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Sony dsx a410bt how to connect bluetooth

Display buttons

The main menu of the car radio is equipped with the following buttons:

  • “BROWSE” with a magnifying glass. Used to switch to the Quick-BrowZer operating mode, where the main search of works takes place.
  • “SOURCE / OFF”. With its help, they turn on the device, switch to an alternative playback source, and if you hold it for a long time, the device turns off completely.
  • Dial, or select button. Helps to adjust the volume. When you press it, you go to the menu area, where you can configure multimedia parameters.
  • “MODE”. Used to select a suitable radio band.
  • “BACK”. Back to main menu.
  • Up arrow button. Used to remove the front panel.
  • “SEEK. /”. Search for radio stations both automatic and manual. When playing from a flash drive, it helps to skip a song and moves forward and backward one song.
  • AF / TA. With its help, the radio station channels are reconfigured, and messages about the current situation on the roads are received.
  • “ALBUM”. Lets you skip the whole album.
  • “PAUSE”. Stopping playback for a while.
  • SHUF. Re-enabling the composition.
  • “DSPL / SCRL”. Change the display on the screen and scrolling it.

These and other buttons on the remote control and panel control the Sony DSX-A30E. Connecting and disconnecting the device can be done both from the panel and from the remote control.


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Sony DSX-A30E allows you to store in memory and receive the desired radio stations. To avoid an accident, while driving, you should not search for radio stations yourself, but rather use the “BTM” function of the optimal memory setting. To do this, press the “SOURCE / OFF” button for a long time until “TUNER” appears on the screen. To select the desired range, use the “MODE” button, where you can choose the desired wavelength. It is FM1, FM2, MW or LW, FM3 reception is possible in some places. Next, press the selection button and do not release it until the settings are highlighted on the display. Rotate the dial to select “BTM”. The action is confirmed by pressing the rotary wheel. So the radio station will have an automatic number and will be saved in the device’s memory.

Radio station numbers can be assigned manually. To do this, while playing a radio station, press any number button from 1 to 4 and hold it until the display shows “MEMORY”. To play a saved radio station, you must first select the desired band, and then click on the corresponding button.

To automatically tune radio stations, select the desired band and press the “SEEK /.” button to search for channels. The search process will be stopped when the radio tape recorder detects a radio station. The procedure should be carried out until the desired playback point is found.

Sony DSX-A30E: specifications

This radio tape recorder has an RDS tuner with auto tuning, the parameters of the ranges of which. FM / MW / SW. You can connect a USB storage device to the device, from which MP3 / WMA / AAC formats are played. The device supports ID3 tags.

The car radio is equipped with an eight-character liquid crystal display. There is support for Russian text, a front AUX and USB input, as well as an RCA output for a preamp, and more. three-band graphic equalizer. The device can be controlled both by buttons from the panel and from the remote control.

The product is powered by a 12 V car battery. The external panel is removable, and the backlight. green. Maximum audio channel power. 50 watts.

Device parameters (width / height / depth): 178x50x120 mm. Product weight. about 0.7 kg.

The radio tape recorder comes with a RM-X211 control panel, as well as parts necessary for installing and connecting this equipment. Sony DSX-A30E black.

How do I turn on Bluetooth? This question is asked by many users of this radio. The answer is simple: this device does not have Bluetooth, so you cannot turn it on.

When you go in a car, nothing cheers you up like beautiful music. The Sony DSX-A30E radio tape recorder is able to give unforgettable moments of acoustic accompaniment. Has a stylish and modern design. It looks presentable in any car and has all the functions necessary for a good radio tape recorder.

About USB devices

The car radio allows the use of USB type MSC devices that are compatible with the USB standard. Playable codecs include:

  • MP3 (.mp3).
  • WMA (.wma).
  • AAC (.m4a).

The USB device should be connected after the engine in the car is turned on. Connecting digital media before starting the engine may damage the engine.

In order to listen to music from a flash drive, you need to insert the USB drive into the corresponding socket of the car radio. Songs will start playing almost immediately. If a USB device is already connected, then to listen to the recording, hold down the “SOURCE / OFF” button until the display shows USB. To stop the playback process, you need to press “SOURCE / OFF” for one second. Before removing the USB from the device, you must first interrupt the playback.

The display will differ depending on the type of USB used and the recording format of the title, as well as other settings used.

