What is the format of books for iPhone

What are the formats of e-books

ePub is the recommended format for e-books. The layout is floating, i.e. adapts to the size of the reader’s screen. Supported by almost all mobile devices, tablets and readers.

mobi. format for reading books on Kindle devices.

PDF is a fixed layout format, the pages correspond to a printed book. Suitable for reading on computers and large screens.

PDF (spread or spreads) is a format with a fixed layout, written in spreads (this is how some creative and children’s books do, in which there are many illustrations for a spread). For example:

format, books, iphone

fb2. format with floating layout, suitable for readers; on other devices fb2 is also played.

In what format to download books on iPhone

The native e-book formats for the iPhone are the iBooks app formats.

So there are two forms that can be used for iPhone:

  • EPub (Electronic Publication).
  • PDF (Portable Document Format).

In the iBooks program, books look great, they turn over. The size of the font can be made larger right in the process of reading.

Which e-book format is better to choose and which application is better to read

When choosing an application for reading, keep in mind that it is not only about how beautifully the pages are flipped in it and how many colors there are for bookmarks, but also how the application interprets the files. Some applications, for example, ignore some of the tags and symbols (Stanza, Tucan applications do not understand the non-breaking space character, which is why the reader receives a book with stuck together prepositions).

For devices using electronic ink (they are also readers, they are e-books; examples of devices: Book, Bookeen Cybook, Digma and others), ePub and fb2 are suitable (for older models).

The main electronic format is ePub. It conveys the most formatting elements among floating-type formats.

Fb2 is a format that simplifies a lot, therefore it is suitable for devices with disabilities to display books (some devices on e-ink).

If you like fixed layout. read PDF anywhere.

  • If you have an iOS device, it is better to read in ePub format in the native iBooks application (available on all devices, synchronized).
  • Android devices. ePub in Google Play Books or Mantano Reader apps.
  • Windows Phone devices. ePub, e.g. in the Bookviser Reader app.


But you can read on the iPhone in another format FB2 (Fiction Book). This is a specialized format for viewing books. Only for this format the iBooks program will not work. You will need “Aichitalka”.

You can upload no more than 100 of your books and each book should not exceed 5 MB. these are the terms of use.

All books loaded into the memory of the reader, regardless of the source, are automatically sorted and organized on a beautifully designed virtual bookshelf.


This type of markup assumes that all elements have a clearly fixed position on the page with a clearly specified size. This markup has a format that most closely resembles a physical medium, such as a page of a regular paper book. Everything in its place and no adaptation. On devices, adaptation most often looks like scaling with all of this ensuing consequences. What looks acceptable on a computer screen is already too small on a tablet, and on a smartphone screen you cannot see it at all. Well, playing with zooming in and out turns into torture for the reader.

An example of displaying fixed markup

This format is suitable when you know for sure that your work will be read on a medium with a specific size, under which your work will be laid out. Initially, it is assumed that this markup was developed for further printing of the work, therefore it indicates the size and format of the future medium. We do not recommend using this markup for e-books, as it limits the reading area of ​​books to devices with a certain screen size.

The most common digital representation of this markup is PDF, but EPUB also supports it.

We decided to tabulate popular formats and show support for various markup inside them.

Reflowable Fixed-layout format
ePub perfect support good support since version 3.0
PDF not ideal for rigid marking
FB2 complete not
TXT complete not
MOBI complete good

We figured out the layout. Now let’s take a look at the most exciting moment for authors. copyright.

About the FictionBook format

Popular under the name FB2. It is popular mainly in Russia and in the post-Soviet space, so you can safely call it a national format.

Nevertheless, this format contains logical markup, the book is divided into sections, which can be poems or prose. However, the format itself is very limited because not only there is no support for complex layout and formulas, but also banal things like bulleted lists.

There is an idea of ​​the FB3 format, an improved FB2, judging by the description, which is a clone of the ePub format. It uses a similar zip archive and separates files into description, text and pictures. Dmitry Gribov is intensively working on a new format and we hope that he will delight the authors with new opportunities.

This format is well suited for simple fiction written in Russian.

Choosing the best format for your e-book

Sometimes it seems that deciding on the format is quite difficult, there are so many of them and each has its own advantages. Many authors ask themselves the question: “How to choose a format for an e-book?” We conducted our analysis of the formats and found out which is the best format for ordinary books. We have carefully studied many formats, and considered them both from the point of view of the convenience of the reader and from the point of view of the convenience of the author. Let’s dive into the details a little and see what influenced our choice.

