What’s the latest update on iPhone

Flashing over Wi-Fi

In the iPhone 5S, the developers have implemented an update into the OS itself. There is a “Software Update” item in the gadget settings, but this service functions only when Wi-Fi is connected (such a process will not work without a normal connection speed).

So, how to reflash the 5th iPhone yourself?

  • In the 5S model menu, select “Settings”, go to the “General” section and then click “Software Update“.

iOS 14.4.1 is Out!. What’s New?

  • At the next stage, you need to click the “Download and Install” button.
  • After that, a new window will open where you must agree to the developer’s terms.
  • Next, you just need to wait until the installation process is over.

While using this method of system recovery, you do not have to worry about anything. Self-loading of the file is not required in this case, it will be automatically installed on the phone.

It should be noted that the update does not delete data, but this option is dangerous for locked and jailbroken devices. This is because the firmware can deactivate the jailbreak.

Differences between processes

Both processes have certain differences that must be taken into account when choosing one or another option. Updating or restoring a smartphone is a software component of a gadget. The process itself is the restoration of the original data.

Restoring iPhone automatically deletes all content and personal data. All smartphone settings are returned to factory settings. Simply put, this process is to reset the gadget itself to factory settings and get a clean, latest version of the OS.

When updated, the data remains, but only the system is updated. In other words, updating a smartphone is installing the most recent (or any required) version of the operating system.

latest, update, iphone

Gadgets for iOS can be in three modes provided by the manufacturer. update (DFU Mode), recovery (Recovery Mode) and normal. As a result, the flashing process, respectively, can also occur in three modes.

Flash using iTunes

The iPhone recovery process with this option involves a few simple steps:

  • downloading the latest version of iTunes;
  • download the iOS file to the smartphone, but this is not required.

In order to independently update a 5S series smartphone, you will need to do the following:

  • Disable Find iPhone on your smartphone.
  • Connect your phone to a PC, launch iTunes manually if it is not set to launch automatically.
  • Open synchronization by clicking on the icon with the name of the device.
  • Press “Restore” (while holding down the “Shift” button). If your computer is running a Mac operating system, then instead of “Shift” press “Alt”.
  • After that, a window will open where you will need to select the location on the local disk where the firmware is located.
  • The file must have the “ipsw” extension, click open on it and then confirm the request. iTunes will start the operation on its own.

Nothing more is required from the user, the program will automatically remove all unnecessary content and download the new firmware. The device will enter Recovery Mode and recovery will take place.

Reset iOS settings

The update process on the iPhone locked under the operator leads to the following consequences:

  • complete loss of jailbreak;
  • the impossibility of connecting a smartphone to another operator;
  • phone lock.

There is a solution to this problem. You will need to factory reset and delete content without the OS update process and loss of jailbreak. To do this, you can use a special program, for example, SemiRestore, which clears the contents of the phone and resets the settings without any loss.

From all of the above, it becomes clear that iPhone firmware is a fairly simple process that does not require special knowledge and skills. It is enough to have basic management skills. This allows you to save on visits to specialized service centers.

Restore and update OS on iPhone 5

Restoring iPhone 5S is actually a simple process that all modern iOS device owners should know about. After reading this article, you will learn about what the gadget firmware is, and also get the necessary information about the available flashing options. So how to reflash iPhone yourself?

Ways to factory reset and clear content

If necessary, you can reset the settings and clear the content in the iPhone using special procedures. It is worth doing this in cases when the phone runs out of free space or it starts to work poorly.

To check the available memory, go to the “General” section in the phone settings, then click on “Statistics” and find the “Storage” section. This menu contains information about the memory of the device.

You can clean the iPhone 5S partially or completely in several ways through:

  • iTunes;
  • “Storage”;
  • Desktop;
  • iCloud;
  • erase settings and content in the phone.

Certain methods completely “zero” the device and clean up the iOS. As a result, it will be necessary to restore and configure the data from the backup. The phone firmware will be like new, without unnecessary data. In other cases, only individual data and applications can be deleted.

