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What to do if you forgot your Samsung password

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How to reset your password using email

The easiest way to restore iCloud if you forgot your password is to use the email linked to your account. This option is suitable for users of any device; If you have forgotten the password from Icloud on iPhone 6th, 7th, 8th or X, then this is what you need. The procedure can be performed even through a computer.

  • Enter the browser.
  • In its address bar, write the address “”.
  • On the page that opens, enter your Apple
  • Select the “Reset” option.
  • Then, when the system offers you several recovery options to choose from, select “Via E-mail”.
  • Then click “Continue”.
  • Open the email address you provided before.
  • There should be a letter from the service, open it and follow the specified link; if not, check the “Spam” folder; if it is not there either. return to the previous page and select the option “Send the letter again” there.
  • A page will open in front of you, where you need to enter a new password.

All that remains for you after that is to enter the cloud using the new data. Another reset letter will be sent to you, you do not need to reply to it, you can simply delete.

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Two-step verification

What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on an older iPhone? As mentioned earlier, two-step verification is a method exclusively for older devices. It used to be used instead of 2FA.

Forgot Passcode. Pin. Password Hack: Unlock Your Samsung Phone NO RESET

For this method, how to unlock iCloud, if you forgot your password, you will need a recovery key. If it is also lost, then you can only create a new ID. If you have it, then let’s get down to business.

  • We repeat the first four steps from the instructions with e-mail.
  • Instead of sending instructions by mail, we select the request to enter the recovery key.
  • Specify a trusted device.
  • It should receive a code very quickly.
  • Enter it on the site.

Access to your vault will be restored as soon as you come up with a new password.

Two-factor authentication

Another convenient option for how to correctly set a new password and reset iCloud, if you forgot the old one, is to use two-factor authentication. However, you will be able to do this only if this procedure has already been installed in your account.

If so, then on your smartphone you need to open the application on a trusted device and go to the personal section in the settings, and then open the “Security” subsection and start recovery. All that is required of you further is to follow the system prompts and enter the code at the right time.

On older systems, you can also reset your password using two-factor authentication, but here this is done through the “Account” section in iCloud.

If you have selected a Mac as a trusted device, then you will need to do the following:

  • First, open system preferences.
  • There you need to open the section “iCloud” and go to the subsection “Accounts”.
  • If after that the system asks you to log in, select the option “Data lost”.
  • Then select “Reset” from the menu.

Contacting Support

If you are unable to regain access to your account, then the only option left to log into iCloud is to contact Support.

  • To get started, go to “”.
  • Enter your account details here.
  • The system will give you all the matches.
  • Then go to “”.
  • Request the restoration of access to your account, while you should indicate as much information about it as possible.
  • If you are asked to send a photo with a box from the device or a passport. take it and send it; you may also be asked to answer additional questions about your account.

If you manage to prove to the support staff that you are the real owner of the account, they will allow you to change your password to a new one.

What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone, all options

As already mentioned, there are five ways to find out the password from Iclaud if you forgot it. You can:

  • use your email to reset your password;
  • go through the reset procedure for control questions;
  • use two-step verification (only for older devices);
  • use two-factor authentication (only for new devices);
  • contact support.

The latter option is needed in case the problem cannot be solved on its own. Next, we will look at all of the above methods separately.

How to access iCloud by answering security questions

If for some reason you do not have access to the email associated with your iCloud account, then you can enable reset by security questions.

To use this option, you need to repeat the first four steps from the previous instructions, and then select the second option to restore access.

In this case, you will need to answer two security questions. You asked these questions and the answers to them yourself during registration. In addition, you will be asked to indicate your date of birth (the one that is indicated on your profile).

If you enter everything correctly, you will see a form for resetting the old password and creating a new one. After that, just go to your account with the new data.

Forgot iCloud password on iPhone: what to do

In today’s article, you will find step-by-step instructions on what to do if you forgot your iCloud password on your iPhone. 5 ways to recover your password: by email, security question, two-step verification, two-factor authentication, and support. But first things first.