Reflowable markup

You can translate into Russian as fluid, adaptive or floating. Allows you to fit the contents of the book to the device screen, change the color and size of the font. Ideal for ordinary books with simple text. novels, poems, technical literature. Those. anything where clear image anchoring or complex visual presentation is not required.

This markup is not suitable for visual interactive books and children’s books with many illustrations, that is, those that require spatial referencing of graphics, various combinations of pictures and frames. By itself, the EPUB format allows you to create interactive books, but the responsive design of such books. this is real art.

Using this markup is ideal when you don’t know exactly where and how your book will be reproduced. Due to the flexibility of the layout, the book will be correctly displayed on almost any device, from a computer to any smart watch. Plus, this markup is perfect for people with disabilities.

Why ePub is the best format?

During the development of our services, we studied some technical nuances that affect the appearance and work with an e-book.

Let’s start with the simplest thing. managing the display of the book. Those. the ability for the reader to change the font size and page orientation. EPUB adapts perfectly to device screen size or font size changes. I would like to note that the specification states that in fact the format supports 2 layout modes. the first (reflowable), when you can change these parameters, and the second (fixed-layout), when you can clearly indicate what is where.

Let’s consider the layout modes in more detail.

IBooks for iPhone book formats. ePub

Today we will consider the iBooks application as such a program. Why iBooks? Because it was developed by Apple specialists. iBooks can be considered a semi-standard application, since the first versions of iBooks came with the iOS operating system.

Accordingly, the native book formats for the iPhone are the book formats of the iBooks application. Therefore, put the iBook and choose the following formats for your iPhone:

In PDF format, I mainly download various instructions, white papers and schematics. For a full reading, choose books in ePub format.

Help with iBooks

In the iBooks application, only ePab books look like real ones, pages are scrolled like living ones, covers are supported, there is navigation both by page and by content. all this is very convenient and nice. Therefore, to the question. What is the most suitable book format for the iPhone? I will answer with confidence. ePub.

You can read ePub books not only with iBooks, there are other ePub readers that support this format.

Choosing a book format for iPhone

Every Apple iPhone owner who is interested in literature or just loves to read sometimes, sooner or later asks the question:

Indeed, there are a lot of text book formats, as well as many applications for reading these very books on the iPhone. In order to understand the native formats of books, we need to decide on an application for reading books, because without a special program, the iPhone will not be able to open the book at all.

Fb2 book format for Apple iPhone

Among mobile book formats, ePub has a competitor:

For reading books in the Fb2 format, iBooks will no longer work, for Fb2 you need to install other readers that support this format. We already got acquainted with one of such programs earlier, the application is called Aichitalka. The Aychtalka application works with the Fb2 format and looks very similar to iBooks.

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Those who don’t like the Fb2 format convert it to ePub using all kinds of converters made in the form of programs or on-line services. Other users keep in their arsenal of applications some of the best or just convenient iPhone readers and use them as needed.

How to upload books to iBooks via iTunes over Wi-Fi

Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.

Select your device and on the Overview tab, turn on the “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi” switch.

Click Finish.

After applying the settings, you can disconnect iPhone from the computer. the connection with iTunes will not be disconnected. This means that you can download books to iBooks without the need to connect the device to a PC or Mac using a cable. You can also delete books from iPhone via Wi-Fi.

How to read books on iPhone via iBooks

There are many different book reading apps on the App Store. However, most of them are either inconvenient to use, in particular, when loading books into the application, or paid. Not everyone knows that there is no need to look for a specialized tool for reading books on the iPhone. IOS has a great application for this. Speech in this manual, as you already understood, will focus on iBooks.

iBooks is Apple’s official book reading app. Over the past few years, iBooks has evolved from a not-so-good “reader” into an excellent tool that is both flexible and allows you to download books as quickly as possible. Surprised to hear this about iBooks? So you haven’t tried to use it for a long time, but now we will explain everything.

How to upload books to iBooks via iTunes

Launch iTunes and go to the “Books” section. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, then you can download the latest version of the utility on the official Apple website.

Note: if the “Books” section is not displayed, click “Edit menu” and activate the section by clicking on the switch of the same name.

Click the Library tab and drag EPUB or PDF books or documents into the iTunes window. If suddenly, for some reason, the transfer fails, add books manually using the menu “File” → “Add file to the library” (or “Add folder to the library” if you want to download several books at once, which are collected in one directory).

Connect iPhone to Computer and Select it in iTunes.

