Why There Is No Sound On Laptop

Windows 10 has sound. how to fix the problem?

What if your windows 10 has sound? Firstly, DO NOT despair and DO NOT blame the manufacturer of acoustic equipment and expansion boards of the same name, which are in the car.

Why There Is No Sound On Laptop

If the broadcasting disappeared for no reason after reinstallation or for some other completely unknown reason, there can be two sources: drivers and force majeure.

We will return the “voice” to our computer.

Driver problems

Let’s figure out for a start with the drivers, which often strive to “fly out”, or install Not entirely correct.

If you reinstalled the system and waited until it downloaded all the drivers and said so, but there is still sound, although the icon in the notification area makes it clear that everything is just the opposite, then it is not a fact that the OS did everything right.

Sound cards from Realtek suffer quite often.

Let’s analyze the situation with a PC and a laptop separately.

  • PC

If you know the model of your motherboard and the manufacturer (it is written on the box, or on the MP itself), open the manufacturer’s website (for example, Gigabyte / Asus / MSI) and download a set of sound drivers from there.

Alternatively, we strongly advise you to find a disc with “native” drivers for the MP, which are probably working properly. Reinstall everything.

Everything is SIMpler here, since the model is always indicated on the inside of the laptop next to the right hand.

If for some reason there is no sound, bring the manufacturer’s official portal, write down the index of your device and download new current drivers for sound and MP just in case.

If the manufacturer is unknown, use driver packs.

BIOS connection

An extremely rare problem that sometimes occurs is disabling directly in the BIOS. The built-in sound card may SIMply not work.

To solve the problem related to this, you need to know your MP model, BIOS version and other parameters.

As a last resort, ask the support of your motherboard / laptop manufacturer about this. They must be notified of the problem.

The most common problem is with the hardware. Most often, the wires remain in sight, which is why pets “feast on” them.

Less often, the person himself touches the cable. Much more serious if the acoustics itself does not work.

No matter how strange it may sound, you should smell it to make sure that nothing burned out.

Software errors are “treated” at the level of reinstalling drivers. It is advisable to download them not from the developer’s site, but from the manufacturer’s site of your MT.

If the board is separate, then find out the exact model and go to the manufacturer’s resource.

You may be interested in this:

Change settings

What if you did NOT reinstall anything, but music and everything else stopped coming from the speakers? The most elementary option is to check if everything is connected to the connectors.

If there is any pet at home, who loves to “poke around” in the wires very much, and these should include cats, first of all, then we can safely conclude that he SIMply pulled the jack out of the connector.

But if everything is included, then the matter may be in the source itself. If there are alternative ways to check other than PC, connect to them.

A phone, player, TV and other sound-producing devices will do.

If there is silence on all fronts, the speakers are covered with a copper basin and will have to be repaired.

  • Sound settings

Software elements should also be considered immediately if everything is ok with the hardware.

Click on the volume icon at the bottom right with the right button, click on “devices.” and this window will open.

See what is used as a basis. If these are NOT speakers, but, for example, HDMI from the TV, which is NOT connected now, change the source to the main.

If these are speakers, then select the item, click on the properties and carefully VIEW all the tabs in this section.

Unnecessary or unknown effects should be further disabled from sin until the problem is resolved.

In the case of installed software from any card manufacturer (for Asus Xonar, for example), also carefully LOOK at all the tabs for enabling / disabling some key parameters.

Suddenly the system switched playback to an optical output, and the speakers are powered from a banal 3.5 cable.

  • Windows Audio

Open the device manager, enter the devmgmt.Msc command. Need a tab related to sound.

Click on it RMB, look for properties and see what is written in the graph with the state of the device.

If everything works fine (as it is written), then use the initial instructions above, which says about the correct driver after reinstallation. Download and install them.

But if something is wrong, also look towards the driver. The system often makes it clear what steps exactly need to be taken.

Try administration as well. Go to the control panel, and find the “services” item, where you will find Windows Audio.

See what the “startup type” meant “automatic”, and not some other item.

Sound doesn’t work after Windows 10 update

While updates to Windows 10 are designed to improve system performance, they don’t always succeed. Sometimes after the updated computer hardware malfunction occurs. If the sound does not work after updating Windows 10, then you need to watch this tutorial.

