The key on the laptop is stuck what to do

Button on laptop is stuck what to do

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Constantly toiled with this misfortune, so it was done, especially in online shooters. I bought a cooling pad, regularly change the thermal paste and have hardly seen this trouble for a year now. Alternatively, you can use a USB keyboard. It costs rubles, unpretentious. And one more important point. even with a stand, I put a part of the beech boxes under the closest to me. That the gap would be greater between the stand and the beech 1. Do you have an ASER case? And thermal paste dries specifically and quickly from temperatures under a hundred. Before its replacement, the temperature of the processor was that of the video card. After replacing the paste, the temperatures became 70 and 80 and this is under load. In general, I used to put a box under the beech from under the disk of a thread, so that more air was drawn in better and more. Or there are good friends who wrote a simple program that emulates pressing the ‘left’ keys while playing shooters over the network. Damn, dude, thank you, I’ve been suffering with this problem for half a year and changed the thermal paste. It didn’t help for long, this solved the problem, THANKS! I wore a laptop for ‘specialists’, they looked at me, they say, ‘girl, you think’, we did not find anything. Acer Aspire laptop, not to say that it is old, but heats up so that it can burn. Rearranging to esdf helps, which is strange, since E logically heats up in the same way as W. In any case, this is a mockery of a gamer with many years of experience. Apparently, I’ll have to connect a USB keyboard, I hope it will help. Sensitivity increased due to poor contact, automatic. There is still an option, but for some reason it was extremely uncomfortable for me. I moved the control keys to the left e s d f instead of w a s d and everything works fine. In general, thank you man! I bought a separate keyboard and all the rules are not possible to change the thermal paste at the present time. I was looking for a solution to the problem for a long time. I changed the thermal paste in the Asus N73SV laptop for everyone, the laptop did not warm up much before the replacement. During the game, the button hung again, well, I freaked out and pulled it out to squeeze the membrane with my finger. But it turned out she is holding on to the nozzle. If it were overheating, then the E key would behave identically, but this does not happen. I press hard, but I don’t see sticking problems. In other words, the state of the new laptop. Only from the moment of purchase there were no problems, but now there are. I sin on the wear and tear of the ‘game’ buttons. They obviously watch the second hand for a long time and involuntarily count the seconds, and this can make anyone strange. Comments Hot Best Fresh Community. The reason for the sticking W on laptops while playing. W laptop heating problem cause hypothesis text. Honestly, I’m too lazy to paint the entire physics of the process, so I’ll try to explain it superficially. By the way, this is just a hypothesis. Many people face this problem, including me. And when I got sick of it, I got into Google to look for what’s what. I found there not answers, but a bunch of questions from people with such a problem. And here are the main symptoms: That is why the key does not stick outside games. I decided this because when heated, the electrical resistance increases, most likely this is somehow related to this problem. On new laptops, the problem is absent, most likely the problem is also caused by wear on the keyboard itself and the laptop cooling system. In general, it is better to play on a desktop PC. If anyone has any more suggestions, write to the comments. ReaBoI sent a day ago. So this is what it is, I already took off the button and tried to clean it from the dust, the hang in Warships manifested itself in 7 days to die, at first I thought. game glitch or weak internet, but my seven day is not connected to the internet, and in warships the glitches are not of that kind. I just put the laptop at an angle on the edge of the table, it has an air intake at the bottom of the side, and the outlet too. from the side. Dangling that part from the table is quite normal. Bukvarik sent days ago. It’s a pity that your post did not go hot. In my opinion, it deserves it. Nikitosiks posted 68 days ago. GrandMaster posted 38 days ago. GrandMaster posted 37 days ago. But the laptop will have to turn the fan even faster? Is it attached to the adhesive tape? Suitable for all laptops? Rivenrol posted a day ago. Rivenrol posted a day ago. No s found. You might be interested in other posts by tags :. Wrong login or password. 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The keys on the laptop are sticking what to do?