Select the “Books” tab and activate the “Sync Books” switch.

Click “All Books” to transfer all books to iPhone or “Selected Books” to transfer specific.

After completing the selection, click “Finish”. Opening iBooks after syncing has finished, you will see books placed on the shelves that you can already read.

As you can see, loading books into iBooks cannot be called the easiest operation, in particular, due to the fact that you have to connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable. Fortunately, wires can be omitted.

What book formats does iBooks support?

iBooks works with two file formats. EPUB and PDF. The now popular FB2 book format is not supported by the application, but finding an alternative on the Internet is not difficult for almost all books. Also at your service are various converters that instantly one file format to another without a strong loss of quality.

How to download books to iBooks via mobile Safari

Downloading books to iBooks is possible without the help of iTunes at all. To do this, however, you need to find the right book or document on the Internet.

Open Safari and go to any online library site that can download EPUB or PDF books (like this one).

Find the book you need using the search.

On the book page, find a direct link to download the book in the formats you already know.

In the window that opens, scroll up and click on the “Open in iBooks” button. The book will be added to your library.

The first article in the How to Read Books on iPhone series is complete. You can now upload your favorite books to iBooks in three different ways. However, alternative applications are no less good and we talked about them in these articles:

What book formats can be used for iPad

Many people use an apple device not only to watch videos, but also to read their favorite books in electronic format. Given this trend, the developers have found an opportunity to use a different format for books for the iPad. There are many applications in the App Store for this purpose, we will tell you about the most popular.

Types of formats and programs for reading

Considering that the format of books for iPad is diverse, it is important to choose a special application for opening, the so-called Reader. Below we will consider the most convenient types of formats.

One of the most suitable for an Apple device is the iPad ePub book format. It is considered “native” for the device, and you can open files with this extension using iBooks. In recent versions of iOS, this utility is usually bundled with the mobile OS.

Before the release of iOS 8, the program was not included in the OS, but it can be easily found and downloaded from the App Store.

IBooks has convenient bookmarks, and you can also synchronize with all your apple devices via iCloud. Among the shortcomings, one can single out only that there is no synchronization with alternative platforms.

If you are interested in the most common book format for iPad and other devices, then definitely PDF. Files with this extension can be read both on a personal computer and on a phone or tablet. Documents have high-quality formatting, vivid images, etc. You can also read PDF files through iBooks.

Features of e-books with this extension:

  • the best format to store and view logs;
  • wide range of Reader applications;
  • PDF files can be easily scaled to fit different screen sizes.

Besides iBooks, GoodReader is a great application for opening PDF documents. With this utility, you can quickly download documentation from attachments to your mail, use WebDAV and FTP. Using the Good Reader engine, you can effortlessly process massive documents with a volume of several hundred megabytes. Disadvantage. the program is paid, the price in the App Store is 4.99 USD.

The FB2 book format on the iPad is best known only on mobile devices. iBooks does not open documentation with such an extension, for this it is better to use KyBook.

  • Supports ePub, FB2, FBZ, PDF, TXT, CHM, AudioBook and ComicBook formats;
  • works with archived documentation with ZIP and RAR extensions;
  • gives access to a huge collection of free books;
  • provides the ability to flexibly adjust the display of text;
  • simple internal navigation through the document using content, bookmarks and notes;
  • has built-in support for GoogleBooks, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex.Disk.

If you are interested in what format of books the iPad supports for easy viewing of scientific literature, then, of course, DjVu. In fact, electronic files with this extension are ordinary images (most often scanned books, technical manuals, etc.). DjVu is often used for textbooks and various technical documentation. The best way to view electronic documents of this kind is through the DjVu Reader. Among the features of the program are:

  • compatibility with popular archive formats (ZIP, RAR, etc.);
  • the presence of speech synthesis;
  • convenient navigation.

This is the simplest type of electronic documents. On the iPad, you can use many programs to open texts with this extension. Among the disadvantages of TXT files. there are not many opportunities for regulating text documentation, there are no illustrations and beautiful markup.

Alternative way

Despite the fact that the format for iPad e-books is diverse, we will bring to your attention one more convenient option for reading documentation on an apple tablet. open it through The eBook Converter. This application converts any electronic document from iBooks to formats such as the aforementioned ePub, PDF, FB2, as well as MOBI, AZV, Lit, LFR and others. The price of the converter in the App Store is 2.99 USD.

In the App Store, you can find even more software products for reading, and in which format to download books for iPad is up to the user.

