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If you take a look at a laptop keyboard, at first glance, you will hardly find any difference from the keyboard used on a regular computer. But in fact, there is a difference and it lies primarily in the presence of the Fn key. If you click on it, then nothing will happen. Why is it needed in this case, you ask? It is designed to perform numerous operations in conjunction with other keys. You can find a complete FAQ on this issue in the instructions that were given with your laptop, but even so it is not difficult to determine which buttons Fn interacts with. as a rule, the symbols on them have a different color from the general one (for example, NOT white, but blue). Fn is like a hotkey that you can use to, for example, increase the volume or darken the screen. Without it on laptops today nowhere.

It is noteworthy that this key is found on all modern laptops, be it Acer, Samsung, ASUS, Sony, Toshiba, HP, LG and so on. However, it may stop working, and this does NOT depend on your device model. What if this happened to you? We need to try to solve this problem. I will tell you how it can be done.

Reanimate the Fn key

  • First of all, you should figure out if the Fn button is enabled in the system. It is possible that it was disabled, for example, due to some kind of failure. To do this, go into the BIOS and enable the button. In addition, some laptops have the ability to turn on Fn, so to speak, for permanent operation, that is, the button will always be in the on position. It is necessary to change the mode of its operation to standard, this is also done through the BIOS.
  • Next, we check the button for the type of damage: mechanical or systemic. In the first case, repair is necessary and you are unlikely to cope on your own (for example, damage to a part of the keyboard). In addition, there is a possibility that a certain element has fallen under the button, which blocks its operation. It can even be a loaf of bread or dust. Accordingly, a clean keyboard.
  • In the second case, you need to install the driver. You can get it on the website of the official manufacturer (I do not recommend downloading from the second sites, so as NOT to download any virus to your computer).
  • Also on various Internet forums, a message is being discussed that Allegedly not all laptops, or rather, the Fn key, supports 64-bit Windows operating systems. True, it is difficult to say which models this applies to.
  • Finally, you can download special programs that are responsible for the work of Fn. True, these are third-party programs and often they have an extremely negative effect on the operation of the entire laptop, and there are cases when the keyboard, after installing such a program, refused to work completely. So before installing such software, I would really think about whether it is worth doing.
  • It is possible that the problem lies in startup. when the laptop is turned on, the program responsible for hotkeys does not load. In this case, reinstalling the drivers will help.

Finally, I would like to say that in most cases the problem is of a systemic nature (“Soft”), and mechanical damage is extremely rare. This means that you can almost always deal with the problem yourself. Dare.

Blog of the young admin. Post comments “The Fn button on the laptop does not work. What to do?

Also did not work at one time. Do you know when it started working? When I took out and reinserted the battery! What is the reason, I have no idea, but fact is fact!

And where to press the BIOS?

Check if the keyboard is enabled at all!

This button works for me. I can increase the brightness, but the sound: no.

As the Fn button does not work, I hold it down, I press the kljiuom buttons, but the numbers do not come out! What to do? I pressed numlock!

Identifying the cause of sticky buttons

The keys on a laptop may not work properly for various reasons, which can be both software and mechanical. The main ones are as follows:

  • If the button, under the action of the spring-loaded element, cannot immediately return to its original state after being pressed, this speaks more often of debris or sticky liquid getting under it.
  • Overheating of the device in gaming applications is often a prerequisite for strange behavior of keys held for a long time on a laptop, for example, “W”.
  • A similar problem appears if this mode is activated in the OS itself for people with disabilities. In this case, sticking can be disabled in the appropriate settings.

These are the most common causes of the described problem with the exception, perhaps, only of physical damage to the input device. damage to the board tracks, “lift” buttons, etc.

Turn off Sticky Buttons in Windows

Before proceeding with disassembling the laptop for cleaning, you need to make sure that sticky buttons are not activated in your system at the software level, otherwise you need to disable it. This should be done according to the following scheme:

  • Press Shift five times in a row. A window will open to go to the tool for managing the operation of the keys.
  • If you want to turn off sticking, follow the link at the bottom of this dialog box. She will take you to the so-called Center of Accessibility, where you will need to go to the section to simplify work with the input device.
  • Here, opposite the corresponding command, you just need to uncheck the box. If the mark is not worth it, then the reason for the unusual behavior of the device is not introduced by software. it should be looked for already in the hardware of the device.

