Tablet as a navigator in a car which is better

OsmAnd: offline navigation for Android

Let’s list the strengths of the OsmAnd navigator.

Navitel: a well-designed navigator for Android

GPS software from a leading developer in navigation and digital mapping. To purchase them, you will have to fork out for a small amount, but if you wish, you can download them for free on torrents or file sharing (for example, on the pda forum).

Waze. informative gps navigator for Android

Waze (Free). free open source navigator for Android.

Strengths of

1) Accuracy and detail of maps is almost the most important, regardless of the type of transport. This navigator will be of interest to travelers and pedestrians, since the smallest details are displayed on the map. paths, benches, names of objects.

2) Additional layers. displays vector maps, you can also display traffic jams and metro maps through layers.

3) Lots of settings. In the settings of, you can change the units of measurement, scaling, view the history of movement, and more. There are auto zoom settings, voice instructions, enable display of speed cameras.

4) Switching navigation modes. Choose from car, pedestrian, public transport, taxi and bike.

5) Autonomy. Offline maps downloaded to a mobile device take up little space, while they work fully, as if the Internet were present. It is clear that realtime functions will not be available, but information about traffic jams is not as important for a pedestrian or cyclist as it is for motorists.

Yandex Navigator with voice control

Yandex.Navigator application. high-quality, convenient and free navigator for Android. It does not require a lot of hardware resources of a mobile device, is easy to manage and does not take up much disk space. Knows how to lay routes taking into account traffic density, road congestion, accidents and street closures.

The interface of the mobile version of Yandex Navigator is well structured and clear. When driving a car along a laid route, it displays information about the approximate time remaining to the destination and the distance to the end point. If on the way you need to call at a service station, gas station or car wash, you can specify an additional item on the Yandex Navigator map. and the route will be optimally recalculated taking into account the intermediate point. You can turn on and off the layer with the display of traffic jams and directions by pressing a single button with a yellow traffic light.

One of the exclusive features of the navigator is the night gps mode for Android, where the map is displayed in dark colors, without distracting the driver’s attention while driving at a later time and does not let the eyes get tired when looking at objects. By the way, the set of searchable POIs is really impressive. Along with the already familiar restaurants, ATMs and cinemas, you can use layers to display nearby points of contact, post offices, salons and many other interesting places.

Another nice feature. voice control from the phone. Similar to Google Maps, you can search for the desired objects on the map, request addresses.

As for the work of the program in offline mode, you can download gps-maps for Android for large settlements in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. By turning on Yandex Navigator offline, you can view them, however, planning routes, looking for local attractions on the map is possible only if you have a network connection.

tablet, navigator, which, better

Thus, Yandex Navigator for Android leaves a very pleasant impression of itself. The product claims to be the best free gps navigator for Android in 2020.

Google Maps for Android. the standard Android navigator

Looking at Google Maps a year ago, we noted that some functions are not finalized, not optimized. By 2020, the situation has improved markedly. especially in terms of user experience. However, we note some of the rough edges of Google Maps.

The offline map download feature is relatively new. It allows you to plan routes and navigate the area without an Internet connection. Due to the fact that it is offline. the function is not yet fully tested, not everything is so smooth with it. However, like other Android navigators.

The disadvantage is that you cannot download maps for large regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries. Only selected offline maps of major cities or regions are available. When driving outside the city limits, it is difficult for a motorist to do without online synchronization.

Pros of OsmAnd

1) Autonomy. OsmAnd is, first of all, a good offline navigator. Suitable for those who prefer to download maps to a gadget once and no longer connect to the Network while offline.

2) OsmAnd uses Open Street Maps raster and vector maps compiled by service users. They allow you to filter POIs (attractions, museums, theaters, pharmacies, etc.), select a profile for the corresponding vehicle. The travel route can be optimized taking into account the shortest distance, avoiding toll roads, dirt roads, ferries, highways.

