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Stripe Appeared On Laptop Monitor

Causes of streaking on the screen

Stripes (including multi-colored ones) on the laptop screen can appear for various reasons:

  • Damage (poor contact, break) of the loop from the matrix to the device board.
  • Failure of the matrix itself (only replacement will help here).
  • Defective video card (sometimes repair or replacement of the video card is possible).
  • Defective motherboard (often due to overheating of components).

The forecast is disappointing: in almost all cases, repairs are required at a service center. At home, you can only replace the video card, and then. if it is NOT built-in. Selected “Kulibins” can try to replace the matrix or loop with their own hands, but at the same time it is worth considering many nuances, in which we will talk below. In any case, you will need to pick up the failed components, and we described everything in detail in the article “Assembling a laptop is not a tricky business.”.

What to do with a faulty motherboard or video card?

In the event of a faulty motherboard or integrated video card, the laptop will have to be sent for repair. This is not a cheap pleasure, so be sure to ask for an agreement on the repair price.

In the event of a video chip malfunction, you may be offered three options “treatment”:

  • Warming up the chip. The cheapest option, but with it there is a guarantee that it will help, moreover, the malfunction may then arise again.
  • Reballing a chip is a more expensive method, but if the chip is faulty, this option gives 99% of a successful outcome.
  • Complete replacement of the chip is also 99% successful, but this option is much more expensive than reballing, and it is not a fact that replacing the chip is so necessary.

If the problem turned out to be global, and besides, your computer model is already outdated, it makes sense to think about buying a new one. Here we offer the following reviews to help you:

Finding the cause of the malfunction

Before removing vertical stripes on a computer or laptop monitor, first you need to try to determine the cause of the malfunction by eye:

  • For the initial diagnosis of the cause of stripes on the laptop screen, you need a regular monitor that you need to connect to the laptop. If the image on this monitor is excellent, without artifacts and stripes, then the problem lies in the loop or matrix. If the monitor also has stripes, then you will have to repair or replace the video card or motherboard.
  • Testing the response of the matrix to physical impact: try with both hands, how to bend and twist the screen, and also try to lightly press on it with your finger. of course, without fanaticism. If the stripes change, then the loop or matrix is ​​faulty.
  • Pay attention to whether the stripes disappear or change when opening and closing the laptop lid. Try it fast and slow. Changes in any direction indicate a malfunction of the matrix loop.

How can you visually determine the cause of the malfunction?

The mobile computer matrix needs to be replaced if:

  • Vertical stripes appear and disappear when the screen is twisted and curved, but everything is fine on the external monitor.
  • Only one side of the screen works, while the other is completely white or with other artifacts (or a wide white stripe in any part of the matrix).
  • There is a characteristic ripple on the screen.
  • Multi-colored stripes are present on the screen.
  • When bending the matrix, the picture is blurred.
  • All colors are displayed in negative, that is, black in white and white in black.

Vertical stripe on the monitor. how to remove?

Compared to a personal computer, on laptops, it is much more difficult to understand why a vertical stripe appeared on the monitor, how to remove it, since almost the entire structure is one whole. This is a very frustrating problem. It seems that you do not use a laptop all the time, and you handle it with care, but the problem still arises. Let’s find out the reasons for its occurrence, as well as ways to deal with it.

What to do with a failed loop?

So, what to do if the problem is caused by a broken cable?

  • Return to the service center.
  • Look on the Internet or on the market for the same cable, for the same matrix model, but this is unlikely, due to the wide range of names.
  • Try to repair the old train. To do this, you will need a soldering iron, MGTF wire, an ordinary tester and electronics skills. The essence of the repair is to find a broken loop conductor using a tester, and then replace it with a new one. New MGTF wiring should be thrown on top of the old one and solder from both ends.

Thus, in this article we examined the question of how to remove stripes on a computer monitor. Stripes can be vertical, horizontal and colored: red, green, white, blue, black. Such a problem is not uncommon, so it is advisable for every laptop user to know why it can occur and why, as well as how to fix it.

