Where is the shift button on the laptop

Where is the Shift key on the keyboard

On almost all modern input devices, such as:

  • Personal Computer;
  • Notebook;
  • Netbook;
  • The tablet.

The shift is located in two places, in the left and lower right corner of the keyboard. The only exceptions are specialized input devices for specific tasks, on such devices there may be no “Shift” at all.

The left shift is located between “Caps Lock” and “Ctrl”. And the right one is between “Enter” and “Ctrl” near the control arrows. Both keys are in the second row, if counted from the person.

On laptop keyboards, the inscription “Shift” is usually not written, but only a large hollow arrow pointing upward is dispensed with. It is by her that you can identify this button on laptops or their younger brothers, netbooks.

IMPORTANT. If you did not find the familiar button with the Shift inscription, then you need to look for it by its graphic designation: a hollow arrow pointing up. This is usually due to the small dimensions of the input device, which does not allow to place a full-fledged key.

What does Shift mean on the keyboard

She got this name because of the way she worked, she physically shifted the carriage, which made it possible to hit the paper not in capital letters, but in capital letters. Literally “Shift” means “shift”, hence the designation of this key, which is so incomprehensible today.

But it is also worth mentioning that it took root precisely because of the great popularity of Remington typewriters. This is the first commercially successful model to be mass-produced for the general public. And, perhaps, if a machine with a different mechanism won the market, then even now such a familiar “Shift” would have a completely different name.

Shift on keyboard

Contrary to popular belief, for the first time Shift appeared not on computer keyboards, but also on typewriters, back in 1878. Then Christopher Scholes and Carlos Glidden developed and released their second typewriter “Remington 2”, its innovation was the ability to put capital letters. This mechanism was implemented by pressing the already known and familiar shift.

Why is Shift on the laptop keyboard in this particular place?

To fully understand the reason for finding the shift in these places, it is necessary to delve into history again. It all started with Remington typewriters. This button was there because of the design features of the mechanism. It was easier and more reliable to place it on the side to make it easier to move the carriage to activate the capital letters on the typewriter.

But at the beginning of development, only one shift button was added. But in the process of testing it became clear that it is very inconvenient to combine some letters and shift. This happened due to the fact that the hand was already busy pressing the button with the letter, and to press the shift key, it was necessary to tear off the hand and interrupt the typing of the text, which significantly reduced the typing speed. And it was decided to add another shift on the other side.

Then everything went along the path of optimization, and, moving on to laptops, it became clear that the usual keyboard would be too large. The buttons were slightly reduced, the shift was removed, and the shift found its usual place.

Why does the Delete button on a laptop not work??

The Delete button does not delete What should I do? Solve the problem consistently, because the keys don’t just turn off.

  • Launching antivirus software. Malicious software can block standard keyboard functions.
  • Removing the latest installed programs and utilities from your computer. They may have caused the crash and caused the problem.
  • SharpKeys remapping program. It will need to be installed and run as Administrator. If there is something in the list, this “something” needs to be removed.
  • A vacuum cleaner. The keyboard must be carefully vacuumed, dust and debris removed from under the keys.

None of the options helped? There is only one way. to the service.

Where is the Delete button and other responses

The Delete button is perhaps the most intuitive for users. It is easily translated from English and does exactly what it means: “crosses out”, “deletes”, “destroys”. That is why the Delete button is actively used by everyone in their work.!

Where and how the Delete button on a laptop is located and looks like, there are almost no questions.

Where to find the delete button on the keyboard

Depending on the manufacturer of the Windows keyboard, the delete key looks like this:

  • Delete;
  • Del;
  • Wide arrow with a cross.

Finding her is easy. It is located in the group of service keys between blocks with numbers and letters. Or located in the upper right corner of the laptop keyboard.

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By the way, there are two Del keys on a full-fledged computer keyboard. the second is located on the “.” digital block. Its activation is a separate task! For this Delete to work, you need to disable the “Num Lock” button. Then it will work.

It is more difficult to understand the removal on the keyboard under the Mac OS. Here either this key is not visible, or its function differs from the usual one. So where is the Delete button on a Mac?

  • Happening. There is a Delete button, but it erases the character not behind the cursor, but in front of it. It’s not a mistake! In the Apple version, the Delete key acts as the Backspace key: deletes characters in front of the cursor. To achieve the usual work, you need to press the combination “Fn” “Delete”.
  • Happening. There is no Delete button. Absolutely. Then we find the key that says “Backspace” or the “Left Arrow” is drawn in the upper right part of the keyboard, and use it in combination with Fn. “Fn” “Delete”.

It’s simple. You just need to practice a little and adapt. Now let’s see how functional Del is, and where it can come in handy.!

Delete text keys

Let’s take a look at 2 more keys that we did not consider, but which are the most used. the delete keys.