OsmAnd. one of the best navigators for Android

3) Customizable maps. You can add objects yourself, create or edit. Thanks to the support of plugins, the functionality of OsmAnd is significantly expanded: for example, you can activate the OsMo live monitoring system to track other gadgets using the service; add to groups; download nautical and ski maps; calculate the optimal distances between the specified points using GPX; overlay contour lines and layers of relief, which will surely be appreciated by tourists and athletes).

4) Additional functions. All the standard features for gps-navigators are also present: voice control, assistant, screen reorientation, profile switching.

Disadvantages of

1) Limited navigation for motorists. It is difficult to call a perfect car navigator. At a minimum, travel routes are not always built correctly, not to mention the fact that no alternative options are offered.

2) There are errors. Since the maps are developed by the community, the data is not always relevant, especially for remote places, villages.

3) A rather inconvenient mode of displaying maps. The latter look very dry, scaling may not work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tablet Navigator

Since a tablet computer provides a number of additional features and, if necessary, can be used as navigation equipment, its purchase is often fully justified.

But in order to objectively evaluate this option for using a gadget, you need to look at the strengths and weaknesses.

The advantages of the tablet as a navigator include the following points:

  • Screen size. Navigators with a screen of the order of 8-10 inches simply do not exist. They are quite compact, and this is not suitable for everyone. But tablets can be taken at least 10 inches. This is true for people with vision problems. It is more convenient to work with a large display, everything can be seen clearly and correctly on it. The choice of diagonals is huge.
  • Resolution. Even with a large display, most navigation devices do not have good image quality. Today’s tablets have a widescreen resolution. This has a positive effect on the convenience and comfort of perceiving information on the screen.
  • Internet access. Most modern tablets have a SIM card slot as well as a Wi-Fi module. With their help, you can get access to the Internet. Thus, it becomes possible to download new maps, monitor traffic jams online, search for free parking spaces, etc.
  • Software. The navigator is extremely limited in what software can be downloaded to it. Basically, this is a program installed by the manufacturer, which has to be updated by connecting a smartphone or computer to the device. The choice of software for tablets is overwhelming. over, an impressive part of the software, including navigation, is offered free of charge. It will not work to install another program on the navigator.
  • Multifunctionality. Yes, you can find navigators through which you can watch videos or listen to music. But still, they cannot be compared with the functionality of the tablet. This is navigation, video, music, online games, millions of applications, etc.
  • Price. Oddly enough, but at the present time the tablet is not something expensive and unaffordable. There are many examples where a tablet is significantly cheaper than a mediocre navigator. Yes, there are also elite models like Apple or Samsung in the tablet segment. But if the device is purchased mainly as a navigator, plus it is planned to use its other functions, it is quite possible to get by with a budget model.
  • Iron. At the heart of any gadget is a certain hardware. And in navigators it is weak, since the functionality is limited, and it makes no sense to install expensive components. At the same time, even the cheapest tablet will surpass premium navigators in terms of hardware.

Of course, in addition to the obvious advantages, this solution has its drawbacks.

The following points are considered to be disadvantages:

  • GPS module performance. Good navigators use powerful positioning modules. But on cheap tablets, GPS can be pretty bad. Therefore, here you have to initially choose a good model.
  • Screen. Oddly enough, too large a display can be a disadvantage. This is true when the screen sizes go beyond the intended space and interfere with the view. Most gadgets have a minimum screen size of 7 inches. compact models are extremely rare.
  • The need to purchase a mount. Some difficulties can be caused by the installation of a massive apparatus. If navigators are almost always equipped with holders, you will have to buy it separately for a computer.
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How significant and significant the listed disadvantages are, each motorist will decide for himself.

But objectively, the tablet navigator is noticeably superior to its conventional competitor in the form of a purebred navigation gadget.

Connection options

There are no difficulties with how to make a full-fledged navigator from a tablet. The point is to place the device in a convenient place in the cabin, launch the appropriate program and hit the road.

But it is important to understand that some programs are configured to work via satellite and others using GPS. At the same time, there are more and more tablets that can work both via satellite communications and via the mobile Internet.