“Speaker” in the tray

Look at the Speaker icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar. It may be that the volume level is at zero. To fix this, click on the speaker and move the slider up.

A circle crossed out diagonally next to a speaker indicates that the sound is muted. To enable, click on this icon.

If the speaker is marked with a white cross in a red circle, you need to check if the playback devices are disabled in Windows:

  • Run the “Sound” control panel applet or select “Playback devices” from the speaker context menu
  • If in the “Playback” tab there is nothing but the message “Sound devices are not installed”, Right-click there and put a check next to the item “Show disabled devices.” After that, the unused device must be turned on by selecting the appropriate command from its context menu.

Note that the correct default audio output device must be selected. To set it, it will be enough to name it in the list and click on the “Default” button below. Try different ones. Especially you need to go here to enable sound output via the digital HDMI interface. In addition, by clicking on the dynamics marked with a cross, you can start diagnostics and auto-restore sound.

Defects in system files or registry keys related to sound

Together, system restore will help solve problems with files and the registry if a checkpoint was created by the way the sound disappeared.

When comment dots or this feature is disabled, you can try to remedy the situation using the second system mechanisms:

  • File recovery using the Windows sfc.Exe utility;
  • Registry restore from backup.

Steps for recovering files using Sfc:

  • Run as Administrator Command Timeline (cmd.Exe)
  • Enter in it: sfc / scannow (which means. check system files, and in case of changes, automatically restore from the repository) and press Enter.

System services

If the sound still does not appear, check if the audio services are disabled:

  • Open “Start” and enter in the search bar: services.Msc. Run this file.
  • In the list of services, find “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder” and open its properties (the item of the same name in the context menu). In the “General” tab, the startup type “Automatic” must be selected. If the service is stopped, click the “Start” button

Earlier there was sound, but disappeared

It can be even more difficult to figure out why the sound on the computer disappeared after normal operation. Here the following is added to the named reasons.

Install the driver

Take a look in Device Manager and check if the sound driver is installed. Without a driver, the Audio Card will be recognized as an unknown device. Open Device Manager from Control Panel and make sure it is there. If not, install the sound driver, which you can find on the disk from the motherboard or laptop, or download it from the manufacturer’s website. Removable audio cards also come with software discs, so there shouldn’t be any problems with them.

If you see a SIMilar picture (while there is no audio card in the list of sound devices), this is your case. The driver needs to be installed for sound to appear. It can be found on the disk from the motherboard, and if available, downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Or from the website of the manufacturer of the sound adapter, when its model is known.

Hardware and software

Recording and playback devices

This is a microphone, headphones, speakers and everything else that is connected to the input-output of the audio adapter and is capable of transmitting or playing sound. We also include connecting cables here. they are far from the last place among the culprits of the loss of sound on the computer. I have a good article on choosing the right acoustics for your computer.

Connect a known working audio card

Is the computer still “deaf and dumb”? It is possible that the sound card is SIMply faulty. There are many inexpensive discrete audio cards on sale with USB, PCI and PCI-E interfaces, which can replace the built-in one in case of failure.

Viral infection

A virus can not only steal or corrupt your data, but also leave your computer silent. The problem is created by the activity of the malicious program itself and the changes in the system that it makes (modification of system files and the registry by viruses and trojans is a common occurrence).

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First, of course, you need to get rid of the malware. for this, antivirus capabilities are often enough, which works “normally” in the system. And if the treatment did not help and the sound did not appear, you will have to restore Windows (more on this below).

Check your speakers

If external speakers are used to reproduce sound, check that they are plugged in, that all wires and plugs are connected, and that the volume control is not turned off.

Reboot your laptop.

If the sound is missing for the first time, restart your laptop. It will probably appear already when Windows starts loading.

Update drivers

Open Start. Control Panel. Device Manager. In the list of devices, find the Sound and game controllers tab. Right-click on your codec (IDT or Realtek HD) and in the context menu that opens, try to disable-enable the device, or update the drivers. You can also open the laptop manufacturer’s website in the browser, find your model on it and download sound drivers for it.

The above steps will fix the problem 99% of the time. The chances of a malfunction of the speakers themselves are very small, so if you cannot succeed, contact a more experienced friend or a service center. You should NOT write in the comments requests to help restore the sound on the laptop, it is useless, since it is impossible to do this remotely, and without seeing your laptop and the settings set in it before your eyes. The problem often lies in the little things, like an extra check mark, the adjustment slider dragged in the wrong direction, and not the installed driver.