Surely each of you has forgotten your password at least once in your life. Today, with all the abundance of social networks, services and a variety of site formats, you have to keep a lot of data in your head. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of it is sometimes “lost”

Fortunately for us, the developers of the iCloud cloud service have prudently took care of this possibility and introduced as many as five ways to restore access to your storage. In this article, we will talk about what to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone.

part 2. Forgot Samsung Account. How to Recover Samsung Account ID

Once you add your Samsung account to your device, you can access various services again without logging in. It’s comfortable; however, it also increases the likelihood that you will forget your account. When you find you have lost your Samsung Account ID, don’t panic and follow the steps below to recover your Samsung Account ID in less than three minutes.

recover Samsung account id in browser

Step 1. Login into the address bar of any browser and press the “Enter” key to open the site. Then click on “Login” in the upper right corner and then click on the link “Forgot your ID / password”.

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Step 2. On the Samsung account recovery page, go to the Find ID tab. And you will be required to enter your first name, last name and birthday which are associated with your Samsung account.

Step 3. After that, click the “Confirm” button. Samsung will start searching for the Account ID based on the information you provided. Then it will show you the id matches.

How to Unlock Password on Samsung Phone Using Android Device Manager

This method involves using a similar service from Google for all Android devices. In order to unlock Samsung if the password is forgotten, follow the instructions below.

On another phone or PC, go to Sign in with your google account.

Select your device (if not automatically detected). Then click on the “Block” option. Enter a new password to lock the screen of your device and confirm it by entering it again. Click “Block” again.

Now unlock your Samsung with the given password you just created.

part one. What is Samsung Account?

Today, customer service and user experience are just as important as products for tech companies. Samsung has recognized this trend and has developed a series of apps and services for users such as S Health, Find My Mobile, Galaxy App Store and more. All of these apps and services require a Samsung account. When you bought your Samsung device, you can register for an account with your email address for free. Once you set up a Samsung account on your phone or tablet, all Samsung services are open to you. Key features of a Samsung account include:

Search and download apps or purchase content from the Galaxy App Store.

Find my mobile. This is a very useful method for remotely locating and controlling your device. You can track your mobile device on a map in real time when your phone is stolen or lost. And it allows you to lock, call, unlock, reset your device remotely. In addition, you can call or send a message without using your phone.

Family history. This social network allows you to share photos, events or notes with your family and friends who also have Samsung devices. You can create a community of 20 people and share wonderful moments privately.

In any case, all Samsung services are only available with a Samsung account. If you don’t have one, you can go to and follow the onscreen instructions to sign up for a Samsung account right now.

How to Unlock Samsung Screen if Forgot Password via Google Account

The following method only works on Android 4.4 and below. In this case, your data will also remain unchanged on the device. Please note that for a successful result, your locked device must be connected to the network.

Enter the wrong password, pin code or pattern on the smartphone screen 5 times.

Select the “Forgot pattern / password” option. Next, enter your Google account details or backup pin.

After that, the phone will be unlocked and you can set a new key / password.

part 3. Forgot Samsung Password. How to Reset Samsung Account Password

Compared to Samsung Account ID, it is easier for people to forget their account password. When this happens, the first thing you should know is that you don’t need to worry. This happens more often than you thought. The below solutions will help you recover Samsung account password easily.

resetting Samsung account password on mobile

Step 1. Visit in your browser, click “Login” and then click “Forgot your ID or password”.

Step 2. Click the Reset Password tab, enter your Samsung Account ID and Security Code in the appropriate fields. Then click “NEXT” to continue.

Step 3. Create a new tab in your browser and access your email address associated with your Samsung account ID. Redirect the Samsung account password recovery page by clicking on the link in the email from Samsung.

Step 4. Enter and confirm the new password on the reset page. Then you can re-login to Samsung account on your mobile device and access any service.

How to unlock Samsung phone using the program

A professional utility from Tenorshare allows you to quickly and efficiently unlock any Android device, regardless of the type of lock (pin code, password, pattern or fingerprint). 4uKey for Android is specially designed for unlocking Android smartphones in such cases and guarantees immediate results.

