Which laptop is better than ASUS or HP

1 Which laptop is better. Asus and Lenovo?

When purchasing a portable device from buyers, the most common question is the manufacturer’s choice. This situation, as a rule, develops due to different sales indicators, which leads to a change in the rating of a particular brand. Sales consultants often find it difficult to answer the question of which company to choose, since they all have certain flaws, but they also have obvious advantages. The buyer has to independently analyze the market and draw up his own list of preferences. You will have to determine which laptop has the best processor, video adapter, RAM and ROM, as well as consider other functionality. Two models of the same price category may have fundamental differences from each other.

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The modern market has a rather meager selection of companies that produce laptops. One of the leaders on it are the brands Asus and Lenovo. In the laptop market, companies have long established themselves as high-quality and reliable manufacturers. At the same time, comparative analysis can help determine all the positive and negative aspects of a particular model.

On the forums, users often write that Asus devices break down much less often than their Lenovo counterparts. The most common breakdowns are ruptures of the loop between the case and the screen. He is constantly under physical pressure, as a result of which an active user against his will can render him unusable.
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8 Warranty period:

7.3 Housing

The case is also worthy of special attention, as in Acer laptops it is made of a material that is pleasant to the touch. The disadvantage is that traces of mechanical stress quickly appear on it, so they will have to be used as carefully as possible.

Asus uses durable materials in the manufacture of devices, which is why it slightly surpasses its counterpart in terms of endurance in case of mechanical damage. The pristine appearance of the surface of the device will help and careful handling.
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4 Comparison of Lenovo and Asus laptops

Which laptop is better. Asus or Lenovo? When looking for an answer to this important question, it is worth considering the difference between devices and determining what you need to focus on:

The appearance of the device is a purely individual criterion, which in fact is taken into account only by the consumer himself. Some people prefer the matte style of the Lenovo model. Others prefer the glossy finish of the ASUS laptop.

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“ASUS” has a number of differences from “Lenovo”, as the devices of this company are usually produced with a larger diagonal. At the same time, the resolution remains virtually the same, which affects the overall perception of the picture.

If you want to get a better image, you should turn the image to a Lenovo laptop. The 17-inch diagonal makes it possible to fully use the capabilities of the graphics adapter and monitor matrix. The cost of the device in this case will be slightly higher, but you will get significantly better image quality.

There is also a certain difference in the dimensions of the models. ASUS devices are heavier, which makes them not quite suitable for frequent transportation. They take up a lot of space in a backpack or laptop bag.

If we consider the Asus X55A and Lenovo ThinkPad X121e Midnight Black models, they run on approximately the same processor with two cores. By the amount of RAM “ASUS” lags behind “Lenovo” twice.

Lenovo models and Asus laptops have integrated graphics. It is worth highlighting their high quality, which is rarely found in the middle price segment of devices.
The Lenovo brand computer device surpasses all analogues with a similar cost in terms of HDD volume. Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth in laptops are also the same.

The main disadvantage of Lenovo is the lack of an optical drive. The ASUS model has a widget, which is less and less installed in devices lately. Both devices have a webcam and microphone for communication on social networks and instant messengers.

Lenovo ThinkPad has three USB 2.0 ports, one of which has PowerShare support. The list of functionality also includes VGA, HDMI, LAN. The only drawback is the combined audio output, which makes it impossible to connect a microphone separately. The main difference between the Asus model and the Lenovo device is only two USB ports. ASUS device has VGA and HDMI, LAN and separate microphone input and headphone jack.

6-cell lithium-ion batteries stand out among the advantages of companies’ laptops.

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The delivery sets do not have any special differences. These usually include the laptop itself, battery, power adapter and accompanying documentation with a user manual.

Which laptop is better. “ASUS” or “Lenovo”? When comparing Lenovo ThinkPad X121e (3053AE4) Midnight Black and Asus X55A (X55A-SX208D) Black models, we could not find any clear differences. In this case, you should rely on your own preferences. You should decide what the laptop will be used for.

If the screen size is of fundamental importance to you, you should pay attention to the Asus X55A. The situation is similar with the optical drive. If the important criterion when choosing a device is the amount of RAM and ROM, it is better to buy a model from Lenovo ThinkPad.
Which laptop is better. Asus or Acer?

During the compilation of a comparative characteristic of a device, not only technical characteristics play an important role. It is impossible to unambiguously determine a manufacturer that can satisfy all the needs of the user. All companies have their own development and sales tactics. In addition, each price segment has its own distinct characteristics.
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5.1 Acer products have a number of distinctive qualities:

  • Affordable cost of devices;
  • No additional markup for the so-called “brand”;
  • Low and medium level of prestige, giving the buyer a choice;
  • Quite good technical capabilities of the devices.

Thanks to all of the above criteria, the company is very popular all over the world. Devices from Acer are sold in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Europe and Asia.
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External design

Everyone’s taste preferences are different. Both brands produce stylish devices that meet the needs of the modern consumer. Lenovo designs powerful laptops with rounded edges. Their weight is higher in comparison with HP.


Top configurations of HP and Lenovo laptops have the same number of processor cores. In terms of clock speed, the Chinese brand wins. As far as RAM is concerned, there is also a draw between laptops. The user has the opportunity to inexpensively purchase devices with 8 GB RAM, and their cost will be equal to.

HP or Lenovo laptop. which is the best choice? Battle of brands!

All laptops, regardless of the manufacturer, are unique in their own way. They differ in appearance, capabilities, “stuffing”, design. It’s not even a matter of who produces this technique, but how much it suits you personally. The modern market is replete with a variety of devices, which leads the buyer to a stupor. Therefore, using the average characteristics inherent in specific brands, people tend to choose the perfect laptop for their requirements. Today we will consider the products of such popular concerns as Lenovo and HP, and also determine which one to lean more towards when buying.

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Lenovo and HP

Representatives of our review produce computers of decent quality at an average cost.

Comparison of laptops

When choosing a laptop, users evaluate the following criteria:

  • accessories;
  • price;
  • design;
  • build quality.

Operating system

Both run on the world famous Windows operating system. But Lenovo, unlike its opponent, offers a wider range of choices. The user even has the option to install DOS. True, on the recommendation of the OS developer, you should not change it before the expiration date, otherwise the warranty card will no longer be valid.


The main office of the corporation is located in Taiwan. The main purpose is the production of electronics. Today, functional and reliable laptops are supplied to the markets of almost all countries of the world. The catalog contains products for every taste and budget. Since the company is originally from China, some users prefer to stay away from it, but many believe that the concern is trustworthy.

Hewlett-Packard is an American corporation. Develops software and hardware for organizations and individual consumers. The main office is located in California. HP’s history began in 1939 with the development of a smart calculator that can be programmed. The first PC went on sale 54 years after the calculator was released.

Modern HP devices are distinguished by premium quality and practical design. The brand offers a wide range of affordable devices that handle today’s challenges with ease. Choosing HP PCs gives you a functional laptop for work and play. The main advantage in powerful batteries for maximum battery life.