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Which laptop is better than huawei or honor

Honor for economy, Lenovo for work. Choosing the best ultrabook cheaper than 50,000 rubles.

His credo is effective multitasking. What is the ASUS ZenBook Duo ultrabook with two screens capable of??

For example, Lenovo has a Power button on the right side, which is a bit discouraging at first. After all, everyone is accustomed to intuitively pressing somewhere in the area of ​​the Delete key. Honor has the Power button in its usual place. It is also a fingerprint scanner. What, in our opinion, is convenient.

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Honor MagicBook 15. Photo © LIFE / Roman Kildyushkin

In terms of the number of interfaces, Lenovo bypasses Honor due to the presence of a slot for an SD card. But! Honor still wins in this category, because it charges via USB-C, and not via a prehistoric pin like Lenovo. That is, by charging from an Honor laptop, you can charge both the laptop itself and the smartphone. It is very comfortable.

Lenovo, of course, is already Honor. As much as three centimeters. Which in practice are not felt at all. What you lie, what you sit with these laptops. all the same. At the same time, we believe that it will still be more convenient when transporting Lenovo. After all, he will fit into more bags. And it’s more convenient to carry it in your hands.

At this point and in addition to the diagonals, there are enough differences. First off, Lenovo’s screen is glossy, while the Honor’s is matte. On the one hand, the second option diffuses glare better. On the other hand, the picture on glossy screens seems to be sharper. In addition, it seems to us that the device from which makes the transition to the IdeaPad or MagicBook plays a role here.

A moment of subjectivity. The author of the review works on an old iMac in the office, and on an even older MacBook Air at home. Every Apple device has an outdated resolution, but glossy screens. And when switching to Honor, the difference in the protective layer is very striking. In short, in this regard it was more comfortable to work with Lenovo.

Secondly, Lenovo pulls an ace out of its sleeve when comparing screens. This laptop’s hinge allows the screen to flip up to nearly 360 degrees, allowing the laptop to fold back into a house, saving space on the kitchen counter. Which is convenient when, for example, you are having dinner and at the same time want to watch a TV series or YouTube. Versatile, in general.

Thirdly, the C340-14 IWL touch screen. And Lenovo insists that using a laptop as a tablet is convenient. Together with a flexible hinge, you can be so perverted, but not necessary. For one simple reason. Windows. This operating system is poorly suited for touch input. An Android tablet with a keyboard looks more like a laptop than a Windows laptop with a touchscreen. a tablet.

The coronavirus epidemic has driven many office workers home. At the same time, not everyone has a full-fledged desktop or even a laptop there. In general, many in quarantine are thinking about buying the first one or updating an old laptop. However, taking the first gadget that comes across is reckless. For work, you often need not so much an expensive and powerful machine as a convenient and practical machine. Life has just tested two new items from this category: Honor MagicBook 15 and Lenovo IdeaPad C340-14 IWL. We tell you which of these models is best for the job.

First, a little disclaimer. Each model has several versions. How they differ can be seen in the specification table below. Specifically, we have at our disposal the Lenovo models for 59,990 rubles and Honor for 52,990 rubles.

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It is also important to note that the specifications depend on the price. But not form factors. Namely, we wanted to evaluate the form factor in this test. After all, it depends on how the laptop bends, what materials its body and other parts are made of, it depends on whether it is convenient to work with it at home in the kitchen, on the sofa, in an armchair or in bed.

Let’s also pay attention to the fact that the devices have different screen diagonals. And so, in our opinion, it is more interesting to find out which of the models will be more universal. And yes, Honor has a model with exactly the same characteristics, only with a smaller diagonal.

Both models have a discreet. or, if you prefer, austere. exterior. That once again emphasizes their, let’s say, utilitarian purpose. At the same time, each laptop has a small cartoon that emphasizes individuality. Honor has a blue stripe around the perimeter of the top cover, Lenovo has a laconic logo resembling a nameplate of some fashionable clothes.

There are differences in the materials. Honor is clad in metal, Lenovo. in plastic. over, the cover of the latter is also covered with a soft-touch. The material, of course, is pleasant to the touch, but very easily soiled. Especially often you pay attention to this at home, when every now and then you are interrupted by trips to the kitchen for something tasty. On the other hand, when you sometimes put cold Honor on your knees, goose bumps run.

There are no complaints about the controls in both cases. Keyboards have more or less learned to do everything today. The Honor’s touchpad is larger, but only one iota. Let’s not write it down into dignity. Each model has a fingerprint scanner that is fast. Each case has its own characteristics, but they do not affect the overall impression.

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Does the Honor screen have any answer to all this? Well, he’s corny more. Therefore, it is more versatile in the scenario when the laptop is used both as a typewriter and as a multimedia system. That is, watching TV shows in the evenings on Honor is better than on Lenovo. And the even larger diagonal of Honor will surely be appreciated by people who are used to dividing the desktop into two effective zones. Relatively speaking, the left two-thirds is occupied by the browser, and the right one-third is a text editor.

Without leaving the screens, let’s discuss webcams. For they are often located in the same place, at the screens. In an era when all business meetings are held at Zoom, we consider it important to discuss this point. In this confrontation, Lenovo wins. And the question is not even in the quality of the picture (for each model it is not very good), but in the location of the webcam.

