Samsung how to set up TV module

How to set up your Samsung TV yourself

Many owners of television equipment from Samsung are faced with various kinds of problems in the process of self-setting the basic parameters. Especially when it comes to Smart TV models.

In fact, setting up Samsung TVs is far from the most difficult process, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and then you can achieve the desired result, while spending a minimum of free time. Of course, first it is advisable to study the tips for setting up the TV, this is what we will talk about now.

Locking individual channels

There are many reasons why the TV does not show certain channels, in some cases the user has blocked them. What is the purpose of this? Everything is very simple and straightforward, setting a password for TV channels allows you to block it from children. To tune channels by setting some password, follow the instructions:

  • Opening the main menu.
  • Select the section “Broadcast”.
    samsung, module
  • Click on the command “Lock”.
  • We activate it by selecting “Enable”.
  • We select the channels that you want to block, just put a tick next to them.

By default, the system locks them with the standard password. 0000. However, before saving the changes made, the TV will offer to set its own password.

If at a certain moment the need for blocking disappears, then it is very easy to cancel it, for this you need to go to the “Broadcast” section again, select “Block”, and then simply disable this function by entering the set password.

Editing and deleting

To delete unnecessary channels, add new ones or sort them by placing favorites at the top of the list, use the “Change” option.

How do I set up channels? To adjust TV channels, follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the menu, select the section “Broadcast” or “Live”.
  • Push on the remote control to the right.
  • Select the “Modify” option.
  • Select the channels to be deleted with the checkboxes.
  • Use the arrows on the remote to move the TV channels.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to adjust the TV broadcast grid. It is enough just to follow the previously described algorithm.

#Samsungtv#Set_power_module. How to set power module Samsung tv.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that by moving a channel that has a name, you will simply swap it with others. For example, if you want to transfer TNT from position 20 to position 2, on which the CTC is already located, then there will be no displacement, they will simply change positions.

However, if the TV program does not have a title, then there will be a shift to a certain side of the entire grid. Sometimes the exposed location can get confused, so you have to periodically repeat this procedure over and over again.

Channel setup

Of course, right after connecting the TV, users have the question of how to properly set up the reception of TV channels? The predominantly Russian-language interface is selected by default, so you just have to perform simple actions in accordance with this step-by-step algorithm:

  • Open the main menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to the basic settings section.
  • Click on the section “Search and configure TV channels”.
  • Choose one of two ways to search for channels. manual or automatic.
  • Wait for the TV to find channels, then save the programs to your Samsung TV.

If the user nevertheless begins to set up television broadcasting in automatic mode, then, in fact, the whole process will take several minutes. The device will find available channels, and then assign them numerical values, by the way, you can change them later.

As soon as you finish setting up your Samsung TV, the first channel in the list will automatically turn on. For a complete list of broadcasts, use the corresponding buttons on the remote control.

Many do not know how to connect and configure an external receiver, especially if it is a satellite box. In fact, it is also not difficult to do this, since mainly the interface of modern receivers has also been translated into Russian and is as simple and understandable as possible.

Now let’s talk about the features of automatic and manual channel search, which are included in free digital TV multiplexes.

Features of Samsung TVs

For example, TVs of the 6 series with an LED matrix are mainly equipped with the Smart TV function. Potential buyers who have not previously used “smart” technology do not want to configure such devices on their own, so they pay fabulous money for the services of specialists. This is not the wisest decision, since the operating system is in Russian, therefore, to set up the technique, you just need to follow the step-by-step tips that pop up on the screen.

What if you lost your instructions? Manufacturers are well aware that only a small part of consumers continue to use traditional paper instructions, so they try to simplify the interface as much as possible and make it intuitive.

You won’t find any overly complicated or confusing commands in the menu. You just need to connect the TV to the network and turn it on using the remote control. You can tune free TV channels by connecting to the most common antenna.

Of course, devices released by Samsung have their own “chips” that distinguish them from other brands, but believe me, they are more related to additional functionality, so they will not be a special problem.

Automatic tuning

How to set up the Tricolor Cam module on Samsung TV using automatic TV program search:

  • go to the “Broadcast” tab of the device menu;
  • specify “Auto-tuning”;
  • then you need to click “Start” in the pop-up window called “Autotuning”;
  • select the “Satellite dish” line from the drop-down list;
  • mark the type of channels that you intend to find by automated means (TV, radio, or all mixed up);
  • check the box next to the satellite name;

When the names of the correct satellite in the catalog could not be found, resort to manual setting.