How to download files for iBooks?

To download new books for iBooks via iTunes, you need to perform a couple of simple steps:

  • go to iTunes on your computer, go to the “Books” section;
  • after going to the library, you need to drag the selected files to the iTunes tab. If this does not happen automatically, then use the manual method;
  • then synchronize the gadget with your PC, select iTunes;
  • go to the “Books” section and click “Synchronize files”;
  • select all the books or just the ones you need by highlighting them in the field;
  • after transferring, click on “Finish” so that the files can be read on the phone;
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Downloading via Safari

Sometimes it is possible not to resort to long downloads via iTunes, using only Safari. But then you need to find the desired file on the Internet in advance. This is done easily:

  • go to Safari and any library on the Internet with the required formats;
  • select the book you want;
  • follow the link to download files;
  • then go to the “Open file in iBooks” section;

Synchronization will take place automatically, so you will be able to read the work immediately after displaying it on the library shelf.

What book formats to use for iPhone

Those who use the iPhone and love to read will sooner or later begin to think about the format in which to download books to the iPhone, because there are many of them, but not all are suitable for the phone of this company. The format of books for the iPhone must be “special”, otherwise the gadget will simply not be able to download the downloaded book. Therefore, now we will figure out what is better to download and how to use.

iBooks for iPhone. ePub

Let’s emphasize that it is better to download books for the iPhone through iBooks, and the main reason for this is that it was Apple that developed it. Also iBooks is considered a “golden classic”, as it was built into the first operating systems of phones and did not require additional downloads. The application works with the following reading formats:

Documents, charts, contracts and other technical files are often downloaded in PDF format. After all, it will not work normally to read and flip through a book in this form.

Fb2 format for Apple

Fb2 is considered the main alternative to the formats described above, but for it you need to download the reader separately. Since iBooks does not support this formatting for files. We advise you to download Aichitalka, which has a similar appearance, management and navigation.

There is another way out: you can convert the Fb2 format to ePub through an online service or built-in program. But it’s better to download several e-readers for reading books in different formats, so that you are ready for any situation.

What else do we recommend?

If we figured out the question of which format of books on the iPhone is more suitable, then with applications it is not completely. If you do not like the ones described above, then you can try these:

  • Bookmate, which does not cost a penny, reads all formats, allows you to put notes in the margins and choose the external design to your liking;
  • Stanza is considered a universal reader, because it is suitable even for documentation or graphic files. It’s also free;
  • The ShortBook is optimized for the iPhone, but costs around 5;

The main thing is to keep track of the format of books for applications, and you can read them anywhere!

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IBooks for iPhone book formats. ePub

Today we will consider the iBooks application as such a program. Why iBooks? Because it was developed by Apple specialists. iBooks can be considered a semi-standard application, since the first versions of iBooks came with the iOS operating system.

Accordingly, the native book formats for the iPhone are the book formats of the iBooks application. Therefore, put the iBook and choose the following formats for your iPhone:

In PDF format, I mainly download various instructions, white papers and schematics. For a full reading, choose books in ePub format.

In the iBooks application, only ePab books look like real ones, pages are scrolled like living ones, covers are supported, there is navigation both by page and by content. all this is very convenient and nice. Therefore, to the question. What is the most suitable book format for iPhone ? I will answer with confidence. ePub.

How to add a book to iBooks

You can upload a book to Ibuks in several ways:

  • Download directly to your tablet. Open a browser, for example Safari, go to any site where free books are distributed in PDF or ePub format, download the one you like, the iBook application will automatically appear in the field.
  • Via a computer, iTunes (Tuna). Connect your tablet to your computer, after turning on iTunes on it, then drag the files in the correct format to your device, which should appear in Tuna. Everything.
  • Via email. If you have connected mail to your tablet, then you can send books from your computer to your e-mail. Next, you need to go to your box through your tablet, find a letter with your books and open them one by one. Your tablet will automatically prompt you to add these books to iBooks. Everything.

Book formats for iPad

Reading literary works, text materials is a fascinating pastime. It remains only to find out which book formats the iPad supports. other “apple” devices. It is equally important to know how to download e-books to your device.

iPad supports many different e-book formats:

The App Store has a large selection of different reading apps. In addition, from many web resources, you can easily download books of any literary genre in electronic form for free. Therefore, an unambiguous answer to the question in which format is it better to download books to your gadget, which libraries should you focus on.

The above listed book formats for ipad are quite enough for convenient, comfortable reading of your favorite literary works. Therefore, we will dwell on each of them in more detail, consider how convenient this or the format of books for iPad.

