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Tupit Laptop What to Do Windows 10

The fourth recommendation is what to do if windows 10 slows down. hardware

This section does not apply specifically to windows 10, but more to the hardware elements of the laptop.

These are the hard drive, processor, video card and RAM. If one of THESE components is weak, the laptop will start to slow down, no matter how powerful all the others are.

Only with a properly configured PC system can it show excellent performance results.

Certain hardware configurations can actually automatically reduce the frequency of the processor in case of overheating so as not to damage it.

If you find something similar, then your search for a solution to the problem should be directed to the cooling system.

Checking the cooling is somewhat more difficult and depends on the type and design of the computer.

What everyone can do for themselves is to assess wind turbines and the degree of dust on visible cooling elements.

Cooling problems can quickly lead to extensive equipment damage and should NOT be ignored.

Other reasons why windows 10 slows down in a laptop. recommendation five

If you have done all of the above and nothing has changed in the laptop, you need to look at the problem deeper and perhaps spend a little more time finding it.

On the system partition of the hard disk, you must have at least 20% free space (this is a prerequisite for the efficient operation of the system).

Defragmenting the hard disk will NOT hurt either (you will need to leave the computer alone for a few hours).

Disconnect your laptop from the internet and turn off all background programs, including Antivirus programs. If there are any improvements, comments. turn on the antivirus and move on.

Remove the latest updates and changes in the system. You can use system restore points, only on windows 10 this function is disabled by default (you need to use it yourself).

It should be added that reinstalling (reinstalling) windows 10 does not always solve the problem, because there is a possibility that the cause of the inhibition is related to hardware.

This step requires Significant experience and Comprehensive knowledge of the operation of the hardware and operating system, therefore the smartest and fastest way is to take advantage of professional computer service.

I recommend using diagnostic software that shows key, detailed information about the configuration of the laptop’s hardware.

In most cases, the free CPU-Z tool is sufficient. With it, you will find out the parameters of the processor, graphics chip, motherboard and RAM. Success.

The second recommendation is what to do if the laptop starts to slow down strongly. viruses

Even if you have, in your opinion, the best antivirus installed, you will never be 100 percent protected from the invasion of malware.

What to do? I always suggest using the curing utility (with Russian and free) for checking. doctor web.

Also, if you are not lazy, you can search the net, download and install the free program “ComboFix”. its use is a pretty good option in many situations.

Remember. any, even the most invisible virus, even a harmless one, slows down the laptop on all windows, including 10. as a result, the system starts to slow down.

recently, a new type of virus has grown in popularity, which is called bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Their goal is to use the computing power of the computer, as a result of which symptoms of inhibition appear.

Other viruses can act in the same way. This is by far the most common prerequisite for a fairly sudden laptop slowdown.

The first reason why even a new laptop with Windows 10 installed slows down. problematic drivers

A new laptop does not mean properly tuned for maximum performance, especially if you upgraded it to windows 10 yourself.

The fact is that when updating, the drivers can be downloaded from the Microsoft center, and this is far from the best service for installing them.

Please note that it is the drivers that are responsible for the operation of all laptop devices. without them, neither here nor there, and the most effective update is the manufacturer’s website. Only there you can download the most efficient.

Overall, laptop performance is not the result of one cause. It slows down windows 10 very much, usually due to a combination of small reasons.

For example, the system is not optimized, viruses, dust have settled in the system, Ineffective cooling, not fragmented files, dozens of programs to start up and many other factors are the standard state of an average laptop 2-3 years after purchase.

However, this article focuses on sudden, hard braking of your laptop and loss of performance after updating windows 10.

The third reason why windows 10 slows down. autoload

The startup contains programs that are launched together with the launch of windows 10.

If there are a lot of them, then naturally there will be a large load and the resources of the laptop will be exhausted.

I remember recently I was asked to check why games slow down when the processor and video card are the most modern.

Everything turned out to be at startup. after its optimization, the performance was fully restored.

5 reasons why the laptop has become very slow after updating windows 10

If your laptop, even a new one after updating to windows 10, has become very slow, programs start much longer than usual, a sign that something is wrong with it.

In some cases, it can even lead to hardware damage, loss of files or the security of your personal data.

Therefore, it is best to take care of this as soon as possible. What to do? This article assumes that you are at least intermediate users and you know what you are doing.