Features of the procedure

All owners of such devices must have the skills of flashing the gadget. Even if you become the owner of an expensive modern device, you do not have to contact the service center if there are certain difficulties in the operation of the device.

So what is firmware? If this concept is considered as a software component, then the firmware of the iPhone 5S smartphone is work on replacing the OS or software. In the “apple” company, the software for Apple gadgets is simply called iOS. If we consider the flashing of an iOS device exactly as a process, then we can say that this is an update or restoration of the device’s software.

There are two main flashing options:

  • update;
  • recovery.

They are almost the same, but as a result of the first operation, a new iOS is installed. When restoring an iPhone, the term “new” does not refer to the OS itself, but to its state. In other words, it becomes “clean”.

Updating iPhone 4 with custom firmware

This is an alternative way of updating, easy, convenient, does not require certain knowledge, skills, suitable for any user. Its main advantage is compatibility with almost all phone models and operating systems. This is especially true given that not all programs support Windows.

Usually the method works flawlessly, even when others do not give positive results. You need to find custom firmware on the web. This is an ipsw file, like all others like it, small in volume. This firmware has been cracked, contains a jailbreak, a jailbreak, or other useful utility programs. After establishing it, you can perform further actions.

Updating iPhone 4 using utilities

On iPhone, you should install the latest version of iTunes, a media player that supports Windows and OS X platforms. It’s not difficult. You just need to launch iTunes, select the update section and download the latest version. Downloading, installing and rebooting will take some time. If the download fails, you need to go to the official website (www.Apple.com) by downloading the required version there.

In addition, you will have to download additional service programs first. the iH8sn0w utility designed specifically for Windows and, of course, alternative firmware, of which there are countless numbers on the Internet. The user must choose the one that suits his iPhone model, satisfies him according to all criteria, for example, the size of the system file.

Many people care about built-in programs. It is recommended to save all information before all these procedures. This precaution will allow you to return the device to its original state with all the data and settings available. A prerequisite is testing the synchronization of the phone with iTunes, otherwise everything will be in vain.

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How to Update iPhone 4: Several Ways

Updating your iPhone installs the most advanced, up-to-date software on your device. The question of how to update the iPhone 4 arises from many happy owners of the gadget, because the flashing improves qualities such as safety, stability of the operating mode, increases the battery life, and sometimes supplements the multimedia smartphone with useful functions and cool novelties.

How to update iPhone 4 easily and safely? There are several ways:

  • Using service computer programs (for example, iTunes);
  • Through an already jailbroken firmware;
  • From the Apple device itself.

The sequence of actions when flashing the phone

  • First, the user needs to launch iTunes;
  • After. connect your gadget to your PC;
  • Put iPhone into recovery mode. This is easily done using the RecBoot utility. If you don’t have one, don’t worry about how to update your iPhone 4. In this case, the iPhone just turns off, iTunes starts, the device connects to the computer. The round button located below the display is clamped, and at the same time the power button for ten seconds. After the time has elapsed, the power button is released, but the second remains pressed for a few more seconds, until a signal is heard that the device is detected in DFU mode. The screen will remain black. this is normal;
  • Then Aytyuns turns off and the mentioned utility iH8sn0w is launched;
  • In the window that opens, select the desired device option. After a few seconds, the screen will turn white, and the application, having issued an error, will close;
  • ITunes opens again. The display will show only one function. “Restore”;
  • On a computer keyboard, you need to hold down Shift (in Mac OS. Alt), select “Restore” on the iPhone. The user will be presented with different firmware options;
  • Now you need to find a recent download and activate it. The process will take about ten minutes;
  • Finally, you need to connect to iTunes, restore data.

In principle, flashing is also possible without an additional utility, but this will increase the likelihood of errors.

How to update software from the iPhone itself

A prerequisite for such an upgrade is at least a half-charged battery. It’s good if you have WI-FI, reliable and fast. In the Settings, Basic is selected, where the Software Updates function is clicked. The gadget will do everything by itself, and after restarting, it will be ready for use.

