Can I use my tablet as a phone

Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and other devices with S Pen as a graphics tablet

The most interesting in the context of this topic are Galaxy Note smartphones and Samsung tablets that support the pressure sensitive S Pen and are equipped with a Wacom digitizer. We can take advantage of all these advantages and turn a mobile device into an almost full-fledged graphic tablet:

  • Download the VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen) app on your phone or tablet, available for free on the Play Store: (there is also a paid version without ads).
  • Download and install the VirtualTablet Server program on your computer, available at
  • Start VirtualTablet Server on the computer after installation. If you plan to connect via Bluetooth, then when prompted by the program, allow the search, in my example I connect via Wi-Fi (the computer and smartphone must be connected to the same network). Wait until the Status field in the program reads Ready. Please note that it must not be blocked by a firewall.
    tablet, phone
  • After starting the server, launch the VirtualTablet application on your phone or tablet, and then select the connection type: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB (for the last point, you will need to enable USB debugging on Android).
  • When using a Wi-Fi connection, if both devices are connected to the same network, you will see a list of servers in the application (or you can manually enter the IP address). Select the required server and click the “Connect” button in the application.

Done, the virtual graphics tablet on your mobile device is up and running and can be used in graphics programs.

For example, paint in Photoshop, using all the additional functions of brushes, and if your computer is running Windows 10, the functions of Windows Ink Workspace will become available (the icon usually appears automatically in the notification area), you can also conveniently use the free Microsoft Fresh Paint application (available in Windows 10 Store).

If necessary, you can change the pressure and travel sensitivity of the pen in the VirtualTablet Server software on your computer. Also note the following point: if your computer has more than one monitor, the graphics tablet will only work for the monitor number 1 in Windows.

How to use Android as a graphics tablet for your computer

Among other interesting options for using an Android phone or tablet, one can single out the use of a mobile device as a graphics tablet for drawing on a computer, this will be discussed in this material. See also: Unusual Ways to Use Android.

Most interesting of all, this feature looks for Samsung Galaxy Note phones and other devices with support for a pressure-sensitive pen. But, if you wish, you can use such features on other Android devices: the only thing is that drawing accuracy on a regular touch screen will not be very good.

A pen-free Android graphics tablet

If your Android device does not support pen input, you can still use it to draw on your computer, but with your finger. Unfortunately, in this case, the accuracy will be insufficient, and the pen may “jump”, which is due to the way the capacitive touch screens work.

This can be done using the VirtualTablet application already described above, but you will need to go to the application settings on the phone and set “Finger Touch / Capacitive stylus” in the “Input Mode” item.

I recommend using this particular application, but there are other similar utilities in the Play Store:

  • Graphics Tablet. supports the same capabilities as VirtualTablet (pen and finger input, pressure) and also requires a driver to be installed on the computer. Connection only via Wi-Fi. But I couldn’t find the driver, and there is no information about it on the official page.
  • WI-FI Drawing Tablet. no pen or pressure support, a kind of mouse emulator using your phone or tablet. The link to the server application for the computer is in the description of the application in the Play Store.
  • Tablet Stylus. paid, not tested, but the video on the official page is very similar to the previous version, except that the USB connection is supported. A link to the server application is at the end of the application description in the Play Store.

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The program server is not installed on Windows 10, complaining about the lack of Net 3.5, although a much later version is already included in the OS, that is, it is installed.

Newer versions will not include support for 3.5, this version must be installed too.

I installed additionally Net 3.5 on Windows10. Everything works. I also found a modified APK, without ads. this is how it works on the whole screen of the smartphone.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay. The Fastest Program

Splashtop Wired XDisplay, as the name suggests, will require you to have a USB cable handy to pair your devices. Plus, because unlike Spacedesk, Wired XDisplay only lets you connect your phone or tablet via USB, you get better resolution and frame rates. At the same time, XDisplay can be installed on both Mac and PC, which gives it an advantage over the previous program. Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS. There is also a rather interesting feature: if you want to save battery power on your mobile device, you can manually reduce the resolution and frame rate.

Spacedesk. Functionality at its best

Spacedesk is a fairly popular application for “turning” your Android device into a second monitor for pairing with a Windows PC on board. Spacedesk runs on a local network, so you don’t need an active internet connection. Installation is simple: you can connect your computer to Android via USB, Wi-Fi or LAN. The program works in a fairly high resolution, and on top of that, touch input from the Android screen is supported.

