Why the laptop does not see the headphones via Bluetooth

How technology works

In fact, this is the most common radio communication that operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Each adapter works both to receive and to emit radio signals. However, the device discovery function is disabled to improve security. In other words, even if you have turned on the Bluetooth adapter, for example, on your smartphone, the computer will not be able to find it. How to find and enable Bluetooth on Android devices, see here.

After turning on the adapter, you still need to activate the “Discovery” of the device. Only then can you find the equipment you need and connect to it. This is to conserve electricity. After all, when the adapter is turned on and the detection function is active, the Bluetooth radio module consumes more energy.

In addition, if we are talking about a computer, then the reason why Bluetooth does not find devices is because the drivers are not working properly. We described how to connect Bluetooth on a computer in the previous article. The fact is that for the correct operation of the radio module, special software is required. It is the corresponding software that allows you to control the operation of such equipment. Typically, the drivers are available on a disc that comes with the laptop upon purchase. However, if there is no such disk, then the necessary programs can be downloaded from the official website of the laptop manufacturer.

Bluetooth does not find a device

Bluetooth wireless technology has occupied its niche for a long time and has been popular all over the world for many years now. over, every modern smartphone, tablet, laptop, and so on, is equipped with such a module, with the configuration of which you will be helped by the heading “Bluetooth settings”. But, a very common error occurs when Bluetooth does not find a device to connect.

What is this error and why does it appear? In order to answer this question, you must first understand how the technology works and how to properly search for available connections. It is worth noting that such errors are usually found on laptops, since operating systems have very flexible configuration of radio modules, which is why users often simply make certain mistakes.

What to do if Bluetooth does not find a device

What to do if Bluetooth does not find a device

Why the phone does not see the Bluetooth headset

Why Bluetooth can’t find devices

What to do if Bluetooth does not work on a laptop

Check Bluetooth drivers

To determine if the correct bluetooth driver is installed, open the device manager and see if the system has found your bluetooth (see picture below)

laptop, does, headphones, bluetooth

Everything should look something like the picture above. Not necessarily exactly, but the Bluetooth icon should be.

The view may be slightly different. it depends on the operating system and PC model.

If there is nothing similar in the device manager, go to the office. your laptop manufacturer’s website for the driver.

Why does bluetooth not find local devices

Very often you can find a situation in a laptop (for example HP) or a computer when Bluetooth does not find local devices, a phone, etc.

There are several reasons why bluetooth does not find local devices and it is not difficult to solve them.

The first is to check if the installed drivers are correct. Without them in a laptop or PC, nothing works at all.

The second is to see if access to other devices is prohibited to detect your laptop or computer.

The third is to determine if the Bluetooth itself and the adapter are turned on. Now in order.

Why Bluetooth can’t find devices

There are many reasons why Bluetooth cannot find devices. Some of the most common mistakes include the following:

  • Disabled detection on the searched device.
  • The connected device is out of range of the adapter.
  • The software is not working correctly.
  • Strong interference.

First of all, when connecting any equipment via a Bluetooth wireless network, you should check if discoverability is turned on.

As mentioned above, even with Bluetooth turned on, you can only find it by turning on discovery. If this did not help and the Bluetooth equipment was still not found, then it is quite possible that the device is out of range of the radio module.

The fact is that the adapter has certain limitations. Of course, line-of-sight range can range from 10 to 50 meters, depending on the model. But it is worth remembering that under normal conditions, in apartments and houses, these indicators are significantly lower. In addition, do not forget about the interference that household appliances can create, such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and so on.

Often, problems with finding available Bluetooth connections are caused by incorrectly working drivers. In this case, it is recommended to visit the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the latest software version. If the software is installed correctly and everything is working, then your radio module will be displayed in the Windows Device Manager. over, you will be able to see its exact name.

Now you know why the error can occur when the Bluetooth device cannot be found, and how to fix this problem.

Unlock your computer to detect it by other devices

Your Windows OS may be configured to not be detected by other gadgets.

To unlock, find the icon in the tray, right-click on it and click on the line: “show parameters”

Now check the box next to “Allow bluetooth devices to detect this computer”, click “Apply” and confirm “OK”

The laptop or computer does not see the headphones

The most common reason why your laptop or desktop computer does not see headphones (wired) when connected is an unconfigured driver (utility), or a missing or outdated sound driver.

Consider all the reasons why a stationary PC or laptop does not see headphones (wired), from the most popular to the least popular. We will consider, using the example of Windows 7 and Windows 10.