Remember that any changes you make to your laptop are at your own risk.

If you are afraid that the situation will worsen, you can always count on help in the comments.

Here are five top reasons why your laptop is lagging and tips for troubleshooting car problems.


I bought a new laptop at once the same situation, I tried everything, I will carry the hike back, laptop asus vivobook r521fl-br103t.

If new then carry back the best option.

I bought a new laptop at once the same situation, I tried everything, I will carry the hike back, laptop asus vivobook r521fl-br103t.

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I will not give away a month with a Lenovo laptop if Windows 10 is a stupid driver, if you disable it, it will not be Lagat and eat the central bank and disk

Why the laptop slows down, how to fix

A laptop with Windows 10 makes a person mobile and at the same time uses all the advantages of a stationary PC. But unlike a computer, these devices are more likely to fail. If you do not know why the laptop slows down, what to do to make Windows 10 work efficiently, Use the tips described in this article.

On the manufacturer’s website

  • Open the website of the laptop manufacturer → in the search bar enter the laptop model → Support → Drivers and Utilities.
  • Specify the type of operating system (bitness Windows 10) → download and install all available drivers.

Cleaning the hard drive

After upgrading to Windows 10, files of the old OS version remain on the system drive. They are used if the user decides to “roll back”, but because of them the hard disk becomes full. If you are confident that you will not be returning to an old OS, delete these files. How to do this is described in the article “How to completely delete the Windows.Old folder on a Windows 10 computer?”.

For stable operation of Windows 10, you need 8-10 GB of free space on the system disk (twice the amount of RAM). Therefore, delete / Move unnecessary files to other disks or cloud storage.

Why the laptop slows down

Developers are trying to make Windows 10 as feature-rich and productive as possible. But sometimes, after updating to the top ten, the laptop starts to slow down. It interferes with work and play. This also happens with devices on which the OS is initially installed. The reasons:

  • Autoload is NOT optimized;
  • Incompatible drivers;
  • Overheat;
  • The hard disk is full;
  • Incompatible programs.

Weak computer

The main reason a Windows 10 laptop starts to slow down is its “weak” specifications. Manufacturers are trying to adhere to Microsoft’s recommendations for the minimum technical requirements for devices on which the “ten” will work. When an ordinary user updates or installs a new OS on his own, he rarely looks at the recommendations.

Windows 10 minimum system requirements:

  • 1 GHz processor or faster or Single-Chip (SoC)
  • RAM: 2 GB for new devices, 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) when upgrading;
  • Free disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Screen resolution 800 × 600 pixels;
  • Video adapter supporting DirectX9 or higher or WDDM version 1.0.

If a laptop does not meet the minimum requirements or is close to them in value, Windows 10 will slow down and work incorrectly.

In device manager

  • Right-click on the Start menu → Device Manager → LOOK at the opened list for question marks or exclamation marks. If any, update the drivers for THESE devices.
  • PCM by device → Update drivers → Automatic search for updated drivers → the system will automatically find new drivers on the Internet and install them.

Optimization of startup

For a user who buys a new laptop, a huge number of additional programs from the device manufacturer can be installed by default. They run automatically with the OS and mostly run in the background.

    Right-click on the Taskbar → Device Manager → Startup tab.


Modern games and programs consume large resources of the laptop, which is why its components (processor, video card) overheat. Due to its compact size, a powerful cooling system cannot be installed in the device. As the temperature inside the case rises, the laptop starts to slow down and may turn off (automatic protection).

How to find out the temperature of the processor and other components of the device, you will learn in the article “How to see the temperature of the processor in Windows 10″. If in idle state it does not drop below 50-60 degrees, clean the laptop from dust. You can do this yourself or at a service center.

If that doesn’t work, purchase a dedicated laptop cooling pad. This is a platform with built-in fans. They create a directed air flow to the bottom of the gadget and additionally cool it.

Downloading the correct drivers

The problem faced by many users of laptops with Windows 10. Creation of drivers for the gadget should be handled by the company that collected it. But a year after the release of the “dozens”, many manufacturers have not yet presented the actual drivers, or they release them only for new laptop models.

If your laptop slows down after upgrading to Windows 10, download and install drivers for your device.

Firewall prohibitions

Network requests take the longest time. Even if the laptop is not connected to the Internet. Open your firewall and deny maximum network access. In particular, browsers and many other applications do not need them.