When the keys do not work on a packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg, or HP laptop, the situation is not very pleasant for Compaq. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is to take it to a service center. There are many things you can fix yourself. It is very bad when some function keys do not work on a laptop packard bell, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg HP. Compaq due to faulty tracks. In almost every modern laptop, the keyboard keys can be disassembled and see what’s what. It is not worth disassembling the laptop completely, the keys can be removed one by one. A good way to remove the keys, I was prompted by my son 2 years old. with a fly swatter. This is the only method I would not recommend using. Some keys will not work if they are dusty. In this case, you need to clean it. You can try to blow it out without removing it with a strong pressure of air, but usually this does not help. you will have to remove it. Typically, the keys on a laptop consist of three elements: If they are easy to lift with a thin screwdriver, they can be removed. After that, clean the platform and install it back. There is no difficulty in this. it is available to everyone, you can not be afraid. The situation is much worse if the keys were covered with liquid that damaged the tracks. most will have to send their laptop for repair. If one or more keys do not work, with the impossibility of self-restoring, then their functions can be assigned to others, which are practically not used. Yes, it is inconvenient, but you can use it for a while. Remember, if some keys on a laptop do not work, then any of them, you can assign absolutely any function yourself. This can be done manually by changing the case, so it is difficult and not everyone can do it, or you can use a simpler method by downloading a special AutoHotkey program. This program is not the only one, but if it exists, then others will not be needed. On the right side there are keys that are rarely used, and most of them do not pay attention to them at all. Assign the missing functions to them, apply stickers with the designation so as not to be mistaken and use until you decide what to do with the keyboard in the future. Also keep in mind that keyboards are not expensive, one might say, they cost a penny, and you can easily connect an external keyboard to a laptop or netbook, and not just change it. It’s just inconvenient to take it with you. When the keys on a laptop do not work, there is another way to solve the problem. to use a virtual one. After that, finding a virtual keyboard and launching it will not be difficult. For those who write a little, only in Yandex or Google this option can be used even on an ongoing basis. In any case, now you know what to do when the keys do not work on a packard bell laptop, acer, asus, toshiba, Lenovo, Samsumg or HP. Compaq. There are technical problems, not just software ones. Perhaps you need to contact the service. Also try reinstalling the ATK drivers for your model. If the number keys do not work on the keyboard. The entire keyboard suddenly stopped working. And I cannot start BIOS. I write translations and this is my loaf. An on-screen keyboard is not an option. The ports work USB, but there is no USB keyboard yet. Reinstalling firewood with the previous demolition of the touch pad driver, keyboard, and Wi-Fi did not help. Something with the software. Windows licensed and also downloaded firewood from the officer. Try a repair or reinstall Windows. Half of the buttons stopped working on the laptop and in random places, restored the system, updated the drivers, cleaned it from dust, it does not help, what should I do? The touchpad is only in laptops, and here are the USB ports. The incorrect operation of the key is due to the fact that it is possible that your laptop is simply overheated. If the cooler in your laptop is installed under these non-working keys Krch you yourself realized everything. It’s time to take the notes for repair And remember: The problem is that when typing a password, the side numbers do not work and some letters I enter the password in the top row I enter Windows I open the text editor letters also do not work and the numbers on the numpad work except one. If it’s a computer, it’s a good idea to try a different keyboard or download a driver for that particular keyboard as well. If everything worked well before, then you can try to do a rollback. One key stopped working. Tell me if you can fix this problem yourself or contact the serv. If pressed, but does not work, then you can reassign. If it is not pressed, then most likely something has hit it. Sometimes the usual blowing helps; there are special cans on sale, but you can do something else. Sometimes you have to remove the key, clean it and put it back in place. Can a solution to the problem here. If everyone is working fine with it, this one should only be repaired or changed. If only keys 1, 2 and 5 do not work on the netbook, this is a rather strange error. Try to unplug it for a few minutes and remove the battery. Try to boot into safe mode or enter the BIOS and see if the keys will work, if they are, then the problem is software, if not. hardware, perhaps the contacts have moved away. After cleaning the keyboard, removing the buttons, cleaning and wiping with alcohol, the letter E button stopped working. When you press it, there is no reaction. What could it be? This means that when you removed the key, you damaged it. A similar problem, as many have unsubscribed here. On an ASUS laptop, a couple of months old, the keyboard stopped working completely. After a new boot, they did not work again, I made a recovery. I don’t know how things will turn out I’ll see. So far, we have not found in the internet the probable cause of this and the solution to the problem. First of all, you need to determine: The easiest way to enter the BIOS and click the keys. If they work, the malfunction is software, they will not be technical. I played on a fifa 14 laptop and some buttons stopped working and now they work, they don’t work, but there are those that don’t work all the time, what to do please help. Borrow a USB keyboard and see if it will work in it, then you will definitely know the hardware or software problem. The simplest thing is rollback. How to do there is a link in the comment: Frenk bolisoe spasibo tebe. Vseo robotaet kak ty pisal. Keyboard problem on HP laptop. The whole keyboard does not work except for the functional key F1, etc. When Windows is loaded, the rest of the keyboard works, but as soon as it boots, then everything does not work except for the functional ones. Tell me what you can do? My fan does not work, what should I do? I cleaned it, greased it, nothing helps; I don’t want to contact the service. If it doesn’t work, and you don’t want to go to the service, I think there is only one way out. change it yourself. No one can replace you remotely via the Internet. If it turns on and off on its own, then everything indicates a hardware problem. Try to remove and clean on the network there are photos and videos on how to do it or reassign. For emergencies, use the onscreen keyboard. To make sure that the problem is mechanical, borrow a USB keyboard for 5 minutes. The keys do not work on aser laptop: And if repair is needed, how much will it cost approximately. It can be renovated. it is possible without repair. For a laptop keyboard, repairs will definitely be required. It is impossible to say how much it will cost, since it is not clear what was damaged. You can do without repair if you type the non-working keys on the on-screen keyboard or purchase an additional one. USB. They are very cheap today and, moreover, more functional than in a laptop. Very often they cost less for laptop owners than repairs. I have a Samsung ATIV Book 6 Z5E. Suddenly the keys stopped working: A small child often presses everything, but it seems to