Replace Glass on Samsung Phone

Replacing glass (touch screen) on the phone

The minimum amount of repairs is 500 rubles, by paying for which you book the time of the master and the necessary details. In case of refusal of services, a full refund is guaranteed.

Replacing glass (touch screen) on the phone | How much does it cost to replace the glass on a smartphone. Service center

Mobile devices with a touchscreen are popular, functional and quite reliable gadgets, but if you are faced with a problem when you need to replace the touchscreen, you should not be upset ahead of time. This is not surprising, since fragile glass is the Achilles heel of modern phones. If such a nuisance happened, experienced craftsmen will certainly be able to bring your mobile friend back to life.

The most common reason for replacing glass (sensor, touchscreen) is careless mechanical impact. The phone can fall from a height, it can be accidentally stepped on, crushed or even thrown against the wall with anger In all these cases, replacing the glass is the only way to extend the life of the gadget.

The sensor consists of several layers, and if there are violations in at least one of them, the system will not work. If the touchscreen does not respond to touch and the image persists, the problem may only be with the top layer of glass. If the picture is blurry, indistinct, there is blackout, or there is no image at all, you will need to replace the entire touch panel. The price of replacing glass depends on the model of the device and the complexity of the upcoming work. However, replacing a sensor is always much more economical than buying a new device.

The following problems are encountered with the touch glass of mobile phones: The device remains functional, but the display remains permanently white. In this case, most likely, the controller on the board is broken, the program is broken, the loop is damaged, etc.; The screen is dark blue. it means that there is a problem with the display itself or the controller; Ripples on the screen; The image appears, then disappears. and so on for a long time; The screen began to work worse, the picture is poorly visible; The phone “hangs” during the touchscreen calibration; The touchscreen responds incorrectly to touches or does not respond to them at all; There are cracks in the glass.

If you have any of the described malfunctions, you should not postpone the trip to the service center. the sooner you replace the glass, the higher the likelihood that the phone will work correctly in the future. In no case should you try to repair or replace the touchscreen yourself, otherwise, most likely, you will have to change the phone itself in the near future. Remember that only experienced craftsmen can professionally replace the touch glass in a device as complex and fragile as a mobile phone.

Replacement on the OGS screen

The separation of the two constituent components in this case is a very complex process, which is carried out only in service centers, and even then not all. If you decide to change it yourself, then it is better to purchase the complete OGS module (along with the matrix).

The service centers use the following set of tools:

  • stand for warming up the screen with preliminary fixation;
  • thread for separating display elements;
  • stencil. after placing in it, photopolymer glue is applied to the phone;
  • UV lamp for bonding.

It is quite difficult to carry out the operation of separating the elements and gluing them without the presence of the specified equipment. Currently, this type of screen is used in most smartphones.

In general, the replacement of the touchscreen on the OGS-display is carried out in the following sequence:

    Removing the SIM card and memory card, removing the back cover. If the cover is non-removable, then you need to pick up the case near the screen with a plastic object. You can try to find a detailed disassembly of a specific model on YouTube or other video hosting.

Removing the display module. The procedure involves warming up the device with a hairdryer and pulling the part.

  • The next step, how to change the glass on a smartphone with your own hands, will be to prepare the module for disassembly. It is placed on a perforated metal sheet and bolted down. It is important to avoid further displacement.
  • The detachment of the matrix from the touchscreen is carried out at a temperature of 80 degrees. The surface gradually warms up, a nylon thread is wound under the edge and separation is carried out.
  • The matrix is ​​cleaned of adhesive residues with a cleaner, then degreased.

    The matrix is ​​covered with a layer of glue and matched with a touchscreen. It is important to match as accurately as possible, otherwise the sensor may not work properly if skewed.

    Dry the glue with a UV lamp. The process takes 10-30 minutes, until the adhesive component hardens.

  • Reinstall the module, connect the loop.
  • Assemble the body of the smartphone, check the functionality of the touch screen.
  • This completes the procedure. In the case of replacing an integral module, it is enough only to disconnect the element and the wires suitable for it, then install the new one in the old place and connect it.

