Which laptop is better than acer or asus

Acer Aspire 7 device

This laptop belongs to the category of gaming laptops. But despite this, his ( 700).

The display has a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 19201080 pixels. Intel processor of the fifth version, video card GeForce GTX 1050 with a memory capacity of 2 gigabytes, the amount of RAM. 8 gigabytes, the amount of internal storage. 1 terabyte.

Externally, the laptop looks solid, thanks to the aluminum cover. Although the body itself. plastic. But due to the fact that prints remain on it, over time, the laptop loses its presentability.

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Asus ROG Strix GL503VS Scar Edition

Asus makes many more gaming laptops than Acer. The Asus ROG Strix GL503VS Scar Edition is one of those, it is built on the seventh generation Intel processor and has a 15-inch display.

The laptop comes with a charger, a wired computer mouse and an instruction manual. The power supply is very powerful (20 Volts 12 Amps) due to the high power consumption, since the components of the laptop are quite demanding on power.

There are many configurations for this laptop. It all depends on the video card, the amount of memory (both operative and internal), the processor architecture, resolution and type of display. The top graphics card in Asus Rog Strix laptops is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, considered one of the best on the market.

As for memory, there is a 1 terabyte hard drive, as well as a 256 gigabyte SSD. The speakers are located not above the keyboard, but on the sides of the laptop, they are produced by Realtek. An important plus is the presence of an HD webcam, which is located in the case above the screen, and a built-in battery with a capacity of more than 60 ampere hours.

When choosing an Acer or Asus laptop, you should take into account the fact that the main feature of these laptops is their autonomy. Therefore, it is worth choosing devices with the most capacitive battery.

Features of Acer Aspire 7

This laptop, like any Acer or Asus laptop, has its drawbacks:

  • the manufacturer, who created the Aspire line, did not foresee the fact that these devices are available with both 15-inch and 17-inch displays, and made the classification of models according to a large code that is difficult to remember;
  • the metal surface leaves fingerprints;
  • the colors shown on the screen are different from the real ones;
  • screen illumination is uneven;
  • short battery life.
  • the lid opens 150 degrees;
  • there is a backlight of the keys;
  • bright display;
  • the cooling system works silently;
  • gaming performance is good;
  • price (like a gaming laptop).

Asus laptops are renowned for their popularity in the market. The company also manufactures accessories for these laptop computers. But, despite this, the question: “Which laptop to choose. Asus or Acer?”. it’s still difficult to answer.

Asus vs Acer: Laptop Review and Comparison

Which laptops are better: Asus or Acer? When answering the question posed, a lot of evidence should be given in favor of this or that laptop. And this can be done only by comparing not one laptop for each brand, but several, giving an objective assessment in all parameters.

ASUS FX570UD at a glance

This laptop came out quite recently. in 2017. True, not all of its versions have a Russian keyboard. The characteristics of the laptop are acceptable: a display with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a screen resolution of 38402160 pixels, an Intel processor of the seventh series, a GeForce 1050 video card with a memory capacity of 4 gigabytes. The RAM is DDR4 with a capacity of 16 gigabytes. There are two drives here, as in all modern laptops, namely: a 256 gigabyte SSD and a hard drive. 500 gigabytes, which is very small today.

The display is capable of playing video in 4K, but this is in more top-end configurations. There is also a high-speed Bluetooth module capable of transmitting information at speeds exceeding 400 megabits per second. The package includes a laptop, power supply and instructions. Scanty, but why more?

The keys W, A, S, D highlighted in red confirm that this laptop is. game. The lid opens 130 degrees, so the display can be adjusted to any position of the user’s eyes. Gaming laptop backlit keyboard.

When choosing a portable device for games between Asus or Acer, you should still choose the first option, since it is more focused on the production of these products, cooperates with many companies related to the production of games and computer accessories.

Acer Spin 1

The Acer Spin 1 Convertible Laptop is a leader in display quality, usability, ergonomics and design. The main advantage of this transformer is that in one move the laptop can turn into a touch tablet, which can be controlled either with your finger or with the stylus that comes with the stand.

The low weight and thickness of the laptop is its advantage over other counterparts. When testing the laptop without a charger, it was found that the operating time on one battery was more than 9 hours, which is almost 2 times longer than its counterparts.

There are HDMI inputs and a charging connector located on the left side of the laptop. There is also an adapter for microSD cards.