The sound of each model is adequate. Both Honor and Lenovo have a miniature stereo system that is enough for TV shows, YouTube and relaxing background music.

Honor MagicBook 15. Photo © LIFE / Roman Kildyushkin

Given that the purpose of this review is to evaluate ergonomics, we will not focus on performance. over, Lenovo already has four combinations of specifications. We got a 4 GB version with Core i5 and Nvidia MX 230 graphics. Honor has one bundle: 8 GB AMD Ryzen 5 Radeon Vega 8. Both machines are comparable in price.

Both Lenovo and Honor were powerful enough for our tasks. Most of these include working with text editors and the browser. In Chrome, as a rule, at least ten tabs are open. That is, you need a lot of RAM.

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You can play on laptops. But, of course, not in the latest hits and not at the maximum graphics settings. However, the Vega 8, judging by the synthetic tests, is slightly more suitable for games than the MX230. At the same time, Intel is colder. What is actually important for long work.

In terms of autonomy, Honor definitely wins. In our use cases, it certainly didn’t last for the stated 12 hours, but a good eight to nine hours was easy. In general, Honor is perhaps the record holder among Windows laptops in terms of autonomy. Lenovo, on the other hand, lives on the strength of five hours instead of the declared seven. Which, however, is still worthy.

What’s the bottom line? The Lenovo laptop, in our opinion, is more ergonomic and more compact. Honor is a great laptop though. And in some places it is definitely better than Lenovo. This primarily concerns charging via USB-C and autonomy. However, if we choose between the two a device just for work, we would prefer Lenovo. Due to the webcam, size and Intel.

At the same time, wanting to save money, we would go for the 14-inch version of Honor, which with the same specifications costs 44,990, not 52,990 rubles. And I would have received two more gifts. a backpack and a wireless mouse.

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Xiaomi Redmi note 7 or Honor 8x?

Now there are a lot of rumors (both positive and negative) about the Redmi Note 7. Therefore, let’s compare it with the Honor 8X to find out: Xiaomi redmi note 7 vs honor 8x: which is better?

  • The year of the phone from Xiaomi is 2019, and the Honor is 2018.
  • The device screens are exactly the same: 6.3 inches.
  • Redmi Processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 MSM8976 Plus, Honor. Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 710.
  • Modifications Redmi: 3,4,6 / 32,64,128 GB, Honor. 6.4 / 128 GB.
  • Honor’s camera is 19.7 megapixels, while its competitor is 48 megapixels.
Redmi note 7 Honor 8X
Width 75 77
Length 159 160
Thickness 8.1 7.8
Colors Blue, red, black Blue, red, black, purple
OS Android 9.0, MIUI 10.2 Android 8.1
Kernels 8 8
Battery 4000 mAh 3 750 mAh

For myself, I would take exactly Redmi, without even thinking about Honor. And a similar opinion will flash below.

Xiaomi Redmi 6a vs Honor 7a

“Pre-retirement” state employees. However, they are still being bought well now, so let’s compare these 2 devices.

Honor 7A was announced and launched in April 2018, and Redmi 6A in June.

Many will now begin to resent the fact that I said that the phones launched a year ago are already old. Yes. it’s true. Technology very quickly becomes outdated and goes away, especially mobile phones.

Let’s continue to disassemble the technical characteristics.

  • Honor has an aluminum case, while its competitor has a metal one.

This is exactly the case when manufacturers have changed processors. On Honor Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430, on Xiaomi. Mediatek Helio A22. It is worth noting that Mediatek processors heat up very quickly, so some users who buy Xiaomi Redmi 6A notice that the device heats up quickly and begin to prove to everyone that Xiaomi is a pathetic Chinese counterfeit iPhone. No it is not.

  • Honor 7A has 2, 3/32 GB versions available, while Xiaomi 6A only 2/16.
  • Pre-installed OS on Xiaomi. Android 8.1, on Honor. Android 8.0
  • Golden
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Pink

Its competitor has the following colors available:

  • The black
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Two devices have 13 MP main cameras, and 8 MP front cameras (for Honor) and 5 MP (for Xiaomi)
  • Radio support is present.
  • Honor has a fingerprint scanner as an additional feature. Xiaomi does not have such functionality.
  • The battery for both devices is non-removable, 3000 mAh, lithium-ion. Enough for 360 hours of waiting. But this is only according to the manufacturer’s statement, it can be safely divided by 2.
  • The price range for the Honor 7A device is from 7,000 rubles to 9,000 rubles. Xiaomi 6A device will cost 6-9 thousand rubles.

What to choose? This is exactly the moment when I would prefer a device from Huawei for myself, since it was it who won in this battle in terms of technical characteristics.


Most Xiaomi devices are available in the following versions:

  • 3 operatives, 32 constants
  • 4 operatives, 64 constants
  • 6 operatives, 64 constants
  • 8 operatives, 128 constants

What does Honor have? He has the same thing. Therefore, the score is the same. Let’s go further.