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    Air-spaced screen replacement

    Now let’s figure out how to replace the glass ourselves on a smartphone, the screen of which has an air gap. In this case, the procedure is not so complicated and can be done quite simply at home. In this case, you will be able to save a decent amount. Before starting work, make sure you have the following tools:

    • small Phillips screwdrivers;
    • plastic scraper (how to pry the elements);
  • a suction cup made of silicone and equipped with a ring;
  • hair dryer for heating;
  • glue B-7000 or similar;
  • medical rubber gloves.
  • ��Galaxy S10 Glass Only Replacement- 100% home solution�� [4K 60FPS]

    Glass replacement is carried out in the following stages:

    • The phone is disassembled.
    • The screen is detached.
  • It is warmed up with a hairdryer to a temperature of 80 degrees. It is important not to exceed the specified temperature and not stay in one place for a long time, so as not to damage the component.
  • After warming up, the display is attached to the suction cup and the touchscreen is separated.
  • The body is cleaned from glue residues.
  • The touch screen is being prepared: the film is removed, double-sided tape is glued around the perimeter or glue is spread.
  • The touchscreen is pressed against the matrix, the excess glue is removed with a napkin.
  • After the glue dries, the components of the phone are assembled and checked for operability.
  • These are the two main methods of replacing the touchscreen on a smartphone on your own. And to avoid further damage, a protective glass is glued to the touch panel. Let’s analyze this procedure in more detail.

    How to remove a protective glass from a smartphone

    First of all, you need to remove the old protective glass. Replacement is often done after it has been broken, so the procedure will be described from this perspective:

    • There is the most intact corner on the glass, at which there are no signs of damage (usually the farthest from the impact site).
    • A sucker clings to this corner.
  • Carefully insert a plastic pick or similar thin object between the screen and the protective glass. Gradually, the pick is pushed further, and the suction cup is pulled towards itself. Often, after peeling off one edge, the glass can be easily separated by hand.
  • When performing the procedure, the most important thing is not to damage the main glass of the phone.

    How to change the main glass of a smartphone?

    Touch screens have seriously expanded the functionality of mobile devices, but since the beginning of their use, technology had to be treated more carefully. Almost any fall from a height exceeding 1 m can damage the main glass of the phone or even the matrix. Tempered glass is used to protect the screen, and the phone itself is often worn in a case.

    In the current article, we will figure out whether it is possible to replace the glass on a smartphone and how to do it depending on the design of the display. We will also consider the process of removing and gluing the protective glass, which will save you from the occurrence of more serious problems.

    How to replace the glass on your smartphone yourself

    From the above it follows that the replacement is carried out by two different methods, depending on the type of connection of the matrix with the touchscreen.

    Smartphone display elements

    Before studying the direct instructions, you should figure out what modern displays used in most smartphones consist of. Their components include:

      Matrix. a panel of liquid crystal or LED type that contains an array of pixels that form the final image. On the back there is a stainless steel case, and the front is covered with thin glass. The design includes a ribbon cable that connects the screen to the board of the mobile device.

    A touchscreen is a panel that is placed on top of the matrix and registers the user’s touches. The software combines the received information with the arrangement of elements on the screen and performs the appropriate action. When falling, it often takes a hit on itself, as a result of which it cracks. Replacing this element is cheaper than matrices.

    These components can be attached to each other in two ways:

      Through the air gap. This is a simpler design used earlier, which means easy glass replacement without the use of special tools.

    Without an air gap. the so-called OGS-display, which is a single whole, combining a matrix and a touchscreen. The replacement can be carried out independently, but it takes more time and requires the use of special devices.

    How glass changes on a smartphone?

    Depending on the severity of the situation, the process of restoring a smartphone is reduced to replacing one glass or together with the screen. Some owners, after finding a malfunction, turn to search engines with the question: how to replace the glass on a smartphone yourself? Is this work for the average user?

    Replacing glass on popular smartphone models comes down to the following work:

    • The display module is initially removed.
    • Then the frame heats up and peels off.
    • The glass separates from the screen by heating.
    • New glass is glued, frame.
    • The final step will be the reassembly of the disassembled parts.

    An experienced technician can take several hours to complete such a task. One can only guess how long it will take for a person who has not previously performed such an operation.

    Broken glass on the phone

    Broken glass on your phone is one of the most common device screen malfunctions. Every day, a smartphone is exposed to a number of dangers: water is poured on it, dropped, glass is crushed, etc. The fall of the phone with the screen on a hard surface is fraught with great trouble. Cracked glass must be replaced urgently. The point is not even that after mechanical damage the aesthetic appearance of the device suffers. Everything is much more complicated: even the smallest and most inconspicuous crack violates the integrity of the element. Broken glass on your phone: what to do first?

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    How dangerous is a crack on a phone glass?

    An inconspicuous crack on the glass is potentially capable of developing into something more after some time. When the phone is in operation, it will gradually expand under the influence of temperature fluctuations. Literally after 7-10 days of using the smartphone, the screen may become covered with a “cobweb”, and then completely crumble. Plus, through the formed microcracks, moisture and foreign small particles easily penetrate into the device.

