The keyboard on the laptop partially does not work

Why the laptop keyboard can fail

Carelessness or negligence of the owner, as a result of which it is flooded with liquid (tea, coffee, lemonade, strong and slightly diluted drinks). The keyboard on the laptop does not work, what should I do, disassemble and repair myself or carry it to a service center? These are the thoughts that haunt the unfortunate owner of portable equipment.

In fact, you should not panic and, if possible, it is necessary to remove the keyboard as soon as possible and carry out cleaning, the process of which will be described below. If this process is delayed, then the complete failure of the device cannot be avoided: the conductive tracks will rot.

First aid for a laptop in this situation:

  • Turn the device upside down.
  • Disconnect the battery.

To prevent burnout of the controller and other electronic components of the laptop, do not turn on the device until the completion of repair work.

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The keyboard on the laptop does not work after it is self-disassembled during cleaning. The thing is that when disconnecting the keyboard from the motherboard, beginners often make a mistake when they pull the connector by the ribbon cable, as a result of which there is a loss of contact of one of the conductors. In addition, when assembling the laptop, the flex cable may be kinked or not fully inserted into the contact group.

The laptop is especially troublesome when the connector with the ribbon cable is inserted upside down. It’s tricky. but sometimes it happens to newbies.

The difficulty of solving such a problem lies in the fact that it is invisible to the “naked eye” and without reverse dismantling it is impossible to determine the degree of damage to the loop and the contact group.

Incorrect software operation can cause. Especially if you’ve recently reinstalled drivers.

The first thing to do in such a situation is to establish if the device has ceased to function as a result of a hardware failure or software failure. For this:

  • Restart your laptop and try to enter BIOS at the same time.
  • If it was possible to enter the BIOS, then the keyboard is working and you should look for the problem in the OS itself. If not, then dismantling the keyboard and determining the cause of the breakdown.

If you find out that everything works outside the operating system, then exit the BIOS and press F8 at boot to enter Safe Mode. Next, you should choose to enter in safe mode without drivers. If the keyboard works, then the problem is in the incorrectly installed drivers or in the absence of them. This can also happen, but, as a rule, after a virus attack. If the input device works in BIOS, but does not work in Safe Mode, then the problem is in the operating system.

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The problem of reinstalling drivers with a non-working input device is solved by connecting the mouse to the USB connector and calling the on-screen keyboard. Inconvenient, and slow, but it helps to enter a request for new drivers in the search bar.

Many users do not know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop, since it is extremely rare for anyone to use this function.

It’s actually very simple: Start. Accessories. Accessibility. On-Screen Keyboard. All operations can be done with the mouse.

Buttons on laptop keyboard do not work after cleaning keys and other parts. As a rule, in this case, only some of the buttons do not function.

The problem may be mechanical damage to the conductive tracks. In such a situation, there are three ways out: a service center and expensive repairs; complete replacement of the input device or self-restoration of tracks using a special conductive glue.

The polyethylene board is multilayer here. Separating layers without damaging the circuit is very difficult. For laptop keyboard repair, it is best to contact our service center.

Laptop keyboard not working: solutions

Quite often, laptop owners find themselves in a situation when the data input device on their favorite device suddenly stops functioning. As a rule, this happens suddenly or after some manipulation of the software. The main keyboard breakdowns and methods of their elimination will be the topic of this publication.

How to clean a laptop keyboard

There are two main ways to clean input devices: shallow and full. With the surface method, the brush removes debris and dust between the keys, the vacuum cleaner sucks in dust that was not swept away by the brush, and the keys are wiped with special cleaning napkins.

A complete cleaning involves disassembling the entire input device. I would like to talk in more detail about this method of cleaning.

The first thing to do is to de-energize the laptop and remove the battery from it. Next, you need to dismantle the data input device. If you do not know how to remove the keyboard from the laptop, then repeat everything exactly as shown in our instructions.

Use a thin screwdriver to push back the extreme latch. In the process, you need to raise the edge of the keyboard.

While lifting the edge, press in the second latch. Do the same with all latches. There may be four or five of them, depending on the laptop model.

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When all latches are open and the keyboard is disengaged, carefully lift it up and remove the ribbon cable from the laptop, while sliding the latch on the connector.

When disconnecting the loop, do not pull it by the conductors, hold it by the plastic connector.

After the data input device is dismantled, you can proceed to further disassembly, namely the removal of the keys.

The easiest way to remove the button without damaging its attachment is to press down on the bottom of the button and insert a thin screwdriver under the top. By pulling the screwdriver up and holding the button, it snaps off quite simply.

Now that the keys are all removed, you can proceed directly to cleaning. To do this, you will need a soft, wide brush, and possibly special wet wipes or cleaning liquid.

Everything is quite simple: you need to remove all dirt and wipe the button mechanism with damp wipes to remove grease and stubborn dust.

Do not use acetone or other corrosive liquids to clean the keyboard. They can damage her circuitry. If there is no special liquid and the cleaning wipes are out, you can use an aqueous solution of isopropyl alcohol.

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The numbers on the right do not work due to disabled Num Lock

There is a Num Lock key in the upper left corner of the numeric keypad. It can be used to turn the numeric register on and off on the numeric keypad. Just above the Num Lock key, there is an indicator with the same name. If the indicator is on, it means that Num Lock is on and the numeric keypad is typing numbers, otherwise the numeric keypad works like arrows and controls the cursor. The picture below shows the location of the Num Lock key and its indicator.

Therefore, if the numbers that are located to the right of the main part of the keyboard do not work on your keyboard, then most likely the problem is that you have Num Lock turned off. To fix this, press the Num Lock key and check the indicator, it should light up. After that, check the operation of the keys on the numeric keypad, if this was the problem, then they should start working in normal mode.

It should be noted that in some cases the location of the Num Lock key may differ from what is shown above. It is found on laptop keyboards and gaming keyboards. Also, in some cases, Num Lock can be combined with another key, for example, with the F11 key, as in the picture below. In this case, in order to press Num Lock, you need to use the Fn-NumLock key combination.

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If the keyboard is compact, the name of the key itself can be abbreviated. Therefore, do not be surprised if you come across the designation NumLK or NmLk. This is the same key, only with an abbreviated name.

Why the numbers on the right do not work on the keyboard

The numeric keypad, located to the right of the main part of the keyboard, is a very handy tool for typing numbers quickly. But, from time to time, users are faced with the fact that it stops working. In this article, we will tell you why the numbers on the right do not work on the keyboard and what to do to solve this problem.

The numbers on the right don’t work due to Windows settings

If the Num Lock key is on, but the numbers on the right still don’t work, then the problem may be incorrect settings of the Windows operating system. The fact is that the “Control Panel” has an option that allows you to control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad. If this option is enabled, then you cannot enter numbers using the numeric keypad.

In order to check this option, go to the “Control Panel”. In Windows 10, to do this, you need to press the Windows-R key combination and execute the command “control”.

In the “Control Panel” you need to open the section “Accessibility”.

And then the subsection “Ease of Access Center”.

In the “Ease of Access Center” section, you need to scroll down the page and go to “Making it easier to work with the mouse”.

Here you need to turn off the option “Enable pointer control from the keyboard” and save the settings using the “Apply” button.

After that, check the operation of the numeric keypad, if this was the problem, then the keys should work.