Note that the above algorithm, which allows you to disable this mode of laptop operation, is practically the same for all versions of Windows, starting with the seventh.

How to properly clean your laptop keyboard

If one or only a few buttons stick after crumbs or, for example, a drop of jam, then it will be enough to simply “snap off” them, and wipe the landing site with a cotton swab dipped in water. They can be detached very simply. for this, the keyboard itself is NOT dismantled:

  • Using a flat screwdriver or a thin knife, pry the inoperative element and disconnect it from the seat.
  • After cleaning the contaminated surfaces, the button is put in place, for which it is slightly pressed until it clicks. If you dismantled large elements like a space or “Shift”, then on the Special holders you will need to fix special metal pins that act as stiffeners.

You will still have to turn off the laptop and then disassemble it if the sticking is NOT the result of an accidentally dropped drop of liquid, but, for example, a glass of sweet tea or lemonade spilled on the device. In this case, the conductive paths on the polyLenovo board will rot for a while, after which the input device will become unusable.

How to get rid of sticky keys on a laptop

Sticking keys on a laptop are often the result of contamination after spilling tea, jam on the front panel, crumbs and second debris getting inside. Next, we will consider what other reasons can cause such an unusual behavior of the laptop input device, and also describe in detail how to eliminate the above problems without the help of specialists.

How to disassemble a keyboard for a major cleaning

This procedure is not so difficult to apply to specialists. On most mobile computers, the keyboard is latched and removed first, so a complete disassembly is NOT required. It is important not to forget to turn off the laptop and remove the battery before doing this. Disassembly is carried out as follows:

  • Use a small flat screwdriver to pry the very first latch from the edge;
  • Lift the released edge slightly and do the same with the next mount;
  • After disconnecting the latches, remove from the special slot the cable connecting the device to the motherboard, while holding only the plastic connector to avoid damage to the contacts.

After the input device is completely removed, it will be possible to proceed with direct disassembly:

  • Using the method described earlier, snap off all the elements from it. Do not forget to photograph them before that, so that in the future there will be no problems with the assembly.
  • Next, you need to carefully remove all plastic elevators, to which the button pads are attached.
  • Department of aluminum backing, after which you can proceed directly to cleaning.

This should be done with a damp soft cloth swab, you can use a soap solution. You should not resort to the help of solvents or alcohol, since together with the pollution with the help of THESE funds, you can accidentally “wash off” the conductive tracks themselves, after which you will have to buy a new input device. After cleaning is complete Reassemble the mobile computer in reverse order.

It happens that cleaning does not help to get rid of the problem, and the sticking of SEPARATE keys in games continues. The most common prerequisite is overheating of the laptop due to debris in its cooling system. This problem is solved by disassembling the mobile computer, cleaning the radiator, cooler, and other components of the device from dust. After that, a new thermal paste is applied to the processor and graphics chip.

Simple ways to solve the problem

The keyboard has its own lock. It is possible that the user has accidentally locked their keys. Depending on the modification of the device, in order to unlock the buttons, you need to hold down FnNumLock, FNPause, FnWin or a special button with a lock, if any. If the buttons start working after that, then the problem was solved.

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Alternatively, you can try cleaning the keys with a brush, or use a special vacuum cleaner designed for keyboards. Such an event will help get rid of the problem if the laptop is forgotten with dust and the signal from the keys to the system does not pass.

What to do if some buttons on your laptop keyboard don’t work

The answer is simple. try to fix the breakdown yourself or take it to the service, so that the specialists “cure” the computer there. Below will be presented options for self-repair.

