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Why Skype does not turn on on a laptop

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Skype won’t open on computer

In the twenty-first century, it is hard to imagine life without communication with the outside world. In order to be able to keep in touch with your friends, loved ones anytime and anywhere, the Skype program was created. In this article, we will learn what to do if Skype does not open on your computer.

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Deleting a file

The failure can be caused by a file that is located in the application folder. To resume work, you need to delete it.

  • We quit the frozen Skype application. To do this, start the task manager with the key combination “CtrlAltDel” and go to the “Processes” tab, in which we are looking for a line with the name “Skype.exe”. Click on it with RMB and select the item “End the process”.
  • Press RMB on the “Start” button and select the “Run” item in the menu that appears. A window will open in which you need to enter the command% appdata% \ skype and click “OK”.
  • In the folder that has opened, you need to find a file called “shared.xml” and delete it.
  • When you restart the program, it will resume its work.

This method of resuming the work of the Skype program is suitable for operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10.

Program description

Skype is software designed to connect users who are far from each other. The application provides text messaging, voice and video communication over the Internet. File sharing is also available to users.

Slype can be installed on different operating systems on:

  • computer or laptop;
  • telephone;
  • the tablet.

Skype is free to download and easy to use. For a small fee, you can access phone calls and send SMS messages. Considering all these nuances, the program is currently very popular in the field of communication.


In case Skype does not start, the first thing to do is restart your computer. If the problem persists, then proceed to further actions.

Causes of malfunction

Let’s consider the main reasons why Skype does not open on the computer:

  • Master Server Problems.
    Perhaps the problem of starting the program is associated with a malfunction of the main server, but the developers solve this problem very quickly. If after that your Skype has not resumed normal operation within 24 hours, then the problem is not with the servers.
  • Blocking by antiviruses or firewalls.
    Also, the application can be blocked by a firewall, which controls all data transmitted over the network between computers, or antivirus. They mistake Skype for malware. Accordingly, it is necessary to disable the firewall for the time being and check if the application starts.
  • Virus infection of application files.
    To find out if malware affects the operation of an application, use an antivirus tool to scan and delete infected files.
  • Automatic update.
    At the time of installing updates, the program will not start, you must wait for its complete update, and then restart.


Complete removal and subsequent installation of the latest version will help solve the problem in 70% of cases.

  • Go to “This computer” (“My computer”) → “Uninstall or change the program”.
  • Click on Skype → “Delete”.
  • Download the latest version of the application → Install and run the program.

If these steps did not help, try disabling the running antivirus and firewall on your computer. You will find how to do this in the article: “How to enable, configure and disable Windows 10 Firewall”. After that check if Skype starts. If not, then roll back the system using a restore point to the point when the application was running.

If, after all the above steps, Skype does not open on your computer, you need to download the latest version of the application from the official website at this link and reinstall it on your device.

Blocking by antivirus

Antivirus software and / or firewall (firewall, firewall) can block Skype’s Internet access. This happens most often when using third-party antivirus software, especially from little-known developers. This could be due to a misconfigured antivirus or firewall. The latter can perceive the messenger as malware. This often leads to the inability to launch the application. If you are using Kaspersky Internet Security, just follow these steps:

  • Open the main window of the antivirus, go to autotuning by clicking the button below.
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab, where click “Threats and exclusions”.
  • In the window that opens, click “Configure exclusions”, where select the “Add” option.
  • In the explorer window, go to the root folder of Skype, which and add as an exception.

If the integrated software Kaspersky Endpoint Security is used, the sequence of actions looks like this:

  • Run the application, go to the main settings, where to open the “Antivirus protection” tab.
  • Go to the “Settings” section, open the “Exceptions” tab.
  • In a new window, add the Skype program to the exceptions.

Due to these manipulations, antivirus tools from Kaspersky will no longer perceive Skype as an unsafe program. This usually does not happen with other antiviruses. But, if the security software still blocked Skype, it is enough to simply add the latter to the exceptions, which is done by analogy with the instructions above.

Why Skype won’t open on a laptop

The reasons why Skype does not open on a laptop can be both in the program itself and in the operating system. Sometimes the failure is caused by hardware malfunctions of the computer, for example, due to the failure of the webcam, the program may open with an error. There are solutions for all types of problems. First of all, you should decide on the specific type of malfunction: skype does not open at all, it starts with an empty window or an error message.

Internet problems

Very often, Skype’s inoperability is caused by a poor or missing Internet connection. Laptops are usually connected to the network via Wi-Fi. Check if the wireless connection is working. If there is no Internet connection, you will not be able to log in to the program. In some cases, the internet is stable, but the application does not detect the connection. In such a situation, it is recommended to check the following points:

  • Program update. Perhaps an old version is installed on the laptop, which no longer works. You just need to download the latest version from the official website and install it.