The maximum number of albums displayed is 128, and there can be up to 500 songs in each folder. If there is a large amount of data, playback may be delayed. DRM files may not be readable by the instrument. The device does not play compressed data and is protected by the rights of the author of the song.

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General setup information

To set up the Sony DSX-A30E radio tape recorder (the setup instructions are attached to the device, and that is what you need to follow when using the device), press and hold the selection button for a while. The display shows the radio settings. Rotate the dial until the desired function appears on the screen. To select it, you need to press the dial again. This will complete the hardware setup. Then click on “BACK” and go back to the usual menu.


Before using the device, the operating instructions must be carefully read. The following are the steps to take if you encounter specific issues with your Sony DSX-A30E:

  • Buttons do not work. Similar failures occur if the contacts are clogged; experts also recommend turning off the device for a few minutes and turning it on. Sometimes rebooting the device helps, for this you should simultaneously press the buttons “DSPL” and “BACK” and “MODE”.
  • Power is not being supplied. It is necessary to check the connection or operation of the fuse. The device may be turned off.
  • Antenna does not work. No relay.
  • There is no sound. The “ATT” function can be enabled. If there is a system with two speakers, then there is no fader installed.
  • Data disappeared from the device memory. The power cord may be disconnected or not properly connected. No batteries.

These and other problems can be eliminated by referring to the instructions for use. If all attempts to restore the device to work are in vain, then you should contact the nearest service center for help.


Hooking up the positive wire correctly is also very important. If you connect your Sony car stereo directly from the battery, you need a fuse. In this case, the diameter of the wiring is also extremely important, which should not be less than the head unit connector.

Note. In extreme cases, the car radio is also connected through the cigarette lighter.

To reduce energy leakage from the battery, the connection is carried out according to the following scheme:
In this case:

  • The black cable coming from the battery is mass;
  • The yellow cable coming from the battery. power or positive for 12 V;
  • The red cable is responsible for the signal to turn on the head unit from the ЗЗ;
  • Finally, the blue wire is the antenna or other devices.

Note. As for the diodes, you can put any type of KD522B.

Connector for sony car radio and pinout by color

When connecting the car radio, the wires should be arranged according to the following diagram:

  • The yellow power wire is always responsible for powering the head unit, its memory. First of all, it must be submitted as a plus;
  • The red wire is also power, but it turns off the operation of the head unit. It must also be served.

Note. The instruction says that the red wire must be connected through the ignition switch so that the head unit turns off after the ignition key is turned.

Positive wires are often connected together. They twist and connect to direct current, but this is not recommended.
The fact is that in this case, the head unit will work constantly, regardless of whether the key is turned in the ignition or not. In turn, this threatens to de-energize the battery in a matter of time, especially when the car is stationary.

If the Sony car radio is connected to VAZ models, then the process can be carried out as follows:

  • Connect the red wire not to the ignition switch, but to the 5th contact of the BSK block.

This scheme is original, but it has drawbacks. So, if a passenger stays in the car for a while, then you have to leave the ignition key with him so that he listens to music. In addition, such a scheme consumes a lot more electricity.

Sony (Sony) DSX-A212UI car radio setup instructions

I got a 4-channel amplifier. It was necessary to connect it to the radio. I took the RCA interconnect cable and connected it to the specified outputs and the amplifier. And it was required to connect 4 conventional speakers and it turns out to reconfigure the output to Rear mode. I started with instructions for installation and operation. For more information see.

Manuals for car radios Sony

The device looks nice and modern. The display is graphical, which is undoubtedly convenient for displaying Russian alphabet characters, but its backlight seems dim, and the image is not contrasting. The panel can be removed in the standard way. to fold it over itself, raises no objections. Volume control is a convenient knob with a clear and well-chosen adjustment step. Sound muting is available only from the remote control or joystick, it is not placed on the radio panel. Built-in 3-band parametric equalizer lets you customize the sound to your ears.


The main technical parameters of the radio tape recorder:

  • amplifier power. 554 W;
  • speaker coil resistance. from 4 to 8 ohms;
  • reproducible frequency range. from 20 Hz to 15 kHz;
  • current in the USB port circuit. up to 1 A;
  • body height (mounting). 53 mm;
  • width. 182 mm;
  • depth. 119 mm;
  • weight. 0.7 kg.

