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Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei

How to Transfer Data from Huawei to Samsung S21 / S20

Last updated February 2, 2021 by Jason Ben

We always love getting the latest and most technologically advanced gadgets for ourselves. The only problem is that with the increase in the amount of data in our smartphones day by day, many people have difficulty transferring data to their new smartphone.

When you look at the latest smartphones available, one name that stands out as the best is Samsung S21. This is why, whether you are using Huawei or any other smartphone, it is worth updating. Today we will tell you some of the cases when you might need to transfer data from Huawei phone to Samsung S21.

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Why you may need to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung s21?

Some of the situations in which you may need to transfer data from Huawei to s21 include:

  • Upgrade to Samsung S21
  • Breakage of the Huawei smartphone
  • Using your Huawei smartphone only as a backup

As you can see, there can be many reasons to start transferring data from Huawei to Samsung S21. With that in mind, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort these days transferring data from your Huawei smartphone to the Samsung S21. With Switch Mobile Transfer, you can do it in 4 easy steps. What’s more, there isn’t a big learning curve for understanding software. This ensures that you can transfer data quite easily.

How to transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei Phone Without Computer

How to Transfer Data from Huawei Phone to Samsung S21 Phone with Switch Mobile Transfer?

We will outline the exact procedure that you can follow to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung S21 phone.

  • A computer
  • USB cables
  • Samsung s21 and Huawei smartphones

Step by step guide to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung s21:

Download and install Switch mobile transfer on your computer:

The very 1st thing you should do is download and install Switch Mobile Transfer on your computer. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. The installation procedure is also self-explanatory.

Connect both phones to your computer:

After that, you must connect both smartphones to your computer. After you open the Switch Mobile Transfer software, you must select the Phone to Phone Transfer option. This will allow you to easily transfer data between both phones.

Step 3Selecting the sender and the receipt for the smartphone:

After the phones sync correctly, you should be able to see the Huawei smartphone as well as the Samsung S21 in the Switch Mobile Transfer software. The sender’s smartphone is on the left and the recipient’s smartphone. on right. If the smartphones are not positioned correctly, you can use the toggle button to decide which smartphone will be the sender.

Step 4 Initiate Transfer:

After that, you have to select the types of files you want to transfer. Once you have done this, you must click the Start Transfer button. You must keep both smartphones connected until data is transferred.

You can easily clear the recipient’s smartphone data by selecting the Clear data before copying option before starting the transfer.

After installing the software, the data transfer procedure will take only a few minutes. Switch Mobile Transfer’s interface is pretty easy to understand, which ensures that you can transfer data right away.

So, if you want to transfer data from Huawei to Samsung 9, you can easily do it in a few minutes with Switch Mobile Transfer. All you have to do is just follow the 4 steps we highlighted above.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android

The best way to do this is to use apps. There was already a list above with applications that are capable of doing this. But in this chapter, we will also consider options that can copy SMS from one phone to another.

Interesting! Also on the site you can read an article about all the working methods on how to transfer contacts from android to Android really quickly and so that they are not lost and the names are not checked.

We use standard system tools. Google account

What can be thrown (the list may differ depending on the version of Android):

  • System settings
  • List of installed applications, they will be automatically downloaded to the new device
  • Data from apps that use Google Drive for backups
  • Contacts
  • The calendar
  • Documents
  • Google drive
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google Fit. health tracking apps
  • etc depends on the OS hole and on the model of the device
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Phone clone

Works on many models of devices, copies: contacts, messages, calendar, notes, photos, call list.

Transfer Data Android to Huawei

How to transfer data from Android to Android everything: TOP ways

Transferring data from Android phone to Android phone is an extremely important and always relevant topic. Every year, a lot of new devices are released on this OS and when purchasing one, you always want to keep everything that was on the old one.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to transfer all data from Android to Android phone or tablet quickly and correctly so that there will be no problems in the future.

In the previous article, we looked at how to create a Google account and how to link it to your smartphone. Now we will figure out in detail and with examples how to transfer all information from Android to Android.

Interesting! The transfer of information / data can be done on any device with this OS, regardless of its model, be it: Honor, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony or others.

How to transfer apps and games from Android to Android

When you connect your Google account on any device, all those applications that you have ever downloaded become available to you. To download them again:

Go to Google Play, click on the three strips. at the top of the search and in the drop-down list go to the item with your applications.

Here click on the library and just download the software or games you need again.

Important! If before that you downloaded paid applications or games for a promotion. for free, you won’t be able to do this again. you will be asked to purchase them.

Interesting! Also, there was already a list of applications above that are capable of doing this. you can use them.

Super backup

A good option, besides SMS, it also recovers many other important data from your device.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor and Huawei completely: instructions, methods

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor? Instructions for this action are important for those who purchased a new device. In addition to frequently used applications and contacts, almost every gadget has a block with videos, photos and audio files that have been accumulating for more than one month. And when you pick up a new smartphone, these components are often missing. In 2021, there are special programs that massively transfer content from one medium to another. In this article, we will look at how they work and how to use them.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor and Huawei via Phone Clone

  • open the software on both the old and the new gadget;
  • on Honor and Huawei, select the new device mode;
  • on Samsung, indicate that this is an old phone (you will take files from it);
  • then select all components or selected files for transportation to another storage;
  • start the sending process;
  • depending on the amount of information, it will take 2-7 minutes.

