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Choose high quality Apple Music

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By default, in the Settings menu Music Cellular Data, the High Quality option is disabled. This makes it possible to listen to music from Apple Music even in an unstable mobile Internet and consume a minimum amount of traffic.

Nevertheless, if we are talking about improving the sound quality, then all Apple Music users should definitely try to enable the same “High Quality”.

Even more or less stable 3G is already enough for playing tracks from a streaming service, LTE in general with a head. But in this case, traffic will fly away almost 3-4 times faster, so it’s better to think about unlimited.

Listen to uncompressed audio. Yes, that’s how you can

In 2018, users are still divided into two types: the first souls do not like streaming services like Apple Music, but the latter continue to advocate audio recordings without compression.

If you are thinking about improving the sound quality from your iPhone and you are not critical of using Apple Music, try the Flacbox app (free purchases).

With this program, you can open almost any music file on your iPhone. To do this, you don’t even need to download it. you can use cloud storage, a computer connected to Wi-Fi and PowerDrive flash drives.

Use FLAC files for maximum playback quality. Some argue that today the difference between compressed and uncompressed music is almost impossible to hear, but this is by no means the case.

Mix recordings into a musical set

If we are not talking about personal listening to musical compositions, but about group listening, in this case it is not just high-quality sound that comes first, but playback that is not interrupted by pauses.

Next time you get your friends together and throw a party, be sure to try apps that mix selected songs without pauses.

iOS 14.4.2 is Out!. What’s New?

The most famous of these programs is djay Pro for iPhone (749 rubles). Free counterpart. Pacemaker Music.

It’s enough just to create a playlist from your favorite recordings, connect your iPhone to louder speakers and turn on the automix.

Such applications are especially relevant for the holidays, and before the New Year they need to learn how to use them 100%.

great ways to improve sound on iPhone. Try it!

Apple devices have always delivered balanced sound to suit the vast majority of music genres. However, not all users are satisfied with it.

If you’re one of those looking to improve the sound of your iPhone music, these tips are just for you. We’ve put together some of the simplest recommendations for improving playback quality to help you get more out of your music.

Adjust the equalizer for your headphones

Many third-party applications (the same Flacbox) will give you access not to a simple, but to a multi-band equalizer for 10 “tracks” with a preamplifier and a whole fan of pre-prepared settings-presets.

It helps you customize the sound for your personal sense of beauty: get the most out of your headphones or iPhone speaker.

The only pity is that Flacbox and similar applications cannot access Apple Music.

Customize playback in Music

In the “Settings” “Music” “Playback” menu, you can work with three items:

Equalizer. You can experiment with this item, depending on the equipment that you use with the iPhone:

  • Low is great if you are using Airpods.
  • “Late Night” will increase the playback volume through the speakers.
  • “Loudness” flattens the sound along a “equal loudness” curve, and this improves it at low volumes.

Use Volume Limit if the source you use most often does not play well at maximum. Otherwise, disable.

Volume Correction aligns the level of the current song with the previous one. To make each song play more emotionally, it is better to turn this setting off.

iPod touch

iOS 13 is available for download. Direct links

Here is Apple and released the first beta of iOS 13 to authorized developers.

We offer you to download the operating system faster directly from Apple servers. Below is the download link:

There is no profile this time. The firmware is installed ONLY via iTunes

UPD: updated links again. Must download fast! VPN may be required.

UPD 05.06: replaced all links with new ones.

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Tim Cook: Epic wants to turn the App Store into a flea market

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iOS 11 iPhone 5s Compatible Devices

All iPhones that fall under the iPhone 5 series and up are compatible with the iOS 10 operating system. But for iOS 11, it won’t. According to various reports, iOS 11 will be compatible with the iPhone 5s or higher series. So if you’re not sure what iPhone model number you have, just go to your phone’s “settings” and click on “phone options”. You will get all the details about your phone and can check if your phone is compatible with iOS 11 or not.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iOS 11 iPhone 5s

iOS 11 Compatibility (Complete List)

Will iOS 11 support iPhone 5s, 5c, 5?

iOS 11 Compatibility: As Apple has already launched the highly anticipated iOS 10 software, fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of the next generation of the operating system. But before iOS 11, the biggest question is: what can we expect from this operating system and, most importantly, which devices will support iOS 11.

iOS 14.4 is Out. What’s New?

