emulator programs, for example, Nox or Genymotion Shell. Both programs have the same functionality as BlueStacks, and many users prefer them over the more popular BlueStacks due to their stable and fast operation and lack of glitches during installation.

After installing Instagram on a computer using a virtual machine, its functionality will be similar to the mobile version. The user will be able to perform all standard actions:

make an unlimited number of publications;
comment on posts of other users;
display photos from a computer, having the ability to process them in Photoshop or another graphic editor;
actively use hashtags.

The program is downloaded through the Play Market. Open the app and enter Instagram in the top line. Now tap on the item of the same name. Downloading the application on Google PlayOn the new page, tap on “Install”. The download will start first, and then the installation. Sometimes a window with permissions will appear before this (for older versions of Android). In it, click the confirm button.

An Instagram icon will appear on one of the home screens. Tap on it, then the desired program will open. You can also launch it from the page in the App Store.

There is only one official computer client for Instagram. And it is supported only in Windows 10. On other systems it will not work. But there are workarounds. Read about them in our article: “Instagram for Windows 7”.

The first step is to sign in to Instagram. Please note that you can use an account for authorization. And at the very bottom there is a registration point. Launching the Instagram application Now you can follow different people, publish your own photos, videos and stories, start live broadcasts and much more.

If you have an empty list of subscriptions, then you can go to the “Interesting” tab. To do this, click on the button in the form of a magnifying glass. Interesting tab Instagram Its content will update according to which posts you like. There are three ways to launch social. networks on PC:

Loading unofficial applications. Not all functionality is supported, but there are more possibilities than in the standard browser version of Instagram;

Using services to work with Instagram. They are sites that download content from a social network, allowing you to save pictures of other users, send messages, post your photos;

Android OS emulation and use of the official app. This method is time consuming but effective. It involves the creation of a virtual machine on a PC with the Android operating system. With its help, the official Instagram is installed, which supports all the functions of the mobile application.

Last year, the developers from the Instagram team released an official version for computers with operating systems Windows 8 and 10 (software is not supported on 7 and XP).

In the desktop program there is a direct (the function of exchanging personal messages between users in a hidden chat).

Uploading a photo to your profile.
Image editing using standard and separately purchased filters (purchase also available).
Create short clips or their combination into a full-length video no more than a minute in length.
Photo sharing. Share with other users your pictures and stories that disappear 24 hours after publication.
Search for liked photos by tags.
Discovery of accounts of other users by nickname.
Personal messaging, as well as communication in the comments to the pictures.

Now run the program on your PC. Her shortcut appeared on the desktop or in the Start menu. Then you need to log in. Enter your username and password for your account.

Subscriptions and subscribers can be viewed on the home page. In the application window, you can take pictures (the software automatically connects to the webcam). Moving between the tabs “Favorite Photos”, “My Account”, “Search” and “Home” is carried out using the corresponding icons at the bottom of the application window.

To download the story, click on the “” next to your profile picture. To set up your account, click on the gear icon.

Ruinsta is a simple and easy-to-use Instagram client for PC. The application is supported by all versions of Windows.

The interface of the program is extremely simple, which allows you to quickly understand the functionality of the software and start working with the social network. The feed is located at the top of the page, so you can easily navigate in new posts and subscriptions.

Home Page View.
Search for data using hashtags or nicknames of other users.
Uploading photos and videos from the built-in camera.

Go to the official website of the service following the link: and click on the “Download” button. After the download of the EXE file is complete, start the installation. The shortcut of the installed utility will be added to the desktop.

Start to use
After starting the application, you need to log in. The Ruinsta program is absolutely safe: the developer does not store your passwords, does not transfer them to third parties, the connection to the service takes place through protected communication channels. The risk of being hacked is the same as when using official apps.

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Ruinst automatically detects channels popular in your region and uploads their photos to the feed. By clicking on the picture, you can like it, comment, repost or download it on your PC.

Instapik is another popular unofficial Instagram client that works with all versions of Windows. Functions:

Viewing user photos;
Uploading your own pictures;
The ability to create a new account;
Creating stories, live broadcasts.

Gramblr is a popular PC application that uses API functions to connect to Instagram. With this program you can:

Add video movements;
Publish photos on your page;
Use filters and basic editing;
Set the display time of the picture on your page;
Add description, tags and title.

Direct in the application is not available, since the developer does not allow using this function anywhere, except for the official versions for Win, IOS and Android. Gramblr can be downloaded on Windows or MacOS. Developer site link:

After installing the application on your PC, launch it and log in. You can register a new account or log into the service using your profile on the social network

Webstagram is an open API that, in browser mode, allows you to connect to all the functions of the popular social network. Link to the site:

You will not be able to enter your page, since the open version of the service only allows you to view photos of other users, share them on social networks and download content (images, stories, videos, online broadcasts) to your computer. Quick search by hashtags is available.

Instafollow and Wingram are similar web services with similar features. With their help, you can also quickly download any file from Instagram and see the content of other users in a browser window. Live streaming mode is available in these utilities.

Using Android OS emulators

All of the above programs and services meant downloading Instagram to your computer. As you know, full functionality can be obtained only when using a social network on a smartphone.