Do not break contact between mobile devices or try to turn them off during transfer. This will interrupt the transport of packets over the network and cause corrupted content to arrive at Honor / Huawei.

It is also possible to transfer components manually. Then you go to the explorer, select the folders with a tick, click on the share button, and choose the transfer method. Of the proposed:

  • post office;
  • Bluetooth;
  • messengers and more.

The downside is that if there are a lot of files on the medium, you will have to mark it manually for a long time. Also, files will take a long time to download to mail or via messenger, since they are large. Often the Internet cuts and compresses the real quality during transmission, this is also worth considering.

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Honor and Huawei

When changing a mobile phone or tablet, it is important to fully transfer your savings over files for the entire period of use. One of the important blocks of content inside a phone is contacts. The transfer is especially important if you have been using Samsung for a long time, and a large phone book has already accumulated there. Consider a few options to help move subscribers to Honor / Huawei.

via bluetooth or wifi

Another method of how to transfer data from Samsung to Honor is to use wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensors. To do this, go to Huawei or Honor in the phone book, select the menu, click on import. Choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect to the second device, and confirm the transfer of components.

using a google account

The first option is with a Google account. It is the lightest. To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the Google account on the old device;
  • connect to the internet;
  • go to account settings;
  • select sync contacts;
  • log into the same account on the new media and repeat the action.

export to storage

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

This method involves using a computer or laptop. Open the phone book, select the section with additional options, and click on managing contacts. In the menu that opens, select the item. export to storage. Regardless of which option you choose, the action will be completed quickly. If the first method doesn’t work, try the second and third.

via bluetooth or wifi

How to transfer data from Samsung to Honor using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless technology:

  • Go back to the phonebook app from the new device.
  • Going to the export menu, click on the item that allows you to transfer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other gadget. And find it on your new smartphone.
  • Confirm pairing and grant the desired sync permissions.
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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Honor and Huawei

After considering how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei, we will study how to save contacts. Usually the phone book is stored:

  • On a SIM card. This option is not often used. This is due to the presence of restrictions. it is allowed to store a certain number of contacts, you cannot add a picture to a specific record, and there are no additional fields for entering information.
  • In the memory of the smartphone. Using the presented storage method, you will open all the functions in the contact book.
  • In the accounting profile. In fact, this option does not differ from the one presented above and provides identical capabilities, allowing you to make any changes. A distinctive advantage is that you can synchronize information through your Google account between any devices. Mostly on Android phones, this is the standard way to store.

using a google account

The first method is considered the most convenient in terms of transferring the necessary information. To import from one gadget to another through the Google service, do the following:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Go to options.
  • Find the section “Accounts and sync”.
  • Find Google in the list and enter your profile.
  • Go to the phone book and go to settings.
  • Further, the item “Import / Export”.
  • Then click on “Import from storage” and click on the Google account where the contacts will be transferred.

After that, on the new gadget, go to the “Contacts” application and go to the parameters. Select import again and click on “Export from storage.” In the list that appears, find your Google account and complete the sync.

How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor Completely

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor is a question that interests many. In particular, this problem becomes relevant if you have changed your mobile device to a new one and do not want to lose the information contained in the phone. Below we will consider what methods you can use in order not to lose the necessary data.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor via Phone Clone

Phone Clone is a special program created by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and designed to transfer information. It does not matter between which operating systems the transfer takes place. The application will perform the operation even if the old phone was on iOS and the new one was on Android. The main advantages of the utility:

  • All data can be transferred to any phone.
  • Free use of the program.
  • No internet connection required, you can use QR code.
  • The highest transfer speed reaches 1 GB per minute, which will allow you to quickly transfer all data, including photos, contacts from the phone book, notes, etc.

How to use Phone Clone? Pre-download the utility from Google Play or on the official website of the application. You will have to install it on both devices. Let’s study the instructions using the example of Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P Smart:

  • Run the program on your old phone and click on “This is the old Phone”.
  • Do the same operation on a new mobile phone and scan the offered QR code from it.
  • The final step will be to select the information you need to transfer. Check the boxes and wait for the operation to complete.

The application works on devices starting from Android 4.0 and from iOS 6.0.

export to storage

The last method for transferring the presented information involves the use of a drive. In fact, the instruction does not differ much from the options described in the article. Also go to the desired application and in the parameters select the section “Export to storage”.

Then the system will prompt you to select the contacts that you want to transfer, you can check all. After the procedure, a new file called contacts.vcf will be created on the smartphone’s memory card. It contains all saved phones. To find the file, go to the root directory of the drive.

Transfer the created file to a new gadget via a computer by placing it in the folder with the phone book or in the root directory of the memory card itself. Then, on your device, in the Contacts app, select Export from storage. The system will scan, find the desired file and complete the operation, and users will save contact information.