To get started, you need to install the required drivers on your Windows computer. The application is available for Windows 7 and newer OS versions. After opening the application, it will automatically scan and display all devices on the local network that have the Spacedesk application installed. Run the corresponding program on your Android device and connect.

iDisplay. Everything is great, but without a flaw

iDisplay was originally a program exclusively for macOS and iOS. And it wouldn’t have made it to this list if it hadn’t received Android and Windows support. This makes iDisplay one of the best solutions on the market today. It supports pairing mode up to 60 frames per second and even recognizes multi-touch gestures. The only drawback that may alienate a number of users is that the application does not have a free version. Did you know that your device can easily be used as a second screen? Tell us about it in our Telegram chat.

How to use an Android smartphone or tablet as a second monitor

The second monitor is a very useful thing to work with. Thanks to him, you can significantly increase the workspace and thereby fit much more useful elements. However, not everyone has the money for a full-fledged second monitor. Besides, what to do if using a second monitor is a “one-time promotion” and you don’t need to use it all the time? In this case, an Android smartphone or tablet will come to the rescue, which can be used as an additional monitor.

Use Android device as second monitor? It couldn’t be easier!

Google Remote Desktop. Google’s Sleek Solution

Google Remote Desktop allows you to establish a connection between Android and a Windows PC. Other operating systems are not supported. Alas. At the same time, Google Remote Desktop not only allows you to make a “second screen” out of your gadget, but also gives you the ability to control your PC desktop from your smartphone. You just need to have a Gmail account to work. And you won’t have to pay for the program at all.

How to connect a tablet to a PC as a monitor?

Every owner of a tablet computer sooner or later thinks about how to combine his gadget with a stationary PC. For example, can I use a tablet as a monitor to connect to the system unit? The advantages are obvious: a compact and high-tech display can give a head start to specialized monitor manufacturers, and, moreover, will save a considerable amount.

It is possible to use a tablet as a monitor. The easiest way is to connect it to the video card located in the system unit via a cable with HDMI. mini HDMI connectors. Naturally, if this function is supported, and there are corresponding inputs and outputs. HDMI. cable transfers any digital data, be it photo, video, audio files or something else. However, not all so simple. The HDMI connector on your tablet is a transmitter. And only the transmitter. Simply put, it is capable of transmitting data to another source, but receiving information from it. no longer.

Attempts to turn an Android tablet into a full-fledged monitor have been made more than once. Alas, today it is impossible for an ordinary user to fully implement this idea. Developers are in no hurry to make life easier for buyers. Until manufacturers make HDMI output universal, it remains to be content with only a fraction of its capabilities. That is, to use the gadget only as a transmitter of information. Unless there is an enthusiast who will undertake to remake the HDMI input in the tablet so that it can not only transmit, but also receive signals directly from the video card.
As of fall 2014, this continues to be a pipe dream.

An advanced computer user can try to solve the problem at the program level. Applications designed just for this case will reduce the time of “shamanic dances” to the necessary minimum. But before starting this procedure, you need to answer yourself a few questions. The main one is how often and under what circumstances I will use a tablet instead of a monitor.?

The fact is that you can use your tablet as a monitor in completely different cases:
1. Emergency situations when there is no alternative and is not foreseen;
2. The display of the tablet is used as an additional monitor if the main one is present. Information that is displayed on the main screen is duplicated on it;
3. The display of the tablet complements the main monitor and works in tandem with it.

Each option requires an appropriate approach and has different requirements for the owner in terms of technical literacy.

How to connect a tablet as a monitor

For installation, you need a cable with a USB connector (to connect directly) or a wireless contact (connect via Wi-Fi). Appropriate programs are also required. You can download them for free on the Internet.