  • write down the information in the frame called “LNB Settings”, having specified it with the satellite operator;
  • make sure the signal level is between 80 and 100 percent. When the broadcast does not reach 80%:
  • deactivate “Tone. 22KHz”;
  • make sure the antenna is connected correctly;
  • be prepared for the possibility of interference with the broadcast of TV programs;
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  • poke into “Scanning”;
  • wait for the technician to find available channels;
  • click “Close”;
  • close the configuration menu directly.
  • How to set up Tricolor on a Samsung TV

    How to set up Tricolor on a Samsung TV? Before performing such an operation, let’s go through the instructions for hardware connection of devices:

    • connect the satellite dish to the TV:
    • directly connect the antenna via the Satellite socket. In this situation, home appliances will be able to automatically pick up digital information supplied by the antenna. The final picture is shown on the display;
    • connecting an antenna via a satellite receiver is a working method in the absence of the above connector. Here, the receiver is already responsible for receiving and broadcasting the signal to the screen. In appearance, it resembles an ordinary VCR.
  • start looking for TV programs, but more on that later. first we will consider the algorithm for resetting the settings to the standard ones laid down by the manufacturer.
  • How to reset to factory settings

    Restarting the configuration will come in handy when the user independently carried out the steps to set up the mode of using the equipment. We go to the support section, then go through the following hierarchy of folders and items:

    • “Self-diagnosis”;
    • “Reset”;
    • specify the PIN-code (as standard, this field contains four zeros);
    • we confirm the intention to reset the established connection parameters.

    Please note that you do not need to attach the Cam module at the current step.

    Setting up the CI module on a Samsung TV

    How to set up Tricolor Cam module on Samsung TV:

    • open the menu and go to the “Channel” section;
    • then select the item “Antenna”, and the name of the internal command. “Satellite”;
    • dial four zeros and go to the “Satellite selection”;
    • deactivate standard satellites, indicate “USER SAT 1” and save;
    • in the settings of the activated LNB, set the data indicated in the photo (only in the “Transponder” you need an empty value);
    • go to “Manual setup” and select “Scan”;
    • click “Create” in “Transponders”;
    • from the source Fcom / tricolor.php / enter frequencies for each transponder (flow rate. 27500 for all (for 12190L. 22500)) and save;
    11727 L 11958 L 12226 L
    11747 R 11996 L 12303 L
    11766 L 12034 L (4K) 12360 R
    11804 L 12073 L 12380 L
    11843 L 12111 L 12418 L
    11881 L 12149 L 12456 L
    11919 L 12169R 12476 R
    12190 L
    • the network “Tricolor” will be displayed. poke in “Search”, and then. in “OK”.

    After the steps taken, you have set up a set of digital TV channels for viewing. Then you need to repeat the same manipulations for all 22 transponders. you get 289 channels, taking into account the radio transmission. After installing the Cam module, the “Common Interface” section is activated and access to the found channels is opened.

    We figured out how to set up the Kam tricolor module on a Samsung TV. Now we will give a number of precautions, the implementation of which will allow you to avoid errors in setting up the equipment:

    • the module integration procedure is carried out in accordance with a certain hardware. This means that you need to read the operating instructions for the TV model;
    • CI configuration is completed by upgrading activation keys. An upgrade request is made on the Samsung resource in a pre-created account.

    Return to the default configuration if something went wrong during the setup process and it was not possible to save the channel list!

    Cable TV

    There are two ways to connect cable TV channels:

    For manual adjustment, the subscriber needs to independently set and save the TV broadcast frequency, which is not very convenient and may not work right away. The second method is the most effective, because the TV itself searches for the necessary channels and stores them.

    How to set up cable TV ?! The process looks like this:

    • the cable is connected to the TV;
    • select “Menu” with the TV remote control;
    • find Broadcast and indicate the type of connection “Cable”;
    • mark the complete “Auto tuning” and click on “Start”;
    • the search is carried out automatically and upon completion, the setting is saved.

    Channel sorting on Samsung TV can be performed in any order convenient for the user.

    This format has become the newest word in the field of providing high quality images. The TV screen broadcasts incredibly clear and realistic pictures, which are inherent in the saturation of the color gamut. The play of shades plunges into the world of natural palette.

    Samsung TVs have a reputation for quality high definition hardware, so 4k is easy to expose. To do this, you just need to find Resolution in the Menu and select 4k. Then you can enjoy watching the video. A significant difference between regular programs and 4k resolution will be noticeable only on high-quality equipment.