Why is there no sound on the laptop?

This problem can occur on any laptop with any operating system, therefore, below we give an actual list of actions that must be performed sequentially. Perhaps, after one of them, the sound that disappeared in the laptop will appear. The problem can be caused by two factors: software or hardware. Let’s start SIMple and move on to more complex.

Author: root

Acer Aspire E1-571G. Inexpensive 15-inch laptop

ASUS X200CA: 11-inch touchscreen. Rebirth of netbooks?

Frequently encountered queries in search engines, according to statistics, are issues related to the lack of sound, as can be seen in the screenshot from Google below.

Sound is NOT muted in Windows?

Pay attention to the icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen). If there is a red crossed out circle next to the image of the white speaker, you need to increase the volume by moving the slider up.

Check system settings

Open Start. Control Panel. Sound and check all parameters. Here in the Control Panel, you can open the menu of your IDT or Realtek audio codec, and see if their settings are normal.


Option 4 helped

The sound on the laptop is missing. Usually rebooted and ok. And then nothing. Started on-off driver. Disconnected AnvSoft and the sound appeared. Yesterday everything worked. And today they turned off, and the sound appeared))) although it always worked with him.

Thank you very much. Option 5 helped.

The sound is missing. I tortured the laptop for almost a day. He did not tolerate any kind of interference on my part! I shoveled the settings, and updated and reinstalled the firewood. But everything turned out to be SIMple to banality! I removed all updates on the ill-fated day, rebooted and. Voila! Sings, infection, sings.

Thank you so much! Option 5 helped.

All the sound is not in the speaker, not in the headphones, but the driver has been updated in the computer, but the sound signal does not go, only through the HDMI signal to the TV the sound and the image is transmitted.?

Have you solved the problem? If so how?

Dmitry Disable the driver in the manager. HDMI. And restart the computer. There will be sound in the headphones and in the speaker. If you need HDMI. You turn it on in the manager. Restart. And here you have HDMI without dynamo and dibilnikov. Although it is better to install the native driver from the official. And not the one set by NVIDIO

Thanks, the 5th option helped to disable and enable)

And nothing helped me cho current did not try. I have audio devices on the High Definition Audio bus.
From the top, an exclamation mark writes (code 18) I’m trying to update writes This equipment could not be installed. Tried Install Realtek too useless.
Windows xp. If anyone can help here ID http://vk.com/id237264627 in contact. Who will help you so much = (

I did everything as written, there is sound both in the headphones and on the speakers when you connect and the sound of the speakers on the laptop does not work, what should I do? (

If you figured it out, tell me what to do. The speakers and headphones also sing. But on the laptop itself there is silence.

I lost the sound and I can not listen to music and watchs on YouTube on a laptop, the mortal is quiet, and now why should I have it just repaired

Bro, you are the best !! Option 5

And nothing helped me at all. Installed w.8.1 and updated all drivers online. There are comments in error device manager. Thunderousness at the maximum. In playback devices, laptop speakers are active and operational. I also dug into services.Msc. And the funny thing is that it graphically shows that the sound is on, but the sound itself is.
I put w7. there is sound. I put back w.8.1 and again there is a problem with the sound. It seems to display on the scale that the sound is on, but IT IS NOT! I’ve already broken my whole head. What to do?

Try downgrading the Updated driver to a previous version. It helped me.

Updating drivers helped me)
Thanks for the tip!

My problem is this, there is a red cross on the sound icon (at the bottom of the panel), and when I want to update the drivers, there is SIMply realtek there. I have options for what this is connected with:
1. It burned out the Audio card
2. Drivers flew

The same bullshit. Nothing helps and does not see the map.

Thank you) “Updating Drivers” helped a lot.

The sound is on the laptop, but when I turn on the sound in the browser, I checked everything, all the moods, updated, it was, and suddenly disappeared.

Thank you. Option 4 helped.

For all THESE methods, it is necessary that in the device manager there is either an unknown device or one that is on method 5 but I do not have it so it did not help

Thanks. Reboot helped, option 1. # 128578;

Thanks a lot, helped a lot!


