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USB WI-FI adapter from an old tablet

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Good day to all lovers of homemade products! In this article I would like to tell you how you can make USB. not just an adapter, but an adapter from an old tablet! Let’s imagine that you have a stationary computer, but there is no Internet connection on it, but you so want to have it, or you urgently need it, and there is no financial means. But there is a broken tablet, and good neighbors who distribute “free”. And all that is needed for this is the right materials and straight arms.

Materials for making this homemade product:
1) Board from a broken tablet
2) plug
3) 2 diodes
4) Wires
5) And, of course, the case (I took the old power supply).

Tools: soldering iron, solder, thermal gun, mounting hair dryer (if you don’t have one, you can just cut it off with metal scissors, as I did.)

First you need to get the tablet board out of the case and find it on it. I already found it before and cut it off with scissors for metal. Of course, you can unsolder, but it didn’t work for me and I just cut off.

Then we put it in the case, we solder the antenna, I soldered it to the plug. And only then I glued everything with hot melt glue.
Close the lid.

Tadaam! Here’s a homemade adapter! But that’s not all, you still need to find and download drivers.
To do this, we insert our adapter into the computer, and if you are lucky, then perhaps the driver will be automatically installed for you, and if it does not install, as it happened with me, then you need to download it from the Internet.

After the driver has not been installed, you need to go to the device manager. To do this, right-click on the “Computer” icon.
And in the device manager of devices we can see a new tab “Other devices” has been added, and under this heading there will be our device.

Then we also right-click, and then on “Properties”. A window will appear in which you need to open the “Information” tab and select “ID equipment”.

Two lines with symbols appeared, copy the first line. Open your browser and paste. I opened the first link that got there and downloaded from there. An archive will be downloaded, in which there will be a folder and in this folder there will be driver versions for each operating system.

We go back to the device manager and already select “Update drivers”. A window will appear again and in it you need to select “Search for drivers on this computer”. And indicate the folder where the driver is located. After installing the driver, the device is already determined. And it will appear in the “”.

In order to check the health of the adapter, I turned on the WI-FI router on my phone. And he really caught the network, but I could not check as there was no Internet on the phone.

P.S. I tried to distribute WI-FI from the adapter, and it turned out to distribute, but there was no Internet connection. Who is more experienced than me and knows how you can still distribute WI-FI, write in the comments, please. Thank you.

Well, this is not a tricky device. Minimum costs, but what a good result.!

What can be done from an old tablet ?! (part 2) Nutrition.

Now we can think about how we will power our clock. Since they will be in one place for me, I decided to remove the battery and power the tablet from a dc / dc buck converter. And in general, for most devices, especially Chinese brands that you plan to constantly power from the mains, I do not recommend leaving the battery, since with constant charging connected, it will not work for long, and we still need USB (OTG). If, nevertheless, you decide to leave it, remember the possible consequences, the most innocuous thing that can happen is the battery will quietly go into the “world of batteries” or be offended and “puffed up”, These are the dc / dc converter, there is also a smaller size, good have proven themselves in the nutrition of watches (tablets) and not only.

Now about the batteries, or rather, what we need to know about them in order to start our device without it:

1) Battery voltage.

The first thing you need to know is the voltage on the batteries (battery), This can be done in two ways, the most reliable one is to measure with a tester on the contacts of the battery itself or to determine by indirect signs, such as the type of battery connection (parallel or serial) or by the voltage of the charger from your tablet. Most modern tablets are powered by one or two (connected in parallel) batteries, have a voltage (depending on the charge) 3.6-4.2 V. Such tablets are usually charged from 5V power supplies. The second most popular (especially at the dawn of the first tablets) is powered by two batteries connected in series with a total voltage of 7.2. 8.4V. Such tablets are charged with chargers designed for a voltage of 9-12V. You can also find tablets with 19V chargers, but, as a rule, these are tablets with full-fledged Windows and relate more to laptops in hardware than to traditional tablets on ARM.