Step 1 Download the program from the developer’s official website and install it on your PC. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2 Start the program. In the main menu, select the “Delete” option.

Step 3 The program will start checking the data, after which it will start the process of removing your Samsung screen lock. When a message appears about deleting device data, select “OK”.

Step 4 After the process of removing the screen lock is completed, go to the recovery mode according to the instructions in the program window.

How to disable SIM PIN when starting Android smartphone or tablet

If you do not want to enter your SIM PIN every time you start your Android smartphone or tablet, set the SIM card lock switch to Off by tapping it.

You will now be asked to enter your existing SIM PIN. Enter your PIN and tap OK.

From now on, the requirement to enter the SIM card lock code every time the smartphone or tablet is started is removed. You only need to enter the device PIN, pattern, password, put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, or use the face unlock functions on your smartphone.

Each SIM card that you connect to your smartphone has a PIN. In order for your device to use the SIM, you need to enter its PIN. Some mobile operators use standard PIN codes for all of their SIM cards, such as 0000 or 1234. Others generate unique PIN codes for each SIM card. In any case, you can personalize this PIN and use the code of your choice. Alternatively, you can disable the entry of the SIM card PIN every time you start your smartphone. Read this tutorial and see how both tasks are accomplished.

This guide covers Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie. Screenshots for Android 8 are always on the left and for Android 9 are on the right.

To continue with this tutorial, you need to know your existing SIM PIN. If you enter this PIN incorrectly three times, the SIM card is blocked until you enter the personal unblocking code (PUC or PUK) provided by your mobile operator.

With Screen Lock Bypass Pro

If the Android version is not higher than 4.1, you can use the Screen Lock Bypass Pro application, available for paid access on Google Play. The device must be connected to a Google account and to the Internet, since the program will be installed remotely. This method is good because ROOT is not required. To reset your PIN, you need:

  • Log into Google Play from your PC.
  • On the Screen Lock Bypass Pro page, click the “Send to” button.
  • Select the locked device in the list that opens and send the application to it.
  • Reboot device.
  • In the utility window that opens, click “Activate” and create a new code.

How to Bypass Password/Pin Code to Factory Reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES

Unlocking the pattern

You can undo the pattern with:

  • Google account;
  • incoming call;
  • battery discharge;
  • deleting the gesture.key file;
  • clearing a partition in Fastboot;
  • complete reset;
  • flashing.

Lock your smartphone correctly

What does correct blocking mean? It should be simple and effective. The PIN code is considered one of the most reliable in terms of security, although this is also debatable. Nevertheless, such a lock is used very often and is offered by all manufacturers without exception. And you can lock your smartphone like this:

  • Enter settings.
  • Open the “Security” section, find the lock screen tab.
  • Select PIN. Come up with a number (must contain at least four digits), then enter and confirm.

Everything is very simple, it is only important to abandon banal prime numbers: dates of birth, marriage, car numbers, as well as any others known to the wider environment. This is the only way to guarantee at least some kind of security.


To change your PIN, use one of the following methods:

  • dial the command on the mobile device: 04XXXXYYYYYYYY # where XXXX is the current PIN-code, YYYY is the new PIN-code from 4 to 8 digits;
  • go to the settings of your device, select the menu item “Security” or “Lock”, find the item “Codes” and / or “PIN-code”, then “Change PIN-code”, enter the current PIN-code, then enter the new PIN twice.the code.

Using the file manager

You can now delete files that are responsible for entering the PIN using any decent file manager. Most experts recommend using AROMA Filemanager. In the same way, you need to transfer it to the gadget’s memory card and install it in Recovery mode. Then you need to enter the system partition and manually delete several files with the extension.key.

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After rebooting, the problem in the form of a blockage will disappear.

How to unlock your phone or tablet if you’ve already tried everything

What to do if you forgot your password on your phone and none of the above options worked?

With a Flyme account

The method is similar to the option of restoring access through a Google account. It is important to know the username and password from Flame. Recovery is carried out via PC:

  • Go to the operating system website at
  • Enter personal data to access your account;
  • The service will offer to reset the password set on the phone. New data will be sent to the email specified during registration.