Step-by-step instruction:
1. We are looking at the office. website and install the iDisplay program on your computer. The version of the program must be selected in accordance with your operating system. It’s free.
2. Find the iDisplay tablet app on Google Play. Here they are already asking for 5 for the application. We pay money or use the Internet search and download the application for free. Install on a tablet;
3. Restart your computer after installation;
4. Open iDisplay on your computer and simultaneously launch it on your tablet;
5. Further steps differ depending on the connection method. If the connection is via a USB cable, click “USB Connection”. If connected via a Wi-Fi network, the program will ask you to add a server. Press the plus key several times;

If everything is done correctly, the program will ask for your data. In particular, the IP address, port and username. The port number can be found by moving the mouse to the iDisplay. IP should be viewed on the network. Choose a username to taste. The requirements are not regulated here;

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If the previous manipulations were done successfully, the message “iDisplay autorization”. The window that opens will offer you to choose one of three options for further actions. For those who are not at ease with English, here is the translation: the first is “reject the tablet connection”, the second is “connect once”, the third. “Connect automatically every time a request comes from the tablet.” We recommend choosing option number three (in English. “Always allow”).

Further customization

After you have managed to “make friends” the computer with a new monitor, you need to choose in what capacity it will be used most of all. Let’s remind: this can be the main monitor (when there is no other one), duplicate or additional (“expand the screen” function). Standard setting. through the right mouse click on the desktop.

In cases where the tablet is the only PC monitor, in the desktop settings, you need to click on “Show desktop only 2”. Next, right-click on the iDisplay shortcut, select the “Settings” line and click on “launch at Windows startup” so that a checkmark appears there.

After rebooting and turning off the standard monitor (if any), the desktop will be available on the tablet screen. To do this, you need to enter the iDisplay program from it, which will start in automatic mode.

The inconvenience of the proposed method of connecting a tablet as a second monitor may be as follows: if you need to connect a monitor instead of a faulty one, you will have to rely mostly on memory and intuition. It is basically impossible to set up a program on a broken screen, so you will have to find another working monitor somewhere for at least 10 minutes. Well, or take care of the compatibility settings in advance. Another disadvantage. when starting the system, it is necessary to start the connection with the PC manually each time.

In parallel with this, you can use all the advantages of a tablet computer. In particular, use touch-sensitive data input and move around the apartment, regardless of the maximum length of the wire. Enjoy all the delights of a stand-alone monitor with a tablet with a large display and good screen resolution.

How to use your tablet to make calls

It will be possible to use a tablet computer to make phone calls if three main conditions are met:

  • the presence of a 3G module;
  • GSM connection;
  • software software.

If the device is equipped with the appropriate modules, but there is no software on it that allows making calls, it is necessary to use the GOOGL PLAY capabilities.

It is required to download the exDIALER dialer after installation, which will have a chance to telephone.

Certain models are programmed for calls from a specific country, to change the situation requires the installation of new firmware, which allows you to connect with mobile operators.

It is necessary to carry out the JAILBREAK operation. a system hack, officially prohibited, but allowing access to self-installation of program files. Then you can install applications that are not related to APP STORE, for example, Line2. After all the conditions are met, it will be possible to call via the SIM card using the services of mobile operators.

How to make calls from tablet to phone

You can make calls to your phone by installing a dialer on your tablet.

There are several similar programs:


Applications contain approximately the same set of options that allow you to sort contacts into groups, set ringtones for calls, receive and send different forms of messages: MMS, SMS, E-MAIL. Batch sending of messages is provided. Applications support a set of messages in several languages ​​and different accounts: LOCAL, GMAIL.

Clear configuration of the ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE router for dummies. Read here.

The main interest is the functions related to calls. The phone is almost completely integrated into this program. A type-setting keyboard is provided, it is possible to search through the T-9 system, using contact fields. The call history is necessarily archived, allowing you to contact subscribers who are not included in the list of contacts, the call from which was missed without dialing a phone number. If this procedure is unavoidable, then you can activate the speed dial option, and if necessary, quickly edit the number.

The program has a multi-level tab bar containing many attachments:

  • contacts;
  • groups;
  • organizations;
  • positions.

The system supports the formation of multi-level groups, with the creation of subgroups, the search in which is carried out by the given attachments.

You can easily manage attachments by creating new ones, deleting unnecessary ones, making the necessary changes to existing tabs. Copying of contacts is available, which can be transferred to different accounts, for example, GMAIL. It is possible to filter incoming calls, while you can completely block the number or restrict access to certain days.