After we have decided on the voltage on our battery, we set the voltage required to power your tablet with a variable resistor at the output of the dc / dc converter, in the range from 4V to 4.2V or from 8V to 8.4V (which will indicate about 80-100% charged batteries) and solder the output of our dc / dc converter to the tablet board, instead of the battery.

As an input power supply for dc / dc, you can use switching power supplies for 12V 2A, this is more than enough to power the tablet.

2) Battery type.

precisely, this is the number of wires going from the battery to the board, here it should probably be divided into several cases:

The first and simplest option, as a rule, these are cheap tablets, are batteries with two wires. and (-), there should not be any difficulties in connecting dc / dc to such a tablet.

The second option, the most common, is a 3-wire battery. (-) and third wire (ID). As a rule, it is connected to a thermistor located on the battery protection board, it is quite simple to check it, you need to measure the resistance between the minus and the middle contact (ID), usually its resistance, at a temperature of 20 ° C, is 10 kOhm. Its resistance changes with the temperature of the battery, and if the temperature rises or falls, the tablet may stop charging the battery. This is for protection.

You can connect a dc / dc converter to a tablet with such a battery in several ways, the first is to carefully cut off or unsolder the protection board directly from the battery bank itself, and solder dc / dc in its place (battery banks). Thus, leaving the protection board in place, but this method does not always work and there are many nuances. The second way is to completely unsolder the battery, and connect dc / dc to the (-) contact, and between the minus and the third contact I solder the usual resistance with the nominal value that we measured earlier. Since the battery is removed, there is no need to measure its temperature anymore, in this way we “deceive” the tablet and make it “think” that the battery is in normal temperature mode.

It is also worth noting that on some devices on the middle contact of the battery, not resistance is measured, but potential (voltage). A voltage divider is already installed on the protection board, which also consists of a thermistor and a conventional resistance. In order to “cheat” the tablet, you need to add resistance and relative to the plus, thus obtaining a potential similar in parameters.

The third type of batteries, when a lot of wires come out of it, with such batteries problems may arise when they are connected, here of course everything depends on the specific tablet model. Perhaps our thermistor is simply brought out by separate wires, and perhaps more “smart batteries” have their own controllers that transmit data in digital form about the state of the battery (voltage, current, serial number, number of charging cycles, etc.) then here there is only one way out, try to disconnect the controller board from the battery bank and connect the dc / dc stabilizer to the bank, but not the fact that it will work.

Finally, a few words about protection boards, the main purpose of any Li-ion battery protection board is to limit the voltage from further discharge to 4.2V. If these limits are exceeded, the battery bank will be disconnected. The protection will also work if the maximum set current of a particular battery is exceeded.

What can be done from an old tablet ?! (part 3) Autostart.

After our “clock” is running from the network, it is advisable to make sure that they start themselves in case the power is lost for some reason. Of course, if we have one device, we can leave everything as it is and start it manually, but when there are a lot of them you start to think about how to make them start without my participation.

From the beginning, you need to decide on the principle of launching the tablet, I will not go deep into the technical side of the issue and will try to explain it in simple words. In any electronic device there is a power button, when pressed, the device starts.))) The power button is connected, as a rule, with one contact to ground (our minus), and the second goes to the input of the power controller (CP). When the button is closed, a signal (log. 0) is sent to the controller port and the CP starts up the devices, supplying all the necessary voltages to the processor, memory, sensors, sensor, LCD, etc. For the device to start, the button must be pressed for a certain period of time, after which it must be released. If the button remains pressed, then in most cases, the device will reboot, so we cannot leave it in this state.