Note! Sometimes, on the contrary, a new version turns out to be inoperative. In this case, you should try to install an older version of the program.

  • If you are considering a web version of Skype, you can try running it in another browser. Not all browsers are capable of running Skype normally.
  • Incorrect network configuration parameters in the operating system or modified hosts file. It is recommended to clear the “hosts” file and reset the Internet connection settings.
  • Unable to establish a connection to the server due to a VPN connection. Some VPN providers block Skype, so you can temporarily turn off VPN.

Initially, you should make sure that there is or is not a connection by the icon on the taskbar or in the tray. The connection can be any (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet), its status is always displayed in the system tray. If the icon has a cross or a yellow triangle, there is a connection problem.

If the icon indicates that there is no problem, you should try opening any links in your browser. You can immediately use a connection speed testing service such as SpeedTest. Perhaps the speed is critically low, due to which Skype cannot connect to the server.

Failure in the settings of the program itself

The malfunction may lie in the settings of the application itself. Eliminated by collecting them according to the following instructions:

  • Open the task manager using the shortcut keys CtrlAltDel (by selecting the appropriate item on the screen that opens) or CtrlAltEsc.
  • Find skype.exe in the list of processes and terminate using the context menu (RMB. end the process).
  • Press the WinR combination, where enter the command “% appdata% \ skype” (without quotes), and click “OK”.
  • Delete file “shared.xml”.
  • Launch skype.

As a result of these actions, the program configuration parameters will be reset. All settings will be reset, including account data. At startup, you will need to re-authorize (enter your username and password) in the application. In most cases, this will fix the problem.

Note! The user’s contacts will not be deleted, this information is stored on the server. But, the message history will be cleared.

Server problems

Skype is a client-server-client application. Consequently, the performance depends not only on the user’s computer, but also on the servers that service the program. Server hardware is also prone to failure. Such problems are independent of users.

If the problem lies in the servers, you just have to wait for the developers to fix it. As a rule, failures are eliminated quickly enough, usually from no longer than a few hours. If such a malfunction occurs, do not neglect contacting Support. The sooner technical support finds out about a breakdown, the faster it will be eliminated.

Skype has millions of users around the world. Therefore, the administration of the service is trying to quickly fix problems. It usually takes up to several hours to restore work. However, there were cases when failures dragged on for almost a day.

Skype does not open on a laptop

There are many programs for communication, including voice and video, but the popularity of Skype is still very high. If people already use other messengers more often for text and voice communication, they prefer to use Skype for video calls. Sometimes the program crashes. Skype often won’t open on a laptop or computer. What to do in this situation depends on the cause of the problem. There are several standard solutions that need to be applied to fix the problem.

How to fix the problem

If the above methods did not help to eliminate the malfunction, you will have to resort to more complex measures. Perhaps the application shortcut is just damaged. It is enough to make a new shortcut like this:

  • Go to the section where the operating system is installed, as a rule, this is the local drive “C”.
  • Open the “Program Files” folder.
  • Find and open the Skype folder.
  • Right-click on the skype.exe file, select “send”, and click “desktop”.

A new program icon will appear on the desktop, through which it must be launched. If the application also does not start using the new shortcut, you can use the following solutions:

  • Check your computer for viruses. Malicious software could damage Skype. The check can be performed with such tools as Dr.Web CureIT or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.
  • Check the relevance of the virus databases in the anti-virus application. In most cases, the anti-virus is unable to detect new threats due to obsolete databases. Updating is done in the settings. Paid antiviruses are updated only with a valid license.
  • Update drivers and system components. Drivers can be downloaded from the official website of the laptop manufacturer. Key system components include DirectX, Java, ActiveX. After installing all updates, the laptop must be rebooted.
  • Clean up the hard disk from “junk” files. As you use the system, temporary unnecessary files accumulate, simply taking up space. To remove them, you can use the standard Disk Cleanup utility available in the Control Panel or in the properties of each local disk. You can also resort to third-party programs, the most popular and effective is CCleaner.
  • Reinstall the program. First, it is removed through the Add or Remove Programs menu, and then reinstalled. If this does not work, a complete reinstallation of Windows will be required.
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Important! Download skype, antivirus and other applications exclusively from official sites. Third-party software may contain viruses!

Why Skype won’t open on a laptop?