There are times when the Internet is present in the tablet, but there is no GPS module. Then it becomes necessary to set up a full-fledged navigator in such a tablet. And there are 2 options for how to do it.

First, turn on the device itself, go into the settings, or read the instructions. It is important to make sure that the tablet does not really have a GPS module, and therefore you will not be able to use it as a satellite navigator.

To enable communication between a separate GPS module and your tablet, you have the following options:

  • Via bluetooth. Turn on the tablet itself and activate the module. Make sure the Bluetooth icon is active on your tablet. Now you need to wait for the devices to find each other and you can connect. Often you need to enter a password, thereby giving permission to connect. This allows you to create a strong connection and turn the tablet into a full-fledged navigator, already with a GPS system.
  • Via USB. Objectively, the first option is simpler. But sometimes only the second method is suitable. Here you need to download a special program. The most popular is USB GPS 4Droid. After starting the software, you need to check the Start Stop GPS checkbox. This will connect to the module. To confirm the connection, a code is entered, which is usually applied to the body of the GPS module. Now you need to go to the section on the tablet for developers and select “Fake location”. That’s it, now you can start the navigation program, and it should work through the GPS module.

It is up to the motorist to decide which program to use. Someone is accustomed to a certain software, for others it is not fundamentally important which program will show them the way. The main thing is that she does it correctly and correctly.

Installing software

If the device initially has a pair of built-in GPS and 3G modules, then there will be no problems at all with how to install a navigator on a tablet.

Here it is enough to install the software, run it and get to work.

Better initially make yourself a navigator without the obligatory presence of the Internet.

This will allow you to use the functions of the tablet and navigation equipment without being tied to an Internet connection. To do this, simply pre-loaded maps of the region and area where you plan to go.

Not all programs can work without a network connection, or their functionality will be limited.

By downloading the map, in offline mode it will be possible to plot routes, and the active GPS module will be able to determine the location of the car, monitor the speed, even display the approximate fuel consumption, etc. Much depends on the functionality that a particular navigation program has.

The most popular programs include:

  • Yandex.Navigator;
  • Navitel;
  • ProCity;
  • Waze;
  • IGO etc.

Most programs have 2 versions. paid and free.

The free version is usually limited in terms of features and functionality. But for most ordinary users, it is enough. If there is a desire to expand the functionality, it makes sense to purchase a paid version of the software.

How the tablet differs from the navigator

There are no problems with how to make a full-fledged GPS navigator out of a tablet. The only question is whether the driver wants to use this particular device.

Logically, it is the navigator that is the guide in the car. This device was originally created to plot routes, determine the location, help navigate different roads and in the city.

But still, the functionality of the navigator is more limited. If we talk about what is better, offering a choice of a navigator or a tablet, even in terms of navigation, the latter may turn out to be more effective and useful. It depends on which navigation programs are included in the devices.

If the navigator is a device with disabilities, then the tablet opens up a lot more functions. This is not only a navigator, but also a device for working with multimedia, communication, Internet access.

Buying a navigator, the driver receives a single-purpose device. The tablet includes many functions, one of which will be navigation. It is objectively better and more profitable.

It is rational to use a tablet instead of a navigator in the event that the latter will be used in everyday life, its other functions will also be involved.

There is no point in buying a tablet if only navigation is required.

How to choose a device

To use the navigator tablet comfortably, you first need to choose a good and functional tablet. Each motorist will make his own choice, but it is still worth paying attention to several important recommendations.

