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Description of popular download managers for iPhone

The App Store offers a wide variety of download managers for the iPhone. The owner of the device no longer has to think about where the files are saved on the iPhone. However, the most popular, due to the benefits, received several such programs:

  • iDownloader Pro. This product is a universal assistant for the iPhone owner. This program not only provides ample opportunities for downloading files and music, but also has its own file manager. It has a built-in browser that automatically disables ads. Downloads can be done in multi-threaded mode. Has a built-in multimedia player for background music playback.
  • Mr. Download. This product is more like a Safari add-on. After all, its work is closely tied to the browser, namely, downloads from it. The program appears in the browser menu, the link is called “Share”. Each download from the browser activates the application, which opens a window with a description of the download in front of the user and asks for permission. The application asks where to download the file and starts downloading with a demonstration of its status. There is a function of background download and download of several files at once. The program is also capable of saving data to the cloud.
  • DManager Browser Documents. It is an iPhone browser with a file manager. The user can control the download of any content and specify the path to save. It is a standalone browser, not an extension to the traditional one. There is also a function to block pop-up messages and banners. The browser allows for multiple tabs and multi-threaded downloads. With this handy application, you can navigate through file folders, create them, copy, delete and do everything that is available in ordinary file managers. Downloads can be paused at low internet speeds.

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In general, one of the above download managers is sufficient. Functionally, they are all similar, the difference may be in the structure and interface. By installing the right software on your smartphone, you can save both space and personal time by eliminating the need for long operations. The download manager will forever save the iPhone user from unnecessary movements, especially for beginners who are just mastering all the delights of working with iOS.

Where documents are saved on iPhone

There are a lot of different document formats. Therefore, the iOS developers did not provide a separate default directory for them. Downloading documents is carried out from the Internet or a computer. If you have a standard “Files” application or a file manager, the downloaded documents are located in the download folder or separately in the workspace. Then they can be moved to any folder you like.

Note! In the absence of the previously listed programs, the easiest way is to find the downloaded documents in iCloud Drive. There is a separate “Documents” folder for them.

How to view files on iPhone saved or downloaded and transferred via Bluetooth

Where on iPhone can I find file downloads via Bluetooth or otherwise saved? As mentioned earlier, the operating system itself sorts the content into the necessary folders. Data transmitted via Bluetooth is no exception. If this is a document or file of an unknown format, then it goes into a separate “Downloads” folder or is outside the folders.

If there is a file manager, while downloading a document via the Internet or transferring it via Bluetooth, the system notifies that the download is complete. By clicking on this message, you can not only view the file, but also move it to any folder.

How to view files transferred via Bluetooth

Note! Starting with the iOS 7 operating system, Apple has implemented technology such as AirDrop. It works in conjunction with bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The function allows files to be copied between devices over a long distance.

Where downloaded music is saved

As mentioned earlier, to find your downloaded music files, you don’t have to look for where in the iPhone the download folder is. Music, like all other supported files, is loaded into a directory specially provided for it. But it is worth immediately answering the question. is it possible to download music from a computer by simple copying. You can, but only through iTunes or iTools.

This method upsets users by not allowing them to simply copy music from their computer. But there are also advantages to these difficulties. The media library is organized and all data is in its place, allowing the built-in player to correctly handle music files.

So, the downloaded music files end up in the following folder: / private / var / mobile / Media / iTunes_Control / Music. Movies are also stored in the same folder. Ringtones are saved in the same path, but not in the “Music” folder, but in “Ringtones”.

Where is downloaded music stored on iPhone

Where in iPhone downloads

Unlike Android, which by default provides access to folders with downloaded files, iOS does not. It shows the owners of the gadget only the disk with the remaining memory. Newbies start looking for iPhone downloads.

So where are the files downloaded to on the iPhone? The developers of the operating system have automated the boot process so that iOS itself distributes documents to the necessary disk directories for a particular class of files. That is, music is stored in a folder for music, and images in separate folders, with the rest as well.

Note! Files downloaded to iPhone are not stored in one place, but are sorted into folders. Regardless of the iPhone model, be it s, se or XR, the procedure for distributing downloaded files is the same everywhere.

