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Which Browser Is Best For Windows Laptop

Mozilla FireFox. Sly Fox

The browser has a SIMple, concise, user-friendly interface. Initially, the browser is “bare”, that is, it contains only the most necessary functions, but the program’s toolkit can be infinitely expanded with third-party applications. Extensions and plugins in FireFox are an abyss, and some are unique only for it. Powered by a modified chromium engine.

From the advantages of the Mozilla FireFox browser, I note the following:

  • Affordable, compact interface, convenient bookmark bar
  • High level of security of personal data, including saved passwords
  • Convenient, customizable search bar
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Synchronizing data between FireFox browsers on second devices
  • Support for themes (skins)
  • Working with extensions. Among them are downloads from YouTube and popular social media. Networks, weather and many others
  • Automatic updates
  • RSS support
  • Hardware acceleration at boot
  • Most Featured Firebug Panel for Website Developers
  • Not the best performance
  • NOT a familiar interface

This browser can be very finely tuned for yourself, but it will take time and you need to have a SIMilar experience. This is such a harvester that everyone can supply and, in principle, will be satisfied. In various tests (performance, web technology support, speed, etc.), some browsers were the best, some were the worst, but FireFox is above average almost everywhere.

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge. always at hand

Netizens joke: “Internet Explorer was invented in order to download other browsers.” There are not many advantages of the browser, but they are quite enough for an undemanding person whose main task of going online is to search for information and download various content.

This browser comes by default with any version of Windows and does not need to be downloaded and installed, but I recommend updating it to the latest versions.

What’s good about it:

  • A clear interface, not distracting from the main content
  • The address field is combined with the search string
  • Blocking unsolicited pop-ups
  • Saves battery power on laptops
  • Starts up quickly
  • Less RAM required
  • Java applications (java machines) work well.
  • Slow surfing
  • Intuitive hard to customize
  • Asks too many questions # 128578;

Most people use Internet Explorer only because they have not tried other, better browsers for Windows or cannot install their software, for example, at work. You cannot delete it, because. Too much is tied to it in the system, many programs use its settings to access the network. For laptop and netbook owners, I recommend using Microsoft Edge when running on battery power, because It is recognized as the Most “economical” browser.

Which browser for Windows 7/8/10 is better and why

It’s easy to choose a browser: just download any of the Most Popular and, sooner or later, you will definitely get used to it. But for the learning process and further use to be as comfortable as possible, you must know what to look at and count on. Here is a list of the most famous free browsers for Windows 7/8/10. Downloading them and trying them personally is the best option, but do not be lazy to read the entire text, save time.

Opera is the best choice

Perhaps there is no clearer, more understandable and easy-to-learn browser for a newbie than Opera. Although Opera is now on the chromium engine, it has everything you need to surf without installing additional extensions.

I used to use Opera because of the convenient visual bookmarks (tiles with the most needed sites on an empty tab) and the file download manager. Here it is done very conveniently and clearly. Opera is the best browser for working with many open tabs, and indeed. You can keep several dozen open sites, and this will not especially affect the speed of work.

Particularly useful in today’s realities, built-in VPN with a choice of multiple countries and unlimited traffic. And plus to it there is a “Turbo” function for compressing the transmitted data for a faster Internet. But here you need to experiment. Sometimes, on a slow connection, the opposite effect is obtained. the speed decreases even more.

Someone will find it convenient to control with the mouse. To start using mouse control, press the right button and move the pointer:

  • Left. Move back one page
  • Right. forward one page
  • Down. a new tab opens
  • Up-down. refresh the page
  • Down and Right. Close Tab

An interesting function “My Flow” allows you to organize the exchange of information between your computer and phone. Basically, it is a chat between two browsers on different devices. A very handy feature that is missing in other browsers. Although synchronization works in them, it is not so fast and obvious. And “My Flow” is connected by SIMple scanning of a QR code, after which I can send a link or a picture to the “chat” and immediately receive a message in the browser on my phone.

