RAM for Lenovo g580 laptop

If there is a need to replace a video card, you will first need to find a replacement for it. Consider the motherboard size and slot type. To replace, the following actions are performed:

  • The laptop turns off and turns over, the screws are unscrewed, the bottom cover is removed.
  • Removing RAM and hard drive.
  • Disconnect cables and cables connecting the video card to the motherboard and other devices.
  • Lenovo g580 graphics card is removed and replaced with a new device.

Further actions are performed in reverse order.

The matrix

lenovo, g580, laptop

To replace the matrix, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • The laptop turns off, the battery is removed.
  • The stickers that are located on the lower corners of the monitor are peeled off, the bolts are unscrewed.
  • The monitor is disassembled: using a thin plastic object, the frame is detached.
  • The screws that secure the matrix for lenovo g580 to the monitor are unscrewed. The display is detached and placed on the keyboard, and the lid itself tilts to the other side so that the cables come off.
  • The screen cable is detached, the sticker holding the matrix connector is peeled off.
  • The train is removed from the grooves.
  • The matrix is ​​detached by unscrewing the screws that secure it
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The laptop of this model uses DDR3 RAM. Its volume is 4096 MB. Supports two memory slots, so it is possible to install an additional module.

If the lenovo g580 RAM requires replacement or you want to expand its volume, you need to do the following:

  • The laptop is placed with the back panel up, it is unscrewed.
  • The RAM compartment is located in the central part of the case. The cover is unscrewed, which closes access to it.
  • The module is carefully removed by spreading the fastening keys to the sides, and a new one is installed instead.

Then the assembly of the laptop begins. By the way, if you need to reset the BIOS settings, you can remove the round battery, which is located near the memory slots.


The keyboard on the lenovo g580 island type. It features deep key travel and a quiet mechanism. Its keys are concave, which allows you to comfortably engage in typing.

The keyboard for lenovo g580 for replacement requires the following manipulations:

  • Disconnecting the laptop from the mains, removing the battery.
  • Removing the screws that secure the keyboard.
  • It is necessary to pry it off and raise it.
  • Then the connector is disconnected and the keyboard is removed completely.
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The new keyboard is installed in the reverse order.

Changing RAM strips in places

A banal rearrangement of memory modules sometimes also works. First, you need to repeat the first two steps from the previous section. Then. pull out the strips and swap them. If there are free slots, you can try to use them.

BIOS update

Another way to solve the problem. How to proceed, the table will tell you.

Config setting

An operating system, for example, Windows 10 Home All Languages, may have a volume limit, so it does not see the entire operating system. How to remove it:

  • In the search for Windows, type “System Configuration”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Download” tab.
  • Click on the section “Additional parameters”.
  • Check that the checkbox for “Maximum memory” is not set.

Incorrect installation of memory sticks

Despite the fact that it is easy to install the operative, some users may not be able to cope with this task, installing the modules not completely. This often happens if you set the bar yourself for the first time. However, you can check if everything is correct: this is evidenced by the characteristic slight click of the locking mechanism.

Reset BIOS settings

Since the subsystem is responsible for collecting information about the PC, difficulties may arise already when starting the operating system, and a reset will be required. You can do it like this:

  • Power off the computer and wear electrostatic gloves, bracelet.
  • Disassemble the PC to access the motherboard.
  • Remove the battery from the motherboard for 15 minutes.
  • Shove her back.
  • Close the case.
  • Connect the PC to a power source and run.
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Windows does not see all RAM

Microsoft operating systems may show less RAM than actually installed. Why? There are four main reasons for this problem. Each of them is discussed below.

Motherboard limitations

When assembling a PC from scratch or upgrading, you should pay attention to how much memory the motherboard supports maximum.

You can get this information and other useful information about the system using third-party software, such as AIDA64 or CPU-Z.

Windows version has limitations

The point may be not only in the bitness of the OS, but also in its version. Home basic seven. home basic. recognizes only four gigabytes of RAM in 32-bit and a maximum of 8 gigabytes. in 64-bit version. But professional Windows 7 (x64) is capable of recognizing up to 192 GB of RAM. 64-bit versions 8 and 10 can “see” half a terabyte of RAM.