me that this is not connected with it, at least that day nobody touched the laptop. The entire keyboard does not work and even the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop B Could there be a key combination that turns them off? Only one key F9 works. off and on. I can’t even enter the BIOS. What’s the matter tell me. And the keys turned off gradually. If the BIOS will work, then the problem is software; On my laptop, the keys 1 3 th e o g do not work, first one key after a couple of minutes one more. I did not spill anything, cleaned it, took out the battery did not help. Try this one. If it does not help, download from the site’s office and reinstall the driver. The problem may be hardware, with a loop. The sound keys do not work for me and the change of the operating mode of the office, cinema, etc. The keys do not stop working from the game. Maybe the dust got under it. Try on-screen, take another USB or try yours on another PC if it’s not a laptop and see what happens. What does it cost 10 ka? Dots and commas are not printed. Horror! I am very upset Laptop. HP What should I do? The letter on the button with a dot and a check mark is also not printed Help. Maybe you are not the right keyboard layout enabled layouts change key assignments. How can you tell if there are dozens of reasons. After what happened? Have you tried an external keyboard? Prompt the keyboard stopped working together with the mouse on the Lenovo laptop. Rebooted, tried in safe mode, nothing helped. The problems started after trying to install the program. Some programs began to appear. How to make a mouse with a keyboard? Delete everything that has been installed, only the virus as well, and it probably is no longer in the program but in system files. You write what you installed, God knows what, and the keyboard and mouse stopped working. And how do you think we can help you? If everything worked before, try rolling back. If only these three, then the reason for the inoperability in the keys themselves is quite possible. They are located very close, maybe something accidentally got there. The i keys do not work. If there was a USB keyboard, then only in the keyboard, but you have a laptop, then something else may be covered, if not immediately then over time. This is the same as with Mikhail, but I did not find the answer. This line is not entirely clear: E and H are the MOST IMPORTANT KEYS…. The numeric keys did not work at the same time except for 5 and 6 What is the reason and how to restore…. I have a Samsung laptop, Windows 10 keys do not work: Please, tell me what to do? It will be very good if you enter the BIOS and try the keys that you can use there. Very often, when turning on, you can use f12, in the BIOS, the arrow keys. If they don’t work, then repair or USB keyboard. If so, try to rollback, clean from viruses, reinstall the driver from the keyboard. These are universal solutions, so to speak. If everything worked before and suddenly this happened, remember what you did recently, maybe you installed something and it caused a conflict. As it has already been written many times in the comments, first you need to determine whether the error is technical or software, only then you can move on. If until recently everything worked, you can try to do an ordinary rollback, if the recovery is successful and everything starts working, then there was a software failure. In the comments above Frenk: You can check the disk for errors with the Victoria program. only the hard drive has nothing to do with the keyboard. Above, I already wrote to you that first you need to find out the technical or software check. Is it a computer or laptop? On the ACER ASPRE laptop, the keys U, G, W, H do not work well. You need to either hit harder or press in some special way. You have to constantly check the written text is annoying…. There was a time of the code, the laptop on games overheated and turned off, maybe this is the reason. I suppose the trouble is in the contact pads of the keys Tell me, is there a repair option or do you need to change the keyboard? Change last. To do this, write to Google: Choose the most similar model for your laptop and you can try to do everything yourself. Solved the problem using my smartphone. Installed the program on Smart and on a laptop. And keyboard and mouse. Also a problem with the work of some keys. First, the right arrow stuck. Disassembled a little laptop by removing the keyboard. I looked closely at it, decided that since this is a laptop, the keyboard is made hermetically sealed, I went to the shower, washed it under running water. He let it dry on a towel for a day, cleaned the train with an eraser, put it on. The key does not stick, but others do not work, and sometimes it sticks completely differently. Now I got into the Internet, read it. I took off the non-working key, pressed a little harder on the silicone, it worked. I pressed the silicone and moved my finger here and there. Put the key in place. I did the same with another one, it also worked. And the one that stuck, stopped sticking. I still did not understand what the matter was exactly. But now everything is working. I have an ASUS laptop. Some letters don’t work, but numbers all work. The onscreen keyboard works, but you need a laptop to play games. I can’t enter BIOS. If I were you, I could go into the BIOS and see how the keys work, then a lot would have cleared up, but you can only guess what happened. I have such a problem, the new laptop is not dusty, they have not yet had time to pour it on it. The letter keys do not work: I am doing the system restore, everything is functioning normally. And the next day the same problem and again the system restore. Installed Windows 10, removed the antivirus software and drivers for the touchpad, the keys worked, but in the end did not understand what the problem was in the touchpad or antivirus software? Maybe someone had something similar? Acer Packard Bell EasyNote ENTG71BM. No antivirus will block the keys that you should install it again and make sure for sure. but the touchpad is directly related to the keyboard. You could not remove it unless you disable it or remove the driver. Try to download from the Acer website, only for your model. Then everything should come back to normal, except that it is designed, for example, for a ten, and you have a seven. My laptop Packard Bell the keys stopped working and the shift did not spill anything on the keyboard! I have an ASUS XM. Disconnect the battery without it, turn it off in the control panel settings, vacuum the keyboard and so on. Even a QUICK sweep along the keyboard row from edge to edge. In short, I determined the bend in what place and put a piece of a plastic card there. In general, somewhere there is a break in the track. When deforming, the dangling ends of the track are closed and everything works. Look for a position. at which the keyboard will breathe. This is a direct indication of a hardware problem. I can’t help here. you need to disassemble and see what flew. The up and down arrow keys do not work on an Asus netbook. All others plow normally. There is no dirt under them. Good evening, please help. The y v m arrow and space bar keys failed, I tried to remove the battery and waited 5 minutes from the network, it did not help. Samsung laptop, keyboard drivers are ok. Try to rollback. if it does not help, then the matter is most likely in the keyboard itself in the loop. you will have to go to the service. Good afternoon and Thank you, Frank, I tried it, unfortunately the earliest restore point is 7 days later after the problem started, so the problem remains after the system is restored. Well, since there is no other way out, then I’ll go to the service. Thanks again for your help and quick response. How to remove numbers instead of letters, see here. To determine the reason, enter the BIOS and try if the Esc key works in it. If there is no hardware reason, try