You can download the mobile version of Instagram to your computer using emulators that work like a virtual device with Android OS.

Installing the Instagram application on your phone

The installation method for the Instagram social network client is primarily determined by the operating system of the device being used. Android or iOS. Actions similar in their essence within these operating systems are performed somewhat differently, in addition, there are several ways to choose from, each of which will be discussed below.

Installing the Instagram app on an Android mobile device

Google Play Store (smartphone)

Launch Play Store. Its shortcut can be located on the home screen and is definitely in the application menu.

Tap on the search bar and start typing the name of the app. Instagram. As soon as a prompt appears with a social network icon, select it to go to the description page. Click on the green button “Install”.

The procedure for installing the application on the device will begin, which will not take much time. Upon completion, you can open the application by clicking the corresponding button.

Log into Instagram by entering your username and password, or create a new account.

Additionally, there is the possibility of authorization through. who owns this social network.

After logging into your account, you will be able to use all the features of Instagram,

Its icon will appear in the application menu and on the home screen of your smartphone.

This is how easy it is to install Instagram on almost any Android device. This method is not only the fastest and most convenient, but also the safest. However, on some devices (for example, those that do not have Google services), you will not be able to use it. Owners of such should refer to the third method: Google Play Store (computer)

Many users are accustomed to installing applications, as they say, the old fashioned way. through a computer. To solve the problem considered in this article, this is also quite possible. Conservative owners of Android devices can use the same Play Store, but in a browser on a PC, by opening its website. The final result will be the same as in the previous method. the ready-to-use client of the Instagram social network will appear on the phone.

Note: Before proceeding with the steps below, log in to your web browser with the same Google account that is used as the primary account on your mobile device.

Once on the main page of the Google Store, in its menu go to the section “Applications”.

Enter “Instagram” into the search bar and press “ENTER” on your keyboard or use the magnifying glass button on the right. Perhaps the client you are looking for will be located directly on the search page, in the “Basic application package” block. In this case, you can simply click on its icon.

In the list with search results that will appear on the screen, select the very first option. Instagram (Instagram). This is our client.

On the page describing the features of the application, click the “Install” button.

Please note: If several mobile devices are linked to your Google account, by clicking on the inscription “The application is compatible with”, you will be able to select the one on which you want to install Instagram.

After a short initialization, you may be prompted to verify your account.

To do this, enter the password for it in the appropriate field and click “Next”.

Then, in the window that appears with a list of requested permissions, click on the “Install” button again. In the same window, you can double-check the correctness of the selected device or, if necessary, change it.

You will immediately be notified that Instagram will soon be installed on your device. To close the window, click “OK”.

At the same time, provided there is an Internet connection, the usual procedure for installing the application will begin on the smartphone, and after the “Install” message in the browser will change to “Installed”,

the social network client icon will appear on the main screen and in the device menu.

Now you can launch Instagram on your mobile device, sign in to it, or create a new account. All recommendations regarding the implementation of these simple steps are set out at the end of the previous method.

As we said in the introduction, not all Android devices are equipped with Google services. For example, devices intended for sale in China and those with custom firmware installed often do not contain any applications from the “good corporation”.

So, if your mobile device does not have a Play Store, you can install Instagram using the APK file, which will have to be downloaded separately. Note that in the same way, you can install any version of the application (for example, the old one, if the latter for some reason does not like it or is simply not supported).

Important: Do not download the APK from questionable and unverified web resources, as they can harm your smartphone and / or contain viruses. The safest site that provides installation files for mobile applications for Android is APKMirror, which is why it will be considered in our example.

Follow the link above and select the appropriate version of Instagram, new ones are at the very top. To go to the download page, tap on the name of the application.

Note: Please note that the list of available options contains alpha and beta versions, which we do not recommend downloading due to their instability.

Scroll down the page with the description of the social network client to the “SEE AVAILABLE APKS” button and click on it.

Select the version of the application that is suitable for your specific device. This is where you need to look at the architecture (Arch column). If you do not know this information, please refer to the support page for your device or tap on the “handy FAQ” link located above the download list.

After clicking on the name of a specific version, you will be redirected to its download page, which must be scrolled down to the “DOWNLOAD APK” button. Tap on it to start downloading.

If you have not previously downloaded files through the browser on your mobile device, a window will appear asking you to provide access to the storage. Click “Next”, then “Allow”, after which the download of the APK will start.

When the download is complete, a corresponding notification will appear in the curtain. Also, the Instagram installer can be found in the “Downloads” folder, for which you will need to use any file manager.

To start the installation procedure, simply tap on the downloaded APK. If you have not previously installed applications from unknown sources, you will need to grant the appropriate permission. To do this, in the window with the request that appears, click “Settings”, and then switch to the active position the switch opposite the item “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

Pressing the “Install” button, which appears when the APK is launched, initiates its installation on your smartphone. It will take a few seconds, after which you will be able to “Open” the application.

This method of installing Instagram on an Android device is universal. It can also be performed from a computer by downloading the APK to disk (steps 1-4), and then transferring it to a mobile device in any convenient way and following steps 5-6 of this instruction.

Apple device owners who plan to use Instagram for iPhone, as well as Android users, usually have no difficulty installing an application that provides access to the service. Installing Instagram on an iOS device can be done in more than one way.

