The printscreen button on the laptop is not working

How to copy the contents of a computer screen

To copy the screen view and make a print screen, you need to press a special button on the keyboard, which says PrintScreen or PrtScn. On the keyboard, the button for capturing the screen is located approximately here:

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After clicking on this button, outwardly nothing happens, no new windows are opened. When you press the PrintScreen button, the monitor screen is copied into RAM and to save the screenshot to disk, you need to paste the contents of the clipboard into any program capable of processing graphics. Photoshop, Paint, or even Word is fine, although there are many dedicated screenshots (SnagIt, WinSnap, HyperSnap, etc.).

To copy not the entire screen, but only the active window, you need to press the PrintScreen button while holding down the Alt key. It is worth remembering this hotkey combination, it saves a lot of time when creating a large number of screenshots. Indeed, most often you need to screen not the entire screen, but only one window that can be made active.

How to make a print screen in Photoshop

Press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard (or Alt PrintScreen. if you need to screen only the active window, and not the entire screen) when the necessary information is displayed on the monitor screen.

Open Adobe Photoshop, open a new document in it (File-New). In this case, the size of the picture is determined by Photoshop itself, according to the contents of the clipboard.

Paste the screenshot from the clipboard into a new Photoshop file. To do this, select Edit-Paste in the main menu of Photoshop.

Save the screenshot to disk (File-Save for Web Devices) in the graphic format you need.

How to insert a screenshot in Word

If the screenshot of the screen does not require editing, you just need an exact copy of the entire screen or only one active window, the screenshot can be inserted directly into Microsoft Word. To do this, just press the Print Screen button on the keyboard (the Alt Print Screen combination, if you only need a screen of the active window) and immediately paste the screenshot just taken at the cursor position in the Word (CtrlV. the universal combination for insertion works, of course, in Word).

If the screenshot needs to be edited before inserting it into a Word document, it must first be inserted into one of the graphics processing programs (Photoshop, Paint, etc.), edited there and saved the screenshot to disk. After that, the saved picture can be dragged with the mouse to the desired place in the Word document or traditionally copied and pasted using the CtrlС and CtrlV combinations, respectively.

How to make a PrintScreen (printscreen, screenshot)

When preparing articles, abstracts, reports, etc. almost always you need to “photograph” what is visible on the screen, and then insert this picture or part of it into your document. The procedure for this screen capture is called Print Screen. Sometimes the process of copying the contents of the monitor screen is also called “taking a screenshot”. In fact, making a print screen is very simple.

How to save a screenshot in Paint

The great thing about Paint is that it’s a must-have on any Windows computer. To make a print screen using Paint you need:

Press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard at the moment you need.
2. Open the Paint program (Start-All Programs-Standard-Paint):

In the main menu of the Paint program, select Edit-Paste. As a result, the view of the screen, photographed by you earlier with the PrintScreen button, will be inserted into a separate picture. Until it is saved and again, it exists only in the computer’s memory.

Let’s save the screenshot in Paint. To do this, select File-Save As in the main menu of the program:

In the window that opens, set a name for our screenshot, the path where it should be saved and the file format. Most often screenshots are saved in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.

The nuances of taking screenshots on a laptop and netbook

In order to take a screenshot on a laptop / netbook, you need to find the Print Screen (PrtSc) button and make sure that its color is the same as that of the rest of the letter and number keys. If the color is different to match the color of the Fn button, then the screen capture button will only work when you hold down the enhanced keyboard power button on the laptop. Those. it is necessary to press the PrtScn key while holding down the Fn key (FnPrtScn). The rest of the steps for inserting the resulting print screen into Word or Photoshop are described above, there are no differences.

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How to make a print screen (screenshot) on a laptop

When you type articles, abstracts, reports and the like, you almost always need to capture the information on the screen so that you can then insert this image or part of it into any document you are working on. The process of capturing the monitor screen (photographing) is called Print Screen. It reads like a print screen or a screenshot. In any case, making such a screenshot is incredibly easy.

In all laptop models: ASUS, Acer, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell and others, as well as computer keyboards, the “Print Screen” button is designed for a print screen.

How to make a print screen on a laptop and not install additional software and use only those standard programs that are in Windows, you need to learn only two steps.

