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Using a laptop as a monitor

Option 2

In addition, devices can be connected via Ethernet ports, in which case the method involves creating a local network. For connection, the Ethernet connectors of the laptop and the system unit are used. We will need a Corresponding cable (twisted pair) with Ethernet connectors on both sides (RJ 45 standard). The wire is usually 0.5-15 meters long, which is enough to complete the procedure. Connect one end of the cable to the laptop’s LAN port, the other to the same connector on the computer’s network card.

Connecting with a cable

To make a cable connection, you need to get an appropriate cord. The connection is made through the video ports HDMI, VGA or DVI, depending on the option supported by the devices. Modern devices can be equipped with DisplayPort, an alternative to HDMI. It is also possible to use an adapter if the ports of the devices DO NOT match.

Option 1

You can make your laptop work as a display by using the video ports HDMI, VGA or DVI. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Cord Connect one end to the Corresponding port of the laptop, the other to the connector on the computer;
  • We start the laptop and go to “Display Settings” in any convenient way, for example, through the Control Panel. You can get to the settings section in different ways depending on the version of Windows. You can go to “Properties” by right-clicking the context menu from the desktop. select “Display Properties”. open the “Options” tab.

In the case of MacOS, open the “System Preferences” and go to the “Monitors” tab, the rest of the actions are similar to manipulating with Windows;

  • The system will detect the connected devices, so in the Screen settings item there will be a picture with Multiple displays under the numbers. Here we select the second and Install the laptop display;
  • We mark the points of displaying visual data;
  • If you plan to use a laptop as a monitor for a computer by default, check the item “Use this device as the main one”.

In what ways can you connect

A laptop has the typical components of a desktop PC, including a display, so it is logical that a method should exist. And he exists, and not even one. Since each device works on its own system, it will not be possible to simply connect the system unit to a laptop, even if there are suitable connectors. Despite your enthusiasm, the device will load its own operating system. In order for one device to display the information that comes from the second, their operation must be synchronized. Having only a PC system unit and a laptop computer is not enough. To implement the plan, you will need additional means to ensure the connection. Consider how to use a laptop as a monitor in different ways.

Using a laptop as a computer monitor

Today, almost every home has a stationary computer, as well as a laptop, tablet and other devices. Even a friend of a modern person has several devices that serve for different tasks. Any technique cannot function properly forever and sooner or later fails, sometimes having served its own, sometimes ahead of schedule. But what to do if at the most inopportune moment your computer monitor failed? The situation is not critical when the devices are interchangeable, but in some cases, using a laptop instead of a PC is NOT a solution to the problem, for example, if there is any important information on the Hard disk, you need to continue working, complete the project, etc. There are different ways of transferring data, when the necessary information is in the captivity of the system unit, the option with the introduction of a laptop as a monitor involves obtaining information without removing the hard drives. It also happens that it becomes necessary to connect a second monitor, which is not available, for example, for Stream or other purposes. The reasons why the user wondered if the laptop could be used as a monitor can be different.

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Setting up a laptop as a monitor for a computer.

Pairing devices using Wi-fi wireless transmission

  • We activate the Wi-fi module on a laptop, as well as a stationary PC. If there is none on the computer, a module with the ability to connect to a USB or PCI-slot can be purchased. It is better to choose a USB device, since the module plugged into the PCI port of the motherboard is not always convenient to use;
  • We create a wireless network on one of the devices;
  • To do this, go to the Network and Sharing Center through the Control Panel;
  • Select the item “Create and configure a connection or network”;
  • In the new window of the installation wizard, select the manual connection from the list of options;
  • Fill in the fields (network name, security type, password), put a tick in the automatic start on connection, click “Next”;
  • The manipulations made ensure the creation of a network, it is launched in automatic mode. Once everything is ready, you can connect to it from the second device.

An option is also possible with the introduction of a router, which allows you to connect several devices at the same time and combine them. A special program called MaxiVista can help make a laptop a monitor for a system unit using Wi-fi transmission. It is paid, but it is possible to use the version to get acquainted with the cut-down functionality. Installed the software, the modules need to be configured remotely, indicating the sequence of monitors.