It is very convenient that the system is fully integrated with the tablet, you can create shortcuts for groups or individual contacts directly on the tablet desktop, making calls without entering the program. You can use these applications in a paid or free mode, in the second case there will be certain restrictions.

For example, ads will constantly appear, a number of options will be unavailable:

  • tincture of themes;
  • background notification service;
  • sending congratulations.

Using programs of this type, you can freely make calls to mobile phones, naturally, provided that the device is equipped with the necessary modules.

Let’s see how you can make calls from your tablet using this program:

  • you need to activate the application;
  • the dialer will appear;

Tablets from which they call

Modern devices are equipped with two types of modules: 3G, GSM. If you want to know for sure whether it is possible to call through a tablet, then make sure that the appropriate software is present in the purchased device. Such devices are equipped with a slot for a SIM card, by installing which you can use the services with a call connection.

Important! Many tablets are equipped only with a 3G module, in which case the use of the services of a mobile operator is not available. The specified module is required to connect to the Internet, but without GSM it will not be able to provide standard telephone communication.

Users wishing to make calls should pay attention to devices equipped with MTK chips. Models of the following manufacturers correspond to the specified condition:

  • ASUS;

An additional condition for establishing cellular communication is the presence of the “Phone” application. the program allows you to dial a subscriber’s number. Even if the device is equipped with a GSM module, but does not have the appropriate software, it will be impossible to make calls. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to establish mobile communication from a tablet without 3g, since it will not have a SIM card slot.

Is it possible to call from a tablet as from a phone

Making phone calls from the tablet is possible if you have software and modules that provide dialing and cellular communication. If there is no corresponding software, you can always use special applications that allow you to contact your interlocutors via the Internet. Before purchasing, you must carefully study the set of applications and modules with which the device is equipped in order to evaluate its functionality.

You can install the following applications for free:

SKYPE is considered the absolute leader in this area, using this program you can contact other IP addresses for free.

Additional options are also available, such as chatting or file transfer. There is a possibility of organizing videoconferences, with the simultaneous participation of 10 interlocutors. The voice communication mode allows you to communicate with 24 users at a time. You can also communicate via Skype with telephone subscribers, but this service will be paid. You will need to replenish the balance using a plastic card and, based on the tariff schedule, make a scheduled call.

Table Calls to landline and mobile phones using the SKYPE system

Minutes per monthCost per minute (cents)Subscription fee
603.52.09 €
1203.44.09 €
4003.413.49 €
8003.225.99 €

VIBER is compatible with Android and IOS devices. If the opponent also has this program installed, then you can contact him, regardless of which country in the world he is. Only voice mode is available, however it is completely free.

An alternative is to use Internet messengers, for example, FRING, GOOGLE TALK. Applications allow you to communicate via voice communication, and you do not need to pay for the call. Using these programs, you can contact other people without a SIM card, the main thing is that they also have these applications installed on their computer. how can i call from a tablet

Is it possible to make calls from a 3G tablet?

An integral condition for making phone calls is the presence of a 3G module. There are several ways how to find out from a tablet with 3G about the possibility of establishing a connection. The first and surest sign of a 3G system is the presence of a calling card slot. However, this is not an incontrovertible fact indicating the presence of this module. It is quite possible that the card complies with the CDMA standard, which will significantly complicate the search for a mobile operator. Internet connection for such tablets is carried out using the WI-FI module.

To find out what type of connection, you can install a GSM standard card and turn on the device:

  • open the settings folder;
  • go to the “About tablet” tab;

The ability to make calls from a 3G tablet depends on several factors:

  • software version;
  • availability of software;
  • presence of a GSM module.

The best option is to choose a device running on Android 4.0, in this case there is no need to install additional software. If the device runs on Android 3.2, you will have to install an application that allows you to dial phone numbers, send text and multimedia messages.

You can make calls from a 3G tablet if the specified conditions are met. If there is no software or access to the GSM network, then dialing a number, as well as connecting with a mobile operator will be impossible.

It is possible to establish telephone communication using a tablet computer, if the appropriate modules and software are available. For this you need to use a GSM SIM card, which will allow you to use the services of a mobile operator. Thanks to the 3G connection, you can make free calls to the tablet, even if there are no corresponding modules.

My phone stopped connecting to Wi-Fi, what should I do? The answer is here.