It is permissible to identify several sources that, in one way or another, can affect the performance. Namely: from the program itself to defects in the operating system. However, in any situation there is a way out. First, you should divide the problem into subtypes: Skype does not open at all, an empty window opens, or an error occurs immediately. The first two of the named are related to a crash in the browser, the third suggests many options.

Antivirus blocking

In addition to the fact that the information on the site may undergo a virus attack, the opposite situation is obvious. With it, all procedures are blocked by a firewall or antivirus. This is due to the fact that they mistake the described platform for the infection carrier of software that interferes with the implementation of work processes. This is why the area is automatically closed at startup. If you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed, then follow the steps:

  • To begin with, you should start it, and then open the autotuning using the button located at the bottom.
  • Next, you need to activate the “advanced” layout in order to further click on “threats and exclusions”.
  • A window will be available for you in which you need to click on “configure inclusions”. “add”.
  • After that, you will have to indicate the location of the document. It is important to enter “eicar-test-file” in the column titled “object” and include all reachable items for security.

When using a similar platform, namely Kaspersky Endpoint Security, a different course of events will be required:

  • First of all, you should go to the parameters to highlight the “anti-virus protection” column.
  • Now press the line “settings” through the category of “exceptions”. In the accessible section, you need to add the desired program to the list.

As a result, Kaspersky will never again consider the submitted site as an unsafe file, since it has been added to the corresponding folder.

Failure in the settings of the program itself

Resetting the parameters will be a useful attempt. However, this will require certain steps to be followed:

  • First, you need to go to the root folder and delete a specific file in it. Therefore, it is necessary to disable the process through the “device manager”. You can also use quick access by pressing the combination “ctrlaltesc”.
  • Then you can open the application and mark the line “run” due to the key sequence “winR”.
  • Now it is essential to enter the special command “% appdata% \ skype” so that you will be transferred to the explorer.
  • In the same place, you will have to delete the file named “shared.xml”.
  • After that, restart skype.

Thanks to this method, all available data will be cleared independently, as well as profile indicators will be deleted.

Server problems

It may turn out that the violation is related to the crash of processes in the main server. This is the only case that does not depend on user manipulation. So, it is most often temporary. But fortunately, these malfunctions are eliminated rather quickly by contacting technical support with a question. This is due to the fact that the site is used by millions of people, and they cannot be left unconnected. Accordingly, it may take anywhere from two hours to one day, provided that you do not warn Microsoft. If the specialists on the service platform could not help, then you should think about the following options.

Internet problems

A large number of users before launching trite forget to double-check the availability of access to wi-fi. Because of this, the connection turns out to be impossible, and it is not possible to log into the account. It is possible that the Internet will be connected to the computer, and the program will not distinguish it. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the points presented below:

  • It is likely that you have an outdated version installed on your device. Therefore, all you need to do is update or download a new one.

Reference! There are also opposite cases. That is, only the old version is capable of working.

  • Maybe it’s the browser that turns on skype.
  • There is something wrong with the “hosts” file or with the Windows network regulation. Then it would be a good idea to clear and examine all possible parameters.
  • Unable to connect due to VPN. When activated, it is still better to turn it off.

It does not matter how your equipment is connected to the network. 3 / 4G, WI-FI, or with support for a cable connection. you should still look at the status image on the system tray. It is also helpful to make sure there is no exclamation mark in yellow near the icon. After that, you can open links, test performance through them. Or even use special servers, for example, Speedtest. It is thanks to him that you can find out the flow rate. If everything is in order with the Internet, then go to another point.

Skype does not open on a laptop. what to do?

Despite the fact that nowadays you can find many different applications for interacting with an interlocutor, skype is still in high demand. Thus, whenever a problem occurs, the source of the problem must be eradicated immediately. In the written article, we will analyze possible defects and methods for their elimination.

Troubleshooting options

So, if the above methods did not help get rid of the problem, you will have to proceed to the most effective solutions. The following method assumes an algorithm for generating a new label from the steps described below:

  • First you need to open a folder called “Program Files” through your hard drive C.
  • Then go to the materials “skype” by clicking the right mouse button. You need to select “send” and then. “desktop”. The parentheses should say “create a shortcut”.
  • Therefore, an icon will appear, through which you will have to open the messenger every time. In addition, you have to call a certain menu in order to click on “properties” through it. In the line “object” you need to add the command. / legacylogin. And in the end, save the changes by “apply”.

Now, thanks to the new link, the application will also be displayed in the corresponding version, however, at the same time, Internet Explorer self-tuning will not be required. Let’s look at a few more solutions:

  • As mentioned earlier, it could be viruses. In this case, it is advisable to check the laptop as a whole for their presence.

Attention! There is a good chance of unsafe software.