Why buttons on laptop keyboard don’t work

The reasons for such a breakdown may be different. Here are the main ones:

  • A defective device is the simplest reason. Now it is quite rare, but it still has a place to be. It appears immediately after purchasing the device. One or two buttons may NOT work, rarely. completely. It is recommended that you return such a laptop back to where you brought.
  • System error. the operating system installed on the device does not handle the load. Despite the fact that the computer industry has been developing for a long time, computers are still unstable. The error can occur due to hardware imperfection or due to the activity of viruses. Signs of such an ailment. the entire keyboard turns off, perhaps not only her. Restarting and subsequent cleaning of the computer will help to cope with the trouble.
  • Damage to chips or board is a more complex problem. It affects the physical shell of the device. To find out if this is the case, you should check the operation of the charger input, USB input and touch panel. If they DO NOT show signs of life, then you need to go to the technical assistance service. Perhaps the microcircuit will be partially damaged, which explains why half of the keyboard on a laptop does not work.
  • Loop Damage. Communication issues between the hardware and the monitor. This reason is manifested by a sharp disconnection of the keyboard, but the correct operation of the second parts of the laptop. You can try to open the laptop yourself and fix the cable.
  • Lack of drivers is a rare cause. In most situations, the keyboard on a laptop does not require additional software. This problem is solved by removing old drivers and installing new ones.

Fixing a software glitch

Simple methods Didn’t help, so you need to try to solve the problem at the program level. Improper operation of a program or driver can affect the response of several buttons or the entire keyboard. Contradicting steps to check and correct:

  • Will start the laptop and press F8 when the first window appears. It is not always this key that invokes the boot menu; different keys may be used in different versions of operating systems. If F8 does not work, then you should try to press other F. The result should be the window “Additional boot options”.
  • Using the arrows or additional navigation buttons in the screen (rare laptop models are supplied with them), select “Safe Mode” or “Start in Safe Mode”. This will allow you to start the system without using drivers.
  • It remains to check the performance of each key on the laptop, regardless of which of them worked before, and which comments. It is enough to use the online service for checking keyboard buttons. To find it, just enter “Key-test” in the search engine and select the first link that comes across. In such services, each pressed key is displayed, which will help you easily check the health of each button.
  • If in safe mode the buttons indicate proper operation, then the fault really lies in the system. In this case, you need to step further down the list. If some of them do not work, or work unstably, then the software shell has nothing to do with it.
  • You can try updating the drivers to fix system problems. I started the system as usual, in the “Search” menu “Start” enter “Device Manager”. If the required letters on the keyboard do not work, then you can try to enter a similar query in the browser search engine, and it will correct the errors, then copy the corrected version (CtrlC by default) and paste it into the search field (CtrlV). Or just copy the letters you need from any text on the Internet and use them.
  • Select the desired service from the found items.
  • A window will open, in which you should select the “Keyboards” item and, Selecting one of the positions, right-click. A list will drop out where the user will find the item “Update drivers” useful. After that, the question about the search for drivers will pop up, where you need to select “Search for drivers on the network”.
  • These steps must be repeated for each position, if there are several. Some keyboards have multiple names, but this rarely happens.
  • If the system decides that new drivers are not required, then uninstall the old one and load new software. This can be done in the same place, in the device manager, by selecting “Delete” in the drop-down list.
  • After that, the automatic installation of drivers on the keyboard should begin. If it doesn’t, turn off your laptop and turn it back on. The system will detect a new device without drivers and try to install them.

Updating drivers is also possible using a variety of programs that independently detect all software in the system that needs updating. If, after reinstalling the drivers, the problem with the keys not working is still not resolved, then the problem is not in the software area.

The keyboard on the laptop does not work partially

The situation when not the whole keyboard stops working, but some keys are not so common. Most likely, these are Foreign Objects. The presence of bits of food or liquid between the buttons explains why part of the keyboard on a laptop does not work. Even if the user has the habit of chewing at the monitor, over time, dust gets packed between the buttons. You can disassemble and clean it yourself, or you can take it to the technical support center.