Firstly, to take a picture of the screen, you need to press the Print Screen button or PrtSc for short. You can find it in the upper right corner of the keyboard. It is mainly located next to the “Delete” button.

It should be borne in mind that specifically on laptops on some keyboards, this button combines two functions. “Print Screen” and “Insert”. In this case, “Print Screen” is highlighted in blue, and only works in conjunction with pressing the “Fn” button.

Secondly, any graphics editor opens: Paint, Photoshop. After that, an image is inserted into the editor using the Paint menu, or using a combination of two buttons “Ctrl V”.

After the image is inserted, it can be edited or simply saved to any folder.

If you have the skills to use Paint, then you can come up with a lot of things with an image. For example, write any inscription in a different font, resize the image itself, add different elements and save in the desired format.

When you press a key to get a screenshot of the screen, then the image will show the entire screen. If you only want part of the image, you can use scissors. To find them, go to the “Start” menu, find the line “All programs”. “Standard”. “Scissors”.

With scissors you can create the desired photo of any part of your screen.

By the way, by simultaneously pressing the AltPrint screen buttons, you can make a print screen of the application working window. Then you won’t waste time editing the image in Paint.

Programs to help take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

In order to make it easier for yourself, you can download one of the programs listed below and use it for free. Finding them is easy, and even a beginner can handle it.

FastStone Capture. there are additional features available besides the ability to take screenshots.

Screenshot Captor. the program is equipped with various functions and possibilities for editing print screens.

EasyCapture. the program is designed to create different types of screenshots and is very simple and easy to use.

DuckCapture. allows you to take any type of screenshot or application window.

Clip2Net. after the screenshot is taken, helps to post it on the Internet.

SnapaShot is a program that does not require installation and which allows you to take a screenshot of any desired area.

2] Check the “Snapshot” radio button

Open Settings again, select the System tile and go to the Notifications & Actions section.
Here, make sure the slider is set to “Enabled”.

Screenshot “

Solution Toggle the F-lock key

Some users claim that the Print Screen key worked for them after pressing the F-lock. the button that is used to switch the state of the function keys (F1-F12). Experiment with F-lock, if available, and check if Print Screen works.

Still not working with the print screen? Well, then you need to fork out for a new keyboard or use system scissors or third-party software to take screenshots.

Found a typo? Select the text and press Ctrl Enter

Features of OKLICK keyboard.

As a result, it turned out that the new OKLICK multimedia keyboard was to blame. which turns out to have an extended mode of operation of the upper row of keys, which is activated by a special button:

In this mode (and it is enabled by default) the PrtScr key is responsible not for a screenshot, but for printing. This turned out to be the reason that the print screen does not work.

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Finally, a video tutorial on how to create a backup copy of the registry:

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Why the print screen does not work and how to fix it?

Print screen not working? No problem! In today’s article we will take a look at what can cause this problem and how you can fix it.

3] Reset “Application”

Go to Settings Apps Apps & features. Here click on Application
You should see an “Advanced Options” link.
Click on it, scroll down to “Reset” on the next screen and apply.

Resetting Snip Sketch Preferences

Also, as a last resort, you can uninstall and reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store. While in the same section there is a “Delete” button. Once uninstalled, go to Microsoft Store and reinstall the app.

Remove Snip Sketch

Solution Using the Fn key

If you are trying to take a screenshot on a laptop, then in addition to the Print Screen key, you may also need to press the Fn key. Simply put, press FnPrint Screen. the image of the entire screen is captured and placed on the clipboard.

The Windows button on the keyboard does not work

The Windows button on your keyboard gives you quick access to the Start menu. If the Windows button stopped working at some point, you can use our tips below to fix the problem.

Before solving the problem with the Windows button, make sure that the “Start” menu opens by clicking the left mouse button on it. If the Start menu does not open, then the problem is not with the Windows button. You should look for another instruction. the “Start” menu does not open.

Now let’s see why the Windows button on the keyboard does not work, and how to fix this problem.

Unlock the Windows button on your keyboard

Some keyboards have a special key that blocks the Windows button. If your keyboard has such a key, and it is enabled, then this is the reason that the Windows button on the keyboard is not working. Press the lock key to unlock the Windows button.