The easiest method to get Instagram on iPhone is to download it from the App Store. Apple’s App Store pre-installed on all modern iOS versions. Actually, the instruction below is currently the only way to install the application in question, which Apple recommends using.

To find the application page in the huge App Store catalog, tap “Search” and enter the query “Instagram” in the field that appears, press “Search”. The first sentence in the list of search results is our goal. click on the service icon.
Instagram for iPhone app search in Apple App Store

On the Instagram app page in the Apple Store, tap the cloud image with an arrow. Next, we wait for the download of the components. After the download is complete, the installation of Instagram in the device will automatically start, we wait until the “OPEN” button appears on the screen.

The installation of Instagram for iPhone is now complete. We open the application, log in to the service or create a new account, after which you can start using the functions of the most popular service for posting photos and videos on the network.
Instagram for iPhone launch after installation, authorization in the service

Almost all iPhone owners have used an official tool developed by Apple to work with their devices. iTunes. After the developer released version 12.7 of this program, its users lost the ability to access the App Store from a PC to install software on smartphones, so to implement the algorithm described below for installing Instagram on an iPhone, you will have to install an older iTunes assembly on your computer than the one offered by Apple for downloading from the official website.
Download iTunes 12.6.3 for Windows with Apple App Store Access
We load the distribution kit of the “old” iTunes, remove the media combine installed on the computer and install the required version. The following instructions will help us with this:

Call a menu containing options related to the list of components available from the application.

By clicking the mouse, select the function “Edit menu”.

Check the box next to the “Programs” item that appears in the list box and click “Finish”.

Open the “Account” menu and click “Login”.

We connect the Apple device to the USB port of the PC and confirm the requests from iTunes to provide access to the data on the device.

It is also necessary to issue permission on the smartphone by tapping “Trust” in the window displayed on the device screen.

Choose “Programs” from the list of sections available in iTunes,

How to install Instagram in laptop || Download Instagram For PC 2020

Enter the request “Instagram” in the search field,

then go to the “instagram” result from the list given by iTunes.

Click on the icon of the application “Instagram Photos and Videos”.

Click “Download” on the social network client page in the AppStore.

Enter the data of your AppleID in the fields of the “Register in the iTunes Store” request window and then click “Get”.

We are waiting for the download of the Instagram package to be completed on the computer disk.

The fact that the download has completed will be indicated by the change of the name of the “Download” button to “Downloaded”. Go to the device management section in iTunes by clicking on the smartphone image at the top of the program window.

Open the “Programs” tab by clicking on its name in the left part of the media combine window.

The Instagram obtained earlier from the AppStore is present in the list of applications shown by the program. Click “Install”, after which the name of this button will change. it will become “Will be installed”.

To initiate the synchronization process, which in our case includes copying the Instagram application files to the iPhone, click “Apply” at the bottom of the iTunes window.

The procedure for exchanging information between iPhone and PC will begin.

If the PC was not authorized to work with a specific instance of the Apple device, during the synchronization process, you will be asked to issue permission. Click “Authorize” twice. under the first request,

and then in the next window that appears after entering the password from AppleID.

You do not need to take any more actions, it remains to observe the progress bar of the Instagram installation procedure at the top of the iTunes window.

At this stage, the installation of Instagram on the iPhone is considered almost complete. The button next to the application name will change its name to “Remove”. ​​this is a confirmation of the success of the installation operation. Click “Finish” at the bottom of the iTunes window after this button becomes active.

We disconnect the iPhone from the PC, unlock its screen and state the presence of the Instagram icon among other software tools. You can launch the application and log in to the service, or create a new account.

If the two above methods of installing Instagram on the iPhone are inapplicable (for example, for some reason AppleID is not used) or if you want to install a specific version of the social network client for iOS (perhaps not the newest one), IPA files are used.

This file type is essentially an archive containing components of iOS applications and stored in AppStor for further deployment on devices.

The download of IPA files is carried out by iTunes during the installation of iOS applications “Method 2”, which is described above in the article. “Distributions” are saved in the following path:

C: UsersUserMusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications.

On the Internet, you can also find resources that provide the ability to download IPA files of various iOS applications, but they should be used with caution. the chance of downloading an inoperable or virus-infected software product from unverified sites is quite high.

IPA packages and Instagram, among them, are integrated into iOS using tools created by third-party developers. One of the most common and functional software tools for manipulating the iPhone, including installing applications from a computer into it, is iTools.
Download iTools

Download the distribution and install iTools. A description of the installation process can be found in the article describing the functionality of the tool.

We launch the program and connect the iPhone to the computer.

Go to the “Applications” section by clicking on the name of the item in the list located on the left side of the iTools window.

We call the function “Install” by clicking on the corresponding inscription-link located at the top of the window.

A file selection window will appear where you need to follow the path to the location of the IPA file of the Instagram application. Next, select the package and click “Open”.

After downloading to iTools and then verifying the iOS application file for authenticity, unpacking of the package will begin.

Next, Instagram will be automatically installed in the iPhone, which will be indicated by the presence of the “Delete” button next to the item-name of the application in the list displayed by iTools.