Fixing a physical crash

This course of action involves disassembling the laptop and correcting the physiological cause of the failure. If you are not able to disassemble and correctly assemble the electronic device, you better do not risk it, and contact a specialist. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Turn off the laptop completely and remove the battery. The battery is usually located at the bottom of the device, near the fold of the monitor. The laptop at this moment should NOT be connected to the mains, and, in general, it is advisable to remove all additional devices from it.
  • Open the top plate latches with a simple screwdriver, needle, blade, or any other narrow object. The latches are located along the edges of the pad with buttons, you can find them pretty quickly. If there are latches, then you should pay attention to the instructions that came with the laptop. perhaps it says how to open the laptop.
  • It is not necessary to immediately pull the plate with the buttons towards yourself. it is attached to everything else with a loop, and sudden movements can damage it. The plate must be gently lifted and, taking the plastic part of the cable, disconnect it from the rest of the laptop. If noticeable damage is found on the loop, it must be replaced (most likely, the problem is in it). It is categorically not recommended to touch the loop with wires. only plastic.
  • The plate covers the microcontroller. This is a special tool that transmits the signal from the buttons to the PC reader. If dust or moisture is visible on it, then these factors must be eliminated. they can serve as a prerequisite for poor laptop performance. It is not difficult to recognize the microcontroller. this is the part on which the loop was attached. If there is any damage on this part visible to the naked eye, it must be replaced.
  • After that, you need to disconnect each key separately (with the same thin object that was used to open the laptop), and then clean the surface of the plate. If the buttons are damaged, it is better to replace them. buy spare.
  • After complete cleaning, you need to repeat all the steps for disassembling the laptop keyboard in reverse order and check the operation of the buttons. If this does not help, then it is better to use the technical support of specialists.

Some buttons on my laptop keyboard do not work

Damage to the keyboard for a personal computer is, of course, unpleasant, but not critical for the entire device. The keyboard is replaceable. As for the laptop, this number will not work with it. In case of damage to the keyboard, you need to either make or purchase a new one.

How to do without some buttons

If you cannot solve the problem with Multiple keys that are not working, you will have to use what you have for some time. Options for missing letters:

  • Create a text document and copy the necessary letters from the Internet there, and copy them from there as needed.
  • Use automatic word correction in Microsoft Word or online resources.
  • Download virtual keyboard, or find one online.

In any case, the absence of Some keys does not yet put an end to the entire laptop. In most situations, the problem can be solved or adjusted.

Sound tuning tips

Usually the reason is hidden in the settings in the management service. You can check this in several ways:

  • Using the “Personalization” window. Open the “Sound” tab and check the settings there. You can see which playback scheme is involved, which audio applications are used, etc.
  • Check the volume level in the notification area. There is a speaker icon at the bottom of the screen next to the date and time. Click on it with the left mouse button and see if the sound is NOT completely muted. You can also adjust its level there.
  • In the media player settings. Go to the installed program and look for the reason in it.
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Volume buttons on laptop don’t work

The laptop has buttons that have speakers painted on them. They are responsible for increasing and decreasing the sound. On some models, they are located in a separate row, and on the second, they are the F11 and F12 buttons or arrow keys. For them to work, you must press Fn at the same time. If the computer does NOT respond at all, this indicates a problem with the PC. They need to be detected and eliminated.

Finding the reason why the volume keys on a laptop do not work

They are divided into software and hardware. The first include settings:

  • In OS.
  • To audio player.
  • In the audio dispatcher.
  • Updating drivers.
  • Defective speakers or headphones.
  • Broken speakers on the computer itself.
  • Driver update or reinstallation required.
  • Sound card “flew”.

In the latter case, it will not be possible to solve the problem on your own. The equipment must be taken to the repair for experienced specialists to look at it.

Automatic connection

If the volume is turned up and the volume buttons still don’t work, make sure HID is set to automatic access:

  • In the search for a laptop, type “View local services” and go there.
  • In the Services tab, find “HID Device Access”.
  • Make sure the service is turned on. If not, select “Run”.
  • Go to “Properties”.
  • In the “General” tab, select the automatic startup type and Confirm by clicking “OK”.
  • Speakers. Test the built-in speakers. Plug in portable speakers or headphones and see if the problem persists. If the problem persists, then it is necessary to change the speakers.
  • Sound manager. The button may NOT work due to the sound manager. This is a specially installed program. The app is usually displayed in the lower right corner. If it is missing, then you need to install it again or enable the update.
  • Drivers. When the cause of the malfunction is in the drivers, you need to go to the device manager and call it “Sound devices”. If they are disabled, enable. When there is an exclamation mark next to the device, the driver needs to be reinstalled.
  • BIOS. Step-by-step actions: Go to BIOS, find “Advanced”, select the item with the word audio, if next to it is “Disabled”, change to “Enabled”.
  • System rollback. This is the fastest way to solve a problem without going deep into its essence. To do this, in the search bar in the start menu, you need to type “System reset”. After that, restore it, following the hint.