Remote access via software

A laptop on Windows 7 and higher can be connected to the system unit without wires using the Air Display application. The software is installed and activated on both devices. With the help of the program, you can switch displays, as well as apply them simultaneously. Using a laptop as a monitor is possible when using remote access programs such as TeamViewer, RDesktop, ZoneOS ZoneScreen, RAdmin, etc. With their help you will use the display remotely. Any of the applications has its own setting nuances, you need to install the software on both a PC and a laptop. When a connection is established, one of the devices becomes a server, the other becomes a client; when performing actions from the master device, the client’s screen displays everything that is running on the server screen. Pairing devices using TeamViewer is easy. To do this, you need to know the password and computer ID, which will be assigned when the application is launched on it. In the window of the program running on the laptop, you will need to enter these data in the appropriate fields. After that, the PC desktop will be available from the laptop display with the ability to control it, while the condition for the manipulations is a working computer monitor. Otherwise, the methods are not suitable.

Why you can’t use a laptop as a monitor for a system unit

It is NOT possible to use a laptop instead of a monitor without special equipment. If the device is NOT equipped with a video input (a connector inherent in conventional monitors), a wireless connection is used. Most laptops, since they are computers too, are equipped with a video output. It will NOT be possible to carry out our plans if the devices are incompatible. You can use a laptop as a computer monitor using a special converter. Their cost is quite high, so such actions are not always advisable. At the same time, there are enough ways to get the image output on the laptop screen by other means and you can use any of them.

Can I use a laptop monitor for PC with WI-FI

Now WI-FI is present in almost every home and it can be used to solve a similar problem. However, you will need to apply a special application “MaxiVista”. The problem is that it is paid and will cost an impressive amount. True, a demo version of this program is available to ordinary users, which allows for a short-term decision whether it is possible to use a laptop monitor for a PC. True, certain tools are not available in the demo version, but in general, they are usually NOT too important to the user.

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I downloaded the program, you need to install it and use the prompts to make all the necessary settings. As a result, you can use a wireless network to synchronize the work of laptop and computer monitors.

Is it possible to use a laptop as a monitor if the operating system is Windows

In this case, you will need to purchase a VGA cable if you are completely satisfied with the standard image. For a picture, a higher quality DVI cable. Now whether it is possible to use a laptop instead of a monitor will become clear after connecting a laptop and a monitor. Next, you need to start both devices and perform a number of manipulations in the operating system.

You will be required to launch the menu “properties” and then select the parameters. In this section, you will need to correct the screen with the screen. After the actions taken, a request will follow to confirm the changes. The final step will be placing a checkmark in front of the menu will enable the option “extend the desktop to a second monitor”. Everything now with the problem of whether it is possible to use a laptop screen as a monitor, you calmly coped.

All Ways to Use a Laptop as a Monitor

Almost every person has a computer, and in some situations not even one. However, any technique can Riot salesmen, and it does it absolutely NOT on time. A particularly difficult situation is when the monitor is broken, and the necessary files are located on the computer. In a similar situation, many begin to look for an answer to the question of whether a laptop can be used as a monitor.

Basic ways to use a laptop as a monitor

If you need to use a laptop as a computer monitor, then get ready, you will need to perform a number of actions. over, there are several ways to connect devices, it all depends on the type of device and operating system. However, in either case, a VGA cable or an improved DVI cable is required to successfully complete the procedure. They provide direct communication between devices. If you have a Mac and are also interested in whether the laptop can be used as a computer monitor, then you need a special HDMI cable. The above cable options are not suitable.

In addition, you can perform the required synchronization using the dedicated Air Display application. You will need to install it on your laptop and use all the tips and tools presented.

Universal option

Here we will use the convenient Air Display application. It is completely free and anyone can use it. This option is supported by two clear advantages:

  • Can be used on both Windows and Mac devices.
  • Extremely simple and straightforward setup

This option is relevant for those users who do not have certain knowledge for serious manipulation of laptops, but it is extremely important for them to know whether a laptop can be used as a monitor.

