Several keys do not work on a laptop

Reasons for keyboard malfunction

Incorrect operation of computer hardware is due to mechanical and software reasons. A mechanical cause is a broad concept, which includes breakdowns in the form of a cable break, moisture, excessive dirt, port integrity problems, problems with loose contacts, mechanical damage to the cable, etc. Software reason. software failures with incorrect BIOS settings, viruses, malfunctioning drivers, etc. In any case, the device needs repair and elimination of problems to continue working. To do this, you can contact the service center or try to solve the difficulties that arise on your own.

Software reasons

A breakdown of the keyboard for software reasons is due to a software failure, a damaged driver, a virus on the computer, incorrect operation of drivers or the entire system. Often it also does not work due to the PC being in safe mode and due to the inconsistent build order with the system startup.

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Loop damage

Loop damage is a more serious breakdown problem that goes to specialists. A ribbon cable is a wire that is located inside the keyboard and connects the printed circuit boards and all additional electronic elements together. Wires have a large list of varieties and features of soldering due to the unusual arrangement of contacts. Therefore, the elimination of the breakdown of the loop is carried out in service centers.

Breakage occurs due to constant use of the device, rough handling and sticky keys. A frayed and broken train is replaced. To do this, take a copper wire suitable for the section, clean the varnish layer and remove the wire. A new one is put in place of it. It is fixed with conductive glue and technical varnish. The recovery process takes about an hour. The main thing is to handle contacts well with improvised means.

Some buttons on the keyboard do not work

Over time, everything breaks down sooner or later. This is especially true for computer hardware such as a keyboard. Often the keyboard stops working at all or some buttons do not work on it. What is the reason and how to fix it so as not to spend money on a new keyboard and not repeat mistakes? Consider further.

How to troubleshoot

All arising problems can be eliminated by yourself or with the help of IT specialists. You can fix things on your own, for example, a software glitch, viruses, and driver malfunctions. A crashed or malfunctioning driver can be removed by restarting the computer or reinstalling the system. Viruses can be cleaned by running a licensed anti-virus system. If it does not help, then, as in the first case, you will need to reinstall the system.

If some keys on the keyboard do not work

The keyboard and its one or more buttons do not work for the following reasons: damage to the driver, exposure to a virus or errors in settings, sticking, loose contacts and dirt. Sometimes water is caused by the lack of operation of some keys, but often in this case, the entire keyboard does not work.

What should be done in the above cases? There are a number of simple things to do:

  • Check if the connector of the wire of the device that connects it to the computer has fallen out, if it has fallen out. insert it back and restart the PC;
  • See if Num Lock (on a laptop) or F-lock (on a stationary computer) has been turned on. it must be off;
  • Update device drivers and scan the entire system for viruses. If viruses are found, remove them or reinstall the system;
  • Clean the buttons from dirt and sticky spots by disassembling the device into parts.

Also, some buttons do not work due to the PC system being in safe mode. This means that the drivers are looking for the problem and the virus. When they finish their work, you should remove the safe mode and the buttons will work again. If the buttons do not work after these steps, it is recommended that you restart your computer or reinstall Windows.

Dirt and liquid

Dirt with spilled liquid on the keyboard is the most common reason why buttons become malfunctioning. Often people are typing on the computer and drinking tea, coffee and other drinks. As a rule, close-standing drinks are spilled on the weak spot of computer equipment. the keyboard. As a result, it breaks.

Mechanical damage by dirt or liquid can be easily identified by specialists and repaired. Anyone can also do this. There are five simple steps to do: visually inspect the degree of damage to the device, remove the keys, clean, dry and reassemble. In 90% of cases, the keyboard starts displaying typed characters. If it doesn’t work, there is only one way out. buy a new one.

Dust and dirt are Claudia’s worst enemies

Most often, it is for this reason that the keys become faulty. It is necessary to use such a device more carefully so as not to clog the keyboard. Try not to eat next to the laptop, the slightest crumbs accumulate over time and turn into a “pile of garbage” under the key. It’s not worth talking about the meaning of clean hands. Oily fingers can do more harm than a glass of water. And then we think why the keys on the laptop do not work?

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Elementary. because you need to regularly clean up the work desk and monitor hygiene. It’s hard to even imagine how many microbes can accumulate on the keys of a laptop.

Virtual keypad on laptop

The Windows operating system provides an emulating physical keyboard or on-screen keyboard. It is very easy to find it. through “Start” go to “Accessibility” and click “On-Screen Keyboard”. Using the mouse, you can enter any characters, the application parameters can be configured.

Oxidation of the keyboard loop

Sometimes it happens that the key on laptops, which is used for games or is most often pressed while typing, does not work. This may be due to the fact that the contact has oxidized there. greasy or wet hands, when pressed, can very much lead to this.

To correct the situation, carry out the following manipulations:

  • in accordance with the instructions for a specific laptop model, you need to disassemble the laptop and get the cable;
  • conduct an inspection to identify areas with damage, short circuit or oxidized places;
  • fix the breakdown, and if everything is visually normal, then it is enough to wipe the train with alcohol or an eraser;
  • after complete drying, the plume is installed in place;
  • test buttons.