  • A functional and easy-to-learn browser
  • All popular search engines are integrated into the search bar: Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia and others (selected in the settings)
  • Built-in ad blocker and unsolicited pop-ups
  • Extending browser capabilities with numerous add-ons
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Controlling the program using mouse movements
  • Convenient download manager
  • Built-in VPN
  • Acceleration mode (compression, “turbo”)
  • Handles many open tabs well
  • Battery saving mode
  • Built-in messengers WhatsApp, Messenger,
  • Fewer extensions than Google Chrome

Tor Browser Bundle. anonymity for free!

If you need to maintain complete privacy on the network, then there is no better solution than the Tor Browser Bundle. This portable program helps you visit sites that are blocked in your country and guarantees complete anonymity. True, the download speed leaves much to be desired, so TOR remains just a good auxiliary anonymous browser.

What makes it stand out:

  • Provides complete anonymity on the network through traffic encryption (hides everything: from equipment configuration to physical location and IP address)
  • TOR is powered by Mozilla FireFox and is just as easy to use
  • It is a portable version (you can run the program, for example, from a flash drive)

Cons: very low data transfer rate due to the use of intermediate links (servers and home computers)

Yandex.Browser. Use domestic # 128578;

If you need to download a browser with the highest degree of reliability, you must Pay attention to Yandex.Browser. The browser integrates with Yandex services: mail, online translator, cloud storage, maps, search, and has the second great features.

  • High level of security and safety of personal data thanks to SafeBrowsing technology and built-in protection against viruses by Kaspersky Lab
  • Easy to learn interface, somewhat SIMilar to Google Chrome
  • Turbo mode allows you to save traffic and speed up slow Internet connections
  • Built-in voice assistant “Alice”
  • Most energy efficient
  • Most visited sites widgets on new tabs
  • Convenient view of PDF files
  • Transferring settings from any other browsers
  • Synchronizing browser data with your other PCs

It is worth highlighting the energy efficiency technology, which turns on when the laptop is powered by battery. This SIMplifies the visuals and resource consumption. For old single-core computers with 2GB of memory or less, the SIMplified mode is enabled, in which sites open 15-30% faster.

Yandex is actively promoting its offspring, and I have nothing against it. For a newbie on the Internet, this is a suitable option for greater security. You never know where he will call.

K-Meleon is the fastest browser for older computers

Recently I discovered the “chameleon” browser, it really flies! The browser runs on its own engine and sites open with lightning speed. Initially, it was intended for old and slow computers, because site pages consume resources quite seriously. But it can be used even on modern inexpensive computers and laptops, notice the difference, I guarantee. The interface is normal, but it will take a little getting used to, it reminded me of the Opera before 2013.

  • High speed and compatibility with most web technologies
  • Quick access to the functions of enabling / disabling Cookies, Javascript, Java, pop-ups and pictures, clearing the cache
  • Many fine settings
  • The interface was invented by techies
  • Russian language must be installed separately
  • Some serious sites may not work correctly
  • Can’t install add-ons

Google Chrome. the forefront of web technologies

Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, installed on almost every computer. At first, Chrome gained popularity for its speed and flexibility in settings, including by installing browser extensions. Now It is not the fastest browser, but the most functional with support for all innovations in web technologies. A truly huge library of add-ons allows you to get any functionality.

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Chrome has under the hood the Chromium engine, which has become the standard for modern browsers. Most of the popular browsers use the Chromium engine. The engine is responsible for rendering the code of pages and scripts. To the visible page on the monitor screen.

  • All kinds of extensions that can replace standard programs
  • Crash control allows you to keep the browser working even during an error in one of the open windows
  • User warning about visiting malicious sites
  • Import settings from any browser
  • Multilingual interface
  • Automatic updates
  • There is a developer toolbar
  • Synchronization of settings, extensions and bookmarks with your Google account
  • The built-in task manager allows you to estimate which of the tabs consumes a lot of processor and memory resources
  • Not very convenient bookmarks, comments of built-in visual bookmarks, but there are alternative extensions
  • Works poorly with many open tabs, while eating a lot of memory, but frees it up the fastest after closing them

Google Chrome is considered the best browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8/10 today. But to each his own. For example, I DO NOT like the uninformative download manager and the slow work when opening many tabs. True, there is an extension The Great Suspender, which, after a specified time, frees memory from unused tabs. But chrome does not close them, and to see these pages again, you just need to update them.