    What is the threat? And this threatens with the fact that the slightest drop of liquid is capable of disabling an expensive microcircuit of the device, having penetrated through the damaged glass. Often users note: the glass is broken, but the sensor is working. The normal functioning of the sensor and the display as a whole should not be a reason to postpone the trip to the service center for the above reasons.

    Where is the best place to replace the glass of a smartphone?

    It is important that the repair process takes place under sterile conditions. After all, dust that has come back with new glass will contribute to the formation of defects on the glass surface due to the lack of tightness between the two elements. In addition, if the glass on the phone is broken, it is important to replace the fragile component of the smartphone using special equipment. Without the proper tools, it will not be difficult for the user to harm the microcircuits of the device.

    As you can see, it is possible to do all the work on your own, but it is not easy and dangerous. The user can purchase non-original glass, which, even with the correct installation, will not last long. The Mobilap Repair Service Center will do all the work for you! Experienced masters will eliminate any screen faults within half an hour, saving your personal time. Our company has its own warehouse of original spare parts for any phone model, which is a guarantee of high quality service and effective breakdown elimination.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Repair

    Samsung Service Center on Novokuznetskaya is an urgent repair of Samsung Galaxy S8 from 1 hour. In the presence of original spare parts, and our own staff of craftsmen. We carry out both modular repair of Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, replacement of the display, and complex component repair of the motherboard.

    Samsung branded warranty for original spare parts is 6 months. work warranty 180 days. If you do not know what is the breakdown of the Galaxy S8, then we can advise you by calling 9255075311. Diagnostics with us is absolutely free, even if you refuse to further repair.

    6 Step Tutorial: How to Replace Glass Screen Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

    replace, glass, samsung, phone
    Description of the service Price / rub.
    Speaker replacement (spoken) 1650
    Replacing the camera glass (camera glass with work. Original) 1000
    Replacing the rear glass panel / rear cover with camera glass 1800
    Replacing the polyphonic ringer 1600
    Repair of the display, sensor 1900
    Replacing the battery connector 1750
    Replacing the microphone with a ribbon 1900
    Replacing the headphone / headset connector 1600
    Display / screen replacement (100% original module) 11500
    Screen glass replacement (original glass with oleophobic coating Gorila Glass 5) 5900
    Replacing the charging socket with a flex cable. power connector with a touch-sensitive part of the buttons 3400
    Replacing the light sensor (the screen does not turn off during a conversation) 1990
    Battery replacement (original) 3800
    Replacing the antenna unit 1750
    Cleaning the board after water ingress (ultrasound) 1500
    Software change, firmware / software repair 1200
    Main camera 3800
    Rear cover replacement (copy) 1900
    Repair with your spare parts 1200
    Replacing the body (middle part) 4200
    Boot sector recovery 2800
    Replacing keys on the charge circuit 2200
    Replacing smd components 200-800
    Replacing the power controller 3500
    Bonding the display module to the frame 1800
    Screen backlight repair 1500
    Replacing the charging connector 1800
    Replacing the battery connector 1700
    Recover data from 1200
    Replacing the system board 13800

    Glass replacement using factory technology OCA Mitcshubishi 170 UM. It fits perfectly into the case, without gaps and gaps due to its thickness (using original glass). Repairs are made in front of the client in 1 hour 30 minutes.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 screen glass replacement

    Any phone is imperfect and has its own vulnerabilities, in the Galaxy S8 it is a screen, or rather glass, which breaks if dropped unsuccessfully. It is the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen that accounts for up to 80% of all repairs.

    The display rarely suffers from impact, since it is made of film, but it is easily pierced by a shard of broken glass, since the glass is glued to the display, which is why the glass on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is replaced by a module.

    The package of the original module includes: protective Gorilla Glass 5 with an oleophobic coating, amoled HD display, Home button, charging connector, flex cable, frame-case. All that remains of your phone is the camera, speakers, coaxial cables, motherboard, and back cover. Hence the high cost of replacing the display.

    In terms of time, repair of Samsung Galaxy c8 takes 1 hour 20 minutes, subject to reservation of the part by phone, it is free and does not require prepayment.

    Repair of the display is possible, provided that the matrix and microcircuit on the loop are intact. Only the display cable, which contains the connector, backlight and smd components, is subject to repair. Screen diagnostics take hours, it’s not fast.

    replace, glass, samsung, phone

    Damage to the camera glass usually does not affect the performance of the camera itself. Glass replacement can be done in two versions, together with the camera edging and just glass. The new camera glass is no different from the one on the new phone, it has all the properties.