a USB keyboard. The upper ones are Esc, f1. f1? If so, try to see if they work in the BIOS. this is the most reliable option to quickly establish the exact cause of the malfunction, then you can fraternize for elimination. Some p, p, e keys did not work after spilled liquid. I bought a new keyboard, changed it, but other keys n, e, and a few more do not work on it. How can this be? Did you run into the damaged keyboard too and took a new one? Or is there a deeper problem? The problem is in the laptop itself. what exactly can you find out only by having it in your hands. I think you cannot do without service, there probably will have to deal with tracks. ASUS then worked then no, now the buttons on the laptop backspace zenter the down and left arrow and the letter p do not work at all, tell me how to get out of the situation without reassigning the buttons, the purge did not help! Probably the problem is in the contacts in the loop. As I have written more than once in the comments above, enter the BIOS and see if the keys will work there. If not, then the problem is hardware, not software and you will have to go to the service, or try another keyboard. USB. I can’t help anything else remotely, except that trying to roll back the system will help in case of a software failure. It depends on what happened and what model of PC, but in general, repairing the keyboard is not too expensive, even if you have to completely replace it, and I can’t help with the repair remotely. you, I’m in Ukraine. We cleaned the laptop. and the keys of the caps f 1 esc stopped working, the rollback did not help. driver too, what else can you try? On numbers from one to five and backspace tracks can go near the space bar. that’s it. I can’t help children, it’s so simple. Write to the mail and I will give you a phone number. With what it can be connected? I do not use them often, with the right keyboard I can press it once a day. If the keyboard itself does not work, then either a repair or a new one. Apparently somewhere you touched the contacts to make sure you enter the BIOS and try them so in the BIOS these keys are involved. If the situation is viewed from a logical point of view, then the computer cannot withstand the load and so that some room does not fail, the sensor turns it off. Look at the stability in the monitor and you can find a hint there. In short, I had a problem half a year ago. Ноут HP 7g в один день перестали работать клавишы: В догадка думал что програмный сбой при загрузке винды F12 не работала, а она нужена для того чтобы попасть в BIOS. Я откатил систему, вроде все ОК. Но вот сегодня все повторилось. Играю в игру и слушаю музыку в ВК, как немогу в игре написать нормально пару слов… хочу понять это вирус или нет? Как я могу узнать не видя ничего. Помогите пожалуйста решить проблему — нутбук MSI gp62 покупал в сентябре этого года он еще на гарантии. отказали 3 кнопки на русской клавиатуре это Й. В. К я бы не сказал что ноутбук перегревался или засорялся, НО когда я нажимаю любую другую клавишу и вместе с ней работают эти три нерабочие. Что это может быть и как это можно починить? Кто бы мог подумать!? Это решило все мои проблемы. Спасибо Вам, добрый человек! А я уж было за мухобойкой собралась. На ноутбуке Samsung вдруг все кнопки перепутались кроме кнопки win,подключал внешку все работает нормально Заменил на новую такая же история! Честно говоря впервые такое слышу. А в биосе также перепутаны если перепутаны все то несколько клавиш можно проверить. После чистки клавиатуры на ноутбуке перестал работать пробел и кнопка win. Сняв повторно увидал что надорваная резиновая пружинка на пробеле и чуть прорезана поверхность возле неё. Видимо цепонул отверткой, когда устанавливал клавушу выше. Win просто перестала работать. На экранке все эти кнопки работают. Но потом появилась новая проблема ноут перестал выключатся и постоянно перезагружается, но вовремя загрузки робочего стола в пуске в поиску без остановки бегает курсор как будто пробел заел. Хотя при печате он не работает. То что бегает курсор скорее всего результат чистки, видимо что-то ты задел. Что именно я удаленно определить не могу. Касательно перезагрузки, то если дело не в механической причине, то отключи автоматическую перезагрузку. тогда вместо нее должна появится ошибка через которую так происходит. На ноутбуке Lenovo не работает пробел. and. т. и клавиша точки. Иногда включается но после пару нажатий опять не работает. What could be the problem? Здравствуйте, у меня проблема. На HP Paillion ноутбуке пропадают кнопки, все больше с каждым днем, некоторые возвращаются. Может снять клаву и почистить? Можешь снять и почистить. Совсем недавно описал как чистить клавиатуру в HP Paillion. но не факт что проблема решится, дело может быть в контактах. В диспетчере устройств, пишет что все хорошо работает без ошибок, в биосе стрелка тоже не работает. What could be the reason? Перестал работать пробел, цифры 1 и 2, сверху и изменились предназначения некоторых клавиш. Попробуй откатить систему к времени когда все клавиши работали правильно. Перестала работать правая сторона клавиатуры ноутбука ASUS. Проверка работы клавы проблем не обнаружила. Переустановка драйвера не помогла. Откат системы не срабатывает из-за отсутствия точек отката. Нажатие клавиш Fn и NUMlk переключает неработающие клавиши в режим цифр, тогда они работают! При переключении клавиш в режим букв — опять не работают! Не знаю, что и думать. Может у тебя включен режим управления мышью с клавиатуры. Спасибо за ответ и интересную ссылку. Но эта функция на ноутбуке отключена. Не работают именно клавиши, на которых есть цифры они с правой стороны. Хотя в режиме цифры, они работают. Был момент, когда при русской раскладке печатались английские буквы и наоборот. Я как-то не обратила на это внимание, но может это как-то связано. Вирусы вроде не находятся. Может выбрана русская раскладка для английского языка ввода. Если совсем недавно работали то пробуй делать откат. Не работают кнопки не знаю что делать, ноутбук lenovo. Вроде нечего не проливали еще один человек пользуется ,говорит не проливал. Я точно не знаю ,но у нас как то перевернулся экран до этого все работало потом когда я обратно его перевернула начали не работать кнопки, это может на это повлиять? Я могу предполагать. что кнопки не работают из за того ,что если чуть чуть отодвинуть в бок кнопки то можно увидеть как там шелуха от жареного арахиса, крошки семочек. Я предлагала аккуратно снять отверткой кнопки но бабушка против из за того ,что это ее компьютер а из за того что она ничего в нем не понимает то она боится к нему лишний раз прикоснуться. Если дело в мусоре то почему кнопки не работают в разных местах клавиатуры? Заранее спасибо за ответ. Через мусор кнопки могут не работать, но точно не все. Лучший способ проверки — войти в BIOS. Доступно всем и разбирать ничего не нужно. Либо ты плохо подсоединил, либо нужны драйвера. Посмотри как работает она в BIOS. Если также не работает, то однозначно плохо подсоединена. Привет такая проблема не работают клавиши ESC F1 F2 W S Z и на русском вводе и на Английском Ноутбук Asus Window 7. А как это случилось? Работала нормально и вдруг начались глюки? Что-то должно этому предшествовать. Здравствуйте, ноутбук Lenovo, нажимаю на одну клавишу пишется две-три буквы и цифра. Только это навряд ли поможет. Скорее всего дело в чипе контроллера клавиатуры и его надо менять. Перестали работать верхние цифры кроме 5 и 6 на правой стороне не работают 1 и 4 отказали левый альт и стрелки вниз и вправо. Доп клава через усб и тачпад работают в биосе стрелки не пашут. Подскажите пожалуйста это надо почистить, или что то накрылось и сц тащить. Кото не причем, а вот капли в самый раз, тем более что эти клавиши вмести. Скорее всего придется восстанавливать дорожки — нужна диагностика. ГЛАВНАЯ Windows Android СОВЕТЫ КОНТАКТЫ. Их можно нарисовать самостоятельно, только работа это — тонкая и не каждому под силу. Добавить комментарий Отменить ответ Комментарий Имя.