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For example, take a part of the schematic from TEXET TM-9740, it will allow us to deal with basic issues. The diagram in the lower part shows the SW9 power button itself and the PMIC_PWRON line going to the CP, in the upper part there is an autostart scheme when the charger is connected, this model has two charging connectors, micro USB (VBUS0) and a 2.5 × 0.7 mm connector (DC5V ). When connecting any of the chargers, through the resistor R18, R19 and the assembly D4 consisting of 2 diodes, a signal is sent to open the transistor Q2, the transistor opens and a log appears on the PMIC_PWRON line. 0, the CP starts up and supplies all the main supply voltages, including to the VCC_IO line, thereby, through the resistor R4, forces the transistor Q3 to open and close Q2. Log. 1 appears again on the PMIC_PWRON line, which indicates a released button.

After trying different options, I settled on three, each has its own pros and cons.

1) It seems to me that the more successful of the options (at least for me), simplicity of design and a minimum of details (a pair of transistors and resistors), of the minuses, requires knowledge of the tablet circuitry and a high soldering skill, so a beginner may not be able to cope with such a task The main difficulties can arise with finding a suitable voltage on the board after the start, as I said, there must be a delay for starting. The fact is that after the button is pressed, the CP starts up and turns on all the main voltages to the processor, RAM, ROM, if we connect to these voltages, then the delay will not be enough. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the software download starts (usually it takes 2-5 seconds) after that the processor “takes command” and it will be possible to release the button. Next, the rest of the peripherals are launched: screen, sensor, sensors, wireless networks, memory cards, etc. This is where you just need to look for a suitable voltage, of course everything here depends on the specific model, I cannot say for sure where they will connect, since in one model I connected to the 2.8V sensor power supply (it appeared just after 5 seconds and this time was enough). In the other, the power supply goes to the memory card 3V. In the third to 5V step-up dc-dc converter on the OTG. Sometimes the delay between pressing and the appearance of power is quite significant and as a result of which we can get a cyclic reboot, for example, by connecting to the power supply of the WI-FI module, which appeared only after the tablet was finally loaded.

So everything is individual here and it all depends on the specific model. Now about the search for the required voltages, the board may have a significant number of different supply voltages 0.7-1.6V (CPU), 1.2-1.5V (RAM), 1.8V (sensors, and peripherals), 2.8V (sensors, and peripherals), 3.3.3V (sensors, memory card and peripherals) 5V (OTG), 9-26V (LCD backlight). Most of all these voltages can be found in the KP area, the rest are scattered around the board. For example, the voltage going to the sensor controller can be found in the area of ​​the sensor loop connector, also with a memory card, LCD, etc.))) In most cases, the boards have test leads, these are the contacts to which the board is connected for monitoring at the factory, test equipment checks if everything is in order with the board and makes basic measurements of signals and voltages. It is on these dimes that we are looking for the voltage we need, which appears after the start. If they are not there, then we take measurements on ceramic capacitors, they are installed in all supply lines from interference and ripple.

2) This circuit will be much easier to repeat for beginners, consisting of resistors, capacitors, a 555 timer and a transistor, its circuit is quite simple and the timer operates in the mode of a single pulse generator (One-shot), the essence is that when power appears, an impulse is sent with a certain delay to the power button and our tablet starts up. Of the minuses, I can only note that if the power supply is lost for a short time, our one-shot will not work again and you will need to turn off the power again or start it manually. The delay can be adjusted by changing the value of the capacitance C2 or the resistor R3. You can also find delay scarves on aliexpress, the principle is the same.

3) Well, to repeat the third scheme, we need the ATtiny13 MK. Why so, but the fact is that I came across a cunning tablet, which, when the power was connected from the beginning, thought for 15 seconds, then demanded a short press on the button, and then again, but with a longer delay, since such a startup algorithm is difficult to repeat, I had to apply MK, but this is most likely an isolated case, but it has the right to life. Hastily assembled just such a scheme with a delay of 1,5,10,15,20 seconds and a pressing time of 5 seconds. To the resistor R1, you need to connect the port from B0 to B4 with the desired turn-on delay time.

That’s all, diagrams, firmware and boards in SL5 format below.