    To truly see all the advantages of this format, it is not necessary to clutter up your room with a large screen, it is important that it provides a bright and contrasting picture.

    Set up digital channels on a Samsung TV

    Correctly set TV settings are the key to a high-quality picture on the screen. Of course, each TV model is exhibited on the manufacturer’s conveyor in terms of brightness, contrast and other indicators. But in most cases, these values ​​do not correspond to the picture that the owner of the television equipment wants to see.

    Setting up your Samsung TV is easy. But we must take into account some of the nuances that may be present when adjusting the receiving signal: color, sound.

    Setting up digital channels

    But, bringing a TV to the house, many are faced with the problem of adjusting and tuning channels. Electronic equipment Samsung today is one of the leaders in sales and broadcast digital channels on any subject, moreover, receive a signal automatically. This is due to the built-in tuner that receives digital broadcasts as soon as the TV is connected to the network.

    In this video, you will learn more about setting up this TV:

    To configure the operation of digital channels, you must:

    • On the control panel, turn on the “Menu” and select the sub-item “Channel”.
    • Then select the connection type “Antenna” or “Cable”.
    • After that, a window will open on the screen asking you to enter the pin code, usually it is the standard 0000, unless it has been changed.
    • Now you need to go to “Auto-tuning” and specify the connection Cable.
    • The most important thing is to correctly set the selection criteria: quick search, autogrid. Frequency, modulation and baud rate are indicated as 674000, 256 and 6750 respectively.
    • “Start” is pressed and you can watch channels in digital.

    Samsung TV 2014. 02 Lieferumfang, Aufbau und Anschlüsse

    Picture-in-picture function

    Opens the ability to see two broadcast channels simultaneously on the TV screen. One of which will be the main one and will occupy the entire area of ​​the TV screen. The second channel will be broadcast in a separate window. According to the standard, its size is 8 times smaller than the main one. Modern Samsung TV models are capable of resizing the second image diagonally and positioning it in any corner of the screen. Also, pictures can be swapped using the remote control keys.

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    The only drawback is the effect of overlaying one image on top of another. The PiP (picture in picture) function allows you to add not one, but several additional pictures, allowing you to watch two, three or more TV channels at once and be in the center of events.

    These TVs have a number of useful features.

    This is the broadcast of channels in digital quality, superior to analog broadcasting. The picture and sound are much better here. To watch IPTV, you need to install a special nStreamLmod application package. This function works only if the Internet is available, which is connected with a direct cable through the appropriate interface or using a wireless Wi-Fi network. What you need to do to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV?

    • Using the remote control, go to SmartHub.
    • By pressing the A key, a work record is created and the requested information is entered.
    • Assign a username and password.
    • Turn on Tools on the remote control and select “Settings”.
    • Specify the server number to search and synchronize.
    • Press “Enter” and launch nStreamPlayer, having previously visited the stream.xml site.

    You can now watch digital channels.

    Samsung TV settings

    In nature, there are no exact settings. It all depends on the individual qualities of a person, his color perception. The TV must transmit such a clear picture that the user wants to see. The display is carried out in several modes and the most suitable for the human eye is “cinema”, in which there is no anti-aliasing, brightness improvement. According to the degree of illumination of the room in which the TV is installed, the method of viewing channels and their color rendition is selected. You can make the broadcast brighter or, conversely, add a dark shade.

    For starters, you should try the automatic setting with an economical mode of operation, which will not only protect your eyesight, but also slightly reduce your energy costs. Then you can adjust the contrast and clarity of the image at your discretion and adjust the balance of dark and light. If you are not satisfied with the saturation of the color gamut, you can increase or decrease it. Also experiment with sound.

    How to set up dvb t2

    Go into the Samsung TV Menu and find the “Aerial” icon. By clicking on it, a request for a connection method will appear. Indicate “Antenna” and select auto tuning. Next, determine the “Type of TV channel” (Digital or Analogue). After clicking “Search”, it will take no more than 5 minutes to set up in automatic mode.

    How to adjust the image

    The procedure for setting up the TV screen, in principle, does not differ from the previous ones, only the items that need to be selected. Find the Image and set the necessary parameters: Color, Contrast, Brightness. At the end of the adjustment, you should watch each TV channel and make adjustments manually.