Choosing a device yourself, you should consider the following points:

  • Display size. Buying a 5-inch tablet is pointless. It’s easier to take a smartphone. But 10 inches will probably be too much. For a car tablet-navigator, the optimal size is considered to be 7-8 inches.
  • Operating system. Here the choice is unambiguous. This is Android. Many programs have been written and developed for this operating system. Android is as simple and straightforward to work as possible, has transparent settings, great functionality.
  • GPS and 3G. It is highly desirable that both modules are initially present in the tablet. GPS will provide positioning via satellite, while 3G will be able to keep the tablet connected via the mobile network. It makes no sense to buy a GPS module separately. These are extra costs and additional equipment in the cabin.
  • Programs. On some devices, a set of software is initially installed, including one of the navigation programs. The advantage of a tablet is that you can install whatever you want or need on it. There are paid and free programs.
  • Memory size. If this is a tablet purely for navigation, the built-in memory will be enough. But still, in most cases, it is more profitable to purchase a memory card. The volume depends on the needs of the user. 8 GB is enough for someone, and 512 GB is not enough for others.
  • Holder. It is not worth counting on the fact that the tablet will have a holder for installation in a car. You will definitely have to buy it separately.

Otherwise, the buyer decides for himself what kind of tablet it will be in terms of model, manufacturer, color, etc.

How to choose, connect and use a tablet instead of a navigator in the car

Traveling and driving with your own car often involves visiting places where the driver has not been before, or is poorly oriented. And here you need to arm yourself with a suitable device.

Previously, when electronic gadgets did not exist, the only solution was to use paper maps. Not everyone knows how to navigate by them, plot a route and determine the current location.

But with the arrival of the first navigators and tablets, everything changed. Modern devices are multifunctional and open up additional opportunities for users.

and more often, motorists choose exactly the tablet, which replaces the standard navigator.

Installing the tablet

Having chosen a device and having dealt with its functionality, the matter remains small. Namely, install the device in the car.

Despite the different interior design, the principle of the arrangement of the components is approximately the same everywhere. Therefore, for the tablet, they usually choose a place on the torpedo or on the center console. This allows you to simultaneously follow the road and simultaneously look at the tablet screen, without being distracted from driving and without losing control over what is happening on the road.

There are several ways to fix the device:

Despite the variety of solutions, a special ready-made holder will be the most correct, practical and reliable. You shouldn’t buy cheap accessories, as plastic can squeak, it easily collapses and gets damaged at the first run over a bump. And the tablet simply won’t hold, it will fly to the floor.

It is better to choose holders with rubberized elements in areas where the accessory contacts the tablet.

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This will prevent damage to the screen, as well as hold the device more securely, avoiding slipping. over, it is better to take the holder exactly for a specific gadget. To do this, you should take your tablet with you and try out several options.

Wireless modules

Residents of large cities know firsthand how traffic jams can ruin the morning. Many navigation software applications support a traffic jam alert function. To do this, you need to ensure constant communication with mobile towers via 3G or 4G.

The minimum allowed set of wireless modules should include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Thus, it is possible to distribute mobile Internet from the driver’s smartphone and provide communication with the satellite.


The main advantage of this tablet model as a navigator is a capacitive screen with an optimal size of 6.95 inches. The IPS matrix of 1280 × 800 pixels provides excellent color reproduction and an excellent viewing angle. No need to worry about storage space for your extensive file library. A large number of cards can easily fit on 2 GB RAM and 16 GB onboard storage. An additional slot for removable solid-state drives is present. Wireless capabilities of the device are realized via 3G module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0. The lightweight and portable 260 gram device fits perfectly on the car dashboard and won’t clutter it up too much. If you need to be in touch on the road, you have at your disposal a slot for 2 SIM cards, two cameras for communication via video messengers.


You should not save on battery capacity, the best option for a car, in my opinion, is a device with a battery power of 3000-4000 mAh.

Usually the navigation device is constantly charged from the cigarette lighter. It makes sense to take care of the compatibility of a typical car charger connector with your device before purchasing.

Display diagonal

The screen of even the smallest tablet will be 7 inches larger than that of a smartphone and a DVR. What then can we say about tablets with a diagonal of 10 inches. On them, any of the most difficult interchange will be visible clearly and clearly. The device with the best available resolution will definitely be a plus, but this option is not the main one when choosing. IPS matrix is ​​welcomed as the most convenient for viewing from any angle and level of illumination.