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of devices for iOS compatible devices, especially iPhones, iPads and iPods, that are eligible for this new operating system. Therefore, before the long-awaited operating system, you need to check your Apple device.

Will iOS 11 support iPhone 5 and 5c?

The iPhone 5C, unfortunately, will not receive the iOS 11 update. The reason is that the 5C runs on 32-bit applications. 5C iPhone does not support 64-bit applications. And with iOS 11, there will only be 64-bit apps. This means that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C will be removed from the regular iPhone suite and only the iPhone 5s model will continue to be supported. It is interesting to note that the last released operating system, iOS 10, was discontinued support for the iPhone 4. Going by tradition, we expect that support for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C will end this season for the iPhone.

Will support iOS 11 on iPad mini 3?

Just like iPhones, not all iPads will be compatible with iOS 11. iOS 10 will work with iPad mini 2 and above models. But for iPads too, the scenario will change in iOS 11. According to our sources, iPad mini 3 and higher will be compatible with iOS 11. So check the list below:

  • for iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • for iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • IPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • 4th generation iPad
  • IPad mini 4
  • IPad mini 3

For players, the compatibility will be different. The update only applies to the 6th generation iPod will be compatible with iOS 10 and it seems that only this device will be compatible with iOS 11.

IPhone activation process

Before turning on your iPhone, check to see if you have a SIM card of the correct size (micro for older models and nano for newer). Activation will fail without a SIM. You will also need a wireless Internet connection (or cellular connection) or a computer with iTunes (as an option for restoring a backup). And only after you are convinced of all the listed steps, you can safely hold down the Power button (or hold down the lower volume and lock buttons on iPhone 10 and above).

There are no legal methods to activate a device without a SIM card! In versions iOS 7 and higher / lower, such a vulnerability did exist, but since iOS 7.1.2 it has been fixed.

Data recovery from backup if required

Everything is simple here: when completely deleting data, make a backup copy, and then, when setting up a new gadget, select “Restore from iCloud copy”. Log in with your ID and find the most recent backup in the list. Recovery may take several minutes, and the process cannot be interrupted!

How the two terms “activation” and “Apple’s warranty” are related

Many users, who have picked up an Apple device for the first time, ask themselves the question, what is the meaning of the warranty when starting up for the first time or restarting from scratch? The fact is that the activation process is accompanied by an automatic start of the warranty period from Apple. The warranty period does not start on the day of purchase, but from the moment the Apple ID account was created (or re-authorized).

Important note! The initial text “Hello” (Hello and other greetings in different languages) in no way signals that the device is new. This inscription appears regardless of whether the device is new straight out of the box or used with discarded content.

How to activate iPhone

Having become the happy owner of a gadget from Apple, you will have to understand not only the system, but also understand how to activate it. Launching is required for the device to start working. This process is easier than it sounds, and the setup itself will take a few minutes. The user may be surprised by the number of lines and fields that need to be filled in completely. In the article material, we will tell you what to enter and choose in each of them. Follow the instructions below carefully, and if you do everything right, then there should be no problems. We will analyze all possible ways to activate a new iPhone.

The activation process may vary slightly. it all depends on the specific model of the gadget. But, in general, the procedure is identical for every Apple device, and the instructions below will work for any model. If you are holding an iPhone in your hands for the first time and / or have switched to a device from the Android operating system, then we suggest reading this detailed guide and learn how to activate on a new device.

Why activation is needed

As mentioned above, to activate means to make the very first turn on if you just took the device out of the box and removed the protective film. Or just turn it on, if the phone was flashed before or the settings were reset.

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Activation is the initial setting of the gadget’s parameters, namely: language, region of residence, selection of a backup copy (if there is one: described below) and calibration of some additional functions and services. If you have already activated the iPhone, then some of the points should be familiar to you, otherwise. read our detailed article to the end.

Activation is also required for the device to identify your cellular operator and register it in the network database. After the owner inserts a SIM card and turns on the device, the iPhone sends information from the SIM, namely, a unique IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) ​​code. In a matter of seconds, all data is analyzed, all information is confirmed, and it is also checked whether the subscriber can access the requested network in which he is located.