We disconnect the iPhone from the computer, and, having unlocked the screen, make sure that there is an Instagram icon among other software tools. We launch the application and log in to the service.

Instagram is ready for use on iPhone!

Immediately after the first launch of the Instagram application, you need to register, there are two options, through the phone number and through the email address, I will choose through the mail. So, let’s begin.

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We press the button “Registration with an email address or phone number”.

Select the “E-mail address” section, enter a valid e-mail address, a confirmation letter will be sent to it, then click on the “Next” button. registration Instagram

We enter a name, it will be displayed on your page, and also come up with and enter a password, it is desirable to save the password. After we press the button “Next”.

We leave the username generated by the system, or come up with our own, it will be needed when entering Instagram, also do not forget to save it. After we press the button “Next”.

Here you can add a photo, while we skip this step, add it after registration, click “Skip”.

If necessary, connect to. if not, click the “Skip” button.

This completes the installation and registration of Instagram, it remains to go to the specified mailbox and confirm the registration.

How to install Instagram on a computer

The developers of this social service position their brainchild as a social service designed specifically for smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems. That is why the service does not have a full-fledged computer version.

Launch Instagram on your computer

Below we will talk about three ways that will allow you to run INSTagram on your computer. The first method is an official solution, while the second and third will require the use of third-party software.

using Andy emulator

In the event that you want to use the full version of Instagram on your computer, you will need to use a special emulator program that will allow you to run the required application. In our task, the Andy virtual machine will help us, which allows us to emulate the Android OS.

  • Download the program from the developer’s official website. After downloading the distribution, install Andy on your computer.
  • When the program is installed, launch it. The screen will display the Android OS interface familiar to many users, identical to version 4.2.2. Now you can proceed to installing Instagram. To do this, click on the central button to display a list of installed applications, and then open the “Play Store”.

The program will display the authorization window in the Google system. If you already have a registered Gmail email address, click on the Existing button. If not yet, click on the “New” button and go through a short registration process.

Enter your Google account email and password. Complete authorization in the system.

Click on the “Install” button to start installing the application. After a few moments, it will be available to launch from the desktop or from the list of all applications.

  • Having opened Instagram, a familiar window will appear on the screen, in which, to start using the social network, you just need to authorize.
  • Since we have installed the mobile version of the application on your computer, you have access to absolutely all of its functions, including the publication of photos, but with some peculiarities. In more detail about publishing images to Instagram from a computer, we have already talked about on the site.

    launch via browser

    As a computer version, the developers presented a social network web service that can be opened in any browser. The nuance is that this solution does not allow you to fully use Instagram, for example, you will not be able to publish photos from your computer or edit the list of uploaded pictures.

  • To start using the service, you need to log in.
  • using the RuInsta program

    RuInsta is a popular program designed to use Instagram on a computer. This tool allows you to almost fully use the popular social network on your computer, with the exception of publishing photos (although this function is provided in the program, at the time of this writing, it did not work).

      Download the RuInsta program and then install it on your computer.

    When you start the program for the first time, you will need to log in by entering your username and password.

  • As soon as these data are correct, your profile will be displayed on the screen.
  • Instagram app for Windows

    Once the application has been successfully installed, launch it. The first time you need to log in to the app.

    After specifying the correct data, your profile window on the social network will be displayed on the screen.

    If you know more convenient solutions for using Instagram on a computer, share them in the comments.

    Registration via PC

    Those who do not want to bother installing special online plugins and utilities on their laptop should stop using the official Instagram website. To do this, just log in under your own account or register. If the profile has not yet been created, you will have to:

    • go to the site and open the login page for your account;
    • switch to the registration tab by clicking on the corresponding inscription;
    • choose a convenient way to create a profile (via or email);
    • choosing the second option, you will need to enter a name, nickname, email address and come up with a password;
    • then you will need to receive a letter and complete registration by clicking on the received link.

    To those who choose. it will remain to enter the usual password and username and indicate information that will be available for visitors to the page.

    It is worth noting that the interface of the social network is made in Russian, so it will not be difficult to understand the features of creating an account.

    Alternative programs

    • comments from people who have already used the utility;
    • terms of use for the online plugin (it is worth making sure that the services are provided free of charge);
    • it is worth reading the terms of use;
    • you can pay attention to the time of creation and popularity of the program.

    Paying attention to all of the above, you can avoid encountering malicious files and choose the best utility option.


    Those who are trying to understand how to install Instagram on a computer in Russian, but are not going to limit themselves in the possibilities, should install a smartphone emulator.

    This program is a complete copy of an ordinary phone, copying all its functions. At the same time, to install the emulator, you will need to worry about free space on the hard disk of your computer in advance.

    If everything is ready, and the emulator itself (for example, BlueStacks) has already been downloaded, you should:

    This approach will allow you to use all the functions of the social network, since users will use the mobile version of the program.

    How to install Instagram on a computer for free in Russian

    Anyone who has already tried to understand how to install Instagram on a computer had to face difficulties. It is much more difficult to understand all the features of the social photo network on a PC than to study the features of using the application on smartphones.

