You would be surprised to know that about 15% couples in the world face the problem of infertility, almost half of which is contributed by men. To add to your surprise, you may also want to be informed that 90% of the cases of male infertility are caused by poor sperm count and poor quality of sperm, the former contributing more than the latter. Lifestyle patterns, diet, hormonal imbalance etc. are the primary causes behind this staggering percentage of males facing the problem of infertility.

The solution lies with HCG injections

While other root causes may be difficult to control, however, managing the hormonal imbalance has now become easy, thanks to the HCG injections which are available in the market these days. With the usage of these injections, the problem of male infertility owing to hormonal imbalance in the body can be taken care of by large extents. If you are getting anxious to know how, read on to find out how the HCG injections are beneficial in fighting male infertility.

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone which is responsible for increasing the production of testosterone as well increasing the sperm count in men so that the probabilities of fertilizing the woman’s egg are increased. There are many reasons that affect the levels of HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin. If the levels are not up to the desired levels, doctors will prescribe the use of HCG injections which will stimulate the sperm production and get rid of the infertility of the problem.

Dosage and usefulness of the drug

While the dosage would vary from case and to case and the doctor, however, a general dosage of the HCG injections would include two to three injections per week. As per studies, men suffering from hypogonadism (lower rate of sperm production) and azoospermia (no production of sperm at all) are required to take the injections for a period of 5 to 7 months before the hormone levels come back to normal and production of healthy sperm begins.

There are infertility drugs like the Clomiphene available in the market as well which are not as expensive as the HCG injections, but are not very reliable in terms of curing male infertility as well. However, when it comes to Human chorionic gonadotropin injections, almost all doctors unanimously agree that it is a far more reliable way of handling male infertility. The statistics also prove that with the use of the injections the levels of Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone has increased in almost 99% cases and the increase in sperm count has been observed in as much as 90% of the men who had been taking injections of Human chorionic gonadotropin.

Typically, with regular dosage as mentioned above, the cost of using the HCG injection would come around $180 a month. This may not be as inexpensive as the Clomiphene drugs, but you also need to understand that with the use of the HCG injection, your chances of producing more sperm are way higher. You would certainly not mind paying a little extra to hear the cries of your baby for whom you and your partner had been waiting for years.

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