Advantages of the Acer Spin 1

This laptop has the following advantages:

  • attractive appearance;
  • the ability to work independently of the tablet without a keyboard
  • the presence of a stylus and stand included;
  • excellent passive cooling;
  • battery life.

The disadvantages include only a small amount of memory.

To upgrade this laptop, it is enough to increase the memory capacity to 128 gigabytes, while paying in addition about 7 thousand rubles (155 dollars).

Asus (Taiwan)

The company makes reliable laptops that work for years without breakdowns. Users still have problems, but they do not have pronounced and systematic “diseases”. By purchasing a laptop from this Taiwanese manufacturer, there is a high chance of getting high-quality hardware in a durable case.

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over, both budget models and expensive ones differ in reliability. However, inexpensive solutions are often low-performance and are only suitable for working with office applications. For the same money, you can buy a more powerful device from Lenovo, which is what buyers do.

Lenovo Laptops (China)

Advantage. low A laptop with similar characteristics from other brands will cost 2-3 thousand rubles more on average.

If you want to buy a device from Lenovo, then do not choose a cheap model, as the chance of its breakdown is high. You can safely buy expensive brand gadgets. for the most part, these are high-quality products.

Dell (USA)

One of the largest American (and world) manufacturers of computer technology. The brand’s products are widespread in Russia, are distinguished by their reliability, long service life and indestructibility.

Unlike Acer, Lenovo and even Asus, Dell laptops are well-built, they receive high-quality efficient cooling, thanks to which components work stably under load.

Acer (Taiwan)

In terms of reliability, Acer is higher than Lenovo, although it also produces inexpensive models. Two identical laptops from Lenovo and Acer are roughly the same price, but Acer is more likely to last longer.

Both brands are worth each other. it’s hard to say which one is better. It is appropriate here to compare individual laptop models, but in an average digital repair shop there is an approximately equal number of models from Acer and Lenovo with typical “sores”.


This company is one of the first successful ones in Silicon Valley. The brand’s technique is popular in the USA, Europe, Russia. Unlike the previous two manufacturers, the reliability and build quality of HP laptops is significantly higher, as is their price.

Low-end HP models at the same cost as Lenovo or Acer laptops will receive weaker components. If Lenovo for 20 thousand rubles offers a device on the Intel Core i3 platform (rarely. i5), then the HP gadget for the same money will be equipped with a less productive chipset of the AMD A6 or Intel Celeron U series level. Such a laptop is more likely to be assembled from high-quality materials. it will receive effective and thoughtful cooling, which will allow the hardware to work confidently even under heavy loads. This will increase the lifespan of the gadget.

Choosing an HP laptop, the buyer pays for higher build quality and components, hardware layout and reliability. The only thing is that the service at HP is very lame, communication with customers is at a low level. representatives of the centers do not want to meet customers halfway and in the event of a laptop breakdown they can make a template unsubscribe to the user’s request.

Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus, Dell. who is the best among laptop manufacturers?

If you are thinking of buying a laptop, then you will have to choose between the models of the mentioned brands. Buyers often do not know what is hidden behind the manufacturer’s name and simply choose a gadget with an eye on its hardware. This is logical and partly even correct, but it is also worth taking into account the characteristics of the brand.

Let’s start with the most common manufacturer.

Want a powerful laptop for little money? Then look towards the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, but keep in mind that the likelihood of breakdown will increase. The same applies to Acer. these two brands can be conditionally attributed to the lowest “weight” category. For reliability, contact Asus, Dell or Samsung (South Korea), but be prepared to overpay for quality.

Note that not all Lenovo and Acer products are bad, and not all Dell laptops are reliable. There is always a chance to purchase a powerful and inexpensive device from the Chinese brand “Lenovo”, which will work for 20 years without a single breakdown. At the same time, you can easily stumble upon an expensive Dell or Samsung laptop, whose motherboard will burn out after the end of the warranty period.


When buying, you need to build on not only the brand’s reputation, but also the technical capabilities of acer or ASUS laptop. In terms of hardware, there is practically no competition. the devices of both companies are supplied with the same power supply. One of the few differences lies in the graphics cards. Acer laptops have weaker integrated solutions. For those who fundamentally buy Acer products, it is better to choose an advanced laptop with a good graphics card.

In terms of sound, the difference between the two brands only becomes noticeable when using headphones. Music will be more comfortable to listen to on Asus laptops. With external sound from the speakers, the difference is insignificant.