    Acanthus owners have to put up with disabilities and use only the small functionality that is provided to computer users. And for those who are not ready to agree with the restrictions, it remains to look for alternative ways of accessing the social network that would allow using all the features of the popular site. But it should be noted that the search for alternative approaches is always associated with risk, because among the huge number of reliable programs there are also dangerous, malicious add-ons and plugins.

    How to install Instagram on a computer

    Anyone wondering if a photoset can be used on a PC should prepare for a disappointing response. The social network is available for visits and even retains some functions that users are used to using on smartphones, but the most important actions become inaccessible. Account holders are deprived of the ability to post and share photos with subscribers.

    Therefore, to expand the list of available actions, it is worth:

    • install a special browser extension;
    • download an emulator for Windows 7;
    • use the help of special online plugins and sites.

    Each of these options has its own pros and cons that should be considered. Only by paying attention to possible shortcomings, you can achieve all the goals.

    Install Instagram on laptop

    Anyone who is trying to figure out if Instagram can be installed on a computer can use several ways to use the photo network on a PC. To gain access to the main functions of the application, you should select one of the programs that allow you to use the social network and download it to your PC.

    But remember that not all programs are safe and reliable. If you don’t check the quality of the program in advance, you may find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation. Therefore, in order not to be distracted by the struggle with difficulties, it is worthwhile to free up time in advance to find a good plugin.

    Installing the Bluestacks emulator

    You can download and install a special emulator, which, in fact, will make a “system in the system” on your PC. With the Bluestacks program, you can use a full-fledged Instagram client and other applications that are available only on Android devices.

    Well, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install an emulator on a PC:

    • go to the official website;
    • download the installation file;
    • double click on the installation file;
    • click the “Install Now” button;
    • wait until the files are unpacked and installed on the PC;
    • the first launch of the program will take quite a long time. Subsequent will be faster.
    • go to your Google account or create a new one;
    • then open the Google Play Store;
    • click “Install” and wait for completion.

    The application can be used in the same way as if it was on a smartphone. The only thing is, if there is no webcam, then the photo will not work.

    In the end, having finished with the installation and configuration, all that remains is to log in under your account and start working with photos.

    What other emulators are there

    And here is another small list of emulators that will allow you to put Instagram on a PC and use a full-fledged client:

    • Andy is quite popular, completely free. Emulates Android 4.4;
    • GENYMOTION is a good emulator that allows you to choose the version of the system, which is quite convenient;
    • NOX APP PLAYER is a Chinese emulator. Differs in high speed of work;
    • Android DROID4X is another emulator that only works on older versions of Android.

    There are also iOS emulators, although they are not that popular among Instagram managers. Among the most famous are:

    • MobiOne Studio;
    • App io;
    • SmartFace

    They are all free and can be used on medium-powered computers.

    Is it possible to install Instagram on a computer and why is it needed

    Yes, Instagram can be used with all features on Windows PC or iOS devices. But, for ordinary users, the question quite reasonably arises. “Why install some kind of application or (attention, spoiler) emulator, if you can upload photos from your smartphone?” Some will twist a finger at their temples, but managers who run several pages or owners of large brands will certainly not agree with them.

    You may need to install the mobile version of the Instagram application on a PC if:

    • there is no nimble smartphone running on iOS or Android. yes, in the age of modern technologies, not everyone prefers new products and uses old, reliable devices (after all, the phone was created to make calls);
    • you work with professional editors and want to upload processed images to your profile;
    • use professional equipment and take photos with a camera, not a smartphone;
    • there is no way to keep the phone close at hand;
    • you need to accompany posts with long enough texts.

    And in general, working with a PC is much faster, more convenient and more pleasant than with a smartphone. any experienced SMM manager who has been working with social networks for a long time will confirm this.

    How to install the Instagram app on a Windows computer: free, web versus smartphone app comparison

    Hello everyone! I’m sure many Instagram users know that this is more a social network for mobile devices than for PCs. However, many entrepreneurs and SMMs find it much easier to do work using their personal computer or laptop than to publish posts from a smartphone. And it is precisely because of the convenience that the question arises, is it possible to install Instagram on a computer?

    I will give the answer in advance. “You can.” True, this will take a little sweat. After all, there are virtually no desktop app options. Well, maybe a browser version or a program for Windows 10. So, below I will talk about how to install Instagram on a computer and improve your work with this social network, getting the maximum profit from using a PC.

    We put Instagram on a computer with Windows 10

    If you own a PC running Windows 10, you can download the official app. To do this, do the following:

    • open the “Start” menu;
    • find the Microsoft Store;
    • we enter in the line “Instagram” in Russian or English;
    • the page with the application will open. Press the button “Get”;
    • go under your Microsoft account;
    • the application will automatically download and install on the PC.

    To launch the application, click the corresponding button at the bottom of the application.

    Please note that users who use this application do not have access to uploading new posts and archiving old ones.

    How to install Instagram app on computer

    To get rid of the inconveniences that arise when working with a social network, you can install Insta on your computer using:

    • attachment;
    • special emulator.

    It is completely free and you can use many functions without any problems that would not be available in the regular web version.

    The web version of Instagram is different from the main application

    “Anyway, there is a web version, so why would I bother so much and install something?”. you will say and you will be right, but not completely. The fact is that the application for mobile devices has much more functionality than the web version for PC available to everyone.