It is necessary to install special programs for this: SKYPE, VIBER. Thanks to these applications, you can establish voice and video communications, as well as exchange text messages. It is recommended to choose a tablet that works with MTK chips, such a device has the ability to organize telephone communication.

The most popular devices that can be used as a phone:

Carefully approach the choice of the device, having previously familiarized yourself with all its capabilities. Pay attention to the platform on which the device works, the availability of the necessary applications, and most importantly, the modules without which you cannot connect to the Internet and use the services of mobile operators. If all conditions are met, then there will be no problems with calls.

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What makes a graphics tablet different?

First of all, it is worth remembering the direct purpose of a regular tablet:

it is used to search for information on the Internet;

A graphics tablet is needed in order to create graphics in special programs, such as CorelDraw. These tablets replace the artist’s canvas, brush and palette and help create drawings in digital format.

Do I need additional gadgets for graphic tablets?

Certain accessories like a mouse and a stylus are definitely needed. Actually, with their help, you can realize the ideas of creativity. Using the touchpad and gestures, it is almost impossible to recreate precise lines, shapes and adjust the drawing in the process.

Types of additional gadgets for graphic tablets

The easiest way to work in graphics programs on a tablet is with a mouse and stylus. Even better if a stylus with extra nibs. There are other useful “things” with which the creative process becomes more convenient and easy:

Replaceable stylus nibs. Constant touching of the pen to the working surface of the tablet will inevitably lead to grinding, deformation of the tool, from which it becomes inconvenient to work with it, therefore it is better to change them from time to time. One more thing: these “nozzles” “scratch” the surface in different ways, so if you successfully select the tip option for each individual task, you can achieve very interesting design effects.

Replaceable smooth surface. Provides less friction to the nib than a standard pad, thereby allowing the nib to wear less and last longer.

Graphic tablet glove. Prevents unwanted palm contact with the tablet screen or paper. The element is not required, but it has a very beneficial effect on the comfort of the creative process, since with a glove you do not need to constantly hold your hand in weight so as not to touch the touchpad. Available with one or two closed fingers, in different color variations.

Tablet stand. Another handy tool that allows you to hold the gadget at an angle convenient for you and at an optimal height. As a rule, the base of the device is rubberized, which ensures reliable adhesion of the structure and the tablet to the table surface. This accessory is also useful for other tasks, for example, installing a graphics tablet vertically to watch your favorite movie.

On the Ukrainian market, including on the TopGoods website, there are accessories for graphic tablets of different price categories.

Pros of using a graphics tablet:

you can use a huge number of shades and colors, the choice is not limited;

after creating the next masterpiece, you do not need to spend a lot of time to transfer the drawing to a computer format;

you no longer need to search for different brushes or pencils, all this replaces one pen, the way of drawing which can be changed without wasting a lot of time and effort.

Thanks to all these functions, no tablet can compete with the graphics one, since all these functions affect the quality and speed of work.

Despite all the obvious advantages, many people still ask the question: “Why are graphic tablets expensive?” I would like to note right away that this is a reckless prejudice, because the for graphic tablets are very different. And this state of affairs depends on many factors:

Display size. Graphic tablets also differ in screen size, which is an important factor when buying such a device. So, the most expensive tablet can be with a diagonal of 22 inches, and the cheapest with a diagonal of 146 by 93 millimeters.

Resolution and pressure sensitivity. In expensive devices, the resolution can be more than 4 thousand lines per inch, and the sensitivity is about 1023 levels. The most budget graphics tablets have much lower resolution, and the sensitivity leaves much to be desired.

Can I use a regular tablet as a graphics?

Many of us have repeatedly asked the question: “How to make a graphic from an ordinary tablet?” After all, every self-respecting modern digital artist, or even just a beginner, wants to have such a thing in his arsenal. The trouble is that not everyone can afford it, or maybe they just don’t want to spend. Therefore, everyone who has an Android or iPad is looking for all sorts of solutions to this problem. What kind? Let’s figure it out.

Can a graphics tablet be replaced with a regular one?

The ideal option would be to use tablets that have a built-in active digitizer that works in tandem with an active pressure-sensitive digital pen.

As for the use of a graphics tablet as a device for business, here, depending on the model, questions may arise about energy efficiency and autonomy.