Activation via iTunes

Another method of activating the “apple” device is to enable it for further work through the iTunes utility. The multifunctional program allows you to organize space, buy and download content, back up or delete data. It can be downloaded for free on the official Apple website. For the following instructions, you can not do without a PC and a USB cable.

  • Connect the USB cable to the computer (for smooth operation it is better to use the original one);
  • The program should start automatically. If it doesn’t, turn it on yourself;
  • Wait a while for the utility to recognize the connected gadget and connect to the company’s servers;
  • On the left side of the screen, find the icon of your device and click on it;
  • The program will ask you to log in to the Apple ID. Register or log in with your username and password. You can skip this step and create an account after complete setup, but, most importantly, do not forget to do it later;
  • The next step is iTunes will offer to restore the backup or start the iPhone as new;
  • Wait a while. The iPhone should restart. After that, setting up the phone is no different from the previous instructions.

Selectively clear history in Safari on iPhone

If you want to get rid of only some of the tabs in your history, then this method is for you, because it allows you to save all user data from other sites, and also gives you the ability to manually select those links that you want to hide.

To selectively delete views in Safari, you need to do the following: 1. Unlock your iPhone 2. Download the Safari app. 3. Tap the open book icon (bookmarks), which is usually found at the bottom of the screen on iPhone and top left on iPad. 4. Next, find a small clock icon and click on it. 5. You should see a log of all the websites you have viewed recently. 6. On the panel below, click on the “Clear” option.

Now you can choose what exactly and for how long you want to delete. By default, you will be prompted to clear: the list of website visits for the last hour, for the whole day, for the day, or for the entire time.

How to Delete History in Safari on iPhone / iOS

With this guide, you will learn how to quickly, reliably and easily clear all website history from the Safari browser on your iPhone so that no one can spy on your secrets.

Clearing Safari’s history will not only hide your browsing on various websites, it will also make the program run faster. Therefore, if you are tired of frequent freezing or you just decided to clear your browsing history on your iPhone, then follow the instructions in this instruction.

If you need professional help in troubleshooting any iPhone system problems, you can always turn to the iLab masters for help.

How to clear all browsing history in Safari on iPhone

This method will be useful when you find a serious “freeze” in the Safari browser, not related to the lack of the Internet or external breakdowns, it will also be useful for those who want to completely get rid of the list of all viewed websites, cookies and some entered passwords that you entered in the “Safari” browser.

In order to completely clear the list of visits in the “Safari” browser, you need to: 1. Unlock your iPhone 2. Go to “Settings” of your iPhone.3. Scroll down to the Safari tab. 4. Once you open it, find the “Clear history and website data” tab. 5. Then just confirm your choice. 6. All browsing data from Safari will be erased in a few seconds.

Important! If you do not want to get rid of cookies and connected notifications, you can use the first cleaning method by selecting “Clear Safari History All Time”.

Why I Can’t Update iPhone?

If you’re still having trouble installing the latest iOS or iPadOS, try downloading the update again. Go to the Settings menu General Storage [device]. Find the update in the list of programs. Select it and click “Uninstall update”.

When iOS 13 comes out on iPhone 7?

iOS 13 and iPadOS were presented at the Developer Showcase (WWDC19) on June 3, 2019. The first beta is only available to registered developers. The public beta is expected to be available in July 2019 and the final release to all users in the fall of 2019.

How to update iOS on iPhone 7?

Updating your device wirelessly

  • Put the device on charge and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the “Settings” “General” and then click “Software Update”.
  • Click Download and Install.
  • Click Install to start the update.
  • Enter a password if required.

How to update iOS to 14?

To install the beta version of iOS 14, you need to install a special profile on the iPhone. it is available on the official Apple website. You just need to log in to this page, download the profile and install it on your smartphone. After that, the iPhone will offer to download a new update. this is the beta of iOS 14.

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Is it possible to install iOS 13 on iPhone 7?

Yes, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus support iOS 13 as we predicted.

How to update apps on iPhone?

Manually update apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Click the profile icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down for pending updates and release notes. Click Update next to the app to update it only, or click Update All.