The EPUB format is “native”, one can say the main one for all iPad models. This program often comes in a package with the mobile OS iOS, so it is likely that it is already installed on your tablet.

On the Web, the App Store, on various websites, you can find quite a few different e-books in this format. It is this format that is supported by the free application for reading e-books from Apple. iBooks, which has good functionality, has many useful options (font setting, dark theme).

The trump cards of the “tablet reader” iBooks can be called free, Apple support. In addition, iBooks is the best option for reading books on iPad with small screens. The only drawback appeared after the release of iOS 7. The program changed its design familiar to many users, which, to put it mildly, many did not like. We can say that the program has become more minimalistic, loved ones have disappeared for many

Upload your books to iBooks

To download books to iBooks from your computer, you need to use iTunes.

Launch iTunes, select File. add to Library from its menu. and choose the book you want to download. Please note that it must be either in PDF format. or ePub. the iBooks app only supports these formats. Downloaded books appear in your iTunes library under Books.

Connect iPhone via cable or don’t connect in case of wi-fi synchronization (for devices running iOS 5.0 and higher). Select your iPhone in the list of devices and go to the Books tab. Here, by the way, the synchronization of both text and audiobooks is configured, but for now we are talking about the first. Check the box “Sync books”, and mark which ones. all, or manually selected, only in ePub-format (iTunes simply calls them “books”) or PDF files too. Done: after syncing, new books will appear on the shelves of iBooks in your iPhone.

In iTunes, you can also edit some properties of books: go back to the Books tab of the library, select the book you want, right-click and select Information (on Mac computers, you can press the Cmdi keyboard shortcut). Here

How to download iBooks for iPad

In order to download the iBook program on the iPad, you need to follow this link https://iTunes.Apple.com/ru/app/ibooks/id364709193?mt=8. then click on the “Install” button and in a few minutes an application icon will appear on your desktop. The size of iBuks is 43.1 MB. The app is free.

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Every Apple iPhone owner who is interested in literature or just loves to read sometimes, sooner or later asks the question:

Indeed, there are a lot of text book formats, as well as many applications for reading these very books on the iPhone. In order to understand the native formats of books, we need to decide on an application for reading books, because without a special program, the iPhone will not be able to open the book at all.

What else is interesting on the iBooks bookshelf?

The button in the middle at the top allows you to switch between different shelves: by default there are two, for Epub books (iBooks simply calls them “books”) and PDF files.

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You can create your own shelves with any name. It is very convenient to move between shelves by simply flipping the screen; books can be dragged from shelf to shelf. If the view of the shelves does not seem compact enough to you, you can switch the mode, then the books will be displayed in a simple list.

What is the format of books on iPhone and iPad

Nowadays, it is not necessary to buy a special e-book reader. Our iPhones and iPads allow you to open any books and documents in the most convenient way. The only difficulty for users may arise when choosing the correct format for a book or document.

How to Download ANY Book or Textbook for FREE Directly on Your iPhone or iPad!

The standard application for reading books on iPhone and iPad, iBooks, only supports two formats: ePub and PDF. The developers from Apple do not implement support for more formats for one simple reason. books, magazines and documents in already supported formats are widespread on the Web and there is a lack of them.

In addition, there are many services on the Internet that allow you to convert one e-book format to another. For example, in order to make a book in ePub format from a book in the FB2 format, which is also one of the most popular, it is enough to go to this site and “feed” him the book he needs.

For documents, you can use another online converter, smallpdf.com, to be able to open them through the iBooks app. With its help, you can convert to PDF any types of documents, including tables. Both services offered are free.

If you don’t want to constantly convert books and documents, then you can use third-party “readers”. Some of the most popular are Bookmate and Aychitalka, and documents can be viewed and edited using the Documents 5 app by Readdle.

And one more useful tip for those who like to read from the iPhone or iPad screen. Use this guide to learn how to dim your screen as much as possible for easy reading in the evening and at night. Your eyes will thank you.

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In what format to download the book to the computer?

On PC and laptop, email formats. books are reproduced in different ways. Txt, for example, is not very user-friendly due to its kind of text. You still have to find an application for playing books and already select the format for it.

What format of e-books does Windows XP read? Fb2 will do just fine for this task, but others will do the same. Again, depending on which reading program you choose.

If you are the owner of a MacBook, then everything is simple here. the format is the same as for other Apple devices, that is, epub.