These are the basic methods to easily and quickly update the software of the device.

What’s the latest version of iOS for my iPhone or iPad: how to find out and where to download

iOS is the simplest operating system from the point of view of interaction with an inexperienced user, and this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the iPhone and iPad among absolutely all categories of the population. Almost any user can solve problems that have arisen in the iOS software environment and even reinstall the OS on his own.

How to find out which version of iOS is currently installed on your iPhone or iPad

To find out which system controls the device at the moment, you need to go to the menu “Settings → General → About this device” and pay attention to the line “Software version”.

To check for iOS updates for this device, return to the previous menu “Settings → General”. select the item “Software update” and wait for the data loading.

The reasons why updates may not appear on an iOS device are described in this material.

How to install new (latest) iOS on your iPhone or iPad

The easiest way is to reflash the iPhone “over the air”. To do this, just go to the above-mentioned section “Settings → General → Software update”, click the “Download and install” button. In this case, all existing data will be saved on the device. It is important to remember that installing iOS “over the air” should never be done if there is a jailbreak on the device.

To completely reinstall iOS via iTunes (on Windows), or Finder (on Mac), you will need to perform a slightly more complex algorithm of actions, which is described in detail in this material. In this case, you will need an up-to-date version of iOS for a specific iPhone or iPad.

What’s the latest version of iOS for iPhone

  • For iPhone 2G, the latest possible firmware to install is iOS 3.1.3;
  • iPhone 3G. iOS 4.2.1
  • iPhone 3Gs. iOS 6.1.6
  • iPhone 4. iOS 7.1.2
  • iPhone 4s. iOS 9.3.6
  • iPhone 5 / 5c. iOS 10.3.4
  • iPhone 5s. iOS 12.5.1
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus. iOS iOS 12.5.1
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone SE. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone X. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone XR. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone XS / XS Max. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone SE 2. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 11. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 11 Pro. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12 mini. iOS 14.4.1
  • iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max. iOS 14.4.1

What is iOS and what types of updates are there

So, iOS is a software shell that controls the hardware modules of the iPhone or iPad. The main advantage of this operating system is that it is produced by the manufacturer of mobile gadgets. Apple. In addition, developers of third-party applications also focus on a rather narrow range of devices, which means that there are almost no problems with compatibility, the choice of the software version and its installation.

latest, update, iphone

Another important nuance is that Apple distributes its operating systems for free, without any hidden conditions (required subscriptions for products or services, the presence of paid previous versions, etc.). That is, you can download the current firmware version for your device from the official website, without the risk of installing a pirated copy with malware.

Apple releases 3 types of iOS updates:

Beta versions for registered developers.

Beta versions for regular users registered in the Public Beta Program.

We talked in more detail about all types of iOS updates here.

IOS software update.

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How to update iPhone via wi-fi or computer?

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IPhone 5 4 4s 3g update update process.

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Latest iOS 13 update fixes green tint issue on iPhone 11 display

Back in June, some iPhone 11 owners ran into an unpleasant problem: their iPhone display took on an unusual green tint. However, with the latest iOS update, Apple has finally resolved this issue.

The green tint usually appeared within a few seconds after unlocking the iPhone 11 and was visible across the entire display. All iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max were susceptible to it, and then Apple admitted that it was a hardware glitch in some cases and decided to replace the display. However, as reported by MacRumors, the iOS 13.6.1 update removes this weird shade.

Now you know that if you saw a green display on your iPhone then reinstalling the operating system can fix this problem. But if your favorite gadget still needs repair, replace the glass only from trusted specialists, for example, at https://bananafix.in.ua/zamena-stekla-iPhone-11/. The craftsmen of this service center will install a new glass of genuine quality instead of a broken one in a couple of hours. Banana Fix is ​​located in the center of Kiev, but you can also call a courier to pick up your device, or send your iPhone by mail by New Mail if you live in another city. As soon as the repair is completed, you will receive an SMS and you can pick up your phone. A ready-made phone can also be delivered by a courier. In the workshop, you can repair not only iPhones, but also Meizu, Xiaomi, Oneplus phones. Diagnostics is carried out free of charge, a warranty is issued for all types of repairs, glass replacement separately from the matrix takes 2-4 hours, display replacement. 2 hours, battery replacement. 30 minutes, and complex damage to the motherboard. from 3 days.