The monitor is an essential component for any computer. All work on the device is NOT complete without the display itself. Modern technologies have given us the highest quality screens on which the picture looks very rich and realistic. Unfortunately, no user is immune from problems when working with such devices. How do I remove the black bar on the monitor? How do I set it up? Perhaps it’s the video card drivers or the image output settings. To solve the problem that appears, you can use different methods of elimination. Let’s talk today about all the nuances of setting up this familiar invention.

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Settings for the Windows 7 operating system

To solve the long-standing problem with black stripes, you can try to follow these instructions:

  • Turn on your device and wait for the Windows operating system to load. Make sure the display is connected to the computer system unit.
  • After downloading, left-click on the “Start” icon and go to the “Control Panel”.
  • You will see a context menu with a huge number of icons responsible for different actions. You need to go to the “Screen”.
  • Now you need to go to item “Screen Resolution Setting”. A dialog box will open in front of you, in which you need to select a setting “Extra options”.
  • It remains to go to “Graphic characteristics” and in the zoom settings select “Zoom to full screen”.

Most often, the manipulations described above help to remove black bars on the monitor on the sides, top and bottom. If after all the actions nothing has changed, then you will have to resort to other methods of fixing the problem.

How to remove the black bar on the monitor?

There is a possibility that the chip moves away from the video card a little, which causes artifacts in the form of annoying stripes. “Being renovated” vidyuha as follows:

  • Let’s disassemble the system unit using a Phillips screwdriver and disconnect the video card from the motherboard.
  • Cooling must be removed from the extracted circuit. We pick up the device and go to the kitchen stove.
  • Turn on the hotplate and hold the part higher over the fire with tweezers. The chipset must settle on the entire structure.
  • We cool down the component and check. You can also use an editing hair dryer for this method.
stripe, appeared, laptop, monitor

Setting the correct frame rate

Some users recommend the following troubleshooting method:

  • Right click on an empty area of ​​desktop space.
  • A context menu will open, in which you need to select a section “resolution” the screen of your laptop or computer.
  • You will see a window in front of you with four different tabs, you need to go to the “Monitor”.
  • Find “Monitor parameters” and set a different frame rate up or down.

These manipulations can help you solve the problem.

Installing new drivers on the video card

It is possible that this defect is caused by problems with the driver version of your video card.

In order to get rid of this, you can try the following method:

  • First you need to go to the official website of the publisher of your video card.
  • The websites of all manufacturers have a similar principle of operation, so you need to go to support and select the section “Drivers”.
  • After that, you need to fill in the empty fields, you need to enter the data of your personal computer and the model of the video processing chip.
  • You should be redirected to a link to a site with the latest driver version, from where you should download and install them.
  • After THESE actions, you need to go to the settings menu and set the maximum allowable resolution for the model of your device.

In the settings, you need to find a line with the name “Scaling settings” and move the slider on paragraph “Compressed Scan. Stretched Scan” in such a way that the picture fills the entire display.

How to remove black borders on the monitor if the above does not work?

Now you know how to remove black bars on the sides, case and bottom of the monitor in four different ways. Obviously, without establishing the cause of the defect, you will have to resort to any of them at random, but in any case, you WILL NOT make it worse. Use the tips above and you will succeed!

Matrix loop check

If you come to the conclusion that the video card and motherboard are working properly, and the problem is in the cable or matrix, you can perform the following test. Since the cable moves when the cover is opened, accordingly, it may be pinched, which leads to the appearance of artifacts or stripes on the screen. Look at the image displayed on the display from different angles of opening the cover. If the stripes change their position or disappear at a certain inclination of the lid, this indicates that there are problems with the train.

