Why iPhone apps won’t update

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reasons why iPhone apps won’t update

It’s good when the iPhone automatically updates all programs to the latest versions. And the user does not need to constantly monitor the news in the AppStore, which is very convenient. But this idyll ends as soon as you notice that the icons of some installations are gray and under them the long-playing inscription “Waiting”.

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In order not to be left with a “naked” phone, carefully read this article, which describes in detail why applications on the iPhone are not updated and how to deal with it.

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Removing Jabrake

Licensed programs in 90% of cases are not updated precisely because of the jailbreak. Apple is extremely negative about hacking its operating system and instantly blocks access to servers for all violators. To regain access, you will have to remove Jailbreak from the device. How to do this, it is worth clarifying on the forums and specialized resources, since there is no unambiguous algorithm.

Installing a second app in parallel

To move the installation process, you need to do the following: go to the App Store and download any program or game. There are cases when such a trick helps to move a frozen “loading ring” from its place. If it doesn’t help, launch iTunes and do the above using the built-in software tools.

Turn on, turn off airplane mode

This procedure is to reset the packet data transmission. The fact is that the reason why files are not downloaded may be a system error in the Internet stream. By turning on airplane mode for a few seconds, you cancel the current data transfer session and by deactivating the function, force the gadget to create a new traffic channel, which will help to cope with the error when downloading updates.

Remove app and reinstall

It is possible that a system failure occurred during the installation, or it was at this time that the program vendor made some changes to the App Store. To check this option, you need to delete the “stuck” file by pressing and holding the downloadable update icon for a few seconds until the icon shakes and a small cross appears in the upper left corner. Tap on this cross and confirm the removal of the program. After the done procedure, find the uninstalled utility in the App Store and try to install it again.


If there is no software download, it is necessary to synchronize the device with iTunes located on the personal computer. The gadget is connected to a PC, the correct login to the account is checked. The account names on the two devices must match exactly. On the screen, they look for the item “Synchronization”.

How to turn automatic updates on or off on iPhone or iPad

The question of how to remove auto-update on the iPhone has become relevant with the advent of the 7th operating system. At the same time, a function appeared that allows you to update the software. When an updated version of the application is released, it is downloaded and installed without asking for permission from the user. This approach is convenient for getting up-to-date content on time. However, some phone owners prefer to do everything on their own.

How to turn off auto-update on iPhone:

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • Find the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store”;
  • Go to the “Startup” menu. activate or stop the “Programs” and “Updates”.

For those who prefer automated updates, but do not want to waste mobile traffic, it is possible to conduct it over wireless networks. Auto-update occurs when the iPhone or ipad is connected to a charger.

To configure over Wi-Fi, you must turn off the Cellular Data icon. After that, changes in state will only take place when the device is connected to a wireless network.

Important! How you can turn off auto-update of applications on the iPhone: go to “Settings”, then to “iTunes App Store”, then to “Startup” and switch the slider located next to the “Updates” column to an inoperative state.

Cardinal way

Removing custom settings completely may help resolve your issue. First of all, the network settings are changed. If the method does not help, you will have to roll back the software to the factory installation. Before carrying out the procedure, make a backup copy of all data.

Reasons why apps on iPhone won’t update

Users often wonder why apps won’t load on iPhone. There are several reasons for device malfunction.

How to update an iPhone app yourself

Newly minted owners of prestigious gadgets often wonder how to update the application on the iPhone. The process can be carried out either from the App Store (directly) or through iTunes (using a personal computer). The second option is considered more complex, but it allows you to download updates and save them for future use.

How to update apps in iOS 13

Updating via iTunes Store, App Store

Remove app and reinstall

Perhaps, during the installation, a system failure occurred or it was at this time that the program provider made some changes to the App Store.

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To check this option, you need to delete the “stuck” file.

Logging in to your account again

In the event that the problem has not been resolved, you can use the method of re-authorizing your account. To do this, open AppleStore, go to the menu, where you need to tap on the “Selection” tab.

Attention! Before doing such manipulations, make sure that you remember the username and password specified for your account in Apple ID.

Sync with iTunes

If the above methods did not help to fix the crash, or you simply do not have the ability to stop the download or uninstall the application, sync your purchases with iTunes.

  • Launch iTunes on Computer, Connect iPhone.
  • Log in with Apple ID (account must be the same on iPhone and iTunes).
  • Click “Sync”.

After synchronization, disconnect the smartphone from the computer and check if the software is updated now.

Try to upload something else

The parallel launch of downloading other software also helps to restore the download. Search the App Store for any free game or program and start downloading it to your iPhone. There is a possibility that after the start of the download, the suspended application update will continue.