File managers are programs that allow you to access certain iPhone folders and manipulate files. No such applications were provided by default. But with the advent of iOS 11, iPhones began to be supplied with the Files application, which gives the user access to content folders. However, access to system files remains closed. An alternative for any download manager is iCloud Drive, which allows the user to move and delete files. But as you know, the cloud only provides 5 GB of free space. Unlike iCloud Drive, the file manager uses the space of the device itself, which has a lot of storage.

File managers allow you to manipulate files

Where in iPhone downloads and folder. where files are saved

iOS is a closed operating system, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The advantage of stealth is that users will not be able to delete system files and there is a very small chance of virus software getting into the system. Access to files and folders is carried out through special programs. file managers, which allow you to find, arrange, view, copy, move and delete downloaded content. The owner of the gadget does not have access to the system resources of the iPhone. they are simply hidden by default. An ordinary user does not need this. But, in order to find where in the iPhone downloads, you need to understand some of the features of iOS.

Where apps are saved on iPhone from the App Store

It would seem that applications downloaded from the App Store are stored on the desktop. After all, after loading, an icon is created immediately. But it is only a link to launch the application executable file, and they are located in the device folders.

When using the iPhone file manager or the cloud, you might see a folder called Applications or Applications, but the computer program prevents you from viewing some of the iPhone’s system files. Therefore, the path to them is a little more complicated: / private / var / mobile / Applications. Application files downloaded from a third-party resource can be moved to folders of your choice using the download manager.

Note! App Store automatically installs all files by default in the correct folder.

Where apps are saved from the App Store

Where is the voice recorder on iPhone

The question where the voice recorder on the iPhone often arises at the most inopportune moment, when you urgently need to start recording, and how to do it is unknown. If you want to use all the functions of your device, you will have to figure out where the recorder is in it and how to record with it.

This program allows you to save sound notifications on any manufacturer’s model. For this, not only the built-in microphone is involved, but also a Bluetooth headset. The voice recorder in the iPhone is easy enough to find. To do this, you need to flip through the desktop and find the corresponding icon. It may differ slightly depending on which iPhone model you are using. The speakers of the smartphone allow you to record voice without additional devices, but in this case the audio material will be played back in monaural mode.

Stereo recording can only be obtained by connecting an external microphone to the iPhone.

How to create an audio note on iPhone

The presence of a voice recorder on the iPhone makes it also a portable recording device. Conveniently, the user can independently decide how to record. using the microphone built into the gadget, via a Bluetooth headset or an external microphone. If you are recording audio using an external microphone, you must first connect it to the headset jack. You can use high-quality headphones with a microphone, preferably made by the official manufacturer of the device.

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Using Voice Recorder on iPhone is incredibly easy:

  • Find the icon in the list of applications and launch it;
  • Choosing the optimal volume level;
  • This level should be maintained between 3 and 0 decibels in order to obtain the best sound quality.

The principle of voice recording is the same on all iPhone models, despite small changes in the program interface.

To record an audio file, press the large red key. Next, you need to dictate the data that should be on the record. To pause voice recording, click on the corresponding icon in the application or the headphone key. All actions are as simple as possible and do not require any special skills. Dictaphone

iPhone at the very beginning of the recording emits a short sound, reminiscent of a call. If desired, you can turn it off by setting the silent mode on the ringer switch. If during the recording you need to use other software, then you need to press the “Home” key and switch to another application.

Useful multimedia software for Mac from Movavi

Day One Diary: How To Record Without Paying Developers

How to listen to the created recording

To do this, you need to find an entry in the list of other materials, and then click on it. Entries are sorted based on the time they were created, so the last one will be at the top. On iPhone, while recording a voice or listening to it, you can always pause and then resume playback. Also, any file can be trimmed, which will probably be useful to you.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

How to ask Siri to set an alarm

Below are some examples of how this can be done.

  • “Wake me up tomorrow at 6:30”.
  • “What alarms are set up?”
  • “Set the alarm clock” Work “”.

Sleep time tracking

Sleep Mode lets you set the number of hours of sleep you need each night. The Clock program will remind you to go to bed and wake you up in the morning.

Where is the system alarm clock: its pros and cons

It is very easy to find an alarm clock on an iPhone: it can be found in the Clock application in the Alarm clock section.