Stripes on a laptop screen: reasons, diagnostics, repair

The laptop is a one-piece design, which combines the system unit and monitor, as well as peripherals. This is convenient from the point of view of portability of the device, but any malfunction makes it almost impossible to use it. Such malfunctions include a very common problem with laptops. the appearance of stripes on the screen. It becomes almost impossible to work at a computer when horizontal or vertical stripes are present in the displayed image. The stripes can be black, white, or multi-colored, depending on the cause of the problem. As part of this article, we will look at what to do if stripes appear on the laptop screen, and which malfunctions most often lead to the problem in question.

How to determine why stripes appeared on a laptop screen

Since the symptoms of stripes on a laptop screen are characteristic of a number of malfunctions, in order to fix the problem, you must first determine what led to it. Specialists in service centers can do this using diagnostic equipment, but at home it is quite easy to find out why stripes appeared on the laptop screen. Based on the premise of the malfunction, it will be possible to conclude about the advisability of repairing the computer.

Below we will give a number of diagnostic measures that allow you to find out what led to the problem with the appearance of stripes on the screen.

Check matrix and loop by pressing

You can make sure that the malfunction is associated with a damaged matrix or a problematic loop in a fairly simple way:

Load a computer and, if possible, open a bright picture on the screen, saturated with various colors;

  • Press lightly on the laptop screen where there are stripes. Also test the display for torsion by trying to bend the screen slightly;
  • While performing the tests described above, carefully observe the results. If the number of stripes increased or changed significantly when the laptop screen was pressed or twisted, the problem is most likely related to the matrix or ribbon cable.
  • It is worth noting that incorrect display of colors by the laptop screen also indicates a malfunction of the matrix or loop. For example, when in addition to stripes on the screen, other colors are displayed in black and white.

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    Why stripes appeared on the laptop screen: reasons

    The graphics chip is responsible for displaying the image on the laptop, which can be installed separately on the video card or integrated into the central processor. Information from the chip is transmitted to the screen via a ribbon cable, and in general the system is controlled by the motherboard. As you can see, not so many elements are involved in the process of displaying an image on the monitor screen. Based on this, we can conclude that the following reasons can lead to the appearance of stripes on the screen:

    • Faulty motherboard. Least common problem. The motherboard is practically NOT susceptible to damage, and it most often fails due to marriage or due to a short circuit, which is quite rare. In this case, failure of the motherboard usually leads to a complete failure of the laptop, but in rare cases it is possible that the components responsible for displaying the image on the monitor are damaged;
    • Malfunction of the video card. A much more common problem that causes horizontal or vertical stripes to appear on a laptop screen. over, if there are problems with the video card, the stripes are usually multi-colored, and sometimes ripples or artifacts appear on the screen instead of straight lines. Most often, a video card fails due to overheating of the chip located on it;
  • Pinch or the loop is faulty. In order for the image from the system components of the laptop to enter the screen, a ribbon cable is used. On the one hand, it connects to the computer’s motherboard, on the other, to the display. If the cable is pinched, damaged or burnt out, this can lead to the appearance of stripes on the screen;
  • Matrix problems. The most common reason why stripes appear on the screen is matrix failure. The laptop screen is quite fragile, and even one careless closing of the computer lid will be enough to damage the matrix, as a result of which stripes appear on the screen.
  • It should be noted that it is extremely rare that the problem with the appearance of artifacts and stripes on the screen is associated with the drivers. Therefore, the first thing to do if stripes appear on the laptop screen is to download new drivers for key computer components. You can also try “rollback” Windows if the system was updated shortly before the problem occurred.

    Checking the video card

    It is not difficult to determine what exactly the video card is the prerequisite for the appearance of stripes on the screen. Make sure that the bars appear on the display immediately after turning on the computer, and not after a while. If they occur due to a few minutes of working with a laptop, this indicates overheating of the video card chip or its malfunction.

    Also, most often, when stripes on the screen occur due to problems with the video card, when Windows boots, the image from the display completely disappears and a black screen remains for a while.

    Testing with an external monitor

    A fairly simple test if you have an external monitor, which can be connected to a computer via a DVI or HDMI cable. At the same time, this test allows you to exclude options that the stripes on the screen arise due to a faulty video card or motherboard.