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, it is better not to improvise and contact a service center. This will help to avoid unwanted consequences and NOT break the PC at all.

Important and helpful tips

Laptop keyboard buttons and touchpad don’t work, but you need to finish an important assignment? over, the work done is on the laptop’s hard drive, and you have already lost all hope of a favorable outcome? There is an alternative method to control the input device through the laptop interface.

A standard USB keyboard plugged into a laptop connector will definitely help resolve the situation.

If the keyboard does NOT respond to keystrokes, make sure that none of the buttons on the device are stuck or mechanically damaged.

If the buttons on the laptop do not work for you, most likely the system requires certain drivers, since some service keys function only after installing specialized “firewood”. Usually these are laptop function keys: brightness, volume, navigation buttons, etc.

Very often the operating system itself becomes a prerequisite for the fact that the buttons on a laptop do not work. Reinstall OS. A sensible solution to determine if a software glitch is the source of the problem.

In some cases, a burned-out microcontroller may be the culprit for the inoperability of the keys. In such a situation, a visit to the service center cannot be avoided, since the laborious process of replacing a part requires specialized knowledge and experience in installing a damaged element.

Buttons on a laptop do not work: what to do?

The modern way of life requires incredible mobility and responsiveness. Today a laptop is becoming our indispensable assistant. An Internet connection in tandem with an electronic device makes a person feel almost Almighty. However, there is another side to the coin. A person becomes suspended from electronic technology. And this. Obvious fact!

What to do and where to run?

According to the laws of physics, liquid trapped inside a working electronic device can completely disable the entire laptop or separate hardware parts of the device. In our case, the affected element is the keyboard. Since the laptop keyboard module is attached to the case by some structural elements of the laptop and connected to the motherboard using a short cable, the process of self-dismantling of the damaged part can deplorably affect the cost of further repairs. Therefore, the very first thing the owner of the electronic assistant should do when liquid gets inside the computer is to disconnect the battery and contact a service workshop.

Technology in the hands of the savage.

If at the most crucial moment the laptop fails, some buttons do not work or the battery is discharged, then such a turn of events can lead to the development of a completely NOT Rainbow scenario. Especially when you consider the moment of the transaction being carried out online or a bank transfer transaction.

Careless movement of the hand. And you watch in horror as coffee from a cup spilled onto the keyboard of your favorite laptop. Subsequent resuscitation actions will NOT lead to anything significant. The all-pervading liquid will still prove its destructive power. After some time, you make sure that the unit is turned on, that the buttons on the laptop do not work. You may not want coffee for a long time after this.

In the above two cases, the laptop is of course NOT to blame. This is due to our human arrogance, some fussiness and, of course, extreme inattention. Of course, technology is designed primarily to help people and facilitate some processes. Therefore, the purpose of this article. Help you respond appropriately to unexpected manifestations “custom fate”. After all, the one who has knowledge is armed!

If the above guide did not help, and the buttons on the laptop still do not work, do not try to disassemble the unit yourself and apply the method “poke”. The manipulation of inexperienced hands can lead to quite serious problems. It is more advisable to turn to professionals. Very often, the elimination of this malfunction costs the owner of the laptop a pretty penny. You should NOT get upset and expose your beloved computer to the devil to be destroyed with your own hands before the time!

Does NOT respond to commands right block of numbers

Here you can write a solution right away. Usually above the number “7” is the so-called “NumLock” function key.

Pressing it locks all digits in the right block. The fact that it is active is indicated by a special indicator, but since there are no indicators on new models, you can only check its activity by pressing it, and then try to press the numbers from the block.

Keyboard board failure

The keyboard board consists of several microcircuits, which are interconnected. Spilled liquid, mechanical stress or unfavorable storage conditions of the laptop can lead to oxidation of the contacts or even complete damage to the board.