In general, the standard alarm clock application turned out to be simple and straightforward. Apple did not become wise, they made a simple interface that even a novice user can figure out. The main advantages of this program include:

  • Easy to use. An intuitive interface allows you to quickly figure out how to set up an alarm, set an alarm for the right time;
  • Flexible settings. IOS has no restrictions on setting alarms. You can create an unlimited number of signals and customize each one exactly as you need: set a unique name for the signal, set the number of repetitions, set a certain melody. How to change the alarm sound on iPhone, we told earlier;
  • System “Sleep”. This system appeared when iOS 10 appeared and deserves a separate review, but now we are not talking about it. In short, it allows a person to control his mode, and is closely related to the standard application “Health”, which is on every device from Apple.

There are no drawbacks as such to the Alarm Clock app on iOS. It can be noted that Apple programmers have not improved this program in any way for several years. Of the innovations, the “Sleep Mode” can be noted, but it only indirectly refers to the alarm clock. The lack of innovations leads to the lack of modern functions that are in the alarm clocks from third-party developers, which we will talk about further.

What third-party applications can I use?

If you do not have enough functions of a standard alarm clock, you want some innovations, so to speak, “Smart” application, then programs from third-party developers may suit you.

Sleep Cycle

This utility is one of the best alarms on iOS. In her work, she uses the device’s microphone and gyroscope. Receiving data from these two components of the device, the program determines at what stage of sleep a person is at the moment, and determines the most optimal moment for awakening.

For the effective work of their development, the developers of Sleep Cycle recommend putting it down with the screen next to the pillow when connected to a charger. The first few days will be spent on collecting information and calibrating the application, after which it will begin to produce the optimal operating mode.

So that a person can analyze his behavior during sleep, the program collects all the information, builds detailed graphs for each stage of sleep, and gives general statistics that can be analyzed. In order not to oversleep by the time you need, you can set a certain time interval during which you need to wake up.

For example, you need to be around 11 o’clock. To have time to pack up and get to the right place, you need to wake up from 8 to 9 o’clock. By setting such an interval, Sleep Cycle will select the optimal moment to wake up from 8 to 9 o’clock. The larger the interval, the more appropriate moment the application will wake you up.

Of course, this application is much better than the standard one. There are many functions that make this alarm clock “smart”, in contrast to a simple standard application, which is devoid of rich functionality.

Where is the voice recorder in iPhone?

Voice Recorder is a standard pre-installed application that comes with every iPhone. You can find it on the desktop of your gadget (called by the “Home” button). Where is the voice recorder in the iPhone? If you did not rearrange the icons, then traditionally its icon will be on the second page of the screen.

IOS 13: How to Use an iPhone as a Leveling Tool

The search will not be long. the badge is signed with the word “Dictaphone”. If your iOS device is older than 7s, this app will be indicated by a blue icon with a microphone icon. On gadgets with a “younger” version of the OS, an icon with an oscillogram. a graphic picture of a sound wave. Fun Fact: This icon represents the word Apple.

If you still have not found where the voice recorder is in the iPhone, then take the following:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Next. “Storage”.
  • Scroll down the list for the Voice Recorder application.

If the program is not found in this way, then there is only one conclusion. it was removed from the device. You can get it again by downloading this application from the App Store.

Replacing a portion of a voice recording

  • Select the entry you want to edit. Click and select Edit Entry. On an iPad or Mac, select the entry and click Edit.
  • Move the waveform left or right until the blue playhead is at the beginning of the section you want to replace. On a Mac, to select a starting point, position the blue pointer over the Record Overview at the bottom of the program screen.
  • To overwrite a fragment of an existing recording, click “Replace”.
  • When finished recording, press the button.
  • Click Finish to save the change.

without iTunes

To get started, go to the “Voice Recorder” application itself. Then follow the steps:

This is a way out when there is no time to connect to a computer, but you need to quickly send the saved audio recording to your friends and acquaintances. This can be done in a few seconds if the mail account is configured on a smartphone.

The second method is more twisted, but no less reliable. Sync with iTunes.

To do this, you should perform sequential actions:

  • Select device.
  • Click Sync.
  • View in Voice Memos everything that was recorded on the recorder. Extract the required ones from there by selecting Show in Explorer.
  • Send to selected address.

Another option that many iPhone owners use is to install the iFunBox file manager. With the help of this popular program, many functions are performed, including processing data from a voice recorder. Working with the manager is not difficult, the interface is clear.