When downloading the free program, I received New Year gifts from China, and after cleaning the laptop, the sound disappeared. Everywhere. I advise many to just calm down and take a close look at the settings. I had the problem exactly there. Start. Control Panel. Sound. I saw these settings 10 times, but thinking that it was not about them, I somehow did not see.
Thanks to the author of the article !

Hello! An HP laptop with the REALTEC driver does not plow, but stop turning it off so there is sound. Please help ((I think this is due to Windows NOT compatibility.

Thank you very much! Just rebooted!

Thanks a lot, method 4 helped me

Helped Thank you very much. It was not at all clear why the sound disappeared.

Thank you, helped 5

Sound comments in a laptop, not in the speaker, not in headphones, I tried everything but unrequited what to do

Method 5 helped, but after 10 seconds the sound disappears again

Thank you) Really helped

The last option helped. Thanks

The last option helped. thanks

Thanks for helping hurray!

thanks, all worked well

For some idiots, a guide, as if someone would not have thought of and stupidly check the volume himself and would google.
In a laptop now, the main problem of sound is that win10 thinks that it knows everything and automatically puts some of its own firewood, and they coincide with the topic that Tolna needs in half the cases, in fact, you will have to surf the Internet more in search of some forgotten drivers Which correctly indicate the path to the speakers (if you have a working sound card like me, for example, headphones give a sound, but there are no speakers) then hemorrhoids are provided to you = _ = (sometimes installing k-lite mega helps)

THANKS! 5th point helped

Thanks! Decent information, helped!

.Found the button “troubleshoot” # 128578;

Option 5 helped!

Thanks a lot for the article, method helped me

It plays in the headphones and on the external sound speaker there is a Lenovo laptop Ji 50 70

Thanks !! Excellent article, suffered for so long, option 5 helped.

There was a problem with the sound on the Packard Bell laptop. that is, when turned on, then no, I had to reboot. When I tried everything. I came to the conclusion: the reason is in the driver, that is, the loading of the latest driver for sound is the reason for its periodic absence. I downloaded the native driver from the official website of the laptop. Installed. Removing the previous one. Sound problem disappeared.

The first way helped!

Hooray! Method 5 helped. Disconnected-turned on and woo-a-la, music immediately appeared. Many thanks.

Thanks a lot. The first one helped a lot

Thank you GREAT !! I thought for a long time
that you need to restart the laptop))

I lost the sound when I watched. I rebooted all the same, the sound did not appear. Even the solutions listed above did not help. Maybe someone knows what the matter is, answer.

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Thank you very much)) Option 1 helped.

Good evening! There is sound on the laptop, when the headphones are connected, the same thing, the drivers are installed, updated, the device is turned on, when connected to the TV via hdmi there is sound.

Tell me you can fix it?

I assume that the speakers are burnt out and the 3.5 jack too.

People. Help out. Packard bell laptop on windows 8.1
system from scratch reinstallations. I installed the driver. there is sound. I downloaded them from my home site and installed them, after removing the old ones. The icon in the lower right corner indicates that there is sound, but it is still there.

Disconnected-enabled the Realtek HD device, everything worked.

Thanks! I updated the driver, the sound appeared. Happy New Year!

In general, I went into the dispatcher and saw that I had two drivers installed: one built-in, and the second from the AlterCame program. I removed the driver from the program and it worked.

Thank you very much! Option 5, the drivers were updated and everything sounded.

I decided in the following way. right-click on the red icon of the realtek, then the sound devices and select another sound device (the option works if the sound is from the realtek, and the second is from the processor) in my case the sound from the processor was turned off altogether.

Thank you very much! The 5th option helped!

Thanks to the author, the 4th option helped

Damn dudes this is the topic!
I lost the sound and go to the Internet, I was just horrified. I’ve read all sorts of articles, they say it’s all over, we change the computer. I also came across a “life hack” and tried all of them, which were offered by different sites. Here’s what I did: I rummaged in the settings myself, found out what and how, set it up together in Windows, removed the drivers and reinstalled. I even removed the Windows update! 1 But to my disappointment, it was all empty and did NOT help in any way. It only meant that something in the computer itself was swollen, disconnected, and everything.
I was very upset and felt deaf. I realized that I was very dependent on my laptop. And so. But this is not the end, because I went to this site and restored the sound. I HELPED 1 OPTION :)))))))))))))))))))
It was like this: I always close the computer to sleep mode, maybe even a poke button, but this is in my mood, and yesterday I did the same, today I turned it on, I found that there was no sound at all late, when I was recording the voice and wanted to listen. I thought the problem was in the browser, and in the laptop itself I turned on the song, and it started. I heard farting and tapping sounds. I was very scared. But I did not restart, I immediately went to the settings. After all, this is the first time and now I was scared. After all, it was necessary to restart first, well, what happened next you can see above, and I, having lost all my strength, also usually turned off “in my own way”. I went to this site from my phone, read the article, comments, and hope woke up in me. And She didn’t wake up in vain, because when I turned on and checked the sound, I heard a song. And I was very happy. 1 I started dancing in front of the computer. Thank you all. 1