  • Win A.
  • Network.
  • Network parameters.
  • Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the lower left corner. Windows Firewall.
  • In the left column. Allow interaction.

Disable network access for as many applications as possible, including system applications. It will speed up your laptop.

Windows 10 laptop slows down: what to do and how to fix the problem?

After installing Windows 10 usually does NOT slow down. You need to do something to achieve this effect. The ten is definitely faster than the seventh version. Especially if you turn off all the visual effects, which, we are sure, are not necessary for most of the population. When your Windows 10 laptop lags, download Dr Web Cure It first. Please note that some adware and other Trojans DO NOT allow you to get the required file from the company’s official website. The download may be interrupted or stuck at some stage. So it makes sense to transfer the necessary software on a flash drive from another PC.

Again, the threat is not to infect the neighbor too. As you know, viruses are perfectly transmitted through removable media. So, at the slightest problem, download your antivirus software immediately. Even if Kaspersky is installed, this does not mean that a couple of Trojans could not settle in the system. Let’s just say that Dr Web perfectly complements the named application. But, it should be noted that even a dozen began to fall not as often as it was with XP or 7. Or hackers appeared more cunning. We have already told how Red October terrorized government organizations in many countries for 5 years before it was noticed.

Anti-virus scan

This step can only be skipped in two cases:

  • Antivirus check has already been performed and nothing has risen.
  • Ten got up from scratch isolated from the network PC and immediately began to freeze.

Windows 10 itself does defragmentation on a schedule, but is still afraid of viruses. So check the system periodically if the computer dulls (slows down).

Graphic arts

The PC will run about three times faster if you disable any bells and whistles in the design. There are two ways to do this:

  • Put a contrasting theme.
  • Right click on the desktop.
  • Personalization.
  • Topics.
  • Theme options.
  • Leafing to the very bottom.
  • Set the desired one (the desktop background will disappear).
  • Disable all visual effects.
  • Win Break to enter system properties.
  • Extra options.
  • Advanced tab, section Performance.
  • Put the switch in the desired position (see screen).

How to avoid becoming a victim of viruses

We have already talked about this more than once and gave examples, but our readers have already guessed that no one is perfect. By the nature of the activity, you have to download a lot of software, and about 2 times a year you have to delete. So this case is just an example. In fact, he is typical. Here are some signs you should be alerted to:

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This is not a complete list. The most conscientious scammers DO NOT drive us Trojans, but only offer to watch ads under one pretext or another. That is, we simply waste our time, but we get nothing. But we also DO NOT get problems, which then take 40 minutes or more to solve them.

Check progress

Once upon a time, Dr Web blocked the PC for the duration of all operations. But today this inconvenience has been removed. Just click on the file a couple of times and start the process. If a significant number of threats are detected, immediately stop the progress of the task, heal and overload the PC. Surely with each such step, it will run a little faster.

The wizard will prompt you to select files and folders to scan, but we would recommend NOT to touch anything, but just allow the junk to start crawling. The process can take up to half an hour, but it Takes even less time.

Performance tuning

All laptops have a Performance Variable setting. It usually hangs in the tray. Lenovo interface looks like this.

Here, the race car icon shows the arrow position where Windows 10 slows down the least. The other two options are:

  • Energy saving.
  • Balanced mode.

This can be called quick access. There is one more place where the installed set of options will allow the laptop to run a little faster. It is now in terms of power supply.

  • Click Win X and go to Control Panel.
  • We enter the System and Security link, select the Power supply section.

You can see that there is a High Performance Power Plan. In this case, the display never turns off, and the hard disk works without stopping. It is difficult to say whether the PC performance will actually increase. As well as what the connection is between this power plan and the laptop’s built-in interface. You can try to change options and track the effect in a “friendly” rig.

Cleaning browsers

Some installers clog our computer Not only with Trojans, but also with various add-ons in browsers. For example, some malicious applications promote. they like to put an unnecessary search page as a start page, register bookmarks, panels in the system, change search settings. It is necessary to systematically clean all the observers, which are only available. Something with is deleted through the Control Panel (Win X). Here you are, look at the screen. The virus that stuffed our PC with Trojans put this everywhere.

Cleaning of such “Well-wishers” Takes up to 40 minutes. In our case, it took a little more, because the system has 6 browsers. I emphasize: this start page was prescribed by the installer, we did not install it in IE. There were no questions about whether we have a desire to start every day with. We answer: it is not, it was not, and henceforth it will definitely not be (after cleaning). But how to get rid of this?