In this manual, we will consider the option of recording a voice and transferring the resulting audio file to a computer using the Voice Memos program.

This program is included with the preinstalled programs that come with the iPhone. This is how the program icon on the iPhone desktop looks like:

Press the red button 1 to start recording.

For recording, you can use both the built-in and an external microphone or headset. Monitor the recording level. It can be adjusted by changing the distance to the microphone and the volume with which you speak.

Recording is stopped by pressing the red button again. After stopping the recording, the trimming tool 2 becomes available. It can be used to trim unnecessary fragments at the beginning and at the end of the recording.

Click on this tool. The diagram on the screen will change. now the entire recorded fragment will be shown. Along its edges there will be red vertical mowing lines with small circles 3. serving as markers of the beginning and end of the final record.

Click on one of the circles and move it to cut off the empty space in the diagram. After removing the extra parts in the diagram, press the Trim button 4 and confirm this action 5.

To save the audio file, press the Done button 6. In the window that opens, enter its name 7 and press Save. The file you just recorded will appear in the list of voice memos.

Now you need to transfer this file to your computer

Audio files recorded in Voice Memos can be transferred to a computer in the following ways:

Get to know the Health app on your iPhone. Apple Support

  • Sync iPhone Data with iTunes.
  • Using the AirDrop service.
  • Using the iMessage service.
  • Send files by email.

How to download iPhone voice recorder recording via iTunes

Connect your smartphone to your computer using a cable and launch iTunes.

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Go to the section with information about the device by clicking on the device name in the panel on the left or on the icon located at the top.

Following the performed actions, click on the “Apply” button, then synchronize the contents of the mobile device with the PC.

Dictaphone recordings transferred from the iPhone in this way can be listened to right there, in iTunes. Audio files are available for playback in the playlist created during synchronization.

Transferring recordings to a computer

When a synced voice recording is deleted from iTunes, it remains on the device it was recorded on, but is deleted from all iPhones and iPod touch to which it was synced. If a synced voice memo was deleted on iPhone, it is copied back to iPhone the next time you sync the device with iTunes, but it cannot be synced back to iTunes a second time.

Synchronization of voice recordings with iTunes. Connect iPhone to your computer, then select it in iTunes. Select Music at the top of the screen (between Apps and Movies), select sync music, select Enable Voice Recordings, and click Apply.

Voice memos synced from iPhone to your computer appear in the Music list and the Voice Memos playlist in iTunes. Voice memos synced from your computer will appear in Voice Recorder on iPhone, but not in Music.

The Dictaphone application is present in the set of standard programs of any Apple iPhone, from the very first models to the more modern ones. 4, 4S. Most likely, the gentleman’s set of subsequent versions of iOS will also be equipped with this, sometimes useful, application. I think it makes no sense to talk about the step-by-step operation of recording voice notes, I pressed the red button. the recording went, but some users do not know how to download the voice recorder recordings from the iPhone to a computer and find their location.

Before we consider the procedure for downloading voice recordings from the iPhone, I would like to tell you about one feature of the “Dictaphone” program. The fact is that you cannot record a telephone conversation in the iPhone using a standard dictaphone, so you cannot play Bond by recording the voice of the subscriber at the other end of the mowing line by standard means. Thus, Apple does not allow violations of the rights of the interlocutor.

Now, there are two official ways to download voice recorder recordings from iPhone to computer. using sync in iTunes or you can transfer recordings by e-mail.

Synchronize voice recorder recordings in iTunes This method of copying recordings from the iPhone voice recorder to a computer is possible using and the presence of a USB cable.

Launch iTunes and. Click on the phone that appears in the “Devices” section

In the “Overview” tab, put the marker “Process music and video manually”

After that, in the “Music” tab, put the markers: “Synchronize music” and “Include voice recordings”. Click the “Apply” button to start synchronization.

Synchronization will help download voice recorder recordings from iPhone and they will appear in iTunes in the “Music” section

The downloaded voice recorder recordings are also displayed in the “Voice recordings” section located in playlists or in devices. Here you can listen to them

If you want to rewrite the downloaded recordings to Flash, you will have to find them in your computer, it’s easy to do this. right-click on the recordings, select Show in Windows Explorer (depending on the OS version, this item may sound a little different) and a folder with Your entries.