About 3 years ago, Huawei would have won this battle unconditionally. But what do we see now? Now we see Redmi Note 7 and its Pro version with a 48 megapixel camera! Well, isn’t this a victory, Xiaomi?

The main joke is that the best ones are filmed by the phones of the budget line Xiaomi (“homeless” or average). Although the older ones have advanced cameras, the software is not able to quickly process the information learned from them. So this is a paradox.

Branded OS

Just don’t shout in the comments: “They’re all on Android!” I understand this perfectly, but given the functionality and capabilities of MIUI and EMUI, it’s hard to call it launchers in the traditional sense of the word. over, Huawei generally muddies its own OS on the basis of its EMUI.

However, the ball is in the direction of Xiaomi. Why? Because this company has a more customizable, nice looking and lightweight system than EMUI. Confirmed by numerous tests!

Case design and number of models

Since 2010, the design of phones has gone downhill: it has become almost the same. Now everyone has a brick in their hand (the concept is extensible), and most of these “bricks” are copies of the iPhone design (since the Chinese hold the market)

However, in the past year, the design of the front and rear panels has changed slightly. A monobrow, dual camera, or waterdrop notch appears on the front, and a gradient-colored lid appears on the back. Both competing manufacturers have supported these trends in some of their devices.

However, it is worth noting that Huawei sometimes release the same smartphone under different names and modifications for different countries. For example, a gadget may not have a fingerprint scanner for one country, and be present for another.

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Huawei has its own processor brand, HiSilicon Kirin. They are actively implementing it in their top smartphones (for example, Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro)

However, most of its phones Huawei puts Snapdragon on. Ksyami does the same. In addition to all this, Honor loves to put MediaTek chips in his devices, and this slows down and heats up the device.

Xiaomi has more smartphones running on Qualcomm processors. Therefore, the victory for 2 brand.


KXiaomi conjures over the design of Apple technology: it boldly copies and wants to make it better. However, it turns out as always: the software works crookedly, you can’t find a protective screen, and the quality leaves much to be desired.

Basically, the screens of both brands are IPS LCD matrices.

Both brands came up with monobrows in time, both use a teardrop notch.

Therefore, in this category, both brands are equal and the score remains the same.

How Honor differs from Huawei

Many devices in the smartphone market today are very similar to each other.

It also happens that a pair of identical phones comes out with different names and price tags.

The devices Honor and Huawei are the most surprising in this regard. It’s time to figure out who copied whom. and which smartphone is better to choose.

Okay, but why did they create Honor??

The absence of retail chains in most cases allows you to reduce the price of devices and become a leader in terms of price-quality ratio in the corresponding segment.

In addition, the brand targeted at a young audience. Social media promotion and online sales also contribute to progressive positioning.

In short: Honor is a youth brand with a correspondingly low price tag.

We have already seen something similar at BBK, which produces inexpensive smartphones Oppo, Vivo and “iPhone killer”. OnePlus.

Or Xiaomi with an affordable lineup under the Redmi and Pocofone brand for Europe.

Who is Huawei?

Huawei Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Initially, the brand produced telecommunications equipment, network devices, base stations and hardware. Later, the company began to engage in the development and production of consumer electronics.

Among them are Huawei smartphones, Mediapad tablets, watches and sports bracelets.

Who is Honor?

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, under which smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics are produced.

It turns out that Honor is such a “company-in-a-company” wholly owned by Huawei.

But why then such troubles? There must be a reason why Huawei is disowning and owning Honor at the same time.

Where do Honor smartphones come from

Since 2010, the Huawei Device division begins to release the first line of its own IDEOS smartphones running Android.

A year later, sales of Huawei smartphones increased by 500%, surpassing the 20 million mark. Later, the company became one of the three leaders in smartphone sales, behind only Apple and Samsung.

In 2011, Huawei thought about creating a sub-brand: a separate company that would allow it to capture an even larger market share without creating direct competition.

Honor released the first smartphone in mid-2013.

And in 2014, Honor smartphones began to be sold outside of China: the devices were available in Malaysia and some European countries. Soon they appeared in Russia.

Honor is represented in over 100 countries today.

How Honor and Huawei smartphones are similar and different

Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite

What they are alike: the same software. On devices visually similar Android shells, an equal package of pre-installed software and services.

Difference: logo, design and hardware.

Sometimes devices released at the same time differed in only a couple of technologies or supported communication standards. So, Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C differ in the presence of a fingerprint scanner in the first.

It happened that all the chips were the same, but there was a difference in processor power and memory size. For example, Huawei P8 Lite and Honor 8 Lite. There were also absolutely identical models with different inscriptions on the back cover, like Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X.

Huawei GR5 and Honor 6X

At the same time, more affordable devices with a low price were always sold under the Honor brand, and Huawei devices were positioned as advanced devices with manners for the top segment.

Now the top flagship of Huawei is a technological filling with the latest achievements of the company, and one of the new products of Honor is a player in the middle segment, which mainly captivates with its price.

Huawei GT3 and Honor 5C

Some can upgrade to devices of a higher class, while others can go down to a more affordable line without much loss of the device’s chips.

Maybe it’s time for Apple to launch its own sub-brand to sell affordable iPhone counterparts?