14 Ways to Fix iPhone Apps Not Updating

If you can uninstall the program from the iPhone without serious consequences such as losing important data, then do it.

  • Hold your finger on an app that can’t update.
  • Wait until the icon goes into edit mode, that is, it starts shaking on the screen.
  • Click on the cross that appears to uninstall the software.

After removing the application from the iPhone, open the App Store and install the program or game back.

Stop loading

Sometimes it happens that it is not possible to download or update a single program, the icon of which is constantly in a waiting state. The solution to the problems, as an option, can be a short-term transfer of the process to the pause mode. To do this, click once on the icon and after a few seconds click on it again to restart the installation. Usually, this method helps to get rid of the problem that has arisen, if not, read on.

Synchronize purchases with Mac / PC

If you have tried everything and the problem has not been resolved, and in addition, the frozen programs cannot even be removed, use additional synchronization. Launch iTunes on your PC, make sure you are signed in with the same account as the AppleStore. Connect the phone via USB cable and after the utility sees the gadget, click the “Synchronize” button.

Check internet connection

Since the download is carried out only when the Internet is available, interruptions in its work will manifest itself in the form of the impossibility of updating the downloaded application. If the main source of traffic is mobile Internet, then check the availability of money in the account, the network or the remaining megabytes. In the case of Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that it is working properly, connect to another source or test it using a different device.

Note! You can call a friend who also uses an iPhone and ask how he is doing with updates.

Reboot the device

If the apps in the App Store are still not updated, another treatment option may be to restart your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you need to hold down the power key and turn off the device. After it is turned on again, the application can continue its installation.

Synchronizing purchases with your computer

If the above steps did not solve the problem, and the applications are still not updated, you need to sync your device with the version of iTunes that is installed on your desktop computer. To do this, the device is connected to a PC running the application. You need to make sure that you are logged into your account correctly. Accounts on mobile device and computer must be the same. Need item “Synchronization”.


The cardinal way to help resume downloads is to hard reset your device. Network settings are reset first. If it does not help, then you will have to reset all settings. Before doing this, you must make sure to back up all the necessary data.

Stop loading

If there is a gray icon that has been waiting or downloading for a very long time, then you need to stop the download. It is not entirely clear why applications in the App Store are not updated, but if you tap on the icon and stop downloading, and then click again to resume, the application can continue downloading, and the problem will be solved.

Checking the Internet connection

One of the common reasons why an update problem occurs is the usual lack of an Internet connection or a problem with the wireless network surrounding the user. After all, the icon showing that there is a connection does not mean anything yet. No connection. Apps in the App Store are not updated. To eliminate this problem, just open a browser and try to open any page. If all is well, then you need to move on to the next step.

Run second parallel installation

Sometimes downloading another piece of software from the App Store can help push through a frozen application. Therefore, you should try to run any free software.

Free up memory space

The reason for the freeze may be an overload of the device’s memory. To free up space, just delete unused applications.

The application loading is stuck. how to understand

The situation when applications from the App Store are not downloaded, be it a game, a movie or a music track, gives the owners of modern Apple gadgets a lot of inconvenience.

Make sure to disable restrictions

IOS has a feature that disables some iPhone options, including downloading apps. Activation of the ban on downloads may serve as an answer to the question: “Why are the applications not updated on the iPhone?”

Switch to DFU mode

Can’t fix the failed App Store connection, what should I do? The last hope to download the application will be to put the device in DFU mode.

Signs and causes of the problem

The error correction algorithms are similar for iPhone and iPad with any version of iOS.

Why apps won’t launch on iPhone yet

For example, as in the video below. The device seems to be working, but the Mail application does not start.

Mail isn’t the only program that doesn’t work when your iPhone runs out of memory. In particular, problems are observed with third-party applications like Instagram, and even Uber. Due to the fact that the warning about the lack of memory does not appear, users are puzzled about what happened to their smartphones.

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The answer lies in “Settings”. “General”. “Storage and iCloud”. Here you can see that there is almost no free space on the device, and there is only one solution. to clear the memory so that the applications can work again.

How to do it? There are many options. You can use special utilities, clean up “Other”, delete “Documents and data”, at worst, remove unnecessary applications.

So if you suddenly stopped opening certain applications, this is a sign that it’s time to clean up on your device.

Apps won’t open on iPhone

In addition to lack of memory (we’ll talk about this below), applications on the iPhone can crash due to problems with the SDK of third-party services. For example, the SDK of a social network can cause spontaneous crashes of applications in which it was embedded. It is used by many applications. from messengers like Viber to Yandex.Navigator. As a result of the crash, all these applications simply stop opening on the iPhone.