Thanks! Option 5!

Skacivayte Conexant driver vse budet xoroso.

Help me sound works only when I click on the “check” button what to do

None of the methods helped. Everything works in the headphones. Updates are disabled, so it’s not about them.

I updated the driver not realtek, but intel R and it worked. (Realtek previously downloaded from the laptop site)

Help bring back the sound! I had the sound on the plugins of the firefox, from which the Internet explorer works. But then something happened and the sound disappeared. And the plugins were removed in whole or in part by the cleaning program when something went wrong. But I have not had a mozilla browser for a long time, but there were plugins. Will it help if I download a new browser with plugins? Will the new plugins replace the previous ones? help me

Google Chrome works on its plugins, but I still don’t know if something happened to them. But Adobe updated the Chrome browser too! But the sound did not appear. It’s probably not them, or it was necessary to delete all the folders in the programs on the disk with. I don’t know. Yes, and I don’t know how.

Please advise me something.

I’ve tried all of the above! Pomrg only rollback system!

Updating drivers helped. thanks

You most likely just clicked on the tab without sound. Click on the tab (page) with which the sound goes with the right button, and there will be mute (something like) / unmute

Thank you very much. Helped immediately.

MSI GF63 8RD Laptop
The firewood update helped, but not through the dispatcher, but through the native MSI firewood program (CDSetup), which goes on the disk with the computer.
What the problem was, and it was not possible to find out

I’ve tried everything as written, but it doesn’t work, somebody please help

Thank you for the article. Popog p. 5. Disconnected and turned on the device and the sound appeared.

Missing sound in Windows 10

Many users who upgraded to Windows 10 or after a clean installation of the OS faced a variety of problems with the sound in the system. someone just lost sound on a laptop or computer, for others. the sound stopped working through the headphone output on the front of the PC, another common situation. the sound itself becomes quieter over time.

This step-by-step guide describes Possible ways to fix the Most common problems when audio playback does not work correctly or sound disappears in Windows 10 after an update or installation, or just during operation for no apparent reason. See Also: What to do if Windows 10 sound is wheezing, hiss, crackling, or very quiet, No HDMI sound, Audio service not running.

Windows 10 sound not working after updating to a new version

If you have lost sound after installing a new version of Windows 10 (for example, updating to the 1809 October 2018 Update), first try the following two methods to fix the situation.

  • Go to the device manager (you can use the menu that opens by right-clicking on the Start button).
  • Expand the “System Devices” section and see if there are devices with the letters SST (Smart Sound Technology) in the name. If there is, right-click on such a device and select “Update driver”.
  • Next, select “Search for drivers on this computer”. “Select a driver from the list of available drivers on the computer”.
  • If there are other compatible drivers listed, such as High Definition Audio Device, select it, click Next and install.
  • Note that there may be more than one SST device in the list of system devices, follow steps for all.

And one more way, more complicated, but also able to help in the situation.

  • Run Command Timeline as administrator (you can use the search in the taskbar). And in the command line enter the command
  • Pnputil / enum-drivers
  • In the list that the command will give, find (if any) the item for which the original name is intcaudiobus.Inf and remember its published name (oemNNN.Inf).
  • Enter the command pnputil / delete-driver oemNNN.Inf / uninstall to uninstall this driver.
  • Go to device manager and from the menu select Action. Update hardware configuration.

Before proceeding with the steps below, try running the automatic fixes for Windows 10 sound problems by right-clicking on the speaker icon and selecting “Troubleshoot Sound”. Not a fact that will work, but if you haven’t tried it, it’s worth a try. Additional Notes: Sound over HDMI does not work in Windows. how to fix “Audio output device not installed” and “Headphones or speakers not connected” errors.