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How to find out which key is triggered?

Everything is quite simple, for this you need:

  • We go to a special site for determining the pressed buttons.
  • On the top screen of the site, you will see the history of keystrokes. they will be stuck. They will also be highlighted on the keyboard. Naturally, at this moment no buttons need to be pressed.

Is it possible to remove keys on a laptop?

Not everyone can pull the key out of the laptop and insert it back without panic. If you are brave and cold-blooded, then continue. Take a knife or nail file to pry on the key. Slide the tip of the knife / file under the edge of the key.

Is it possible to remove buttons on a laptop?

You need to remove some keys immediately when the laptop is flooded with liquid. Getting the button out is no big deal: you just need to pry the button with a sharp object, a small screwdriver or knife is suitable for this. But putting them back on later is quite problematic.

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How to find out which key was pressed?

code specifies exactly which key was pressed. So, most keyboards have two Shift keys: left and right. event. code specifies which one was clicked, while event.

What to do if a button on the keyboard is stuck?

How to eliminate mechanical sticky keys

  • Take a photo of the device to make it easier to remember where which button was.
  • Remove the broken key (you can just pry it off with a screwdriver).
  • Fasten back immediately.
  • The surface of the button is fixed to the lift with latches.
  • Replace fasteners.

How to check if the Escape button works?

Select Settings Update & Security Click Troubleshoot in the left pane. Select the keyboard troubleshooter, run it and then check if the ESC key works.

What to do if a button on the keyboard sticks?

If the keys are sticky on the keyboard? What to do?

  • On the back side, unscrew all the small bolts. Carefully remove the back cover and set it aside.
  • We take out the flex board and all the rubber caps. Losing nothing.
  • We unscrew 2 more bolts. Removing the board with a wire.

The keys on the laptop are sticking what to do?

If particles of dust, food or some other contaminants have accumulated in the keyboard of your laptop, then you should not be surprised that one fine moment there will be discomfort when using the device, because suddenly the button on the laptop is stuck. Similar symptoms of malfunction are common, which leads to the appeal of the owners of the equipment to the service center. Regardless of the reason, the technician will need to partially or completely disassemble the keyboard without damaging other system components. Entrusting such a task to a professional, you are thereby guaranteed to get a fully functional device in your hands.

The source of problems can be both software and hardware. For example, if the key does not return to its original state after pressing, it can be concluded that dirt has accumulated under it, which is why this element simply sticks to the base. It is common for a key to stick on the keyboard during games. For example, this behavior is typical of the “W” button, which is held down for a long time by the gamer. A similar problem appears when the corresponding mode is activated in the operating system settings. If it’s all about settings, then this is an easy fix. To exit sticky mode, you need to perform a number of actions by going to the accessibility center and adjusting the appropriate settings. Sometimes the keys on the laptop also stick due to overheating, which is eliminated by dismantling the laptop and cleaning the working elements of the cooling system (radiator, cooler, etc.), followed by applying thermal paste in the most critical areas.

Mechanical damage and contact with moisture

Buttons on a laptop can also jam due to mechanical damage to the device. For example, equipment may fall from a height, or the user spills sweet tea, cola or coffee on the surface of the keyboard. In either case, the keys can become sticky or jammed as a result of breaking the original geometry of the device. While the keyboard of an ordinary desktop can be easily disassembled (including by the user himself, although this is not recommended), disassembling a laptop has its own nuances. It is important to have practical skills and have specialized knowledge and tools. All this is characteristic only of professionals working in a specialized SC. The master will carefully remove the problematic keys, make sure that the spring-loaded elements are working and carry out cleaning. Further (after complete drying), the dismantled parts are installed in place.

When it is necessary to dismantle the entire keyboard?

If the buttons began to stick not because of accidentally dripping liquid, but because of an overturned cup of sweet coffee (tea, beer, cola, lemonade), then the entire keyboard will have to be disassembled. over, if you do not hurry, then irreparable damage will be caused to the conductive paths. Over time, the keyboard can completely fail (sometimes this is limited, provided that the liquid has not penetrated further to the motherboard).

The design of most laptop models provides for fixing the keyboard with special latches, and therefore it is not difficult to remove it. That is, a complete disassembly of the computer is not needed. The master will first pry the extreme latch with the tool, and then disconnect the other fasteners. Next, a ribbon cable is removed from the slot, which connects the keyboard to the motherboard, and the keyboard itself is removed. This is followed by disassembly of the data entry device, from which all buttons, elevators and backing are removed, and then cleaning is performed. At the final stage of recovery measures, the above actions are performed in reverse order. How great are the chances of success?

If there was a little liquid, and it got on the laptop keyboard relatively recently, then the chance to restore the device without any special financial losses is quite large. However, most often the opposite happens, i.e. spilled drinks get on the contacts, thereby triggering corrosion processes. As a result, the internal elements of the data input device are destroyed, which leads to its complete failure, and, accordingly, to the need to replace it. Thus, the sooner you go to the workshop, the better.

ASUS (Acer similar)

It is enough to hold down the FN key and press F4 (F3) to increase / decrease the brightness of the backlight. There are three backlight modes in total:

  • very bright;
  • normal;
  • low brightness.

laptop, stuck

ASUS Laptop. FNF4 Turn On Backlight (Zenbook Line)

Of course, at low brightness, you can only notice the backlight in a dark room.!

By the way, keep in mind that the backlight consumes ≈3-5% of the battery charge. Those. the laptop will work with it a little less in time.

Backlight works // photo was taken in a dark room // (Zenbook line)

The vast majority of HP laptops (equipped with a backlight) have a power button. F5 (F4). You may have to press it together with FN (depending on the keyboard mode selected in the BIOS).

“Understanding” with backlight


At the manufacturer of this brand, the backlight is turned on using the spacebar and ESC keys (depending on the line). They must be pressed together with Fn.

Note: if these two keys do not have a “backlight” icon, then your laptop model does not support this feature.

For Dell laptops, the backlight is turned on with the F10 key (or F6, or, even less often, the right arrow key).

Note: if the function keys do not work, please note that they may be locked at Dell. To incl. them. click on the combination FnESC. and try again.

