R4i for 3DS

The R4i and R4 flash cards have always been known to be among the most used, and among the most popular flash cards designed for the Nintendo DSi and DS, and today because of this new R4i card for 3DS, it is possible to take the excitement of dsi games and DS homebrew games that you loved on your previous Nintendo mobile, and now make use of them on your Nintendo 3DS. What else could you expect from such a card? The same things that were previously done! All of the same incredible features are stored on the R4i backup flash cards. You can now enjoy full movies, watch videos that you downloaded online. Enjoy your favorite music and read the most recent eBooks or any other of your favorite books.

It would appear that with each new model of the R4i, extra features or capabilities are integrated. One of the most significant ones for the r4i for 3ds would be the new Wi-Fi upgrade feature. This function is something that users have been anticipating, which is something that can help expert and new users as well when it comes to updating their kernel models. With the most recent Wi-Fi upgrade, you only need to get connected to any wireless connection and get the newest firmware files. They are going to then be instantly updated on your r4i and thus you will be able to enjoy playing.

R4 3DS Setup

Thank you for visiting our exclusive R4 3DS Setup area, in which we will go over each of the various R4 3DS and R4 DS models along with complete in depth information on the way you can setup your firmware kernel and begin the process of utilizing the card immediately. In addition, we included a few manuals which are useful for the setup process and thus you can start to enjoy listening to cool MP3 music, read ebooks and also watch movies, and so much more… You can experience all of this, tanks to the new R4 3DS.

R4 3DS Firmware Setup Guides:

It is advisable to first go through our R4 3DS Firmware division. The first step will be to obtain the right firmware suitable for your card. You will find that our firmware web page is quite basic and simple, and this was done intentionally. The reason for this was to ensure that when you purchased the kernel for your card that you can do so without any hassle. You will find that there is an image that matches each model or version of the flash card that is suitable for the firmware, making it easier for users to know which firmware to purchase.

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