The main difficulty that the buyer may face is the choice of a convenient mount. The larger the tablet you choose, the more space it will take up on the car’s torpedo. Therefore, choose small ones by 7-8 inches and do not clutter the front panel in the car.

Assessing the pros and cons

Before choosing which of the devices is better for a car, it is worth soberly assessing all the pros and cons of using a tablet as a navigator.

The positive aspects can be safely attributed to:

  • Wide selection of software navigation software
  • Using the device as an entertainment center
  • Large diagonal touchscreen
  • Service autonomy.

If you are determined to purchase a tablet as a navigator, be prepared for the following disadvantages in advance:

  • It is difficult to find a comfortable, reliable mount that will not clutter up the car’s torpedo
  • Slow start due to the presence of third-party programs
  • Heats up quickly on a sunny day if the car windows are not tinted.

Competently evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a laptop and feel free to move on to choosing the device you need. I think my rating of budget models with good characteristics will help you with this.

Main settings

Price policy

An excellent solution would be a device from the category of the most affordable. In the ratings of budget tablets, you can find the optimal solution within 10,000 rubles. Choose based on the above recommendations and be satisfied with the result.

Integrated memory

Most GPS navigators work successfully offline. This is because all maps are downloaded and stored in the built-in or flash memory. Note the presence of a microSD slot. The optimal solution for those who spend a lot of time on the road and have an extensive travel geography in Europe is to buy a 32 GB micro SD.


The first advantage of an electronic gadget is its stylish design: clear lines, neat edges, a perfectly flat screen surface. Yes, and color variations are pleasantly pleasing: you can choose a tablet for a car in white, black, blue, or in less traditional. silver and gold, which will emphasize the individuality of the driver and decorate the interior of the vehicle.

The second is practicality, in order to keep the device clean, you need:

  • protective film on the screen;
  • durable and reliable cover;
  • wipes for removing dust from the surface of the electronic “assistant”.


Many motorists say they need a tablet to navigate. Not everyone can boast of an impeccable memory and the ability to memorize hundreds of streets, avenues, the location of parks, shopping centers and fashion boutiques.

In this case, a tablet with the Google Maps application will help you out a lot. It records the names of new streets and avenues, a convenient search, there is a “Route” function, which will show the path to the desired object in a couple of seconds. But the main thing is that the application is free, consumes a minimum of battery power and is easy to use. It chooses not only one. the most popular route of movement, but also considers alternative options for the path. You just have to choose a route and move in a given direction.

GPS is another matter. Many drivers who buy a navigation tablet for their car choose this feature. Be careful, connecting to a GPS will consume the battery power of your device with lightning speed. It will last for 2-3 hours, after that you have to charge the device to hit the road.

Another question is also important: which tablet is better for working in a taxi? Experts advise not to deviate from the standard rules. They recommend evaluating the appearance of the device, the set of functions and the ability to install applications that will help you navigate the area and find the desired house number or shopping center in a matter of minutes.

By the way, one more difference when controlling a car using a tablet, and not a navigator, is the lack of sound. 40% of motorists admitted that they are annoyed by an intrusive voice and incorrect prompts. in most navigators there is only one “correct answer”, he does not consider alternative ways of moving around the city, suburban highway or rough terrain. It’s good if the route is optimal, because most often the longest route is recorded in the navigator, which will take your time and increase your gasoline costs.

Which tablet is better for navigating in the car??

Driving a car is not only high-speed racing on a country track and highways, but also driving along busy city streets and quickly searching for new objects. houses, shopping centers, restaurants. In this case, a tablet for a motorist is indispensable. Thanks to the device, he can easily find his way in an unfamiliar city, and find the shortest path to the desired object.

functions, more possibilities

Another plus of the tablet is its wide range of functions. You will never get bored with this device. If you are stuck in traffic, you can always:

  • turn on the movie;
  • watch the next episode of the popular TV series;
  • read a book;
  • chat with relatives, friends and acquaintances on social networks;
  • start a foreign language learning program;
  • explore new programs for device management.