    In the table below, I have described all the main functions and differences between the Web page and the official application that can be downloaded from the market.

    FunctionWeb pageapplication
    check in
    Connecting up to 5 accounts to one soap
    View friends’ feed
    Archiving records
    Unzipping records
    Privacy setting
    Editing posts
    New posts
    View Stories
    Creating stories
    Copy text

    It is clear from the table that many of the necessary functions in the Web version are simply not available to users and this is a serious drawback, especially if you are a business owner and you need an account to earn money.

    Well, now you know how to install Instagram on your computer and you don’t have to worry that it will be inconvenient to use your smartphone for work or promotion of an account. Try this method of using a social network and see for yourself the convenience of working with a PC. That’s all for me. See you in the next articles!

    Installing Android x86

    By selecting the last menu item when booting from a flash drive (Install Android x86 to hard disk), you can install Android on your computer as the main OS or an additional system.

    If you decide to do this, I recommend first (in Windows or booting from a disk with utilities for working with partitions, see how to partition a hard disk) to allocate a separate partition for installation (see how to partition a disk). This is because working with the installer’s built-in hard drive partitioning tool can be difficult to understand.

    Next, I only present the installation process for a computer with two MBR (Legacy boot, not UEFI) disks in NTFS. For your installation, these options may differ (additional installation steps may also appear). I also recommend not to leave the Android partition in NTFS.

    • On the first screen, you will be prompted to select a partition to install. Choose the one that was prepared in advance for this. I have a whole separate disk (though virtual).
    • In the second step, you will be prompted to format the partition (or not). If you seriously intend to use Android on your device, I recommend ext4 (in this case, you will have access to all disk space for use as internal memory). If you do not format it (for example, leave NTFS), then at the end of the installation you will be prompted to allocate space for user data (it is better to use the maximum value of 2047 MB).
    • The next step is to offer to install the Grub4Dos bootloader. Answer “Yes” if your computer will be using not only Android (for example, Windows is already installed).
    • If the installer finds other operating systems on your computer, you will be prompted to add them to the boot menu. Do it.
    • In case you are using UEFI boot, confirm the entry of the EFI Grub4Dos bootloader, otherwise click “Skip”.
    • The installation of Android x86 will begin, and after it you can either immediately start the installed system, or restart your computer and select the desired OS from the boot menu.
    READ  Can a laptop be used as a second monitor

    Done, you have got Android on your computer. albeit a controversial OS for such an application, but at least interesting.

    There are separate operating systems based on Android, which, unlike pure Android x86, are optimized specifically for installation on a computer or laptop (i.e., they are more convenient to use). One of such systems is described in detail in a separate article Installing Phoenix OS, settings and use, about the second. below.

    Running Android x86 on computer without installation

    Having booted from the previously created bootable USB flash drive from Android (how to boot from a USB flash drive in BIOS), you will see a menu in which you will be asked to either install Android x86 on your computer, or start the OS without affecting the data on the computer. We choose the first option. launch in Live CD mode.

    After a short boot process, you will see a language selection window, and then. the initial Android settings windows, a keyboard, mouse and touchpad on a laptop worked for me here. You can not configure anything, but click “Next” (all the same, the settings will not be saved after the reboot).

    As a result, we get to the main screen of Android 5.1.1 (I used this version, today, in 2019, version 8.1 is available). In my test, on a relatively old laptop (Ivy Bridge x64), the following immediately worked: Wi-Fi, local network (and this is not displayed with any icons, judged only by opening pages in a browser with Wi-Fi turned off, sound, input devices), drivers for video (this is not in the screenshot, it is taken from a virtual machine).

    In general, everything works fine, although I did not test the Android performance on the computer very hard. During the check, I encountered one freeze when opening the site in the built-in browser, which I could only “cure” by rebooting. Also note that Google Play services on Android x86 are not installed by default.

    Installing Android on a computer or laptop

    In this instruction on how to run Android on a computer or laptop, as well as install it as an operating system (primary or secondary), if suddenly there is such a need. What is it useful for? Just for experimentation or, for example, on an old netbook, Android may well run relatively fast, despite the weakness of the iron.

    instagram, installed, laptop

    Earlier I wrote about Android emulators for Windows. if you do not need to install Android on your computer, and the task is to run applications and games from android inside your operating system (i.e., run Android in a window, like a regular program), it is better to use the described For more information, see emulator programs. See also: PrimeOS. Android adapted for weaker laptops and computers.

    Bootable Android flash drive

    To use the image, after downloading, write it to a disc or USB drive. I made a bootable USB flash drive with Android from an iso image using the Rufus utility using the following settings (at the same time, judging by the resulting structure on the flash drive, it should successfully boot not only in CSM mode, but also in UEFI). When prompted for write mode in Rufus (ISO or DD), select the first option.

    You can use the free Win32 Disk Imager to write the img image (which is laid out specifically for EFI boot).

    Using Android x86 to run on a computer

    Android x86 is a well-known open source project for porting the Android OS to computers, laptops and tablets with x86 and x64 processors. At the time of this writing, the current version available for download is Android 8.1.