E-book formats for your phone

Today, almost no one uses ordinary telephones with buttons, mostly convenient and multifunctional smartphones, the capabilities of which literally equate to computers.

If you decide that you will read books on your smartphone, you only need to know what OS is on it:

  • Android. In what format should I download books on Android? We advise you to choose the fb2 format as it will work with any program. But there is another suitable one. txt;
  • iOS. What is your priority book format for iPhone? iPhone supports epub format. In some cases, fb2 will do just fine.

E-book formats for e-readers

Readers are special devices for reading e-books. They are comfortable, portable, and a special screen will not let your eyes get tired even during prolonged reading. Such devices are both convenient and safe. You can create a huge library in one place.

  • The choice of the format of books for the Kindle is small, since the manufacturer Amazon itself (Amazon) has created its own format of e-books for its reader. But Kindle also reads txt fine;
  • The Paperwhite reader is also a gadget from the manufacturer Amazon. Accordingly, the format will be suitable for txt;
  • formats for e-books Book are suitable literally any. It perfectly reads epub, rtf, txt, fb2.

iBooks is a program for Apple gadgets. The choice of book formats for iBooks is not very diverse. iBooks only read epub.

Book download formats: which one to choose?

The popularity of paper books is gradually declining. This is not due to the fact that modern people have begun to read less. It’s just that paper editions are quite expensive, besides, you need to allocate a separate place in the house for storing them.

Another thing is e-books. They can be downloaded to any electronic device such as a computer, smartphone, e-reader, tablet. They do not take up much space, so you can literally create a library of your favorite books on your phone.

There are different formats for e-books. It is important to know which one is right for your gadget. And in what format is it better to download books for a particular device, we will analyze in this article.

E-book formats for tablets

A tablet is a convenient and multifunctional gadget. It is more powerful and larger than a phone, and therefore it has more capabilities. Plus, reading books on the big screen is even more convenient. But it’s smaller than a computer or laptop, so you can carry it with you everywhere.

To answer the question of in what format to download books to a tablet, again, you need to know what OS is on it. If this is Android, then, as in the case of the phone, two file options are suitable. fb2 and txt.

The choice of the format of books for iPad is small due to the specifics of the OS. For an iPad, epub is the best option. It is versatile and practical.

Basic e-book formats

Modern bibliophiles, thanks to special devices for reading e-books. readers or e-readers. have an excellent opportunity to carry thousands of works with them that can be read on the road, on vacation or at lunchtime.

We offer a brief overview of the main existing e-book formats.

EPUB (Electronic PUBlication)

Perhaps the most commonly used electronic file type supported by readers of all well-known manufacturers: Barnes Noble, Sony, book, Kindle, Onyx, Wexler, iBooks app for Apple devices, iPhone and iPad. The layout structure of such a document is similar to an archived HTML page with texts, graphics, embedded fonts, etc.

Initially supported only by Kindle readers, which are quite popular in Russia.

RTF (Rich Text Format)

The file type is not the most convenient for the reader due to the bulkiness of the file, and therefore the low speed of work with the reader.

KF8 (Kindle Format 8)

New format from Amazon. improved version of MOBI.

  • files are heavy enough for inexpensive readers;
  • in most cases, the page corresponds to A4, while ordinary readers are A5;
  • it is possible to change only the scale (but not the font);
  • most likely, the page on the reader can be read only in fragments, unless this is a version of the A6 page format or you have a reader with a 9-inch screen.

Designed as a repository for document scans. Features of the functionality are completely similar to PDF.

LRF is an old format for Sony readers that converts very badly into other types of files.

Applies to Amazon.com for Kindle readers only. This format is used for copy protection.

  • makes it possible to copy text of any format from another source;
  • supported by almost all readers;
  • the file is very light.

Meanwhile, this format does not provide for the presence of formatting and alignment elements, which makes it not the best option for a full-fledged virtual book.


Word editor format. Few reader devices provide convenient reading of a full-fledged e-book in this format.

FB2 (FictionBook)

The most widespread format in Russia. Benefits:

  • The content of the book on the readers is structured (chapters, cover, etc.).
  • User can sort files by author, genre, title and other tags contained in the original file.
  • The file is lightweight and can be zipped.
  • The file can be easily converted to other formats.
  • Russian text has hyphenation.
  • Not intended for books with illustrations: images inserted into the text cannot be seen in many readers.
  • This format was created by Russian developers and does not provide for use abroad, since it is not supported by Apple, Google, Barnes Noble and Amazon.