    Advice. If the quality of the signal transmitted to the TV screen is not satisfactory, you need to adjust the channel manually or try to turn the antenna.

    How to install a CAM module in a TV

    Connection and configuration does not require special knowledge. The main thing is to make sure even before purchasing the module that this is a suitable device for the TV. there is a CI slot on the panel. The installation algorithm is identical for any TV, be it LG or Samsung.

    • First, you need to correctly install the Smart-card into the adapter. That is, insert the card with the electronic chip up, while holding the module to you with the front side (the provider’s logo is placed on it).
    • The adapter, complete with the card, is inserted into the PCMCIA slot of the turned off TV, face out.
    • Now you can turn on the TV. A corresponding message about connecting new equipment should appear on the screen.
    • Often you don’t have to configure anything, just start an automatic program search.

    If nothing happens after turning on the TV, the equipment is most likely not installed correctly. Turn off the TV and do all the installation steps again. The health status can be checked in the TV menu, depending on the manufacturer, the name of the corresponding item in the interface may have the name “CA Module”, “CA Interface”, “CAM”, “CI Interface”, “Common Interface”.

    If the equipment is connected, the TV sees it, but the channels are not tuned in, you should contact your service provider.

    How does he work

    In order for the technical device to independently read the information it receives (meaning, for example, paid media content), the customer of the service provider needs to purchase a Smart card. This is a plastic card with a microchip that identifies the subscriber and provides him with access to digital TV and pay channels. It is inserted into the CAM module. After that, the adapter with the card inside is installed in the TV. The user only needs to configure the list of received TV channels.

    The configured equipment makes it possible to receive media content with various options for expansion and quality, while the image will be automatically adjusted to certain parameters. The latest models of the considered electronic devices can independently record streaming video, and play it back at the time necessary for the subscriber.

    Benefits of using a CAM TV module

    Modern TVs provide their users with great opportunities, including watching TV channels in high definition with excellent sound, but this requires additional equipment as a module for a TV and a personal Smart-subscriber card. It should also be borne in mind that not all models provide a CI slot, therefore, to be able to connect digital television with a large selection of TV channels, you need to purchase and install a TV receiver, into which a Smart card with a module will be installed.

    What are CAM. modules

    According to technical specifications, the entire range of manufactured devices for conditional access to coded channels are subdivided into types. The simplest modules are T2 and single-channel with support for only one coding system. Multichannel and universal models are also offered.

    • The single-channel module is able to decode paid channels broadcast only by the selected provider (satellite). When changing a service provider or a satellite with a different broadcasting system, the module becomes inoperative.
    • Multichannel device models allow switching from one coding system to another using SIM cards from different providers. The device automatically recognizes the inserted SIM card, rebuilds and updates the software.
    • Manufacturers flash the universal module to work with several signal coding systems. The device can automatically correct signal parameters, configure programs, work with SIM cards of any provider. Suitable for working with packages of paid programs.

    The advantages of such equipment

    Before buying a new LG, Philips or Sony TV, you should think about purchasing a model with a built-in receiver and a slot for a CAM module, since such electronic equipment has undeniable advantages.

    • favorable price. The purchase of a conditional access module will cost less than a regular TV-set-top box or Smart-set-top box.
    • Easy to install and configure. It is enough just to insert it into the slot together with the subscriber card and carry out a simple configuration of the equipment.
    • Doesn’t take up space. This device is slightly larger than the size of a plastic card that fits into the CI slot on the TV panel. It does not need to hang additional shelves, especially if the TV panel is mounted on the wall, as for an external TV set-top box. In addition, such wireless equipment does not take up an extra socket, since it is powered by a TV.
    • Simple control from the TV remote control.
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    Precautions for use

    When operating the CAM module, the user is required to comply with the following recommendations:

    • avoid serious mechanical influences: falls, crushing;
    • when installing the module in the TV receiver, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions;
    • make sure that the module does not overheat;
    • do not store the SIM card near sources of electromagnetic radiation;
    • if it is necessary to remove the SIM card from the module, strictly follow the instructions;
    • in order to avoid damage to the connector, do not remove the module from the TV unnecessarily.

    What is CAM. module

    Many TV models from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony have long had a number of built-in designs that provide TV screens with advanced functions. Developers are trying to equip their TVs with convenient devices, thereby freeing the user from the need to connect additional equipment that takes up space. For example, a built-in tuner or in another way a digital receiver allows you to receive streaming video and decorate a signal of a different broadcast format. However, in order for him to cope with his tasks, he definitely needs external signal support. this is what the CAM module provides.