If a computer and iTunes are not at hand, and the records are urgently needed, then you can use the second method, using e-mail.

Send a voice recorder recording from an iPhone by mail In order to transfer voice recordings from a phone via e-mail, we will need to make a recording using the “Voice recorder” application. Then we perform the following actions:

Press the button with three horizontal stripes 2. Select the voice recording you need and press the blue button with the arrow 3. Select “E-mail”, enter the recipient’s address and send

The disadvantage of this method is the inability to send all voice notes together at once, you have to send one at a time, which is not very convenient. If the recordings are much more convenient to transfer them using iTunes.

There is also a third way to copy voice recordings of the voice recorder from Apple iPhone to a computer using. you can try it, for many who could not transfer the voice recorder recordings to a computer using iTunes and mail, i-FunBox helped out.

Various models of smartphones have acquired the function of a voice recorder for a long time. It is also found on modern gadgets. “Where is the voice recorder in the iPhone?”. you ask. In this article, we will answer this and other pressing questions about this recording application.

Trim the start or end of a recording

  • Select the recording you want to trim. Click and select Edit Entry. On an iPad or Mac, select the entry and click Edit.
  • Click. Yellow sliders with arrows will appear at both ends of the recording fragment (bottom graph of the recording).
  • To trim the recording from the beginning, drag the yellow arrow to the left to the desired start of the recording. To trim the recording from the end, drag the yellow arrow to the right to the desired end of the recording.
  • Click “Crop”.
  • Click “Save”. If you are finished editing the entry, click “Finish”.

Sending an audio file by email

Select the line of the audio file that you want to transfer to your computer and in the panel that opens, click on the Share 1 icon.

Choose from the options to send the file email icon 2.

The mailing window will open with the audio file attachment you selected. Your e-mail address will be indicated in the “From” field, and the subject line of the letter will contain the name of the soundtrack you are sending.

Enter the recipient’s address in the “To” field. 3. It can be the same address if you use the same address on your computer and smartphone. Or another one. It is important that the letter can be opened on a computer and saved the attached file.

After you open the letter on your computer, save the attached audio file to the prepared folder.

Deleting a Voice Recording

Voice recordings are stored in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, after which they are permanently deleted. If the voice recording is still in the Recently Deleted folder, you can restore it by following these steps.

  • Open the Voice Recorder app and click Recently Deleted.
  • Click the entry you want to recover.
  • Click “Recover”, then select “Recover Recording”.

Voice Recorder is built-in for macOS Mojave and later.

You can turn location-based naming on or off in the Settings Voice Recorder menu. On a Mac computer, to do this, go to the “Recorder” “Preferences”.

The Dictaphone application is not the most popular on the iPhone. It is often not used for weeks or months. But there are times when it becomes necessary.

As a rule, many users have a problem with sending the recorded recording to their computer.

In fact, everything is quite simple. You can upload a recording to a computer, and indeed to any other device, in the following ways:

  • by email;
  • text message;
  • by sending a message via a social network or messenger;
  • by dropping the entry to the cloud storage;
  • syncing iPhone to PC via iTunes.

What is level in iPhone

Most likely, new and inexperienced users of iOS operating systems and iPhone smartphones do not know that their devices have a pre-installed application called Roulette. It can be used in different ways, but in addition to the main roulette functionality, it also contains the “Level” option, which will be discussed further.

The building level is available right on your phone

The Roulette program allows you to measure the parameters of real objects of the surrounding world using a standard gadget camera. Measurement based on augmented reality technology. It not only captures an object, but also shows the value of its width, length or height right on the screen.

Important! Before using the application, you need to make sure that the operating system iOS 12 is installed on the phone. It is available on new smartphones, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, and fifth-generation and later iPads.

In addition to the main functionality, the Roulette program has a tool that helps you align vertical objects. For example, this could be a photo frame or a flat table surface. Initially, the function was available in the COMPASS application, where, in addition to determining the north, south, west and east, it was possible to determine the tilt level of an object using a built-in electronic gyroscope. In new updates, the developers have moved the functionality of the angle meter to the Roulette application.