Connection diagram

Before connecting the equipment using the Bluetooth protocol, it is required to go through the joint registration procedure. To do this, you need to go to the setup menu, then to the Set Paring subsection in the Bluetooth settings. Further switching of the devices stored in the memory is performed via the Set BT Signl field; the status indicator is displayed on the screen of the head unit.

When using a USB connection, you must first remove the protective cover. The part is made of plastic, moves to the left until it stops. After disconnecting the device, it is required to return the cover to the extreme right position, ensuring that the contacts are protected from dirt and dust.

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To connect your smartphone, you can use NFC wireless technology, which is based on data transmission over a radio channel. To connect, you need to touch the surface of the volume control with the phone. Before connecting, you need to activate the NFC function through the menu of the mobile device. Android 4.0 smartphones require downloading the NFC Easy Connect app, available from Google Brand Product.

How to set up a Sony car stereo

The player provides high quality sound; Bluetooth and NFC wireless protocols are used for switching with additional equipment. The design has a built-in 3-band tuner adapted to receive stations in the extended VHF range of the Russian standard.

There are USB and Aux ports located on the front for the installation of additional devices. The device is equipped with a separate output for switching a subwoofer with active or passive power supply circuits. The radio is equipped with a full-speed USB connector; the maximum current reaches 1 A, which allows the port to be used for switching mobile phone battery chargers.

A removable storage device can contain no more than song folders, and each folder should contain no more than files. Using the Bluetooth function, the user can connect a smartphone or an optional music player. The equipment allows simultaneous switching of 2 devices. A USB connection cable can be used to transfer data from Apple equipment.

Various portable audio devices are connected using a 3-pin Aux jack plug. Due to the shape of the panel, only connection cables with straight plugs may be used. Before switching equipment via Bluetooth protocol, you need to go through the joint registration procedure.

To do this, you need to go to the setup menu, then to the Set Paring subsection in the Bluetooth settings. Further switching of the devices stored in the memory is performed via the Set BT Signl field; a status indicator is displayed on the screen of the head unit. When using a USB connection, you must first remove the protective cover. The part is made of plastic, moves to the left until it stops. After disconnecting the device, it is required to return the cover to the extreme right position, protecting the contacts from dirt and dust.

For switching a smartphone, NFC wireless communication technology, built on the basis of data transmission over a radio channel, can be used. To connect, you need to touch the phone to the surface of the volume control. Before connecting, you need to activate the NFC function through the menu of the mobile device. When using smartphones based on Android 4 operating systems.

After installation of the head equipment, a reboot is required, which is performed by long pressing the combination of the Dspl and Mode buttons. After restarting, the region programming menu opens automatically.

Adjustment is made by rotating the sound volume control. After specifying the country of location, the radio tape recorder will reboot again, making adjustments to the software. To program the clock, enter the menu and find the General subsection by turning the volume control. Then you need to click on the rotary adjustment element and find the Set Clock-Adj parameter. The setting is started by pressing the knob again, after which the 2-digit hour field starts blinking.

By turning the sound volume potentiometer, the required value is set. Go to setting the minutes by pressing the Seek key; the value is set using a similar algorithm. Exit from the configuration mode by pressing the Menu button To do this, you need to activate the equipment and press the Dspl key. the voltage value will be displayed on the display.

If the radio is inactive and displays the clock, then it is impossible to obtain information about the battery voltage.

Listening to radio stations is turned on with the Src button, then the Tuner parameter is selected. Cyclical switching of the tuner bands is performed by pressing the Mode key. For manual search, you need to hold down the Seek button until the approximate frequency of the station is determined.

Fine tuning is done by short pressing the same key. To save the found radio stations, use the buttons Recording is carried out by pressing and holding until the text Mem appears on the display.

The user can independently upgrade the version of the firmware that controls the operation of the equipment. The distribution kit of the new firmware is downloaded from the Sony support site and saved to a USB drive. The update starts automatically, it takes a few minutes.

At this time, it is strictly forbidden to turn off the ignition or remove the drive. When using USB storage devices, it is possible to activate repeat or shuffle playback with the button on the radio. Since it is not possible to view all the audio files, the search by name function is not available for Android equipment in USB mode or iPods.

I bought an ABT radio tape recorder instead of the old standard radio. For switching it was necessary to install an adapter. There is a Bluetooth controller that allows you to connect a variety of audio sources. I connected a portable hard drive with a capacity of 60 GB via the USB connector. the device was recognized, the music was played without delays. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone enables voice control of connected smartphones.