The disadvantage of this method is that the official shell site is completely in Chinese. In order to understand at least a little what the site requires of you, you can use any online translator.

The method is not suitable for unlocking if you entered a non-existent mail when registering an account.

Unblocking via Google Account

The unlocking method via Google account is only suitable for smartphones with an operating system version not higher than 4.1. The device must also have a stable internet connection.

The process includes the following steps:

  • We intentionally enter a graphic or digital password incorrectly 5 or more times;
  • We wait until the message “Forgot password” appears on the screen and click on it;
  • The phone will offer to sign in to the Google account activated on the smartphone;
  • Enter personal data to access your account.

Correctly performed manipulations will lead to unlocking the smartphone, the user can disable the graphic / digital code or set a new combination.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

The method is not suitable if you do not remember the login information for your Google account, or you purchased the smartphone from your hands.

Mandatory actions before Hard reset

Before performing a Hard Reset, you need to prepare your phone so that the procedure is less painless. It is advisable to download special software that will allow you to make a backup copy of the data stored on your smartphone.

It is advisable to install the backup program immediately after purchasing the gadget; it is also worth making backups periodically in case of unforeseen situations.

Most programs allow you to save data either on a memory card or cloud storage.

To reset all settings on your smartphone, you must:

  • Hold down the power button and do not release it until the smartphone screen turns off;
  • Simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons, wait until the Meizu logo is displayed on the screen;
  • In the menu that opens, select the item Wipe data or Clear data;
  • To start the factory reset, click on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen.

The procedure will take a few minutes, after which the phone will automatically reboot. Along with all personal information, the unlock code will also be deleted.

Why the phone can lock up

Most often, the phone is blocked if the user has forgotten the graphic or digital code, set a password on Flyme and did not remember it. The blocking function is useful in cases when you have lost a gadget or stolen it in a public place. As a result, another person who has your smartphone in their hands will not be able to view personal data stored in the gadget’s memory.

Via SMS Bypass

The smartphone utility allows you to unlock the gadget with any combination of numbers after rebooting. After that, you can go to settings and deactivate the password. To implement the method, you will need to download special software on a PC, which allows you to remotely install applications on a smartphone bypassing the installed lock.

We carry out the following sequence of actions:

  • Download InstallAPK.exe and the SMS Bypass utility for the phone to PC.
  • Install the program and run it, at the same time connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable.
  • The program will display the connected smartphone, select the installation method via USB and indicate the path to the downloaded utility.
  • After installing the program, send an SMS from any other phone to your number with the text 1234 reset.
  • The device will automatically reboot, you can unlock it using any digital code.

Unlock via factory reset

There is another way to unlock your Meizu phone if you forgot your password. The disadvantage of this method is the loss of all personal information and multimedia files stored in the phone’s memory.

Unblocking through a call from another phone

Unlocking your phone with a call is not available on all gadgets, however, you can try the method before moving on to other methods, it may work. To implement the method, you must:

  • Dial your number from another device;
  • During an incoming call, without answering the call, try to enter the settings using the upper notification curtain.

The main disadvantage of this method is that even if you manage to enter the settings, you still won’t be able to change the current password if you don’t know the old code.

The method is well suited if you need to quickly unlock the device, if an incorrect password was entered several times by mistake.

How to unlock your phone: current methods

Unlocking a Meizu smartphone is a rather laborious process that requires minimal knowledge of how to handle a smartphone and in the field of working with third-party software.

How to unlock your phone if you’ve forgotten your password, PIN or pattern

Panic aside. These steps will help you unlock your Android or iOS device.

Bypass Google Account Protection

Some Android 4.4 and older devices allow you to unlock your screen using your Google account. Provided that the device is connected to the Internet.

To check if your smartphone supports this method, enter any password, PIN, or pattern five times. After five incorrect unlock attempts, the screen should display the message “Forgot your password?” or a similar tip. Click on it and enter the login and password from the Google account with which your device is synchronized.