As a workaround, you can run one of the VPN services. see here how to do it. Developers, as a rule, quickly fix such failures, but if you do not have time to wait, a VPN will be an excellent way out of the situation.

Apps stopped opening on iPhone? There is a solution

When your iPhone runs out of free space (owners of smartphones with 16 GB of memory will understand me), the system, as a rule, warns about this with a special message. However, sometimes, for some unknown reason, this does not happen, which entails far from the most pleasant consequences. In addition, applications on the iPhone crash not only because the device has run out of free memory: sometimes the problem may be in the incompatibility of the program version and the iOS version, as well as in the SDK of third-party services used, for example, for authorization.

iPhone Apps Not Updating in App Store after iOS 14.2 [Fixed]

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Google Chrome is a comfortable and intuitive browser, but it’s downright terrible when it comes to protecting sensitive data. This is a real black hole in the world of user tracking.

Google has pledged to phase out the use of advertising IDs in its iOS apps, but the amount of data it collects about users could be seriously alarming. Fortunately, there is salvation from this.

Why can’t my apps update??

Lack of memory. the reason why applications on Android are not updated To install updates, you need free memory. If you run out of space in the internal storage and on the microSD card, you need to delete unnecessary data. … Open Android settings.

How to download an update over the cellular network on iPhone?

Update carrier settings on iPhone and iPad

  • Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Open Settings General About This Device. If an update is available, you will be prompted to update your carrier settings.

How to turn off automatic app updates on iPhone?

How to enable / disable the automatic update feature in iOS

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the iTunes Store & App Store.
  • Scroll to the subsection “Automatic downloads” and, depending on the need, activate or deactivate the items “Programs” and “Updates”.

Why can’t I update apps from the Play Store??

Try restarting your device and also terminating the Google Play app separately. Clear cache and memory. Try to clear the cache or erase the play market data. Then the application will be downloaded or updated.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Open the App Store and select Today at the bottom of the screen. Click the profile icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down for pending updates and release notes. Click Update next to the app to update it only, or click Update All.

How to uninstall a downloaded iOS 13 update?

How to uninstall a downloaded iOS update on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings app and go to General → iPhone Storage → Storage.
  • Scroll down a bit and select the downloaded iOS update.
  • Click “Uninstall Update”.
  • Confirm deletion.

Why iPhone apps won’t update

Hello everyone today I will tell you what to do if the applications on the iPhone are not updated. Modern apps are, in a sense, alive. They are constantly in need of updates, which add new features and fix bugs. This is especially important for web applications: old versions may simply not work with modern protocols, and vendors are always trying to translate and force users to use the latest software versions. My colleague himself recently became a participant in the situation that at some point he could not update his applications on the iPhone 6 Plus, we read below that helped.

Apps on iPhone won’t update

But what if apps on iPhone won’t update? There are several reasons why your iPhone may not contact the AppStore for updates.

  • Internet connection problems. Try to access the network not via Wi-Fi, but via 3G. If you can connect over the cellular network, delete the Wi-Fi connection on the iPhone and set it up again. If this also does not help, put the router in bg hybrid mode. How to do this. see the instructions for the router. I want to note that if you have an icon with an Internet connected on your screen, then this still does not mean anything, the iPhone can lie the same, try turning it off and on.
  • No matter how trite it may sound, reboot your device, it also cannot work for months without a reboot, in 50 percent of cases it helps.
  • Authorization problems. Try to sign out of your account (iTunes Store, AppStore) and sign in again.
  • Try updating apps via iTunes on your computer by connecting your iPhone via cable. This may require an update of the iTunes version itself.
  • Try uninstalling the apps completely (directly on your iPhone or through iTunes on your computer) and reinstalling them. Often this method helps.
  • Make sure that the applications were purchased (paid or free) under your account. This problem often occurs when you buy an iPhone hand-held: applications installed by the previous owner may remain there. Sadly, if so, you will have to uninstall all applications and games and purchase them again. Otherwise, you will not be able to install new programs or update existing ones.
  • Update the firmware to the latest version available. Apple devices released in 2011 and after support iOS 8.1.1. Even oldies like the iPad 2 or iPhone 4s have not been forgotten: the latest version of iOS optimizes performance. If you have an older device, then, alas, the update may not work for objective reasons.
  • Also, applications on the iPhone may not update if you have less than 50 percent of the battery charge, if so, connect the charger and wait for 50 percent, after which all applications should update normally.
  • I wrote to you above about the inaccessibility of the Internet, but there are situations that it is, but it is so slow that the update process simply falls off after a timeout, so I advise you to check the connection speed, for example, you can read here.
  • You can also help resetting network settings or completely resetting your phone, be sure to make a full backup of your phone before doing this.
  • Make sure that the bank card indicated in your account is issued in the country indicated in your profile. Apple may block accounts that do not match the specified country and the actual country of issue of the card.
  • Continuing with bank cards, applications on the iPhone may not be updated due to the fact that, for example, your SIM card is Russian, and the card attached to it is American, this is called a discrepancy between the location of the iPhone owner and the place of issue of the card
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In most cases, the problem is solved by applying one of the above methods. In the case of my colleague, the applications were not updated due to the lack of money on the card, he recently bought the application for 15 rubles, but the money did not have time to be debited at the right time, since they were not there, so I had to replenish the card. If you find another way that solves the problem that applications on the iPhone are not updated, then please write it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will add it to the article, and you 1 to karma.