Appearance of the “Roulette” application, where you can see the transition to the “Level” at the bottom

How to enable level on iPhone

To enable the Level app on your iPhone or iPad, you must:

  • Go to the main menu of the device.
  • Find among other standard programs the Roulette icon.
  • At the bottom of the screen, go from the distance meter functionality to the tool for aligning vertical objects (level).

Next, you should attach the gadget of one of the flat sides to the object whose corner you want to align. The application will instantly show how many degrees it deviates in one direction or another from the center. It is necessary to gradually move the phone over the surface and record the gyroscope readings.

If you need to take measurements to align a flat surface, then you should put the phone on this plane in a horizontal position (with the body down and the screen up). The program will change its orientation and will show the degree of displacement of this surface from the ideal center. You can see this with the help of two circles, which will merge together only when the smartphone shows 0 degrees of displacement.

Important! You can also set your own measurement center. To do this, hold the device in the desired direction or put it on a surface, and then touch the display so that the program will reset the results and take the current position as 0 degrees. The displacement of the phone will show the deviation from the initially set plane.

You can cancel the standard angle by simply tapping on the screen.

How to turn on a level in iPhone. user manual

Mobile phones allow access to the network almost anywhere in the world, are independent of wires and can perform various functions. They come with many useful apps, both pre-installed and third-party. The article will talk about what a level is in the iPhone, how it can be useful, how to use it and where it is located.

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Where is the level in the iPhone 7 and other models

As already mentioned, initially the function of the surface curvature meter was located in the COMPASS application, but then it was moved to another place. the pre-installed Roulette program. On any iPhone or iPad that meets the technical and software requirements for installing the operating system iOS version 12, the program will work flawlessly and be located only in one place. in Roulette.

If we talk about work, then things may actually not be so smooth. If the built-in gyroscope of the smartphone was damaged by hitting the ground or moisture once got into the phone case, which, as it seemed, did not cause much harm to the device and its components, then the module may not work quite correctly.

Important! You should always take good care of your phone and do not throw it even on soft surfaces. Otherwise, this may cause the failure or malfunction of certain modules.

You need to turn on the application through Roulette

Possible problems when using a level on iPhone

Technique is technique, and applications like this can never be more accurate than professional equipment. As practice has shown, each phone has its own offset along the corner, albeit small. Several people immediately unsubscribed about this after the “Level” function was put into operation on a new device. Perhaps this is a manufacturing defect or inaccuracies in the rounding of results and direct measurement. The error may vary. Some say that they have it at 2 degrees, and some are even more unlucky, because compared to a normal gyroscope, their iPhone or iPad lies by as much as 4 or even 6 degrees.

Deviation of indicators on different gadgets under the same conditions

Thus, it was considered what the “Level” program on the iPhone is, how to use it and what errors can occur when taking measurements. It is easy to open it, and it is even easier to make measurements.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

You can set up Find iPhone on your mobile device as follows:

Go to the “iCloud” section in the “Settings” iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID and password. if you haven’t done so earlier.

Agree to merge data stored in iCloud and iPhone. or opt out if you want to separate “flies from cutlets”. Also allow iCloud to use iPhone geolocation.

These two prompts will appear on the screen in sequence, one after the other.

Scroll down the screen and look for the “Find iPhone” slider.

A notification appears on the screen that Find My iPhone will be activated. Click “OK”.

It remains to check if the Find iPhone feature is enabled in Location Services. Go to “Settings” again and follow the path “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.

In the section “Geolocation Services” there is a subsection “Find iPhone”. visit it.

Make sure the toggle switch of the same name is activated.

This check is very important. If Find My iPhone doesn’t use geolocation, you won’t be able to see your lost gadget on the map.

We have an article on our website on how to disable Find My iPhone.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

Apple recommends that all Apple users activate the Find iPhone feature. If this feature is enabled, it takes five minutes to find a stolen device. The article will tell you in detail how to activate “Find iPhone“.

Apple mobile devices with iOS version above 5.0 are equipped with the superior Find My iPhone security mechanism. The function allows you to remotely block a lost / stolen gadget and find out its location. Thanks to Find iPhone, the number of reported thefts of Apple devices worldwide has dropped significantly. in London, for example, by as much as 50%.

Russian users, alas, have not yet “tried” Apple’s “anti-theft” function. many of them do not believe in its effectiveness; some even assume that in this way America is following the Russians. In fact, Apple’s search engine is powerful. It makes sense to give up paranoid prejudices in order not to shed tears after stealing an expensive device.

