The sensor does not work on the tablet what to do

Problems with the tablet sensor. What to do?

Fixing a System Crash with a Hard Reset

Third party software conflict can be resolved by Hard Reset or System Reset. Pull the memory card out of the device in advance: it can also affect its functioning, due to the presence of viruses. Perform a full factory reset, after which you need to clear the system cache and registry. To do this, you can download any application, for example, WinFixer or Cleaner4.

It helped. put the card back in place and check it for viruses using any antivirus. It didn’t help. you probably have a damaged hardware device. This means it is necessary to change its constituent parts.

Another case is that after the firmware the sensor does not work. Look for the manufacturer’s website and on it stable versions of the firmware for the device.

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The most common causes of problems

There are a lot of reasons why the touchscreen does not work correctly (the bottom of the tablet does not work). Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe all of them in one article, especially since you still need to write about how to restore performance, so I will try to just discuss the most common options for why the sensor does not work well. Among them are the following:

  • the most elementary is screen pollution. Sometimes you can see an incredibly dirty screen, you just wonder how it was brought to this. So if you also do not like your device, this reason must be eliminated, because dirt can lead to the fact that in some places the sensor spontaneously works;
  • software failure is not the most common cause, but it also takes place. If you install a lot of third-party programs, they can conflict with each other, causing a wide variety of system crashes, so when the screen on the tablet partially does not work, this may be due to a conflict of third-party software.
  • mechanical damage. if the sensor does not respond to touch in principle, this may be due to device injuries resulting from inaccuracy. If you dropped the device and after that immediately encountered problems such as the inability to unlock it, the reason, I think, is obvious. Below there will be a detailed manual on what to do if the touchscreen does not work due to mechanical damage and how to replace the screen with another.
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How to fix a tablet yourself

In principle, you can change the touchscreen loop by contacting any technician. But besides the fact that you will pay for a new component of your device, you will have to give it all out for the replacement process. If you don’t want to pay, read the manual on how to repair a touchscreen without contacting a specialist. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard.

Use any durable thin object to remove surface features until you reach the display.

The display is connected to the matrix either monolithically or separately. Remember by what method yours is attached specifically, since the screens differ from each other and you will need to know which one to buy.

The sensor also lies on the matrix. it can be attached with or without wires. If there are wires, be extremely careful and extremely careful so as not to harm again. It must be removed from the glue, for this we heat the surface to 60 degrees (the easiest way is with a hair dryer. Do not overheat one of the sides, so as not to harm the glass). After heating, the glue should easily come off the matrix.

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How to glue the touchscreen after the steps above? Along with the new part, a special glue is included in the kit. First, we carefully apply the glue, and then we put the detail on it, attach it with care.

Well, now you know how to replace the touchscreen with your own hands in case it stops functioning. If it seems too difficult for you to replace the sensor on the device yourself, contact a specialist for a repair. Of course, the question is about money, and a specialist can bill you with a tidy sum for seemingly simple actions.

After all, what is there. remove the part from the glue and put a new one on the glue, but everything must be done with the utmost care, otherwise you risk damaging the matrix and generally losing the opportunity to bring the tablet back to life. So before doing any manipulation, I strongly advise you to think carefully about everything.

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What can be done to prevent breakage

First of all, take a rag (eyeglass or monitor cleaner will work) and thoroughly wipe your mobile phone from water and dirt. Wipe all parts of the touch glass, especially the bottom. this half is particularly malfunctioning and malfunctioning. Even if you suspect another cause of the breakdown, it will not hurt to clean it. If you are lucky and the problem is fixed, congratulations. If not, proceed to further actions.

I hope our tips have helped you. Try to follow the universal algorithm described above, or watch the video with instructions below. See you on the site pages!