Common causes of keyboard problems

It often happens that the keyboard does not work for some unknown reason. But then, as it turns out, they are very commonplace and unexpected from this.

  • some keys do not respond (for example, the dial on the right). check if the Num Lock button is on;
  • some keys do not work when used during the game, but in other cases they work normally. you need to change the game settings in the menu and save them.

A few tips on how to remove the keyboard on a laptop

Before starting such an action, it is important to study the procedure for disassembling your laptop model. This information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Keeping in mind the advice of the site, start removing the keyboard in this sequence:

  • Unplug the laptop completely (remember to remove the battery).
  • Unscrew the screws on the back cover that hold the keyboard to the case.
  • There may be plastic latches on the front of the laptop, open them.
  • Open your laptop as wide as possible.
  • Pry the “keyboard” on one side with a small clock screwdriver or a needle, gently holding it, remove it from the slots.
  • There will be a cable under the keyboard, which will also have to be carefully removed, for this you need to turn the black frame.
  • Perform the necessary manipulation.
  • Reinstall the keyboard on the connector in reverse order.
  • Place each part of the keyboard carefully so that everything falls into place. Otherwise the keyboard will not work.

The keyboard is based on an aluminum backing. Keys are attached to it. They consist of a platform, an elevator, a shock-absorbing element. There is also a three-layer polyethylene board on which the tracks are drawn.

These very tracks can be damaged. But they can be restored. This will require conductive paint, varnish, glue, a means for repairing glass heating threads on the rear of the car. To paint on, you have to melt the glue that holds the layers of the board. It is better to draw after testing all parts of the board with a special device to make sure that nothing has been missed.

After the glue dries, you need to assemble the keyboard and check its operation. If you do not have enough experience to carry out such practically jewelry work, it is better to contact a specialist.

Broken keyboard as a result of hitting or dropping the laptop

The laptop is a very mobile device. Therefore, this reason for keyboard breakdown is quite common. In case of physical damage, most likely, you will have to change the entire “Claudia”. If you have experience in carrying out such repairs, then you can proceed. You can buy either a new cable or the entire keypad. It depends on the situation and the level of damage.

Operating system error

Sometimes the keyboard in a laptop does not work due to a software failure. To make sure that this is the cause of the breakdown, you can take the following actions:

  • Put the laptop into reboot mode by holding down the Delete key (in some laptops, the F1, F2 buttons are also used for such an operation. read the instructions). this is needed to exit the BIOS.
  • Provided that the keyboard responds. you need to boot Windows in Safe Mode (hold down the F8 key for Windows XP, Vista, 7). In the menu, select boot in safe mode without drivers.
  • Testing the operation of the keypad without drivers and without the participation of most system services.
  • After testing in the same way, we return to the normal operation of the laptop.
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Test results may show the following:

  • in safe mode, the keys work. the problem is in the drivers, they need to be reinstalled or updated;
  • does not work, but you can enter data in the BIOS. the problem may be with the operating system.

Worn rubber shock absorber

When you press each key on the laptop, a special shock-absorbing component is triggered. If it is worn out or a foreign object in the form of a crumb gets under the key, the keyboard may not work properly. There are two ways out of the situation. either clean the loop, or completely change the “keyboard”. It all depends on the complexity of the damage.

You can reassign one key to another

Third-party applications are used to remap keyboard buttons. The most popular freeware program is MapKeyboard.

  • Download MapKeyboard from the company website and then install.
  • After starting the program, a window with a keyboard will appear.
  • Click on the LMB button you want to reassign. Then point to the bottom left of the key that replaces the selected.

MapKeayboard can also disable keys. To do this, select the Disabled parameter in the lower left corner.

Rubbish under the keys

  • a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner;
  • brush;
  • screwdriver.
  • Turn off the laptop and place it on a hard surface. Remove the battery.
  • Unscrew the back cover. The bolts are in the corners of the laptop.
  • Remove the back. Remove the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.
  • Flip the laptop over to its original position.
  • Pry up the keyboard in the upper left corner to hook and remove the keypad. Place it on a hard surface.
  • Clean up the space between the keys. Use a vacuum cleaner to blow out the remaining dust.
  • Next, use a screwdriver to pry the non-working keys. Detach the plastic key cover. Do this carefully so as not to tear off the lid from the main mechanism.
  • Clean the space again with a brush.
  • Reinsert all detached covers and mount the laptop keyboard panel.

Note! Key swings are sometimes made of silicone, such as on HP laptops. Then the ingress of liquid does not cause breakage of the push-button mechanisms, so there is no need to disassemble them.

Physical problems

Common physical problems:

  • accumulation of debris under the buttons;
  • liquid getting on the swing of the push-button mechanism;
  • battery wear;
  • damage to the keypad loop.

The most obvious solution for physical problems is disassembling the laptop.

Software problems

If the buttons stop working on the laptop after restarting the operating system, then the problem lies in the drivers. They can often be rolled back or deleted during OS updates.