The instructions for connecting to a PC are relevant for all wired headphones:

  • Headphone mini-jack (regular wired headphones).
  • Forked mini-jack (headphones with microphone). A detailed connection of headphones with a microphone (with a bifurcated or combined mini-jack) is described in a separate instruction.
  • And USB headphones. The only caveat is that USB headphones receive sound in digital form, they must be defined by the computer as a separate audio device, respectively, it must be selected as a sound output device, in addition, drivers must be installed. Most often, the necessary drivers for USB headphones to work are installed automatically when they are connected. Sometimes you need to install them yourself by downloading them from the manufacturer’s website. You may also need to install proprietary software, which can also be found on the official website.

Setting up sound in Windows itself

If, after installing the drivers and setting up Realtek, the computer still does not see the headphones, then the wrong device for playing sound by default is probably selected in Windows.

In Windows 7 we go along the path: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound”. In Windows 10, you can open the context menu in the tray on the volume icon (right-click), “Open sound settings”, on the right. “Sound control panel”. Then we change the default device to headphones / speakers, you can try all the options in turn and check them.

Another possible reason why the computer / laptop does not see the headphones is that the sound in Windows is set to low volume or completely muted. We check by opening the volume control in the lower right corner of the clock. Pay special attention to “General” and “Sound”.

Determine the state of the audio output and drivers on the PC

Are the drivers installed and does the computer see the audio output? We define this in the “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs” item in the Device Manager. We open it in this way, Windows 10:

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Windows 7. Start. Control Panel. System and Security. Device Manager.

Configuring the headphone inputs in the Realtek utility on the computer

If the drivers for the sound card work correctly, but the PC still does not see the headphones, we will adjust the sound for wired headphones on Windows 10.

We configure the inputs in the Realtek utility. It will appear after installing the drivers, in the tray for about hours. If the audio card is from another manufacturer, there must also be an application, the setting is the same. The procedure described in the screenshots is done so that the audio stream goes simultaneously to all input devices, and not only to the speakers (very often the computer sees the headphones as speakers when they are connected for the first time). The same applies to the microphone from the headphones (if it is connected via a separate plug).

For me, for example, ordinary wired headphones are always defined as speakers. To be precise, they are not at all recognized by the computer as a device. The sound continues to go through the audio card (this is what the inscription “Realtek speakers” and the like in the list of audio devices means), and it “decides” which connector to send the signal to.

Updating drivers often fixes the problem when the laptop or PC does not see the headphones.

The easiest method: right-click on the desired device, in the “update driver” menu.

  • You can update the driver by downloading it from the official website of the audio card manufacturer, or through the driver update program.
  • If you have a Realtek chip (a standard sound card built into the motherboard), then the new driver versions can be downloaded here. If the manufacturer of the audio card is different, download it from their website. Downloaded, installed, rebooted the PC. everything is normal.
  • There are interesting programs for automatic driver updates. For example IObit Driver Booster. Install the program, and then through it. the necessary drivers (sound, at least).

4.1 If it doesn’t help, change the volume level in the mixer:

Perhaps the sound on the computer is set very quietly or is turned off altogether. You need to find the volume icon in the lower right corner, open the volume control and move all the sliders to the right or up. Pay special attention to “General” and “Sound”.

The laptop does not see the headphones (wired). how to connect?

If the laptop does not see the headphones after connecting, then the problem is software or in the hardware of the laptop itself (connector, sound card, contacts).

Most often, if headphones on a laptop work, the problem is software , with unconfigured connectors in the Windows system, drivers or their absence, with driver utilities. The software problem is usually solved quickly, up to 5 minutes. setting / installing the necessary drivers and utilities. And it usually occurs after installing Windows, new programs, updating drivers, etc.

A more serious reason why the laptop does not see the headphones, problems with the hardware of the laptop ️. It occurs less often if the laptop falls, water gets on it or into the connector, there were power outages, etc. Unfortunately, this situation is more difficult to solve. But, today I can fix your laptop at the service center in 1-2 hours, so don’t worry, everything will be fine

2.1 If it didn’t work out, we update manually:

The vast majority of laptops have a Realtek sound chip, so there are 2 main ways to update audio drivers, because they are often the main reason why headphones do not work on a laptop:

Install a program to automatically search for the required drivers. For example IObit Driver Booster. This application can also update the drivers for the Bluetooth module. Accordingly, we launch the application, select the necessary (audio and Bluetoooth, if necessary) drivers and start the process.

Configuring Windows Sound

Sound settings in Windows. If the headphones on the laptop do not work after checking the driver and setting up the Realtek utility, it is possible that a different default device in Windows is simply selected, and the automatic switching to a new one did not happen.