  • Beforehand, you should also make sure that the antivirus is up to date and ready to reliably detect visible infections. It will be useful to re-download the drivers. Better to check for ActiveX, JavaScript and DirectX updates. After the procedure, you must definitely restart the device and try to turn on the site again.
  • Besides, you may have too much garbage on the disk. That being said, it is advisable to use a utility such as CCleaner to clean it up. You can also manually get rid of extraneous material when using the indicators of disk C. That is, by switching to the “general” layout, you need to put a checkmark everywhere and click on “save”.
  • And, perhaps, the last way that solves the issue in most cases is a complete removal or reinstallation. This procedure consists of the following steps. You need to go to “my / this computer” in advance. At the top of the resulting area, you can find the line “delete or change the program”. Therefore, it is important to click on it. A list of all available applications will open. Among them, you need to find what you want and mark “delete” next to it. After that, you can reinstall and run the latest model. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to forget about updates, but to download them in a timely manner.

Reference! Work only with links from official platforms.

Why the web camera was not found after updating in skype. real help

Good afternoon, dear readers! It would seem that it is simpler. I turned on video calling in Skype, you get comfortable, you start to enjoy communicating with people who are now far from you. But no, problems may appear at this moment. For example, Skype cannot connect to the webcam, and there are problems with its control. For some reason, Skype does not see the Windows 7-10 camera, it has become inaccessible, not detected, not recognized, or a black screen appears. Let’s consider what this may be related to, how to solve the problem and where to find a WEB-camera.

Why the messenger does not see the built-in camera on a laptop in Windows 7, 8, 10

The working web camera on laptops HP, lenovo, toshiba satellite, MSI, MacBook, regardless of the version of Windows and iOS, most often does not turn on and does not appear for the same reasons as on a PC.

The main fault is the incorrect operation of the drivers. To check this version, do the following:

  • Windows Go to “Start”, here double-click the right mouse button on “My Computer”, go to “Properties”;
  • Windows Press Win and R at the same time. Also can be done on Windows 7;
  • Windows Go to Task Manager, see if there is an exclamation mark next to the camera name.

However, laptop acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba sometimes does not want to detect the built-in camera due to a malfunction of the interface cable that connects it to the motherboard. Therefore, by the way, both the sound coming from the speakers and the microphone may not work. When using external devices, the USB port may not work.

Why skype does not connect to the WEB-camera on the PC and the device writes not found

There are several reasons why Skype does not find an external camera during a video call, instead of an image it shows a black or white screen.

  • After updating Windows, the wrong driver was installed, so the OS does not recognize the device. One of the additional testimonies is that the flash player does not work;
  • bought a new computer without software;
  • webcam is disabled in Device Manager. In this case, it is crossed out;
  • IP camera is incorrectly connected;
  • the USB port through which the external device is connected does not work;
  • installed ps3 eye without driver;
  • I can’t set up the device correctly;
  • Skype for some reason stopped seeing the working WEB-camera;
  • the messenger has detected that an old PC is being used;
  • the camera, whether it’s Logitech, Microsoft’s Litecam, or any other, is faulty and in need of repair;
  • the old version of skype is used;
  • the version of the messenger does not match the OS installed on the macbook, PC, phone;
  • not a standard webcam is connected, but a Canon, Nikon digital camera without support for streaming video;
  • there is a problem with the motherboard.

By the way, some are trying to find a way to connect the camcorder to a PC, make it work when calling from skype and wonder why the PC writes. I can’t see it. You don’t need to do this. Only the webcam is connected to the computer. Neither a video recorder nor a video camera is suitable for this purpose.

Problems with the camera after the update. why is it unavailable

If the webcam defender, Logitech c270, c310, genius disappeared after updating Skype, you should pay attention to compliance with the technical requirements for a PC, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Mac or phone. Until now, devices are used on which not all the functions of the newest, latest version of Skype may work. And before the update, everything could work, but after installing it, problems appeared. This is due to the increased requirements for equipment power.

They depend on the operating system used on the PC, laptop acer aspire, toshiba, sony vaio, asus, dns, dell, Samsung:

OS Processor, not less OP, not less Additional programs
Windows 7-10, Vista, XP 1 GHz 512 MB DirectX 9.0
Mac OSx10.10 1 GHz 1 GB QuickTime
Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 8.0, OpenSUSE 13.3, Fedore Linux 24 Intel Pentium 4 512 MB Libappindicator1, GtkStatuslcon

The information is given as of the date of this writing.

On mobile devices running on Android, version 6.0 must be installed for the updated Skype to work properly. It is important to make sure that there is 32MB of free memory when doing this. IPhone, iPad must have iOS 10 or higher.