It’s so easy to solve the problem if the applications on the iPhone are not updated.

Synchronize purchases with Mac / PC

If none of the above points helped, and the application still flatly refuses to load (there is no way to either pause the installation or uninstall it), you need to synchronize with the stationary version of iTunes.

Turn on / off air mode

You can also try to resume the download by briefly switching to the “Airplane” mode.

Solution: From the Springboard screen, pile from bottom to top and click on the airplane image. Wait a few seconds and turn off the mode by tapping the icon again.

Full factory reset

You can resume downloading the application in a drastic way by performing a full reset.

Solution: Start small and do a Network Settings Reset: open Settings. Reset. Reset Network Settings. In case that doesn’t help either, get ready for a complete reset of all settings. Back up your iOS device before performing this step. Open Settings. General. Reset. Reset All Settings.

Reboot iOS device

As another option for treating a “gray” application that is stuck and stuck on loading, you can resort to restarting the device.

Solution: Hold down the Power key and unplug the device. Once turned on again, the application can automatically start the installation. Alternatively, use a hard reset: hold down the Power and Home keys for a few seconds.

Apps from the App Store are not downloaded or updated. What to do

Ten consecutive solutions to the problem.

Apple does not comment on problems with updating software and an error when downloading applications. You have to look for a solution by going through all the stages one by one: from simple to complex.

Note: To combat the problem of “gray waiting icons” and errors when downloading applications from the App Store, it is recommended to perform all the steps one at a time. At any time, the download can go further and there will be no need to follow the steps described in this manual.

Stop loading

A hanging gray icon that remains in the “Waiting” or “Downloading” status for a long time is a reason to stop downloading.

Solution: Tap on the icon, thereby stopping the download. Repeated tap can solve problems and the application will start loading.

Remove app and reinstall

Complete removal of the application (if possible) with further reinstallation can help in this situation.

IPhone apps won’t open: reasons

The most common case when iPhone apps won’t open is due to jailbreak. Especially if you’ve used unofficial installation methods. Another possible reason is the lack of compatibility with your device or iOS firmware version. There is also a chance of catching a system crash, due to which applications may also not start. In any case, we recommend using the simplest and fastest solution to this problem. the Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

What to do if apps won’t open on iPhone and iPad

The stable operation of the iOS system can be disrupted at any time. And there can be a huge number of reasons for this. Very often, users note that applications do not start on the iPhone or iPad, although they used to work. What it can be and how to quickly solve this problem?

IPhone Apps Not Working: How to Fix?

The universal Tenorshare ReiBoot program allows you to solve several problems that have arisen in the iOS system at once. In addition to the fact that you can quickly get your mobile device back after freezing on a black screen or apple logo, Tenorshare ReiBoot will help you correct the work of installed applications on your smartphone or tablet. After using the program, applications will start working in the correct mode.

If apps don’t work and won’t launch on iPhone, iPad, follow these steps.

Connect iPhone or iPad to PC using USB cable;

Launch the Tenorshare ReiBoot program. You will be offered 3 actions to choose from (Enter recovery mode, Exit recovery mode, Solve all iOS freezes). Choose the last action;

If the problem persists, then use the recovery mode to resume the correct operation of the system. Please note that the recovery mode will lead to the loss of all data, therefore, you must first make a backup copy of all data.

Tenorshare ReiBoot can be installed on Windows and Mac. The professional version has advanced functionality and is able to solve more complex problems arising in the iOS system, for example, iPhone / iPad is disconnected, connect to iTunes as unlock. how to erase iPhone before selling or transferring, black screen on iPhone but it works. it is impossible to install iOS 12 system on iPhone / iPad etc. The “iPhone apps can’t open” error. not the only bug that Tenorshare ReiBoot tackles.