    Using Remix OS For PC based on Android x86

    On January 14, 2016, the promising Remix OS for PC operating system was released (still in the alpha version), built on the basis of Android x86, but offering significant improvements in the user interface specifically for using Android on a computer.

    • Full multi-window interface for multitasking (with the ability to minimize the window, expand to full screen, etc.).
    • An analogue of the taskbar and start menu, as well as a notification area similar to that present in Windows
    • Desktop with shortcuts, customization of the interface taking into account the application on a regular PC.

    Just like Android x86, Remix OS can be run in LiveCD (Guest Mode) or installed on a hard drive.

    By the way, what is the first and the second option you can run in a virtual machine on your computer. the actions will be similar (although not everything may work, for example, I could not start Remix OS in Hyper-V).

    Two more similar versions of Android adapted for use on computers and laptops. Phoenix OS and Bliss OS.

    Distribution of new, sometimes interesting and useful materials from the website. No ads and free computer help for subscribers from the author. Other subscription methods (VK, Odnoklassniki, Telegram., YouTube, Yandex.Dzen)

    Guys, put Android on the railway and it doesn’t matter which version. The first boot starts before configuring the system, enters the boot menu. I choose any item to continue downloading. And here it all starts to get interesting. The screen is skewed, exactly where the android logo should be. I tried to poke in the bootloader menu like vga = ask. Well, yes, it goes into the choice of resolution. As soon as the command line is loaded, the resolution changes again in front of the logo and again the skew. From flash as life together with vga = ask is loaded.

    I can’t answer here. I myself would have asked on the forums on Android x86 in such a situation. Plus, if it’s a PC, then I tried to connect a monitor to the integrated video monitor and see how it would affect.

    Hello, there is a question on how to screw Ppoe to Android, that is, I put the x86 system, but there is no wire connection, only fivi, I do not have a router only a PC and the provider is just hardcore

    Give up.
    By Google now, both in Russian and in English, too, somehow everyone gives up 🙂 There are applications that are on PPPoE requests, but I can’t say anything about their performance, they are clearly designed for Wi-Fi too.
    And on Remix OS. there seems to be PPPoE over Ethernet, but the forums (the same xda-developers, are also full of messages that does not work.

    Have you tried dialing a shaman?

    Can you tell me which Android emulator for PC works with Bluetooth PC modules?
    It is required to emulate Android, on which you can run an application that works via bluetooth with a separate device.

    Well, in general, Android x86 / Remix OS support Bluetooth modules, but only if you are lucky and the module will be among the supported.

    Russian language is present in Android Remix OS?
    2. How much memory on hard should be allocated for installation?
    The site says that when installed on a USB flash drive, its size should
    be 8 GB USB availability. 3.

    Yes there is.
    2. But I don’t know for sure I think 8-16 is enough.

    How to find out in the installation program which disks are the ones that I selected?

    Most likely sda3 will be, i.e. the third section on the first disk (if I understand correctly how everything is broken there). In general, first take a look at Windows Disk Management and see how the Android partition goes.

    The system is supposedly installed, but there is no boot menu. What to do?

    Thanks for your detailed article, everything is very clear and easy.
    But after installation on the laptop, a problem came out. every time you reboot, you have to configure the system on a new one, i.e. Language. Date. Time and all that.
    Can you help me pliz?

    Hello. I’m afraid I can’t: I myself only “got acquainted” with Android x86 when I wrote the article, but I don’t know in detail about all the nuances and bugs.

    Good afternoon, I am interested in this question: if, during installation, you format a hard drive for Android (be it SSD or HDD), and then you need to demolish Android and put Windows again, can there be problems with reverse formatting the hard drive in ntfs?
    That is: Windows after that is normally installed or not?

    It’s okay. just when installing at the selection stage, delete all partitions that are there and install.

    Hello, I launched it from a USB flash drive, everything works fine, the language is English, you can translate into Russian?
    when installed on a hard drive, this problem will remain?

    but just in the Android settings it does not change like on any phone?

    Tell Dmitry, I’m starting to install and he does not see the hard drive, does not see the partitions. Linux and Ubuntu install without problems.

    Those. even the physical disk does not see? Or just sections? If so, then I do not know what could be the matter.

    Did you put it on a separate hard (physical) disk by accident? If this is the case, try changing the boot order in the BIOS.

    Hello, I recorded the latest version of Android x86_64bit, before trying the installation, I decided to run it as a Live-CD, but the launch was unsuccessful. Tell me, maybe I wrote down the wrong version and it’s not like the bitness is determined in Windows. Launched the Atlon x2 4 64bit processor on the computer.

    I think it’s connected with the processor. I’m not sure what will work on such old atlones.