Turn on the Windows button

It is possible that the Windows button is simply disabled, which is why it does not work. Follow these steps to enable the Windows button using Registry Editor. Follow each step carefully, because an incorrect change in the registry can lead to serious problems.

  • Click the “Start” button and type “regedit” in the search box. Then choose regedit from the pop-up menu. The Registry Editor dialog box appears on the computer screen.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control folder.
  • In the “Control” folder, find and click “Keyboard Layout”. In the right pane, right-click on the Scancode Map and select Uninstall. Then click “Yes” to confirm the deletion. (If you do not have a Scancode Map file in the right pane, this means that this method is not suitable for your situation. Skip to the next.)
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Try the keyboard on another computer (external keyboard only)

If you are using a desktop PC, connect your keyboard to another computer and check if the Windows button on it works. If the button doesn’t work on another computer, it is most likely physically damaged. You may need to replace it with a new button.

Update your keyboard drivers

Also, the problem with the Windows button on the keyboard not working can be caused by the wrong keyboard drivers. Usually, you don’t need to manually install keyboard drivers unless you have an expensive gaming keyboard. In this case, you need to go to the manufacturer’s official website and download the drivers.

Users who use conventional keyboards should follow these steps:

  • If you are using a PC then just unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. Windows operating system will automatically install keyboard drivers.
  • If you are using a laptop, follow these steps to update your drivers through Device Manager.
  • Right click on “Start” and select “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the Keyboards category and right click on the keyboard device, then select Update Drivers.
  • Select “Search Automatically”, then Windows will automatically install new drivers.
  • Reboot your computer.
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These four easy ways should help you when the Windows button on your keyboard is not working.

If you spill liquid on your laptop

Spilled liquid may cause the buttons to not work, even on the touchpad of your laptop. If the entire surface is heavily flooded, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the computer as quickly as possible;
  • Open the top cover. Disconnect the battery (it is connected to the motherboard with a special cable or several wires);
  • After the laptop is de-energized, it is required to clean all layers of the keyboard: silicone pad, aluminum substrate, board with microcircuits;
  • After that, for greater confidence, you can “ring” the contacts of the microcircuits and reassemble everything.

If the buttons on the laptop still do not work, it is better to check the cable from the keyboard to the motherboard.

The fn button does not work on a laptop

Fn. the same function key may not work for the following reasons:

  • Lack of the required software when installing or reinstalling keyboard drivers (solved by reinstalling the driver pack);
  • Some of the preinstalled programs related to the manufacturer and responsible for the system keys have been removed from startup (it all depends on the manufacturer). HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. if this button does not work on an HP laptop and ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. if on Asus;
  • Reset BIOS. Changing the behavior of this button in the BIOS is not available on all laptops. All this is located in the “System Configuration” section, in the “Action Keys Mode” item there should be Disabled.

Buttons on laptop not working. troubleshooting

Immediately after clarifying the circumstances of the breakdown, you can start repairing the keyboard. If you are not a confident user and are not used to working with computer components. do not experiment! Contact the service center. Poor repairs can cause even more problems.

Repairing the keyboard at the software or hardware level does not require special skills and knowledge. Unless, of course, this is damage to microcircuits or the entire board.

Oxidation of the contacts for the keyboard loop

Everything is connected to the main or motherboard using a wide ribbon cable. There can be contacts throughout the loop, and they can oxidize, over time or as a result of spilling liquid on the keyboard.

Keyboard board failure

The keyboard board consists of several microcircuits, which are interconnected. Spilled liquid, mechanical stress or unfavorable storage conditions of the laptop can lead to oxidation of the contacts or even complete damage to the board.

If the power button on the laptop does not work

  • Key wear (the silicone base of the button, located under the plastic, has been erased);
  • The liquid has corroded the tracks on the board;
  • The key has been damaged mechanically.

The solutions in this case will be either replacing the button, or opening the laptop and repairing the mount (it is better to send it to the service immediately)

Sticky keyboard keys

Sticky keys in this case mean their long response or lack of response after one press as a result of the accumulation of debris under the keyboard.

The right block of numbers does not respond to commands

Here you can write a solution right away. Usually above the number “7” is the so-called “NumLock” function key.

Pressing it locks all digits in the right block. The fact that it is active is indicated by a special indicator, but since there are no indicators on new models, you can check its activity only by pressing it, and then try to press the numbers from the block.