The navigator has only one function. making a route to follow. In a tablet, this indicator can be easily “pumped”. You can install paid and free applications, update programs in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

Technical base

When choosing a tablet for a car, the same rules apply as when buying an electronic gadget for home and office. In addition to the external component, it is important to evaluate the technical features of the gadget:

  • the amount of operating memory;
  • processor power;
  • screen extension.

The speed of the electronic gadget, your convenience and comfort depends on these indicators. On the road, where the degree of stress is high enough, a tablet that constantly slows down can become a powerful irritant and throw you off balance. Keep your cool while driving. There are two options here: either to keep yourself in control and not pay attention to small malfunctions in the operation of an electronic device, or to purchase a high-quality electronic gadget that works flawlessly. The choice is yours.

Battery charge

Another important indicator that is highly undesirable to overlook is the battery life of the tablet. The best option is 5-6 hours. If you have a long journey ahead of you, the battery charge will be enough to cover it. Alternatively, you can turn off the electronic gadget for a while, and turn it on on the most “problematic” sections of the path. in big cities or on branched highways, in order to find out in which direction to move on.

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You can recharge the battery by connecting the device to a power source. a computer connected to the network or to an outlet. It takes 1.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the car tablet. It all depends on the size and type of battery.

Choose your tablet wisely for your car and you will find a valuable travel companion!

How to install the tablet in the car

There are several ways to plug Android or iOS devices into your car instead of the stock radio:

  • The built-in radio tape recorder is being replaced, for this you need an amplifier.
  • An additional radio tape recorder acts as an amplifier.
  • Removing the old radio tape recorder from the car dashboard.
  • Next, prepare the wires for connecting the amplifier.
  • We pull the wiring from the battery in the car, installing the fuse on the cable.
  • We stretch the cable from the compartment with the engine.
  • Through the adapter, the acoustics is connected to the amplifier, two cables go to the adapter from the amplifier.
  • We take the cables for RCA and connect the device. We use a connector in the fuse box that does not work when the ignition is turned off. Plus is connected through a fuse, minus is connected to ground.
  • The cigarette lighter socket connects the car charger adapter connected to the tablet.
  • The tablet is placed in the frame instead of the old radio, attached to the frame with glue and inserted into place. The gadget is connected to the amplifier via the headphone output.

We will download the auxiliary applications to our new screen, it should perform diagnostic tasks via the OBD2 Torque Pro application. To turn the tablet off and on depending on the engine operation, download the Tasker application.

We talked about a multimedia device for a car that replaces the radio, but the radio is located low. This arrangement is not convenient for the navigation function. You need the navigator to be a little higher, or in front of your eyes.

There are tablet holders that are located on the windshield.

These are holders with a suction cup for glass. Easy installation, but it is important to fix the holder so that the view in the car does not suffer. Sometimes the suction cup holders fail. If the device is heavy or the road is bumpy, the tablet may come loose with the holder and fall. If dropped, damage may occur and may require replacement of the screen. Regular navigators are already on sale with a secure mount.

There are fasteners in the deflector, or you can make the holder manually using a metal rod, which is given the necessary bends.

Pliers will help in this matter. Next, we insert the homemade mount into the holes in the panel, select the desired height.

We put the cover on the tablet, throw its cover open over a metal rod. It turns out that the tablet is held on the open case like a sheet on a string. This design does not obstruct the view of the road, requires minimal costs and a high level of ingenuity.

Lenovo Tab 3 TB3-710i

The complete set includes a USB adapter, a cable for connecting to a computer, there are no more additions. Nice interface and appearance of the case. On the side, under the logo, there is a slot for a SIM card and for a flash drive. Memory 1/8 GB, screen 7 inches, battery 3450 mAh, works 9-10 hours without recharging. Does not freeze, shows the road clearly, with all traffic jams and accidents.