    Pavel, I managed to put Android x86 on AMD.
    My system
    Motherboard. MSI MS-7367,
    Processor. AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000, 2992 MHz, 2 cores
    System Memory. 4GB DDR2
    Video card. I use the integrated one on the mat. board. ATI Radeon X1200.
    (it used to be in the slot, but it died long ago. ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro)
    Installed OS-
    Main disk C (100 GB, NTFS). Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    Logical disk D (50 GB, NTFS). Android-x86-8.1-r1.iso 32bit.
    Logical disk E (220 GB, NTFS). for archiving photos, videos.
    Yesterday half a day dancing with a tambourine to find the right version of Android.
    The difference is 32 and 64 bits. versions. Remix OS. PrimeOS, Phoenix OS and Android x86_64bit did not start for me.
    It turned out only when the disk partition left NTFS, and took 32bit. Android-x86-8.1-r1.iso version
    At the end of the installation, select reboot, while the PC reboots, load the bootable USB flash drive. Otherwise, the installation process will start on a new.
    Android-x86-8.1-r1.iso started up, just like a phone. even the wired internet worked. I started a video from YouTube through chrome, slowed down the sound.
    I don’t like chrome eats resources, I still need to figure out the Android settings, for me this is a novelty on PC.

    After installation, the Android inscription was eaten and then a black screen how much the intel celeron n3150 processor will be

    Same problem as a few people above. The installation is successful, it starts immediately after installation, but when you reboot, it does not give Windows or Android, it loads Windows 7 right away.

    Take a look in the BIOS: are there any separate items for starting Android in the boot parameters (Boot)? (on UEFI systems it can be like this).

    I installed Android on the laptop, everything started but does not see more than one Wi-Fi network, tell me what can be done

    Perhaps you won’t do anything: there were no drivers for your Wi-Fi adapter in Android.

    Installed Android on the disk where the Windows partition was (just a partition, non-bootable). Accordingly, when loading Android, the menu to load Android or Windows dropped out with the default loading of android. Later I combined Android and bootable Windows on one disk. Everything works. you can download either one or the other. The question is how to edit the boot menu so that Windows boots by default ?

    Most likely you have a Grub bootloader there. Accordingly, look on the Internet about editing the menu of this bootloader (I do not have such instructions).

    Most likely you have a Grub bootloader there.
    Yes, when did you write this at least somewhere, at least once looked? Yes the truth is there
    same loader Grab…. HEY trouble? Nobody knew about it? Since I started to write about it, then hold on. If I wanted to search for the boot order in Linux, I would have looked

    Not Grab but Grub. But in fact. did not understand what angered you? From your previous comment, if it’s about Honor, no details and details follow, including what you were already looking for, and therefore I assume, first of all, a standard situation. the grub menu after installing Android x86 on a PC.
    And if there is the usual Windows menu, then using bcdedit / default ID, well, or more simply. in EasyBCD

    Should I even try to install Android on a computer with Intel Pentium inside 2.2ghz, 3GB of RAM and 512 MB of video memory? Or is it a dead number and a home laptop is only suitable for molting?

    In principle, it should be delivered. But how much everything will work there (sound, Wi-Fi) will not work. There may be norms, but maybe not, and in the second case, it is unlikely that it will be possible to win.
    But in general, most of the specified Androids (RemixOS, PhoenixOS) allow you to burn a USB flash drive, boot from it without installing and check how it works. It is not too time consuming and will help you decide whether to go this way)

    Thank you for your prompt reply and recommendations.

    Running away from W7 home base installed Andryusha 7.1.1 64 bit “Phoenikas” on PC EVERYTHING. good!
    but he is an infection in the Anglo-Saxon language, there is no pill to russify his tripe? Here in the settings I was digging there there is a Russian, but it looks like it’s for the skateboard of the keyboard (I’m not strong in English). Or maybe there is a version of the Russian-language version (after all, on TV boxes and andr smarts, there is something like that) Can you please tell me what to do in this regard? And then this with switching and translation tortured.

    There is also Russian support there. It is necessary not to add in keyboards, but in languages ​​and rearrange Russian in first place. I described it here: (1st and 2nd steps in the section “basic settings”)

    Hello, under tell me please installed Androyd x86 32 bits on a laptop with 6 GB. Android sees 2.5 GB.

    Guys tell me pliz! the processor does not support rendering. Can I put this laptop on and work in android? tried different emulators nothing worked (

    You can try. Just don’t install right away, but first just run from a USB flash drive (images of Android x86, Phoenix OS which is also on Android) allow you to run without installation and see if everything works.

    Everything is fine, of course. It is installed, loaded, works, even from under Linux it turned out to be a mint. But how to zoom a camera in a clash of clans? I have already poured everything. In Phoenix OS, the mouse wheel is controlled, but in this one nothing works. Maybe at least someone here has found a solution. Wherever I have already searched

    I wanted Mi Explorer and google chrome to download, but Google Play writes that there is not enough memory to download both this and this application. I went to the “Memory” parameter and there, in the description of some applications, the “erase data” button is blocked.
    and there are also many mistakes.

    on 4 pentium running Android x86 4.4, if black screen add boot option
    vga = 794 nomodeset xforcevesa

    Whatssapp opens? You can write something?

    Hey! I started Android from a flash drive, the flight is normal, everything seems to work, the keyboard works, but the sensor does not work. (although sometimes it reacts) is there a remedy for ‘curing’? can the sensor be made to work?

    Hello. And what kind of sensor do you mean? Touchscreen or touchpad? One way or another, I don’t know the exact answer if it will work: maybe there are simply no drivers in the system (but it will not work). But in such a situation, you can try other builds based on Android, such as BlissOS or PhoenixOS.