    To carry out diagnostics, connect an external monitor to the laptop through a wire and, based on what you see, draw the appropriate conclusions:

    • If the image on the external monitor is correct, that is, there are no stripes and artifacts, this indicates that there are problems with the motherboard and video card of the laptop;
    • If stripes are displayed on the external monitor, it means that the display and the cable are working properly, and the problems with the motherboard or video card.

    What to do if the laptop video card is faulty

    The first thing to do if there is a suspicion of a problem with the video card is to make sure that the computer has problems with cooling. In particular, you need to do the following:

    • Make sure that when you turn on the computer, the coolers work stably at a speed sufficient for cooling. If the stripes occupy only part of the screen, try running a diagnostic utility that determines the temperature of computer components;
    • Disassemble the computer and clean it of accumulated dust that can interfere with the normal cooling of system components;
  • Replace thermal grease;
  • Try to work on a laptop, installed it on a cooling pad with additional coolers.
  • Pay attention to the chip when disassembling your computer and replacing thermal paste. If there are obvious traces of carbon deposits on it or a radiator suitable for it, this indicates the failure of the device of their operation and the need to replace it. It is often economically impractical to change the graphics card of a laptop.

    What to do if the laptop motherboard is faulty

    The motherboard is one of the most difficult laptop components to repair. To determine which of the blocks of the motherboard is out of order, you will need to take the laptop to a service center, where it can be checked on diagnostic equipment.

    Most often, a board malfunction is associated with oxidation or burnout of elements. Due to the technical process of manufacturing the motherboard, it is almost impossible to restore it if it fails.

    Multi-colored stripes on the screen

    Are there blue streaks on your laptop screen? Have you noticed the presence of lines of red, white, yellow and second shades, as well as the fact that the size grows over time? Often the problem with such external manifestations is a malfunction of the video card. And yet, first carry out diagnostics, which will tell you whether it is worth making a replacement.

    This may cause symptoms such as a color change to white. If you are NOT sure of the reasons, it is better not to risk it, but to entrust the repair to professionals.

    Causes of malfunctions

    The first signs of breakage begin with the appearance of one small strip. Owners often notice it, because, as a rule, such a trifle does NOT interfere with work. But if left unattended, the consequences of inaction can be dire. The problem grows progressively, because over time the bands increase and there are more of them. And when the problem reaches a large scale, users start to sound the alarm.

    Horizontal stripes on the screen as well as vertical stripes appear for a variety of reasons. In addition, the malfunction may appear in the form of flickering or colored spots on the sensor.

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    What types of malfunctions occur:

    • Damage to the video card (most often a complete replacement of the adapter is required, less often problems can be fixed).
    • Damage to the motherboard (repair depends on the severity of the damage).
    • Faulty state of the matrix loop (an estimate of the part or strengthening of existing connections is required).
    • Soldering the video chip when the gadget overheats.
    • Mechanical damage to the matrix (mandatory replacement is required).

    If you find a malfunction of some part of the computer, then it must be corrected or urgently replaced. You can use the services of Special Centers or make repairs yourself. Providing a laptop with your own hands is possible, provided that you have some skills.

    Ripples in the monitor

    Ripples indicate problems with the loop or matrix. If, carry out diagnostics, you are convinced that the display does NOT suffer on a third-party monitor, then there is no problem with the video card. In this case, when confirming a malfunction of the display, it may be necessary to replace the laptop screen.

    You recently made a laptop, changing the matrix or cable, and the problem reappeared. This may mean that between the video card and “motherboard” poor contact is established. In this case, changing the motherboard or treating the chip will help.

    White bar on screen

    Often, if a white vertical stripe appears on the laptop screen, then you can suspect the need to replace the matrix. Also, such manifestations may indicate a malfunction of the video card or problems with the motherboard. Another likely cause is damage to the loop. Of course, before contacting a service center or starting repairs, conduct your own primary diagnostics to determine the causes.