For 6 months of operation, there are no complaints about the operation of the head unit. I have been using the ABT head unit since the end of the year as a radio receiver and for listening to music stored on my smartphone. The radio tuner has an extended VHF range, which increases the number of received radio stations. Built-in brightness control automatically adjusts the parameter depending on the time of day.

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In bright sunlight, the display is readable, but at night the brightness is excessive. The built-in microphone is located in the corner of the radio, the sensitivity provides good voice transmission during a telephone conversation.

. Share to OK. Soundmax sm cmmdg. How to calculate and make with your own hands a box for a subwoofer in a car. How to properly connect a radio tape recorder at home to a network in V or through a 12 Volt power supply from a computer with your own hands.

For Android

Smartphones with Android version 5 and newer do not have removable disk mode. In this case, to listen to music in the car from such a gadget, you will need a car radio that supports the MTP protocol or is compatible with the proprietary package Android Open Accessory 2. This feature is available in recently released radio tape recorders from JVC and some other manufacturers.

Depending on the model and specification of both devices, some control functions may only be available on the Android smartphone player. From the radio it will be possible, for example, to switch between tracks. To check for compatibility, you need to connect your Android smartphone to the radio and select the MTP protocol. If it supports Android Open Accessory, then the music will start playing. In rare cases, you may need to enable USB debugging mode.

Sony DSX-A410BT || Unboxing | Bluetooth connect

FM transmitter

The phone can be connected to an old tape recorder via the FM transmitter through both the audio input and the USB port. In the first case, you need to connect with an audio cable. Music listening is controlled from the phone itself.

In the second case, the connection is made in the same way as to a radio tape recorder with a USB port. There are FM transmitters specially designed to charge the devices connected to it. In this case, the output current of the port is at least 1 A, due to which the gadget is effectively charged simultaneously with the transmission of digital audio.

Connection options

Depending on the model and operating system, the phone can be connected to the radio tape recorder in several ways:

  • via USB interface;
  • via Bluetooth;
  • through an analog audio input;
  • via a radio transmitter;
  • via emulator.

For connection, use cables and wires that are known to be in good working order.

Connection features

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of operation of different mobile devices with Android and iOS before connecting the phone to the radio tape recorder in the car. This will avoid additional problems associated with the inability to play music or the inaccessibility of various functions.

How to connect a phone to a radio tape recorder via USB

To connect your mobile phone to your car radio, you need a suitable cable. After turning on the head unit, the handset screen will light up and the music will start playing in the car. At the same time, the battery of the gadget will be charged. If the car radio was switched on in a different mode, then after connecting the plug to the USB port, it will switch to the music player. A mobile phone connected to the head unit via a USB interface must support operation in the removable storage mode in the same way as a flash drive or an external hard drive.

Are you a car driver ?! Then you can pass this simplest test and find out. Go to test “


Music from the phone can also be broadcast on the radio to the car radio, which has neither a USB port, nor an audio input, through a transmitter (transmitter). It is powered by the cigarette lighter in the car. The choice of transmitter depends on the design of the telephone. If your smartphone does not have a headphone jack, then you should use a Bluetooth transmitter. If there is one, then to connect to the radio, you need an FM transmitter with a line-in audio input or USB port.

AUX jack

Using this method, you can connect your old phone to a car radio with an additional audio input (aux) to listen to music. If your mobile device has a standard 3.5mm jack, you will need a shielded stereo cable with appropriate plugs to connect. One of them is inserted into the jack on the phone, and the other into the car radio with AUX.

If the handset is equipped with a non-standard jack, then you can connect it to the AV input of the radio or via AUX by making an adapter cable. It requires an audio cable with a stereo plug or AV connector and a standard headset. Both headphones are cut off, and the ends of the cables connected to them are stripped.

Common wires are the same color. They are soldered to the audio cable wire connected to the negative terminal of the plug. The other two wires are the audio output from the phone. They connect to the left and right channel pins of the audio cable. The advantage of this method is the possibility of hands-free communication through the radio.

How to connect a phone to a car radio via USB and AUX (Bluetooth)

Before connecting the phone to the radio, you need to figure out what connection methods are available. It depends on what functions and capabilities you can use.