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If your phone is using Windows Mobile, the version must be at least 10.

Another reason why my camera is not visible on an Android mobile, iPhone, tablet after turning on is that the user, when making a video call, turns on the back instead of the front one. The fix is ​​easy. switch devices.

Skype usually writes that the webcam was not found due to incorrect or incorrectly supplied drivers, problems with the gadget, incompatibility of the program with the OS and technical characteristics of the PC or laptop, incorrect settings.

Let’s consider the main reasons for problems with launching Skype:

  • inattention when entering registration data;

  • incorrect configuration of antivirus software;

Many users receive an error at startup and cannot connect due to their own inattention. Many people enter their username and password incorrectly, and also often forget to connect to the network altogether.

Correct work of Skype is possible only if the Internet is connected and working properly. If there is no connection, Skype does not work for this very reason. Technical work on the provider’s side, poor connection quality and other problems will lead to the inability to use the application.

Most often, mobile Internet users face problems due to poor network performance. In this case, a message may appear that the connection to the server could not be established.

Another common problem is viruses and other malware. These pests can disrupt the operation of any applications and lead to data loss.

Even installed anti-virus software cannot guarantee 100% protection.

Antiviruses and firewalls themselves can also cause a lot of problems if they have not been updated for a long time or the settings have been incorrectly configured. In this case, usually the system gives an error, Skype does not turn on. There may be messages about connection problems and so on.

Technical failures on the server side of the developer’s company are very rare. In this case, many users from all over the world experience the problem at once. Eliminate such problems very quickly. They usually do not require user intervention.

Why Skype won’t turn on on my computer

Skype is a very popular program for communication between users on the Internet. In addition, the application allows you to make calls to any phones in many countries of the world at favorable rates, send text messages, hold conferences and so on.

Naturally, as with other programs, there are problems with Skype and quite often. Fortunately, most of them are easy enough to solve.

Let’s consider the main types of problems with Skype:

  • problems with establishing a connection;

  • problems with video or sound transmission.

Troubleshooting Ways

Most of the problems associated with the launch, the user can solve independently, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Let’s consider what steps you need to take in order to get Skype to work:

  • check your internet connection;

  • make sure that the username and password are entered correctly;

  • to restart a computer;

  • perform a system scan using antivirus utilities;

  • update antivirus and firewall;

  • reinstall app.

Very often, users experience startup problems due to their own inattention, simply forgetting to log into the Internet. Therefore, first of all, make sure you are connected to the internet.

In cases where it turns out to go to other resources without problems, you need to pay attention to the connection speed. Too slow speed may prevent the program from starting. You can notice a sharp drop in the quality of the connection visually or use special testing resources, for example,

If the connection speed is too low or it cannot be established, then you need to check the status of your personal account and contact the technical support of the provider.

The correctness of the login and password is required to log in to your Skype account and without it, further launch is impossible. To eliminate errors, it is recommended to first enter the registration data in a notepad and simply copy them into the authorization window.

Restarting your computer often resolves many application startup problems. It is recommended to reboot the OS after installing any software or when problems occur.

Viruses are one of the main problems that cause software crashes. If you do not check the system and remove unwanted applications in time, you will not be able to avoid problems. Plus, there is simply no 100% virus protection guarantee.

It is recommended to scan using one or even several utilities that are available on the websites of anti-virus solutions developers.

Recommended utilities for checking the system for virus infection:

  • anti-virus utility CureIT from Doctor Web;

  • free program Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool;

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Scanning is recommended to be performed at the highest possible level and, if there is the slightest suspicion, to repeat the scan with another utility.

The programs themselves to protect your computer can also cause problems when trying to start Skype. This may be caused by incorrect settings, outdated version or software incompatibility.

Let’s consider a way to solve startup errors related to antiviruses and firewalls:

  • update software to the latest stable version;

  • reset the settings to their original position using the configuration menu or reinstall the application;

  • replace firewall and antivirus.

Additionally, it should be remembered that the use of “pirated” antiviruses downloaded from unknown sources can lead to big problems. Applications should be downloaded only on the developer’s site.

Resetting the settings in some cases allows you to eliminate errors when logging into your account and remove incorrect configuration.

The main ways to reset the settings:

  • remove shared.xml. To do this, press the “Start” button and select the “Run” item. In the window that appears, enter% appdata% skype, click Ok and delete this file in the opened folder.

  • complete removal of profile settings, history, and so on. In the “Start” menu, click on the “Run” item and enter the command% appdata%. After clicking Ok, a directory will open where you need to delete or rename the skype folder.