Chrome is the fastest to launch on Windows 7, but in the eight and ten things are bad with this. the load time increases up to two times!

There are also less popular browsers. For example, Comodo Dragon, Safari for Windows (no longer supported by the developer), Maxthon and others. However, for a novice user, it is better to start with more common software, and explore Lesser-known browsers in their free time.

Output. To understand which browser is really best for you, you just need to download several browsers and evaluate the level of their convenience. Only through your experience will you understand everything.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the widely recognized leader among the programs that are used to browse the web. There are undoubtedly many advantages of this browser. Convenience of the interface and high performance are not all of them. Currently, the developers are offering the installation of Mozilla Firefox 16 which works well in the eight.

A huge number of add-ons and extensions are offered to the browser. They cover a huge number of functions that greatly increase the capabilities of the program. Flash animation can be viewed directly in the browser, which is quite convenient.

Google chrome

Let’s start with one of the most popular Internet browsers. Google Chrome. When launched in Windows 8, in fact, this browser does not differ much in performance than in previous versions. Therefore, if he previously suited you more than other programs, then you may well leave him.

What is the main advantage of Google Chrome? It is believed that this Internet browser opens and loads pages on the network faster than the second. Therefore, it is used by someone for whom download speed is extremely important. Another important plus is that Adobe Flash Player is integrated into the browser. Therefore, you can safely browse in it. Animation and various flash elements. It should be noted that if you are using a different browser, then this plugin will need to be installed separately.

Google Chrome has a minimum of built-in widgets and plugins. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. This makes it an excellent choice for those users who are interested in SIMply browsing the web. The disadvantages of the Internet browser include the fact that each open tab in the browser is a separately launched process. A lot of RAM is spent on it, because of which the work of the computer can be slowed down.

It should be mentioned that Google on its developer channel has already presented a new version of the browser, designed specifically for Windows 8. over, the interface of the Internet browser is SIMilar to the operating system itself. The features that the developers have endowed with the new web browser are SIMilar to the themes that are available in Chrome OS. Whether this browser will gain popularity and how convenient it will be, time will tell.

Which browser is best for Windows 8

Owners of computers with Internet access cannot do without installing a browser, a special program that allows you to browse the web. Windows 8 has its own characteristics. Consequently, even if you are used to some kind of Internet browser, it may NOT be so convenient in the new version of the operating system. Let’s see what the developers offer, and which browser is more suitable for use in the eight.


Another popular Opera browser. The program owes its fame to its user-friendly interface and great functionality. With this browser, you can filter web pages, which often makes the user experience easier. And you can also block ads in Opera, which is certainly convenient.

For Windows 8, it is recommended to install an updated version of the Internet browser in order to use it to the maximum. Opera has a large number of free plugins and widgets. The browser itself is distributed free of charge, so you can install it at any time, for which you just need to download it from the developers website. Many users find the sidebar of the program convenient. It provides quick access to bookmarks and history, as well as many other functions. This browser has one of the highest levels of user data protection, which is its main advantage.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a built-in browser that Microsoft integrates into the system. The eight uses version 10 and 11 of the Internet browser, which has its own characteristics. To begin with, it should be noted that the browser has two display modes. By default, the program will open in full screen mode. In other words, the browser will be located on the entire screen, completely immersing the user in the world of the Internet. The second mode is the desktop version, which is familiar to everyone from previous versions of the application.

The developers have taken care to increase browser performance, which will affect the speed of loading pages. In principle, they succeeded. Now windows open much faster, which is a definite plus. In addition, Internet Explorer 11 and 10 versions are designed to be used on a touch screen, just like the operating system itself. Therefore, the use of this browser in Windows 8 can be considered quite reasonable and convenient.