After a successful login, the screen will unlock. If you also forgot your Google account password, try to restore access to it using a special service of the company.

Reset the machine to factory settings

If other options do not work, it remains to return to the factory settings. This will result in the loss of all data that is not backed up in your Google account and other cloud services. But you can remove the protection from the screen.

Turn off your smartphone and remove the memory card if it was inside. Then try the following key combinations in turn until one of them works (you need to hold down the buttons for 10-15 seconds):

  • volume down key power button;
  • volume up key power button;
  • volume down key power button home key;
  • Volume down key Volume up key Power button.

When the service menu appears on the display, select Recovery with the volume up button and confirm with the volume down button.

Then use the volume keys to select the command Wipe data or Factory reset and confirm the action by pressing the power button.

If none of the above combinations work or you do not see the necessary commands in the menu, look for the reset instructions for your device model on the manufacturer’s website.

After that, the smartphone should return to factory settings within a few minutes. The device can request a login and password from a previously connected Google account, but you no longer need to unlock the screen. After logging into the old account, the system will restore the settings and data synchronized with it.

Remove password via google account on computer

There is a remote factory reset and all content erase function, which will erase all data, including the lock password. Later, you can set a new access password and synchronize your data through your Google account.

This will only work if the smartphone is turned on and has a Google account and Play Store configured on it. In addition, the gadget itself must be connected to the Internet, and the “Location” and “Find device” functions must be active.

If these conditions are met, proceed as follows:

  • Follow this link and log in to your Google account.
  • If you use several Android gadgets, select the one you need from the list on the left.
  • Click on the item “Clear device”, and then again on the button of the same name.

For further use of the smartphone, after resetting the lock code, you will need to enter the password from your Google account.

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How to unlock your Android phone

Use the service from the smartphone manufacturer

Some brands offer additional unlocking tools to their device owners. For example, Samsung has a Find My Mobile service that can remove your pattern, PIN, password, and even your fingerprint. To do this, your device must be connected to the Internet and a Samsung account and support the service.

To find out if a similar opportunity is provided for your model, look for this information in the instructions or on the manufacturer’s official website.

What to do if you forgot your Avast password. Password reset instructions.

If password protection is enabled in avast antivirus, then when you try to disable protection or change the antivirus settings, an authorization window will appear with the text “An attempt to enter the avast protected area is registered”:

The action will be canceled if an incorrect password is entered:

Also, without knowing the password, it will be impossible to remove the antivirus. If you have forgotten your program password, you can reset your Avast antivirus password by following the instructions below.

How to reset a forgotten password from Avast and AVG antiviruses

Resetting your Avast and AVG antivirus password manually

Then, enable the display of hidden folders and files. Open Control Panel and open Folder Options or Folder Property. Go to the “View” tab and at the bottom of the list check the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” item. Also, uncheck “Hide protected system files” and confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

Further, depending on the operating system:

In Windows 2000 / XP, delete the aswResp.dat file from the following folders:

  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ AVAST Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Alwil Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \
  • C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Avg \ Antivirus \

In Windows Vista / 7/8/10, delete the aswResp.dat file from the following folders:

  • C: \ ProgramData \ AVAST Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Alwil Software \ Avast \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Alwil Software \ Avast5 \
  • C: \ ProgramData \ Avg \ Antivirus \

After deleting the file, restart your computer. After rebooting, the antivirus password will be disabled. Do not forget to turn off the display of hidden files as described above.

Resetting your Avast and AVG antivirus password using the Avast Password Reset Tool

Avast Password Reset Tool is designed to automatically reset passwords in the following products developed by Avast Software:

  • Avast Free 5.18
  • Avast Pro 5.18
  • Avast Premier (all versions)
  • Avast Internet Security 5.18
  • AVG Free 2017 and 2018
  • AVG Internet Security 2017 and 2018

Note. Please note that this is not an official tool for disabling Avast password. The utility was developed by the administration of our site to automate the actions described later in the article. The utility is provided “As is” and has been tested on many versions of antivirus and operating systems. If the utility does not work correctly, please write about it in the comments to the article.