Advice. If, when Skype starts, a white screen appears instead of the authorization window, then you need to open the properties of the shortcut by right-clicking on it and add / legacylogin to the launch line.

Reinstalling the application in some cases also helps to troubleshoot startup problems, reset settings and install the latest version of the program.

Skype reinstallation must be performed in the following sequence:

  • remove the installed program;

  • clear folder% appdata% skype;

  • clean the registry using CCleaner or similar utilities;

  • download the latest version from the official website;

  • run the installer and follow its prompts.

In cases where all of the listed troubleshooting methods do not help, and access to Skype is necessary, you can advise downloading a special wearable version, or as it is also called portable. It runs directly from its folder and does not make changes to the system.

Users can fix most of the problems with the launch of Skype on their own. In cases where this does not work, you can contact the developers or the user community for technical support.

Deleting a file

If you are planning to fix the error and try to fix the launch of Skype, then try deleting a specific file. This option will bring the proper result if the problem lay in the failure of application settings:

  • Open the Task Manager, where you first need to complete the software workflow;
  • Then start Run. Find this window in the Start menu, or hold down two buttons. WINR;
  • In an empty line for entering commands, enter.% appdata% \ skype;
  • As a result, a specific folder will open, where you need to erase the shared.xml file, as indicated in the screenshot.
  • Restart Skype.

The presented procedure will delete the saved information and you will have to sign in to your account again. Existing contacts will not be deleted, they will remain intact.

Why Skype does not open on a computer (laptop). reasons and what to do?

Skype is one of the popular voice and video communication software. The application allows you to make free calls to loved ones in any country, send audio messages or use useful functions, including screen sharing, calls to mobile numbers, conferences, etc. But, sometimes the program can crash. Consider the reasons why Skype does not open, and how you can fix it?

Why Skype won’t open on my laptop?

At the moment, the following reasons are known due to which the presented problem occurs:

  • the Skype version is outdated, which is why the application will simply refuse to start;
  • a non-licensed program is installed;
  • Internet connection problems for the user;
  • the update was installed with errors, or there was a failure;
  • there is not enough free space on the disk where Skype is installed;
  • insufficient access rights that are used when starting the application;
  • antivirus blocks some files that Skype uses to work.

Select the correct troubleshooting guide depending on the cause of the malfunction. All the described solutions are within the power of all users, no matter what kind of experience you have in using a PC.


Sometimes you can fix the problem by reinstalling the application. Any software is not perfect, perhaps an error occurred while downloading the update, and one of the required files was lost at the time of downloading. Do the following:

  • Open the “Computer” folder located on the desktop or in the start menu.
  • At the top of the panel, select the circled item.
  • Then find the required program from the list and click “Uninstall”.
  • Go to the official website of the product., select the desired installation file based on the operating system of your computer.

How to update Skype if it won’t open

Updating the software is an important procedure, it is necessary for normal functioning. Developers are constantly trying to adapt the presented product for operating system updates, they also do not forget about the introduction of new useful options, interface improvements and bug fixes.

If the program does not turn on, then check for updates. Perhaps the installed patch is outdated and the software needs to be updated. Usually, this procedure is carried out in automatic mode, but sometimes this function can be disabled. Follow the same steps as described in the reinstallation section. That is, delete and re-download it from official resources.

How to open skype if it won’t open

Having analyzed why Skype does not open, you should consider an alternative option for launching the program. If you need to enter the application in question in the near future, then you can postpone the solution of the problem and use a different login method.

The company offers a program for voice and video communication, which is adapted not only for computers and phones. It is also available in the web version:

  • Go to the website.
  • On the first page, the system will offer you to register or log in to an existing account.
  • The browser will then ask the user for permission to show notifications. Allow all actions requested for the normal operation of the service.
  • After confirming the login, you will be able to use the familiar functions.

The described login method works on all browsers. The functionality is almost completely identical to the installation version of the application. There are some differences, but they will not prevent you from contacting the right person via voice communication.

How to restore Skype on a laptop if it won’t open

If Skype does not open from a shortcut, then try to recreate it. To do this, go to the root folder where the system files of the software in question are located. But, initially do not forget to remove the non-working shortcut from the desktop.

Click on the specified icon with the right mouse button, hover over the “Send” command and select the appropriate item.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

The next reason is antivirus or firewall, which is one of the security elements of Windows 10 system. Sometimes antivirus software can block some files that are required for the program to work properly.

What to do then? Just turn off your antivirus. In the bottom line on the right side, right-click on the software icon and select the button that allows you to stop working.

