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Can a laptop be used as a second monitor

How to connect a monitor to a laptop?

And so we came to the truth with you, at this stage we already have everything we need, we identified the types of connectors on the devices, chose the best connection method, and ran to the nearest computer stall with a cable.

First, turn off the computer, some computers detect the presence of a second monitor when turned on.

Connect the devices with a cable, and run.

In a standard situation, the laptop will duplicate the image on the computer and on the monitor. You can change this situation in the graphics settings of your operating system, or by hotkeys on a laptop. Usually this is a combination of “Fn” keys. A function key indicated by a monitor icon (standard “f4” or “f5”). After that, you will be presented with 4 options for using the monitor:

  • Duplicate an image;
  • Use only the monitor;
  • Use only the computer display;
  • Expansion of the main display by the monitor;


When connecting VGA to DVI, digital-to-analog conversion is required, resulting in loss of quality. If only this option suits you, VGA-DVI adapters are quite common.

What interfaces are used to connect the monitor to a laptop?

  • VGA is the simplest and lowest quality interface. Used on virtually all laptops, netbooks, and monitors. VGA transmits an analog signal, which is why it has the most noise, and a lower image resolution than the rest.
  • DVI. rarely used on laptops, but increasingly on stationary PCs and monitors, is characterized by higher quality digital images.
  • HDMI is currently the most popular interface, due to its great capabilities, in addition to video, it is also capable of transmitting 5: 1 sound, which makes it very convenient for connecting to a TV and other devices of this type.


If your laptop and monitor are using HDMI, you can safely clap your hands! This is currently the best way, as the picture will be the best possible.

How to connect a monitor to a laptop?

How to connect a monitor to a laptop? This is a fairly simple matter! Many people use an additional monitor, or a TV through a laptop, to watch movies on a large screen, or to expand their workspace. This article will help you understand the basic connection technologies, and decide which connection you will use.


One of the most difficult situations when on one device only HDMI, on the other, only VGA. The task is not simple, but it can be solved by purchasing an adapter. Such an adapter costs much more than in all other situations, and in few places it is sold. Consequently, the method is not effective, since the image quality will be low due to the use of VGA, and adapters are expensive.

laptop, used, second, monitor

How to connect a computer to a laptop

So, in your device there was the necessary port, its type coincided with the connector on the video card, and you even found the necessary cable. This challenging connection environment pays off in image quality and ease of connection. To use a system unit and a laptop, there are several steps to be taken.

  • We connect the cable to the connectors on the laptop and to the PC system unit.
  • Then we start both devices.
  • After launch, right-click on an empty space on the computer desktop.
  • We select, depending on the operating system, the item “properties” or “screen resolution”.
  • In the item “multiple screens” set the value “Expand these screens”.
  • Apply and save the settings. And we freely use the additional working area.
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What you need to connect

  • For a wired connection, first of all, you need the cable itself.
  • The laptop itself and the card must have the same video connection ports.
  • The laptop must have a “video input” port, which is installed in conventional monitors. But it is not present in every laptop model. For example, Apple MacBooks do not have such a port.

IOS Option. IOS

Apple developers have long taken care of their users and developed a special Air Display program. All you need to do is install this program on both devices. And then, following a simple instruction, establish a connection.

After that, in the image settings, it will be possible to use the laptop as a second monitor.

IMPORTANT! To work over Wi-Fi, both devices must be connected to the same network. Either via cable or wireless connection.

Use a Laptop as a Monitor. How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

Wired connection

The simplest thing is to connect a cable between the video connector on the laptop and on the video card of the main device. But this method will not work in all cases. Even if the laptop has a connector for the “output” of the video signal, it may not work for the “input”. And you won’t get any result when connected. It is also possible that the video ports will not match each other, for example, VGA and HDMI.

REFERENCE! Only a wired connection through the video ports will allow the laptop to be used as a full-fledged monitor. Other methods will have their limitations and disadvantages.

There is also a USB connection. But when using this connection method, there will be periodic freezes of the picture. And the image quality will be slightly reduced. In this case, it is better to use a wireless connection. Image quality will remain the same, but mobility will increase significantly.

Windows variant. Windows or Windows. IOS

This connection requires the SpaceDesk X10 software. It has several significant advantages. The main one is that on the main PC, the laptop is defined precisely as an additional monitor. You can work with it in standard ways. At the same time, there is no binding to the OS, it is not even necessary to install additional software on a laptop. It is possible to work with this program through a browser.

Wireless connection

The main advantage of connecting via Wi-Fi is its versatility. The disadvantages are quality loss and possible image delays. But in most cases, this is the most rational way to connect without additional expenses.

Windows 10

The “Projection” mode is hidden in the “Parameters” of the operating system, in the “System” section.

After moving to a separate menu at the top of the list, a sub-item will appear related to allowing new connections. It is important to change the option “Always disabled” to “Enabled”. And a little lower. also activate the request for a PIN code when using third-party equipment as a monitor for a PC.

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The prepared changes are saved automatically. The above steps remain to be repeated on the laptop, taking care of the simultaneous connection of all devices to the home Wi-Fi network.

The last step is to open the Quick Access Toolbar located on the right side of the Windows 10 operating system (the button is located next to the clock) and click on the “Send to Screen” button.