What is Activation Lock?

A useful add-on for the Find iPhone service called Activation Lock (or Activation Lock) first appeared on iOS 7. The add-on allows you to “tightly” lock a mobile device associated with an Apple ID account. that is, in fact, turn the smartphone into a “brick” “. Neither flashing nor recovery in DFU mode will help to reanimate the gadget.

“Activation Lock” is, in fact, the “Lost Mode”, which was mentioned earlier and which can be enabled on the iCloud website.

With the current “Activation Lock”, you will have to enter your Apple ID every time you need to do the following:

That is, an attacker who stole a gadget will find that he has a device with which he cannot do anything. It would be most reasonable for a thief to contact the owner and, pretending to have found a gadget, offer to return the device for a symbolic reward.

The user needs to be careful and activate the Lost Mode only after the Apple ID password is written down in all kinds of notebooks and computer programs. If he loses the password or forgets it, then he himself will not be able to return the device to work. In such circumstances, service centers, Apple support, and even computer hackers will be powerless.

How Find My iPhone works?

The Find iPhone service allows the user to:

    Find out the geographical location of the lost gadget. You can only find out where the device is if it is connected to the Internet. Remotely delete all contents of the smartphone. Activate Lost Mode on the device. It is impossible to use such a gadget. it will be possible to sell it only for spare parts and then for a pittance. Remotely trigger a loud beep on your smartphone to make searching easier.

The function can be used only if it is activated on the mobile device itself and if the owner of the gadget remembers the password for his iCloud account.

After losing an Apple smartphone, the user can go to www.iCloud.com under the account data that is activated on the device, select the “Find iPhone” section and see a city map on which the gadget’s location is marked with a green dot.

The owner of the lost “mobile phone” only needs to turn on the “Lost Mode” and go out in search. It’s better to take a friend with you who also has an Apple device. but only with the Find iPhone application installed. Through the application, you can reproduce a signal on a lost device.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Apple’s anti-theft technology, see our article on how to find your lost iPhone.

A person who has activated the Find iPhone feature on their mobile phone will have to take the privacy of their Apple ID credentials very seriously. If the data ends up in the hands of intruders, they will be able to block the gadget and, by changing the iCloud password, blackmail the owner of the mobile device. This fraudulent method is not “fantasy”; lately more and more users suffer from such illegal actions.

How to recognize an iPhone “drowned”, or where is the moisture (water) sensor on the iPhone 12, 11, XS, X, 8, 7, 6s, etc.

If you want to buy a used iPhone, the first step is to check if the seller has “drowned” it in water or other liquid. This is a very important point. when flooding, the guarantee automatically flies; besides, you run the risk of getting your hands on a very “problem” device. How to carry out such a check without disassembling the iPhone?

An honest seller, of course, immediately admits that he is selling a “drowned man”. but, as you know, not everyone is honest. However, with proper knowledge, it is very easy to check his words. All you need to do is find a humidity sensor (LCI) on the device.

LCI, Liquid Contact Indicators. moisture indicator that is activated after contact of the iPhone or iPod “filling” with liquid. It is usually white or gray, so most of the time users don’t even notice it. But if there is water inside the Apple smartphone or player, it immediately turns red.

Apple came up with LCI for its service centers. since 2006, the receiver does not spend too much time examining a broken gadget, but immediately either politely “wraps up” the client, or offers him a paid repair. But everyone can use its indicators. you just need to know where to look.

Where is the moisture sensor on iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, etc.

If you buy an iPod (3rd generation shuffle, Classic, nano, touch). look at the headphone jack. If there is a red dot inside it, it means that there is a “drowned man” in front of you.

Unfortunately, iPod nano (7th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation) do not have a visible LCI indicator. here you have to take the seller’s word or investigate the player in other ways (check if the main functions work correctly).

With the iPhone, everything is a little more complicated. over the course of its history, the Apple smartphone has gone through several design transformations. Together with them, the location of the LCI sensor changed periodically.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5. in the SIM slot;
  • iPhone 3G / 3GS, iPhone 4 / 4s. in the headphone jack and in the charging port (middle);
  • iPhone 2G. in headphone jack.
  • iPod nano (7th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation). do not have an externally visible liquid contact indicator.