Note: if the sound disappeared after a SIMple installation of updates in Windows 10, then try to go to the device manager (through the right click on the start), select your sound card in sound devices, name it with the right mouse button, and then on the “Driver” tab press “rollback”. In the future, you can disable automatic driver updates for the sound card so that the problem does not arise.

Sound or microphone stopped working on Asus laptop (may work for others too)

Separately, I would like to note the solution for Asus laptops with the Via Audio sound chip, it is on them that most often there are problems with playback, as well as connecting a microphone in Windows 10. Solution:

  • Go to the device manager (through the right click on the start), open the item “Audio inputs and outputs”
  • Through the right click on each item in the section, delete it, if there is a suggestion to remove the driver, do it too.
  • Go to the section “Sound, game and devices”, delete them in the same way (except for HDMI devices).
  • Download Via Audio driver from Asus, from the official site for your model for Windows 8.1 or 7.
  • Run the driver installer in Windows 8.1 or 7 compatibility mode, preferably as Administrator.

I will note why I am pointing to an older driver version: it was noticed that in most cases VIA turns out to be workable, and not newer drivers.

Installing sound drivers in Windows 10

What to do in this situation to fix the problem? Almost always, a working method consists of the following SIMple steps:

  • Enter in the search engine your_Laptop_Model support, or your_mother_board_Model support. I do not recommend that if problems arise, which are discussed in this manual, start searching for drivers, for example, from the Realtek website, first of all look at the website of the manufacturer NOT of the chip, but of the entire device.
  • Find audio drivers for download in the support section. If they are for Windows 7 or 8, and not for Windows 10, that’s fine. The main thing is that the bitness does not differ (x64 or x86 must match the bitness of the system currently installed, see How to find out the bitness of Windows 10)
  • Install these drivers.
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It would seem SIMple, but many write that they have already done this, but nothing happens and does not change. This is usually due to the fact that even though the driver installer guides you through all the steps, the driver is not actually installed on the device (it is easy to check by looking at the driver properties in the device manager). over, the installers of some manufacturers DO NOT report an error.

There are the following ways to solve this problem:

  • Run the installer in compatibility mode with the previous version of Windows. It helps most often. For example, to install Conexant SmartAudio and Via HD Audio on laptops, this option usually works (Windows 7 compatibility mode). See Windows 10 Program Compatibility Mode.
  • First remove the sound card (from the “Sound, game and devices” section) and all devices from the “Audio inputs and audio outputs” section through the device manager (right click on the device. remove), if possible (if there is such a mark), together with the drivers. And immediately after uninstalling, it will launch the installer (including due to compatibility mode). If the driver still does not install, then in the device manager select “Action”. “Update hardware configuration”. Often works on Realtek, but not always.
  • If after that the old driver is installed, then they will right-click on the sound card, select “Update driver”. “Search for drivers on this computer” and see if new drivers have appeared in the list of already installed drivers (except for a Device with High Definition Audio support) compatible drivers for your sound card. And if you know its name, then you can look among the incompatible.

Even if you could not find the official drivers, still try the option to remove the sound card in Device Manager and then update the hardware configuration (point 2 above).

Missing sound in Windows 10 after updating or installing system

The most common variant of the problem is that the sound on the computer or laptop SIMply disappears. In this case, as a rule (let’s consider this option first), the speaker icon on the taskbar is OK, in the Windows 10 device manager for the sound card it says “The device is working normally”, and the driver does not need to be updated.

However, at the same time, usually (but not always) in this case, the sound card in the device manager is called “Device with High Definition Audio support” (and this is a sure sign that there are no installed drivers on it). This usually happens for Conexant SmartAudio HD, Realtek, VIA HD Audio, Sony and Asus laptops.

Playback devices and their additional parameters

Some novice users forget to check the settings for audio playback devices in Windows 10, which is better. How exactly:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon in the notification area at the bottom right, select the “Playback Devices” context menu item. In Windows October 1903, the path will be different: right-click on the speaker icon. Open sound settings. Sound control panel in the “Related options” section, and in Windows October 1809 and 1803: right-click on the speaker icon. “Sounds”, and then the ” reproduction “.
  • Make sure the correct default playback device is set. If not, right-click on Needed and select “Use as default”.
  • If the speakers or headphones are the default device as required, right-click on them and select Properties, then go to the Additional Features tab.
  • Check the box “Disable all effects”.