In a second, an offer will appear with a choice. what content to transfer, and how to organize the use of a laptop as a monitor. There are several options, and just below there are also settings that can help in situations when nothing works, the signal lags behind, or even stops altogether ahead of time.


With the release of MacOS Lion (10.7.5), a separate item appeared in the settings. “Sharing”. As a tool for projection in Apple computers, MTS technology and the corresponding client are used, which is why there will be a chance to use a laptop as a monitor both in the local network and far beyond, but only if the username and password are known.

Configure OS projection

Without a separate video output on a laptop, which provides reception and processing of a signal from a computer, something like that is really a rarity: only a few manufacturers, like ASUS or Lenovo, offer suitable hardware solutions, even then on the Premium line with a corresponding price tag. Even with an expensive cable in hand, nothing will work. Therefore, it’s time to look for an alternative in the face of special settings that have appeared in operating systems from Microsoft and Apple:


Consider the question. how to use a laptop as a monitor via a cable, in more detail. Familiar to the eye VGA and HDMI interfaces located on the laptop case. Although they suggest compatibility with the connectors located on the video card of a stationary computer, in fact, they do not imply such a possibility.

In most cases, manufacturers offer to display the image on a TV or third-party monitor from a laptop, and nothing else. You can try to get around the limitation as follows. by purchasing a theoretically compatible cable with a laptop interface (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort), and then by connecting it to the current monitor, to which the signal from the video card goes.

Then it remains to look into the “Settings”, open the “System” item, and from there. go to the “Display” settings. A little below the item “Detect” old displays will appear, and next to it, and a sub-item centered around the distribution of the load on the screen and the ability to select a third-party monitor.

If the list is empty, you will have to refer to the connection methods described below.

Can a laptop be used as a monitor via HDMI: an answer from the Hamster

The need to transfer the image from the computer screen to the laptop often appears due to technical problems with the main monitor. Sometimes a shortage of free time interferes with a temporary or serious malfunction. you need to continue working right now, and a working system engineer is at hand, but a device for outputting a video signal does not turn on. Hence the question arises. how can you use a laptop as a monitor, at least temporarily, and what tools to use for setting.

Alternative configuration options through third-party software

On MacOS and Windows, the Air Display software tool is capable of turning laptops (and even tablets) into additional monitors that expand the workspace. Fi or Ethernet.

There will be no problems with setting up. after downloading the distributions to your computer and laptop (or tablet), you will have to deal with registration, paying for a license (the demo mode is very limited) and installing drivers. How to proceed further. the built-in instruction will tell you.

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An alternative to the paid Air Display is TeamViewer with a non-commercial license. The idea is the same. first download the official distribution from a trusted source, then install it on the software on your computer and laptop. When the standard interface with the “Remote control” setting appears on the screen, it remains to repeat the following procedure: copy the ID (consists of 9 digits) and password from the laptop and enter the values ​​on the computer.

As a result of the actions taken, the image will appear where needed. Including on a computer, if you repeat the procedure in a different order and copy the ID and password already from the laptop.

In addition to TeamViewer, it is easy to highlight MaxiVista (limited license of 14 days and 50 launches), and also ZoneScreen. Which tool to choose depends on the current version of the operating system and the desired result. Due to the difference in the methods of providing functionality (paid, temporarily, with full access) and often encountered technical problems, you will have to experiment.

How to cast laptop screen to another laptop?

  • Wait for the OS desktop to load on the PC.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button.
  • Select “Screen Options” (or “Screen Resolution”, depending on the OS).
  • Click on the screen image with the number “2”.
  • In the field “Multiple screens” select “Duplicate screens”.
  • Click OK.

How to use your laptop as a Windows 10 monitor?

On Windows 10, there is an easier and more affordable way. using the “Project to this computer” option in the “Options” tab of the display properties window. True, it will work only if the laptop is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter with Miracast support (standard for wireless multimedia signal transmission).

Is it possible to connect laptop to computer via HDMI?

We connect the laptop to the computer via HDMI

  • Take an HDMI cable, insert one side into the corresponding HDM-in connector on the laptop.
  • Connect the other side to an available HDMI port on the computer.
  • Now you should start the laptop.
  • To do this, open “Start” and go to “Control Panel”.

How to use miracast on Windows 10?

In Windows 10, press the Win P key combination. In the window that opens with options for projecting the image, click on the “Connect to a wireless display” item (if it is not there, then your computer does not support Miracast). Your TV should appear in the list of wireless devices. Select it.

How to connect laptop to computer using USB?

How to connect a laptop to a computer via USB?

laptop, used, second, monitor
  • Connect the USB plugs of the device to computers.
  • Open Total Commander on both computers.
  • On each computer, go to the Network submenu and select Set up LPT / USB connection.
  • Now decide from which computer you need to copy the data.

How to put a laptop in monitor mode?

Right-click on the Start menu in the lower left corner of your screen and select System. Next, in the left menu, find the “Projecting to this computer” section. Adjust the parameters as you wish.

Can a laptop be used as a keyboard?

Windows is installed on the laptop and on the computer. You can use the laptop keyboard to control your computer via RDP, Ammyy Admin or using paid solutions radmin, teamviewer, etc.