First, boot Windows into Safe Mode. To do this, while turning on the computer, press and hold the F8 key, then with the up and down arrows select “Safe mode” or “Safe mode” and press the Enter key.

Run the avast_pass_reset.bat utility. To run the utility, press any key in the console window:

After the message “Avast Password Reset Completed! Please, reboot your PC.” Appears, press any key to exit:

Then restart your computer. After reboot, the antivirus password will be disabled.

Set a new password if necessary. To set a new password, in the antivirus settings, on the “General” tab (in some versions, the “Password” tab), check the “Protect Avast with a password” item and enter the new password twice. Also, mark which areas of the antivirus will be password protected and click “OK”:

Resetting the Avast and AVG antivirus password using the Avast Uninstall Utility.

If the methods described above did not help to disable the password, then use the Avast uninstall utility. Avast Uninstall Utility.

This utility will completely remove all components of Avast antivirus from the system, even if the antivirus is password protected.

What to do if you forgot your router password?

You don’t have to go to service centers or call your provider. You can do everything yourself in a couple of minutes.

The less often you enter your password, the more likely you are to forget it. For example, after setting up a home Wi-Fi network and connecting all gadgets to it, remembering the cherished numbers and letters is no longer necessary. But you bought a new smartphone or guests came to you. access is needed again. What if you forgot your own home Wi-Fi password? The task is quite feasible.

Password recovery using WPS

Developers of network equipment have developed a special standard WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), the purpose of which is. simplifying the process of setting up a wireless network. Its list of features also includes the ability to connect to Wi-Fi without knowing a password. This technology is supported by almost all modern routers, and it is enabled by default.

On the back of the router, you can find a special button that has a corresponding name. It is often combined with a Reset button, which resets the settings to factory defaults. You will get different results depending on how long you press. To connect without a password, and not reset the settings, hold down the key for only a couple of seconds. At the same time, on the device you want to connect (for example, a smartphone), go to the Wi-Fi settings menu and select the “WPS button.” After a few seconds, the connection will be established.

However, not every model has a WPS button. As you may have noticed, there is an alternative connection option in the screenshot above. “WPS PIN Login”. If you select it, then a combination of 8 numbers will appear on the smartphone. It must be entered in the web interface of the router in the appropriate section. Accordingly, this method is suitable only if the pass from the Wi-Fi was forgotten, and not from the router. At the same time, a large number of devices are connected at home, which will take a long time to reconnect if you set a new Wi-Fi password.

It should be noted that in order to improve security, it is recommended to disable the WPS function. At first glance, it seems that breaking an eight-digit number means that it will take to iterate over 100,000,000 different combinations. But due to the software features of the PIN-code generation, the brute-force will consist of only 11,000 combinations, which hacker utilities will deal with rather quickly.

Password recovery via factory reset

If your router does not support WPS, then you can always reset the settings to factory defaults. In this case, you will have to re-configure your Internet connection. If you know what parameters need to be changed to gain access to the network, you can call the provider and either call a specialist or request all the necessary data.

We find the Reset button on the back of the router, which we talked about above. It is usually recessed inward and requires a paper clip or other thin object to press it. Press the button for 5-10 seconds. Usually, the end of the process is accompanied by blinking of all indicators of the router on the front panel.

After that, you will need to go to the interface of the network equipment. To do this, in any browser in the address bar, enter (this is the most common ip-address, but there are others: the exact numbers are located on the label on the bottom of the router). Next, you need to enter your username and password. By default, they look like Admin and Admin. The first letter can be either uppercase or lowercase. Then it remains only to go into the settings and enter the desired type of connection, as well as the username and password, which are usually indicated in the service agreement.

Many networking equipment manufacturers also embed alternative ways to log into the web interface into their products. For example, TP-Link uses TP-Link ID, thanks to which you can connect to any device that is registered in the general system. This is convenient if you use a large number of routers in different places, because you only need to remember one password from your account, through which you can manage all network gadgets.