Browser comparison

Each of the listed internet browsers has its own pros and cons. They influence which browser the user chooses to install in Windows 8. Let’s look at a few of the options.
So, if you compare the programs for ease of use and the convenience of the interface, then you will not be able to single out any of them separately. Almost all browsers are SIMilar to each other, the developers tried to adhere to the principle of a comfortable work for users. When it comes to plugins and extensions, Firefox and Chrome will be the undisputed leaders. Both browsers can support a huge number of extensions that increase their functionality.

Confidentiality and security are important parameters. All of these browsers have excellent characteristics in this direction. The developers have provided for the presence of initial functions, including blocking pop-up windows, protection against phishing, etc. And it is also possible to put a password on the Internet browser. It is rather difficult to say unequivocally which browser is right for Windows 8. All browsers are good enough, and the developers are constantly working on updating them to improve the work of the programs. Therefore, choose depending on your own preferences, goals, with which you will use Internet browsers and, accordingly, their functionality.

Which browser is the best for the Windows 10 operating system?

For the new Windows 10 operating system, the developers have released their own Microsoft Edge browser. However, is he really the best as he is praised? What advantages does it have in comparison with such popular programs as Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Waterfox, Yandex.Browser and which one to install on your operating system.

IMPORTANT! Browsers are tested on the 32-bit version of Windows 10 Pro. PC technical specifications: Intel Core I5 ​​processor with a core clock speed of 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 mobile card. results from below.

Google Chrome browser and its features in Windows 10

The Google Chrome browser is considered the most popular. During his testing on Windows 10, he showed the best results in the test of RAM consumption and working with HTML standards.

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Its advantages are as follows:

  • High speed of work;
  • Safety;
  • Stability;
  • Availability of various modes;
  • Support for many extensions.

The disadvantages of the browser are as follows:

  • Inconvenient visual tabs
  • Use of American servers for storing information.

Waterfox and Windows 10

The Waterfox browser lost the battle in all testing categories. However, on powerful computers, it shows good performance results and by HTML5 standards it has average results.

Key features of this browser:

  • Compatible with Windows 10 add-ons,
  • Has a good level of protection;
  • There is a function of transferring data via SMS or call.

Microsoft Edge browser and its benefits

Testing browsers should start with the Windows 10 native Microsoft Edge browser. This is the newest browser since it was released in early 2015.

The key features of this browser are:

  • Integration into the Windows 10 operating system (this browser is not available in the Enterprise and Academic versions).
  • Adding notes to saved pages.
  • Three reading modes: privacy, reading, editing.

This browser is useful for students and users who often work with web materials. However, this browser is not devoid of disadvantages, namely:

  • Plasma some extensions;
  • But not all pages are loaded. The browser is incomplete;
  • All functions of sending the page via e-mail;
  • Does NOT scale individual pages. The scale is set the same for all. As a result, browsing the site may become more difficult.

This browser (and all included in the test) was tested for the following indicators:

  • Page load speed (Browsermark 2.1)
  • RAM consumption (Task Manager)
  • Program Load (WebXPRT)
  • HTML Standards (HTML5Test)
  • Working with web applications (JetStream).

To test the page loading speed, the Browsermark 2.1 utility was taken. It shows how quickly the browser loads pages and responds to requests. The higher the test score, the better. In this test, Microsoft Edge scored 3282, losing out to the Opera browser, which gave the best result.

To determine how much RAM a browser consumes, the same pages were opened in each browser in turn. The following results were recorded in the task manager:

Microsoft Edge has lost the battle.

The WebXPRT benchmark is used primarily to test graphics. In this case, we will check how Microsoft Edge will upload pictures, photos, animations, and perform data encryption. The higher the result, the better the browser performed.

Mozilla performed better in this test.

HTML5Test was used to test browsers for HTML standards support. Various pages were loaded and the speed of reading information and the correctness of its display was tested. The higher the score, the better.

Google Chrome browser performs better in this test.

To test the work with web applications, we used online games, as well as popular applications. The results are as follows:

In this case, Microsoft Edge performed well.