  • Always in the browser settings there is a bootstrap option. It can be a set of some sites, as in this case, the initial page, or just empty. We prefer the latter option, because there is no search engine yet, which could answer all the questions (especially since the Volgograd region constantly appears in the region for some reason). We, of course, understand that the site needs traffic, but you absolutely do not want to solve this problem at your own expense.
  • Let’s go to Browser Options.
  • Here you are, the installer carefully wrote the coordinates of the search engine here.
  • Do not press any buttons. Just erase the address and then click Apply in the lower right corner.
  • But that’s not all (as our readers might guess). The necessary search for is built into the browser. You can verify this by looking at add-ins.
  • You can see that there is something here that was mentioned above. Get rid of THESE unnecessary immediately!
  • Comments, well, okay Bing. This is sacred! Microsoft search engine in the company’s browser. But yashka and got here in vain. Lucky them! The funny thing is that the mail does NOT want to be deleted, you must first put “default” on Bing. If there is nothing at all, to get rid of the infection, click in the lower left corner “Find other services.”. Spite IE will not let you delete everything!

Restarts the browser with peace of mind. And so we had to do with each of the six, and in addition. to remove Search from the desktop from the Taskbar. There were also some other “weeds” with which we had to fight. Readers now understand why it took 40 minutes to clean. Why do this? The speed of browsers, above all. Well, and, of course, the principle: there is no need to have software on a PC that was downloaded without warning. Understand correctly, the blame is on. and the pirates, but this does not make it easier for us, and 40 minutes of life cannot be returned.

Where can I download

In any other situation, the first step should be to visit the official Dr Web site. Many people know that for home PCs there is a free utility called Cure It. Pay attention to this point if the laptop is part of the equipment of any organization. However, be careful too. If you insist on compliance with the law in such trifles as buying an antivirus, then you can fly out of work.

To download the utility, just type in the search engine “web doctor smokes”, or follow this link and click Download.

The file size is usually up to 150 MB, although there were times when this figure was slightly higher. Please note that the Doctor’s version must be up to date. Recently, the official site even conducted a vote on whether to make the software use period of only 5 days. Apparently, the company’s specialists believe that it is during such a period that the databases manage to become outdated. Consequently, the utilities will not catch all the dangers. If the Trojan is cunning, then most likely you will not even be able to restart the PC. You just need to turn it off (in any way), start it again and immediately start checking. The downloaded file is in the Downloads folder, but if you are working from Opera, you will be asked where you want to save the module. To make it easier to search, Sort the folder by Date.

Power Options

Certain power saving mode settings in your notebook may result in slower performance. For example, when operating in battery mode, the frequency of the processor often decreases, which increases battery life.

If you need higher performance during autonomous operation, then you need to configure power plans in the “Control Panel”. You can also check the correctness of settings for other modes there.


A very big problem for today’s PC users is viruses and other types of malware. They can steal important data, destroy information and cause a variety of disruptions.

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Here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of virus infection on your PC:

  • Install anti-virus software on your computer;
  • Keep the anti-virus database up to date;
  • Check all files downloaded from the boarding school for viruses;
  • Turn on firewall;
  • I DO NOT visit suspicious sites;

In more than 60% of cases, the answer to the question of why the game on a laptop slows down or the program runs slowly will sound. because of viruses. Fortunately, even if the infection has already occurred, you can use special utilities and cure the PC.

Here is a list of utilities that will help to cure already infected PCs:

    CureIt application from Doctor Web;

  • Kaspersky Lab application Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool;
  • AVZ utilities.
  • You just need to download the program from the developer’s website and start scanning. After a while, the application will show a list of infected files and offer to fix the problem.


    During installation, many programs are written into automatic loading at OS startup. Users simply forget to uncheck the corresponding box in the installer or do not suspect that this can lead to a decrease in performance.

    In fact, any automatically launched application, like others, takes up RAM, loads the processor, and so on. Solving the problem is simple enough. You need to disable Unnecessary software from autorun. This can be done using Windows tools or using third-party utilities, for example, CCleaner.