To disable the firewall provided in the tenth Windows, you need:

  • Press the Win button or open the start;
  • Start typing the phrase “Defender Security Center”;
  • The system will offer options, choose the first one;
  • Go to the “Firewall” section;
  • Next, pay attention to the type of network. If you are using a private network, then on the contrary, you should disable the built-in defender option.
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If Skype does not open on a laptop due to error 1618, then at the moment the user is trying to install several applications at once. This is a fairly rare bug that mostly appears when Skype has started installing, and at that time an unexpected update has started. Then it is recommended to stop the installation process and wait for the system to finish downloading.

When turned on, the circle is spinning on the boot screen, but there is no connection? Check the functionality of your home Internet. The connection may be broken

It also doesn’t hurt to check the registry. Sometimes the reason may lie in the incomplete removal of the previous version of Skype. For convenience, download a special utility for cleaning computers. Ccleaner. The software has a simple and intuitive interface, users will not have any difficulties when using it.

Why Skype won’t open on my laptop

Are you having problems turning on Skype, but you don’t want to be disconnected for a long time? Then proceed to study our instructions on this issue. Below we will figure out why Skype does not open on a laptop.

I can’t log in?

There are problems of a slightly different kind: the program starts, but on the initial screen the user cannot log into his account. This malfunction can have two reasons:

  • Failures in the servers where information is sent when entering authorization data. The problem is described at the beginning of the article.
  • Wrong data. Check if you entered your username and password correctly. Restore them via the app if necessary.

Blocking by antivirus

This option is the least common, but it should also be checked. To do this, just turn off the standard firewall and third-party antivirus that you use all the time.

Server problems

The first and only reason, which does not depend on user actions, is a problem with Microsoft servers or technical work. In both cases, the developers quickly fix all breakdowns or update the equipment.

Since the service is used by millions of people, it is impossible to leave them without a means of communication for a long time. Usually, the connection is restored within 1-2 hours or 1 day if Microsoft is warned in advance about possible problems.

Internet problems

Many users, when they turn on Skype, observe an endless download or network connection. If this is not caused by a server-side issue, then the problem may be related to your internet.

Check the network performance through a browser on any sites and measure the speed through a special service (for example, Speedtest). If everything is fine with the Internet, go to the next item.

System rollback

Skype crashes may be due to incorrect OS settings. Since they are difficult to detect manually, use the System Restore feature. To do this, you need to open the “Recovery” application through the “Control Panel”. After that, open the second item:

Now follow the prompts of the virtual master. Find the checkpoint by date until the moment when you started having problems with Skype.

Why isn’t Skype working? What to do about this problem

It is a free system through which communications between personal devices are made. With it, you can make calls via mobile or landline communication around the globe, but this service is paid. The secret of the success of this program lies in the fact that through it you can communicate via video communication for an indefinite period of time absolutely free of charge, and the application also has an encrypted connection. This ensures confidentiality of your communications and gives you the confidence that no one else will hear you. As shown by studies conducted in 2011, the users of this application are about seven hundred million people on the planet. First of all, Microsoft recommends updating Skype to the latest version, which can be downloaded from the link.

Skype was released in 2003. The first version with the ability to support multiple languages ​​was released. Due to the fact that the system loaded instantly and had convenient functionality, it became very popular and won the trust of many users. In the next development, video communication appears. Within two years, the profit of the organization totals more than one hundred million dollars and from its founders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, the eBay corporation buys for 2.6 billion dollars. As a result, she resold it to Microsoft for 8.5 billion. You can install Skype on your phone by downloading the required version of Skype on our website http://skype-download-free.rf/

Why Skype won’t load main reasons

In the winter of 2010, millions of people were unable to sign in to Skype. It seemed to many that the reason was the password, but everything was much worse, because the most serious application failure occurred in the entire history of its existence.!

As it turned out, the failure was related to the servers that perform the connecting function among themselves. Due to problems in the software of the system itself, most of the servers stopped. However, the massive problem was resolved instantly, so that the next day, all users successfully used the application. One of the reasons why Skype does not turn on may be a problem on the main server. In order to confirm this information, it is worth reading the latest news. It should be emphasized that problems of a serious scale appear very rarely, therefore, problems with your system arose for another reason.

Check if you entered your username and password correctly. There are often cases when a user may enter incorrect data by mistake due to the fact that they are not visible in the login window. Based on this, write down your data to enter the notepad and move it to the input field in the program itself.