Mozilla Browser

With a SIMple and intuitive interface, flexible settings, Mozilla FireFox browser is the second most popular browser in Europe. In Windows 10, he showed good results in graphics testing.

The key benefits of this surfing software are as follows:

  • Support for most plugins and add-ons;
  • High level of protection, there is a master password function;
  • Suitable for many Windows 10 devices,
  • Updating occurs in the background and does not require additional downloads;
  • There is a privacy mode;
  • There is a function of sending SMS and documents.

Disadvantage: Consume a lot of RAM.

Opera for Windows 10

The Opera browser is considered to be a long-liver, and in performance testing it showed its best side, taking first place. It is recommended to use it on those PCs or laptops that are connected to an unstable Internet channel. Opera in this situation behaves more stably.

The key advantages of this browser are:

  • Synchronization mechanism;
  • Acceleration of the browser due to cloud technologies and Turbo mode;
  • The ability to send SMS, photos, documents through the OperaUnite server;
  • Hotkeys.

Main disadvantage: high RAM consumption.

Yandex Browser in Windows 10

Despite the fact that in all tests Yandex Browser did not take a leading position, in the ranking of the most popular programs it takes 5th place.

Among the advantages of the software, it is worth highlighting:

  • Integrated applications: mail, weather, cloud storage;
  • High level of security. The browser checks all opened sites for malware;
  • Supports many extensions;
  • There is a Turbo mode for traffic control.

Suitable for active users of Yandex products.

The best browsers for Windows 10: what are they?


Considering the question of which browser to choose for Windows 10, you can go the non-standard way and install the Vivaldi web browser. By creating the program, the developers tried to return the old Opera before making any changes to it. Interestingly, Vivaldi also works for chromium, but in appearance and features it is very SIMilar to the old versions of Opera. Actually, this is what attracts many Internet lovers.

  • Solid selection of resolutions;
  • Maintaining the conveniences of the previous version of the Opera;
  • Availability for Windows 10,
  • Grouping of tabs;
  • Ability to work with several windows at the same time;
  • Support for gesture control.
  • Lack of individuality;
  • Not very user-friendly interface.

Mozilla Firefox

When considering which browser is best for Windows 10, we must not forget about Mozilla Firefox. Unlike a number of other web browsers, it has its own engine, not inferior to Google’s variant. Many people say about this browser that it is created for developers and is as easy to use as possible. But in practice, not everyone chooses it. The main difficulty, oddly enough, is open source and a huge set of add-ons.

  • Quickly add AdBlock or NoScript if required;
  • The ability to customize the explorer to suit your needs;
  • High degree of security;
  • Useful option Password Master.
  • Relatively slow performance compared to other browsers for Windows 10,
  • Complex interface;
  • Periodic difficulties with add-ons and content.

Baidu browser

If we consider all free browsers for Windows 10, Baidu Browser should be included in the list. This is another web explorer created on the basis of chromium, which in many respects repeats the functionality of Google Chrome. Differs in several useful options. integration with. original appearance and a large selection of skins.

  • Gesture control;
  • Thoughtful design;
  • Integration with ;
  • Different design options.
  • Essentially another Windows 10 64 bit browser based on Chromium;
  • Own search engine;
  • Greater focus on residents from China.
  • Availability of extensions for the chromium engine;
  • Convenient anti-burglary tools;
  • SIMple interface.
  • The damaged reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Duplication of existing options in other web browsers.

Google Chrome

If you want the best browser for Windows 10, install Google Chrome. It is a time-tested conductor with a user-friendly interface, high connection speed and a relatively low load on the system. For convenience, the developers have combined the search term and URL input to save work. It has incognito mode, voice input, translator and other options. Android and iOS version available.

  • SIMple and straightforward design;
  • Built-in password manager;
  • Constant updating of extensions;
  • High level of security.
  • Large load of RAM, which is very bad for weak PCs;
  • Refusal from Flash player;
  • Absence in some extensions of the Russian language.