IOS short commands: what it is and how to set it up

With the release of iOS 12, it became possible to reduce the number of our body movements using short commands from the new Teams application. Now you can do several actions at once with one click. We will tell you what “Commands” are and how to use them.

And it is more difficult to eat?

Yes. In the application, you can set scripts. they can be loops or requests for the value of variables in applications. For example, here’s how to paste the site URL into Notes:

Or a script to download YouTube videos without a premium account and other third-party applications:

Installing the application

To start using the commands, you need to install a special application from the AppStore. It looks like a control panel where all your commands will be collected. This is where you will add new ones to your library.

Why are quick commands needed

Quick commands help automate our daily tasks. Suppose you are driving in a car, and your friends are constantly distracted by the question: “Well, when will you arrive already?” In order not to write messages in the messenger yourself every time, you can make a quick command with a short answer. information about your geolocation. And this is far from the only use case.

With Commands, you can make your daily tasks easier. But here it should be borne in mind that this works best with applications from Apple, so you may not find settings for third-party applications in standard tools. For example, through Safari you can get information about a web page or execute JavaScript, and through Chrome without hemorrhoids you can only open the page.

How to make a simple command

To create a command, go to the Commands app and click on New Command:

You will open a control panel with categories, where you can set your commands:

Select the desired application or action from the general list, and now it will be available by one button or voice command. Thus, it is very convenient to open sites or applications through Siri.

For example, you have a favorite site, and it is not always convenient to constantly enter its address. To make your life easier, ask the simplest command in the application:

To enable Siri to activate the command, open the settings (icon with two toggle switches) and click on “Add for Siri”. The voice assistant will open and ask you to come up with a voice command:

Which iOS on iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5sForm factor monoblockDimensions58.6 × 123.8 × 7.6mmWeight112gOperating systemiOS 7.0 (start). iOS 12.4.8 (July 15, 2020) 26 more lines

How often is the iPhone updated?

Every new iPhone gets more powerful and more efficient. Unsurprisingly, users are in no rush to buy the next iteration of the Apple smartphone. The average user refreshes their iPhone once every 3 years.

How much memory is on the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5GraphicsPowerVR SGX543MP3 (Part of the Apple A6 chip) RAM1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM Flash 16GB / 32GB / 64GB Battery Li-ion, 3.8V, 5.45Wh (1440) 28 more lines

How much memory does iPhone 5 SE have?

iPhone SE Flash memory 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB Battery Li-ion, 1624 mAh Input Microphone, touch screen, acceleration and orientation sensor, COMPASS, TouchID (1st generation) Screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels, density 326 ppi, 800: 1 contrast ratio, 500 cd / m2 brightness, 23 more lines

How many GB is 11 iPhone?

The phone will be available with 64, 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal flash memory. The display of the device is made in LCD IPS technology and has a diagonal of 6.06 inches. The battery capacity has increased from the iPhone XR by 168 mAh and is now 3110 mAh. The amount of RAM is 4 GB.

Can I upgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 11?

Apple has already confirmed that iOS 11 will be available for “iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation, iPad Mini 2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.” So no surprises here. Since iPhone 5 remains on iOS 10, smartphone owners will not be able to use the new emoji from iOS 11.

What memory does the iPhone 6s have?

iPhone 6s Processor Apple A9 1.8 GHz 2 cores 64 bits RAM 2 GB Flash memory 16, 32, 64, 128 GB Memory card not available 25 lines more

What’s the latest version on the iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5s was released in 2013 and was the first Apple smartphone with a 64-bit processor. Updates came to the smartphone even five years after the release, although usually Apple stops supporting such devices. The latest version of the system available on the iPhone 5s at the moment is iOS 12.2.

What is the maximum memory of an iPhone?

Apple has continued the tradition this year, but in vain. According to insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as OnLeaks, this year Apple has significantly increased the amount of RAM in its smartphones. So, the iPhone 11 received 4 GB, and 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. 6 GB each.

How often is the iPhone updated?

Every new iPhone gets more powerful and more efficient. Unsurprisingly, users are in no rush to buy the next iteration of the Apple smartphone. The average user refreshes their iPhone once every 3 years.