What to do if the backlight doesn’t work

Make sure your laptop model is backlit

If there is no backlight icon on the function keys and on the “space”. double-check that your laptop model supports this option (more than once I came across when users were “deceived” when buying, and then looked for the “cherished key”).

The easiest way to do this is to define the exact model of the laptop (link to help), and then look at the device’s functions on the official website (or at least on Yandex-Market, for example).

ASUS UX310ua. backlight support

Try connecting your laptop to the mains, charging the battery

The fact is that in some laptops, the backlight turns off if the battery charge reaches a certain percentage (in order to save money, so that the laptop will work longer).

For diagnostics: it would be good to connect the device to the network and recharge it. (and then deal with problematic backlighting ).

Check if the drivers are installed

A number of laptops have “separate” drivers for the keyboard (after the installation of which additional functions begin to work, like the same backlight).

For example, this is the case with ASUS. needs ATKPackage. Of course, Windows 10 does not install this package by default.

The advice here is simple: either “manually” download the driver package from your laptop manufacturer’s website and install them (or use special utilities, link below).

10 best programs for automatic driver update. see my selection

Installing the keyboard driver (additional functions). ASUS

Does your FN button work (what with other functions)

In some cases, it is not possible to turn on the backlight due to the fact that the FN button on the laptop does not work. Check if other functions work: can you increase the volume, change the brightness of the screen, etc.

In addition, pay attention to the ESC key. on some devices there may be a “blocking” of the use of function keys. To disable it. press the combination FNESC.

Is there a power saving mode in the power management center?

A number of laptops (for example, from Sony, Lenovo, etc.) may have their own additional. power control panel. And if the battery saving mode is set in it, the backlight may not work!

Double-check if you have a similar panel installed, and what settings are set in it.

The BIOS / UEFI may have a limitation on the backlight

One more limitation of the backlight operation can be set in the BIOS (although this “thing” is disabled by default!). To eliminate this issue, it is advisable to try reset BIOS settings to optimal.

Note: The screenshot below shows the Advanced settings menu of a Sony laptop. The Keyboard Backlight parameter is just responsible for the backlight operation (and for it to work, it must be enabled, i.e. be in the Enabled mode! ).

Sony Notebook. Advanced Settings

How to enable it

As a rule, there are specials to turn on the backlight on the keyboard. key. Most often this is one of the function keys: F1-F9 (sometimes “space”). Usually, this key has a corresponding icon. You need to press it together with Fn.

Below are some examples from different laptop manufacturers.

How to turn on the backlight on a laptop keyboard. What to do if the backlight does not work, goes out


On the one hand, the backlight is very easy to turn on. just use a special. keyboard shortcut; however, on the other hand, it does not always immediately light up and work correctly.

In view of a number of questions on this topic. I decided to collect several typical problems in one note at once, and answer them here.

I think after going over the note. many inexperienced users can still configure and turn on the backlight on their own (and normally “work” in the dark).

If you use the keyboard at night for typing, editing tables and other “tedious” work, I still recommend turning on the lighting in the room (since working in such conditions creates a high load on the eyes, which can quickly lead to fatigue and pr. problems.).

Some laptops (keyboards) have very dim backlighting and can only be seen in a dark room (if it is light in your room, you may not notice it working or not at all!).

But what if the laptop is working properly, but the backlight goes out every 1-2 minutes.

Some laptops have an “unpleasant” thing: if the keyboard is not used for several minutes, the backlight goes out / auto-off (and it must be turned on again using a special combination, for example, FNF4).

How to disable “this automatic”. I have not found. (apparently the manufacturer “forgot” to add this option to the BIOS.).

Although, for a number of MSI laptops, for example, the work of the backlight can be edited using special. utility installed with drivers.

Dragon Center. Customize Keyboard Lighting (MSI)

How to properly clean your laptop keyboard

If one or only a few buttons stick after crumbs or, for example, a drop of jam, then it will be enough just to “snap off” them, and wipe the landing site with a cotton swab dipped in water. They can be detached very simply. for this, the keyboard itself is not dismantled:

  • Using a flat screwdriver or a thin knife, pry the inoperative element and disconnect it from the landing site.
  • After cleaning the dirty surfaces, the button is put into place, for which it is slightly pressed on until it clicks. If you dismantled large elements like a space or “Shift”, then on special holders you will need to fix special metal pins that act as stiffeners.

You will still have to turn off the laptop and then disassemble it if the sticking is not the result of a drop of liquid that has accidentally fallen, but, for example, a glass of sweet tea or lemonade spilled on the device. In this case, the conductive tracks on the poly Lenovo board will rot after a while, after which the input device will become unusable.

Identifying the cause of sticky buttons

The keys on a laptop may not work properly for various reasons, which can be both software and mechanical. The main ones are as follows:

  • If the button, under the action of the spring-loaded element, cannot immediately return to its original state after being pressed, this often indicates that debris or sticky liquid has fallen under it.
  • Overheating of the device in gaming applications is often the reason for the strange behavior of the keys held for a long time on a laptop, for example, “W”.
  • A similar problem appears if this mode is activated in the OS itself for people with disabilities. In this case, sticking can be disabled in the appropriate settings.

These are the most common causes of the described problem, except, perhaps, only physical damage to the input device. damage to the board tracks, “lift” buttons, etc.

How to get rid of sticky keys on a laptop

Sticking keys on a laptop are often the result of contamination after spilling tea, jam on the front panel, crumbs and other debris getting inside. Next, we will consider what other reasons can cause such an unusual behavior of the laptop input device, and also describe in detail how to eliminate the above problems without the help of specialists.

Turn off Sticky Buttons in Windows

Before you start disassembling the laptop for cleaning, you need to make sure that sticky buttons are not activated in your system at the software level, otherwise you need to disable it. This should be done according to the following scheme:

  • Press Shift five times in a row. A window will open to go to the key management utility.
  • If you want to turn off sticking, follow the link at the bottom of this dialog box. She will transport you to the so-called. accessibility center, where you will need to go to the section on making it easier to work with the input device.
  • Here, opposite the corresponding command, you just need to uncheck the box. If the mark is not checked, then the reason for the unusual behavior of the input device is not software. it should be looked for already in the hardware part of the device.