With Windows, this happens ;. In Windows 7 (also relevant for 10-ki) we go along the path: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound”. In Windows 10, you can open the context menu in the tray on the volume icon (right-click), “Open sound settings”, on the right. “Sound control panel”. Then we change the default device to headphones.

Sound Setting in Realtek Utility

If there was no exclamation mark in the device manager, then the drivers are working correctly. Of course, you can try to update them forcibly if the headphones on the laptop still do not work. But it’s better to first try adjusting the sound in the driver utility:

Configuring software and driver Realtek. After installing Realtek software, a corresponding icon appears in the tray near the clock. You may need to expand the list as described above.

Updating drivers for sound:

The laptop may not see wired headphones due to outdated / non-working drivers.

Go to Start. Control Panel. System and Security. Device Manager.

First, you can try to update the driver using standard Windows methods. Do not forget that Windows 10 independently “pulls up” and installs all the main drivers.

Why the laptop does not see the headphones. solution:

If the laptop does not see wired headphones, on Windows 10 or another version, then you need to check the audio card drivers and connectors. We check sequentially:

  • Go to Start. Control Panel. System and Security. Device Manager.
  • We select “Audio inputs and outputs” and the desired device in them.
  • If there is an exclamation mark, update the drivers in the device manager (as in the screenshot) or manually.
  • If there is no exclamation mark, set up the sound programmatically in the Realtek utility, and then in Windows.
  • If it does not help, we check the functionality of the connectors.

The problem in the laptop at the hardware level

If the laptop stubbornly “does not see” the headphones even after all the software tweaks, there may be a problem at the level of contacts, boards and connectors.

Don’t do DIY repairs if you don’t have experience. Here, as with self-medication, you can aggravate everything so much that you have to pay 10 times more at the service center. It is better to immediately contact a specialist, which is full of them today.

There are several options for technical faults:

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If the laptop does not see the headphones in Windows 10, then there must be a problem. Incorrect operation of the headphones (only the microphone or only sound works), the system does not find the headphones in Windows 10. for each option there is a solution. We will tell you more in our article.

Let’s divide headphones into 3 most popular groups:

  • 3.5mm or minijack
  • USB
  • Bluetooth

Different types have different solutions to the problem and they are not always solved in different, but sometimes similar ways. Let’s start by solving the problem of why Windows 10 does not see headphones and speakers on a laptop, from the simplest point. troubleshooter, built-in Windows utility for solving typical problems.

Bluetooth connection

If the Windows 10 computer does not see bluetooth headphones, then you need to help it with this. For this you need:

  • Open Windows Settings and go to Devices;
  • In the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab, check if you have the required equipment;
  • If not, then click on the button for adding a new device;
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If the search did not return any results, then try searching through the control panel, sometimes it may find more equipment.

  • On the “Bluetooth” tab at the end of the page, click on “Devices and Printers”;
  • The connected equipment will be displayed in this window. Click on the “Add device” button;
  • Try adding headphones if they appear in a new window.

But if after all the steps you have taken, the Windows 10 headphones are still not displayed, try other quick steps.

Method 5 Update Bluetooth driver

Another case is if the laptop does not see the Windows 10 Bluetooth headphones. The situation is similar to the previous one. Only in this case, and the hardware definition is answered by the Bluetooth chip. Depending on your device and the module used, the module can be displayed in different sections in the Device Manager. Bluetooth. if it is a separate module on the board or a separate USB module; Network adapters. if it is a dual module on laptops.

But this is not the main reason why the laptop does not see the Windows 10 bluetooth headphones. Consider setting up audio devices and connecting them.

Sound driver update

If the system does not see the headphones on Windows 10, then it is worth checking the driver. whether it works correctly or not.

First, go to Device Manager. to do this, in the “Run” window, enter the command devmgmt.msc and click OK.

A good indicator would be the absence of “Unidentified devices”. as well as bugs on audio devices. Headphones should be displayed as in the screenshot.

Try the following:

  • Click RMB and click update driver. this method will help if the headphones are not detected in the Windows 10 settings, but are visible in the Task Manager;
  • Try uninstalling your device and searching for updates. the option of reinstalling the driver will help with problem drivers.

This method can help if the headphones really require additional drivers, in other cases the standard driver will also cope.

But only the speakers can be displayed in the manager, then why the computer does not see the Windows 10 headphones. The problem may lie in the sound driver, which detects input devices (microphones) and output devices (speakers, speakers, headsets, etc.). Let’s try to update the driver step by step, not automatically, but manually:

  • Sometimes, searching for driver updates through the Update Center may not find the latest software versions. At the same time, the latest versions are available on the official website of the manufacturer.