, which is two times cheaper than the Garmin navigator, which in practice fails more often, freezes and does not provide accurate information about traffic jams. Garmin, by the way, is a navigator for professionals, truckers, for example. But many people note that the screen is too small, it is not convenient to look at, eyes get tired on the road. Lenovo Tab 3 TB3-710i. for people who are not ready to overpay for the brand, spend a lot of time on the road long distances and value reliability. The screen is bright, so you can keep working even in the sun. Everything is clearly visible.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Reliable in operation, the image is excellent. The screen colors are juicy, clear picture in any weather. The connection is stable thanks to GPS. The battery lasts for 10 hours, 5000 MAH. The camera is 8 megapixels, the viewing angles are good. Built-in memory 16GB, (wi-fi).

An excellent but slightly expensive navigation tablet. The price is around 12000. To the pluses we add a solid appearance and the absence of the need for repair, since there are practically no jambs in the assembly of this model.

Choosing a tablet in a car as a navigator, video recorder, radio tape recorder

You no longer need to buy an expensive navigator for your car. The phone, iPad or tablet on which the child watches cartoons can be replaced with a device such as a tablet for a car. This is an excellent navigator, all you need is a GPS receiver and a SIM card for the Internet.

Download navigation apps to choose from:

  • Navitel 9.6;
  • iGO Primo;
  • Yandex navigator;
  • Sygic;
  • About the city.

We choose what is more suitable, for example, iGO Primo is preferred by motorists traveling in Europe. You can even download a dedicated app and use your tablet as a video recorder.

Prestigio Muze 3708 3G

The next device in the ratio rating

4000 mAh battery, charging lasts up to 8 hours. Camera 2 MP, memory 1/8 GB, wide screen 8 inches, built-in radio. You can watch videos, play games, and work with navigation applications gives a clear picture. The model provides a stable connection with satellites, which makes it easy to navigate the terrain and not run into a dead end. Dual SIM cards make it possible to use the gadget as a smartphone.

How the navigator works 6 hours without a charger. The disadvantages include not very high-quality photos due to a weak camera.

Junsun Auto Tablet Specifications

The next car tablet DVR is worth considering in more detail. The device is called Junsun, it is produced by a Chinese company of the same name, which has gained a reputation for making quality electronics.

  • Combining the functionality of five devices.
  • Low cost.
  • High build quality and components.
  • Good performance.
  • Easy connection and installation.
  • Display diagonal is 7 inches.
  • The camera shoots in Full HD 1080p resolution.
  • Built-in antiradar.
  • G-sensor.
  • Motion Detector.
  • Camera viewing angle is 140 °.
  • It is possible to conduct uninterrupted cyclic recording.
  • Adjusting the parking guidelines.
  • Wi-Fi module.
  • MicroSD card slot.
  • Auto turn-on function when starting the engine.

The combination of a large touch screen with Android 5.0 operating system makes Junsun one of the best dashboards for tablets. The gadget has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal.

In addition, the storage capacity can be expanded up to 32 GB using microSD cards. Wi-Fi makes it possible to download a variety of applications that will help brighten up your time in long traffic jams.

The device has the ability to connect to Navitel cards. The large screen allows you to read news or watch movies in high definition. In general, you can use this car tablet like a regular smartphone or laptop. In terms of the variety of functions, there are no complaints about the tablet, but you need to understand that the main task of Junsun is video recording.

To do this, the device has everything you need:

  • Two cameras (one captures the roadway in front of the vehicle, and the other captures what is happening in the car or behind it). They can record at the same time.
  • Full HD shooting quality.
  • Wide angle lens. Allows you to capture a large area in front of the vehicle. The viewing angle is 140 °.
  • Motion Detector. May include video recording when triggered.
  • Loop recording. Shooting in high resolution requires too much memory on the device. To do this, the device has a function of automatic re-recording of footage after a while (5, 10, 15 minutes).
  • Automatic start recording function when the ignition is turned on.

With such a functional set, Junsun is not inferior to almost any car registrar.