Sticky keyboard keys

Sticky keys in this case mean their long response or lack of response after one press as a result of accumulation of debris under the keyboard.

If you spill liquid on your laptop

Liquid spills may cause the buttons to NOT work even on the touchpad of your laptop. If the entire surface is heavily flooded, do the following:

  • Turn off your computer as quickly as possible;
  • Open the top cover. Disconnect the battery (it is connected to the motherboard with a special ribbon cable or with a few wires)
  • After the laptop is de-energized, it is required to clean all layers of the keyboard: silicone pad, aluminum substrate, board with microcircuits;
  • After that, for greater confidence, you can “ring” the contacts of the microcircuits and reassemble everything.

If the buttons on the laptop still do not work, it is better to check the cable from the keyboard to the motherboard.

Fn button not working on laptop

Fn. the same function key may NOT work for the following reasons:

  • Lack of necessary software when installing or reinstalling keyboard drivers (solved by reinstalling driverpack)
  • Some of the preinstalled programs related to the manufacturer and responsible for the system keys have been removed from startup (it all depends on the manufacturer). HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. if this button does not work on HP laptop and ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. if on Asus;
  • Reset BIOS. Changing the behavior of this button in the BIOS is not in all laptops. All this is located in the “System Configuration” section, in the “Action Keys Mode” item there should be Disabled.

If the power button on the laptop does not work

  • Key wear (the silicone base of the button, located under the plastic, has been erased)
  • The liquid has corroded the tracks on the board;
  • The key was damaged mechanically.

The solutions in this case will be either replacing the button, or opening the laptop and repairing the mount (it is better to send it to the service immediately)

Restoring tracks on the keyboard

If the matter is really in damage to the tracks, then it is recommended to contact the service center, because. It will be difficult for non-professionals to solve the problem on their own.

  • It is required in the same way as when cleaning from dirt and dust, to disassemble the laptop. The board is a thin polyethylene letter with a map of buttons applied with a special composition;
  • Typically, the board is either damaged or has traces of water on it. If these are just traces of liquid, then it is enough to gently wipe the place with an alcohol napkin, and then wipe it dry with a dry napkin;
  • If the board is damaged, then you need to find out the damaged places. It is necessary to ring all the tracks with the tester and find the problem ones;
  • After the defective tracks are found, you need to take conductive glue, and reapply the track with a layer of this glue. In this case, everything must be done very carefully, otherwise you can simply spoil the board (picture 8).
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You can also check the work of the tracks by “ringing” them using a tester. In fact, the time and effort spent on repairing the tracks is incomparable with the cost of repairing the keyboard in a service center, because. Specialists will do it faster and cheaper.

Oxidation of contacts for the keyboard loop

Everything is connected to the main or motherboard using a wide ribbon cable. Pulling through the entire plume can be contacts, and they can oxidize, over time or as a result of spilling liquid on the keyboard.

Software reasons

As for the software part, the keyboard failure may be due to the fact that for one reason or another the driver was removed. The second most common prerequisite is a virus on the computer, which can damage the software components of the keyboard.

Windows does NOT start on a laptop. Laptop hard drive NOT working

The laptop turned on, the indicators were blinking, and laconic lines of system information appeared on the screen. That was the end of it. The operating system does NOT load further. The hard drive is most likely to blame for this situation.

Laptop won’t turn on

There are two options here.

buttons, laptop

Option 1. Plug in the power supply, but the LEDs DO NOT light up. The laptop does not respond when the power button is pressed. The problem may not be with the computer, but with the outlet. We are trying to connect something to it, for example, a table lamp.

If the socket is working properly, then we check the power supply. The best option. Use a serviceable power supply. If the outlet and power supply are working, then the problem is with the laptop. Defective either the power controller or the power circuit on the motherboard. Such repairs require qualifications and components, so it is better to go straight to the service center.

Option 2. When you connect the power supply on the laptop, the power and battery indicators light up. This means that the power supply is working. But the laptop does not respond to the power button, the cooler and hard drive do NOT show signs of life. Unplug the power and leave the laptop for 2-3 minutes. Then connect the power supply. Should help.