Software conversion

Areas of tasks where the tablet feels great. the broadest: from Internet surfing to performing office tasks. But, as far as graphics are concerned, it’s not all that simple. So can a regular tablet be used as a graphics tablet? Of course! To create beautiful visual content on a non-graphics tablet, it is enough to carry out an easy software upgrade. All you need is a tablet, an internet connection, and a stylus. For iOS and Android, the Global Network has its own programs.

how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet

In this case, the need for a variety of buttons disappears, the pen itself should be lightweight, and the size of the tablet is hardly A4. A5 or less is enough for a child. In this case, the tablet will replace paper and a pencil with paints.

And if the tablet is intended for a more adult person, with completely different requests and goals, of course, everything must be carefully studied. In this case, the tablet will be not just an attachment to the computer, but a very important component of it. Indeed, on the tablet, you can not only make professional flat drawings, but also beautiful volumetric models, while there will be no need to enter values ​​from the keyboard. I moved the pen in the right direction and an unusual relief or shape has already been created.

Working on a graphics tablet, the user may eventually realize that he is convenient not only for drawing or designing. With the acquisition of certain skills, the tablet can completely replace the computer mouse, and later, with the development of technology, and the keyboard. After all, the time is not far off when it will be possible to simply write handwritten text on the tablet, and it will immediately be recognized and translated into print. Also, over time, you can find other functions of the tablet, which initially were not thought of. But the graphics tablet is very durable and durable. Even with constant work, it will take a long time to change the nib shaft.

Technology does not stand still, which means that graphic tablets will acquire all the new features and capabilities. One has only to try to work with a tablet, and it will be strange to realize how earlier it was possible to do without it.

Many people imagine a graphics tablet different from what it really is. Many people immediately imagine a graphics tablet as a regular tablet for surfing the Internet.

But this view is often wrong. Graphic tablets for the most part look like large touchpads, which we are used to seeing on laptops (replaces the mouse manipulator).

In fact, a graphics tablet is a large touchpad equipped with a “stylus” and connects to any computer as additional equipment (in principle, it is like a second mouse). You move the pen across the tablet, and all your actions are displayed on the computer screen. Of course, this is less convenient than drawing on paper, but it just takes a little getting used to. I also want to draw your attention to the fact that tablets have a fixed working area and it does not cover the entire area of ​​the tablet. I have marked the working area of ​​the tablet with a rectangle, the arrows show the marks of the working area on the graphics tablet.

Unlike the touchpad of a laptop, a graphics tablet has a working area “connected” with that displayed on the monitor, that is, there is no need to repeatedly crawl over the surface with the pen to move the cursor, but it is enough to point with the pen to a certain area and the cursor will instantly move to the desired place.

Of course, there are graphic tablets in the form of large touch screens, but such graphic tablets are very expensive and are used by professional designers.

Therefore, we will talk about more budget options for graphic tablets.

Why do you need a graphics tablet? It is a great photo retouching and painting tool. A graphics tablet can not only completely replace your mouse, but also expand your surfing capabilities. The main “highlight” of the tablet is that using the pen we can achieve smoother movements as when drawing with a regular pencil on paper.

If you doubt that a graphics tablet is much more convenient for working with graphics, do a little experiment. Try to walk along the contour of any shape with a pencil on paper and then with a mouse in a graphics editor. If the outline of the path seemed to you not a very difficult task, then complicate it and try to write any word with the mouse.

I think we will get similar results. Also, an important advantage of the tablet is the sensitivity to the pressure of the pen, as with the work with a simple pencil, depending on the pressure, we get strokes of different density and line width. You cannot perform this action with the mouse without changing the instrument settings.

I am using the most affordable Wacom pen tablet. But in spite of all its “low budget” with its help, I significantly reduced the time required for retouching and applying masks when processing photos.

Can I use my tablet as a phone

Avatron Software has released the Air Stylus application, which allows you to use the iPad screen as a graphics tablet and draw in graphics editors. If you do digital painting, then you probably know that a graphic tablet is very convenient for electronic creativity, as they allow you to draw with a pen, which gives more freedom than mouse or trackpad movements.