At the moment, the main manufacturers of sound cards and software for them are:

  • Realtek (most popular)
  • VIA Technologies
  • Creative Lab
  • ASUS
  • And other less popular companies

Take Realtek as an example as the most popular sound chip on laptops.

  • Let’s check the version of the installed driver. Click on the sound device in the Task Manager and go to Properties;
  • Click the Driver tab and check the date and software version. Pay attention to the date. if it is older than 2-3 years, then you need to update.

If you do not know your sound card model (or laptop model, for example), then go to the “Details” tab and find the “Hardware ID” parameter, you can search on the Internet for it. Please note that some outputs may be related to the video card (Nvidia, IntelHD, AMD). audio output via HDMI output. It’s better not to touch it.

  • You should look for new software versions on the official website of equipment manufacturers. For laptops and monoblocks. search by model number, for PC. by motherboard model.

It happens that outdated drivers may be placed on the equipment manufacturer’s website. For example, the site stores an archive of an earlier version, which is distributed through the Update Center.

Checking the wireless module

Most laptop models have built-in wireless communication, but not all:

  • typing the key combination “Windows” “R” on the keyboard;
  • in the window that appears opposite “Open:” enter “devmgmt.msc”, confirm by clicking on “ok”;
  • in the “Device Manager” click on “Bluetooth”.

If the laptop has a built-in module, it will be reflected in the list that opens, and it will be indicated which version of Bluetooth it supports.

If the transmitter is not in the list, the user will have to buy a Bluetooth adapter.

Possible problems

No sound is output. Such a situation, when devices see a wireless gadget and even connect to it, but no sound is output, may occur because:

  • codecs were not initially installed on video and audio files;
  • Head Set was not selected as a sound reproducing device.

However, more often this happens due to inattention. Bluetooth on a laptop, PC or headset is muted.

Reasons for the absence of headphones in playback devices

Owners of computers and laptops with any version of Windows (as well as Windows 7) face this problem.

often, wireless headphones are not detected in playback devices for the following reasons:

  • Gadget malfunction. To check Bluetooth, the headphones are connected to another device.
  • Head Set can be disabled in default settings.
  • Incorrect operation of the Realtek HD Audio manager. Sometimes an additional program included in it can ignore the connected headphones.
  • Also, headphones may not appear in playback devices due to outdated drivers. they need to be updated.

What to do if laptop and PC can’t see wireless headphones?

If the laptop or computer does not see the Bluetooth headphones, the user needs to do the following:

  • Reboot the device. Sometimes an error may occur when loading, preventing the gadget from connecting.
  • Check your computer or laptop with antivirus.
  • If a PC is used as a transmitting device, make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is working properly.

Checking the connection algorithm

Most often, pairing problems occur due to a violation of the connection algorithm.

Therefore, before looking for global breakdowns, you need to check again the correctness of actions at each stage (for example, a PC with Windows 10). For this:

  • turn on the headphones (the LED on them should blink, indicating that the gadget is ready for pairing);
  • check if the Bluetooth adapter is inserted into the USB connector on the computer;
  • click on “Start”, enter the “Options”;
  • in the window that opens, select the “Devices” column;
  • on the screen under Bluetooth, move the slider to the “On” position;
  • stomp on “” in the “Add Bluetooth or other device” column;
  • in the additional window “Add devices” that appears, click on the line “Bluetooth, Mice, keyboards, pens or audio and other devices”, starting the search for headphones;
  • when they are detected, the LED on the device will stop blinking, and the headphones themselves will be displayed in a new window on the PC or laptop;
  • after clicking on the line with the name of the gadget, permission is given to connect, Bluetooth headphones can be used to listen to music or as a headset if they have a built-in microphone.

Serviceability of the gadget

You can check if the Bluetooth headphones are working properly by connecting to a different signal source.

However, normally working headphones with a smartphone may malfunction when working with a PC or smartphone if:

  • the rechargeable battery is insufficiently charged;
  • when pairing the transmitting and receiving devices there is a great distance or there is an obstacle.

Why Windows doesn’t see headphones

Wireless Head Sets are gaining popularity not only among music lovers leading a sporty lifestyle. However, the connection of these devices to a PC or laptop is special, which is why the device does not see the gadget. The reasons for such problems, why the laptop does not see Bluetooth headphones and how to fix them, are described in this article.

Sound driver update

The second common problem in which the headphones are not detected by a laptop or CP may be that Windows has not been updated for a long time, or after its update, outdated drivers are disabled.

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To update the sound driver, the user must:

  • enter “Device Manager” in the system search line;
  • in the window that appears, expand the “HID Devices” column;
  • right-click on the line “Controls for a wireless radio device with HID support”;
  • after clicking on “Update driver”, select “Automatic search for updated drivers”.