All you need to do is install the application and follow everyone’s advice, literally in a few minutes Get the desired result.

Mac devices

In this case, you also need to connect the monitor to the laptop, you just need to use an HDMI cable. Next, we launch the Mac device and perform a number of activities in the interface. Launches section “Monitors” and head to the system settings menu. In the general list, we find the category to determine the Required monitor. Then you need to click on the section “Location”. All the required settings will be presented here, if everything is adjusted correctly, you can see for yourself whether the laptop can be used as a second monitor.

Can the TV be used as a laptop monitor

It is extremely important for many laptop owners to understand whether a TV can be used as a laptop monitor. Immediately, we note that the TV can be used as a monitor, and the connection procedure is extremely simple.

First you need to decide on the model of the cable with which the connection will take place. There are three types of connector currently in use:

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • VGA

Accordingly, you will need a cable that matches the type of connector on your TV. After connecting the cable, you will need to turn on the TV to receive a signal. To do this, you must use a special key on the remote control. On a laptop Use the key “Display “. Sometimes you need to press the Fn key first to make the Display key workable.

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After the image from the laptop appears, it remains only to adjust the resolution so that the image is clear.

All presented procedures allow you to use a laptop as a second monitor and even the main one. Therefore, you now know for sure whether you can use a laptop display as a monitor.

Using a laptop screen as a monitor

How to use a laptop as a computer monitor or a second laptop

There may be several situations when there is a need to use a laptop as a monitor. The most common problem is the failure of the main display of a personal computer. Therefore, in order to use in the future the power of the system unit and the data that are stored in it, you will need a monitor of the second external device. The same situation can occur when the display matrix of the second laptop does not work correctly.

using, laptop, monitor

Ways to connect a laptop as a monitor

The most stable and reliable way to do this is by cable connection. Depending on the laptop model, its external interfaces may differ. You can use a laptop as a monitor through the HDMI connector or through the VGA output. If the system unit contains only an HDMI socket, and the laptop is equipped with a VGA input, then a special adapter will be required for their joint work.

Use your laptop as a monitor with a cable connection

Having decided on the necessary cable and established with its help the connection between the system unit and the laptop, we proceed to setting up the display. To do this, turn on the laptop and wait for it to fully load. After that we activate the “Properties” or “Screen Resolution” settings menu item (depending on the installed operating system) by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop. In the window that opens, we see the parameters of the current display.

To use a laptop as a computer display, you need to select the required monitor by name from the list that appears. Then you need to expand the PC desktop to the connected device, set a checkmark opposite the corresponding menu item. To do this, you need to confirm the changes made by clicking the “Apply” button, and then “OK”. After performing THESE simple settings, you will be using your laptop screen as your main monitor.

The advantages of this method:

  • Reliable connection;
  • Stable data transfer rate;
  • Simple settings.

Disadvantages of cable connection:

  • Lack of required cable;
  • Mismatch between laptop and stationary PC connectors;
  • The need to purchase an adapter.

How to use a laptop as a display over Wi-Fi

For computers with the operating system Windows 7 and later, as well as Mac devices, there is a special program called Air Display. It allows you to quickly and efficiently connect your laptop as a computer monitor wirelessly. To do this, the application must be installed and activated simultaneously on two devices. By following simple settings, following clear prompts, you will quickly achieve the desired result.

A stable connection of the laptop as the main display of the PC will be provided by the MaxiVista utilities. It is specially designed for this function and is available in two versions:

  • Client (for a managed device, whose monitor will be used as the main one)
  • Server (needs to be installed on the main device).

When the application starts, the server should automatically detect the client laptop. After connecting to it and performing step by step settings, you can use your laptop as a computer monitor. The main disadvantage of this utility is that it is not free and is not cheap. In addition, there are a number of programs that allow you to remotely use the display of a combined device:

These applications have their own characteristics and more complex configuration. Among all the listed methods, each user will be able to choose and apply in his case the most convenient and accessible option for him.