There are different types of graphic tablets, but the most valuable and expensive ones are those with a touchscreen display. These models allow you to literally paint on a living digital canvas, place your brush where you want to draw a line or paint with a brush. However, most users already have an iPad, which is the same screen, with an excellent retina display and touchscreen input. And the Air Stylus app allows you to use your iPad as a graphics tablet without having to buy an additional device.

To draw in this application, you must have a stylus to experience the full usability of this application. Air Stylus Works with a variety of stylus pens, including Wacom stylus, which transmit pressure data, so you can draw thin and thick lines and control your drawing just like you would with a regular pen or brush.

Application functions

Almost simultaneously with the invention of the mouse, the tablet was invented, but it was intended mainly for engineers. Over the years, the tablet has become an excellent device for drawing, and now it can completely replace the mouse.

First of all, when choosing a tablet, it is worthwhile to clearly understand for what purposes it is needed, because the set of functions for each case should be selected individually. For example, a tablet is needed as a gift for a child who will draw on this miracle of technology and develop his creative potential.

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How to connect Air Stylus

In order to use Air Stylus you will need: iPad, the application itself, stylus, Mac and a special free application for OS X.

With the Air Stylus installed, you must turn on Bluetooth on your iPad and Mac. Further, from the site download the application for OS X and install it, after installation, a small application will appear in the menu bar through which you enable and disable the iPad as an external screen. By clicking the Connect button, your iPad will be connected to the Mac, you can now launch Photoshop, Aperture, Illustrator or Pixelmator and use the stylus and iPad as a graphic tablet.

Since the iPad becomes the second screen, in order to work on its touchscreen, you need to move the graphic window to the external screen of the iPad.

In the settings of the Mac client, you can change the behavior of the iPad and, for example, disable its touchscreen and use it only for presentations and just as a second screen. You can turn on the retina display mode, this function will provide more workspace for your application windows. In addition, you can customize the behavior of the stylus: set hotkeys and adjust its sensitivity.

Can I use a regular tablet as a graphics?

A graphics tablet is almost indispensable when using the “Dodge and burn” technique, and drawing without a graphics tablet is completely impossible.

In addition to the convenience of working with graphics with a stylus, the tablet can be used to surf the Internet. Tablets perfectly recognize various movements, such as we used to use on touch phones and tablets, for example, touching the tablet surface with two fingers and changing the distance between the fingers is perceived as increasing or decreasing the screen content. And there are a great many such combinations.

Graphic tablets also have additional buttons to which you can assign any actions, and utilities will allow you to customize the pen to fit your hand.

If you are serious about retouching, photo manipulation, painting, or creating collages, then you cannot do without a graphics tablet. Well, which graphic tablet to choose, here is an individual matter for everyone.

The graphics tablet has the ability to select a work area, for example when working on two monitors.

Connecting a monitor to a laptop and setting up a graphics tablet to the working area of ​​a second monitor.

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What to do from an old tablet

New Android devices appear with enviable regularity. The old ones slow down and can no longer cope with modern games and resource-intensive applications. It’s a pity to give or throw them away, but no one wants to buy them.

Now is the time to dust off your old tablets. Using the Nexus 7 tablet as an example, I will show you what to do from an old tablet. How not entirely standard can you use an old tablet in various scenarios. In this article, we will not dwell on banal readers and recipe books for the cook, but move on to a higher level.

Information panel for the machine

All that is needed for this is to choose the most convenient holder for the tablet in the car (personally, I prefer the CD slot, no one uses it anyway) and put the program on the tablet to your liking. Again, the choice is quite large.

It is worth trying Android Auto, the same one that comes pre-installed on various cars. It is for phones only, but the latest installation file can always be found at Important notifications, navigator tips, music controls appear on the main screen. And below there will always be shortcuts to launch Google Maps, phone and Google Play Music.

Dashboard for a car from an old tablet. Home screen and navigation in Android Auto

Also in the market you can find AutoMate and Car dashdroid. The first one shows places nearby, weather forecast and speed limits, has voice control, as well as integration with Torque, which will allow you to view data from car sensors using an additional device that works via OBDII.

The second has support for audio players (Spotify, Play Music, Pandora, Poweramp and others), voice control and a customizable home screen.