It happens that in order to save space, we often have to choose one photo for the frame, to the detriment of the rest, no less dear to our hearts. A digital photo frame with alternating frames will be an excellent solution to the problem.

Wall clock with weather

It is a great idea to use your tablet as an information panel on the wall, or even on the refrigerator. True, this requires an old magnet and a good fixing glue. And it looks beautiful, and will bring benefits.

Additional monitor for computer or camera

By connecting a tablet to a camera or computer, you can easily watch what is happening from any other place. Depends on the tablet model, whether you need to download additional programs to broadcast pictures to the gadget.

Alarm clock

You can turn your tablet into the watch you’ve always dreamed of. There are many applications with an interface for every taste. By placing the tablet near your bed on meals, you increase your chances of not oversleeping your favorite work.

Kids toy

Fun apps on the tablet will surely captivate your child. It doesn’t have to be games that waste children’s time mercilessly. There are many educational applications. For example, it is very helpful to learn English in this way. Parental controls can be set on operating systems. Thus, protecting the child from inappropriate content.

Car radio

Sometimes, being carried away by the road, it is difficult to switch music or catch the desired radio wave because of the small buttons. With a large tablet screen, the problem will be solved. However, this also has its own nuances. For the tablet to be able to replace the old radio, you need an audio input that will allow the signal from external devices. If there is no sound input in the car, then you will have to equip it yourself, or by contacting a specialist.

What can be done from an old tablet

Even if your old tablet no longer competes with new devices, this is not a reason for it to gather dust idle on the shelf. You can find original uses for it. In this article, we list 11 ideas for how to easily use your old tablet.

TV set

A small, portable screen will allow you to watch TV anywhere, the main thing is to have access to the network. For example, in the kitchen, while cooking or washing dishes, this is a great way to pass the time faster.

Photo frame from an old tablet

A photo frame from an old tablet will look very original in your interior. You can put not only your photos on the screensaver, but also any pictures you like or quotes from the Internet.

In order to install social networks on your tablet computer, with the help of which you can easily save fresh photos from the World Wide Web, you need to download the Dayframe application.

Attention! It is recommended to download this application in the full version.

If the images are on the memory card of your device, then you can use the Photo Slides program, which will allow you to set the duration of the photo display, change images after a certain period of time, effects, etc.

Old tablet as an additional monitor

In order to use an outdated device as an additional monitor, several steps should be taken:

  • Configure full Touch Screen support, for press click and hold.
  • Configure pinch-to-zoom operation. This function will allow you to approach and move the current position of this site.
  • Display the menu settings on the tablet screen so that through it you can launch applications and turn on the virtual keyboard.
  • Display screen and sound settings on an additional monitor.
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Such a device is useful for displaying additional information on the monitor, while the main screen is busy.

Tablet as a universal remote control

From the Play Market, you can download several applications designed to turn old electronic devices or smartphones into a universal remote control. If you do not need a universal remote control, then you can download an application to control a TV receiver of a specific brand or model.

How to create a budget video surveillance system using a tablet

Regardless of the model of your device, you can use it as a budget video surveillance system.

If your tablet is equipped with a camera, then everything is very simple. turn on Wi-Fi on it and activate the camera. Place it on the balcony so that the area that interests you (the entrance to the entrance or the place in the yard where your car is parked) falls into the camera lens. Thus, you can watch what is happening near your home around the clock.

Another option is to install an IP Webcam on your mobile phone, which is capable of transmitting video to the network in different formats. Video viewing is available through any browser and when motion is detected, you can enable recording of what is happening.

After starting, you need to direct the camera of the mobile device to the desired place, lock the screen and connect the smartphone to the charger. You need to install tinyCamMonitor on your tablet and find “Scan network” in the settings. After finding your network, go to the “View” tab. When the connection is established, an image of the place where the camera is directed will be displayed on the screen of your device.

Using your old tablet as a media player

Any tablet is equipped with HDMI connectors, which makes it possible to connect to a TV. If, with this connection, you start any video from YouTube on your tablet computer, then you can watch and listen to it through the TV.

