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The keyboard and touchpad stopped working on the laptop

Disable Hybrid Shutdown

See if disabling Fast Startup helps, some reported that it did the trick. Open the control panel and go to the “Power supply” section. Find on the left “What the power buttons do”. In the new window that appears, click on “Change parameters that are currently unavailable” and uncheck the “Enable fast startup” checkbox below to disable the function. Save changes and reboot. If it does not help, then turn on the quick start function back.

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Disable filters

If you’ve enabled Filter Keys, disable it and check. Open Windows Settings, Accessibility, Keyboard, and on the right, look for Input Filtering. Disable it and check if that solved your problem.

Keyboard or Mouse not working in Windows 10

If your keyboard or mouse isn’t working in Windows 10 after a recent update, here are a few ways to help fix this issue. Sometimes just restarting your computer or laptop can help, and disconnecting and reconnecting your mouse or keyboard will fix this annoying error. If all else fails, then let’s look at the ways below that can help you.

Check device driver

If your mouse or keyboard doesn’t work, you can update your drivers and see if that resolves the issue. Although the mouse and keyboard (Bluetooth. Wi-Fi) do not require any software to be installed on Windows 10, if you are using older models, they may need any third-party software or driver to install. For this you can use the device manager.

Performing a clean boot

Clean Boot, the easiest way to fix various driver or software related problems. Boot your computer to a clean boot state and test if they work, then manually troubleshoot by trial and error.

Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection

Many have wireless input devices. Check if your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connections are working, if they are connected by a connection. A disconnected connection may be the culprit for the keyboard or mouse not functioning on the computer.

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Remove secondary keyboard or mouse drivers

Sometimes, drivers from other keyboards or mice that you have previously connected can interfere with and automatically disable your laptop or PC keyboard. Start customizing your keyboard by uninstalling any laptop drivers that are not your primary keyboard. Open Device Manager, click the View tab and select Show Hidden Devices. Next, you will see all the keyboard or mouse drivers that were connected a long time ago. Grab and delete them all, then reboot the system.

What to do if your laptop keyboard stops working

Owners of laptops mainly use the built-in keyboard, and not a separate one, as is the case with a regular PC. When it breaks down, stops working, it is difficult to use the device, since many communications with the laptop occur through the keyboard. If such a problem occurs, you must immediately start looking for the causes of the breakdown and its elimination.

Correct diagnosis

In the event of a sudden failure of the keyboard, it is recommended to determine the exact reason why it stopped working. The fact is that if the keyboard works partially, then the point is in the drivers, viruses or the OS. And in the event of a complete loss of performance, it is worthwhile to disassemble the laptop to check the components for damage.

You can conduct a simple test, namely, to check the functionality of the keys in BIOS. If after entering it the buttons work, then the reason is in Windows, viruses or drivers. Some viruses can disable the touchpad and the keyboard itself. It is also recommended to boot into Safe Mode. If the keyboard works there without any problems, then it is worth looking for a virus.

In the case when the keyboard does not show signs of life in BIOS, then the chip or other material damage is to blame. It is recommended to connect a regular keyboard through the port, if it does not work either, then the matter is in a burnt chip on the motherboard.

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Features of the model

Some laptop models have their own characteristics, according to which the keyboard stops working. Some manufacturers’ devices are configured so that when the battery is low, some functions are disabled. If this happens when the laptop has practically sat down, then you need to put it on charge and, after full replenishment, continue to work.

Also, the use of additional drivers from an unfamiliar source or special programs that allow you to change the keyboard layout can also lead to a failure. In this case, it is recommended to roll back the system to the last restore point.

In addition, if there are only a few non-working keys, it is worth cleaning the keyboard from debris. The point is that dust and crumbs can cause the key to “stick” or not work at all. Neither one nor the other will be useful in work, so you need to arm yourself with a can of compressed air or just disassemble and shake out the keyboard.

Numlock button activated

If only part of the keyboard with numbers does not work, then most likely the Numlock button is disabled. It is she who is responsible for the performance of this panel. In some laptop models, this key may not be present or work only in combination with Fn. You need to click on it again and check if the keys work.


Viruses can not only disable the keyboard, but also endanger the entire contents of the laptop. Personal data of the user, passwords with the help of viruses fall into the hands of third parties. That is why it is recommended to periodically check the device for threats and use good antivirus software, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

You need to scan all laptop files for viruses and, if detected, delete them using a special program. It is also recommended to update the antivirus program, install a special plugin on the browser, check the downloaded files and not visit questionable resources.

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Driver problems

A faulty keyboard driver may well simply prevent the laptop from detecting it, which ultimately leads to the inoperability of the device. To fix the problem, you need to reinstall the drivers or simply remove the faulty ones and download the original ones on the manufacturer’s website.

But, as a rule, if there was a virus on the computer, then it was he who could break the drivers. In this case, it is not always possible to reinstall or remove them so easily. If the usual method does not help, then you need to do the following:

  • Connect a second keyboard to the laptop.
  • To restart a computer.
  • Enter through safe mode.
  • Open “File Explorer”.
  • Go to “This PC”.
  • On the top panel there will be a button “Properties”, click on it.
  • Next, a window will open, in the left panel of which there will be a menu. Follow the link “Device Manager”. Or right-click on the Windows logo and select “Device Manager”.
  • Find “Keyboards” in the list and select the appropriate one to click on the line with the right mouse button.
  • Go to “Properties”.
  • Try to roll back the driver, if it does not work, then completely remove it. And then install new ones.

Until that moment, it is important to download the drivers from the manufacturer in advance so that you can install them immediately. You can also download them locally, but you only need to go into safe mode with network drivers.

Defective microcircuit

A burnt out microcircuit is exactly the reason that the user cannot eliminate on his own without specific knowledge and skills. It is required to contact the service center to specialists.

It is also recommended to disassemble the keyboard and check the status of the loop from it. Quite often, it simply detaches or oxidizes, which disables the keyboard. After cleaning and securely fastening, everything should be fine.