    Is there a wide white stripe in the middle of the screen? This definitely indicates a malfunction of the matrix and the need to replace it.


    To determine what kind of breakdown has befallen the laptop, you first need to carry out the first checks yourself. Pay attention to the first bells indicating problems.

    The main visual signs of a video card breakdown:

    • White background appears on the display when turning on the laptop.
    • When connecting the device, you see artifacts, spots or streaks.
    • The image does NOT appear at all, the same black screen is displayed.
    • The appearance of horizontal and vertical stripes.
    • Screen ripples and flickering occur.

    To carry out initial diagnostics, Connect a third-party monitor to the gadget. If, after that, the image on the external screen is normal, and the device under test shows signs of a problem (stripes, ripples, flickering), most likely the laptop video card is faulty.

    The second test is to check the matrix and the loop for damage. Click on the screen: if the image changes, then there is an 80% chance that you have found the problem you are looking for. Close and open the cover to make sure. Still seeing changes? Then there are problems with the cable, perhaps there is damage to the tracks or loose contact in the connector.

    Corrupted laptop matrix

    It is the matrix that is most susceptible to external damage and breakdown. Damage may result from accidental impact, scratching, exposure to water. If a black stripe appears on the laptop screen, this is already a reason to sound the alarm. Firstly, such a manifestation interferes with working, and secondly, often after a while the display completely stops turning on. If you have definitely determined that the matrix is ​​faulty, then there is only one way out. a complete replacement of the device screen.

    Perhaps the problem lies in the inverter or backlight lamps. In this case, to eliminate the trouble, it is enough to replace the damaged part.

    Signs of screen breakage:

    • Dark image (possibly dramatic fading).
    • The monitor periodically turns off on its own (except when going into sleep mode.
    • There are cracks visible to the naked eye (as a result of mechanical damage such as blows or scratches).

    Malfunction of the driver in the system

    When you see stripes on the screen on a laptop, it is quite possible that a banal driver malfunction is a prerequisite. They may be absent altogether, or they may be incorrectly installed. The solution here is simple and affordable. reinstall the drivers.

    If your laptop comes with a driver disc, try installing from it first. But since the deliverables are NOT updated, they may NOT help to resolve the issue. In this case, you need to look for the current version on the Internet. It is important to use only Official Sources, otherwise you can seriously harm your computer. If the reinstallation did NOT affect the problem in any way, then you should look for the reason in the internal details of the laptop.

    Matrix loop problem

    If multi-colored stripes appear periodically on the laptop screen, then by 70 percent you can be sure that the problem is hidden in the matrix cable. They are, of course, disturbing, but not so much, so the owner of the device may decide that repairs are unnecessary. This is a big mistake, because such a breakdown will lead to a serious failure in the system.

    A ribbon cable is the part that connects the display and the motherboard. It is very vulnerable, as it passes at the folding point of the device, therefore, over time, contact refraction is possible. Alas, the loop cannot last forever, the manufacturer has laid a resource, after the exhaustion of which the parts require repair or replacement.

    Unfortunately, home repair is not possible in this case, because it is necessary to replace the loop. Therefore, if you notice a failure of this kind, Contact the service center. Additionally, diagnose the malfunction. the tilt of the display, if you see stripes in the opposite part of the screen, then it is a loop. Problem place.

    Flickering lines across the screen

    Did you notice stripes on the screen on the laptop, which randomly move and flicker, changing color? This could be another time to pay close attention to the train.

    Is the monitor behaving atypically and constantly flickering stripes appear on the laptop screen? Is the image focused on only half of the screen and the backlight is defective? Such signs indicate the need to replace the inverter.

    A common prerequisite for manifestations is an ordinary failure in the system. Therefore, before contacting specialists, it is recommended to wait a little time, and also be sure to carry out diagnostics. But if the fears were confirmed, it is not worth delaying a trip to the service.

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