Body material

Build quality and materials are best viewed on Acer and Asus flagship laptops. High-end models such as the Asus ROG and Acer Aspire VX 15 are crafted from tactile, durable plastic. Asus products require more attention. the device’s durability is inferior to the competitor A few drops and an Asus laptop can easily break down and should be handled more carefully. Acer technology is resistant to shocks and drops from low heights. internal components are well protected by a thick case.

Distinctive features, pros and cons of devices

The touchpad and the integrated video chip are mainly susceptible to breakage. But the Asus devices fully justify their cost. In the budget price segment, you can find models that ideally meet the price-quality criterion. They are often purchased in bulk for office workers and home use.

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As of the end of 2020, the Asus brand is among the top three computer peripherals companies. In addition to laptops, the firm also sells:

  • optical drives;
  • video cards;
  • personal computers;
  • monitors;
  • mice;
  • keyboards;
  • smartphones;
  • tablets.

The main advantages of the brand are:

  • excellent reputation;
  • product reliability;
  • perfect price-quality ratio;
  • performance.

In addition, Asus devices were the first to conquer Mount Everest. The company specially for climbing has assembled a unique model Asus Bamboo, with which climbers climbed the peak of Chomolungmu. The laptop was able to work normally at an altitude of 7000 m, while other devices simply did not function in such conditions.

The main advantages of Acer laptops include:

  • high level of service;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • do not overpay for the brand;
  • good technical capabilities;
  • low cost.

It is thanks to the last point that Acer devices have become so popular all over the world. The brand follows the covenant of the founder, Wall Shi, who was convinced that the technique should be affordable and of high quality.

Notebooks of the Acer line are relatively inexpensive. At the same time, the company installs high-quality monitors with a high-resolution matrix in its devices. It is comfortable to watch movies, TV series, play and surf the Internet on such screens. Audio and video capabilities are in line with cutting edge technology. Acer brand notebooks are constantly improving graphics, picture saturation and sound quality. Budget models handle most everyday tasks. The company practically does not produce gaming laptops. mainly office and family devices are in demand.

Computer equipment of the Asus brand is not inferior in quality, but average-price laptops are sold a little more expensive than those of Acer. This is justified by its excellent characteristics and assembly. Also, Asus models have a unique design that differs from the competitor’s devices with an unusual combination of colors and graceful body shapes. The company’s gaming laptops are equipped with a powerful graphics card and an older generation processor. Asus service is available through an operator by phone. Built-in functions are expanded with a large set of licensed pre-installed programs.

Asus or Acer laptops: who is the leader?

Among the large number of brands that produce computer equipment and peripherals, traditional competition is observed precisely between Acer and Asus. Both manufacturers sell quality equipment, due to which they have a huge following. Therefore, both Acer and Asus are considered leaders in the market. But upon closer inspection, there are several distinguishing features that determine the choice of a laptop.

Which laptop is better to choose: Asus or Acer

When buying a thin and stylish Ultrabook, it is better to give preference to models from Asus. They are ahead of the competition in build and design. A great option in this category is the Asus ZenBook UX330UA, which easily bypasses the Acer SWIFT 7 SF713-51 due to its high power and sophisticated style. There are many such comparisons, and all of them will show that it is impossible to be the best in all manifestations. Therefore, when choosing an Asus or Acer laptop, you must clearly understand for what purpose the device is being purchased.

PegAsus or motherboard release

Asus was founded by managers who quit the flourishing Acer firm to start their own firm. Initially, the guys wanted to advise developing motherboard companies. This idea did not work.

The next step is failure again. The release of its own chipsets did not bear fruit and remained the last tactic that helped the young company enter the world market. It was a motherboard release.

After signing a contract with Intel, motherboards were created for their processors. When the company gained recognition and became popular, the specialization increased. the production of its own computers and laptops.

Now the company produces 2 types of products: “spare parts” for system units, from technical video cards to keyboards. The second products are laptops, computers, optical drives. The company successfully develops low-cost, but high-quality projects.

Which is better. Asus or Acer: types, classification, usability, similarities and differences, pros and cons of laptops

Which is better: Asus or Acer? Which laptop is highly functional and relatively inexpensive? What comparison criteria can be set, do laptops of these brands have a certain classification of the best and what types do they apply to? Which is better: Acer or Asus? If you are looking for a good laptop, but do not know which brand to choose, then this article will help you.!

HP Asus, Acer: which is better? Feature, pros and cons of a laptop from Asus

What functions should you pay attention to in ASUSTeK Computer Inc laptops? How do they differ from the previously presented models and what lines do they have? Find out now!