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Browsers for Windows 10 are conductors between the user’s computer and sites on the Internet. They are subject to stringent user friendliness, security and confidentiality requirements. In the variety of options, it is often difficult to figure out what to give preference to. Below is an overview of the best browsers for Windows 10, with a quick look at their features and benefits. At the end, let’s talk about the criteria for choosing a program.


Opera is another originally “original” browser with its own engine, which eventually switched to Chromium. Accordingly, in it we will see all the same functions as in other browsers based on it, plus some additional.

Some interesting additional features of the Opera browser for Windows:

  • Built-in VPN, Turbo mode (first appeared in this browser)
  • Built-in capabilities for using instant messengers (VK, Telegram, WhatsApp) and Instagram.
  • In the version of Opera for mobile devices, there is not only this, but, for example, a built-in wallet for cryptocurrency.

You can download the Opera browser in Russian from the developer’s official website.

Mozilla Firefox

On the one hand, I put Google Chrome in first place, on the other, I give myself a report that the Mozilla Firefox browser is not at all worse in most parameters, and in some it surpasses the above product. So it’s hard to say which browser is better. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s just that the latter is a little less popular with us and I personally DO NOT use it, but objectively THESE two browsers can be safely attributed to the best.

over, Mozilla Firefox has its advantages. it is considered more secure and “respects” personal data to a greater extent, Firefox performance in most tests is slightly inferior to the previous browser, but this “insignificantly” is unlikely to be noticeable to the user. However, in some cases, for example, in WebGL tests, asm.Js, Mozilla Firefox wins almost one and a half to two times.

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In terms of development, it does not lag behind Chrome, and there are even more opportunities for expanding functionality. However, functions are NOT copied from Chrome, as is the case in many other browsers.

Mozilla Firefox advantages:

  • Support for almost all the latest Internet standards.
  • Independence from companies, actively collecting user data (Google, Yandex), this is an open non-profit project.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Excellent performance and good safety.
  • Powerful developer tools.
  • Synchronization functions between devices.
  • Custom interface solutions (e.g. tab groups, pinned tabs borrowed from other browsers, first appeared in Firefox).
  • An excellent set of add-ons and options for customizing the browser for the user.

You can download Mozilla Firefox in the latest stable version for free on the Official download page

Brave Browser

Another interesting feature of the Brave browser is incognito mode via Tor. When using this mode, sites do not open directly, but through servers in the Tor network, thereby hiding the origin of requests to sites.

You can download the Brave browser from the official website If you cannot find how to turn on the Russian language in the Brave browser for PC, the path is as follows: go to the settings, in the search for the settings, enter Language, in the found item we add the Russian language, put it in the first place and use the menu button on the right Set as language Brave interface, then restarts the browser.

Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The original version of the Microsoft Edge browser that came with Windows 10 was released on its own engine, and many users perceived the new browser favorably: the number of users was constantly growing.

In 2020, Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Edge already based on Chromium, and this version will be the main one in the future, replacing the old browser version in Windows 10. The same version is available for installation in other versions of the system, in contrast to the original version.

There are not too many reviews of the new browser yet, but mostly positive. A separate review and how to download this browser in the article Chromium-based Edge Browser.

The best browser for Windows 10 8.1 and Windows 7

This article on the best browser for Windows 10 8.1 or Windows 7 will start with the following: at the moment, there are only 4 really different browsers. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (in the old version) and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. You can add to the list Apple Safari, but today its development for Windows has stopped, and in the current review we are talking about this particular OS. Almost all other popular browsers are based on the developments of Google (open source Chromium, the main contribution to which is made by this company). And this is Opera, Yandex Browser, the new Microsoft Edge and the lesser-known Vivaldi, Brave and some other browsers. However, this is not to say that they DO NOT deserve attention: despite the fact that these browsers are based on Chromium, each of them offers something that is not in Google Chrome or others.

Before we start, a little about the question itself: Which browser is the best for Windows? There is no objective and only correct answer here. all of the listed on the one hand are very SIMilar, on the other. they have both advantages and disadvantages. over, what will be a disadvantage for one user may be an advantage for another. Features that have become standard, such as synchronization between different devices in one account, support for extensions or a dark theme, are present in all popular browsers today.