    This device resembles a small computer that first decodes a digital stream, and then sends a signal to match it with a specific TV model. This electronic device, complete with a special card, is designed to reproduce digital signal and pay channels in high definition. And, if the TV model has a built-in DVB-C tuner, the device in question will save users from additional wires, installing a separate TV set-top box and a second remote control.

    What is IPTV-player on Smart TV Samsung?

    IPTV television is developing rapidly, crowding competitors: cable television networks, terrestrial and satellite television. This is not surprising, since with this technology, television becomes interactive, giving the consumer the opportunity to customize video content in accordance with their needs.

    IPTV television is distributed over the Internet. 10 years ago, in order to watch it, in addition to a TV, a computer was needed. With the advent of “smart” TV sets, it became possible to configure viewing of IPTV broadcasts directly on the Samsung Smart TV. With this article you will be able to connect IPTV to Smart TV Samsung.

    Peers tv

    The main feature of the application is that it is extremely easy to install and operate. It is suitable for a user who does not want to dive into the intricacies of setting up an application, but wants to watch TV channels right away. In this case, Peers TV is a good choice, since right after installation, the viewer has access to about 180 TV channels, including in HD quality. There is a weekly archiving of channels, which allows you to view programs for a specified period from anywhere and an unlimited number of times. It is possible to download your own playlists, which will significantly increase the number of TV channels. In this case, the player is distributed free of charge.

    IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

    After setting up TV channels over IP protocol on a Samsung TV, many new opportunities open up to the viewer compared to the usual television:

    • Viewing dozens and hundreds of channels of various directions and genres, many of which are unique and are not broadcast in other formats. Most channels are free.
    • High quality image. and more IP channels are broadcast in HD resolution and even in 4K resolution.
    • TV broadcasts are accompanied by high-quality soundtracks in stereo, Dolby Surround, 5.1. You can also choose the dubbing language when watching movies.
    • Viewing control. the consumer, if desired, pauses the video content, speeds up or slows down the image for a while, can watch programs from the beginning, from the middle or from the end, record it, etc.

    To watch IPTV channels on a Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary that the Tizen operating system be installed, there is an Ethernet (LAN) input for a wired Internet connection or a Wi-Fi module for a wireless connection, software that allows you to work with an IP video stream. Such a TV without connecting to a computer or Android TV set-top box receives, processes and reproduces an IPTV TV signal.

    To find out whether the receiver reproduces TV channels in IPTV format Samsung Smart TV, you need to specify the year of its release and the model series. All Samsung devices released after 2010, 5 series and above, support TV broadcasting over IP protocol.

    Sometimes it is difficult to determine the year of manufacture and the series of the device: the documentation is lost or unusable, there is no information in Russian, etc. In this case, you need to look at the marking code located on the information panel, usually fixed on the back cover of the Smart TV.

    • The first character is the type of matrix: U. LED, L. LCD, Q. screen on “quantum” dots.
    • The second is the region for which the device was released (E. Europe).
    • The next number is the diagonal of the screen in inches.
    • K. year of issue. The letter designation of the year was introduced by Samsung since 2008, which was assigned the first letter of the English alphabet. A. The next year is the next letter. C. 2010, K. 2016, etc.
    • The letter S indicates 4K screen resolution. Other models may not have.
    • The next digit is the series number. Series 5 and higher is required for IPTV.

    Subsequent symbols indicate the sub-series and design of the model. In the example given, the TV series 7 was released in 2010.

    Applications for viewing IPTV TV channels

    After connecting to the Internet, to watch the channels, you need to install the appropriate IPTV software for the Samsung Smart TV receiver. Such applications are called IPTV players. They connect by IP address to a website that is hosting a television broadcast, and display the resulting image on the TV screen.

    Playlists can be downloaded from many sites. They contain links to several dozen or even hundreds of television channels broadcasting for free and in good quality. Links periodically become unusable, so playlists need to be updated regularly.

    There are several IPTV players that are steadily popular with Samsung TV owners: Ottplayer, Peers TV, Lazy IPTV.

    Cable connection (LAN connection)

      Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of the router, the other to the LAN port of the TV, usually located on the back of the TV.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Select the section “Settings”.
  • Go to the “General” item, then to the “Network”.
  • Select “Network Setting” and “Cable”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • The TV will automatically connect to the Internet. The sequence of operations and the names of sections may differ slightly from model to model.