Let’s go back to the green tint of the iPhone display. Apple did not go into details of what caused the green tint, but the 13.6.1 release notes describe it as: “Fixes a thermal management issue that caused some displays to appear green.” Sounds like some components in the latest generation of iPhones have started to burn a little, and this has a short-term impact on the functionality of the display.

IOS 13.6.1 also fixes an issue where “unnecessary system data files may not be deleted automatically when available storage is low,” and an issue where “Contact notifications may be disabled for some users.” Since the new iOS release only includes a few bug fixes, it doesn’t take long to update your iPhone. It also looks like this will be the last iOS 13 update before Apple releases iOS 14.

This article originally published on PCMag here.

Erasing data with iCloud

Cleaning your iPhone with iCloud is done remotely from your computer or other device. At the same time, it does not matter which operating system you use. The process only needs an internet connection. The procedure itself is carried out in several stages:

  • Log in to iCloud.com and start searching for your phone;
  • Select “All devices”, click on the icon of your device;
  • A window will appear on the right in which you must confirm the deletion of data;
  • Confirm the request “Erase”;
  • Activation Lock does not allow you to erase data until you enter your Apple ID password;
  • Click “Next” and at the end “Finish”;
  • After that, the process of erasing data on iPhone begins.
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You can carry out the procedure even if the phone is not connected to the Internet. The request will be queued and executed when connected to the network. In other words, as soon as the phone goes online, the process will start automatically.

Reset iOS settings

The update process on the iPhone locked under the operator leads to the following consequences:

  • complete loss of jailbreak;
  • the impossibility of connecting a smartphone to another operator;
  • phone lock.

There is a solution to this problem. You will need to factory reset and delete content without the OS update process and loss of jailbreak. To do this, you can use a special program, for example, SemiRestore, which clears the contents of the phone and resets the settings without any loss.

From all of the above, it becomes clear that iPhone firmware is a fairly simple process that does not require special knowledge and skills. It is enough to have basic management skills. This allows you to save on visits to specialized service centers.

How to update iOS firmware on iPhone 5 yourself?

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 5S, you would certainly like to update the operating system to the latest version in order to have the same features as the owners of the iPhone 6S and above. The latest version of iOS 10 has high-tech capabilities, so in this article we will tell you how to update your iPhone 5S.

The tenth version of the system has proven its advantages in practice, now it’s your turn to find out about how iOS 10 works on the iPhone 5S, whether there is any incompatibility or slowdown in work, and to answer the main question:

Updating via iTunes

If you are not comfortable with updating the iPhone 5S operating system via Wi-Fi, you can install the operating system using iTunes and a computer. over, install the specified program on your PC or update it to the latest version. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Charge iPhone. Connect the iPhone 5S and the computer with a USB cable so that the unit is displayed on the PC. Open iTunes and locate your Apple iPhone. Then enter the “Overview” section and execute the “Update” command. The iOS updater will launch and install on your iPhone after a while.

Differences between processes

Both processes have certain differences that must be taken into account when choosing one or another option. Updating or restoring a smartphone is a software component of a gadget. The process itself is the restoration of the original data.

Restoring iPhone automatically deletes all content and personal data. All smartphone settings are returned to factory settings. Simply put, this process is to reset the gadget itself to factory settings and get a clean, latest version of the OS.

When updated, the data remains, but only the system is updated. In other words, updating a smartphone is installing the most recent (or any required) version of the operating system.

Gadgets for iOS can be in three modes provided by the manufacturer. update (DFU Mode), recovery (Recovery Mode) and normal. As a result, the flashing process, respectively, can also occur in three modes.