Problems with the RAM appear similarly. Disconnect the computer from the power supply, remove the memory modules from the slots, and then reinstall them. You can install the module in another slot, if there is one. If the laptop has two memory slots, then check their serviceability one by one by running the laptop to one memory module. The check will show whether the problem is in the memory modules or in the slots. If the memory fails, then we buy a new module. Otherwise, we take the laptop to the service center.

Laptop does not initialize

The laptop turned on, the cooler started working, the lights flickered, but then nothing happened. The cooler is noisy, but there are images. The problem is most likely in the display. First of all read the article on How to Connect a Laptop to a TV. If there is an image on the external screen, then the problem is with the laptop display. Either the display itself has broken, or a cable that connects it to the motherboard.

If the display is working properly, then the following is likely:

  • Problems with the processor, memory or video chip;
  • BIOS problem.

Laptop diagnostics and BIOS reinstallation are best solved in the service center.

Why the laptop won’t turn on?

We will determine the stages of loading the laptop until it is fully turned on. We consider the successful loading of the operating system to be complete. Desktop image is present, mouse and trackpad are working. To get to this point, the laptop goes through several stages:

  • Power on;
  • Initialization and appearance of the image on the display;
  • Loading the operating system;
  • A working operating system.

Failure is possible at each stage.

Why keys on a laptop do not work

When the keys do not work on a packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg, or HP laptop. Compaq the situation is not very pleasant.

Usually the first thing that comes to mind is to take it to a service center. But don’t be in a hurry. There are many things you can fix yourself.

It is very bad when some function keys on a laptop do not work (packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg HP. Compaq) due to faulty tracks.

You can draw them yourself, only this work is delicate and not everyone can do it.

In almost every laptop (modern), the keyboard (keys) can be disassembled and see what’s what.

At the same time, it is not completely worth disassembling the laptop, the keys can be removed one by one. A good way to remove the keys, my son prompted me (2 years old). with a fly swatter.

After hitting the keyboard, six keys jumped out of their sockets on their own, and remained completely intact. Only this method I would NOT advise to use.

Some keys WILL NOT work if they are dusty. In this case, you need to clean it. You can try to blow (without removing) with a strong pressure of air, but usually this does not help. you will have to remove.

Typically, the keys on a laptop consist of three parts: a pad, an elevator and a spring element and latches are connected.

If they can be easily lifted with a thin screwdriver, they can be removed. After that, clean the platform and install it back. In this complexity there is. available to everyone, you can not be afraid.

The situation is much worse if the keys were flooded with liquid that damaged the tracks. most will have to send their laptop for repair.

If one or several buttons do not work, with the impossibility of self-restoring their functionality, then their functions can be assigned to the second, which are practically not used. Yes, it is inconvenient, but you can use it for a while.

Remember, if some keys on a laptop do not work, then any of them, you can assign absolutely any function yourself.

This can be done manually by changing the case (it’s so difficult and NOT everyone can do it) or using a simpler method downloaded a special program AutoHotkey.

This program is NOT the only one, but if it exists, then the second will not be needed. On the right side are the keys, which are used very rarely, and most do not pay attention to them at all.

Assign the missing functions to them, apply stickers from the designation (so as not to be mistaken) and use them, Until you decide what to do with the keyboard in the future.

  • By the way, there are also online services and special programs with which you can check (test) the keyboard for errors. You can download the program or use online resources RIGHT HERE.

Also note that keyboards are not expensive, one might say, they cost a penny, and you can easily connect an external keyboard to a laptop or netbook, and not just change it. It’s just that it’s inconvenient to take it with you.

When the keys on the laptop do not work, there is another way to solve the problem. to use the virtual.

To call the virtual keyboard, click “start” (Windows logo, at the very bottom left), then at the bottom, find and click “all programs”, scroll down the menu to the very bottom and select “standard”, then go down even lower and click “accessibility”

After that, find the virtual keyboard and launch it. there will be no difficulties. For those who write a little (only in Yandex or Google), this option can be used even on an ongoing basis.

Anyway, now you know what to do when keys don’t work on a packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg or HP laptop. Compaq.