What to do if the laptop does not see the phone via Bluetooth?

Today human life cannot be imagined without various computer gadgets. We are so used to using them that we do not know what to do if we encounter various problems with this technique. So, one of the most common problems is that the laptop does not see the phone via Bluetooth. This is very inconvenient, since many have to transfer various kinds of information to other media.

What to do if the PC does not see the phone via Bluetooth?

If such a problem occurs, do not panic, as there are a number of special actions that will help eliminate such a breakdown. So, you must:

  • check if bluetooth is enabled on your devices. If your PC model has a mechanical switch, check to see if the button is lit. Many modern computer models have special colored indicators. So, if bluetooth is on, then the indicator will glow blue, and if not, then red;
  • if you are convinced that bluetooth is enabled, but it does not work, then you should check whether such a device is installed. To do this, you must:
  • Go to “Control Panel”, which is in the “Start” menu.
  • Click on the “Hardware and Sound” button.
  • Click on the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • Add bluetooth device.

If, even after these manipulations, you will continue to receive notifications that the connection has not been established, then, as an option, reinstall the drivers;

  • during the automatic reinstallation of the basic bluetooth drivers, be sure to activate the Instrument Manager. Then, click on “Bluetooth” and manually remove the integrated module. After that, restart the PC for the system to restore all drivers by itself;
  • if the problem lies in an OS failure, then you will need to install special drivers;
  • if you have determined for sure that the reason for such a problem lies in interference from electronic devices (microwave oven, radio telephones), then while using bluetooth, they must be turned off.

If you are faced with the fact that the computer does not see the phone for the firmware, then, first of all, make sure that the equipment is in good working order, and only then start looking for the error.

Reasons why the laptop does not see the Bluetooth of the phone

Experts identify a number of the most common reasons that provoke the fact that the laptop does not see the phone via Bluetooth:

  • Driver crashes.
  • A commonplace reason is the fact that detection is disabled on one of the necessary devices.
  • If the connected device is outside the Bluetooth range.
  • One of the factors can be called extraneous interference that is emitted from household appliances.

And also, do not forget that if you reinstalled the OS, then you must re-install the bluetooth drivers. Otherwise, you will face the problem of lack of communication between PC and mobile. Do not forget, before fixing the problem, you need to understand exactly the reason why Bluetooth is not working.

If the reason for such a breakdown lies in the malfunction of the drivers, then in this case, you will need to download the latest version of the OS. It is advisable to do this on the official websites of your computer manufacturer. Only in this case, you can protect yourself from various hacker attacks and viruses. If you ignore such a warning, then you will need even more time and effort to restore the PC again. It should not be repaired at random, as this can lead to more complex breakdowns and malfunctions in the basic settings. If a situation arises when the PC does not see the phone, charging is in progress, there is no need to panic, but first of all, check the performance of your devices.

Watch a video on how to connect your phone to a PC via Bluetooth.

Software features of bluetooth on a computer

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why the computer cannot see the phone via Bluetooth is due to driver problems. To solve a similar problem in the task manager, you need to install the drivers, and only then check whether such actions will help.

Do not forget that it is best to download them from the official websites of your PC model. If you cannot find the model you need, then, as an option, you can apply the most similar one. In order not to be mistaken and choose the most correct option, you must do the following:

  • Go to the taskbar.
  • Select and right-click on the word Bluetooth.
  • Then, return to the sub-item “Properties”.
  • Click the “Details” button and find “Equipment”.
  • You need to copy the last line in the sub-item “Values”.
  • The copied text must be inserted into the search on the special site devid.info.
  • Then the system will automatically suggest the most suitable option for you.

After all these steps, you can safely try to connect your mobile to your computer via Bluetooth. But, if when buying a mobile, a CD with drivers came in the package bundle, then you will not need to do all of the above steps. It’s much easier, just use this disc.

Phone problems as a cause of lost pairing

As practice shows, with such a problem, when the computer does not see the mobile, then most often the malfunction is found in the phone itself. So, to test this theory, you can, first of all, try to connect the device to another computer. If even in this case, you have problems, then you can be sure of the malfunction of the phone. As an option to solve this problem, you can enable one of the basic modes by connecting to a computer. Simply put, select the “Data Transfer” mode or click on “Storage”. No need to be afraid to experiment with such modes, try it, and maybe the first time you will succeed.

Many experts, in such a situation, recommend checking the basic settings of the device itself. So, for some mobile models, you need to enable synchronization mode yourself, since by default it is in a disabled state.

How do you pair both devices? Why don’t you want to use a regular USB connection? Leave your message in the comments! And also watch a video about why Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.