Why iPhone 5S slows down with iOS 10

In principle, the iPhone 5S is fine with the updated iOS 10 firmware, but some users complain that after downloading the OS update, the 5S smartphone began to freeze. With what it can be connected? Lags can appear in some cases. For example, if the iPhone’s memory is overloaded and it is difficult for him to lug a more powerful operating system with a bunch of databases. The way out is this. unload iPhone memory by deleting unnecessary files, garbage, cache, as well as transfer part of photos and videos, documents to a computer or iCloud cloud storage, thus making it easier for a device with a heavier version of the system.

If, after cleaning the iPhone, the lags are not over, then update your smartphone to factory settings by downloading all the data from it to your computer or USB flash drive. And after resetting, return the data to the iPhone.

IOS 10.3.2 has been released: all changes and improvements

Apple released the iOS 10.3.2 update on Monday. Owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can download and install the final version of the OS, which will bring additional features and increased security.

The iOS 10.3.2 update is available for all devices supporting iOS 10, including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. This release does not include any major changes at the level of the user interface and functionality of the devices. In each beta version of the firmware, the company published similar changelog, which indicated the fixed bugs and problems. Thus, the company’s developers focused mainly on internal improvements.

If you are a frequent user of Siri virtual assistant or CarPlay, this update should please you. The new voice commands in the car now work as expected. In addition, changes were made to the internal openURL protocols. now any third-party application displays a warning that requires confirmation to launch FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, or make a regular phone call.

The update also contains fixes for discovered vulnerabilities in AVEVideoEncoder, CoreAudio, Safari, Webkit, SQLite, as well as in the operating system kernel. It’s worth installing iOS 10.3.2 even to improve the security of iPhone and iPad.

latest, update, iphone

It is expected that iOS 10.3.2 will be the last cumulative update of the top ten before the release of iOS 11. Unless, of course, the Pangu hackers release a jailbreak. In this case, we should expect another cumulative update to fix the jailbreak vulnerability.

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When updating applications, it asks for someone else’s Apple ID. What to do?

Today another article from the FAQ category (frequently asked question) was born. Honestly, there will be a dozen more such articles, or even more.

iOS 14 Beta: 14 Updates to be Excited About

And all because Apple has wrapped around the Apple ID so many different authorization, activation and blocking processes that ordinary unsophisticated users simply give up, and in their head there are continuous questions “What and how?”

Today we will consider the situation when, when updating applications, the iPhone asks for someone else’s Apple ID. Why this is happening and how to deal with it, we will consider below.

A large number of people use used iPhones, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only bad thing here is that some users, having taken possession of a used iPhone, do not try to delve into and customize the device for themselves from scratch, so to speak.

This is especially true if the former owner already has a lot of games and applications in his phone. In this case, the new owner only enters his Apple ID into the iPhone settings (exactly where it is described here) and continues to use the phone as if nothing had happened

Until then, of course, until it comes to updating those same applications. And here such users have a situation when an attempt to update applications leads to a request for someone else’s Apple ID.

Why is the iPhone asking for the previous user’s Apple ID? After all, I entered my account in the settings! ” The answer is simple. Updating applications downloaded under a specific account will be possible only using the data of the same account. Each downloaded application is rigidly tied to a specific Apple ID.

This implies the following, if any application on your phone was downloaded by the previous owner, then you can update this application only using the Apple ID of the previous owner.

“What to do in this situation?” The solution is simple: you need to delete the application from your iPhone and download it again from the App Store using your Apple ID account. Something like that…

If the application is paid, then buy it yourself and update as much as you like. What do you want? Freebie, she’s so there is today, but tomorrow it may not be.

I strongly advise everyone to restore a used iPhone as a new device (instructions here), in order to avoid problems associated with Apple ID and device activation in the future.

  • How to unlink iPhone from previous owner’s Apple ID. read here
  • How to Create an Apple ID Without a Credit Card. The Complete Guide
  • How to replace Apple ID on iPhone. read here

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