  • Average cost. Laptops are more expensive than competing firms. The cost is fully justified by the excellent configuration and features.
  • Unique design. Technology from Asus has an unusual style and compact laptop cases. Some gaming laptops feature subtle color combinations and unusual body shapes.
  • Web search and service center. Phone service is acceptable and web searches are often unsuccessful.
  • Convenient sets of preinstalled programs. Some of the gaming features of Asus laptops are provided by a range of firmware.

Asus or Acer, which is better? Laptop, similarities and differences of functions

If you know what you want to see in your laptop, then you often think about comparing its interface. What features are there, what can be improved, and what should you pay attention to? Asus vs Acer who will come out the winner?

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Acer notebooks have the following pros and cons:

  • Inexpensive price. The cost fully justifies all the functions of the products.
  • Asus or Acer? Monitor for computer games. Aser line produces inexpensive but great monitors that can show your entire game in the best possible light.
  • Audio and graphics. In accordance with new technologies in the laptops of this company, the graphics, clarity and brightness of the picture have been improved.
  • Cope with most daily tasks. Initially, laptops of this series were planned as a replacement for family ones. It is difficult to call them especially game or professional, but they easily cope with basic problems.

The main advantages of laptops from this company are similar to other companies. What’s better? Asus, Acer, Lenovo or maybe LG? Let’s figure it out.

Aser notebook. first impression! Characteristics, types and directions

This company was able to enter the world market, which was very difficult for it. Stationary PCs and laptops are produced under the Acer brand. The company specializes in the manufacture of modern tablets, phones, and some household appliances. Two main types of direction. modern gadgets and a small part of basic household appliances.

The popular company takes its history from the small firm Mulitech International. After government support, the Taiwanese team began to actively release the first PCs. It is here that the active phase of its work begins, the first shoots of a progressive brand are born.

Initially, the company specialized in models with high functionality (performance) and relatively inexpensive prices. These were budget computers with average performance.

In 1988 the company was renamed into Acer Group. And it is this year that allows her to enter the world market of household and computer equipment. The company develops not only through quick sales, but also buying up small companies along the way.

Grade classification or main components

Which company should you choose? Decide in advance on the criteria that you need in your laptop. Which is better? Acer, Asus? Find out based on the basic components.

Parameter for evaluationAcerAsus
Video cardGood quality, good graphics. Suitable for not particularly demanding games. The video card usually acts as a separate component. Therefore, the laptop can be large.Large memory capacity, excellent picture quality. For laptops of this brand are characterized by integrated video cards.
Cooling systemWhat’s better? Asus or Acer in this parameter? The second firm is inferior to the competitor. Overheating is quite possible with prolonged use and heavy load on the system.Good job. The device used will not overheat and will provide comfortable and fast work.
HousingThe laptop case is made of plastic. It is susceptible to mechanical stress, scratches and cracks. The case is easy to break.The peculiarity of the case is increased strength. The laptop retains its original appearance for a long time, does not have any special scratches.
DesignQuite unusual, but generally primitive.The design is well done. All functions are taken into account for ease of use and just a beautiful laptop!
BatteryA very bad indicator. After several months or years of use, the battery may be completely disconnected, or work for 20-30 minutes. Continuous recharging will be required, the laptop may not be able to hold the battery at all.Differs in a long service life. The battery holds up well at high temperatures.
GuaranteeMost often. a year.Reaches 2 years.
Price parameterThe price is relatively low, but it justifies all the functions of the laptop.Middle and high price segment. Fully justified.
Frequency of calls to the serviceThe exact data of the parameter is not indicated, but in general, more users contacted the service than from the competitor.Rare calls, but still there.

Which laptop from Acer should you choose? 4 lines of the company. Multifunctional ruler

In total, the company has currently founded 4 lines of laptops, namely:

  • Acer Aspire. One of the most successful lines. Laptops are inexpensive and suitable for family entertainment. The name literally translates as “to strive”. The notebooks have a glossy case and an unusual design. Main advantages: high quality matrices and screen resolution. Notebook numbering is very simple and straightforward.
  • Acer Travelmate. Office laptops “for travel”, although the lightest of them reaches 2 kg. It is divided into 2 models. office and multifunctional. The office model is simpler and has basic features. The second is much more interesting, with a more powerful configuration and a less attractive price. All components, unlike many competing firms and the previous line, are advanced.