The easiest way to check if the buttons are working is to make sure the keypad lock is turned off. To do this, press the combination of buttons Fn Pause, Fn NumLock or Fn Win. Newer laptop models may have a special indicator with a padlock to lock the keys.

Connecting an additional keyboard

The easiest way is to connect an external keypad. This can be done using a USB cable. It is also possible to connect a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth.


Manual Malware Removal Guide:

  • Go to “Local Drive C”, then the Windows folder. Temp.
  • Find the AppData folder. Make sure it is open. To access it on the “View” tab, check the box next to the line “Hidden elements”.
  • Delete all contents of the folder. Empty the basket.
  • Download and install any antivirus. Notable ones: Avast, Dr Web Curite.
  • Run your antivirus program.
  • Press the button “Analyze” / “Check for viruses”.
  • If virus software is found, select “Clean” / “Remove”.
  • Reboot your laptop. Check the state of the buttons.

Viruses can also reside inside regular applications. Usually these are extra files that are rarely used.

Instructions for removing unnecessary applications:

  • Click the Win button. Select the line “Control Panel”.
  • Click on the “Programs and Features” tab and then “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Choose programs you rarely use. Pay attention to applications that have strange names, where there is no publisher information in the right column.
  • Right-click on the application (LMB. for Windows 10), and then “Uninstall”. Follow the instructions.
  • Reboot your laptop.

To automatically remove unnecessary programs, it is better to use universal applications, for example, Ccleaner.

Track wear and acidification

If the keys are filled with liquid, then you need to do the following:

  • Unscrew the back cover of the laptop, then remove the keypad completely.
  • Flip the keyboard upside down.
  • Use a knife to peel off the film.
  • Next, remove the conductive mesh. Examine it for stains.
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If traces of oxidation are found on the track, then you need to clean the film from stains using a special spraying.

Loop damage

  • Place the keypad on a hard surface after disconnecting the ribbon cable.
  • Carefully peel off a small piece of black tape and fold over the non-working part of the connecting cable. Make sure there is no damage to the tracks after disconnecting.
  • Clean the traces of glue from the tracks. It is recommended to do this with a cloth.
  • Bend the non-working part of the loop so as to increase the thickness of the tracks.
  • Insert the ribbon cable into the connector and install the keyboard.

Note! Cleaning the tracks must be thorough, as the surface with glue residues will not be able to work with the motherboard.

If the buttons stop working

Damage to the keyboard that is used for a desktop computer is not a problem. It can be replaced with a new one. In the event that the keyboard on a laptop has ceased to function, things are more serious. In this situation, you will either have to repair the buttons or think about buying a new laptop.

The reasons for the failure of the buttons are as follows:

  • The simple reason why the keys stop functioning is a factory defect. The malfunction can be detected immediately after purchasing the PC. One, two, six or more buttons may not function. Function keys may fail. numlock, fn, print screen and others.
  • System errors. If the operating system installed on the laptop cannot handle the workload, the input device may interrupt. This can happen due to hardware imperfections or due to virus attacks. A symptom of a malfunction is the disconnection of the device completely. The problem can be solved by cleaning the system from viruses.
  • If the chips or the board on the computer device are damaged, this is a serious problem. In such cases, most of the keyboard is turned off.
  • Loop damaged. Disruption of communication between the hardware and the monitor. Such a problem may be caused by turning off the keyboard too abruptly.
  • Liquid spilled. One of the common problems. Filling a laptop is a frequent breakdown that laptop repairmen have to deal with. If after flooding not only the keyboard has suffered, but the entire device does not turn on, you should immediately contact a professional.

Not every user can repair the input device on their own. This requires special knowledge and skills. If the function keys or other buttons are out of order, this is a reason to contact the workshop. Less commonly, the keyboard stops functioning due to drivers. often than not, it does not require special software. But if there is a problem with the drivers, you can remove them and download new ones.

Why not all buttons on the laptop keyboard work

The problem of failure of individual buttons on the keyboard is becoming more and more urgent. Laptop repair technicians regularly encounter such malfunctions. The keys stop working for various reasons. In today’s article, we will consider the problems due to which. the keys on the laptop stopped working.

Ways to solve problems

Contamination of the keyboard is a common cause of malfunction of individual keys. Eating and drinking at the computer can result in costly repairs. Leftover food, small crumbs, dust and dirt can clog mechanisms that eventually fail. In such situations, cleaning is necessary. Another common reason why several keys or half of the device refuses to work is blocking. The user could accidentally block the keyboard by typing a key combination on it. Depending on the laptop model, you can unlock the keyboard by pressing several keys, for example, FnNum Lock. When part of the keyboard on a laptop does not work, you can try to solve the problem at the software level. Often, system settings are knocked down, which leads to a malfunction. Incorrect operation of the software or driver often affects the operation of some buttons. In some cases, turning on safe mode helps to restore the keyboard to work. If the keys work properly in safe mode, then the errors are rooted in the system. A working keyboard is important for those users who spend a lot of time at the computer.

When it is not possible to eliminate the malfunction on your own, you need to use the help of a professional technician who will quickly carry out repairs and return the device to working capacity.