    In terms of time, Galaxy S8 repairs to replace the camera glass are carried out within 35 minutes. The master removes the old glass, uses compressed air to remove small glass fragments and installs the new glass on waterproof glue.

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    The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is quite massive, and the internal autofocus mechanism suffers when hitting hard. When taking pictures, the camera does not focus and the pictures are blurry.

    The chamber is absolutely sealed, assembled as a single unit, which is why it cannot be disassembled, only replaced. But in some cases, repair is possible, not just the camera, but the motherboard. Only the master can say for sure after diagnosing the phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Glass Cover Replacement

    The rear glass panel changes within 40 minutes. The new cover comes complete with adhesive adhesive and a new gasket. The differences from your old cover will be insignificant, there will be no IMEI of the phone, and some inscriptions, otherwise everything will remain the same and you will not notice the difference after repairing Samsung Gelexi C8.

    Why the smartphone screen does not work?

    The most famous reason for this is mechanical damage (crashed, broken, burst). What is not done with mobile phones. they are dropped, they sit on them, step on them, put heavy objects, throw them against the wall. And if the owner carries his phone in the back of his pants, then the probability of damaging the screen increases significantly. The only way out when you break the screen is to replace the display.

    Filling a gadget with liquid is a very common problem. In this case, you should immediately contact a specialist. Only a competent master, after drying and diagnostics, will answer the question of whether it can be repaired.

    Important! The problem of drowned gadgets is discussed in more detail by our experts in a separate article “What to do if the phone fell into the toilet?”.

    Not in all cases the owner is to blame. There are a number of problems with touchscreen phone displays that are independent of the owner, namely:

    • The phone displays only a white screen. In this case, there may be such problems as a faulty controller on the board, the loop is damaged, the program has failed, or the display needs to be replaced.
    • The display glows blue. this is a problem either with the controller or the screen itself.
    • Ripples appear on the screen. the controller is faulty or the screen needs to be replaced.
    • The picture is distorted, the image appears and disappears. the loop is faulty.
    • The picture is poorly visible, but the screen works at the same time. in most cases this indicates a malfunction of the backlight circuit.

    Important! Do not postpone a trip to the service center if you notice any malfunctions in the operation of the screen of your gadget. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to restore your phone to work. If, according to the results of diagnostics, it turned out that the repair would be unprofitable, we suggest immediately looking at the optimal model for purchase. This will help you:

    Replacing the touch screen

    Touchscreen phones have become very popular as they are easy to use. The touchscreen or touchscreen is the most vulnerable part of modern smartphones. It is usually made of fragile glass or plastic, which can be easily broken, poured, scratched. If the glass on the smartphone is cracked. what to do? Do not worry! Replacing the touchscreen is not so difficult, and it will take a little time.

    Important! Touchscreens that are completely broken and do not work cannot be repaired! Be extremely careful with them.

    • It has cracks on it.
    • The touchscreen does not respond to touch or does whatever it wants.
    • Smartphone freezes when pressed.

    Important! The sensor is made of several active layers. if one of them is damaged, the touchscreen will not work. Very often, if the screen does not respond to touch, the glass needs to be replaced, not the screen. In most cases, this will cost significantly less.

    How to Replace Screen Glass Only on Galaxy S8 S9 Plus Shown in 5 Mins/New Method

    If the image becomes blurry, is not fully displayed, blackouts appear or the picture is not visible at all, you need to change the entire screen.

    Do not try to fix the phone yourself. if the glass on your smartphone is cracked, use the services of specialists. When replacing the glass, original parts should be supplied, and not Chinese ones, since the latter very often break, after which it is almost impossible to repair the phone. Also in the service center you will be provided with a guarantee for the part that was supplied to you and the work performed by them.

    It is hard for a modern person to imagine life without a mobile phone. Without this device, we do not leave the house, it accompanies us everywhere and is exposed to various risks. Very often, with careless use of smartphones, cracks appear on the front panel, since this is a very fragile part. The glass on the smartphone cracked. what if the sensor works while doing this? Is it possible to fix it? The screen is dripping, how to remove the smudges and repair, glue, change the cracked screen? These are the first questions that each of us has when we get into trouble. We will answer them in the article below.

    Temporary solutions

    If the cracks on the screen are not very large, you can try to fix the situation yourself. The options proposed below are suitable only if the functionality of the gadget is not broken, that is, the sensor is working:

    • Try to carefully polish the crack with a special agent such as GOI paste or very fine sandpaper.
    • As a temporary solution. stick on a protective film or shockproof glass, which will “grip” the screen in its current state and prevent the crack from growing in size.