How else can you delete something unnecessary?

  • Backspace. deletes what is in front of the cursor;
  • CtrlZ / I. a keyboard shortcut for undoing recent actions, in particular for deleting the input made.
  • CtrlX / H. works on selected areas, cutting, that is, deleting, all marked data.
  • A semicircular arrow on the top menu bar in many programs. undo the last action or several actions and, accordingly, delete the work already done.
  • Dragging objects with the mouse to the desktop basket.

But Delete doesn’t always help. Sometimes it stops working. What to do in this case and how to reanimate the assistant?

Key (s) on laptop keyboard, PC do not work [Solution options]

If there are no problems with a regular keyboard for a PC. it broke down, I bought a new one, but with laptops it is not so simple:

  • firstly, in some cases it is quite difficult to find it;
  • secondly, it is not easy to change it yourself (sometimes you need to disassemble the entire device);
  • thirdly, the inoperability of some keys is not always associated with a malfunction (but on this many users burn themselves)!
  • fourthly, the laptop keyboard often “bites” at the price (it costs much more).

Actually, in this article I want to give some not entirely obvious reasons why the keys may stop working. In addition, it is not always worthwhile to immediately run for a new keyboard. you must admit that if 1-2 keys do not work for you (which are not so often used), then it is quite possible to do without them.?

In general, in this article I will give different options for reasons, solutions, and what you can generally do if you encounter this problem.

How the word will change after clicking the Delete button

While dealing with the location of the keys, we have already touched on the topic: what is it for, and what does the Delete button on the keyboard mean. Deletion, deletion.

  • symbols in documents, reports;
  • Desktop folders and files
  • letters from an e-mail box;
  • any objects selected by users.

over, in documents, “Divide” erases what is located after the cursor. A letter, a number, a picture, an extra space. it doesn’t matter. Anything after the cursor will be deleted.

What to do if the Delete button does not work in AutoCAD

If AutoCAD does not delete with the Delete button, it’s bad! After all, “Divide”. in addition to directly deleting. is also entrusted with the function of canceling the last performed operation, which is important for any editing. And it’s also bad that with the removal, some other AutoCAD capabilities probably stopped working

The problem is fixed by enabling the preselection mode.

  • Type in the command line the word “Options” or “Settings” and open the corresponding window.
  • Find the “Selection” tab, then the “Selection modes” section and tick the “Preselection” item.
  • Click the “Apply” button.

After these simple things, the necessary functionality should be restored.

shift, button, laptop

The Delete button is a very convenient key to use. Always at hand. Performs clear and simple actions. Almost never breaks or glitches. Miracle, not function!

Windows 10

In this operating system, the special screen has been canceled, and the “Start” button brings up a more familiar, but redesigned menu. The tool includes a redesigned Metro-style interface. The menu is divided into parts: the classic left and right, which includes live tiles. They can be turned off, resized, moved. At the top left is the name of the active account, by clicking on it, you can lock the computer, change the user and exit the operating system. The user’s avatar is also visible. To the right there is a familiar power button, which includes three items. restart, shutdown, sleep.

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Working with windows

It is quite convenient to use Win to manage active windows:

  • Up arrow. stretches the current window to full screen;
  • Down arrow. decreases the size of the window, pressing it again minimizes it;
  • VinShiftstroke. transfers the window to another connected screen located in the specified direction;
  • VinM. minimize all active applications;
  • VinH. full screen mode;

Find out what the Win button on your keyboard is for

In most cases, the user simply avoids contacting the Win soft key. And it’s not about the lack of a popularization factor or the uncomfortable location of the button. Most likely, reluctance to use the functional potential of the key. a common oversight of users, since its use is not mandatory when typing and in no way affects the full operation of the computer. However, the Win button on the keyboard still deserves special attention. After reading this informative overview, you will definitely become a fan of this key. Do you want to make sure?

What is the use of Shift key in Computer Science? | English Subtitles | Lunar Computer College

Where is the Win button on the keyboard, and what is this key for a laptop, computer

In this material, we will consider where the Win button on the keyboard is located, what kind of key it is on a laptop, computer, in combination with which buttons it is used, how to disable / enable it. The Win key contains the Windows logo, when pressed in the seven and earlier versions, the Start menu opens, in the eight, the start screen starts. The same function is performed by the Ctrl Esc key combination, in case there is no Win button.

On the keyboard of a stationary PC, the Win key is located in two places in the bottom row, but there are exceptions. Win on the left is between the Ctrl and Alt buttons, and Win on the right between Alt and the menu button.

In laptops, priority, there is only the left Win. It is often located between Fn and Alt.