Tablet. mini TV

In order to use the tablet as a second TV, you need to download a special application from the Play Market on it, with which you can watch TV channels if you have an Internet connection. But there is one drawback. from time to time, short commercials will pop up, interfering with watching a movie or program.

Attention! These applications are free.

You can also connect a TV tuner to this unit via USB, but signal reception is not guaranteed. And the number of channels will be much less.

What can be done from an old tablet

Tablets have one drawback. they have a short lifespan, since the version of the operating system installed on them is aging, and it is impossible to update it. Manufacturers are interested in the release of new models, and not in the development of updated OS for old versions, which is why this problem arises. If your device starts to work slowly, then you should think about replacing it with a new one. And from an outdated tablet, you can make a useful accessory for daily use or a piece of furniture.

How to make an e-book from a tablet

If your old tablet has a good monitor, then you can make an e-book out of it. To do this, you need to download and install the Cool Reader or FBReader application, designed specifically for downloading works and further enjoy reading your favorite books, regardless of whether you are at home or not.

It is better to use network storage to store your library, since if problems arise, your books will not be deleted.

Desktop news source

Do you often minimize windows on your computer in the middle of the working day to watch social media feeds or news again? Forget about it. Set up your tablet to show you Gmail emails, RSS feeds, in-feed or all the time. Turn off screen dimming, place your tablet upright on a table using a docking station or bracket and stare at it whenever you wonder what’s happening on the web.

The tablet becomes especially useful if you need to look at something, but you cannot minimize the open window. Some hardcore gamers are adjusting their tablets to show them the temperature of the system using the appropriate application.

Breathe new life into a device you don’t want to throw away.

At the same time, sometimes a paradoxical situation arises: your tablet is still powerful enough for new versions of Android, but there are no updates for it. At the same time, cheaper and less productive new devices work with fresh versions of Android.

Of course, Android tablet owners can try installing custom firmware. Provided that enthusiasts have ported LineageOS or AOSP to your device. If a miracle does not happen, buying a new tablet cannot be avoided.

But what about the old one? If you’re sorry to throw away your working iPad or Android tablet, here are some ways you can use it.

Desktop news source

Do you often minimize windows on your computer in the middle of the working day to watch social media feeds or news again? Forget about it. Set up your tablet to show you Gmail emails, RSS feeds, in-feed or all the time. Turn off screen dimming, place your tablet upright on a table using a docking station or bracket and stare at it whenever you wonder what’s going on on the web.

The tablet becomes especially useful if you need to look at something, but you cannot minimize the open window. Some hardcore gamers adapt their tablets to show them the temperature of the system using the appropriate application.

Times are changing faster and faster, and your devices are becoming obsolete right before our eyes. And if you frequently update mobile devices, then you probably have a whole collection of outdated smartphones and tablets. So the question arises. what to do with them?

Sell? So resellers will give them mere pennies.

And since smartphones collect dust anyway, why not breathe new life into them? Oddly enough, but your old Android devices can be a real gold mine. And I’m not talking about antiques, but something more practical.

So take a seat closer to the screen. Now you will learn as many as 16 ways to breathe new life into old Android devices.

But first, keep in mind one detail. some of the tips listed below are limited to the version of the operating system you are using. You will need at least Android 2.2, or better Android 4.0. information can be found in the description of applications on the Play Store.

Solution Turn your device into a home media controller

Even if your gadget has an anniversary, it can still give you a lot of joy as a home controller for entertainment technology. over, the controller can be completely different:

  • The most commonplace. Turn your old tablet or smartphone into a small coffee table TV. Just install Google Chromecast on it and watch your favorite TV shows over WI-FI. Also, some audio services work with it, like Pandora or Google Play Music.
  • Turn it into a full-fledged home media server using the Plex software, thanks to which your device will be able to transfer content to your TV. (the Plex program itself is free, but additional features become available with a subscription for 4 per month).
  • Connect your device directly to your TV or music center using special cables and / or adapters that will turn it into a kind of remote control.
  • If you are interested in the last offer and your phone has an infrared port, then try this application. You will have a universal remote control in your hands.