Note that the above algorithm, which allows you to disable this mode of laptop operation, is practically the same for all versions of Windows, starting with the seventh.

How to disassemble a keyboard for a major cleaning

This procedure is not so difficult to apply to specialists. On most mobile computers, the keyboard is latched and removed first, so there is no need to completely disassemble the keyboard. It is important not to forget to turn off the laptop and remove the battery before doing this. Disassembly is carried out as follows:

  • use a small flat screwdriver to pry the very first latch from the edge;
  • slightly lift the released edge and do the same with the next fastener along the way;
  • after disconnecting the latches, remove the cable connecting the device to the motherboard from the special slot, holding only the plastic connector to avoid damage to the contacts.

After the input device has been completely removed, it will be possible to proceed with direct disassembly:

  • Using the method described earlier, click off all the elements from it. Do not forget to take a picture of them before this, so that in the future there will be no problems with the assembly.
  • Next, you need to carefully remove all plastic elevators to which the button pads are attached.
  • Peel off the aluminum backing, then you can proceed directly to cleaning.
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This should be done with a damp soft cloth swab, you can use a soapy solution. You should not resort to the help of solvents or alcohol, since together with the contamination with the help of these means, you can accidentally “wash off” the conductive paths themselves, after which you will have to buy a new input device. After cleaning is complete, reassemble the mobile computer in reverse order.

It happens that cleaning does not help to get rid of the problem, and sticking of individual keys in games continues. The most common cause is overheating of the laptop due to debris in its cooling system. This problem is solved by disassembling the mobile computer, cleaning the radiator, cooler and other components of the device from dust. After that, a new thermal paste is applied to the processor and graphics chip.

How to turn off sticky keys on a laptop and what to do if buttons are sticking

Laptop users are often faced with sticky keys. This type of laptop problem can be triggered by several reasons. But in all cases, the user can independently get rid of sticky buttons on the keyboard.

Why is this happening

Laptops are very finicky devices that require careful handling. Therefore, the reasons why the keys on a laptop stick can be triggered by a person, in a rare case by software.

Laptop repair technicians divide these problems into two types:

  • software;
  • mechanical.

Software includes Sticky Buttons on.

Attention! Buttons can stick not only on the keyboard, but also on the mouse.

What to do

To eliminate sticking, you need to know why it happened. For example, a software violation cannot be eliminated by simple cleaning, which is why it is so important to identify the cause.

What is Sticky Keys

Keyboard software problems include the vagaries of the laptop after several days of continuous use. The device simply cannot cope with the constant load and starts giving errors such as sticky buttons on the keyboard. This problem is solved by simply turning off the netbook. It is worth giving him a couple of hours to rest, so he will bounce back.

But there is a sticky key function in the operating system software, not all users know about it. It is needed in order not to constantly hold the same button, for example, when transferring information from one folder to another. If it is enabled, then you just need to disable it. However, there are other reasons.

Non-functional causes

A laptop lies on the couch for a long time, a cat walks on it, accidentally someone from the family spilled tea on the keyboard. all these violations of the rules for operating the laptop can lead to stuck keys.

Spilled tea or wine can not only leave the button in one position, but also damage the keyboard chip. Only service centers will help to solve the last problem. But if the user is advanced and has already dealt with the keyboard replacement procedure more than once, then he can perform it on his own.

Turn off sticking

Disabling Sticky is in Windows Accessibility. To get there, the user must:

  • Shift key several times.
  • A dialog box will open that will invite the user to the Ease of Access Center. You will need to click on the item “Go to the accessibility center to disable the keyboard shortcut”.
  • Next, a window will open in which the items with the setting will be displayed.
  • It is necessary to uncheck the boxes that are responsible for sticking.
  • Click “Apply”.

Attention! If the user wants to turn off only the sound when the buttons are combined, then it will be necessary to remove the checkbox only from this section, and do not touch the rest.

In addition to the combination of keyboard buttons, the keys on the mouse can stick. They can also be disabled in a special department of the operating system. To do this, you need to take the following actions:

  • Click “Start”.
  • Go to the “Control Panel” tab.
  • Click on the item “printers and other equipment”.
  • Click on the section called “Mouse”.
  • Click on the item “Mouse buttons”.
  • Go to the “Sticky Mouse Keys” menu.
  • Set sticking settings marker off.
  • Click “Apply”.

It’s another matter if the problem is mechanical, but it also has a solution that a novice user can cope with.

How to fix sticking for other reasons

If one key sticks, it is difficult to press, and the user knows that he has not spilled anything or dropped the laptop, then simply dry cleaning will help in the elimination. You need to do this:

  • Remove the button from the keyboard.
  • Take a toothbrush or brush and dust the. You can blow it out with a slight pressure of air from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Set back button.

If the elevator is broken, then you will need to disconnect the latches and remove the old device that holds the button. Install an elevator from an identical keyboard and put on a key on top.

Attention! All actions should be performed carefully so as not to damage the inside of the keyboard. If the user does not know how to do this, then it is better to contact the specialists.

If coffee or tea has been spilled on the laptop, then the matter becomes more complicated. Now the user will need to disassemble the keyboard completely. To eliminate the sticking of several keys on a laptop without unpleasant consequences, you need to take a picture of the keyboard. This will help not to confuse their location when collecting.

  • Partially or completely disassemble the netbook. Everything will depend on the model.
  • Remove Claudia.
  • Separate the foil with contact tracks. Do this carefully so as not to damage them.
  • Clean with microfiber and soapy water. Do not use aggressive substances such as alcohol or Mr. Mooscle. It will only hurt your contacts. It is not recommended to use a fleecy cloth, as it leaves behind particles that will lead to the opening of the contacts.
  • If the spilled wine has eaten some of the paths, then use a special paste to pave the lost path. If she is not at home, then it is better to contact the service center.
  • Install the keyboard back and assemble the laptop.
  • Insert all buttons by photo.