After making the above settings, check if the sound is working.

The sound is quiet, wheezing, or the volume is automatically lowered

If, despite the fact that the sound is playing, there are some problems with it: it wheezes, too quiet (and the volume can change itself), try the following solutions to the problem.

  • Go to playback devices by right-clicking on the speaker icon.
  • Right-click on the device with a sound problem, select “Properties”.
  • On the Advanced Features tab, check Disable All Effects. Apply settings. You will return to the list of playback devices.
  • Open the “Communication” tab and remove the volume decrease or mute during communication, set “No action required”.

Apply the settings you made and check if the problem was resolved. If not, there is another option: try to select your sound card through the device manager. properties. update the driver and install not the “native” sound card driver (show the list of installed drivers), but one of the compatible ones that Windows 10 can offer itself. In this situation, it sometimes happens that the problem does not appear on “non-native” drivers.

Optional: check if the Windows Audio service is enabled (press WinR, type services.Msc and find the service, Make sure the service is running and the startup type for it is set to Automatic.

If none of the above has helped, I also recommend trying to use some popular driver-pack, and first check if the devices themselves are working. headphones, speakers, microphone: it also happens that the problem with the sound is not in Windows 10 but in themselves.

What to do if there is no sound on a laptop?

It will be very useful for you to read this article, especially if you have sound on your laptop.

Cases of his disappearance are different, let’s analyze each of them:

1. Can’t hear anything from the laptop’s headphones or speakers.

2. For all indications of the system’s operation, the audio file is played, but not heard.

3. Music playback stops suddenly.

4. Sound skips or breaks at certain playback locations.

5. There is interference.

6. The laptop stops responding when trying to play a sound file.

7. System reboots when opening audio files.

8. An error message appears.

Let’s look at an example of solving SIMilar problems on an Asus laptop. On computers of second manufacturers, the work will be SIMilar.

So, there is sound on the Asus laptop.

In the event that you are trying to play a CD or audio file from a flash card and do NOT hear anything, try changing the playback source.

If there is sound on the laptop when playing a file in the laptop’s memory, try playing system melodies.

And they are NOT audible?

Check the speaker volume. To do this, run: Start. All programs. Standard. Entertainment. Volume.

In the window that appears, the checkbox “Off. All ”should be removed. Set the maximum value in the columns “Volume”, “Sound”, “Synthesizer” and “Laser”, balance Adjust everywhere in the center.

Sun sound in a laptop? We continue!

Checking the speaker connections

If there is a cable in the speakers, it is necessary to check the reliability and correctness of its connection to the battery (as a rule, this is an outlet).

See if the speakers are connected correctly to the laptop itself.

Make sure the speakers are connected to each other.

Check speaker volume.

Still have sound on your laptop? We do the following.

Configuring Windows to use an audio device

Check if the hardware is turned on. Device Manager. Sound, Game and Devices. Properties. In the field “Sound device” the item “This device is turned on (in use)” must be selected. Reboot the system.

Check that your hardware is exactly the one that the laptop uses by default.

Check the system settings to use its features. Device Manager. Sound, Game Devices. Sound Device Icon. Properties. Audio Devices. Properties. Use audio functions of this device. OK. Reboot the system.

Sun sound on the laptop and in this case?

Check if the drivers are installed.

Device Manager. Sound, game and devices. Check if your equipment is mapped in the list that appears. If mappings, then using the right mouse button call the context menu and select “properties”. On the Driver tab, check the value of the Supplier, Development Date, and Version fields. An empty field “Digital signature” can also be a prerequisite for silence.

The sound still did not appear?

Checking for a hardware conflict in the system.

Device Manager. Sound, game and devices. Pay attention to the presence of an exclamation mark (!) In the yellow circle next to the name of your equipment. If available, go to the troubleshooting options and select “I want to resolve a laptop hardware conflict”.

A red X-shaped mark (X) indicates that the device is currently disabled.

Sun sound on laptop?

Checking system and audio device compatibility.

In order to find out if the laptop system supports an audio device, you need to view the list of compatible hardware.

These are the basic steps you need to follow to troubleshoot sound problems with your laptop. Following these instructions is NOT more difficult than typing in an editor. So do not rush to carry your laptop to the service, you will succeed anyway!