    Let’s consider how to configure the automatic launch of programs at Windows startup using OS tools:

    • Press the WinR key combination on your keyboard;
    • Enter the following command in the dialog box: msconfig and click Ok;

    Go to the “Startup” tab and Disable unnecessary applications.

    Cleaning the system from unnecessary files

    Often, the computer often freezes solely due to the fact that the system has accumulated a lot of files associated with installed and removed applications. Those who install a lot of programs into the system have probably noticed how much faster the newly installed system is, compared to the one that they actively used for at least a month. This is especially true for users who often install new programs.

    System cleanup is perfectly done with the help of Glary Utilites, which, unlike CCleaner, has a file recovery function, so it will easily allow you to fix the error if you accidentally delete the necessary information.

    The Startup tab is practically the same function as discussed in the programs above. However, Glary Utilites allows you not only to remove the program from startup, but also to remove it.

    The same program has such functions as disk cleaning, registry cleaning and uninstallation manager, which allows you to completely remove programs from the system, including their “tails” in the registry and various files.

    BIOS check

    The correct operation of the SSD is provided only in ACHI mode. It is he who allows you to send the trim command, which in the background allows the drive to clean up cells containing deleted files.

    Let’s see how to set ACHI mode for SATA controller in PC BIOS:

    • Enter the BIOS SETUP menu, usually using the F2 key;
    • Find the SATA controller settings;
    • Set the ACHI mode;
  • Save the parameters and exit and SETUP.
  • Disable System Restore

    Finally, we will give another way to improve the performance of the operating system. this is to disable the creation of restore points. The method, to put it mildly, is controversial, since in some cases (installing a “crooked” driver, a problem with Windows itself), it is a rollback to a previous restore point that allows you to quickly return the system to work.

    Nevertheless, this method has a right to exist, and it is up to you to decide whether to use it or not. Right click on “My Computer ”and go to its properties. In the menu on the left, select the item “System protection”.

    Click on the “Configure” button and select “Disable system protection”.

    Now you will NOT be able to use the system restore function, however, the computer’s performance should noticeably increase.


    Before purchasing a new SSD drive and installing it in a laptop PC, you need to make sure that this is possible. Support is required from the BIOS and OS. ACHI must be present in the computer settings; SATA controller operation mode.

    Important! You need to understand that to use all the capabilities of SSD drives, you need Windows 7 or higher, on XP some technologies are NOT supported.

    It will be useful to check the supported modes of the SATA controller before purchasing using Special utilities, for example, HWiNFO. If only operation in SATA-II mode is supported, then buying faster drives is pointless.

    When buying RAM, you should pay attention to the supported frequency and the maximum amount that can be set. This can be done in the technical documentation on the manufacturer’s website.

    Eliminate viruses

    Another very common reason due to which the computer works slowly, and some applications even freeze for several minutes, is viruses and various spyware. The absence of an anti-virus program or a new updated database will lead to the accumulation of tens or even hundreds of viruses in the system over time, as a result of which work on the device will become completely impossible. The easiest way to eliminate all viruses on the system is to reinstall the operating system, which will NOT take you more than 30-60 minutes. However, reinstalling the OS leads to the need to reinstall all existing applications, so many users DO NOT like such a radical way to fight viruses.

    Currently, the highest quality free utility is the free DR.Web Cureit program, which can be downloaded from the official website. DR.Web Cureit does not require installation on the system and does NOT protect your computer from new threats, it only allows you to eliminate existing threats.

    After you check your computer with this utility, you will need to install an antivirus on the system that can provide real-time protection. Despite the fact that it is believed that only paid versions of antivirus programs can provide the best protection, there are equally effective free versions. AVG, Avast, Avir, Microsoft Security Essentials, Comodo Internet Security and many others.

    If you are unable to download and install the antivirus, you can connect the HDD disks to a second computer where the Updated antivirus is installed. This is especially true if the antivirus cannot delete infected files, since they are used by the operating system.

    Hanging Processes and Utilities

    Programs and utilities, while running, create processes that, in some situations, “freeze” or begin to take up a lot of system resources. To solve the problem, you must stop their execution.

    tupit, laptop, windows

    Let’s consider the procedure for removing a “frozen” process:

    • Open the “Task Manager”, for example, pressed CtrlAltDel;
    • Go to the “Processes” tab and select the desired item;
    • Click the “End Process” button.

    If the situation repeats during the next launches of the application, then you need to update its version or find alternative software to perform tasks.

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