But, in my opinion, the tablet with the launched Car Launcher AG fits into the interior most harmoniously. Customizable buttons for radio, music player, navigation, browser. Shows the speed and parking time. Displays weather, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth status, current music control and brightness settings.

Dashboard for a car from an old tablet. Car Launcher AG interface

Of course, there are more serious options for using the tablet in the car. On thematic forums, there are many projects for complete integration with the car media system, in addition to the head unit as a head unit with the operation of the buttons on the steering wheel. But that’s a completely different story.

Budget video surveillance system

There can be several scenarios for using video surveillance, but let’s focus on the “video baby monitor” option in a local Wi-Fi network. The tablet can be used from two sides: as a monitor with a network or IP camera (for example, hang over the front door or from a window or balcony to monitor the car), or it can act as such a camera. I don’t have a separate IP camera, so I’ll show you how the tablet works in conjunction with the Nexus 5.

Additional monitor

It is unlikely that a small tablet will be very convenient as an additional monitor, but it can be used to display important information. The market has an iDisplay application that allows you to solve this problem. It costs as much as 17.99, but you can always find the broken version on the well-known site (of course, only to get acquainted with all the functions and decide whether you need a program or not).

iDisplay works in cooperation with the server side for the computer: After installing both applications, connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network (in the future, the developers promise support for connecting via USB), and you can start.

The tablet can be configured both as a second display and as a mirror of the main display, while the remaining battery power is displayed in the corner. There is full touchscreen support (press to click, hold to simulate a right click). Pinch-to-zoom also works, while a kind of mini-map appears in the upper right corner, by which you can understand the current position of the approximate area and move it. From the menu, you can call the keyboard or launch the application. The screen resolution and the ability to display Windows system sounds are adjusted (it is worth noting that the application was originally developed for connection with Mac and, accordingly, has clients for iOS). In general, for viewing serious content, the solution is unlikely to work, but to display additional information / menu / window with a busy main screen, it is quite suitable.

Monitor from an old tablet. IDisplay Settings and Operation

Mini TV for kitchen

There are many applications for watching TV in the market, everyone will find to their liking. They have the same principle of operation: in fact, it is a shell with which you can feed IPTV Playlists of your provider or found in open sources (usually in the form of M3U or XSPF).

An example is IPTV, which also supports multicast streams via UDP proxy, has channel categories, playlist history, TV programs in XMLTV and JTV formats. The LAZY IPTV client is also popular, which has a little more features: this is support for vk-video / YouTube links; playback of Internet radio playlists through the built-in player; auto-updates of the Playlist; export of Playlists and favorites to a file in various formats; reminders about programs from a TV program; search for channels in all Playlists; parental control system.

TV from an old tablet. IPTV channel list

Another technology for watching broadcasts is the Torrent Stream Controller, which operates in peer-to-peer mode. After the first launch, it will offer to download and install Ace Stream Engine, which is required for work. At the time of this writing, it contains 929 channels, divided into categories. The application also allows you to launch any torrent file and start browsing without waiting for the full download.

Image reception

Let’s put IP Webcam on the phone. It can send video to the network in different formats, supports viewing through a browser and allows you to configure the inclusion and recording in case of motion detection. After launch, we direct the smartphone camera to the right place, lock the screen and connect the smartphone to the charger.

We will receive the image on the tablet through tinyCam Monitor. After installation, we call the menu with a swipe on the left and find the item “Scan network”. After scanning the cameras available on the network, and there may be several of them, add the one you need by clicking the corresponding icon in the corner. Then go to the “View” tab, wait for the connection and look at the picture from the phone.

Tablet as a camera

Everything is very simple here: we change applications in places and watch what is happening on the phone. If you need to complicate the task and watch the stream outside the home, it is easier to use a special service, for example, Ivideon. After a simple registration, it will give access to the connected cameras through a browser. The above IP Webcam just has integration with Ivideon (enabled in the settings).

Ivideon has a handy app that allows you to connect to cameras from anywhere in the world. One of the notable features of the program is push notifications when movement is noticed in the camera’s field of view. In this case, you can watch a ten-second video captured when motion is detected. A paid subscription activates the recording of the entire stream from cameras to the cloud. To be able to transmit a stream from a regular webcam, you must additionally install Ivideon server.
Watching a video stream via a mobile network and push notifications Ivideon