Transferring Data Using Smart Switch to Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

The Smart Switch app will transfer the necessary data to your Samsung Galaxy mobile device. You can transfer your contact list, music, messages, application settings, etc.

Data transfer is possible using a USB cable, wirelessly, via a computer or memory card. Any option chosen is carried out quickly and effortlessly.

System requirements for working with Smart Switch app:

  • Mobile devices:
  • OS Android 4.3 and above, iOS 5 and above, BlackBerry 7, 10 and above, Windows Mobile 8.1, 10 and above;
  • In other cases (Android version below 4.3 or the smartphone is a regular phone), install the Kies app on the mobile device.
  • Personal computers with Windows OS:
  • Windows 7 and higher (versions N and KN on Windows 7, 8, 10);
  • 2.4 GHz processor;
  • RAM 512 MB;
  • Hard disk space

    100 MB;

  • Download link.;
  • Personal computers running MacOS X:
  • MacOS X 10.5 or later (models released after 2013)
  • Processor 1.8 GHz;
  • RAM 512 MB;
  • Hard disk space

    Transferring data from smartphone to PC

  • Install the Smart Switch application on your computer (for download links, see the System requirements section at the beginning of the manual) and activate it.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to PC. Wait for the installation of drivers to work with a mobile device.
  • When the device is detected, on the computer in the Smart Switch application, click the button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, Settings and the Archiving Elements tab. Select the desired items and click OK.
  • Return to the main menu of the application and click on the Backup button.
  • Wait until the end of the process of copying data to your computer. At the end of the operation, you will see a report on the copied data. Click Ok.
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    Transferring data to Samsung Galaxy smartphones using a USB cable

    Transferring data from PC to smartphone

    • Connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your computer using a USB cable. Open the Smart Switch app and wait for the mobile device to be detected.
    • In the main menu of the application, click Restore. The program will offer you the last saved backup file. If desired, click Select another archive file to select the desired option.
    • Click Restore again, then wait for the process to finish.
    • You will see a report on the recovered data on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Click Ok.

    If you still have questions about using the Smart Switch app on Samsung Galaxy and PC mobile devices with different operating systems, please write to us in the comments.

    First way:

    Export contacts to a file. To do this, you need to go to the contacts application, click the additional options button in the lower right corner and select the “Import / Export” or “Manage contacts” item and then export to the drive.

    Then select all or only the necessary contacts and confirm your action. After the export is complete, the contacts.vcf or [number].vcf file will appear in the root directory of the device memory, which can be transferred to a new device by placing it in the root directory of the phone memory or memory card.

    Then you can go to contacts, select the additional options menu, go to the menu item responsible for importing and exporting contacts and select import from file. After this action, the device will scan the memory and show the contacts file, from which the import will be made. You must agree to this procedure and in a few minutes the contacts will be transferred to the new device.

    This method is suitable for contacts located in the device memory or in the SIM card memory. Using it in conjunction with syncing your Google account contacts will result in duplicate data on your phone.

    Transferring contacts:

    There are several ways of this transfer, which are quite simple. We recommend that you always check that the transfer procedure was correct before deleting data on the old device.

    Second way:

    If your contacts are stored in a Google account, you just need to force sync them and sign in to your Google account on the other device. To do this, on the old phone, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network or turn on the data transfer service, then go to the settings. accounts and synchronization, and select the Google account there. Next, you need to select the menu of additional options and click the “synchronize” button there, and then wait a few minutes.

    On a new device, it is enough to enter data from an account during the initial setup or add it along the setup path. accounts and synchronization, after which synchronization will start automatically or you will need to select the synchronize now option.

    This method is only suitable if the contacts are stored in a Google account or other similar service. Contacts stored in another way will not be transferred in this way.

    Transfer Contacts from Another Device to Huawei Smartphone with Android OS

    A small instruction on how you can transfer all your contacts from your old device to your new Huawei smartphone running the Android OS operating system.

    First, here’s some information about where contacts can be stored:

    • SIM card. As a rule, this method of storing contacts has a number of limitations, for example: fewer fields for data entry, the inability to add an image to a contact. In addition, if the SIM card stops working or becomes damaged, it will be difficult to restore contacts;
    • Device memory. Here, the user has access to all the possibilities for personalizing contacts, but their synchronization with an account via the Internet is not available;
    • Storing contacts in an account. In this case, the same possibilities are present here as when storing contacts in the device, but there is a synchronization option, which allows you to edit, add or delete contacts using a special Internet page. In most cases, on Android, the Google account is the default contact sync tool.

    Third way:

    Transfer contacts via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct. For this, contacts located in any type of memory are suitable, the actions are in many respects similar to the first of the indicated methods. First, you need to go to the “Contacts” application on the new device, enter the import and export menu and select the import of contacts via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, then activate a similar function on the old device, not forgetting to check the visibility option.

    After that, on the new device, you will need to specify the old one in the search list, to connect, and on the old device, affirmatively answer the request for connection and access to contacts. The process can take from one to five minutes, depending on the number of contacts.

    You can also export contacts to a SIM card, but we do not recommend doing this due to the fact that such an operation removes fields with birthdays and other additional information.

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