In the event that your device does not have an IrDA port, do not despair. There are a number of applications that allow you to control a number of devices without IrDA. The only BUT. as a rule, they are sharpened for a specific manufacturer.

Solution 3 Laptop Touchpad

Are you annoyed by the small touchpad on your laptop? Yes, and it is located inconveniently. you constantly touch it with your fingers. So why not use an old smartphone and get a wireless touch panel for your laptop. All you need is WI-FI and the Gmote app. 2.0. Just install it on your device, set it up according to the instructions, set a password and. all. You are holding a real remote control for your laptop. This is very convenient, especially when you often deal with presentations.

Solution Virtual window to distant countries

Are you tired of the familiar view from the window? So why not let your old tablet or smartphone become your window into the distant corners of the planet? Today this is possible thanks to applications like EarthCam’s Webcams, which broadcast video streams from webcams. These programs will give you access to live images from cameras around the world. See the Gothic Vatican, romantic Paris and radiant New York. One press of a button and you are where you have never been.

Walking around the net, you will find many of these cameras, including those about animals. Look at them through, say, San Diego Zoo Panda Cam or SeaWorld Penguin Cam.

Last but not least, traffic cameras. You may even find the ones installed on your street. You can get quite practical benefits from this. For example, check the weather without leaving your workplace.

Solution Save it for an emergency

Even with a locked phone without a SIM card, you can call emergency services anywhere in the world. Therefore, when going on a trip, charge your old phone and put it in your travel bag. In an emergency, your main phone may run out of power. And then, it is your old man who will come to the rescue.

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Many smart TVs, media centers like Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or media servers like Kodi or Plex allow them to be controlled via Android or iOS apps. Just install the appropriate app and make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. That’s it, now you don’t need a remote control.

In addition, there are many applications for remote control of your computer using commands from Android or iOS. So you can control not only your TV and media center, but also your desktop computer via Wi-Fi.

Smart speaker alternative

Your old tablet can do pretty much the same thing as a smart speaker. You can install Alice from Yandex or any other voice assistant of your choice and get a budget replacement for the acoustics. Yes, the tablet, unlike the speaker, does not have a 360-degree speaker or advanced microphones. But such a device costs less, because you already have it.

New Android devices appear with enviable regularity. The old ones slow down and can no longer cope with modern games and resource-intensive applications. It is a pity to give or throw them away, but no one wants to buy them. It’s time to dust off your old tablets. Using the Nexus 7 as an example, in this article I will show how you can use an old tablet in different scenarios, not quite standard. We will not dwell on banal reading rooms and recipe books for the cook. Let’s move to a higher level.

In reserve

“Just in case” is a pretty good reason to leave your old smartphone at home on the shelf, once a month or two charging it and holding a SIM card in it. In case of loss, theft or breakage of a new one, you always have a backup.

“One friend of the author. the one who is a fan of watching webcams. is notoriously paranoid and holds his old charged smartphone with preloaded detailed maps of the entire country and several guides for survival in extreme situations in a shielded metal box under the bed. In case, I quote: “the electromagnetic pulse arising from the use of nuclear weapons. all electronics will burn, and this Smart will live, and it will help me survive”. ​​the end of the quote. Is it being treated at all ?! “

Home weather station

Do you live in a private house outside the city? Of course, you can spend money on all sorts of smart gadgets like a thermostat or a barometer with a Wi-Fi connection, but why, if an old tablet can show you the weather, temperature, atmospheric pressure and moon phases?

Hang the gadget on the wall, connect the charger, turn off the dimming of the display and expand any weather application or widget to full screen. Fortunately, there are so many of them in Google Play and the App Store that there is nowhere to go.