After that, the keys should no longer stick. If the problem has not been resolved, then the user needs to contact the service center.

This guide will allow users of all ranks to solve sticky keys. However, it must be remembered that correct operation will avoid many problems.


If the cause of sticking is a malfunction or contamination of the keyboard, then, in addition to constantly pressed auxiliary keys, we can also observe a continuous set of one letter or number. In this case, you need to try to clean the keyboard with improvised means or using special kits that can be found in retail.

Some actions may require partial or complete disassembly of the laptop. If the laptop is under warranty, then it is better to perform these actions in an authorized service center, otherwise the possibility of free service will be lost.

Never use corrosive liquids such as alcohol, thinner or kitchen cleaners for flushing. This can lead to oxidation of a thin layer of metal and, as a consequence, to the inoperability of the “Claudia”.

If you know which key is stuck, you can avoid disassembling the laptop. To do this, you need to remove the upper plastic part of the button using a thin screwdriver or other similar tool. This technique will allow you to locally clean the problem key.

Keys on laptop stick

The reasons leading to this behavior of the keyboard are divided into two groups. software and mechanical. In the first case, we are dealing with options built into the system designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to work in the OS. In the second. with violations of the functions of the keys due to pollution or physical malfunctions.

Solving the problem with sticky keys on a laptop


All versions of Windows have a special function that allows you to use combinations not in the usual way. by holding down the necessary keys, but by pressing them one by one. If this option is activated, then the following can happen: you pressed, for example, CTRL, and then continued working. In this case, CTRL will remain pressed, which will make it impossible to perform some actions using the keyboard. Also, the functions of many programs imply different operations when holding down the auxiliary keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, etc.).

The fix is ​​pretty easy, just turn off sticking. In the example, “seven” will appear, but the steps described below will be absolutely identical for other versions of Windows.

  • Press the SHIFT key several times in a row (at least five), after which the dialog box of the function described above will open. Please note that these actions (window invocation) may have to be performed twice. Then follow the link to the “Ease of Access Center”.

Remove the very first checkbox in the settings block.

For reliability, you can also exclude the possibility of turning on sticking when you repeatedly press SHIFT by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.

Click “Apply” and close the window.

As you can see, the problem with sticky keys is not serious. At the same time, if you have no experience in dismantling laptop assemblies, then it is better to contact specialists in specialized workshops.

Operating system dependent

The sticking mode is activated on its own, for this you just need to hold a certain button for a certain time. In this case, you can hear a squeaky sound. This usually happens during the game, when it is often necessary to hold down a certain button. A window pops up on the monitor prompting you to turn on sticking.

To remove sticky buttons on a Windows 7 computer, do the following:

  • Click “Start”, after “Control Panel”.
  • Click on “Accessibility”.
  • After we find “Facilitation of working with the keyboard”, then “Simplification of parameters”.
  • A window will appear in which you need to uncheck all the “ticks”.
  • Then find the line “Sticking Options”.
  • In the parameters, you can customize the sticking functions.

In newer flavors of Windows (version 8 and higher), sticky buttons are disabled as follows:

  • You need to open the panel on the desktop.
  • We select “Parameters”, after “Changing parameters”, a window with parameters will open.
  • Click Accessibility, after Keyboard. Make settings.

Attention! But it will not work to remove sticking in this way. To do this, you need to use the algorithm that was described above.

Reasons for Sticky Keys on the Keyboard

The cause could be software or mechanical failure. For example, if the button is not returned to its original position, it is likely that debris has collected under it, because of this, the button sticks to the base.

There are often cases when the button sticks during games. For example, this behavior is typical of the “W” key, which is often held down by players. The same problem occurs when this mode is enabled in the OS settings. If the problem is in the software, it can be fixed without any problems.

To exit the sticking mode, you need to perform a certain procedure in the settings. In some cases, the buttons stick on the laptop due to overheating, this can be eliminated by removing the laptop and cleaning all elements of the cooling system with further processing with thermal paste in the most problematic areas.

What to do if the keys on the keyboard get stuck

Keys can stick for various reasons, but as a rule, it is something spilled: tea, soda, juice. If this happens, then it is necessary to dry the surface as quickly as possible, and the laptop or computer must be turned off directly. If you do not dry it, the keyboard will naturally dry out on its own after a while, but it will start to “stick”. And after a certain time, the contacts will completely rot, the entire keyboard will be completely unusable.

How to fix sticky keys

If only a few buttons stick, this can be easily fixed. You need to take something flat, such as a screwdriver, and pick up a sticky button. You can clean the dirt in the connector with a hair dryer, but in cold mode.

Attention! Directly wipe the button with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and leave to dry. Then it is installed in the socket until a characteristic sound by gentle pressing. The same procedure is performed with the rest of the sticky buttons.

How to eliminate mechanical sticky keys

  • Curved surface, after which certain buttons are at an angle.
  • The button has sunk inward. In some cases, this is not a hindrance, since sticking mode is not enabled, and you can make a regular press with a little effort. But the aesthetic appearance of the keyboard is not very attractive.

If a simple keyboard on a computer can be easily untwisted and yourself (although it is not advised to do this, since it is sometimes difficult to combine the buttons with the contacts that are below), then with a laptop it is much more difficult. But even this can be done independently, without contacting specialists.

Most often, disassembly of laptops begins with the keyboard, this makes it easier to carry out all the operations. Disassembly stages:

  • Take a photo of the device to make it easier to remember where which button was.
  • Remove the broken key (you can just pry it off with a screwdriver).
  • Fasten back immediately. If the buttons still stick, then either the key is in the lift or there is a problem with the spring.
  • The surface of the button is fixed to the lift with latches. He has several movable mounts. Dismantle the elevator and inspect for damage. Probably broken hardware.
  • Replace hardware. If everything started working, the problem was in the fixator.

often than not, sticking buttons will not require sending the laptop to a service center. In the case when this happened due to software sticking, then this can be corrected by yourself, if mechanical damage. repair is also quite possible to do without asking for services in a repair shop.