Check your network connection. To do this, you need to click on the installed browser on your PC and go to any page on the Internet. If there is no access to the pages, then the Internet is not connected on your computer. This happens for various reasons, for example, you forgot to pay for the Internet. Contact your network’s Support to find out why you are not on Skype. One of the reasons why Skype does not start may be the blocking of the firewall that is available in your program. In some cases, it is installed in the antivirus and can perceive Skype as a dangerous program and block its connection to the Internet. Then you need to disable it in the settings or add the system to the list of exclusions.

Why Skype won’t open?

Skype won’t open on my computer due to a variety of reasons. from easy to solve to problems in which it is necessary to reinstall the system. The article does not imply the presence of communication problems in the program, only an error at startup, lack of response when clicking on a shortcut or launch with an empty window.

Common causes of Skype crashes:

  • a crash occurred due to user preferences;
  • the disruption occurred due to a crash in Internet Explorer, which is responsible for displaying many elements of the program;
  • the problem is in the system settings;
  • conflict of drivers or programs;
  • crash after updating the program or Windows.

Before any manipulations, it is worth checking, probably the problem is observed by many users and there are malfunctions on the server. If this is the real reason, it is enough to wait until the program is restored, the developers are responsible for this.

Complete reinstallation of the program

Often, re-installing the program is used to restore the launch of Skype. An important condition for efficiency is the complete removal of the previous version, otherwise the method may be useless. There are special programs for this, for example, iObit Uninstaller.

  • Download the program, and then install;
  • Find Skype in the main application window and click on the delete button;
  • After standard uninstallation, you will be prompted to remove traces of the application on the PC in all storages, you should agree and create a restore point.

After the procedure, you will need to download the new version of Skype and install it.

What to do if Skype won’t open?

Telephony in the modern world is one of the most important technologies, and the situation when Skype does not open can confuse many users. There can be several reasons for the failure of the application. from the program itself to a problem in the operating system. In any case, there is always an opportunity to restore its correct operation.

Reset system settings and Skype

Special programs have been developed that detect and eliminate all temporary and useless files. All actions can be performed manually, but there is a risk of forgetting about some section and this will take a lot of time. The best program that will help you cope with this task with high quality. CCleaner.

Let’s consider the algorithm of actions using CCleaner:

  • Download the app.https: //
  • On the first tab “Cleaner” you need to run the check algorithm using the “Analyze” button, after selecting the applications you want to check.
  • After the analysis, you need to click on the “Run Cleaner”.
  • A window will appear prompting you to create a restore point (it is advisable to do this).
  • Then go to the “Registry” section and run the registry analysis.
  • After the search, the number of errors found will be shown and it will be possible to start elimination of violations.

Performing the manipulation will allow in some cases to restore Skype and speed up the performance of the entire Windows system.

Crash in Skype settings

Skype won’t open what should I do first?. It is worth checking the serviceability of the program in the field of settings. Sometimes user data creates errors and prevents quality use.

To fix the problem, it is worth performing a simple manipulation:

  • Most often, even an inactive program has a workflow, to close it you should press Ctrl Alt Del and go to the “Processes” section. Here it is worth closing the process from the manufacturer Skype.
  • Now you should press Win R and enter the text% appdata% \ skype and Enter into the line. this command will transfer to the section with user data.
  • A new window will open a folder in which you need to find the shared.xml file and delete it.

After deleting the configuration file, a reset should occur and there is a high probability of restoring the program. If the technique did not lead to the expected result, you can use another algorithm, in which the first step is the same, and then it goes:

  • Win R insert% appdata% into the line, then press Enter.
  • Find the section “Skype” and PKM in the catalog.
  • Select the “Rename” option and add any number to the end of the name.

Lack of manipulation in deleting conversations and chats, the program should start as new, although contacts are stored on the server and, accordingly, will be saved.

Internet Explorer problem

A similar problem has existed for a long time, since the release of version 5.5, when Skype was tied to IE. Upon entering the program, authorization occurs, which activates ActiveX and some JavaScript frameworks located in IE. If the browser settings are changed during the manipulation of the user or other programs, Skype may stop working. This error is characterized by difficulties in adding new contacts.

For most popular systems before Windows 8, a special fix can be used that was made by the developer themselves. For some users, just updating the browser is enough.

Resetting settings in IE helps in many cases, for this you should:

  • Close all IE windows and other tabs in Explorer.
  • Restart IE browser.
  • Using the “Service” section, go to the “Properties” item. You can open a window with a section by clicking on the gear.
  • Next, go to the “Advanced” section and click on “Reset”.
  • It is important to put a highlight next to the item “Delete personal data”: visited pages, cookies, hash, etc.
  • In a new window, it is worth confirming the action by clicking on the “Reset” button.
  • After performing the manipulation, close the program.

When the actions are completed, it is worth checking the serviceability of Skype, the program should work again.