At the same time, set up your “weather station” so that it beeps if it is going to rain. so you will have time to bring home the things left on the street. And in addition, it can be used as an alarm clock.

I feel sorry for no one, no one!

If all of the above has not convinced you, and you don’t really value your old friend, he will find several other, no less useful applications.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as a GSM phone

In this case, you need an internet connection. There are a huge number of different programs that allow you to send voice messages (call up) with friends and family using the Internet. For example, the world famous Skype service allows not only transmitting voice traffic over the Internet, but also making video calls and conferences.

Of course, for video communication, you need high-speed Internet, with a speed of at least 256 Kbps. Otherwise, the transmission of video traffic becomes simply impossible. But for voice communication via Skype, the speed provided by 3G connection is quite enough. In addition to Skype, there are many other applications that allow you to make calls over the Internet. It should be noted that the vast majority of tablets have a built-in 3G / 4G modem.

But how can you use your tablet as a phone if it doesn’t have a built-in 3G modem? In this case, an external 3G / 4G modem will come to your rescue, which can be connected to the tablet via a USB port, or a mobile Wi-Fi router that distributes mobile Internet to everyone around you via Wi-Fi.

Thus, taking into account all of the above, the answer to the question of whether a tablet can be used as a mobile phone is possible. But depending on the situation and tablet model, this is done in different ways. However, in any case, communication has a fairly high level and is available almost anywhere in the country and abroad.

At the same time, sometimes a paradoxical situation arises: your tablet is still powerful enough for new versions of Android, but there are no updates for it. At the same time, cheaper and less productive new devices work with fresh versions of Android.

Of course, Android tablet owners can try installing custom firmware. Provided that enthusiasts have ported LineageOS or AOSP to your device. If a miracle does not happen, buying a new tablet cannot be avoided.

But what about the old one? If you’re sorry to throw away your working iPad or Android tablet, here are some ways you can use it.

Hut-hut, turn on my TV!

If you are a happy owner of SmartTV, then your old dream “to call the lost remote control at the wrong time” can come true! Almost every manufacturer has released an application with which you can control not only a TV, but also a media player, a music center. in general, any piece of smart technology that connects to WI-FI. And if your device is equipped with an infrared port, then with its help you can control almost everything that is controlled by an ordinary remote control, including all antiques, such as a VCR. over, you can even control some DSLR cameras.

“The author of the availability of such an option is incredibly happy and actively uses it!”

No SmartTV and infrared port, but a Chromecast? Also profit! Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Google Play Movies. voila, your old device and Chromecast turned your “non-Smart” TV into a real “Smart”!

Window to Europe

The world is full of webcams that you can watch around the clock. Do you want to contemplate Niagara Falls in real time? No problem! Streets of Tokyo? Easily! Or maybe you are interested in live from Lenin Square in the wonderful city of Bobruisk, which is in Belarus? There is such an online camera too! It doesn’t matter at all whether it helps you to work, or, perhaps, to rest, the main thing is that it helps. Feel free to move to any search engine, drive, for example, “times square web camera” and receive real-time broadcast from the main square of New York!

“The author casts great doubt on this application in terms of its usefulness, but one of his friends, a fan of this case, strongly recommended adding this item.”

To hand over to a polyclinic, for experiments

Have you always wondered what it means to “root” a smartphone or tablet? Have you always wanted to experiment with third-party launchers, and maybe even. (the author switches to a conspiratorial whisper). firmware? Or did you want to try some other undocumented features of your device? If the warranty period has already passed a long time ago. feel free to act!

“The author has“ ditched ”two smarts. iPhone 2g and HTC HD Mini. On the other hand, on the original iPhone, he had Android, although it worked crookedly, and on the HTC HD Mini (which was originally on WinMobile 6.5), he also had Android. HTC, after the subsequent “oskirpichivaniya”, for which not a single service center wanted to undertake, even managed to restore it with its own hands. but that’s a completely different story “