  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Yandex browser
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi
  • Tor Browser
  • Other browsers
Which Browser Is Best For Windows Laptop


Vivaldi’s browser is called by some as a browser for geeks, it is also referred to as a browser, which is the best replacement for the old Opera.

Within the framework of this article, it will NOT be possible to describe all the functions and capabilities of Vivaldi, it can only be noted that there are probably more of them in it than in all the other products mentioned above, among them:

  • Blocking website tracking and advertising
  • Built-in functions for working with notes
  • Convenient interface settings, for example, the location of tabs and bookmarks
  • Customize shortcut control
  • Functions for creating screenshots of entire websites (with scrolling).
  • Customizing the appearance of sites
  • SIMultaneous display of multiple tabs in one browser window

This is not a complete list. Vivaldi can be recommended to those who want to try something customizable and different from the usual browsers. The official website of the Vivaldi browser in Russian.

Tor Browser

If you need maximum security and anonymity, as well as access to Onion sites and not only to them, your choice is Tor Browser.

Unfortunately, because of the technologies used in the Tor browser to ensure privacy, the speed of opening sites is much slower than in other browsers, and then it is more suitable as an additional browser for specific tasks, rather than as a main one. Tor Browser official download page.

Google chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser in most other countries and it is not unreasonable: it offers the fastest operating speed (with some reservations, in which. in the last section of the review) with modern types of content, thoughtful functionality and interface (which are copied with some modifications in most other browsers), and is also one of the safest Internet browsers for the end user.

That’s not all: in fact, Google Chrome today is more than just a browser: it is also a platform for running web applications, including offline mode, additional features, such as Chrome Remote Desktop, and for me personally, the best the browser is just Chrome, although this is subjective.

Separately, I note that for those users who use Google services are owners of Android devices, this browser is often the main choice, being a kind of continuation of the user experience with its synchronization within the account, support for offline work, launching Google applications on the desktop, notification and functions familiar from Android devices.

Among the advantages of Google Chrome:

  • Wide range of extensions and apps in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Support for themes (almost all browsers on Chromium have this).
  • Excellent development tools in the browser (in some ways you can only see better in Firefox).
  • Convenient bookmark manager.
  • High performance.
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux. Macos, iOS and Android).
  • Support for multiple users with profiles for each user.
  • Incognito mode to exclude Tracking and saving information in your Internet activity on the computer (in other browsers the function was implemented later).
  • Block pop-ups and download malicious apps.
  • Built-in Flash player and PDF viewer.
  • Rapid development and introduction of new functions, which in many ways sets the pace for second browsers.

In the comments in the Google Chrome browser, you often come across the mention of the following main drawbacks of the browser: it slows down and uses personal data. On this topic, I can note the following:

  • “Slows down” is most often caused by dozens of extensions, and the same number of open tabs. Compared to other Chromium-based browsers under the same conditions, the difference in performance is usually imperceptible. There is a separate instruction on this topic. What to do if Google Chrome slows down.
  • In terms of Tracking personal data and its use, this is how almost all browsers behave, and if not, then the sites you visit. over, if you have an Android phone and at the same time on Windows you abandon Chrome for this very reason, this is not entirely logical. Of course, you can use blocking scripts and cookies, VPN and Tor, but this is not always convenient and justified.

You can always download the latest version of Google Chrome in Russian from the official website

Yandex browser

For some reason unknown to me, Yandex.Browser is usually easier for beginners to understand: they understand it easier and faster than with other SIMilar products.

Among the shortcomings are usually the same that were mentioned for Google Chrome, often quite reasonable, as well as the fact that this browser is often installed “bundled” with other programs. Personally, I have a positive attitude towards Yandex.Browser, with the exception of one point: during installation, for some reason, it first imports passwords and bookmarks from other browsers, and only then asks: “okay?” In second browsers, the order is usually reversed.

You can always download the latest version of Yandex.Browser for free from the official website