In addition to bringing up the Start menu, the Win keyboard button is used in combination with other keys to quickly launch elements of Windows 7, 8. For example, pressing Win R on the keyboard will launch the Run command in Windows 7, 8, and pressing Win E will open Windows Explorer. Below we will take a closer look at keyboard shortcuts.

Where to Run in Windows 7

In Windows 7, everything is also wonderfully searched for, however, in order for this item to appear in the start menu, we need to do some manipulations. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Properties” there

Go to the “Start Menu” tab and click “Configure”

We put a tick next to the “Run command”

And so this command appeared in the launch

There is also a general version that works in all versions of Windows, both newest and outdated

Where to Run in Windows 8

That’s what I like about Windows 8, it’s a convenient search for both files and programs to find the “Run” item, you just need to press “START” and start typing, the system itself will show you this item in the search results.

If you want it to always be in start-up, just click on “Run” with the right mouse button and select “Pin to Start”

General actions

In a similar way, you can launch (or deploy, if you are already running) programs that you pinned to the Quick Access Toolbar in Windows 7. To do this, you can use the combination Win1,2,3,4,5 and so on, depending on the icon number on panels, counting from left to right. Pressing the combination again will minimize the window back.

If you press the key in question at the same time as E (Y in the Russian layout), you will open Windows Explorer (My Computer). In combination with R (the letter “K” in Russian input language), you can call the “Run” dialog, a useful service for quickly entering text commands.

Combination with F allows you to launch an interface for searching data in the file system. Pressing WinL on your keyboard allows you to quickly lock your personal computer.

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Many laptops have a keyboard mode in which some keys are locked or reassigned. It is turned on using a specific keyboard shortcut. Below are several options for different models.

  • CTRLFnALT, then press SHIFT.
  • Pressing both keys at the same time.
  • FnSHIFT.
  • NumLock or FnNumLock.

There are situations when, for some reason, the keys that turn off the mode are inactive. In this case, the following manipulation can help:

    Launch the standard Windows on-screen keyboard.

Read more: How to enable the on-screen keyboard on a laptop
Go to the program settings by pressing the “Options” or “Options”.

We put a daw in the checkbox next to the item “Enable numeric keypad” and click OK.

If the NumLock key is active (pressed), then click on it once.

If not active, then double-click. enable and disable.

  • We check the work of the shift. If the situation has not changed, then we try the keyboard shortcuts given above.
  • Reinstalling the system

    If all the methods above did not work, you will have to go to extreme measures and reinstall Windows.

    Turn off sticking and input filtering

    The first feature temporarily enables the ability to separate key presses such as SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT. The second helps to eliminate double clicks. If they are activated, then the shift may not work the way we are used to. To disable, do the following:

      Run the line “Run” (WinR) and enter

    In the “Control Panel” switch to the small icons mode and go to the “Ease of Access Center”.

    Click on the link “Making it easier to work with the keyboard”.

    Moving on to sticking settings.

    Remove all the jackdaws and click “Apply”.

    Go back to the previous section and select the input filtering settings.

    Here we also uncheck the boxes shown in the screenshot.

    If it was not possible to disable sticking in this way, then you can do this in the system registry.

    • Run the registry editor (WindowsR. regedit).
    • Go to the branch

    We are looking for a key with the name “Flags”, right-click on it and select “Change”.

    In the “Value” field, enter “506” without quotes and click OK. In some cases, you will need to enter “510”. Try both options.

    We do the same in the branch.

    Virus check

    The first thing to do when this problem appears is to check the laptop for viruses. Some malware is capable of reassigning keys by modifying system settings. You can identify and eliminate pests using special scanners. free programs from leading antivirus developers.

    After the viruses have been found and removed, you may have to work with the system registry by removing the “extra” key. We will talk about this in the third paragraph.

    System Restore

    The essence of this method is to roll back system files and parameters to the state in which they were before the problem occurred. In this case, it is necessary to determine the date as accurately as possible and select the appropriate point.

    Solving the problem with the not working SHIFT key on a laptop

    Editing the registry

    We have already written above about viruses that can remap keys. This could have been done by you or another user with the help of special software, which was successfully forgotten. Another special case is a keyboard crash after an online game session. We will not search for the program or find out after what events the changes took place. All changes are recorded in the parameter value in the system registry. To solve the problem, this key must be removed.

    Create a system restore point before editing options

    Read more: How to create a restore point in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

      Launch the registry editor using the command in the “Run” menu (WinR).

    We are interested in two branches here. First:

    Select the specified folder and check for the presence of a key with the name “Scancode Map” in the right part of the window.

    If the key is found, then it must be deleted. This is done simply: by clicking on it, select it in the list and press DELETE, after which we agree with the warning.

    This was the key to the entire system. If it was not found, then you need to look for the same element in another branch that defines user parameters.

  • We reboot the laptop and check the operation of the keys.